On: The Truth Of Conscience (Sept 6, 2020)
They call it the conscience or that little voice that tells you what is wrong & right, what is truthful and what is lies. Some ignore it & others amplify it by making that little voice their own voice to amplify the ethical standings and reason far and wide. Let nothing silence you, Folks. Use your conscience and peaceful ethical standing to hold the line. Use the ancient southern Pagan Greek/Hellenistic concept of Logos, the communication of reason and ethical standing, to deliver truth farther & wider. Not a truth that fit’s a lie… but a truth that stands the test of time.

Let no threat, slander or deception radicalise you or discourage you from seeking the truth in life. For to deny ones conscience is a fate worse then death. For these “deniers” I have met and they burn over the fires of regret and no decadence can cure their spirit’s discontentment… for their spirit has starts to rip from their flesh in life where usually it waits for death, at least for those of good conscience. This burning pain is known to some as the “hell” concept… but the real hell is between the ears of those of ill-conscience.

Now some roll along with it out of connivance, convenience, companionship or just out of ignorance… but these do not make a bad conscience legitimate. Just as sedition & treason are often treated to the same punishment. Well so it is too for sedition or treason of your spirit.

So enough with this semi enlightened new-age concept about how it’s just a “guilt complex”, given to you by a religion, society or a mother’s hex. Nope, that’s just an excuse one uses to get away with some more unethical bull$hit. Like the blind man who was pissing into the wind said, call it Natural Law or karma but it all comes back on ya! Lol For as there is no guilt without guiltiness, there is also no consciousness without conscience.

Let no dogma, ideology or arrogance override your humanity or dedication to truth & reality… stand & deliver and always speak clearly & freely my friends.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Having Everything (Sept 4,2020)
The Native European people’s have everything locally already and their versions are far more healthy then the foreign imported versions. I feast in the rose-hip patches I find along the way… free super food is rare these days. The Native European people’s have raw sauerkraut as their kimchi, the organic unfiltered & raw apple cider vintage as their kombucha, the superfood Rose-hips as their local goji berries, the Wild Boar fattened off the forests floor as their “pig/pork”, the wild mushrooms & the other indigenous flora & fauna which is way better than that $hit grown in India, Africa or China. The Native European Eurasian Bison as their Native American Bison/Buffalo.
The Alps, Pyrenees, Ural’s & Carpathian’s & other ranges as their cordillera’s snow capped and towering tall above it all, the Baltic as their inside passage and inland Sea that has been sailed of course & reaped by all the Native European people’s oars, and the ancient Beech and Oak forests as their temperate rainforests that are a blessing to wonder through at a run or a stroll in the spring, summer, winter but especially in the fall.
The Native European people’s must rewild their ancient indigenous lands for future generations of Native European peoples and stop & NOT repopulate their lands with these lost foreign migrant people’s who know nothing of The Native European peoples cultures at all. Now, I know you have heard it before but the Native European people’s are some of the smallest ethnic *minorities* on the Globe!!
What people’s called invasion and colonization long ago is called “immigration” and “migration” now but it’s the same old thing as long ago. Mass-migration has always been used as a weapon. So it’s time to wise up my Native European, Folk!
Peace through Intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Little Berliners (Aug 30, 2020)
I grew up close to a little German built town called Little Berlin. After WW1, to add insult to injury, the Canadian Gov in all its fictions decided to change its name to Kitchener who was a British empire butcher and terrorist in WW1 & before. I often think of that speech that JFK made in Deutschland where he said “I am a Berliner” and how he was referring to one thing but it meant something totally different and how the gracious Germans applauded and laughed anyway… and how the marxist-zionist terrorists were outraged! Maybe much is said to mean one thing but means another. I often think of the very German faces I grew up seeing in that little Germanic town called Little Berlin and how kind and gracious the Folk were back then. But now it’s called Kitchener by a multicultural group of lost souls who have no idea of the towns Germanic origins… or of the First Nations peoples land it sits on. Just as they are hopeless to figure out all of this below too. The Northern Native European peoples have had thousands of years of battling against these same toxic foreign forces & ideologies and have figured out who wishes to control all of humankind and destroy all indigenous identity, Native culture and earth-centric spirituality everywhere. You have had little glimpses though through such works as The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings & Das Rhine Gold… these are very coded offerings but allude the truth to you & that this “Ring” is the circle & cycle of debt & usury… which is at the root of all these issues. The more direct and honest offerings on these “taboo”subjects have been fully censored, banned and/or manipulated/rewritten to smear & incriminate the authors & their findings too. So you will have little to no hope finding a true version now & thus making the connections and interconnections will seem fictions to you but all I ask of you is that you think on it as I will un-spin the web & offer the interconnected perspective to you too:)

Now, why did they nuke two Japanese cities? Were they testing a uranium nuke and a plutonium nuke? Yup, they sure did… but one couldn’t just say they wanted to test two types of nukes on Japanese women, children and elderly… and sit back and watch what the radiation did to them afterward. Oh no… that would be *nuts* *crazy* or psychotic more correctly. Why were these smaller Japanese cities “chosen”? Well, they had already “firebombed” Tokyo and the other larger cities to the ground which were mostly full of women, children & elderly too… like Berlin, Dresden…etc… etc which they had “circle bombed” with “firebombs”, which was early “napalm” too. Why! So the women, children & old couldn’t escape the flames… can you say “massive war crimes”. Yup, and now when the war is all but over they nuke two cities…hmmm? Yup, it was two big nuclear bomb tests… one uranium & one plutonium and they needed a excuse too… and that excuse was “Pearl Harbour”. Is this all true? It is so strange that there were mostly just the old fleet of boats and ships harboured there at Pearl Harbour. Plus, not one Japanese plane got shot down… not one dead Japanese pilot was displayed… very strange indeed. I guess the largest military on Earth just plain got caught with its pants down, right? Lol. Really? Or maybe someone knew but just let it happen?

Plus many years later they never ever mention the USS Liberty American spy ship that was relentlessly attacked by zionist terrorists in unmarked plans now did, or do, they? It’s like these turkic marxist-zionist terrorists in Palestine have something on us, eh? Lol! They sure do and these roots that bind our Nations lay in the allies terrorism & war crimes of WW2 and yesterday! Wherein we cannot mention the 60 million Native European peoples slaughtered in WW2 or at that time you couldn’t mention the Native American peoples slaughter too or the slaughter of the very semitic Native Palestinian peoples either. Oh no… but we can endlessly talk about the “chosen few”… and it was a very, very few if you do math the way I do. Or do some lives matter more then others do? Or do #AllLivesMatter still?

