We hold fast to the belief that: Dilution is not the solution to pollution, nor is claiming ignorance a defense any longer. We believe in a constant rethinking, self education and in mass, peaceful, direct actions. We hold fast that multinational corporations are not persons and must be deconstructed and in some cases dismantled, dissolved or nationalized but all must now be heavily and firmly regulated to protect our environment. We understand that the issue is NOT “big government” (which is a corporate propaganda term) but rather the real issue is corporate control of our governments (corporatocracy). We believe in rational, truly conservative policy but within a totally new, environmentally responsible, paradigm!

~Actively promoting and supporting small, local, organic farms and food producers. Support the local organic farmers in your area. Join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) or create one in your area. WWW.CBAN.CA  Canadian Organic Growers

~Actively helping to protect culturally intact Native European peoples and First Nations/Native American peoples  traditional usage, rights and title to their traditional territories/lands for preservation of the environment and their indiginous cultures. Plus their lands many and varied denizens ie:Wild Horses421411_367206760012324_1990937826_nand especially large predators like Wolves and Grizzly Bear and keystone species like Salmon and Owls, as well as, all the other plants and animals that call these lands home. Focusing on stopping the Fish Lake mine in B.C., The tar sands of northern Alberta, Canada and the proposed dirty tar sand oil pipelines… and the neo-colonisation of Native European peoples and Native American peoples traditional homelands!    F.O.N.V.   R.A.V.E.N.   Beaver Lake Cree

~Actively promoting and educating people on the unconsolidated, Lean, Clean, Green, Renewable, Energy Conservation Paradigm. With a focus on

21127-004-09E9F8CDGeothermal, Wind and Solar generation and energy conservation education. Plus, activation and distribution of energy saving technologies.  Drew’s Geothermal Power Plant Project(PDF)

~Obtaining and protecting wild, intact and biologically diverse lands. For posterity, not for profit, through the Pristine Wilderness Society. These lands are then left in their wild and pristine state and steps made to have them eventually named as World heritage sites.

~Actively working to create an Eco-Net. A series of interconnecting wildlife corridors or green belts that reconnect eco-islands or fragmented habitat to each other in Europe and the America’s. (ie: strips of land connecting parks or protected lands to each other etc…). Check out: Freedom to Roam

Drew’s Eco-Net PresentationWildlife bridges

~Actively supporting and promoting all pro-Peace movements Worldwide. Sure be the Peace you want to see in the World but also be a peaceful conscientious objector to any and all acts of violence against humans, wild animals, lakes, forests… in short all living things in our shared environment.                            David Suzuki FoundationGreenPeaceAmnesty International,

We Are Focused:

~ On stopping the biotech industries attempt to genetically modify, patent and then weaponize our foods.  WWW.CBAN.CA Also bringing awareness to the toxicity of Nanotechnology.

~On stopping the Fish lake mine in B.C.  F.O.N.V  and the tar sands in northern Alberta, Canada. Beaver Lake Cree NationR.A.V.E.N.  Plus, protecting the Wild Horses of the Chilcotin region. F.O.N.V.

~On shutting down the entire nuclear industry. Nuclear power generation, weapons production (both large and small) and proliferation.

~On stopping the neo-colonisation of the Native European peoples culture and lands.

~On stopping the clear cutting of what is left of the Worlds ancient forests. Focused on the temperate rain forests of B.C., Canada and the Boreal forests in northern Canada and the magnificent Beech tree forests of Europe. Plus educating the public to stop the replanting of tree farms with petrochemical ladened tree seedlings (possibly genetically engineered) in these otherwise pristine regions where the ancient forests have already been clear-cut. WWW.GREENPEACE.ORG & WWW.FORESTETHICS.ORG

~On stopping the petrochemical industry and its toxic paradigm once and for all. Especially focused on stopping the Canadian Tar sands. Beaver Lake Cree Nation,  R.A.V.E.N.  Beyond Oil

~We are focused on stopping imperialism, neo-imperialism, colonisation, corporatism, deconstructionism, cultural marxism and the globalist banking empire and its many forms of usury and the lower levels of this finance slavery system from destroying our shared environment, individual democracies and our personal freedoms.

Remember: “The consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.” ~D.R.

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