“Lies, deceptions, extrapolations nor nihilism is a cure for ignorance.” -D.R.

Check out these enlightening & educational perspectives, opinions, realities & interesting documentaries & talks below. I AGREE & DISAGREE on different parts of what is listed here below but I offer them as FOOD FOR THOUGHT, for diversity of perspective, for #FreeSpeech reasonings & as a intellectual pursuit & for intellectual stimulation. If a video has been censored or “banned” (many are) & the link doesn’t work, try to cut & past the title into Bitchute, LBRY, Odysee or go to the website of the speaker or creator.
There are many marxist-zionist messianic globalist gangsters & terrorists who used & abuse the abrahamic religions as a shield & cover to stop criticism & to hide their international crimes and debt & usury scam. They control most of the “media” and thus the perspectives, questions & the answers by controlling both the political left, right, centre & the highly consolidated “media”. They can popularize information or conceal & surprise it to obtain favourable outcomes for their globalist agenda. All media, be it the left, right & even most “alternative media” sources are using & abusing old abrahamic dualism, old WW1 & 2 propaganda narratives & other tools of subversion, deception & manipulation… to further their usurious financial empire & globalism. But if one understands the histories, linguistics & the formulas of abrahamic dualism & deception, illusion & elusion, these dark-souls & their technological black-mirrors are powerless against the highly rational, logical, reasonable, deeply conscious, wise & critically-thinking mind. The internet is a echo-chamber in a forest of mirrors & the “media” (film, tv, magazines, news… etc.) are largely just forms of subconscious coercion, subversion, social engineering, propaganda & cultural marxism & talmudic marxist-zionist deconstructionism. Most of our history has been falsified & it was written by imperialists, zealots, liars & the most vicious, brutal, unethical, lowest IQ & desperate of the bunch.

Remain compassionate, kind, ethical, brave & **Don’t let yourself be radicalised, compromised or demonised**. These globalists many forms of usury & slavery will be overcome. If you remain ethical & brave your spirit & legend will live long past any desperately falsified history. Don’t be used & abused as an proxy Orc/neo-bolshevik or a puppet for these seditious marxist or treasonous zionist globalists or become like the foolish rabid dog that tried to bite you. Never allow anyone or anything to radicalise you… because if you do, after the fight is over, you will be as bad as the sick rabid dog you were forced to deal with. *Don’t fall in love with the grapple*, be creative, resourceful & ethical & use the appropriate amount of disciplined force to win & quickly move on to the next ideological target, but never ever allow your ideology to override your humanity. For once an adult, we are all 100% responsible & liable for our actions, reactions, inactions & even our interactions. The century of the entitled & self-proclaimed victim is over. We now know that people with deep multigenerational entitled victimhood complexes combined with self-loathing issues develop a deep psychosis & can then only make one thing & that is more victims! There is no evil just ignorance, fear, unconsciousness & a lack of awareness”. “Remember, what colonialism did & is still doing to the Native European peoples & later to the Native American peoples… globalism, marxism, zionism, wahhabism, corporatism & the ashkhazarian bankster mafia is trying to do to us all!” Also remember that “There is nothing to fear, NOT EVEN FEAR ITSELF”.“The consciousness is rising because some of us are lifting it”. So escape the abrahamic-box & the marxist-zionist-globalist social engineering & do something about it!

On: Wolves, Dogs, Free Men & Slaves
The dogs are always one against the Wolf. As the lone Wolf howls truth from the centre of the wilderness while running down its prey, the dogs bark & whine back in unison a highly conditioned & domesticated response while eating out of the hand of their master. The slaves are taught to hate the free & often try to destroy the free rather then their master if given the option. Time for folks to stop being dogs, orcs & bitches for globalism & its many forms of usury and slavery & get back in touch with Nature and its time for Native European peoples to ReWild Europe. Its time to bring back the Wolves & European Bison/Buffalo!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R. 

The Germanic Origins Of Yule/Jul/Christmas

Jonathan Bowden: On Revisionism
Jonathan Bowden: European Civilisation
Prof. E.Michael Jones: Logos Rising Part 2
**Dead Eyed Talmudic Zionist Hag Says Talmudic Marxist-Zionists Are Behind Weaponized Mass-Migration Into Sweden & Europe**

THE MAKING OF THE MODERN RIGHT by Kieth Woods. Nativism, Eco-Nationalism, Nationalism, Traditionalism & Localism is the way forward for the Native European Peoples.