Strange things like how we landed on the moon but never went back… hmmm… American’s landed in Montana once long ago too… but they went back and stayed. They say “we don’t have that technical capability anymore” Oh really? Hmmm… now that’s just silly! Lol! I know it was the “cold war” and we had to one-up our *WW2 allies* the USSR who, like us, were testing our brand new Germanic rocket technologies & Germanic rocket scientists who they had illegally stolen from Germany in WW2 and that is the only reason the USSR or USA were going to get into space or to the moon. Yes on stolen Germanic rocket technologies, this is truth. Plus our WW2 allies, the USSR, had sent a monkey and some Slav’s into “space” and orbited the earth already. So it was a bit embarrassing to the USA and so someone made a bit of an over the top statement that stated the USA/USSA was going to “land on the moon”someday soon. It’s understandable, wouldn’t you say? Lol! Now, I think it was just past Barstow on my way to Vegas where one used to be able to pull off the highway and get a photo not far off the road that looks just like the terrain and background on those “Moon Landing” films & photos. It was so surreal, but they got rid of that spot along side that dark desert highway many years ago. I wonder why? Now, they should have, or could have said that they orbited the earth or the moon that would have been reasonable and sufficient too… but for some its never enough and they will go to any lengths to achieve their objectives… and so, of course, one lie leads to another lie… that leads to another lie etc… etc. Where did most of these huge lies begin? Yup, largely in the World wars, folks! Good thing to know and now understand. So no, stop eating all the hard-rock candy all the time, kids… don’t you know its’ not for eating, it’s for looking through:) Lol! That was a satirical comment on the highly consolidated “media” btw:) Get it?

And now these same marxist-zionist terrorists will try to spike this “vaccine” they developed with a nano-chip! You see, these marxist-zionist terrorists are desperate because they have lost control of their bull$hit WW1 & WW2 narrative that they created, popularised and propagated too! People are seeing through their many lies, deceptions and fictions straight through to their *war crimes* and more and more… no matter how they try to hide it, the pesky truth keeps shining through. So since the marxist-zionist terrorists highly consolidated dualistic mass-media control has failed to conceal and hide the truth… they are going for the next deception and mass control tactic… that being the nano-chip laced vaccine injected into you, you, you and you… but not into the marxist-zionist terrorist chosen few! Don’t take this nano-chip spiked “vaccine”, Folks… they are out to seriously f$#% with you! Plus it’s wise to listen to a Kennedy who tells you clearly not to get shot!

Btw, why were the Kennedy’s shot? Oh hell… I might as well fill you in there too. You see they were trying to keep these very turkic in origin marxist-zionist terrorist israeli’s away from these very Germanic rocket & nuclear technologies… after seeing what they had done, did and are still doing to the very semitic Native Palestinians! Yes, they seen them as mentally unfit & cruel as many still do & didn’t want a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. The Kennedy’s were onto their nuke program at Dimona, Palestine.

Oh how to atone for all of this bs? Should we catch the marxist-zionist ringleaders, string them up & light them on fire like they would do… just like they did to Mussolini & Gaddafi & numerous others too? I say do to these marxist-zionist terrorists what JFK & the other Kennedy’s would do. For now just the *TRUTH* will do… but it must be the whole truth & nothing but the truth this time. For all that is built on lies crumbles before the truth. Start telling the truth, Folks, and our generations, children and grandchildren may live without the blow-back & consequences of these huge cascading lies, deceptions & injustices… and their world may then know a lasting peace and finally be free of this international/globalist slavery of debt & usury!

Well, say hello to all the Folk back there in Little Berlin, Canada, eh! And always remember that we are all Berliners, whether we like it or not:) Lol! Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

Footnote To: The Little Berliners
Kitchener was a Irish born lap-dog of the British empire’s banksters. I’m calling out one and that is Kitchener but mostly that the idiotic Canadian government changed a Germanic built cities name from Little Berlin to Kitchener…. when Kitchener neither built nor did anything in that region of Canada. The Canadian gov. used Kitchener’s name because he was in Germany in WW1. So it was just an idiotic political jab at a small ethnic group within Canada by the regressive Canadian gov. But Kitchener was no gentlemen of the guard and thats for sure!
As well, the British empire was not English…. the average Englishmen payed dearly while the British empire banksters in the City profited off both the oppressed common man both at home and abroad. Worst of all now that the British empire has imploded it’s sucking in the lost and rootless foreigners who are clinging to its remains… all the while blaming the true Englishmen who are paying for it in many, many ways even now… as the empires banksters get away with it and hide in their old Catholic churches that are now their Castles/Estates! Empire’s are always bad deals for the common man/local people.
The USSA today is in a similar place as the average man pays his taxes the empire squanders it overseas… at least under FDR, Buch Jr & Senior, Clinton, Obomber… not sure about Orange-man yet! Granted the English have gotten a super bad wrap for what the British empire did and that is bs. The English owe no one anything… if these crazies want stuff they can take it out of the Rothschild banksters and their ilk in those Catholic churches that are now their Castles or their estates… but again the 99.99% of the English own no one anything and should send all the complainers back to the lands of their ancestors.
I would add that some Nations did benefit too from the British empire but only in a few ways… like the old Anglo-Saxon Law & Order doctrine that was put in place in these colonies and after the empire imploded the indigenous people kept that very English Law & Order doctrine and I mean in some places gowns & white wigs and all, Lol… and it serves them to this day. So? I should also add that all the empires were nasty… the Persian empire, the Ottoman empire, the Mongol empire, the Roman Empire, all the Caliphates…etc!

On: So Now You Know (Aug 22, 2020)
This is for you rarities. The sheeple need not look up from their staring at the ground chewing:)

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem, folks. They are two toxic ideologies that work together in tandem. They are the “left” & “right” hands washing each other. One washes the other and vice-versa. The marxist-zionist terrorists control both hands… and both sides of every debate, historical or present narrative, media etc…etc… they are the hedgers and the betters. Its classic abrahamic dualism and a win, win for a very tiny group, who some call the chosen few. No sorry, I don’t own a dog whistle… all the abrahamic religions are involved… but nice try, tool!

That stated the Native European peoples living in the America’s and in some regions of Europe (especially England) must wise up now & see how they are being used, abused & screwed by these marxist-zionist terrorists. Now, we can’t blame others all the time for our own naivety, fear, ignorance & intellectual laziness. The native European peoples are especially high in openness & thus very, very naive & easily deceived. Plus the intellectual soil has been made very shallow in the America’s, the USSA & in a once jolly old England & this thin intellectual soil has been intentionally denuded too. Thus nothing fruitful & truly paradigm shifting can grow in this thin & denuded intellectual soil anymore. The hollowed halls of Oxford & Harvard are particularly intellectually void, due to over a century of parroting & credentialism over rationalism. Not to mention the mindless & stifling gobs of old World war propaganda that has been heaped on top to be sure the truth doesn’t see the light of day! Thus the lack of these old Germanic understandings has been paralysing to our intellects, societies & Nations.

