Below are some distillations of my thoughts & writings after years spent in quiet contemplation of, communion with & resonating to, the earth-centric God The AllFather vibration that permeates, resonates, animates & harmonises all living things equally. My AllFather God is your God too, we just honour God The AllFather in different ways due to distance & our peoples different geographical locations. So relax & enjoy these peaceful mind-bombs & the intellectual butchering of these once sacred cows. Peace Through Intelligance!

These writings below are mostly for the racially & ethnically specific Indigenous Native European peoples but other Indigenous peoples can benefit greatly by reading them too. Individuals who consider themselves traditionalists, nativists, nationalists, identitarians, ethnocentric, indigenous, European, Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Scandinavian, Norse, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic/Greek, Italic or a mix of these things will greatly benefit from reading these writings and should read the below very carefully.

Remember: Never use the words, lies or narratives of your enemies or oppressors & never allow yourself to be radicalised, compromised, demoralised or demonised! I view overt ambition as desperation & view all narratives with suspicion no matter it’s origin or validations. I view all evidence & these narratives as an intellectual pursuit as a philosopher & academic would, like Arthur Schopenhauer & others did. I do NOT personalise my findings, so do the same. Emotional personalisation of ideas, concepts, evidence & information or arguments is a clear sign of a very lazy, lame & weak intellect & so is slander.

Threats & desperate violent acts are a clear sign of a very low IQ, a weak intellect & cowardice. Natural Law/karma will always prevail… but if one must use force to defend oneself, or the innocent, then be measured in your dealings & use the appropriate amount of force necessary. Don’t fall in love with the grapple, be creative & resourceful, win the battle & move on to the next target with a clear conscience. The “Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine” is key here… from debilitation to fatal is the spectrum, as to the Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon “Law & Order” doctrine. Never allow yourself to be demoralised, demonised nor radicalised & act only on an ethical footing. In the event that the courts are compromised & fail to bring justice & if a kinsmen is found dead, either by attack, assassination or by covert-execution, all his brethren & kinsmen must find the planners & perpetrators & extract intel from them & execute The Natural Law upon them, one by one, until the head of the treacherous snake is taken too. This noble deed is the solemn promise of all Brothers in arms... but don’t become the snake that bit you & so, promptly return to family & field knowing the Natural Law & Order was rightly & justly upheld.

No, I do NOT use “dog whistles” for only dogs can hear them. I treat all the foreign Abrahamic & Asiatic religions the same & with a great deal of suspicion. Many of these abrahamic religions & others have been used & abused by gangsters & terrorists to shield themselves from criticism & to hide their many & varied crimes.

Remember “Lies, deceptions, extrapolations nor nihilism is a cure for ignorance.” -D.R.

This wisdom below is not to tell you what to think but to teach you how to think & is meant to press you into critical thinking & rational thought. To know is one thing but to understand is quite another. Diversity of thought, perspective & opinion are to be celebrated not censored, banned or repressed! This is dedicated to my Native European Ancestors & Future Generations! ~D.R.

Writings go from Top to Bottom, Oldest to Newest. Although all these writings are always relevant due to their historical & philosophical content.

Traditionalism, Nativism, Nationalism & De-Consolidation with much more local protections of our Rights & Freedoms… is the only way forward now. Plus we must all have racial, ethnic, cultural & religious harmony within our individual Nations/territories. It’s the only way forward now for all Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere… especially for the Native European peoples & their Nations. We must end all this psychotic globalism, multiculturalism, weaponised mass-migration, marxism, degeneracy/Foucault-ism, deconstructionism & any other toxic ideological idiocy that destroys or even disrupts the various racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous peoples Identities, Traditions, Native Spirituality, environments or their territories/Nations…. this is true for all indigenous peoples & that includes the Native European peoples too.
Peace Through Intelligence ~D.R.

On: The Native European People’s
The Native European peoples are some of the smallest *ethnic minorities* on the planet. They include the Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic people’s. The Native European peoples also have the smallest racially, ethnically & culturally specific sacred homelands too. (ie: Europe)

All Native European people’s must fiercely and firmly protect & preserve their various Indigenous cultural’s, Native European identities & their sacred Fatherlands/land-base. This is not radicalism it’s realism for all peoples everywhere. As it is not our right to destroy or give away our environment, for it belongs to future generations, nor is it our right to destroy or give away our Native/Indigenous Cultures & identities for they too need to belong to future generations & thus must be preserved & protected for these future generations too. The world would be much, much less without the magical Native European people’s.

The Native European Peoples Greatest Threat: All Native European peoples must understand that these marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists hate you for historical reasonings & are indoctrinating & teaching other peoples to hate The Native European peoples too. These marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists want to destroy the Native European peoples cultures, traditions, identity, societies & Nations through debt & usury, demographic warfare, cultural-marxism & miscegenation. It’s time to wake up to this fact & peacefully freeze them & their treasonous puppets & seditious proxies out of our Native European institutions, societies & Nations! It’s that simple!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Never allow yourself to be demoralised, demonised nor radicalise but always maintain the Natural Law & Order. Stand up for Indigenous Identity, Nativism, Traditionalism & Nationalism. Know & maintain your body & a tool kit & know how to use it. Never allow the rabid dog to bite you… if it tries to, deal with it precisely but do NOT become the rabid dog that tried to attack you. Know the Old Norse “Appropriate Use Of Force” doctrine. Stay human & uphold the Natural Law & Order & know that you will be judged by God The AllFather & a jury of your ancestors in the Hall’s of Valhalla in the after life. Like the warrior in the garden… sow & nurture mostly but be able to reap or destroy equally & efficiently. Know the forest not like a logger but like a hunter. Know the body not like a soldier but like a doctor. Know how to heal, seek to heal & if you must you will be able to destroy much more efficiently & effectively. Be intimately detailed about your surroundings, logistics & intelligence. Be in love with life like the Berserker… willing to sacrifice everything in a second… & never, ever, fall in love with the grapple.
Peace Through Intelligence ~D.R.

On: Indigenous Identity
Your choice of religion is not your identity. Your sexual preference is NOT your identity. Your Political party is NOT your identity. Your political leanings are NOT your identity. The numerous political and social ideologies are not your identity. Your skin-tone is NOT your identity. What musical genre you prefer is not your identity. Which sports or sports teams you favour is NOT your identity. What brands you buy is NOT your identity…etc… etc!

Your racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous Identity & spirituality is innate unto you and your people only. It is passed down to you from your ancestors and it is a gift unto you from your culture and specific geographical region your people hail from and the Creator God The AllFather your people honoured for thousands of years before the culture killing abrahamic religions came along. Your racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous/Native identity is tied to a region or land mass which holds the roots of your racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous identity, earth-centric Spirituality & people. Learn it… know it… & live it!

It is not our right to destroy or give away our racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous identity nor our sacred homelands… or harm its environment. It is for us to protect & preserve it for future generations of our own people. Nor should we destroy, usurp or appropriate others Indigenous identities or their racially, ethnically or culturally specific Indigenous identities nor their sacred homelands either.

Don’t be a self-loathing anti-indigenous “consumer-culture” suicide case. Drop the idiotic cultural marxist nihilism & the other ideological stalemates & embrace your racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous identity. Look through your great, great grandparents eyes & see the world anew. Take on social responsibilities for your people & culture, for that is what gives life true meaning… and live up to the dreams of your ancestors with honesty, integrity & dignity.

Always remember: “If you honour your ancestors they will chisel your name in stone. If you dishonour your ancestors they will piss your name in the snow.” ~D.R./Skáld Rekkr
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Northern Heathenism
Heathenism is not hedonism nor is it atheism and it shouldn’t be confused with southern Paganism either. Heathenism is the ancient pre-abrahamic Northern Native European earth-centric belief system.

After the Southern Pagans failed at taking over the Northern Heathens they later subverted thugs, who were bribed/hired by the failing Roman empire, & they came to attempt to “christianize” the Northern Heathen Native European people’s to control their minds for they could not control their bodies… many of these Northern Native European people’s fled or lived far out on the wild lands/the heath, thus the name Heathen & the Native European belief system of Heathenism. So many Native European peoples fled far from the villages to escape the violence, brutality & the destruction of their indigenous/Native earth-centric belief system, culture, traditions, myths, legend’s, medicines… etc… by these thug “abrahamic’s” & the other abrahamic’s (Judaism & Islam) that followed soon after.

The attempted destruction of the Heathen Native European peoples is very similar to what was done to the Native American peoples but just much earlier & sadly with greater culture & spirit crushing effect. The Native American Peoples & The Native European peoples have much in common and their vastly varying Indigenous Earth-centric belief systems are often very similar to each other too.

These brave, proud and noble Northern Native European souls kept, preserved, protected & practised our ancient cultures, myths, traditions, medicines, Rune’s, legends & celebrations for future generations. To this day we honour these brave Heathen Souls! Skål!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Toxic Masculinity?
Firstly, there is no such thing as “toxic masculinity” nor “toxic femininity” for that matter, but we do live in highly feminised societies in the west and its a lack of masculinity that is actually creating most of the deconstructionism, turmoil and drama. Its called emasculation. Many threatened already emasculated males often try to emasculate other males, usually unknowingly. Our societies and food chain is largely toxic to masculinity actually… so from boys to men they are being emasculated physically and socially! This is not a good thing obviously… for when they decide to snap back against this emasculation it is usually in a very destructive way. So we must focus this energy and not ignorantly react but snap back in a very ethical, logical, intelligent and controlled & constructive way. For that is what it is to be masculine!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Local Not Global
Buy & support Local NOT global. Support Nationalism NOT internationalism or globalisation. Barter and trade as much as possible locally & within your own people/community. Use cash, never credit or debit. Plus, never ever pay religious taxes (ie: halal or kosher or any other religions taxes or tidings.) If you have been tricked into a usury situation… just stop paying. Buy/support organic small family farmed food growers/producers and/or services who are of your own ilk. Grow your own and by direct from local family farmers. Use your right of free association and your personal purchasing power to support those you wish to see flourish & starve the rest of your cash & energies. Don’t pay income taxes. Don’t buy globalist crap from criminals, cabals, cartels, internationalists, colonialists or from invader migrant/colonialist groups either. Grow, make and create all you can yourself and support your own local communities. Never surrender to globalism or globalisation and its many forms of usury and slavery… ignore & starve globalism’s tools, fools & orcs of your energies & freeze them out of our societies.

All neo-colonialists/migrants must return to their own indigenous lands of their forefathers and support their own families, communities, people and Nations and preserve their own ancient Native cultures by doing the above too & stop being pathetic orcs & bitches of the zionist-globalists. Even the Dalai Lama says “Migrants must go home”. No more neo-colonisation of Native European or any other Indigenous peoples lands! It’s time to ReWild our Nations and other regions and stop the zio-globalists repopulation plan that seeks to destroy all racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous identities & make all intact Indigenous/Native peoples strangers on the lands of their ancestors. No Way! This tiny cabal of zio-globalists & their globalist high finance empire will be brought down for their debt & usury & their many crimes against humanity on a mass scale!

Remember, the colonisation of the America’s was dead wrong long ago but modern day 3rd world neo-colonisation of today is far, far worse because we all know better now and the 3rd world has billions of people! Plus, two wrongs will never make a right… it just makes more wrong! Time to invest in the ReWilding of the Indigenous Native European peoples lands and stop the globalists from trying to repopulate Europe, and other regions, by flooding our lands with 3rd world colonisers, migrants & invaders. Time to invest our cash into the Indigenous/Native European peoples identities, cultures, histories & our environment by ReWilding Europe.

The combination of Environmental Rights & Native/Indigenous Rights & Land Title is a powerful combination against these toxic globalist forces! We must stop globalisation mass-migrations destructive effects on all Indigenous peoples ethnically specific identities everywhere and stop the desolation of their Native cultures and lands. 3rd World migration/colonisation/invasion is just another tool/weapon the zio-globalists use and abuse to try and illuminate ethnically specific, harmonious & intact Indigenous/Native peoples and their ancient, beautiful, and already diverse, identities & cultures! Plus, no more migration/neo-colonisation or immigration and more automation and higher wages for the Locals & Natives.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On:*Masonic* vs *Messianic* (Feb 23, 2021)
Simply, masonic & messianic were two very, very different things at their inception. The Free *Masons* were a stone cutters guild that some Native European businessmen took over to create a Native European’s only financial group to help forward & further the Native European peoples interests…. & to compete against the judaeo-protestant zionist alliance who were *messianic* & who were taking over the Native European peoples societies & Nations, subverting them, & destroying them from within. Sadly the free masonic order was also infiltrated & subverted the in the end used to further the messianic talmudic judaeo-protestant zionist globalists agenda too!
Basically messianism is an agreement between international financial interests who have various abrahamic religious beliefs & who have agreed to unite to further their shared globalist agenda based in their abrahamic dogma’s prophecies. Messianism today is now almost completely dominated by talmudic banksters/gangsters for their sole zionist & marxist globalist interests. They want the world in chaos & a “One World Government” dominated by talmudic & noahide laws operated by people of turkic/ashkeNazi Khazar’s extraction who are of Judaic faith based in the zionist terrorist state of Israel… which sits on the very semitic Native Palestinians lands in Palestine.
Peace through intelligence. -D.R.

On: The Abrahamic-box
Firstly, ask yourself how much do you want to know?
To all people’s mired in the ”abrahamic box” of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Rastafarianism-for the hippies & Trustafarians… and a few other abrahamic’s that are too small and not worth mentioning… and their mysticism form of kabala-bla-bla-bla, Christ-cults or sufism and their political and terrorist wings of zionism & wahhabism… well it’s high time to smarten up and escape that old and tired abrahamic box & it’s dualistic thinking. No your abrahamic religions are NOT ethnicities, cultures or other… they are pie-in -the-sky old desert beliefs that are as barren as the foreign wastelands they crawled out of… & full of camel crap zealotry and dogma. Boo!

If you truly believe in helping to preserve our beautiful indigenous environment for future generations you must find your way back to your people’s racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous identities & your *pre-abrahamic*, Earth-centric indigenous belief systems again.

