The Gathering is a group of creative souls (musicians, artists, traditionalists, nationalists, thinkers, philosophers, nativists, poets, environmentalists…etc) who have come together to perform and celebrate Drew’s style of Rock & SoulFolk  Music. Drew is always touring solo or with a rhythm section. Drew’s brothers, Peter & Michael, were executive producers on a few of Drew’s recordings & independent film projects. Drew always has an arsenal of brilliant musicians, speakers, artists and supporters that accompany him on stages in various locations, regions & Nations at venues big and small.

Peter Rouse: Yes, Peter is another one of Drew’s big brothers. Peter heads his own very successful and long standing Executive Retain Search firm, Rouse Resources based in Toronto, Canada. Peter was executive producer on two of Drew’s albums and on a few other of Drew’s recordings. Peter is the man with the plan… whenever Drew calls.                                                                                                                           

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