You see it was the Germanic’s who picked up the intellectual gauntlet from the pagan Hellenistic/s/Greeks… that gauntlet had been thrown down and defiled by the idiotic abrahamic religions & their desolate & desperate desert worshipers. Plus the Germanic’s added their own innate Heathen Germanic wisdom too. These philosophical & practical understandings were then passed on & expanded on too by the other Native European peoples. So the Hellenistic/Greeks philosophies & pagan wisdom when mixed with the Germanic’s philosophy & Heathen wisdom… plus add in the great Northern forethought… well it was, and is, an almost magical combination that inspired & drove allllll the Native European peoples far forward… leading the way for all other peoples too btw. Well, it is this incredible brilliance that made them the first targets of these toxic marxist-zionist terrorists… and their globalist agenda.

So then came the not great nor good Brother wars/World war 1 & 2 wherein over 100 million Native European peoples were slaughtered and most were of Christian faith too… and to add insult to injury most of the Germanic’s and other Native European peoples accumulation of intellectual properties, patents and copyrights were stolen, usurped, plagiarised & fakes & phony’s then took credit for what the largely Germanic’s had created, figured out & put into theoretical & practical application! So shameful & disgusting!

 No it wasn’t the Germanic DNA that figured these technical & philosophical things out… it was the “great northern forethought” that is due to environmental conditioning, which evolved a mind that could prepare & preserve to last through a long cold Northern winter. But it also took a big heaping spoonful of the Prussian Educational system that focused on critical thinking & rationalism & was completely inclusive… plus, a huge wallop of Native European Pagan & Heathen classical thought that was passed down through millennia…. and again, that has benefitted allll peoples equally today!

Now, It is not darkness these marxist-zionist terrorists wish to destroy… for they live in total darkness. No, no… It is this very Native European light that they wish to capture, plagiarise, control & conceal from the rest of humanity… who they then wish to make their slaves. These marxist-zionist terrorists conceal this incredible light so that only they can profit off it… & privately they bath in its radiant light & infinite wisdom. Wow, such selfish  degeneracy.

The ancient Pagan Hellenistic/Greek & Germanic Heathen  understanding of Logos dictates that all that is meant to bring harm will be churned, twisted, hammered & bent into good by the AllFathers hand… this is the ancient Native European peoples concept of “Natural Law” which predates the incredible Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon (All Germanic’s btw) Native European doctrine of “Law & Order” that again now benefits all of humankind today.

So, take heart, Folks…. for all that is built on lies, deceit & foolish deceptions crumbles before the TRUTH:) The cracks are clear & this ancient light is shining out & it is illuminating our world still. No dark abrahamic religious robes, Professors gowns or toxic ideology can conceal this brilliance. The light knows only the light & the darkness is always banished before it! So now you know!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Treachery Of The Abrahamic-Box (Aug 6, 2020)
Christianity comes in and destroys or coopts the ethnically specific indigenous identity, culture and earth-centric spirituality of a targeted people… and Judaism always fallows them in, as Christianity always crucifies itself eventually… or become Judaizer’s with much help from Judaism of course. Then human & natural resource extraction begins… both cultural & environmental destruction, which is a form of deep usury btw, & institutionalised usury is set-up and mass migration/colonisation is opened up too. 

Once the indigenous people are out numbered & bled dry through this abrahamic cycle/circle of debt & usury… the abrahamic’s then flood the region with a even more ethnically mixed group of lost migrants/neo-colonisers. Once they too are bled dry and start to rebel… they turn these ethnically mixed societies loose on each other through a highly consolidated media… and once they thrash each other out & divide the region or Nation down ethnic, cultural or religious lines… & they too are bled dry with more usury & debt… then more Islam is added to the mix and they instantly rise-up to finish the destruction through force & miscegenation. 

Judaism then runs away howling wolf as they strike out in pain… that they are the victims again…of course… & pitiful Christianity looks on glassy eyed barely still hanging from its cross. As the pillaging begins the indigenous run back out onto their poorest lands as they abandon their ancient cities first! And in the end the Orc piglets always start eating each other up anyway over the simplest of differences. So it works out for no one! 

You see these nasty abrahamic religions work in a continuum to destroy ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & their ancient & harmonious earth-centric spirituality & societies!

F%&$ this abrahamic-box/trap! Time to end it’s usurping and destruction of indigenous peoples… and its maniacal tirade, Folks! If it wishes to behave and stay within its temples… then fine but it must stop trying to destroy our independent societies, Nations and indigenous identities. These abrahamic religions must also stop trying to destroy each other too… especially from within our societies. I say play nice & peacefully or go back to the desert wastelands your ideologies crawled out of! We the indigenous majority will never allow you abrahamic tools, or your proxies or political ideologies, to dived and rule us. Never! 

So, what is the overall solution? All peoples, with the mind to, must find & return to their ancient & wholesome indigenous identity… to their beautiful Native Culture and their much older and wiser pre-abrahamic earth-centric spirituality again! It’s that simple!

I hope all you abrahamic’s are pissed off because that means I’ve done my job!Lol! The farmer always spreads the manure evenly on the field and this abrahamic $h#t really stinks but someone had to do it! Lol. Now, I’m no farmer… I just notice these things while looking out over the beautiful wide valleys below & watching the farmers tilling & toiling away…. while I rest from hunting the wild mountain peaks for answers:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Revolutionary Forces In America (July 30th 2020)
Simply: The marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists have compromised or bought up both the extreme political right and left in the USSA empire and these marxist-zionist terrorists thrive off of division & revolution. The USA American Republic must rise again within its own secure borders and then these marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists must swing or be jailed for treason & sedition and this includes their idiotic brainwashed proxies too… if jailed that includes with hard labour I must add. Work will set them free… after 50-80 years of it. It’s really this simple.

You see it has taken some Native European Nations a bit longer to figure out that all native European peoples lost the World wars and these marxist-zionist forces that were allowed to stand have run amuck and have pushed deep levels of deconstructionism &  social engineering on our peoples & societies. Well, its time to clean up this mess once and for all & correct the deep wrongs that are still used today to do more new wrongs. They even use the same slanderous WW2 propaganda words and the old and tired WW2 narratives too… its pathetic and laughable! This from the degenerate mouths of those who still push destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone of our cultures, societies & Nations…  and these marxist-zionist terrorists also push the murder/sacrifice/abortion of babies! Not to mention they push other deep social engineering concepts on gender & sexual preference & orientation …etc… etc… all the while pushing nasty pornography which is a weapon and tool of deconstructionism and full of terrible perversions designed to weaken & destroy our cultures, societies and Nations from within… for a chosen fews marxist-zionist global disorder & gain. No way, no thanks & f$%# you very much! Lol!

Yes, all gangsters change their names and use abrahamic religions to hide behind as a cover and a shield against criticism of their criminality. Well, that won’t work any longer either. The abrahamic faiths/religions are just choices of faith and will no longer be allowed to be used & abused as shelters for criminals or their crimes. It’s dogma’s are not our Laws. Our Native European great Northern AngloSaxon & Norse Laws, that protect all peoples equally, will remain the Law of these Lands and the Native European Nations.