200 YEARS TOGETHER BY Alexander Solzhenitsyn


marxist-zionist talmudic messianic terrorists exposed on RedIce

USURY by Anthony Migchels: https://anchor.fm/continuumpodcast/episodes/Ep–24—Usury-And-The-Banking-World-Order-w–Anthony-Migchels-elu2ih/a-a3ns75l

The Old USSA Is Playing Russian Roulette With Europe Over Russian Energy (Nordstream 2)

PLANDEMIC: This virus was genetically engineered & is being used to put more power, control & wealth into the wringing hands of the chosen few.


Understand that there is a huge difference between turkic & turkish, Germanic & “German”. The Germanic Franc & “French”. The Germanic Nordic Scandinavians & these random foreign people who live in the Scandinavian region. The Anglo-Saxon & Celtic English & random foreign people who live in the “UK”. Italic or Etruscan peoples & “Italians”. The Celtic-Nordic Native Iberian peninsula people & the turkic moorish, african, arab “spanish”. The Hellenic people & “Greeks”…etc…etc
The Native American peoples are Native to the America’s but the Old Stock Native European Americans came long ago & built the modern Nations in the America’s.
What most people call “Russians” today are NOT the real founding stock Rus style Rus-sians… who were of Slavic, Baltic, Nordic/Germanic stock & bloodlines.


These are all fake choices: capitalism or communism, zionism or marxism/bolshevism, the prophet or satan, right or left wing politicking, white or black pigmentation, us or them, republic or democracy, you are with us or against us, debt or usury… etc…etc. These are all fake choices of classic dualistic abrahamic brainwashing & completely “this or that” fake choices when neither are correct. They are all bad & they work together & in tandem as both tools & weapons of the globalist oligarchs to enslave the masses. The real answers are far more complex & nuanced.
This empire is now a worldwide financial empire & it uses this dualism to control its wage slaves! Wake & let’s break their financial chains & end their debt & usury game once & for all!
LISTEN TO THIS: https://anchor.fm/continuumpodcast/episodes/Ep–24—Usury-And-The-Banking-World-Order-w–Anthony-Migchels-elu2ih/a-a3ns75l
Peace through intelligence

“multiculturalism” is anti-culture & “diversity” is a weakness & weaponized 3rd world mass-migration colonization are all scams & tools used by the talmudic terrorist to deconstruct & destroy our Native European Nations & Societies!

HELLSTORM: by Kyle Hunt Book by Tom Goodrich






Know More News Interview with Kevin MacDonald

Vincent James of Red Elephants On The USA Are Nationstate’s


The Disappearing Male: Beware of the endocrine disrupting petrochemical biocides that pervade our lives.


Know More News: Talmudic Supremacy & Terrorism


DAVID DUKE: THE MASTERS OF SLAVERY The talmudic turkic khazar’s enslaved millions of Native European Slavic people long before Africans.

Another Perspective On WW2 by Eustace Mullins

Guide To Kulchur: The Great Gatsby’s Critique on America w Mark Weber

Never ever trust the deceptive lying turkic talmudic marxist-zionist khazar mafia terrorists.

David Irving Conference On Slavery


NEVER FORGET: The Driving Force Behind The 1917 Slaughter Of Rus-sia by talmudic turkic/khazar terrorists & their mongol proxies 

The Genocide Of The Rus Russian Old Believers by the talmudic marxist-zionist bolshevik terrorists. by VertigoPolitix

marxist-zionist terrorists are the problem

David Duke on the Holodomor & The Talmudic “Jewish” Commie Bolshevik Slaughter Of Rus Russians
The Hard Truth: There has been no such thing as “the jew’s” since ancient times. The biblical political group called “the jew’s”, which meant the Hebraic’s who were the deniers of Christ, they were wiped out by the Italic Romans & through miscegenation in ancient times… even their hebrew language went extinct. What we have had since is impostors who are turkic khazar/ashkeNazi marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists from the Caspian Sea Steppe. They hide their turkic khazar roots so they can claim the very semitic Native Palestinian peoples lands in Palestine. These marxist-zionist talmudic terrorist khazars  are trying to set-up their messianic one world globalist government In Palestine & intrench their international debt & usury racket globally. These turkic khazars/ashkeNazi marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists hate the very semitic Native Palestinians because they have in them the remnant DNA of Christ & the ancient Hebraic’s. These talmudic turkic/khazar terrorists also hate the Native European peoples in the America’s & Europe & want to destroy our societies & Nations because they see us the Romans or “amalek” & because many Native European peoples know their true turkic/khazar identity… & so they flood our Nations with their weaponized 3rd world mass-migration scam & teach these other peoples to hate us Native European peoples… so they can then, in time, use these lost multicultural migrants as orc proxies against us the good spirited Native European peoples! Welcome to reality!