The abrahamic’s have been too coopted and used and abused as just tools of empire, colonization, migration, globalization & miscegenation to be useful. Plus they deeply narrow your minds ability to think rationally & logically… & they disconnect you from the interconnected perspective & a whole hearted view of life & each other.

So escape the abrahamic-box in your mind and get off the abrahamic-reservation & away from the abrahamic-mess that has softened you up for further usury & more mental slavery! Read & remember the words of the great Hellenic thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle & Socrates who were also earth-centric Pagans of the southern Greek pagan variety/version… as apposed to the Roman pagans. They also had a similar schism as what beset the Catholic church much later with the great schism between the Greek & Eastern Orthodox Catholics and the Roman Catholics… but both Islam and Judaism have very deep schisms too.

Again, some will try to keep you in the “abrahamic box” or at the least on the “abrahamic reservation”…and will try many tricks and deceptions to do this. They will try and make excuses why their abrahamic version has failed and will then remind you that we were all just “savages” or “barbarians” before the abrahamic’s saved us from ourselves… lol, laughable… when in reality, we all now know who the savages and barbarians truly were and are still today, yup, the abrahamic’s. They will then try to sell you the abrahamic-lite versions or the soft abrahamic versions of jewish kabbalah, islam’s sufism or the ridiculous gideons or scofield bible evangelical version of protestant christianity… which are all just fictional mystic versions of the same old abrahamic nonsense. They may also try the abrahamic’s hard sell versions with their toxic terrorist death-cult brainwashing ideologies called zionism and wahhabism… which are indeed abrahamic terrorist cults. Again these are all terrorist abrahamic ideologies and toxic to their colonialist core. So one must reject all these abrahamic forms/versions for they are all just ignorant and unsophisticated Indigenous/Native Culture killing tools of empire and colonisation.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Asiatic & Abrahamic Religions
All the asiatic & abrahamic religions must stay out of the Northern Nations. These beliefs are at odds with our Northern beliefs, cultures & environments. These asiatic & abrahamic religions belong in the south far away from our Northern lands.
The Native European peoples have a much older & wiser Earth-centric God that predates the asiatic and abrahamic beliefs by thousands of years. The asiatic’s & abrahamic’s must stay in the south… the Great Northern weather will drive you south anyway in time. These asiatic & abrahamic peoples can’t absorb the low UV light anyway & so they go mad in the North. So stay out & go back south!
Go back to your southern lands and defend your lands. peoples & cultures from the same marxist-zionist globalist terrorists that are trying to destroy all of our ethnically specific indigenous identities, Native Cultures, Spirituality and Nations!
Peace through intelligence! ~D

On: The Already Diverse Native European Peoples
The Indigenous/Native European people’s are very diverse already with many tribes/ethnicities such as the: Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Italic & Grecian peoples. The already diverse Native/Indigenous European people’s are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the globe/Planet. They also have some of the smallest ethnically and culturally specific indigenous homelands/land-bases on the globe too.

So the Native European people’s can only help the 3rd world billions to help themselves within their own indigenous Nations. Native European people can only help from a far if they want to save themselves and preserve their ancient and already diverse cultures. We must end the 3rd world colonization of Native Europeans lands. As the Dalai Lama already told these colonialists/migrants “You must go home and rebuild”,

The lost and rootless multi-ethnic and multi-culti abrahamic zionist globalist forces want to destroy and displace all Indigenous/Native People’s everywhere and destroy all indigenous cultures and their ancient pre-abrahamic earth-centric belief systems too.
Peace Through intelligence ~D.R

On: Ending The Neo-Colonisation Of Europe
It was dead wrong long ago to colonise the Native Americans in the America’s and it is even more wrong now to colonise the Native Europeans in tiny Europe, because we all know better now.

Its NOT a colour thing, its a cultural thing. Its NOT a ethnic thing, its an environmental thing. European Nations have an extremely tiny land base with very little wild lands left for wildlife/wild animals and for recreation. There is already to much human pressure on the freshwater, air and soil. More people means more pressure on the Native Europeans environment. So we have no other option but to end migration/neo-colonisation and start to re-wild our Native lands for future generations.

Remember that the Native European peoples: Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Italic’s, Grecian’s are some of the smallest ethnic *minorities* on the globe… and they have the smallest sacred Native homelands/land-base of any minority on the globe too!

Plus these 3rd world peoples come from huge countries and regions and even whole continent where they are the majority and number over a billion people each: ie: India, China, The Arab States, Africa…etc. We can only truly help these poor 3rd world peoples, best and more cheaply, within their own Native home regions and Nations. Thus helping them, their families, their communities and helping to preserve their ancient Native Cultures and lands too:)

We must end the colonisation of all Native/Indigenous peoples lands and cultures everywhere.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Native American & Native European Peoples Unity
Both The Native American peoples and the Native European Peoples in the America’s must now work together to stop the 3rd worlds neo-colonisation of our lands and to protect our indigenous cultures from this Globalist backed 3rd world invasion… that seeks to destroy and displace all Native/Indigenous peoples on the globe.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: No Such Thing As Just “White”
Firstly, All this “white” talk plays right into the anti-Native European agenda. “White” is is not an ethnicity… nor is it a religious preference. So stop colour coding everything you are falling into another one of the marxist-zionist-globalist globalists abrahamic dualistic dialectical traps!

Only lost & rootless peoples use skin-tone as root identity! All peoples are far, far more then their skin-tone.

There is no such thing as “just-white”. Now you maybe ethnically Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenistic/Grecian & Italic or a mix of these can be referred to as “Native European”. Always remember that the Native European peoples have the most variation in eye & hair colour and skin tone. They are also some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the Earth with the smallest land base and very little wild lands left for those other Native Europeans denizens:) ie: wildlife/wild animals, trees… etc.  

So this “white & Brown/Black” stuff is a marxist-zionist-globalist divide and rule tactic, a this or that dialectical trap! Get out of this trap and don’t use this abrahamic dualism dialectic or their other bipolar divide & rule narratives anymore!

Oh yes.. this goes for black, pink, purple, blue, red, orange…etc people too… you are not just the pigmentation of your skin… so find your Native/indigenous identity & Native Culture witch is not just your skin tone/pigment or religious preference… it goes much deeper then these superficial traits but its also written all over your face too. It’s a whole bunch of cultural, spiritual and yes, physical traits too, that were formed over geological time by climate, foods and are specific and native to one region of this beautiful earth. Find your roots too.

Always remember that supremacy, entitlement, privilege, nationalism…etc. come in every colour & ethnicity and can be found in every religion, culture, region and Nation on this beautiful green & blue earth. So quit trying to slander the Native European minorities solely for these things.

So, don’t let the marxist-zionist abrahamic dualistic globalist racist fools fool you into believing that all you truly are is only skin-deep & rootless!
Peace Through Intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Native Europeans, Re-wilding Europe & Neo-colonisation
Ok Native European peoples only have two options for their extremely tiny Nations and their super tiny land-mass and even tinier wild lands:

Option #1, Re-wild it, meaning return much of Europe’s land to a natural state which will improve your water, air, forests and mental health state as well… plus make wildlife corridors, an Eco-Net to interconnect these wild lands across Europe and Eurasia… this will allow Europe’s other inhabitants, wild animals, ie:Wolves, Bears, Wood Bison/Buffalo etc… etc to flourish again! Expand and replant the ancient Beech and Oak forests again… But you must first STOP flooding your lands with neo-colonialists/migrants.

Option #2: Or, keep foolishly flooding your lands with more neo-colonialists/migrants and have less wild lands and even more pressure on your already overly compressed & highly compromised environment and tiny land-base! Your drinking water, soils & air quality will get worse and worse… so will your standard of living as more and more of your truly wild lands get butchered for their resources or degraded and contaminated by over use… etc. for what? To help the 3rd worlds billions/masses of migrants/neo-colonialists? We can only truly help them in their own Nations/regions!

It’s a well understood environmental concept that less people make for a much cleaner, greener and healthier environment! This is well understood & documented by all legitimate environmental groups and organisations. So way is Europe flooding their lands with foreigners/migrants from Nations & regions that have billions of people?

Remember the Native European people’s are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the globe and have the tiniest land -base/regions! The Native European peoples are also the most diverse people in regards to hair & eye colour & skin tone too.

Most of the protected lands in Europe are still heavily under pressure from over-usage and are not very useful/nourishing lands for wild animals. We can’t just give our wild friends/animals scraps of barren land… we must give them lands that they can thrive on and rebuild their numbers and spread out from! As the Native European peoples need too… but don’t be so human-centric all the time! The Native Americans understand all of this above already!

So, do you really want to “save the planet”? Well start by saving your own tiny wild lands and their wild animal inhabitants and expand them further by **Re-Wilding Europe!**. Not just for you, but for the wild animals too! Then more of us can live like truly Native European peoples again.

So don’t believe the multi-culti globalist sales-people when they try to sell you these lies… or tell you that what is stated clearly above is just selling “fear”. Lol! We are NOT selling anything or buying their crap either, that’s the point. The globalist multi-culti salespeople, just don’t like that we are clearly calling them and their scam out and exposing and explaining away what they are selling/dealing. Which is demographic warfare on the environment, indigenous peoples and indigenous cultures everywhere!

It’s also wise to note that many of these multi-culti globalist salespeople come from the most noninclusive groups, yet they want everyone else to be completely inclusive to the point of extinction! Very strange, right?

Now I’m all for group hugs and all but not at the expense or destruction of the environment or indigenous peoples & their ancient Native cultures!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: “The America’s Model”
What is this “American Dream” stuff I keep hearing about? Is it actually the American nightmare or the “American model” wherein you first wipe-out, or greatly reduce in number, the Native/indigenous peoples and then replace them or repopulate their land with a multi-culti mishmash of peoples who too must forgo and forget their true Native and ethnically specific indigenous identity & Culture for a fake “American” one comprised of consumerism, sports and a fictionalised myth called the “American Dream”!? Which was actually a colonisation sales pitch to get people to move to the USA. Laughable! Don’t laugh “Canadians” this is your plight too! Lol! You too South and Central non-indigenous “Americans”! Now more and more the billions from the 3rd world are pouring in and neo-colonising the America’s as the violence spikes and the Social Trust plummets!

So, in short it’s about colonization/neo-colonization wherein a lost group of multi-culties destroys an existing indigenous Native cultural base & builds a very thin multicultural marketplace veneer on top with a fake “culture”, history/myth… etc.

So, can we just call it like it is, folks… all this loopy eyed delusional stuff is creeping me out. It’s the American model, which was a big experiment that is sadly failing miserably and falling apart right before our eyes… it’s fracturing down ethnic, cultural and religious lines… as each group parries for power and as other smaller, less inclusive groups, push and pull them to weaken the whole and create more divide so they may slowly rule… and will then use one of these other groups as their orcs/proxies. Remember, don’t be an orc for globalism!

Well, this “American Model” is NOT worth emulating, replicating, duplicating or copying in any way, shape or form! **Do you hear me Native European peoples?** I hope so! The “American Dream” is a nightmare and it will only get worse and worse in the America’s due to this failed experimental model.

So, what do we do! Well, first find and reconnect to your own ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Cultures, roots… your going to need your Ancestors, as we all need our roots to grow healthy & strong!

Again, don’t be an orc for globalism! “race-war” is not the answer… it’s like “Revolutions” they just go around & around. Running blind back into this or that asiatic or abrahamic belief system or back into the Abrahamic-box wont help… the asiatic belly-button gazers & the abrahamic brats have been fighting and killing each other for thousands of years! Nope it’s finding our way back to our ethnically specific indigenous identity, native cultures & roots in mind, body & spirit! That’s the only way forward, folks! But first we must ask our Native American hosts in the American’s what they want and how they see this great unwinding taking place. Then we must unite and END 3rd World migration for good!

Peace through intelligence because all this ignorance isn’t working! ~D.R.

On: The Globalist Stage & marxist-zionist Orcs
On the globalist stage the marxist-zionist orcs are trying to stir up our multicultural experimental melting pot societies & embolden their brainwashed entitled victim-class orcs and set them loose within our Nations! Don’t be a marxist-zionist orc for globalism!

All must remain calm and peaceful but we must pull these parasitic marxist-ziotard monkeys off our Nations backs and throw this tiny gang of cultural marxist-zionist deconstructionists and their unelected autocrats out of our institutions for all of our sakes! Yes, even for their sake.

We must also stop the marxist-zionist globalist sponsored neo-colonisation of our Native European & Native Americans Nations by the 3rd worlds billions! Colonization was wrong in the past so it’s even more wrong now because we all know better! Right? So no thanks… it’s bad for us, them and the environment! We must re-wild our Native European & Native American lands & not overpopulate or repopulate them with foreign lost souls.

As well, these marxist-zionist terrorists with stolen Native European names and who abuse the abrahamic religions as a shield & cover, as all gangsters do, well this is no trope or joke and they throw a lot of cash around in many Nations political circles for their own globalist agenda. Often funding both the radical left & the radicle right on any issue, classic abrahamic dualism, as long as they steer the conversation away from the marxist-zionist terrorists state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land in occupied Palestine.

All Nations must protect their indigenous people and culture and deal with their own people now within their own indigenous borders!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Abrahamic-Box & Heathenism
The abrahamic religions have all been deeply compromised and far too used and abused as tools of empire, colonisation and globalisation to be relevant any longer. The abrahamic’s are NOT ethnicities nor are they cultures, they are just religions, choices of faith followed by multi-ethnic groups of people.

To think truly rationally & logically one must escape this abrahamic-box of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and, for the hippies, Rastafarianism. Lol! All of these, and a few others that are too small to bother mentioning, are just different forms of abrahamic dogma and desert philosophy. Abraham was an Ethiopian, African who spread his beliefs and teachings through the teachers/prophets of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Selassie.

Native Europeans who can’t go straight into their ancient earth-centric Heathen beliefs of their ancestors should then return to the Catholic teachings for a short while and then work their way forward into the pre-abrahamic earth-centric beliefs and teachings of our Heathen ancestors. These abrahamic faiths/religions and their twisted spin-off appendages such as zionism, wahhabism, kabbalah, zoroastrianism and the Judaizing forms of protestant christianity are all toxic to humankind, all culturally intact indigenous peoples and their ancient cultures and our shared environment. Same goes for their political appendages too, such as globalism, internationalism, bolshevism, cultural marxism and their NGO’s and their treasonous institutions alike… all have been so used and abused that they are now rotten to the core!