No puppet tRump is not the “saviour” nor is he the “devil”… he is just a puppet plain and simple… and whoever’s hand is up his butt does the talking. Now BLM is not a saviour nor the devil either… they are just more marxist-zionist brainwashed proxies. Nor are these marxist-zionist terrorist, who control both sides, the “devil” either. It is just a criminal/gangster & puppet/proxy problem. The USSA is a bought up two sides of one political party system… that just won’t do any longer. The rational majority must stop getting tricked & forced into making irrational extreme choices that always favour the marxist-zionist terrorists and NOT the otherwise rational majority.

This can all be easily & quickly solved if people/citizens start to educate themselves & each other and shut of the marxist-zionist terrorists highly controlled & consolidated major network “media’s” and their “alternative media” proxies too. We must use non bias communication lines & uncensored social media to defeat this corporate “media’s” propaganda and the censorship and propaganda of their social media’s too.

The American Empire must close the gates and secure the realm. (as should European Nations too.) Then the American Republic can rise again within its own secure borders… and focus on its domestic issues and end its foreign marxist-zionist globalist terroristic adventures. We don’t need more idiotic “revolution”… we need more democratic evolution that benefits all peoples equally.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R

On: Indentured Servitude, Vigilante Justice & Guilt (July 28 2020)
Just for perspective: The word “slave” is a derivative of, and cognate to, the word “Slav” or “Slavic” who were and are a Native European people who were enslaved in such huge numbers that we actually use their name as the term for this deep form of human usury & bondage. Some scholars think that it might have been the largest slave trade in the world with many millions of Slavic people being captured by mostly the turkic tribes and mongols and sold in huge slave markets in the Middle East and yes, Africa.

The second largest slave trade is said to be the African on African slave trade that built the Pyramids and lasted for many hundreds of years…etc. After that comes the Arab-African slave trade and then way down the line comes the African slave trade to the America’s… wherein Native African’s sold other Native African’s to Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch ships bound for the America’s. Most of these African peoples were brought as slaves to South America, Central America and the Caribbean… and actually very few were brought to the USA…but even a very few is far too many when it comes to slavery! In the USA they were used mostly to pick the cotton in the south but also to work the industries of the north.

 Many Native European peoples, as well as the Slavic peoples, were also sold as slaves too… most were Celtic peoples but they used the term “indentured servitude” but it was plain old slavery indeed but just by another name. This is also true for lynchings too btw…. but as it is with “indentured servitude”/slavery… so was it with lynching. It was called “vigilante justice” when lynching a Native European person… but again it was a plain old lynching. Funny how the linguistics & language has been manoeuvred around. Do you think this may have been on purpose? I do!

I should also add that I hear people say all the time “well we need these migrants/immigrants to do the shit jobs we don’t want to do”… well this is an extremely racist statement and as our Nations are mechanising more and more it is also an untrue statement. We actually don’t need cheap labour/migrants because our Nations industries are few as of now & due to automation & mechanisation the steady laborious jobs are getting rarer not more plentiful. So? It is also an old and regressive statement that only a very wealthy handful of early American’s may have used when it came time to pick the cotton down south and man the industries up north! No the American Revolution was NOT fought to “free the slaves”… this is a bs rewriting of history that is too complex to get into here but look it up! Plus the income-tax & the cycle of debt & usury has made slaves of us all now anyway! 

Truly I can’t help but think that all this “slavery” & “lynching” etc… etc rhetoric all the time in the USA and elsewhere is used and abused, like the WW2 propaganda narrative is, as a deconstructionist tool to set the USA up for further deconstructionism and as a tool of the marxist-zionist social engineers to weave undo guilt into the minds of our peoples and the fabric of our Native European cultures, societies & Nations. Enough is enough, Folks!

No, the asiatic & abrahamic religious identities won’t cut it either & using skin-tone as root identity is only for lost and rootless peoples. All peoples must find their ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and Earth-centric spirituality… only then will humanity harmonise. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Technology, Security & Democracy. (July 18th 2020)
What if I was to inform you that you don’t choose hardly anything in your life but that your environment is changed or augmented around you from above and you are coerced into going along with it. You are then forced directly and subtly into these new environments because you are told the old environment has been destroyed or cancelled or called outdated or obsolete… or its for your health or for security…etc. But these new technological environments don’t allow you the same autonomy, freedom, privacy nor security you once had. How does one stop feeding this beast when the conditions are such that there is no other way or options outside of it’s feeding? What if we are also highly conditioned to accept these conditions and invasive measures. What then? Can a person protest what they are conditioned to accept? Could we simply revert back at some point? What if the future still lies in the past? Will we still have the needed skill sets or will we be too simplified, specialised, itemised, consumerized & dehumanised to know better?

What if everything goes cash-free? Many airlines are already. I travel in Sweden frequently and they are almost fully “cash-free” which really sucks for me… because cash is king baby! I see it as one step closer to slavery & a whole new level of unacceptable acceptability. Plus the Swedish economy is stagnant compared to the mostly cash German economy. So, whats the reasoning? Its about control NOT money. They test many such things on these poor unwitting Native Swedes btw… because they are oh so tolerant, accepting & PC.

What if I told you that you can now be tracked and traced down to not just a few metres but to a few centimetres. What if I told you that your health and wellbeing can be measured & established and your heart rate, your arousal or anxiousness evaluated… all tallied when just walking down any major cities streets. If you are wearing an apple watch much more information is possible. If you are chipped or nano-chipped all your vitals are knowable and you can be physically hacked or your health easily compromised and even some types of disease established within your once sovereign body. “No Drew” some will say… “thats just in marxist China!” Wrong again, silly. The techno biohackers are already well within the once sacred realm of the human body.

Now some would say I don’t mind if the authorities & corporations having all this access and extremely detailed information but what about if hackers have it? What if the authorities and major corporations are the hackers or are hacked? What about the many other rogue uncertified hackers too? What if criminals want to set you up or set up the conditions to harm you or others… and then set-up the circumstances to hide the truth of any given situation or crime? Not to mention how easy it would be to blackmail or compromise people.

So, is technological advancement like migration and we don’t get to vote on it, or have a say in how much and how many? Are we just to accept it without a consensus. Why is that exactly? Are we guinea-pigs to the techno-rats? Does someone or some small group of technocrats seem to think they know better then the rest of us? How is that? Are these supremacist technocrats the autocrats who now control the diplomates and thus us & our governments? If so, we must absolutely change that.

At what level does technology become vice? Just look how much degeneracy is made possible by technology. So why then do we let these techno-rat tech. giants censor our *free-speech* while being the purveyor of all this degeneracy & criminality? When does the unceasing progression of technology become undemocratic? When does technology stop serving the many for the few? Has it already? When do we see that all this technological invasiveness is not convenance nor security… but rather the opposite and enslavement?