Prof. E. Michael Jones: Only The Mr. Jones part

Toxic judaeo-protestant zionism Brainwashing: The Legacy Of The judaeo-protestant alliance.

Derrick Jensen: The Origins Of Queer Theory & Pedophilia Connections 

Eastern Europe Under marxist-zionist Communism
50 Million Rus Style Russians Were Slaughtered Under marxist-zionist communists In USSR

Talmudic Ritual Murder: As documented in many Native European historical texts & documents for over 1000 years. 

Talmudic Terrorists Have Occupied The USSA & are The Architects Of Western Decline by VertigoPolitix 
Pretty Good Takes on Bolshevik Communism & USA Policies by John Doyle

The Crusades Were A Response To Turkic, Arab & Islamic Invasion
Europe From Its Origins

Logos Vs Anti-Logos by E. Michael Jones

Learn About marxist-zionist terrorism & how one hand washes the other

The maxist-zionist-globalist terrorist are trying to divide & rule us all! Don’t be used & abused as their witting or unwitting proxies! The marxist-zionist terrorists treasonous proxies of ANTIFA, BLM, Black-bloc, ADL, ZOA, AIPAC must all be banned!
Vincent James of The Red Elephants on marxist-zionist terrorists 
Vincent James: The Red Elephants on Bitchute

French Documentary on How the marxist-zionists Terrorists murdered the Kennedy Brothers for Trying To Shut Down The zionist Nuke Program.

Derrick Jensen: On Connections Between Queer Theory, Pedophilia & Anarchism 

Khazars: This is a pretty good explanation of these talmudic turkic Khazar Nomads


The German War Against Globalism by Vertigopolitix

BOTH HITLER/Hiedler & CHURCHILL WERE ZIO-PUPPETS What The Historians Neglect To Mention

Derrick Jensen: Origins Of Queer Theory & Pedophilia

Know More News On The Perversions Of Political marxist-zionist terrorists

Blackpilled: History Of WW1

There are so few documentaries with alternative views on the World wars. Here is one I don’t fully agree with but it has some solid information & alternate perspectives. It’s called “THE ULTIMATE RED PILL” Now, I especially dislike all this fetishizing over the Austrian painter, hitler. Plus focussing on the title of so-called “joo” is incorrect when those responsible were actually a tiny group of usurious international judaeo-protestant marxist-zionist terrorists of which most were of turkic/khazar origin & NOT semitic at all. Plus, no self-respecting Germanic would ever use the very Roman Empire Solute… at least not if they know their history & live East of the Rhine & North of the Danube that is. As well the swastika is more of an asiatic symbol than a Germanic one. Real Germanic’s would have used the Sun Wheel, a Rune or the Iron Cross as their main symbol… not this asiatic swastika!
Anyway the World wars need far more research & forensic investigation & these types of alternative view documentaries should NOT be banned or censored. Plus over 60 million, largely Native European people of Christian faith, were slaughtered in WW2… & 40 million in WW1. So we should have the absolute right & responsibility to find out what really happened in these tragic & genocidal World wars!

Yes, Dr. Duke Has Some Honest Takes On Todays Events. Especially on mass-migration demographic warfare & the marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists.

Can Ethnic & Cultural Separation Bring Us Peace: Way Of The World

E. Michael Jones uses the biblical political term “Jew” for people of Jewish faith who tortured & murdered their own Jewish messiah, Jesus. He is NOT saying all people of Jewish faith. Professor Jones reveals what he calls the “Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” 

The Kalergi Plan Documentary (Native European Genocide)


As usual, be wary of goblin’s & hobgoblin’s:goblin is a monstrous creature that appears in the folklore of multiple Native European cultures, first attested in stories from the Middle Ages like Rumpelstiltskin etc. Hmm, I wonder which group of people moved into central Europe at this time? They were referring to the nasty turkic talmudic steppe khazars. Are they what the Native European peoples were referring to as “goblins”? Most likely. These goblin’s are ascribed various deceptive abilities & conflicting temperaments but always referenced as having creepy & lecherous behaviours & ugly in appearance depending on the story and country of origin. They are almost always small and grotesque, mischievous or outright malicious, and very greedy, especially for *gold and jewellery*. Their constitution is all ignorant will & degenerate appetite as prescribed by their subversive foreign dogma & ideology. Goblin’s are deeply unethical & work only to forward goblin’s, at the expense of all others. Most of the old stories speak of these goblin targeting the most venerable in the Native European villages, usual naive woman & small children. Some of the stories speak of them taking children… some say it was to sacrifice to the talmudic step Pagan god called Moloch who requires the burnt offerings of children & babies. Some say that in modern times they promote abortion/baby murder as a new way to continue having these baby sacrifices… because these tortured & murdered aborted babies are incinerated after some of their body parts are “harvested” for “medical science”… truly gruesome debauchery. Hobgoblin’s are goblin’s that have mixed/interbreed with other beings. What has been referred to as “vampires” are really just these steppe hobgoblin’s.
**These beastly & ghastly goblins should NOT be combined or confused with the magical Forest & glade folk, such as, Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, Hulduólk, Nisse & the other magical beings of Native European Folklore… who work to help, inform & protect the Native European peoples. These Folk you should leave treats out for by your fireplace, in your barn & around your gardens & grounds:)** Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Banned E. Michael Jones Video’s