Now being an earth-centric Heathen does not mean godlessness, darkness, violence, suffering, “human sacrifice” etc… this is old and tired imperialistic abrahamic propaganda that goes back thousands of years! Its actually the abrahamic’s that entail these things! NOT the much older and wiser earth-centric Heathen belief systems. Earth-centric Heathenism is NOT to be confused with pathetic hedonism… these are two very different beliefs and again this to, hedonism, is to be found mostly in the darkness of the abrahamic-box. Heathen’s worship in the beauty and sunlight of Nature and celebrate its seasons and systems and try to not impact our earth negatively in anyway! The Heathen god is the older and wiser god/Allfather/Sk-King. Plus, always remember all the greatest Greek philosophers and thinkers were from the Latin form of earth-centric worship called Paganism. They were NOT Abrahamic’s as most are lead to believe. It cracks me up to hear people preaching about “Logos” and using quotes from Plato, Socrates and Aristotle and then in the next breath promoting a return to the darkness of the abrahamic-box! Lol! Funny stuff!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: International Zionism
You can spend your life tracking these ziotards or spend your time exposing and dismantling this toxic gangster ideology called “international zionism” worldwide. More correctly the followers of this marxist-zionist ideology should be called marxist-zionist terrorists. It’s tentacles are vast but very well known by most governments services and agencies. Time to pull the plug on international marxism & zionism and all it uses & abuses! It’s at the roots of modern day cultural-marxist terrorism as it was long ago at the helm of the mongol-turkic marxist-zionist-bolsheviks slaughter of 65+ million Nordic/Germanic/Slavic/Baltic Russ style Russians.

International marxist-zionist banksters were at the roots of both WW1 & WW2 which were two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million Native European peoples of Christian faith were slaughtered! Yes it was one big Native European holocaust/genocide!

Plus these “neo-con” marxist-zionist ziotards are at the roots of most of the wars going way back, especially in the Middle East & including WW1 & WW2. These international marxist-zionist terrorists have used & abused the American military as their own hammer… as it did with the British empire that was very British but NOT English at all.

Some of marxist-zionist theory finds its roots in the Talmud, Hellenistic Judaism and Babylonian Judaism… but mostly it is tribal Turkic-Mongol-ashkenazi in origin and developed further when these Turkic peoples came to Europe where they were rejected for many understandable reasons. The smaller portion of ethnically Arab/African Hebrew and Sephardic’s were late to the game. The people of mixed ethnicity who still follow Moses law and the Torah still don’t believe in a “Jewish State” and are often, correctly, dead set against marxist-zionist terrorsim or its Talmudic state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land.

There is no such thing as the “international jew” but there is the *globalist marxist-zionist* and they are usually people of very mixed ethnicity and usually support and hide in the abrahamic-box. They change their names to native European names and hide behind abrahamic religions as all degenerate foreign gangsters have done & do.

If the 85% mongolised-Turkic zionist ashkenazi’s want a “homeland” then they must return to their true Native homeland on the southeastern step lands of Eurasia were their forefathers came from. Their is already a state set-up there for them called J.A.R. (Jewish Autonomous Region). The tiny percent of ethnically African-Arab people of the Jewish faith left can stay in the Middle East under democratic rule or go back into the J.A.R. too.

It must be understood that people who have a deep multigenerational, self-imposed, victimhood complex develop a psychosis/mental illness that makes them feed on others. They then isolate themselves and this parasitical illness deepens and they become extremely prejudice and tribal & are completely dedicated to their own in-group. They then can only make nothing but more victims. Many groups do this but this tiny group of globalist marxist-zionist mongolised-Turkic ashkenazi’s specialise in this parasitical perversion.

As well, marxist-zionist terrorism is no trope or joke and they throw a lot of cash around in many Nations political circles. Often funding both the radical left and radical right on any issue, classic abrahamic dualism, as long as they steer the conversation away from the zionist state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land in occupied Palestine.

So smarten up folks and just call a spade a spade from now on and quit getting compromised and floundering in the marxist-zionist pit of deception, manipulation, revolution, usury and fictions! Or more simply, don’t be an orc for international marxist-zionist globalism!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

~On: The Turkic Talmudic/Noahide Khazar Terrorist Question
There is a tiny group of people who are turkic in origin from the far southeastern Caspian Sea steppe region of Eurasia, just north of the Caspian Sea. They were middlemen of the Silk Road and took on talmudic babilynian judaism so they could trade with both islam & christianity. They mixed their turkic khazar steppe paganism with this talmudic babylonian judaism. These turkic khazar people had an empire called Khazaria which was located on the Caspian Sea steppe and they mostly dealt in Slavic slaves which they sold east and west on the Silk Road. The turkic khazar khanate was crushed by the Rus Rus-sians for its murder of Rus officials & for the enslaving of the slavic people… & then most of these turkic khazars fled into Rus-sia & Europe. Those turkic khazars that stayed were run over by the Mongol hordes. These Turkic khazar’s then helped these Mongol hordes to invade Rus-sia & Europe. Later some of these turkic talmudic/Noahide khazars intermarried with Europeans but many were very ethnocentric & in-group oriented & got into the debt & usury racket in Europe and were driven out for that and many other criminal acts. Later they created the zionist ideal & aimed it at murdering the very semitic Native Palestinians & then colonising Palestine… thinking it would be the best spot to try & organise a global empire… a new khazaria if you will. But they hide this plan behind lies and fake claims of hebraic Judaism. To be clear they only chose Palestine because it is the centre of all 3 of the Abrahamic religions… and due to its many biblical references & supposed importance in the Abrahamic biblical dogma. The fact is these crook/gangsters are using & abusing Judaism as a cover like other abrahamic religions have been used by other groups too. Well, the gig is up & they must return to their real fatherland out on the far southeastern step of Eurasia & build their new khazaria there! Its that simple!
Peace through intelligance. ~D.R.

On: International Gangsters
All international gangsters change their names and use and abuse abrahamic religions as shelters and shields to protect themselves from prosecution and to slanders those who criticise their toxic gangster behaviours. The talmudic marxist-zionist international gangsters are a good example of this. The talmudic marxist-zionist gangsters stole Native European names and use & abuse Judaism as a shelter and shield to stop criticism of their toxic & criminal usurious behaviours & to slander anyone who calls out their international scams.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Colonisation, Neo-colonisation & Globalism
If the colonisation of The America’s First Nations people’s was dead wrong long ago, which it was, then why is the neo-colonising of the America’s and Europe by the 3rd worlds billions now acceptable/ok? Right? Yup, it’s still dead wrong but more wrong because it’s in modern times and we all know better now!

If one goes on and on about global warming and protecting the environment then why in the next breath do they agree that Nations must accept mass-migration/neo-colonization? It’s a well understood environmental concept that fewer people is best for the environment and wildlife. All Nations must take care of their own native people now and stop mass-migration/neo-colonization cold because it’s a loose, loose outcome for allll! If you don’t agree with this you hate the Natives where you are now or hate where you come from and should go back there and fix it… not destroy where you are now too!

Why do we all have to pay income tax? Why is this income tax collected by our governments then used to pay foreign private banks and their usury fees and private banksters?

Why does the mass-international-media hide some crimes and who is committing them and over expose other lesser crimes? Especially in Sweden, Germany, France, the USA, Canada… what are they concealing? Why not give the public all the information? Why hide these criminals ethnicities and country of origin? I say… give all the information so the public is better informed. We all know a better informed public makes for a better democracy, republic and thus Nation!

Why is the media ownership so consolidated into a very fews hands?
Why do the masses still not understand “in group preference” and usury?
Why is so much crime and wrongs done in the name of international zionism? Why is the zionist ideology so toxic? Why are they so desperate and fearful?

Why is old and nasty zio-bolshevik style cultural marxism and it’s deconstructionist effects not understood yet by native/indigenous peoples? Why do we allow destructive cultural marxist zio-bolshevik theory to be taught in our schools and universities? Russia didn’t have a “revolution” it was a ethnic cleansing/genocide of the Nordic/Germanic/Slavic founders of Russia… by a murderous mixed bag of zio-Turkic/Mongolian/Tartars. Why do young people still believe that bloody revolution is good, when it’s not?

Why are most toxic concepts, arts, products etc… popularised by the “media” when the more healthful and better made products, arts, services etc… are usually repressed or even banned?

Why is big tech. so unregulated and allowed to operate as monopolies? Is big tech. part of a massive spy-machine that allows foreign agencies to track you and suppress your content while selling your personal information to multi-national corporations? Why do the messes/the public allow this?

Why is the old tactics and tricks of abrahamic dualism not understood fully by most people? Why are the masses still stuck in the old “abrahamic box” of mind control and deception, some even willfully? Why is abrahamic dualism/irrational fear & subconscious desire allowed to be used & abused by multinational corporations & our governments to manipulate the masses and sell them everything from another crappy plastic fiber t-shirt to another war?

Why do people not understand the plights of their own Native/indigenous people, cultures and lands? Why is the old and tired WW2 narrative so important to globalism? Why are the much older and nobler histories of our people’s, cultures and nations ignored or suppressed? Why do we allow hollywood to create fake images and perceptions of real historical events? Why do people accept hollywood’s propaganda as fact?

Why is globalism ok now? Why do mega multinational corporations spend billions to make you think that globalization is warm and fuzzy when it’s cruel, & abusive, creates deep poverty and inequality. Plus globalisation relies on many forms of usury and even slavery to survive… and it takes billions of barrels of oil to ship this globalist shit around!

Why must we all be one people now? What happened to true diversity? Why must we exchange our true native/indigenous cultures, myths and legends, spiritualities, lands… etc for foreign made consumer crap, nationalistic sports full of foreign players, silly religions and ignorant and nihilistic false reasonings instead of rational and practical thought and processes?

Why must we accept more globalism and the demands of international banksters and their globalist financial empire and its big international taxation scam run by foreign and unelected autocrats and technocrats to protect our own independent Nations environments?

Why are we still so dependent & stuck on fossil fuels? Is it and international high finance the blood of empire?

Why is it ok to be a monoculture now but not ok to just cherish individual cultures and ethnicities but remain Independent of them and even separate from them? What happened to freedom of association? Why is there such a hard push towards urban consumer mono-culture… which isn’t culture at all? Why is the push to “mix” greater and more important then the push to truly love someone? Is ethnicity just another consumer product now… are we supposed to be like… “oh I want a pair of those! Let me try that on and walk around for a bit. You know it’s all the fashion these dayzzzz” Lol! Creepy, crazy and deeply racist thinking.

Why is identity wrong for most but in-group preference just fine for others? Why must we hide our ethnocentricity’s… yet others are allowed to flaunt theirs grossly and openly and in a attempt to dominate the Native culture and a Nations existing population?

Why is it ok for some Nations to be ethno-states but not others? Like say why can largely China, most African Nations, Japan, India, Pakistan, most Arab Nations… etc be ethno -states but not Native European Nations? I don’t get it, Is it a color thing again? Why can some states be religious states, like Israel and Saudi Arabia but the others must diversify to the point of extinction!?

Why doesn’t European Nations governments give tax incentives to Native European couples to have more kids and to buy land and homes? Why bring in foreign wage-slave labor? That’s racist!

Chew on this for a while! Keep the conversation going, Folks, and let nothing silence your Freedom Of Speech nor your Freedom To Think!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The “Jew”, The “Nazi” & The Abrahamic Dualism Dialectic
Fist of all the Biblical “Jewry” were wiped out by the Italic Roman empire long ago. “Nazi” is a fake word, a hate-brand & a anti-Germanic slander created by an ashkenazi PR/Public Relations firm in NYC in the 1930’s.
It’s seems that the world of very diverse opinion & perspective has been split/divided into “the Jew” or “the nazi”. Or in abrahamic terms the saviour/prophet or the devil/satan. That’s right buddy, pick one or else! “You are either with us or against us!” Lol! Wow, what pathetic unintellectual despotism! Yup, this is just more classic abrahamic dualism… you are either with “us” or against “us”… white hat or black hat… saviour or devil! Often the phrasing for this forced dualistic choice is because the poor victim who was wronged and wouldn’t fight back needs to be “saved” or the boogieman devil thingy that irrationally tortures and kills endlessly will get us all! This is laughable really, isn’t it? It’s the old abrahamic dualistic dialectic tall-tail of woe & of the saviour/prophet/subconscious-desire and its antithesis the devil/boogeyman/irrational-fear. Most of you have been called both the devil/evil & saint/prophet when you are neither, right? I bet you have, or someone has alluded that you are or might be this or that. Lol! Ridiculous! For we all know that friend & foe alike are neither… for these are just fictional bipolar abrahamic bull$hit, designed to elevate & demonize & divide & rule us all. Don’t fall for it.

No one is a saviour nor are they this devil thing either. This is an old trick that is being perpetuated by the abrahamic religions and later by special interests, London & NYC based PR firms, marxist-zionist-banksters, multinational/globalist corporations, war profiteers etc and perpetuated and dispensed through the highly consolidated “mass-media” but the dualism dialectic was created by the abrahamic religions ie: Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism and few other smaller sects. It was created long ago but has now been protected as a tool of propaganda, public relations & mass persuasion and weaponised by largely atheistic globalist marxist-zionist gangsters & criminals! It is still being used & abused against us all… but this time not just to deceive us but to divide us & rule over all of us too!

We must all reject this irrational abrahamic dualism dialectic and deepen the intellectual conversations, debates and even arguments. We must be more nuanced & allow diverse intellectual opinion and resist the catalyzing and division of abrahamic dualism and its abuse of subconscious-desire and irrational-fear which force the otherwise much more balanced, nuanced & rational masses into rather irrational extremest political camps/groups. It’s not, this or that, it’s a very elaborate mix of many concepts, opinions, ideas and perspectives and their subsequent actions or reactions. We must maintain our Freedom Of Speech and intellectual diversity of thought and resist this nullifying and toxic abrahamic dualism in all it’s forms!