Should we use technology to stop technological advancement until we are allowed to vote on it & it’s prevalence? Or will it’s unceasing march pervade and overshadow humanities disenfranchisement? For as it is with ideologies, so it is with technologies… we must NOT let them overrun our humanity. Peace Through Intelligence!~D.R ~D.R.#technology#security#democracy#TechnologicalDemocracy#BigTech#Bigtechcensorship#PrivacyMatters#privacy#datamining#internetprivacy#hacking#biohacking

On: And Here We Go Again (July 16th 2010)
The marxist-zionist terrorists are fine with their proxies NOT social distancing and marching/parading in mass down our streets blithering & yelling out mindless marxist mantras while a radicalised few destroy & loot mom & pop shops and monuments are tumbled as they march by on their way through… like in the days of mao, lennin, trotsky & stalin… like all marxist-zionist terrorist brethren do… its regressive & nothing new…. just like in 1917 Russia & WW1 & WW2.

As the marxist-zionist terrorists multi-national corporations fuel, fund & feed their marxist proxies from above & below & from the very top breaking records for profit during these prescribed hard times. Yup, pushed and funded from the bottom and the top! It makes a Brother say, wtf?

No but you all must mask up and stay 6 feet apart and stop gathering in small groups to feed your spirits and souls…. for the marxist-zionist terrorists want more & more control! I say F$%& you very much:) Now back to your usual broadcast:)… fear, fear, fear…threat, threat, threat… shelter in place, shelter in place… and poor, poor, pour yourself another cup of victimhood complex… oh no… “LOOK” the neo-bolshevik dogs howl “wolf!”…. and BLM & ANTIFA cry out in pain while swinging their nazi sticks doing their nazi schtick because some folks don’t believe in them or their marxist-zionist bull$hit… wow… how desperate, tiresome & pathetic.

As our already wilfully segregated societies divide further and our cities burn but these marxist-zionist terrorists know they can flee/transfer & no need for an havaara agreement this time, they can just fly to their zionist terrorist state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land in occupied Palestine. As they did the last time in WW2 when they tried & cried but now its their brainwashed proxies and our low-trust melting-pot societies that will be left to boil over and fry! And it’s an experimental rna vaccine pushed by a Dershowitz & its laced with a nano-chip by straw-man Bill Gates for the trusting fools… a departing gift from the chosen few! Same old, same old! What? F$%^ me? No, no F%$# you! Lol! Don’t be fearful… Share Widely… its just a bit of fiercely honest calamity comedy! *Not for the regressive or feeble minded* Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Reality & Gravity Of The Situation (July 12th 2020)
The Native European peoples are far, far more then just “white”. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone. And again, #alllivesmatter is still just about right & wrong & NOT about skin-tone at all. Only lost & rootless tools use skin-tone as root identity btw.

The silly abrahamic religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarianism & their cults: kabbalah, Sufism, masonic etc..) are just similar religions, they are not “races” or blood types or land bases etc… they are just abrahamic religious ideologies. No peoples are chosen or unchosen. That stated these abrahamic religions all have small groups of individuals who operate deep forms of usury to enslave the larger group of peoples. Abrahamic religions are also used to entrap & glue together different large groups of peoples into a multi-ethnic & multicultural people… for reasons of empire, colonisation, subjugation, miscegenation, usury & more deeper forms of globalisation.

Now there is a small group of marxist-zionist terrorists who could be called just “white” for that is what they use to hide behind and the only thing some of them have in common with the Native European peoples… but to be very clear, these marxist-zionist terrorists are NOT Native European peoples. Plus all this skin-tone identity is just one of their propaganda deceptions. Although they do have a large group or mixed peoples that they use & abuse as their entitled victim-class proxy terrorists & propagandists. So if you are one of these don’t be a orc & traitor to your people for dollars, shekels, pounds, riyal, rubles…etc. Don’t be an orc for marxist-zionist globalism!

We must expose & disavow usury on all levels. The use of Capital at very low interest rates is normal… but usury/financial-slavery is completely unacceptable. All peoples should stop paying income tax until usury is stamped out like a grassfire & unable to raise its nasty head again! Remember, the ring in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and in Das Rhine Gold is the circle/cycle of debt & usury. We were warned many times & long ago. This CORONA virus is being used to put all of our Nations into deep debt to this handful of globalist banksters based largely in London & NYC! No Way!

All Native European peoples (Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic’s, Slavic, Hellenistic & Italics) must all understand that these marxist-zionist terrorists hate us for historical reasonings. Plus they are teaching other peoples to hate us too. All other Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere must understand that if these marxist-zionist terrorists are successful in destroying us…. you will be next!

They can’t destroy us because the Native European peoples are invincible and we will shut the gates and #ReWild Europe/our indigenous lands & NOT repopulate it with lost souls, for it is for our future generations of Native European peoples!Did you miss me? Lol!! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R. #EndMigration#endmarxism#endculturalmarxism#NativeRights#indiginouseuropeans#NativeEuropeanPeoples#EndZionism#FreeSpeechMatters#FreeSpeech#nativeeuropeanculture#gohomeandrebuild#freedom#peace

On: Censorship & Imbedded Rats (July 12th 2020)
Well that was fun Folks! Excuse but I had to pull a but of a fake to get some of these slanderous marxist-zionist terrorist cockroaches to show themselves:) Lol!! I rooted out most of them but their will be more lurking & ringing their filthy little lecherous hands somewhere! Lol! So if you are indeed one of these lecherous ziotard trolls just bail & go find people who care about your silly backward & regressive views and ideology. Bye… bye! Your backward marxist-zionist ideology has overrun your humanity. Plus your sad & entitled victimhood complex & self-loathing isn’t helping you one bit:(…..

So we must secure some other communication lines. I am opening accounts on other truly free speech SM platforms and I will have accounts there where you can find me for some more Peace Through Intelligence ramblings!

#FascistFaceBook is a marxist-zionist spy machine and so is #Twitter & Instagram… they ban me and many many others randomly & regularly. Youtube… is screwtube and is deleting content constantly.. so use *BrandNewTube*, *Bitchute* & Dlive to share video clips etc. These other SM platforms are all anti-free-speech & constantly & randomly shadow-ban, censor & purge peoples content & opinions. Total scumbags! Lol! So, what do they fear? They fear rational & informed debate… like most fools and tools do. They want to control the twonsquare and they demonise anyone that doesn’t go along with their marxist-zionist $hitshow! Lol! They despise uncensored, rational & informed debate and opinions which are the cornerstones of our societies and democracies.

These anti free-speech SM sites/platforms must be broken up and scattered to the 4 winds now. Use these anti-free-speech SM platforms to destroy them and for nothing else for they are selling your personal information to corporations and foreign governments services without your informed consent! No way!Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: SM Banning Over General Patten Quotes (June 10 2020)
Ask yourself why does a General Patton quote scare the heck out of these lying marxist-zionist propagandists?

I wonder what the ethnicity, indigenous identity and religion is of these marxist-zionist terrorist censors and where they hail from? I have people working on finding that out but it’s not rocket science.