Learn about marxist-zionist terrorism & how one hand washes the other.

Black Pigeon’s Take On The Holocaust: Over 60 million Native European peoples were slaughtered in WW2. Most were of Christian faith. 

Ernst Zundel: Canada’s anti-free-speech History & Marxist-zionist terrorists

Immigration World Poverty & Gumballs 2010 (Greene Ernest)

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem

A Cure For Gentlemen by Black Pilled
Black Pigeon Speaks on Bitchute
The marxist-zionist judaic role in bolshevism

The One Truth Jorden Peterson Won’t Tell You

Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 9/11
Christopher Bollyn: The Man Who Solved 911 (Don’t fret over how it happened, lets just nail who did it now!)

French Documentary On How the marxist-zionist terrorists murdered the Kennedy Brothers 

How Europe Was Formed: This is a very Greco-Roman Latin-centic & Abrahamic interpretation

All the abrahamic religions are nuts & full of zealots: Zionist Peace Problem
Michael Collins Piper Interviews Christopher Bollyn On Globalist Terrorists. Both of these guys are brilliant!


E Michael Jones On The Scofield Bible & Political Jewry
E. Michael Jones: Controlling The Narrative

Ethnic Genetic Interests Of The Native Europeans: In-Group Preference

Eastern Europe Under marxist-zionist Communism

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem

Communism = Talmudic-Marxism & Its Tactics.

Way Of The World on Bitchute: Communism=Talmudic-Marxism

Germany Against International Marxism: by Vertigopolitix

The  German War Against Globalism Watch All The Vertigopolitix Videos

Black Pigeon’s Take On The Holocaust/Shoah: Over 60 million Native European people were slaughtered in WW2. Most were of Christian faith!

The Kalergi Plan Documentary (Native European Genocide) 

FARRAKHAN on 911: What you need to know
Farrakhan On 911: What You Need To Know


Ernst Zundel: Canadian Anti-free-speech & marxist-zionist terrorists


E. Michael Jones & Nick Fuentes: America First & The zio-America Empire **But Mr. Jones & Nick are dead wrong about the Nordic’s, Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Slavic’s, Baltic’s  being heathen barbarians & “pig chasers” as Mr. Jones states at nauseam. We did hunt Wild Boar though. It’s the Roman empire & the abrahamic’s that were the savages & barbarians. As all empires & zealots are!**

Devon Stack of BLACKPILLED Deconstructs The Deconstructionists
BlackPilled: Viral Video



The marxist-zionist judaic role in bolshevism 

Germany Against International Marxism & Globalisation by VertigoPolitix

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem
Derrick Jensen: Connections Between Queer Theory, Pedophilia & Anarchism
The Consequences Of Cowardice 

Consequences Of Cowardice On Bitchute
Watch These Short Doc’s by Black Pilled
Black Pilled by Wild BILL COOPER
BLACKFACE is NOT a Native European thing! Its a very Turkic Jewish thing though.

Doug Christie: On Freedom Of Speech In Canada

DEFEND FREE SPEECH & read a legitimate & authentic version of “MEIN KAMPF” just to support FREE SPEECH! Don’t be afraid of any perspective or opinion.

Black Pigeon’s Take On The Holocaust/Shoah. Over 60 million Native European people were slaughtered in WW2. Most were of Christian faith. 

Watch: Know More News Watch Know More News

E. Micheal Jones: Just Watch All His Videos & Buy His Books  But Dont believe his BS about the Germanic’s, Celtics & Nordic peoples being savages or barbarians. The abrahamic’s, colonisers & empires are the barbarians and savages!
The TRUTH ABOUT 911 Christopher Bollyn
Most of this content is frequently removed: 
VertigoPolitix: Sweden Orders Its Own Destruction

David Versus Monsanto Mr. Percy Schmeiser is the Greatest Canadian. (He and his wife have  been exposing monsanto since 1987 and so have I!)