Remember that “the nazi” was a propaganda term, a hate brand, created by a turkic/ashkeNazi Public Relations firm in NYC in the 1930’s. “Nazi” means nothing in Deutsch/Geraman and is not an abbreviation for anything in Deutsch either. The political party in question was the National Socialist party that was an amazing system of governance that pre-dated the Austrian Hitler and that was coopted and used & abused by the Austrian painter named Schicklgruber/ Hiedler/Adolf Hitler, who was of questionable mixed ethnicity & who had serious PTSD from WW1 & a strange fetish for Greco-Roman southern paganism and went by the alias “Hitler”. This Austrian Hitler turned this great NS Political party of Bismarck, the German Nationalist Socialist party, into a kind of loose dictatorship party, possibly unwittingly by outside funding & pressures. Cash from marxist-zionist globalist banksters based in London & NYC also funded Churchill, FDR, Lenin, Trotsky/Bronstein & Stalin too and they were all witting shills. These globalist turkic-judaeo & Anglo-Saxon protestant marxist-zionist banksters based in London & NYC were possibly using the again, unwitting, Austrian painter Hitler… and the only question is really, was he aware of this or not? Was he a witting or unwitting participant? That the NS were backing their currency with labour rather than gold, would suggest he wasn’t because the switch from gold backed to labour backed currency made it almost impossible for these globalist banksters to manipulate their economy anymore. So he might have later become aware of there attempts to manipulate him to setup Germany/Deutschland for destruction. Plus the German Nation just wanted the lands stolen from it in WW1 back. Plus they also wanted to stop the nasty khazar/turkic talmudic commissar terrorist led… marxist communist bolsheviks & mongol horde invaders from the east who had already slaughtered & ethnically cleansed most of the Rus style founding stock of Rus-sia who were of Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic Native European stock.

Anyway, this hitler/heidler had a greco-roman southern pagan fetish, thus he was using the old *Roman Solute* that no self respecting real German would ever use… at least no self respecting German who lived east of the Rhine and north of the Danube rivers and knew their Germanic history of how Hermann/Arminius led the Germanic’s to defeat the nasty Roman empire in the forests of Deutschland! Now the Swastika is an ancient Asiatic/*Turkic-Khazar/ashkeNazi* symbol from the far SouthEastern step-lands of Eurasia but does show up later in the Native European SouthEastern Slavic regions too… but it is most commonly used these days at traditional Sikh weddings… again demonstrating it’s far, far SouthEastern origins! The Germanics used the Sun-Wheel, Iron Cross & Runes as symbols mostly.

The Austrian Hitler/Hiedler and many others were correct on their assertions against the turkic/khazar & mongol bolshevik terrorism, globalism, internationalism, miscegenation & international/globalist bankers… and especially correct about the marxist-zionist-banksters & their cycle/circle/*Ring* of debt & usury based out of London & NYC. Austrian Hitler was knowingly or unknowingly being used & abused and manipulated by these globalist marxist-zionist forces & their institutions & he was being used & abused, wittingly or unwittingly, as a tool of these international marxist-zionist-banksters based in London & NYC… to set-up Germany/Deutschland for destruction & deconstruction and then huge amounts of marxist social engineering afterwards to destroy their ancient Germanic culture, which was basically the root culture of Europe. Many of the real German high command realised this & tried to assassinate the Austrian Hitler many times. Why? Ask yourself, who opens 2.5-3 fronts in one war? Only a suicidal madman or a talmudic marxist-zionist unwitting puppet! Anyway Austrian Hitler who was most likely 1/4 ashkenazi, had these real Germanic Officers shot for treason and the outcome of WW2 was horrifying … which was the destruction of Deutschland and tens of millions of innocent Native Germanic woman & children/people were slaughtered and burnt-up by firebombs which were designed to incinerate their bodies so there was no evidence left of this huge war crime & genocide! Absolutely disgusting!

You see, the usurious marxist-zionist-globalists banksters wanted to destroy the Celtic-Germanic root cultures of Europe and stop Germany from picking up the pieces of the crumbling & bumbling British empire! The US were pushed in by the NYC marxist-zionist banksters because they wanted to takeover the empire from the crumbling marxist-zionist-British empire and stop the industrious Germanic’s from picking up the pieces and also they wanted to steal the Germans many patents, scientific discoveries & intellectual properties… & they even went on to kidnapped German Scientists too. The Germanic Scientific discoveries & patents were extensive & were promptly stolen at the close of both WW1 & WW2. Germanic’s lead the world in Patents & Scientific discoveries due to their superior Prussian educations system and inclusive education system based on critical thinking. Many of these stolen Germanic patents & scientific discoveries were then plagiarised & wrongfully accredited to other US or British scientists… many of whom were strangely ashkeNazi/turkic in origin & many of whom also had stolen Germanic surnames too. Very, very odd & corrupt.

So the little Austrian Hitler was wittingly or unwittingly funded by London and NYC based marxist-zionist globalist banksters and was used and abused to stop National Socialism and destroy the Germanic root culture of Europe and submit most of our Nations to this undemocratic marxist-zionist-bankster globalisation scam based on a cycle of debut & usury there after. Plus they also set up all of our Nations to maybe suffer the same ethnically & culturally physical destruction as Deutschland faced in WW1 & WW2. We must return to Nativism, Traditionalism & Nationalism and strengthen our domestic manufacturing and reject this nasty cultural-marxist culture killing globalisation & multiculturalism scams and its many forms of usury.

Now “the Jew” is a biblical political reference to a group of people who were responsible for torturing & killing their messiah, Jesus… but this “jew” word was later coopted by ashkeNazi/Turkic zionist ideologues & is now used by marxist & zionist terrorists/gangsters and their highly controlled fake opposition as a shield against criticism of their criminal actions! All gangsters use and abuse religion as a cover and a shield against criticism of their offences & crimes. One can’t be a “Jew”. There is no such thing as a genetic-jew or a genetic-catholic or a genetic-protestant or a genetic-muslim either…etc. One can only be a person who follows the Jewish faith/religion of Judaism & only the Tora version which fallows the teaching of Moses… but yes, Jesus is the continuation of Moses’s covenant and is/was the real messiah of Judaism too. Like it or not Jesus was & is the messiah of Judaism & for all people of Jewish faith as well as the Christian messiah too. Judaism is not a ethnicity, culture, blood type, land-base or other… in fact most people who fallow the Jewish faith are actually of very mixed ethnicity & have very, very mixed & diverse cultural backgrounds too. Judaism is just another Abrahamic religion like all the rest & it has a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural following, as all the other abrahamic religions do too! The abrahamic religions are used to glue together a group of very mixed peoples for reasonings of empire, colonisation, miscegenation & globalisation. It’s that simple… & everything else popularised in the marxist-zionist consolidated media is more abrahamic dualism propaganda, deception & lies design to confuse you & divide and rule us all!

As well, the marxist-zionist judaeo-protestant political bond is no trope or joke and throws a lot of cash/money around in many Nations political circles. Often funding both the radical left & right on any issue. Yup more classic abrahamic dualism, and they will always steer the conversation away from the turkic/khazar marxist-zionist state of mind which is colonising the very semitic Native Palestinian Peoples land in Palestine today. BTW, Jesus, would have been far more racially, ethnically & culturally like the semitic Palestinians of today then these turkic/khazar/ashkeNazi zionist terrorists.

So don’t fall for the “this or that” mirrored reflection ideologies or the abrahamic dualism dialectic & stay true to the truth, folks! Plus if you just hate yourself or have deep subconscious self-loathing issues don’t project it onto others. Find help if you have a even deeper, self imposed, multi-generational entitled victimhood complex and it’s subsequent psychosis/mental illness. Its time to move on & start being true to the truth now! No, the khazar/ashkeNazi fraud Freud can’t help you because he was a fraud who plagiarised Friedrich Nietzsche & couldn’t even help himself! Lol! But a good dose of the Germanic philosophers like Nietzsche, Carl Jung & Arthur Schopenhauer might help you! Plus a bigger does of your own ethnically specific indigenous identity, native culture and earth-centric pre-abrahamic spirituality should fix you up right!

Now, for the majority of people who call themselves “jewish”… 90% you are actually ethnically turkic or mongolised-turkic, or a turkic-europeans mix in origin… and only maybe 5-8% of you are of Africanised-Arab/ Hebraic/Israelite stock. So, it is time to get back in touch with your true Native/Indigenous turkic/khazar/ashkeNazi southeastern Eurasian indigenous identity & roots and your Native/Indigenous turkic culture and its earth-centric step Pagan belief system and return to your true homeland on the southeastern step of Eurasia (khazaria just north of the state of Georgia or J.A.R.: Jewish Autonomous Region is close enough). This will help you folks out a lot! Oh yes, your yiddish language is a mix of Turkic, Slavic & Germanic derivatives… like most of you… and yiddish is often wrongly called a dialect of German/Deutsch… when it is actually more of a turkic-slavic blend that got Germanised later. English is a true German dialect. For the tiny groups of africanised-arab sephardic’s & hebraic’s… you can do the same by learning your pre-abrahamic tribal Arab & African identities & native cultures and those earth-centric belief systems too that predate the abrahamic religions by thousands of years:) The very semitic Native Palestinian people can actually help you with your spiritual rehabilitation. If you wish to fallow the abrahamic path well that starts in what is today Ethiopia, Africa with the African-Arab named Abraham & ends with the Hebraic Jewish messiah named, Jesus… who spoke the semitic language called Aramaic btw. All this toxic marxist-zionist brainwashing and lies aren’t working for you folks… and anything built on lies is doomed to fail because the truth/Natural Law will always prevail:). These deceptions & lies are far too obvious to base anything on and the truth is coming out either way. Truth always find’s a way:) So think Native/Indigenous-identity not abrahamic/religious-identity and free yourselves from the toxic, irrational, feminising & emasculating talmudic marxist & zionist multigenerational victimhood mind-control ideologies who’s brutality started with genital-mutilation at birth! Free yourselves!

As to the massive genocide. Yes the world wars were neither “great” nor “good” wars. The World wars/WW1 & WW2 were two halves of one huge war that slaughtered over 100 million Native European peoples who were largely of Christian faith. The marxist turkic/khazar & mongol bolshevik invasion & slaughter/ethnic cleansing of the Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic Rus-sains at the close of WW1 was also a big part of this mess too. Yes, again, WW1 & WW2 was two halves of one big holocaust/genocide of the Native European peoples who were largely of christian faith! Per-capita the Germanic peoples got the worst of it… and they were from, yes Germany, but also from England, France, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand…etc. Plus the uprooting & deportation of peoples to Palestine (Transfer Agreement), Poland, Rus-sia etc was wrong & very rough. All in all, it’s been a terrible deception & crime to not state this Native European genocide fact clearly. I should also note that *typhus* is a bitch & hundreds of thousands died from it in both WW1 & WW2… especially in the trenches of WW1, in the bolshevik concentration camps/gulags of post WW1 & in the work camps of WW2. Well, that’s all I have to say about that… because the rest is just old & tired propaganda, idiotic lies & straight bs!!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.
(Revised but not changed on Jan 8th 2021)

On: The Holodomor, Native European Holocaust, Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing
First of all which holocaust are we talking about? Their have been many claimed and many debunked and many more that happened but no one says a word about them and they are still not widely known to this day.

So lets start with the 100+ million First Nations/Native American peoples who were slaughtered but who mostly died from the intentional transmission of disease (ie: small pocks) in the America’s, meaning North, South & Central America. These continents were brutally colonised by both ethnic cleansing warfare and by mostly unintentional biological warfare. The very diverse First Nations/Native American peoples were then forced into “concentration camps”/reservations were many more died of disease and starvation and where many of their diverse Indigenous cultures and languages were whipped out by a cultural-genocide afterwards. Luckily though many Tribes/First Nations/Aboriginal/Indigenous peoples and their diverse and beautiful Cultures, earth-centric belief systems and languages still remain and are celebrated to this day!

Now for the largest holocausts/genocides in human history, which is, the huge world wars, both WW1 & WW2, which were actually two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million, largely Christian, Native European peoples were slaughtered. 15 million innocent ethnic German women and children alone were firebombed to death in their homes. Firebombs were created to incinerate the dead bodies to hide this huge war crime and crime against humanity. Yes, the World wars were one huge Native European holocaust/genocide… but they will never tell you this truth & reality.

Now the marxist zionist bolshevik terrorists of Marx, Trotsky, Lenin, Yagoda, Stalin… etc., who were all ethnically mongolised-Turkic/Tartars people, murdered 65+ million Russ style “white Russians” who were ethnically Nordic/Scandinavian, Baltic, Germanic & Slavic peoples. They then sent many more into the Gulags/”Concentration camps” in Siberia were most died. This huge slaughter is rarely mentioned in the west because it then forces people to view both WW1 & WW2 in a very different way/light.

An estimated 7+ million people were slaughtered in the Holodomor in present day Ukraine. Many were shot and many more were intensionally starved to death by the zionist-Bolsheviks. Again, this horrendous genocide has been largely covered up and is rarely mentioned in mainstream press. Again, many fear the revisionist historical repercussions of revealing this huge genocide and its perpetrators.

Now for nasty Moa who was of mongolised-Chinese ethnicity and who slaughtered 35-50 million ethnic Chinese. His brutal regime then set up marxist communist work/concentration camps that killed many more Indigenous ethnic Chinese.

The 70+ year genocide of the very semitic Indigenous Native Palestinian people. Yes, for over 70 years this slow but calculated genocide and ethnic cleansing has been going on in front of the modern world and it is still suppressed in the mainstream media to this day. It is the shame of the modern civil age that this is still allowed to continue in plain site! Every human rights law has been broken and every war crimes and crimes against humanity has taken place against the indigenous/Native and very Semitic Palestinian people. What is happening in Palestine is the true face of antisemitism against the Native semitic Palestinian people…. and a very backward and grotesque version of colonisation of an indigenous peoples land…. Native Palestinians land! An estimated 6 million Indigenous Palestinians have been slaughtered or displaced over the last 70+ years of zionist terrorist occupation! The slaughter goes on daily…. and again, its a shame to the world and it must be stopped now!