So this is just one of 4 photos I just got censored for again last night by these marxist-zionist terrorists at #FascistFaceBook! They are from really old posts too btw.The funny & usual thing is I just debated two ignorant marxist-ziotard trolls and debased their racist & supremacist views, as usual, and then as usual I get censored (sometimes banned) it’s always happens this way. It’s bad form and pathetic on their part and it also gives them away:)

The funny thing is I am carefully in the squeezing of their little hands. This is the threat… I don’t just defeat them, I know enough to turn them! Lol!

To be clear I do NOT lionize any of the leaders or officials that pushed the Native European peoples into brothers-wars that slaughtered 100 million Native European peoples, who were largely of Christian faith, in WW1 & WW2 for marxist-zionist bankster profits who were, and are still, based in NYC and London!

Nor do I idolize any of their military commanders or generals… who all committed huge war crimes against the Native European peoples… all were used and abused and complicit in these two huge genocides of largely Native European peoples of Christian faith… which is a faith that couldn’t even stop brother on brother slaughter. WW1 and WW2 were neither great nor good wars…. and most of what you have been taught and told about these wars/genocides is lies and just old propaganda which is full of more holes then all the poor dead Native European soldiers that had to fight their brothers in these genocidal wars for marxist-zionist terrorists interests! Yes, no matter what they tell you #AllLivesMatter not just the chosen fews… same now as then! It’s about right and wrong not religion or skin-tone!

Now, who benefitted? You got it… the marxist-zionist globalist terrorists & banksters based in London and NYC profiitted emensly! Plus a few new illegitimate “states” were set-up on other people’s lands too!

But at least Gen. Patton started to enlighten, due to his very bright Native European conscience, and started to tell the truth about that horrible slaughter and destruction of what he came to see were his brothers and sons. So they murdered Patton for it! But his words and quotes live on!, so pass them on, and on, and on, and on… not to lionize him or them but as a warning for future generations to come.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.
#AllLivesMatter#EndMarxistZionism#TheLiesThatHollywoodAndMediaTellYou#banksters#GeneralPatton E Michael Jones

On: Kungflu Or Bioweapon & Nature Cures Everything (June 8th 2020)
Look folks, get out of those shities/cities and connect with Nature. All this urbanization & globalization is nasty and unhealthy. I’m just hard chillin within Nature… on the sea and in the forest daily! Where I am it’s very harmonious and the villages still have super high social trust and people know who they are and what they are about. It’s very relaxing to not be surround by peoples who are always playing their victim cards all the time! Remind them that entitled victims only make one thing and that is more victims. So tell them to smarten up, fly right and get on with it and stop making bad choices no matter their skin-tone!

As for the marxist-zionist cult that is on the march… well, it’s still not about skin-tone, it’s about right & wrong and social engineering. If they try to publicly shame you into participating, just remind them that is exactly what all cults try to do and that you are not interested in getting rolled up in race-baiting, a race-war or their other racist issues for marxist-zionist terrorists interests. Remind them that this is about what is right and what is wrong & that has nothing to do with skin-tone.

All lost & rootless peoples who don’t know their origins just use skin-tone as their identity. That is pathetic & racist. Many Native European peoples in the America’s especially do this! Notice how the First Nations peoples don’t use skin-tone to solve their much more difficult & harsh issues around colonization? Nope they don’t and they never pull the victim card either! Why? Well because the First Nations peoples know their true indigenous identity, native culture and earth-centric spirituality of their ancestors and are noble peoples and not ignorant racists! These are key points here that must be understood!

So, don’t fall for it! Find your ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and earth-centric spirituality and get on with it!

Oh yes, and enough with the moral superiority… that is a deep form of supremacy btw! So please give us all a break and fix your own issues within and try NOT to dump your trash on others lawns! Thankx! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.
Native Lives Matter

On: The Pushing & Pulling (June 6th 2020)
Is this about protest, criminality or some kind of marxist cult? It’s definitely not about the wrongful death of Mr Floyd no matter what you believe, feel or felt. I smell the stench of Abrahamic dualism wherein half are demons and the other half are saviours… when both are neither. As the dealers are manically laughing at what the rest of us are dealing with because of what we’ve been dealt.. but the casino is funding our division, the game is rigged, fixed so stop digging and lets help each other out!

I’m tired of watching the animals eat each other… I pity both the ignorant & starved predators and defenders. I’m weary of watching them be jeered on from the sidelines by emasculated zionist-marxist swine as the spoiled piglets brawl and roll in the muck beside them.

I grow sleepy hearing the vampent words out of the mouths connected to unconscious brains that are more akin to unsophisticated Roman coliseums where bipolar idiotic egos emotionally slog & battle it out with witless dull blades rather than find rational compassionate humanist solutions.

Then they tell me how cold and brutal I am as I yawn another response to their racist blitherings and ignore their ignorant zionist-marxist bolshevik slander and dog whistling, reminding these boy-men that only dogs can hear them! Lol I’m chuckling of course because they are so hilariously annoying. I finally just say “look liars, just look at the numbers.” Ok. I know you are so offended and find it all so offensive as you stoke the fires of your righteousness with your moral superiority complexes! Lol! Pleeeeassse give it a rest your just zionist-marxist pricks, princesses, proxies and terrorists!

I look where most of these unintelligible grunts hail from and see quickly where their victimhood cards were issued and by whom and where their superiority, & exceptionalism complexes grew out of and where they now act like beggars & not like the trustees of their ancestors & future generations due to zionist-marxist deceptions.

I peer into the eyes of the various lost souls cowering & clinging to the dead empires they love to hate but they cling anyway & they still find shelter and comfort in their victim-class mentalities as these now trust-less adopted societies are fracturing & get blamed for everything by rootless & lost peoples who hate colonialists as they are colonizing and their only identity is now just the pigmentation of their very, very thin skin and the hatreds they hold within for the others is all they now have in common. They scold us with old carnage and fill their sails with hate but they have taken the same voyage and stumble across the same ice where the ones they scold now skate. Laughable in their simplicity and in time they will meet the same hate filled fate.

So snap out of it, your victim cards are maxed out and expiring and you are in deep debt to this zionist-marxist cult that is using, abusing and robbing you of your everything & your future generations. So don’t get divided and ruled by them and their age old usury and time tested deceptions!

The weary, sharp-eyed but ancient old guard still look on but they are compelled to nod, take a knee or look away as the moral superiority is being endlessly preached at them by those who have yet to build or do anything. They know the lies & deceptions but they nod anyway knowing that if they tell the truth now they will be called “nazi’s” or supremacists by those who are still doing nothing but thieving, stealing, robbing, burning, looting and murdering. I smile at the old guard as I know we are both thinking the very same thing. Are these the societies that “won” the not so great or good wars? Could it be we lost it all in our winning? Could it be that our winning was in application our loosing and undoing? Did we fight our brothers for the enemy within? It’s understood in the classics, legends and old writings that all men loose & defeat themselves as they defeat their own brothers. Can the spirits of the tens of millions of fallen be awakened again to defend our common shores and Nations?