Know What & Why You Think What You Do: Minority Rule: The Rise Of Political Correctness

I’m all for ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & tribalism for all Native peoples, but not if its just for a chosen-fews covert & parasitic form of tribalism & “in group preference” at the cost of the majority. Nope, no double standards please!

Mohammed Ali: Speaks On Race

VertigoPolitix  & From Woodstock To Davos


Black Pilled: Hollywood Zionist Propaganda Machine

CASHES CLAY/Mohammed Ali: On Miscegenation & Mixing 

marxist-zionist terrorists are the problem

Immigration World Poverty & Gumballs 2010

The Brilliant Michael Collins Piper on JFK: Ryan Dawson Interview

RedIce: On Mass-Migration & Open Borders Insanity

The Great Invasion: Time To End This Petrochemical Nightmare (Endocrine Disruptors)

Great Canadian thinker Prof. Anthony J. Hall ~Earth Into Property~

Carl Jung: Approaching The Unconscious

GERMAR RUDOLF: Speaks Truth On The Genocide Industry: This issue needs far, far more diverse study & diverse academics studying it. Simply too many people died in those world wars. Over 100 million Native European peoples were slaughtered in WW1 & WW2 combined. Terrible!

Lipstadt’s Lies & Deceptions, Part One & Two


The marxist-zionist judaic role in bolshevism

Germany Against International Marxism & Globalisation by Vertigopolitix

Food Myth-Busters

E Michael Jones The Revolutionary Spirit

EUROPA The Last Battle

Talmudic Supremacy of khazar Judaism

Yuletide: Truth Is Freedom Its NOT Just For “White” Peoples

Putting Yule Back In Yuletide

Ring Of Nibelungs

Genetic Roulette

Decades Of Deception

ERNST ZUNDLE: The Hammer Of The zionists and Holocaust Revisionist

Ernst Zundel: Canada’s shameful anti-free-speech laws & marxist-zionist terrorism

Immigration World Poverty & Gumballs 2010

Zionism Is The Problem Stop Zionism

Eastern Europe Under marxist-zionist Communism

Germany Against International Marxism & Globalisation

The Illegal Imprisonment & Murder Of Rudolf Hess & His Ploy For Peace Flight


And Now For Something Completely Different: Alternative Views On WW1 & WW2

An Interactive Map Resource of all First Nations Territories in Kanata/Canada

Following The Trail :GMO technology is the weaponization of our food by a greedy few.

Solution: Geothermal Energy Production. Geothermal, Tidal/Kinetic and Solar are the way!

Drew’s Geothermal Energy Plan

GLOBALIST BANKSTERS: The Four Horsemen of Banking

Germany Against International Marxism & Globalism

Environment Canada’s Geothermal Presentation

The Economics of Happiness

Eric Hunt: Emotionalised Hoax? Over 60 million, largely Christian,  Native European peoples were slaughtered in WW2. It was one big Native European Holocaust! 

STOP USURY in All Its Forms

Mossad/Black-Cube: Protectors of Zionist Preditors, Pedophiles & Rapists

Archived Version

The Century of the Self  On social conditioning

Boycott Israel!! Free The Native Palestinians from Apartheid & Genocide

Adam Green Handles The Zionists & E. Michael Jones Deals With “The Jew’s

Ryan Dawson: Christian Fascists, Jewish Zionists & Islamic Wahhabists & The CIA did 911, Offed JFK & Sell Drugs To Fund Rogue “Operations”

Zionist Plan To Flood Europe with Migrants

Julian Assange Speaks Up on Ziotard Israel, Proxy War, Zionist Israeli & Wahhabists Terrorists! IT’S NOT RUSSIA!

Ole Dammegard: Zionists Are Trying To Make Critical Thinking Illegal

Ryan Dawson: War By Deception

Nordic Resistance Movement

Why Woman Destroy Nations: Some Inconvenient Truths

Red Ice Interview: On Mass Immigration & Repopulation Theory

Biological Weapons: Anthrax, Cancer, Ebola, AID’s, Lyme, GMO’s

Wahhabism & Zionism Are As Similar As Halal and Kosher

The Murder/Assassination of Reporter Michael Hastings

Usury & Debt Slavery

The Internet Is A Forest Of Mirrors: Questioning Wikileaks

World War One & Two Should Be Seen As Two Halves Of One Big War, It was one big holocaust wherein millions of mostly Christians died. War is hell and there are no good guys! Abrahamic dualism 7 perspectives are irrational!

The Largest Ransom Ever Payed Was For A Nasty Zionist Bankster

Arthur Topman: Canadian Satirist & Free Speech Advocate

Laurence Easeman: The People Vs The Banks Also a fine example of when the Police rightfully serve the people not the banksters usury!