The wars in Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam could be all considered one long genocide of the Indigenous Southeast Asian peoples. A proper accounting has never really been done. Which is disgusting because it shows how little regard the west has for these peoples. The mass graves in “The Killing Fields” in Cambodian alone turned up 1.5 million people slaughtered in just this one region. The US Bombing genocide of Korea killed an estimated 7 million people and tens of millions more were slaughtered in Vietnam if you include the deaths from “Agent Orange” which is a genocide weapon that is still killing and maiming Vietnamese people to this very day. The same “firebombs” that were tested on innocent Germanic women and children in Deutschland were also drop on the innocent women and children in the Vietnamese villages but they now called it “napalm”. These wars and genocides needs far, far more study.

The Roman empires invasion of the Indigenous Celtic & Germanic peoples lands was brutal and untold millions perished in these struggles against the Roman empire. Many more died in the brutal ideological colonisation of Europe by the southern desert abrahamic ideologies later on and still up to this day. No thanks, the abrahamic’s must all go back now to their desolate desert wastelands and leave us all alone!

We could also get into the holocausts, genocides and ethnic cleansing’s in Africa, India, Tibet, East Timor, Yemen… etc… etc. But again much more study, historical review and revisionism must be done on these various brutal slaughters to bring them up to date and reveal hard truths and numbers.

Well we all know clearly now who the real barbarians and savages are… yup they are the colonisers, war-mongers, the abrahamic zealots and those building empires… and NOT the Indigenous/Native peoples who stand up against them to protect their ethnically specific Indigenous/Native lands, Cultures, Earth-centric beliefs and Peoples! There are many more present & historical holocausts, genocides and ethnic cleansing but they all need far, far more non-bias study to separate out the old and tired propaganda and reveal the truth for everyones sake. Plus, we must stop those who profit off the death of others in any way, shape or form. We must end all empires and war mongers grandiose illusions of grandeur, conquest or “manifest destiny” no matter their irrational reasonings… be it spiritual/abrahamic, territorial, personal, empire or imperial reasonings. Well, it goes on & on & on… but, wow, that is quite enough slaughter for today!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Oh Canada Our Home On Native Land & Multicultural Colonisation 
What is Canada? The word means “the village” I think in Iroquoian. Is “Kanada” hockey? Is it multi-culti colonisation? Is it maple leafs and beavers? Is it sports? What is culture?

Do most “Canadians” know their great-grandfathers names (first, middle and last) and know where and what native European Nation or Tribe he came from? Nope, not usually! Why? Are we supposed to cut our true ancient ethnic and cultural roots away… just to be a “Canadian” thingy? Is this healthy? Isn’t true “Kanadian” culture is actually Native American culture then? Or maybe a mix of Native American culture with Native European culture?

Is “Kanada” now being neo-colonised by 3rd world neo-colonialists/migrants… who come from huge ethno-states of their own where they are the majority and hold huge tracks of land based on their 3rd world ancient cultures. The 3rd world has billions of people… are we to absorb them all? Will “Canada” exist after this massive migration/neo-colonisation by the billions from the 3rd world?

What is “Canada” again? Is it a Native American cultural-base that was turned into a silly multi-culti marketplace… that uses sports and consumerism to satiate the masses deep need for their own true native cultures? The Romans did the same thing when their multi-culti society was falling apart too! But it didn’t save it… it failed, divided down cultural and ethnic lines and fell into war and dust anyway!

Its never a colour thing, its a cultural thing. Its never an ethnicity thing, its a environmental thing!

Always remember: sports-culture and consumer-culture isn’t culture at all and even plants and trees need roots to grow healthy.

Truly Canada’s government and its multi-culti multi-national extraction corporation partners are at war with the environment and the Native American/First Nations/Aboriginal peoples!

Oh ya, Happy Canada Deh, eh!
Peace through intelligence, folks! ~D.R.

On: Globalisation
Now, the globalisation model is to turn all free & independent Nations from Native cultural bases into just silly multi-culti marketplaces… as seen in the America’s (North, South & Central America). Globalisation uses debt, coercion, usury & straight up slavery to achieve this. They also use seemingly noble intentions to enable their very wicked globalization agenda.

They seek to destroy all Native/Indigenous peoples & their already diverse ancient cultures and replace them with cultural marxist, fat American sports and urban consumer mono-culture, which isn’t culture at all. The globalists seek to destroy all free and independent people’s, their identities and Native cultures to consolidate their control further! Well, we all know that even the plants and trees need roots to grow strong and healthy, so defend your native indigenous cultures and let’s end this globalist financial empire once and for all!

Native Europeans and Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere must stop the repopulation/neo-colonisation of their indigenous lands & start re-wilding their lands for future generations!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Judaeo-Protestant Unholy Alliance & Sephardic Jesuits
Simply, once upon a time in Europe… a small group of mixed ethnicity peoples who followed Judaism and Protestantism teamed up in Europe to commit usury on a mass scale and to steal properties and other assets from the Catholic church. They ended up institutionalising usury on a State level & later on a global level. Oliver Cromwell was one of the main historical crooks but there were and are many others. They now operate this usurious financial empire globally. This is often referred to as Globalisation… which is a vast global financial empire with tentacles that spread far and wide.

Sadly the Catholic church has also been infiltrated. It was infiltrated by African-Arab Sephardic’s who were forced to convert to Catholicism in Spain long ago and who then created the Jesuit order of the Catholic church. This Jesuit order has brought another abrahamic religion/faith under this globalist financial empires influence & control.

This judaeo-protestant marxist-zionist globalisation financial empire has many appendages that uses & abuses vast amounts of human & natural resources in many Nations. For now it’s high finance usury tactics & the control of oil controls many Nations… for its the control of capital, usury & oil is the blood of all modern empires. Still this financial empire, its institutions & globalisation & many varied forms of usury and slavery, must be brought down now to free us all.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: World War One & Two
World War one and two were two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million Native European peoples of *Christian* faith died. Yes, it was one big Native European, largely Christian, holocaust/genocide!

You see a tiny cabal of “British” judaeo-protestants zionist bankers created WW1 because the Germans were picking up the pieces of the crumbling & bumbling British empire & the Germans, who already had turned coal into coal-oil, were now building the Berlin to Bagdad railroad to import the sweet crude oil they discovered outside Bagdad/Babylon in the Middle East into Germany’s many bustling domestic manufacturing hubs. The British attacked the German railway builders outside of Sarajevo and this was the true start of WW1. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a fake reasoning, red herring, for what started WW1. As stated above, it was the attack on the German Berlin to Bagdad oil-train railroad builders outside of Sarajevo that started WW1! Not to mention the blockading of the North Sea by the British too. Everyone knew at that time, and now, that Middle East oil was key to any Nations economy and who controlled that oil would dominate production and that this sweet crude Middle Eastern oil was the life blood of any future empire.

Plus the ethnic Turkic-Mongol-ashkenazi-Khazar zionist bolsheviks were in bed, and cousins with, the British judaeo-protestant oligarchs way back to William the conquerer & Oliver Cromwell & were trying to invade Deutschland from the East in the confusion right after WW1.

Long ago these mongolised Turkic ashkenazi’s had come from the southeastern step of Eurasia but had long ago been beaten back by the Nordic-Germanic-Slavic Russ style Russians/Russ-ians that Russia is now named after. So now during WW1 once they got a chance these mongolised Turkic ashke-nazi murderers murdered the Tzar & his family & started to ethnically-cleanse/genocide over 60+ million Nordic, Germanic, Slavic Russ style Russians for reasons of historical hatred & to try and reestablish their crushed Turkic-mongol ashkenazi Khazar homeland but in Russia. When it, and they, failed… they turned their sights on Poland and Germany but ended up getting Palestine in a dirty deal and had millions of people of the mixed ethnicity but of the Jewish faith shipped there during WW2 by a zionist & National Socialist alliance called the “Haavara Agreement” or “Transfer Agreement”.

WW2 was largely a reaction too the illegal & insane reparations & land theft inflicted on Deutschland/Germany & due to the the zionist-bolshevik attempted invasion of Germany at the close of WW1! Plus the infiltration right at the close of WW1 by nasty cultural marxist filth and vice was also destroying the German people. So again, the reaction to these toxic effects was very energised.

These mongolised-Turkic ashke-nazi neo-bolshevik zionists have now taken over and they & their pathetic orcs are now terrorising & murdering the very semitic Native Palestinians in Palestine and manipulating many other Nations with their cultural marxism & its very controlled opposition or straight up terrorist acts. Yup, and more classic abrahamic dualism dialectic from the highly consolidated zio-media to cover it all up. All this is helped along by the pathetic judaised christian zionists & their USA/UK, Scofield/Gideons bible thumping stooges. Who are controlled by talmudic judaeo-protestant zionist zealots & their now global financial empire under the guise of globalisation, with its many forms of usury and slavery, still based out of their multi-culti hellholes called London & NYC.

Remember it is not their very mixed ethnicities or genetics that is the issue… it is this zionist bolshevik ideology that has made these people so toxic to humankind.

So, these same people are still pushing their globalisation agenda. They now called themselves “Neo-Cons” or “zionists” and are now constantly pushing for war in the Middle Eastern. The zio-media is constantly pushing mass neo-colonisation/migration and then pushing race-baiting stories to divide nations from within. They are also trying to get the Christian Nationalist’s and the Muslim Wahhabist’s battling it out like they got the English and the Germans fighting in WW1 & WW2! All for their zio-globalist financial empire agenda. No thanks!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: How To Fix Any Nation
A capitalised Socialist system within the Nationstate, with a focus on domestic manufacturing and void of usury and predatory bankers with a solid domestic food system, is the best we have so far. Both, marxist bolshevism and rabid predatory capitalism, suck… so does their welfare states that inevitably fallow. All Nations must pull back from this globalisation system and its many forms of usury and slavery and focus on being independent and self-sustaining again.

Firstly get rid of government income tax and raise the minimum wage that corporations must pay workers to a liveable wage.

Create a 3, 4 & 5 day work week option to increase employment rates but with this higher minimum wage/liveable wage. Less hours with more pay and more hours to enjoy life. (No need for a “basic income”, bad idea!)

Tax the hell out of foreign imports and promote domestically made goods and services. Ban all toxic imports and fund domestically made non-toxic alternatives.

Cut 80% of military spending and increase cash flow into healthcare, education, housing and retirement pensions.

Stop all forms of usury and predatory lending. Make usury punishable.

End all tax loopholes, offshore accounts and repatriate all cash, gold, silver etc. from offshore accounts and from foreign banks.

Tax all unhealthy foods, petrochemicals, gas/fuel and invest in local manufactures who can create healthy foods, green products and renewable unconsolidated energy alternatives.

Dump the IMF and World Bank and demand that they kill the debt enslavement of poor Nations.

Help create more small cooperative local banks. Highly regulate and force the big international banks to pay huge fees to operate in your Nation… or ban them outright.

If your Nation has a resource based economy, start turning those resources into domestically made, value added, products and preserve your environment and natural capital for future generations.

Create huge tax incentives and small grants for using or developing green alternatives and for companies that create renewable/green alternatives or options.

Tax high return investments but again do away with the income tax.

End migration/neo-colonisation and fund the existing indigenous/Native population, especially families.

The media must be highly diversified and must have very separate owners, shareholders and managers as well as employees. No one group should control the media of course. Most Nations “media” is highly consolidated into a fews hands, this is toxic to a Nations democracy. Plus Free Speech within the media and outside it must be fully protected. **That stated, the right one has to free speech does NOT necessarily mean that one has the right to act on such speech.**

Make more wildlife preserves and parks. Re-wild your Nations lands and create interconnecting wildlife corridors between park lands and preserves. Create more green spaces/parks in cities and along roads etc. Allow your ancient forests to grow back naturally.

Protect all freshwater sources with large green zone buffer areas. Ban any industry or product that pollutes groundwater. Create large Ocean and lake marine preserves and parks with natural interconnecting waterways. Re-wild rivers and lake systems for wild fish to flourish again.
More Here: HOW TO FIX ANY WESTERN NATION & Drew’s Ten Point Plan
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Globalism, Dangerous Thought # 6 billion.
The same tiny group of globalists imperialist terrorists that are trying to destroy the indigenous people, cultures and their nations in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and many other Nations and their people’s in other parts of especially the Middle East… and also in the America’s, India, China, Africa and the rest of the Arab States… we see that the exact same globalist terrorists are trying to destroy the indigenous Native European people’s and their ancient cultures on the lands of their ethnically specific ancestors too.

So, we all need to not fight each other in our streets for this only helps these globalist terrorists destroy our indigenous cultures… but must actually work together to destroy and bring to justice this tiny globalist cabal/group who are trying to destroy us all and our ancient and beautiful cultures and indigenous identities and our cultural land-bases and Nations!

Native European Nations must first end all neo-colonization/migration and fund these people back on and in their own indigenous homelands and Nations…. which will come at a tiny fraction of the cost it takes to try and keep them in Europe!

If this tiny group of internationalist banksters and globalists terrorists try to ignorantly and foolishly say we are funding terrorism by helping these poor people that they are bombing to stay in their own home nations… then we must all together harshly and emphatically inform these globalists terrorists that they are indeed the terrorists and that they are now on the chopping block not all of our beautiful ancient indigenous cultures or our ethnically specific ancestral lands and their subsequent Nations!

If these globalists try more of their globalist manipulation, deception, coercion and militancy through their highly consolidated globalist propaganda “media” channels/machine and control of the financial institutions… we must then take back our Nations media and financial institutions and structures from them all at once. Thus silencing their globalist propaganda machine and financial usury machine, permanently!

Now what is driving this tiny group of globalist terrorists? It is their own self loathing that drives them. Their self loathing of who they truly are, their multi-ethnic make-up and multi-culti heritage thus they use and abuse one of the abrahamic faiths/religions as a type of glue to try to bond their multi-ethnic and multi-culti group back together again. All groups of multi-ethnic and multi-culti backgrounds always try to use and abuse the abrahamic faiths as a type of glue to bond them together too. All the abrahamic’s have also been use and abused as silly tools of empire and colonisation too. They also use different types/styles of governance/political ideologies and institutions/structures to do this same thing, again, to try and glue a multi-ethnic and multi-culti group together… usually after the empire that forced them together has failed and collapsed. And as history has shown us that in times of financial or environmental collapse these multi-culti or multi-ethnic societies always then fracture down ethnic, cultural and/or religious lines and naturally Balkanise/division occurs but usually at a huge cost to the environment and in human lives. So it is a huge risk to try to form such societies/groups/nations… especially when one small group of globalists, who operate a global financial empire, can easily engineer and initiate a financial collapse at will… thus causing the above violent and cascading scenario to occur!