Awww it’s all so yawningly telling. Oh yes, I’m yarning tired! Lol! So I must wish you allll a gracious good night and that you find peace within yourselves and with one another as I go to that dreamless land of the ancestors to commune with them again and come up with some more hyper rational & logical solutions.

Peace through intelligence because all this emotional ignorance isn’t working. ~D.R. #AllLivesMatter#MarxistZionismIsTheProblem#EndGlobalism#ItsNotblackAndWhiteItsAboutWrongAndRight

On: The Racey Racists: (June 5th 2020)
All this talk of “race’s” used to mean a person was racist! I don’t get it! I think the best way to address these tensions are by explaining it like breeds… like dog breeds, no offense to dogs! Lol. Anyway, the human race has various breeds just like dogs do. I know the scientific view of the 4 races but thought it dated. This “breeds” concept is easier to understand. You are welcome.

Then the question is in regards to ethnicity and indigenous culture and spirituality and land rights and title. Well if we use the model set up in Canada to solve this issue with the First Nations peoples (Truth & Reconciliation Program)… well it should be the same for any other indigenous peoples too… no matter their skin tone or region!

From what I understand so far is that the only people who disagree with this are the lost and rootless people who still use just their skin tone as identity! This is a big problem in the America’s especially!

As to this slavery issue: Most peoples have been enslaved at one time or another. The word slave is cognate to Slav/Slavic which is a Native European people from central Eurasia that were enslaved in huge numbers and sold south. As for the slavery in the America’s most African slaves were sold in South & Central America and the Caribbean and only the very rich could afford them. In the USA slavery was very rare at only around 6% and only the very extremely wealthy could afford them. That said even some people of African decent had slaves but this was a very few. Most African slaves were sold into slavery by other Africans btw! Just a heads up! Please read this post again, to be sure it sunk in. Slavery is an appropriate topic to cover in this post… for slavery is the main historical gripe used and referenced constantly as the excuse for everything! Its like the old and tired WW2 propaganda narrative for the marxist-zionist backed African American movements and their brainwashed victim-class proxies.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Neo-bolshevism Marxist Zionist Terrorism: (June 4th 2020)
These treasonous neo-bolshevik marxist zionist terrorists & provocateurs are using & abusing African-Americans and others as their proxies! Don’t be a neo-bolshevik bitch! They also go under the hate brand name of “ANTIFA” and BLM as well as other names! This same marxist-zionist bolshevik ideology did the same in Russia at the close of WW1, wherein they then went on to slaughtered 65 million true Rus style Russians. They are trying to do the same in Europe too!

Anarchy & marxist-zionist terrorists know no boundaries! Don’t be fools and tools of these treasonous zionist-marxist terrorists or their proxies! They must all be rounded-up and prosecuted to the maximum for treason and sedition! Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.
#alllivesmatter @saveeuropa @native.europeans @scandinatives

On: True Crime (June 4th 2020)
Here you go, folks! This is truly tragic and this poor old guy did NOT deserve to go down like this over the senseless looting of idiot-boxes/tv’s! This kid that stayed with him is a gem for calling out these murderous looters, arsonists and killers to their faces and trying to desperately keep this poor old retired Police Chief with us! I wish I could jump into that scene to help them! But I would need a M-16 with me because let’s face it those murderous looters are also racists, nuts or both and would have tried to shoot me too and most likely just for my skin tone!

Such ignorance and depravity must face the full force of the law! Share this clip and let’s catch these murderous creeps and lock them away for life! Let’s be sure this compassionate and brave gem of a kid that stayed with this dying man and called out his killers to their faces gets notoriety and some king of citizens reward for being so honest, brave and compassionate!

Again, #AllLivesMatter and making all of this about people’s skin tone is zio-media racist-propaganda! It’s not “black & white” it’s about wrong & right!Plus, African-American on African-American murder & crime is the highest in the Nation! Why no outcry & outrage? Why no “protests”? I call bull$hit every time I see double standards!

This is so senseless! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R. #AllLivesMatter#AllPeoplesAreFarMoreThenTheirSkinTones#TimeToTakeDownTheHighlyConsolidatedZionistMedia

On: Uncivil War (June 3rd 2020)
Yup, all lives still do matter, folks. Didn’t you know it’s racist to call Chinese people “yellow” and First Nations peoples “Red Skins” so why then is it ok to call Native African people’s and Native European-peoples just “black and white”? Anyway, all peoples are far, far more then just their skin tone, so time to snap out of it and stop seeing the world like a silent movie from the 1920’s… in terms of just “black and white”. This color coding everything is totally irrational. Now if you see yourself as just “black or white” well that is because you are just one of the hundreds of millions of lost people that have no idea of their own origins or ethnically specific Indigenous identity, Native Culture & Earth-centric spirituality. Well it’s time to fix that and stop using all these fake substitutions… like nationhood, religion, race, sexual preference, music genres, pop-culture, sub-culture, counter-culture, consumer brands, corporate culture, fake genders, idiotic ideologies like marxism and alike, political parties, job title, sports teams… etc… etc these are all fake identities! So find your ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture & earth-centric spirituality quick because not even grass can grow without roots!

In the America’s many different peoples live in a very experimental multi-culti and multi-ethnic society built atop the broken bones of First Nations genocide! Can a home be righted if its foundation is crumbling? No, it can’t… so in the America’s you must first fix the foundation and go from there. #FirstNationsFirst#NativeLivesMatter Oh yes, and btw I find it hilarious when 3rd world migrant-neo-colonialists show up in the America’s and rant & scold about the colonisation of old from long ago when they are in the America’s now doing the very same colonization thing, but get all the benefits of our open modern societies, cash and modern Native European laws that protect us allllll. But neo-colonization is far worse because it’s happening now in modern times, like right now! Wow, what slanderous double standards!

So now what? Riot, burn, loot and assault innocent passersby’s because you are so ignorant, lost and rootless that you think that this is justice now? Wow, crazy irrationality and it was spoon-fed to you by the highly consolidated zionist-media. Yes these are not your thoughts they were planted in your thick skull and they are very unoriginal! Plus, these neo-bolshevik marxist zionist terrorists & provocateurs (like ANTIFA & others) are organizing these riots and using and abusing African-Americans and the media/entertainment industry brainwashed citizens as their proxies to create anarchy in which they can then gain further and deeper control over our societies! Remember anarchy knows no sides nor does revolution… and the piglets always end up eating each other any way… but only after they destroy the targeted society and murder and ethnically cleansed tens of millions of their rivals! As seen clearly in Russia at the close of WW1!