Murder of Michael X of Trinidad was the Death Of The Monarchy & English Empire


The DEEP STATE: Peter Dale Scott & David Talbot

A Great Canadian Peter Dale Scott: On Deep Events, Deep State and Deep Government

Canadian Prof. John McMurtry: American exceptionalism & 911


Nick Griffin: Blasts EU Over European Genocide 

EUROPA: Repopulation & Weaponised Imigration pushed by zionists

Ron Paul: On “the economy” war profiteers, debt, government. To be fare the US has a small and weak government not “Big Government” and this weak little gov. has been bought up by huge corporations!

Interesting Alternative Views Of Feminism

zionism, wahhabism & the “Christian right” are wrong and the problem

The Fact Is That People Of Light hair, Skin & Eye colour Are The Global Minority

Revisionist Historians and Intellectuals are being Attacking. Defend The Freedom of Speech!

All nuclear power plants should be exchanged with Geothermal power: The ongoing Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Genetically Modified/Molested Alfalfa ~We must stop the Biotech industries and corporations attempts to control and weaponize our food!

NEVER FORGET WHAT THE NASTY BOLSHEVIKS DID! NOT all Bolsheviks were people of the Jewish faith but to be clear their would have been no Bolshevism and its genocide of white Christian Russians without people of the Jewish faith!

Warning: This comes close but has much old imperialist (British, Saudi, israeli alliance), British/masonic-enlightenment, wahhabist/Zoroastrian and zionist/kabbalah mysticism propaganda against the teachings of Jesus (who was an Arab/African of Jewish faith and the reforming messiah of Judaism) & all the above are deeply against Catholicism especially. The true teachings and lessons of the Jesus story, myth or reality, has given immense value to humanity in any form. JFK, Gondi, MLK, Nelson Mandela, Christians of all sorts… can all contest to this fact but we Native Europeans must escape this toxic abrahamic-box now and return to our earth-centric pre-abrahamic Native heathen faiths. Politics of Religion and the Combining of Religious Dogma and the Death of the Gnostics

Human Resources 

Tommy Douglas: The Great One

Corporatists Are Buying Up Canadian Democracy: By Duff Conacher

Tommy Douglas: On the Privatization of Canada’s Oil

Tommy Douglas: Greatest Canadian

Shamans & Plastic Medicine Men

How Iceland Defeated The Banksters Iceland Pres. Olafur R. Grimsson is a hero for kicking the zio-globalist banksters out of Iceland:)

CASHES CLAY/Mohammed Ali: On Miscegenation & Mixing 

Frack Off Eh!

Now if you understood that a bunch of multi-ethnic marxist-zionist people from the abrahamic faiths including Judaism were creating revolution all over Europe and had just overthrown and murdered the White Russians/Tzar etc… and also murdered 50-80 million fellow Russians and set up a concentration camp network/Gulags to work people to death… and had now took over one of your largest cities in your country, in this clip Munich, Deutschland… and again all 7 of the people heading up this Bolshevik takeover of Munich are of the Jewish faith… and also knowing that some very wealthy banksters/bankers named Rothschild’s (also of the Jewish faith) had set up the economic conditions at the top to create great poverty and financial unrest in your citizens and cities…. and who also funded the bolshevik rats who were now crawling into your major cities… I ask you, now what would you have done? The BBC has no balls… they say it and then try to spin it as antisemitic to see it as it truly is! 

Defend Freedom Of Speech & Intellectuals from zio-tards (zionists)

Shattered Ground

Showdown At Hwy 134 No Fracking Way!

www.miningwatch.ca (videos)

Jeremy Scahill on Dirty Wars  Dirty Wars

John Pilger: The War You Don’t See

Link To All John Pilger’s Films

John Trudell On Protecting The Earth

Globalists & Zionists Are Behind Mass-Immigration To Europe, USA, Canada. We must help these people within their own countries.

No such thing as a “good war” Over 6 Million Innocent Germanics Died After World War Two!

The Bombing of Green Peace’s Rainbow Warrior Ship by the French Secret Service

The Genocide Apartheid State Of Israel

The Toxic History Of Zionism

The Final Solution Was Intended For The Germanic Peoples by A Zionist

Russia Isn’t The Problem But Israel Is

David Icke: On Agenda 21 He has a lot right

 RT’s Breaking The Set show with Abby Martin

This “Holy Land” Is Mine 

Zionism Is NOT Judiasm: Einstein Was A Plagerist And A Zionist NOT A Genius

Trumps A Ziotard Puppet & Israel Is Still A Fake Nation On Palestinian Land

Zionisms Takeover Of The USA

Ryan Dawson’s Documentary On WW2 Propaganda “The Spinning Squirrel”

Sylvia Stolz: Defend FREE Speech and the Law Of The Land From Ziotards

The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & zionist World Government

Fake News, Media Manipulation, Propaganda & the National Security State

Palestine Pre-1948 Before The Colonialist British & European Zionist Terrorists Showed Up!