This tiny globalist terrorist organisation has targeting the multi-ethnic Native European people’s first… as they had targeted the Germanic root culture of Europe earlier in this century. So now hear me clearly, folks, if the Native European people’s fall… all other indigenous people’s will be very close behind too!

We must protect all indigenous peoples, their beautiful and ancient cultures and their indigenous sacred homelands from these toxic globalist terrorists.

Be aware of the marxist-zionist globalists treasonous puppets and shills too! (ie: The Alex Jones’s, Ben Shapiro’s, the Allen Dershowitz’s, Ezra Levant’s/Rebel media, the Barbra Spectre’s, Mike Cernovich’s, FOX, CNBC, SKY, CNN… etc… etc… and alike and their ideological ilk! Learn and understand the old abrahamic dualism dialectic so you can stop getting fooled by these fools and boycott their ever product, production, publications, promotions, services, exports, NGO’s… etc… etc… etc!

Plus, all intact indigenous/Native peoples must return to their pre-abrahamic indigenous belief systems, which are all very similar btw, if we want to survive as a species on this beautiful and magical, blue and green planet, called Earth.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Native European Peoples Creativity, Openness & Brilliance
Excuse me but as I listen to Classical music, ancient European folk music and hear the folkish choirs of Estonia… Beethoven’s solo piano music, Wagner, Baroque music, ancient Nordic key-harp music, blue note European folk singing, Swedish Kuling singing music, Medieval traditional folk music… and when I read and reread the great European intellectual thinkers and philosophers… starting with the southern pagan thinkers of Plato, Socrates… to the Northern Heathen Saga’s and on to the great thinkers of Schopenhauer, Heidegger…etc… with their roots based firmly in a pre-abrahamic wild Native European cultural landscape…. I can’t help but marvel at the brilliance, beauty and bounty of the Indigenous/Native European mind and what enormous gifts it has selflessly offered to the whole world:) 

The Native European people’s are extremely socially innocent still due to the fact that they are super high in openness. This openness and social innocence, which is often perceived as naivety by foreigners,… is what has made these incredible and brilliant Native European works of art, literature and these thinkers possible. This high in openness comes from their native/indigenous environment and due to their rather small Native/Indigenous populations. But this also leaves them highly susceptible and “open” to *usury* on many levels and to being taken advantage of by people’s from places of super high populations that have then developed a rather closed outlook due to coming from societies of high numbers & poverty and thus this makes them more compressed, scrappier and resourceful in gaining the system… rather then working lawfully within it. In all cases it’s environmentally based not ethnic, cultural or other.

So to my Native European folk… please don’t get used and abused or taken advantage of but don’t close your brilliance off to this world either. You must now know and understand what is going on so protect your brilliance, innocence and openness from the forces of globalisation and its many forms of usury! The world needs the Native European people’s brilliance and beauty to light the way forward… more now then ever!. So come on you Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Italic’s and Grecian… stand and shine your light upon this darkening globe!

To the rest: Don’t be Orcs/proxy-fighters for globalism or cultural-marxist deconstructionist for the social-engineers inside or outside Europe! Love your indigenous tribe & ancient cultures too and fight globalism out of your own ancestors homelands too. Protect your traditional indigenous lands and cultures from these same dark globalist forces that are out to destroy us all!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Abrahamic Continuum
All the abrahamic religions have been used and abused as tools of empire and colonisation and are thus defunct. The only one that still has a tad/tiny bit of relevance in Europe is Catholicism… because it masks but still unintentionally celebrates the much older Native European Heathen Earth-Centric celebrations and also includes much southern Greco-Pagan Grecian philosophy too. (logos etc.) But the Catholic church will only be tolerated if it acts in penance and not if it tries to offer itself again as the “moral authority”, which it is NOT!

These abrahamic religions create a type of ideological box (The Abrahamic Box) which is used and abused to insnare or entrap Indigenous/Native peoples and destroy their Indigenous/Aboriginal/Native culture and earth-centric belief systems. These abrahamic’s work in a continuum to destroy the existing ethnically specific Indigenous/Native cultures. All these abrahamic faiths believe themselves to be replacements for real ethnically specific Indigenous/Native culture! Which they are NOT!

Firstly, Christianity is used to destroy or cover over the Indigenous root culture and their Earth-Centric belief system. Then Judaism comes in and sets up mercantile, institutionalised usury and popularises a fake history of the area/region. Then comes Islam and it is used in miscegenation and to repopulate the region and put in a more intolerant and totalitarian belief system… but all these abrahamic’s work together to destroy Indigenous/Native peoples and their ancient and ethnically specific and unique root cultures. Oh yes, Rastafarianism is used to sedate the silly hippies.

Now the radicle forms of judaism, evangelical-christianity & islam have no place in Europe or the America’s and should all go back to the wastelands they crawled out of and intellectually wrestle it out in that abrahamic sandbox and leave the rest of us alone.

Plus kosher/halal, Kabbalah/Sufism, zionism/wahhabism, sharia law and talmudic noahide law… must all be banned in Europe and the America’s.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Tactics Of The Social Engineers & The Abrahamic’s
This rabid form of radicle feminism, not to be confused with Women’s Suffrage or right to vote feminism, was the social engineers crowbar used and abused to crack open our societies for further social engineering and deconstructionism.
Radicle feminism has been used & abused to create a victim-class of people from many walks of life who see themselves as repressed, or are disgruntled or hold a gripe or grudge of one kind or another. Collectively they are pointed at our rather orderly Native European societies and told to seek their vengeance and direct it at the males or as these cultural-marxist social-engineers see it, the patriarchy. Ridiculous… our Native European societies were shaped by people from many walks of life and by both men and woman who together created the security and order in our societies but who have now been divided now and demoted to the victim and the eldest son positions. All the while the social engineers put in their place one or other of their puppets from their victim-class…. who make pathetic roll models and who’s lives often make for terrible examples on how to live a healthy, productive and full life. But these victim-class puppets are popularised by the social engineers who know how to sell this cultural-marxist crap for they have been selling this crap for centuries & to a widening audience sadly! It’s a total nightmare freak show and now it’s time for US to pull the plug on their freak show and expose it as the hoax & lies it is! 
Now even the abrahamic’s used this tactic long ago by repressing the mother and replacing the Father of the household and community with the Almighty Father above… thus taking away the fathers roll in his own household and thus reverting his wife to the victim and the household Father to the eldest son position as the Priest, Rabbi, Iran, Cleric…etc. assume the earthly Fatherly roll with the authority of God above of course! Crazy and sad!
Again the old ways that were shaped by Nature long before the Abrahamic’s or the social engineers came along are best still. When Nature dictated our strengths and weaknesses and created order in our lives. These are still the most productive and orderly way to live to this day! Man and woman are equal but they have different strengths that must be respected. Remember it takes Love & Respect and Woman & Man are better together.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.    

On: Violence = Low IQ
Yes, usually violence equals low-IQ. Irrational violence is usually based in ignorance or fear of the unknown. That stated defending yourself/self-preservation and those you love from an act of aggression at the point of violence… isn’t an act of aggression. It’s an act of the AllFather/God.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Wolves, Dogs, Free Men & Slaves
The dogs are always one against the Wolf. The Wolf howls from the heart of the wilderness as it runs down its prey, while the highly conditioned & domesticated dogs whine & bark a weak response as they eat out of their masters hand. The slaves are taught to hate the free & would try to destroy the free rather then their master if given the option. Time for folks to stop being dogs, orcs & bitches for globalism and its many forms of usury and slavery & ReWild Europe. Its time to bring back the Wolves! For there are only these two types of people, the slave and the free, the dog and the wolf…. and those who always say “How does this benefit me” and those who say “Why is this”. Be the later of these.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Nationalism & Supremacy etc.
Nationalism has no colour. All Nations must choose between Nationalism or globalism. I would chose Nationalism every time that favours one ethnic and cultural majority when possible. Multiculturalism and Globalism with their many forms of usury are toxic & dying ideologies.

Now, supremacy, nationalism, entitlement, racism, bigotry… etc. come in every colour and can be found in every ethnic group, religion, culture and Nation/country on Earth. Again, no need to colour code them.

Often Nationalism and Supremacy are intentionally conflated and are often wrongly label “white” and this intentionally weaponised language is most often aimed at the Native European peoples. This is anti-European propaganda. Again, both Nationalism & Supremacy are found in every ethnic group, religion, culture, Nation on God’s Green & Blue Earth! I have never met a person who wants to rule over other peoples… but I have met many Native/Indigenous peoples who want their Native/Indigenous/Aboriginal identity and Culture to remain intact and the Right of Freedom Of Association and also for their own Native people to remain the absolute majority on the Lands of their ancestors.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Projection, Double-Standards & Duel-Loyalty.
Most people will allude or outright tell you their true intentions, intentionally or unintentionally. One must listen to what is being stated but also hear it’s true intension. Most people are good and will offer freely their true intensions in one way or another. Projection is one of the ways people give away a hidden bias or intension… or the way a persons conscience reveals itself. They will often slander another but are really offering up the truth of their own toxic views. Language can both reveal & hide but most often it reflects the thoughts and views of the speaker.

Negative double-standards are always toxic, unjust and always give away a persons bias. People who use double-standards also counteract their own speech and both laymen & intellectuals will view them with suspicion and discount most of their obviously flawed and unbalanced thinking and thus views.

Both Projection and Double-Standards are always used by those with dual-loyalties. Deal-Loyalty is extremely toxic and splits the personality of persons who holds these duel-loyalties and they tend to be ultimately disloyal to both. People with Duel-loyalties are always liars at least have the time and usually full-time. Their conscience and innate goodness wants people to catch them up on these duel-loyalties and thus free them from their soul crushing lies, slander, vailed projections & especially from their toxic & deceptive duel-loyalties.

You will lead only half a life because you will be only half a man if you irresponsibly project your own faults onto others and irrationally hold double-standards and duel-loyalties!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Debate, Slander & Violence
Personalising any issue, especially within a debate, is a sign of a weak intellect. Attacking or slandering a persons character within a debate is also a clear sign and tactic of a weak intellect… and in both cases the offender thus forfeits the debate.

Violence, when not an act of self-preservation or in the defence of the innocent, is a clear display of very Low-IQ.

As love is actions not words… hate is also actions not words. So defend “Freedom Of Speech” but know that the freedom to speak or express ones self does not necessarily mean we have the right or freedom to act unlawfully on such speech.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Racism & Self Loathing
The truth is the biggest racists on Earth are those who actually hate their own “race” or ethnic make-up and indigenous/Native cultures. They also largely hate the “human race” and prefer the company of cats or dogs. Some folks are so racist that they even hate their own ethnicity and traditional cultural identity and they go to great lengths to conceal or hide their ethnic origins and cultural backgrounds too.

They sometimes use and abuse a religion to help cover over or conceal their true ethnicity or ethnic make-up… or sometime they use a fake modern subculture or pop-culture identity to try and conceal their true origins & ethnicity. They will even change their surnames and other social markers because they hate their own DNA/ethnicity and Native/Indigenous culture that much. One could say they are cultural suicide cases. They will often then unconsciously blame others for their own self-loathing or project this self-loathing and hatred onto others who actually love themselves and their ethnic make-up and ethnically specific Native/Indigenous cultures and wish only to protect and preserve them for future generations.

 Most of these self loathing peoples mostly hate their presentation or appearance. Which is very sad. As well, they often hate their own culturally specific behaviours and traits and how they are viewed by others in society. If they can hide, conceal or adjust these cultural behaviours & traits they will then hate when they see them in others of their own group. Its a sad situation when one hates their own DNA & culture or their own in-groups cultural behaviours, traits & appearance. These people will often jokingly mock their only people and culture as a way of trying to deal with their own hatred for their own group… but they often hold even deeper resentments of these traits within themselves. This is true racism!

Self-loathing is truly at the centre of most hateful peoples intolerance, racism and hateful behaviours towards others. Its not a high self-esteem issue, its a low self-esteem issue and low self-worth problem that gets mixed with entitlement & victimhood… plus a negative view of ones own group. These people then often take on a deep victimhood complex too deal with this self-loathing and then tend to vent their self-loathing and hatred of their own group or onto another groups.  A good example of this can be seen clearly in how the Turkic-Ashkenazi and Africanised-Arab zionists treat the very semitic Native Palestinian people in Palestine… but there are many other such cases too.

Now as for this “colour” thing. Racism, supremacy, entitlement, bigotry, privilege etc… comes in every colour and can be found in every ethnic group, religion, culture and nation on this green and blue Earth. Plus, a people/group can always get darker but rarely do they get lighter. Light features & traits are recessive and getting more and more rare. This is why the Native European peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the Globe. Call this what you like… but its factual & truthful. 

In short, true racism is very rare and is always perpetrated by persons with deep multi-generational self-loathing & entitled victimhood complexes.

Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Pornography, Deconstructionism & Social Engineering
Simply pornography is a weaponised tool. Its just one of the weaponised tools the social engineers use to deconstruct our societies.

It was conceived and launched at the unsuspecting Germanic people at the close of WW1 and perfected on them at the end of WW2. It was used as part of the deconstruction of the German society and reconditioning of the Native Germans and has since been used in most western societies, again to deconstruct them and manipulate the population and destroy the family unit which is the cornerstone of any society.

It is also in most cases a form of violence against the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. It is intended to pervert and subvert the mind of the targeted audience. It stunts emotional growth and twists natural desires into un-natural perversions.

Pornography is NOT a form of Free Speech! Shut it off and clear your mind of this filth and find a loving wholesome monogamous relationship with someone who’s eyes reflect your own and create children through this trusting union that will fulfil you and your ancestors desire to live forever.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Destruction Of The Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine
The abrahamic religions and many other eastern religions destroy, or substitute, the sacred masculine with the infallible priest, preacher, rabbi, imam or some deity or other. This destruction of the sacred masculine made it easier for these abrahamic’s to assume the father’s position in the family unit and thus control the multiple family units and thus the tribes and later communities & whole Nations eventually.

