FRIENDS Help STOP genetically manipulated/engineered products.

Occupy our Food Supply

Sacred Headwaters

                                             Great Canadian hero farmer! Boycott apartheid, racism and injustice everywhere!

Electronic Frontier Foundation Canada Electronic Frontier Foundation  The Great one!

Billy Frank Jr. (Salmon and Native rights activist)

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute WWW.SIPRI.ORG

Ken Saro-Wiwa (Cultural and environmental martyr, don’t buy SHELL fuel)

Father Oscar Romero


Freedom of the Press Foundation

  Naomi Klein

  Noam Chomsky Uss Liberty info (Human rights watch)

Mother Jones

              The Venus Project Technology is not the answer, but it does offer some solutions. Stop corporations and governments from censoring the net!

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Institute For Policy Studies

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism  SOD, the Organic Agriculture Protection Fund   Will Potter

Chris Hedges

If Americans Knew

Wendell Berry

Helen Thomas

Another great Canadian, Rene Essiac who used Ojibwa herbs and fought the establishment.

Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society

Friends of The Earth International  This lady knows the scoop on nuclear.

Mordechai Vanunu

Center for Media and Democracy

Ken O’Keefe

Reporters Without Borders

Llan Pappe  Keeping an eye on the School of the America’s in Georgia

Fallow Drew On Social Media:

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