 Anti-Semite Child Killers

Look At What The Neo-Bolshaviks Are Doing To Sweden. Sweden, Deport These Fools!

Historical Revisionism Is Not A Crime Except To Those Who Have Something To Hide

Edward Said: The Shadow Of The West

Mr. Ken Livingston on zionist apartheid/genocide of Native Palestinians

IDF: Child & Peace Activist Killers (Tom Hurndall)

Why The Brutalised Become Brutal: This is why Israel is so brutal and the U.S. has “terrorism” because they terrorise

Presenting Mr. Ken O’Keefe (9/11 False Flag)

The Deep State  Pt2 Pt3  by Peter Dale Scott

An Estimated 60 Million People Died In World War Two (It Was One Big Native European Holocaust)

Confessions Of An American: Hard But Honest Talk by Michael Collins Piper

9/11 Intercepted

Clean Energy: Abby Martin

CASHES CLAY/Mohammed Ali: On Miscegenation & Mixing 

The Future Of Food

Our Tribes, diversity? Race? Mono-Culture, Ethnicity?

Sweden’s Fall: The Cost Of Altruism (Multiculturalism Favours Multicultural’s but NOT The Native Population)

Meltdown: Largely Ziotard Banksters END USURY Once & For All

Salmon Confidential 2013 doc.


Wendell Berry: Poet & Prophet

Scientists Under Attack

Nick Griffin & Jack Sen- Red Ice Radio & Repopulation & Mass Imigration used as a Weapon against Europe

Climate Change and Security: by Iceland’s President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson


HEMP: Nothing Dopey About It!

The War On Whites & White Genocide By Globalist Zionists

The Power of Nightmares  by Adam Curtis

Zionism 101

Ryan Dawson’s WW2 War Propaganda Documentary “The Spinning Squirrel”

Alan Hart: Zionism The Real Enemy Of The Jews

Germany Must Parish: Zionists Wanted (and still do) To Destroy The Germanic Peoples & This Created The Reactions Of WW2. #GermanicGenocide 

Ryan Dawson: More Than Taboo

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In this video the Rothschild’s(fake name) are trying to humanise a deeply inhuman event! Disgusting zionist Colonisation of Palestine by Europeans Funded by the nasty Rothschilds

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Mesopotamia and the Sumerian’s: First documentation of Monotheism, First Writings, First Civilization, Creators of the 60 second minute, gardening, The Garden of Eden story and The First Great Flood Story, long before Noah or the Bible!

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Decades Of Deception

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Theodore John (Ted) Kaczynski: “Industrial Society & It’s Future” Ted’s breakdown on technology, neoliberalism & environmental destruction & rationalisations are pretty good but his “Revolution” talk & his violent terroristic “solution” it idiotic & completely irrational. Anyone who uses violence or terrorism to reach their goals are fools. It’s still worth a listen but don’t get foolishly radicalised by it.   

CONSUMED  or Consumed

LSD was a tool used to disorient, incapacitate and demobilize the anti-war movement: U.S. military test & British military test

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Valedictorian speaks up about the education/indoctrination system Like the focus on the Constitution… but I don’t think big government is to blame and the capitalist free market is not the answer… but the anti-war stuff is great!

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What’s That Droning Sound? Bill Moyers: Drones Destroying Our Democracy