This basically relocated the actual blood father figure to the eldest son position or to the bumbling idiot on the couch and the wife and the abrahamic “father” figure substitute then were elevated & would then negotiate on “what is best for the family” unit. This subjugating and degradation of the sacred masculine went further still into emasculation the the other males in the family as it built the matriarchs and the new substitute fake father figure up, and slowly sidelined the blood father further and further away from the families core to just the financial provider but who lacked any authority or independent ethical or moral rule. Again he was subjugated to the eldest son position by the abrahamic ideologues who run the asiatic temples, synagogues, mosques, churches, chapels. Sure every mans home could still be his castle but no longer was he it’s king.

This soon deeply effected the sacred feminine too for when the mother wanted a man all she had was this usually disgruntled eldest son figure and so she was left in a type of abrahamic catch-22 and would complain of her husbands lack of “manliness”! Cultural marxist, the social engineers and the deconstructionists all follow this same feministic and abrahamic path into the heart and core of the family unit… but its worse… the pry into the family not just to control it, but to destroy the traditional family unit! So, most men don’t have masculinity issues they actually suffer from deep emasculation & most women were more truly liberated in the past then they are now.

The Sacred Famine is NOT Feminism nor is it radicle-feminism nor The Women’s Suffrage Movement…etc. It is more ancient and much greater then any of these expressions. These things are all very different and should not be conflated or exchanged in any way, shape or form. These are not identities either, nor are any of these part of the “victim class”. And to be extra clear that these deceptions, manipulations and the social engineering that got Mother’s to kill their own babies and commit infanticide is a type of child-sacrifice to their own inner demons. These inner demons were put their by the deceptive and manipulative social engineers and deconstructionists. This is NOT feminine, feminism, feminist nor sacred in any way, shape or form. This is one of the greatest deceptions & manipulations these toxic social engineers & deconstructionists have attacked our societies with by means of deceiving & manipulating the public through the “media”, both Man & Women, into normalising this quiet slaughter… when it is completely unethical, morally bankrupt & toxic to its core! Yes, this is a horrifying reality once one fully understands! Why? You ask would people do this to another group of people? Its part of these social engineers and deconstructionists demographic-warfare plan. Imagine that they figured whats better, us killing them… or getting them killing their own. You guessed it… they incredibly through mass-media deception got whole societies to start killing their own! Wake up, Folk!

The Sacred Masculine & the Sacred Feminine must be respected & not manipulated, because like Love & Respect, one is no good without the other and it still takes at least two to folk-dance.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Socialism, Capitalism & Communism
Basically, Capitalists always call Socialism… Communism & Communists always call Socialism… Capitalism. Both are intentional deceptions. The truth is Socialism within the Nation State void of usury, globalism & international banking, & with an emphasis on domestic manufacturing, is the best we have so far.

Capitalism is based in usury & slides rapidly into rabid-Capitalism every time. Communism is void of identity, basic freedoms and incentives. Both the heads of Capitalist & Communist Nations/States end up living like kings while the people/citizens sink deeper and deeper into poverty &/or debt.

Communism enslaves labour and Capitalism is at constant war with labour. True Socialism rewards labour & punishes usury.

Truly, a large part of WW2 was the Capitalist & Communist Nations/States teaming up to destroy the more balanced & effective Socialist Nation/State of Deutschland.

Any government that institutionalises any form of usury is illegitimate. The “income tax”, which is a illegal un-allotted & unethical slavery tax, is a deep form of State imposed usury. The “income tax” must be revoked!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R

On: Reason & Appetite
We are rational beings but we often act irrationally. Life is a simple choice of Reason over Appetite. If one chooses Appetite your life will spiral down out of control and you will degrade yourself as you degrade those around you. If you choose Reason over Appetite you will spiral up raising the consciousness and taking all those of Reason up with you.
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.     

On: Cultural Marxism & Leftist Fascism.
The cultural marxists are so disconnected that they howling at a street lamp thinking its the moon. They need to wake up from this fruitless & mindless indoctrination and find their true ethnically specific indigenous identity & its ancient culture and pre-abrahamic spirituality. They have been radicalised by the same old “revolutionary spirit” that has been going around and around for centuries deconstructing our societies and Nations and creating brothers wars. Their rebellion is within themselves and against themselves for they are disconnected and in rebellion against the ancient vibration that harmonises all living things equally. This brings deep self-loathing and thus they strike out at the societal mirror before them. They refuse to resonate and harmonise to the ancient vibration so they live in discord and dissidence and are unproductive and lacking creativity…. thus the deconstruction, usury & plagiarism… for those who can’t create destroy, steal or commit usury to sustain themselves! But they shake while rocking back and forth trying to suppress their disconnection and discontentment & they even cry out that it is they that are the victim… even of their own self-loathing. They are a parasitic, pathetic, sad classless style of people and should always be held at arms length, isolated & frozen-out of any any high social-trust society that wishes to remain intact.

All that can be done for the marxist, leftist fascists, revolutionary spirited entitled victims is to give them an isolated place for them to flail out their “revolutionary spirit” and vent their self-made demons with others of their ilk for company. For marxist-zionist entitled victims can only make one thing… and that is more victims, as seen clearly in Russia 1920’s and Palestine today… and so best to isolate them & stay clear of them. For once they have tired and have thrashed out the demons of their own making and disconnection… even they too will harmonise.
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

On: Enlightening An Ignorant 3rd Worlder
One can only find their way to the singular vibration that animates all living things equally/the Godhead through their own ethnically specific Indigenous Identity, Native Culture  & earth-centric spirituality. Appropriating others cultures, identities, medicines, social behaviours and spiritual philosophies will only confuse you more. The Godhead is the same… & the human spirit is the same but the path that spirit must fallow is very different and very specific to each indigenous people. One can easily fool their rootless and lost friends but one will never fool their ancestors of the past or of the future. Find your ethnically specific Indigenous identity and choose wisely upon its path!

Now, Indigenous identity always sets lost people off. What are these just “white” people or just “black” people or just “yellow” or “red” peoples these supposedly “colour” blind people speak of? I have never met one. As far as just “white” people… maybe what they mean is Native/Indigenous European people’s? Or more specifically: Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Italic or Grecian people’s? It’s sad that most people still see life through the mass-media myopic black & white lens. 

As for the abrahamic’s… I have no idea of them other then that they are very similar & work together in a continuum for colonisation & empire. But the Eastern/Asiatic philosophies have been manipulated to do the same too. They are all at each other’s throats like kosher & halal or like India & Pakistan. Again, very sad to see brothers fighting, especially when its only to try & differentiate from each other. The abrahamic’s are southern desert ideologies that are as desolate as the wastelands they crawled out of. Abraham, the Ethiopian, who wondered into the so called “holy land” must weep at his brats senseless & pathetic bickering & battling.

 Many of these 3rd Worlder’s assume to much & know too little about the Native European people’s. They, more then most, are still living in a very “black” & “white” world view that the mass-media & global financiers has entrapped them in! Ignorance is not bliss, Folks… it’s just ignorance. They confuse much in the West. First of all Southern Paganism & Northern Heathenism are two very different ideologies. Plus, the abrahamic’s coopted & usurped much from the earth-centric Native European peoples spirituality & the abrahamic religions are completely foreign ideologies to the Native European peoples. Nor are the abrahamic’s similar in any way to Northern Celtic-Germanic-Nordic-Baltic-Slavic Heathenism or the Greco-Roman/Italic Paganism. Nor did Northern Heathenism nor Southern Paganism evolve into the abrahamic’s either. Again, the abrahamic’s stole & coopted from the brilliant Southern Pagan Grecian’s philosophers of Plato, Aristotle etc… on ethics, logic, Logos, rationalism etc. and stole the Northern Heathens laws & views on social equality. Always remember that the Heathen Laws were created before the abrahamic’s came along & the Native Grecian philosophers were all Grecian Pagans btw. Again all the abrahamic’s & many of the eastern asiatic philosophies are all just used & abused as tools of empire & colonisation.

The Southern Pagan & especially the Northern Heathen philosophies still remain rather hidden from the laymen & are usually describe as what they are not as apposed to what they are & we like it this way. As the sacred beads were torn from the necks of our First Nations/Native American  brothers ancestors, so was the Hammer torn from the necks of our ancestors… but we remain & few know as much as what I have just shared with you who reads this now. Nothing is as it seems in these lost societies & in this forest of mirrors. The propaganda runs deep & this digital firelight can be blinding as well as informative.

So to these migrants & 3rd worlder’s… stick to believing what you will of your own indigenous identities spiritual path & try not to imagine you know others pre-abrahamic earth-centric belief systems more than your own, because you don’t & never will. Try to get rid of your historical hatreds & stop projecting onto others your own tribal crap for long ago and way back there. We, the ones who are quiet about our ethnically specific Indigenous Identities & who don’t feel the need to sell their ethnically specific Indigenous belief system to the world as others do… can’t stand your ignorant blithering. We have chosen not to sell it but not because its private or secret but rather because its sacred to us. You would be wiser to do the same. We stand by and listen to the endless asiatic semi-enlightened banter & the endless abrahamic’s blithering’s as they boldly, ignorantly & incorrectly call us just “white” and “christians”… and we nod politely & smile knowingly as the fools stumble away blindly thinking oddly that they know it all. We watch the preachers preach & the lost foreign poets stumble over & butcher our Celtic/Germanic/Nordic words as they speak our Gods & prophets names weekly…ie. Thursday/Thor’s-day, Wednesdays/Woden’s-day, Friday/Freya’s-day, Saturday/Saturn’s-day… etc… etc… & we smile knowingly as they call us just “white” again & we reply. “I see said the blind man” politely. Lol! 

Now ya sure, its great that some of you Native Europeans follow Jewsus/jesus, but we don’t have too. For he was the messiah of Judaism & the other abrahamic’s. We Heathens have our own thanks. Oh yes, how is Krishna, Muhammed & Buddha getting along these days btw? Have their followers stopped killing each other finally? Lol! Now as to this “wilful adoption” of the abrahamic religions by Indigenous/Native peoples… Lol… nice try but I guess its in the eye of the beholder. I don’t know much about this “willful adoption” of the abrahamic religions other then it was through brutality but still… in the North the pre-abrahamic Heathen celebration of Yule…etc… still shines through Christmas etc. every year. Our fertility celebrations are still celebrated… and again, each week you all speak the names of our Heathen prophets & gods. Many desert moon worshipers still worship the Son who is still our Sun… & it goes on & on, & around & around! Plus all around you is the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic/Nordic Northern Heathen laws that protect all peoples equally, even you, you & you 3rd Worlder’s:) Our southern Pagan Grecian philosophers mastery is still unmatched & is what has built the ethical & peaceful democracies we all enjoy equally today. But no… they were just “white”! Lol! 

So to you Indigenous/Native European folk… find your own ethnically specific Indigenous Identity, its ancient pre-abrahamic earth-centric spirituality, its culture & traditions… & end your disconnection with your ancestors, for they long to hear from you. And no, no more random plant medicine will NOT fix or heal a disconnected soul. Nope! Remember, you cannot consume your way to health, enlightenment or to a higher consciousness… that is just more silly consumerism & starving the spirit of connection to your ethnically specific indigenous identity will leave you a drift in the endless seas or sands of time.
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

On: Genocide Weapons
I will start with WW2 were the “allies” practised grid-flying & the dropping of firebombs on Germanic civilians, largely women and children. Firebombs were used to kill, destroy infrastructure & also to burn-up/incinerate the dead German women & childrens bodies/the evidence of this huge war crime. It is estimated that some 15 million ethnic German women & children were slaughtered in these firebomb bombings.

The “allies” then tested both the uranium & plutonium nuclear bombs on the civilians in two different cities in Japan. They found that the nuclear bombs were too toxic to put boots on the ground afterward, so later they turned to depleted uranium munitions and bombs, which are effectively “dirty bombs” which are also genocide weapons because they go on killing and maiming for generations & mutate the DNA of their victims. These bombs have been used all over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya…etc by the USA/zio-american empire.

They quickly found that these depleted uranium munitions & bombs still poisoned their own troops in the area (gulf war syndrome)… so they then turned to biocide aerosols/sprays & tested grid spraying of these biocides/bio-toxins “Agent Orange” over Korea & Vietnam but also still used firebombs now rebranded as “napalm” on civilians. The US slaughtered uncounted millions in Korea and Vietnam & this biotin, “agent Orange” is still killing to this day & has mutated the DNA of countless people who’s horrifying effects will only be understood in the decades & centuries to come. This is a huge unreported war crime and crime against humanity that must be punished!

Fast forward to today and they are now testing many different types of biocide aerosols/sprays that can target certain ethnic groups or even target specific DNA or blood types etc. As well as, grid-spraying for geoengineering purposes that will also have accumulative toxic effects on humans, wildlife and our shared environment.

So what are we all going to do about it? Here is what we must do… we must unpack & expose the lies & propaganda of WW1 & WW2 for that is were the plans & seeds of this globalist mess were made & planted. Its time to shine the light of truth on all that was built on lies & propaganda for all of our sakes! The military industrial complex is very real & its profits & globalist aspirations has overpowered our Republics & Democracies.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: “Multiculturalism’s” Part In Globalisation & Empire
What one should understand is that “multiculturalism” is a tool of globalisation & empire. One should have been taught this below about what happened in the Balkans not so long ago. The zionist-globalists & the latest empire ( zio-american empire) tested this globalist divide & rule scenario in the Balkans Region. Thus the name/term “Balkanisation” was created.

So the zionist-globalist cabal pushed a bunch of multi-culti, multi-ethnic & multiple religions together… then turned up the propaganda heat & watched them destroy each other & rip apart once stable Nations & the whole region goes up in smoke. Then the zio-Globalist forces come marching in to “save the day” of course & bring “stability to the Region”. Which they don’t, they just divide the land & instal puppets now and keep the propaganda heat on low until the zio-globalists choose to turn it up again if the targeted Nations don’t do as they are told! They are now occupied Nations & military bases are set-up and these Nations are now brought under the zionist-globalist yoke. Disgusting!