So remember if you are involved in this rioting and you have never even actually created or built anything with your own hands before and you “feel” like destroying stuff gets your point across… well wrong, it doesn’t! You are just a emasculated and frustrated zio-media brainwashed bitch! If this looting, burning and assault of the innocent is indeed your reasonings here… you are very, very low-iq and will be lawfully prosecuted & jailed! So smarten up! Burning, looting and assaulting innocent people in the streets are not forms of legitimate protesting… they are just criminal acts and you will be hunted down and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law and so will be your neo-bolshevik marxist/zionist organizers, handlers and agent provocateurs!

The fact is the multi-culti and multi-ethnic America’s model experimental societies were not designed to fail but were augmented in the 1950’s on to indeed fail. So they have been failing, breaking down & degrading for a while now. So now what? I say firmly stop the destruction and victimhood excuses! Start a very honest, rational conversation and come up with a peaceful plan and educate the public on the future of these America’s model societies and stop the cascading victimhood and excuses! Only the naive, compromised and brainwashed victimhood classes will ever accept these excuses but let me be clearer here… the rational hand that quietly guides our societies forward will never accept these excuses.

So, in the future, peaceful Balkanization or semi-autonomous states maybe the only way to correct this mess. But again it must be a peaceful Balkanization or semi-autonomy states with clear borders and great humanitarian care given to its peaceful execution. Sadly that may be the only answer in the not so distant future if independent harmonization doesn’t work.

Now, I grew up in a huge multi-culti & multi-ethnic, social-engineered, America’s model experimental society and luckily I could harmonise well enough but I could see early on the fractures that run through our experimental societies and have seen these cracks widening down ethnic, cultural and religious lines with much help from these treasonous neo-bolshevik marxist/zionist terrorists within!!

So, I say more indigenous/First Nations governance in the America’s and if you don’t like it and can’t harmonize then go back to the lands of your own ancient or recent ancestors and find your roots and stay there! The west doesn’t need $hit disturbers it needs Peace Keepers to end this treasonous uncivil war! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Which Side Of The Line (May 31st 2020)
No matter which side of the line you stand on in this burning and looting revolution of unwitting idiots, let me be extremely clear and exacting here. There are only a handful of individuals that have done the historical work to be able to see how and why these latest events are unfolding in the way they are. Those who designed these toxic conditions and unleashed these destructive forces and those who are exposing them are neck and neck and so these unethical scoundrels have turned up the heat in an attempt to regain control of the propaganda narrative they created during WW1&2! So now they are using their media to turn up the heat and stir-up the multi-culti and multi-ethnic melting pot societies getting them to boil over!

Yes, you got it. It is this handful of treasonous zionist terrorists within who are the ones who have built-up and unleashed these destructive forces in the USSA and elsewhere. Yes, it is by inorganic design and not by organic circumstance. They use their many puppets and tools to set-up these conditions over time and then use a unfortunate event and their media to unleash these toxic forces on society and against humanity. Their oldest tool is divide and rule. So wise up you fools! Remember that *zionism is a globalist ideology* disguised as a Nationalistic ideology!

So you can strip each other naked and slaughter each other like blind abrahamic tools or you can wise-up and butcher these sacred cow myths, lies and propaganda and drive this handful of globalist zionist-trolls from your Nations or into prison. So, those are your options… now which is it?

Don’t think they will compassionately relent… they won’t, they will watch millions die and still see themselves as the victims! They will scream out in pain as they slaughter you with their time tested deceptions & manipulations! You may ask… But why would they do this? Because their foolish and selfish ideology has overtaken their humanity! That’s why! Plus they know how weak the nationalistic and abrahamic glue is that tries to unite the various multi-culti & multi-ethnic peoples in our experimental societies and rather new nations in the America’s. So smarten up and stop basing your opinions off of just symptoms. Start with the root issues and go from there. See through the sound-bite fictions and hear the peace through the noise… listen to the wisdom and reject the medias blatherers and their blithering’s! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Live Music Censorship (Feb 10th 2020)
I think it’s hilarious when the odd venue I perform at thinks that my pointed jokes about consumerism, cultural marxism, the abrahamic’s, globalisation, destruction of Indigenous Identity & Native Culture and environmental destruction… etc… are “edgy” because I also sing about the alternatives to this destruction and all the beauty and blessings too!

Well, for a few, I’m too “racy” or “too political”? Lol! Then when they turn on the piped-in “programmed” and very popularized “music” out comes the same mind numbing beat and the nasty self-loathing mantra’s begin… that say and sing about all kinds of unspeakable degeneracy, perversion, drugs, nihilism, women and gals become bitches & hoes and men turned into emasculated degenerates and many other forms of soul sucking debouchery spills out… etc. Wow, what boring trash that is and it also serves to destroy our Indigenous Identities & Native Cultures too but I am the “edgy” one or the “political one”! Lol!

Well, a huge hug and thanks to all the other majority of venues that support and enjoy my mocking growls, witty ridicule and my sharp jokes in the face of all this apathy, nihilism, distraction, deconstruction and straight up destruction of all that makes humanity beautiful and graceful. Sorry but Skáld Rekkr doesn’t keep quiet in the face of all that is out to degrade and destroy us.

As well, why is it “ok” and oh so “Rock n Roll” or “cool” when it’s all about deconstructing and destroying our societies and ethnically specific Indigenous Identities and Native Cultures? Why is being a desperate destructive idiot rebel without a cause, ok? It ‘s not! It’s for the creatives, artists and musicians to thoughtfully stand up to this destruction and creatively call it out and sing of all the beauty in our ethnically specific indigenous identities, Native Cultures and earth-centric spirituality & Nature’s wonders… etc..etc… we cannot fold and deem it “too political” to even just mock the social engineers destruction and their distractive agents of chaos. No thanks and no way!

I for one will go on as I always have standing and delivering and creatively slaughtering those sacred cows & protecting & preserving all that is beautiful, historical, gracious, mortal and immortal and that blesses us and my Native European peoples. We must all continuing to point the way forward! Don’t let the social engineers & deconstructionists corrupt your cool, kids & folks! All that is old is new again… and it belongs to future generations! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Honouring The Ancestors (Jan 1st 2020)
How long will we let them kill our Indigenous Native prophets and let them steal and appropriate our Native Indigenous cultures & accomplishments and defile, deface and vandalise our sacred monuments? How long until we say enough, enough? I already said it and a long time ago:)

Don’t fall in love with the grapple, be creative, win and move on to the next target. Be a warrior in the garden, not a gardener in a war. For we all sow what we reap and reap what we sow. There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. Life is worth nothing unless you can see it through a dead mans eyes. Use Natural Law and apply the old Germanic & Norse laws & be patient, efficient, precise and deeply intolerant of those who try to destroy what your ancestors created.

Be very clean in your dealings. Use a Prussian doctors precision & attrition and a Nordic Shamanic healers supernatural ways in both your creating and destroying. Give to the Earth, not to the invader. Give no quarter for the desperate, usurious & usurping souls we battle hold no quarter… & always remember, If we honour our ancestors they will chisel our names in stone. If we dishonour our ancestors they will piss our names in the snow:) Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.