Who did in JFK? and his little brother, Bobby. This is an easy one… L.B.J and his Texas big oil buddies, the global banksters, the war profiteers, rogue elements in the C.I.A./ Bush Sr. & Hunt included and in association with Lekem/Mossad zionists. If not directly, they were all complicit in it. Why? Because they all gained from it and had extremely close ties with one another.  J.F.K. was not part of the usual neo-con-vict, boys club who supported the foreign and privately owned Federal Reserve banking system/scam and the usury banksters. J.F.K. was NOT out to shut them down but was out to expose these globalist usury banksters and their federal reserve scam.  JFK did understand the FED to be a scam & unconstitutional. J.F.K. was NOT going to regain control of the American peoples right to print their own money. Another problem the zionist globalists had with  J.F.K. was that he finally wanted to pull out of the terrorising of Vietnam and NOT escalate the situation in Southeast Asia any further and he wanted to end the Cold War with Russia after the Cuban missile crisis scare… both of these efforts really pissed off the war profiteers (Military-Industrial Complex) and the international judaeo-protestant banksters based in London and NYC. Both of these systems (Federal Reserve & M.I.C.) were and always have been profited off war, the misery of the American people and others and J.F.K. was set on shutting off the cash. J.F.K. had fired the head of the C.I.A. (Allen Dulles) and was also basically investigating the C.I.A. and had said he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.” because  J.F.K. knew that there were elements within the C.I.A. that had gone “rogue” and that the CIA  had become almost entirely a rogue agency directing illegal assassinations and other rogue operations all over the World (at home in the U.S.A., Cuba, Southeast Asia, South America etc… etc). Plus, and most IMPORTANTLY J.F.K. was onto Israel’s nuclear program and wanted it shut down, fearing an nuclear arms race in the Middle East. He even sent inspectors… but Israel lied and tricked the American inspectors and went on to develop a huge nuclear arsenal. They sent an agent,  Jack Ruby (aka Jacob Rubenstein) to silence the patsy Lee Oswald who was the fall guy for their shooters. Plus, plus, plus Robert Kennedy was forcing  America Zionist Council (now AIPAC) and other Israeli lobby’s to register as what they are, that being, foreign agents. (Good interview with Jeff Gates explaining this) Your probably wondering why didn’t the good hearted film director Oliver Stone include this zionist Israeli murder of JFK concept in his movie, JFK? Well look into who produced/paid for Mr. Stone’s JFK movie…  here  I’ll make it easy for you. It was a Hollywood producer/propagandist, weapons dealer, nuclear weapon smuggling, South African apartheid supporting, lekem /Mossad agent, zionist Israeli named Arnon Milchan And how about that very confused/brainwashed manchurian candidate Palestinian, Sirhan Sirhan, that shot Bobby.  Maybe someone thought that killing Bobby would stop further investigation into JFK’s assassination, plus it would cement negative U.S. public opinion against the Palestinian peoples plight for Freedom. Plus, Bobby was aggressively investigating the “Zionist Organization of America”  (www.zoa.org) and wanted them to register as a foreign agent organization (to this day they haven’t registered). Plus, plus Bobby was prosecuting the other mob (the Mafia and other “terrorist” groups). So that didn’t help either, for these mobs, including other “terrorist” groups or foreign fighters, have been used by these same governing groups above in many unethical and illegal false flag or proxy wars/operations for decades to turn the U.S. public opinion against targeted Nations (i.e.: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia etc.) They then targeted a President (JFK) and many other U.S. citizens and other friendly Nations citizens. As well, J.F.K. was an intelligent (didn’t need “handlers”) young and good looking Irish Catholic… and was rightly loved by the American people and hated by these unethical, unintelligent, racist, pathetic little boys. The “old boys” (global/international banisters, loyalists, multinational corporations, i.e.: big oil and gas, and the global war profiteers) knew their new boy (L.B.J.) was not going to be president with J.F.K. around! So all, or some arrangement of the above knocked J.F.K. off and his little brother Bobby because the Kennedys had figured most of it out, knew way too much and had the ethical fortitude to do the right thing and not go along with this toxic agenda! Some of these murdering, criminal and toxic elements/agents, or their lying brats still survive today in their dark, isolated lairs and must be dragged out into the light, prosecuted and jailed and their histories  rewritten, legacies and assets confiscated and reallocated or composted. These rogue and pathetic elements have spent all the years since J.F.K’s death trying to smear the brilliant Joe Kennedy and destroy his sons, the Kennedy brothers, names… and this includes the murdered Joe Jr. who’s plane was not shot down in WW2 but rather was blown up in the air.  So raise a glass of Guinness to the last great American President, J.F.K!… and to the brave Kennedy clan and JFK Jr. who tried to do the right and just thing. Cheers!! Each and every Saint Patrick’s Day!  P.S: It was the same groups above, or some arrangement of the above who also murdered Dr. M.L. King, because Dr. King had also started to speak out against the war in Vietnam (MLK Riverside Speech) and was going to support Bobby in the next presidential election. Oh, and these same dark mirrors also pulled off 9/11.

 J.F.K.’s Greatest Speech

JFK Was Against Usury but Wasn’t Trying To Close Them Banksters Down With His popularised Executive Order… its a diversion theory! But **The Ziotards Nuke Program in Israel**, the CIA, Johnston and the more War Mongers Wanted Him Dead for sure! 

Jesse Ventura is Solid But These Issues Are Very Important & Should Not Be Hidden In Irrational Theories (Alex Jones & Howard Stern Are Idiots!

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Fallow Drew On Social Media: