The consciousness is rising because some of us are lifting it. Awww… you folks are all so gracious & kind. Please feel free to share these meme’s I made far & wide! Many have already been shared hundreds of thousands of times! BTW Skáld Rekkr is my Old Norse Heathen name:) Peace, Love & Respect! 

On: Honouring The Ancestors
How long will we let these globalists kill our Indigenous Native prophets & let them steal & appropriate our Native Indigenous cultures & accomplishments & defile, deface & vandalise our sacred monuments? How long until we say enough, enough? I already said it and a long time ago:)

Don’t fall in love with the grapple, be creative, win & move on to the next target. Be a warrior in the garden, not a gardener in a war. For we all sow what we reap and reap what we sow. There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. Life is worth nothing unless you can see it through a dead mans eyes.

Use Natural Law and apply the old Germanic & Norse laws & be patient, efficient, precise and be deeply intolerant to those who try to destroy what our ancestors created. Be very clean in your dealings. Use a Prussian doctors precision & attrition and a Nordic Shamanic healers supernatural ways in both your creating and destroying.

Give to the Earth, NOT to the invader. Give no quarter for the desperate, usurious & usurping souls we battle hold no quarter either… and always remember: If we honour our ancestors they will chisel our names in stone. If we dishonour our ancestors they will piss our names in the snow:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

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