Let me be clear… what happened in the Balkans was an experiment a test… orchestrated by the zionist-globalists & the zio-american empire! They seen how effective it was so now they enforce multiculturalism and push many different ethnicities, cultures & religions together in targeted Nations & regions… again using “war by deception” and “using noble intensions to enable their very wicked zionist-globalist agenda”. Once they have obtained enough “diversity” through mass-migration into these targeted Nations and/or Regions they can then use their zio-media, globalist bankster influence, embargoes, sanctions etc… to divide these targeted Nations from the inside out… getting them to kill each other rather then the zio-globalists getting their already very dirty little hands dirtier! Its the old “divide and rule” and “war by deception” tricks, using mass-migration, “multiculturalism”, neo-colonisation & straight up invasion to enable their wicked one government rule of all Nations. No not based at the UN… their wet dream is to have it based in Jerusalem. Fat chance!

Now ethnically harmonious Nations tend to become much more stable and closer under the same foreign pressures and aggressions, whereas this multi-culti, multi-ethnic & multiple-religion Nations tend to divide down ethnic, cultural & religious lines rather easily under very little outside pressure & zionist-globalist propaganda. This this is why they push this foolish “multiculturalism” agenda and create war on Indigenous identity, Native Culture & on the earth-centric & pre- abrahamic Indigenous belief systems. Their goal is to destroy all ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Cults and their Indigenous earth-centric spiritualities. In short… they wish to inviolate all Indigenous peoples everywhere!

Yup, its another “war by deception” zionist-globalist trick! Lets not fall for this old and tired, divide & rule, abrahamic dualistic dialectic trickery anymore, Folks! Just say NO WAY to “multiculturalism”, mass-migration/invasion & zionist-globalisation! Say YES to Secured Borders, Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identity, Native Culture, pre-abrahamic Earth-centric Spirituality and yes, to Nationalism for all Indigenous Peoples too within their own ethnically specific majority Nation States!

The end game for these zio-globalists is to eradicate all Indigenous Identity, Native culture and create a grey blob of rootless & lost people that are under a type of spell that has them believing that this corporate zio-globalist mono-culture of consumerism, “sports” & “social preference” are their cultures & identities… which they are not! If this is allowed to happen we will not be the beautiful & truly diverse peoples we are today. The Earths *Peoples* will end up being one grey blob of rootless & lost people with a consumer mono-culture identity… which is actually a type of slavery… and we will not be “diverse” nor authentic at all!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Beauty Of Greed & Usury
Yup, even beauty can be derived from greed & usury but only at the cost of the poor souls who starve & toil in poverty, debt & usury just down the road. Many great works & monuments of beauty have been sponsored by greedy usurious men who were trying to atone & appease their restless spirits & desperate souls. Now sure, all men should reap the rewards of their earthly work and efforts but not if it rapes the earth or usurps others of their rewards. No egotistical philanthropy, work of art or monument will ever atone for usury.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Honouring The Ancestors
How long will we let them kill our Indigenous Native prophets and let them steal and appropriate our Native Indigenous cultures & accomplishments and defile, deface and vandalise our sacred monuments? How long until we say enough, enough? I already said it and a long time ago:)

Don’t fall in love with the grapple, be creative, win and move on to the next target. Be a warrior in the garden, not a gardener in a war. For we all sow what we reap and reap what we sow. There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. Life is worth nothing unless you can see it through a dead mans eyes.

Use Natural Law and apply the old Germanic & Norse laws & be patient, efficient, precise and be deeply intolerant to those who try to destroy what our ancestors created. Be very clean in your dealings. Use a Prussian doctors precision & attrition and a Nordic Shamanic healers supernatural ways in both your creating and destroying.

Give to the Earth, NOT to the invader. Give no quarter for the desperate, usurious & usurping souls we battle hold no quarter… and always remember: If we honour our ancestors they will chisel our names in stone. If we dishonour our ancestors they will piss our names in the snow:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Virus Of Usury
Only like can cure like. So as this virus sets in we see these usurious globalists grey faces fretting in their dower towers & demanding more alimony from their government bitches as they claim entitled victimhood status from the failing system of usury which is of their making. Usury & capital are two very different things. Capital is not to be confused with capitalism, which is state sponsored usury & marxism & communism is just idiocy. Capital based Socialism within independent Nationstate’s, void of usury, globalism & militancy with a focus on domestic manufacturing & a Prussian style education system, based on reason, logic & rationalism is truly the best we have so far… plus some folks are best suited for the trades or collage not always a university degree… & this education should be all but free. Most importantly we must nationalise our financial sector, the printing of our currencies and end the income tax, & all other forms of non-allotted taxation, and the globalist reserve-banking system!.
We see this virus toying with the internationalist multinational retail & food chains being forced to close their doors, & rightly so to contain this pestilence, while these corporate whores with no ethics or loyalties to our Nations, cultures or societies are protesting by refusing to pay their employees & laying-off their largely foreign wage-slave workers they dragged in “to do the $hit jobs” because they didn’t want to pay the existing locals & Nationals living wages. It’s interesting to watch this simple virus lay waste to their toxic globalist ideology, systems & their nasty “brands”. It’s a pleasure to note & witness that these corporate whores are only as discriminating, toxic & oppressive as this virus is but lack its visceral prowess. I guess these corporate whores don’t want their crap to ‘go viral’ anymore! Lol!

It’s priceless to see how this lowly virus teaches the mighty USA that it lacks a real healthcare system and the connections between cheap foreign labour & debt slavery! It’s also interesting to watch this simple virus educate the simpletons on why borders are a necessity and why migrant slave labour is unhealthy for domestic and local employment opportunities, local economies, health, social unity & ethnic harmony. Again, priceless. Or maybe the US just doesn’t want to pay back China allllll that foreign-debt money!? Yes the largest communist nation, Shyna/China, has to carry the debt & support the largest marxist capitalist Nation/USA/USSA. So the USA will continue to blame Shyna, Shyna, China in some way because communists always call capitalism, socialism… & capitalists always call communism, socialism and they are both wrong and know it usually… because in WW2 they teamed up and blew socialism within the Nationstate away for their usurious globalist rule. Fast forward to today, the USA has the largest socialist system structure on Earth btw, its called the US military! This little virus is teaching fat a$$ America to give some of that militant ca$h money to fund that starved healthcare system, like yesterday! Or maybe its all just a set-up to knock-off the elderly pensioners and retirees who nasty Goldman-Sachs in New York city robbed & defrauded already as they embezzled all that US Social Security!?! Plus Goldman-Sacks buddy Banksters based in London & NYC say ‘we want your ducat’s, your daughters, your cities & your countries!’ Just like in Das Rhine Gold or Lord or the Rings… the Ring is the circle/cycle of debt & usury. Ohhhhh my ‘precious’ but both the slaver & the slave are stuck in slavery! Time to put one in jail and set the other FREE!!!

Now, one may fret, groan & gripe but this virus may make a few things right. Be it an engineered bio-weapon, or from a wet-market or a factory-farm jacked up on antibiotics, it’s indifferent while teaching us the old Native European peoples Natural Law (karma) concept. If you think what they are eating in shyna/China is disgusting, well we will see what you folks are consuming when your population hits 1.6 billion & ballooning. For now we must hide & isolate our Elders from this viruses grasp & from the vultures., thieves & banksters like Goldman-Sachs & banksters based in London & NYC. We need to remain Culturally intact. The Elders memory & wisdom will draw out a beautiful future from our pre-abrahamic past! As for those who are culturally detached & don’t care. Well that’s fine but you’re irrelevant so just be quiet & go sit in the corner like an antique chair. Oh ya, & social-media was one of the first types of social-distancing… and both are forms of social-engineering!
Peace through intelligence! ~D

On: Population Control & Control Of The Population.
During this Native European spring fertility festival of the Germanic fertility Goddess of Eostre/Ostara, I wish you all a Happy Easter!

To the Abrahamic’s, yes the Sun has risen and its warmth floods the fields and forests bringing vitality, fertility and thus new life. As for those who celebrate the blood libel ritualistic slaughter of babies to Moloc or “Pass Over” I wish you make atonement before Natural Law sweeps you away. Sadly this blood libel still goes on today in the form of ritualistic abortion and infanticide & in the form of bombing civilians which includes babies and also women with life that is yet unborn. It’s sad when sick-souls are so unconscious that they celebrate slaughter as liberation. Sounds like the “liberation” of Iraq and bringing “peace and freedom” to the Middle East for the zionist-wahhabist-American empires objectives as they still isolate and slaughter at will the very semitic native Palestinians, Yemeni, Syrians, Iraqi’s.. etc. while driving their more cowardly and  upwardly mobile into our Nations and thus subverting and acquiring many Nations with just one violent act of depravity. I say to all migrants clearly “HOLD YOUR GROUND” in your own Nations for we are fighting the same globalist enemy but from different regions using different strategies and with slightly different trajectories.

Now, in the First World it’s looking a lot like what the marxist communist bolsheviks did at the close of WW1 in Russia while “liberating” the Rus Russians of their lives by ethnically cleansing the Slavic, Nordics, Baltic & Germanic Rus-sian’s  who were the founding fathers of Russia. The old USSR would be proud of the USSA today. Sorry, I digress, I do this frequently:) So that brings us to another understanding of the deeply sick-souls and that all this talk of mass “isolation” & “immunisation” is another globalist ploy, be it designed or coopted, to take our freedoms and dignity away. You see they want us as fearful & locked-up as they are because they need security constantly because of their crimes, usury, wealth or level of undo influence. You see their castles have become cages and their palaces prisons and they hate us, Folks, for our freedoms & liberties! G.Bush said this very thing before the Iraq war/invasion? These globalist trolls always offer their own entitled victimhood and psychosis as evidence and justification of their terrorising of others & others Nations as the cry out in pain as they hit you. Lol! Truly crazy!

Now all empires and their colonialist proxies use & abuse the abrahamic religions dualistic dialectic, & its tactics and deceptions, to control the native/indigenous masses. They rain down hellfire on a, usually cultural intact indigenous, targeted people from above and subvert them from within. So in this case we see the same and have both “population control” and the “control of the population” being implemented at the same time. “Vaccination” and “Social Distancing”. The saviour/prophet and the devil which is another abrahamic deity btw. It’s also called subconscious desire and irrational fear… one designed to pull you and the other designed to push you using & abusing our subconscious desire to be liked, included, loved and desired and scaring us with irrational fears of the unknown and not being included or accepted, a pariah! Lol! These two options will be the only 2 “options” *popularised* and offered as a solution by the zio-globalist “media”. And where they can’t bomb us psychically they will terrorise us psychologically and use both real events and created/falsified events to do so, ruthlessly & unconditionally.

So what can we do about this situation? Well, shut off this toxic culture crushing “media” and find your way to the closest Natural or wild land… be it a park or a mountain valley. Go  everyday or at least a few times a week and start your liberation and conversation with the Old God, the pre-abrahamic earth-centric God. The God of your ancient forefathers, foremothers and ancestors. The God vibration that animates and harmonises all living things equally. Let the forests and your ethnically specific indigenous identities guide you down your peoples path forward. Shut off the globalists coercion & subversion and deceptions ie: “media”. Use it only to deconstruct the deconstructionists and their antisocial-engineers *popularised* lies… and end your real isolation from the Earth and the Older wiser God/AllFather. Work diligently to end this oppressive systems and it’s latest tool of control & war by deception. Redeem your people’s place in the big picture of humanity and reject this globalist $hit-show that quietly subverts your people through NetFlix, Film, tv… “media” etc..etc… and the original tool of “Social Distancing” that being “social media”. 

The ancestors and future generations are watching and they will judge us and the earth will decide our punishment or freedom. The old God is rooting for us to intelligently, rationally & logically find our way through! Show your love and faith through your actions. It’s time to disenfranchise the usurious worm-tongues, their orcs and troll proxies and time for the highly compromised, possessed & decrepit false kings to step down now… and let the noble guide our Nations and peoples independently. As Mr. L. Cohen boasted, “First we take Manhattan then we take Berlin”, well they took London before all that but we must take them back again because they belong to us not them. They, like our Nations and peoples, are cultural bases not just rootless and lost idiotic marketplaces! 

If this all rings true, it’s because you have been reminded of what you already know already and you understand that “the ring” is the gold based cycle/hoop of debt & usury that they have you jumping through endlessly. Now the cowards and fools will fly/run and the suckling piglets will keep up their desperate sucking on the globalist debt teat but hold fast to your local ground noblemen & women for the demons are already upon you. Don’t look to the abrahamic’s and their clinging to believing because its easier then thinking… no think deeply and freely. Deny these toxic forces everything and lets freeze them out again & permanently!

Remember don’t fall in love with the grapple or the battle, be creative, graceful, win, and move on to the next target. Don’t let your ideology override your humanity. Stay human for in the end you must return to normal again without guilt, fealty, philistinism or frustration but be steadfast and clean in this dealing. Mental and physical freedom has always only belonged to those with deep understanding and to those who stood up and earned it and unseated & drove out the usurious thieves and their thieving.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.
#NativeEuropeanSpirituality #ReWildEurope #FreedomToRoam

On: Colonisation & Neo-Colonisation Of Native American’s & Native European Peoples
Someone asked me the other day why did I identify with Native American peoples so closely? I said that, yes I do but I identify closely with all indigenous peoples everywhere I go and rightly so. Even in Europe or Africa etc… etc. I expanded by saying, you see I grew up in Canada and close to Native American First Nations reservations. I seen intimately how disenfranchised and excluded they were and how they lived outside but parallel to society on quiet little islands called reservations. Which are actually sort of semi-autonomous and sovereign concentration camps actually and some are like 3rd world countries but all were gardens of eden due to the spirit of the Indigenous First Nations peoples who lived within & inside them. We would go there infrequently but respectfully to buy rawhide or gut snowshoes, gloves and moccasins and as a teenager with friends to by cheap liquor and cigarettes. Each time I crossed over the reservation line I seen their ancestors standing close by in the people’s shadows and silhouettes. As I travelled to the North and further West I seen these peoples more clearly and how they stood up bravely & regularly to colonisation, environmental destruction & poverty. Later they asked for not just truth but also reconciliation from a government that was still at war with the environment and them. So I stepped across that silent line in Canada and stood on their side, along side them… not against my Native European ancestors who didn’t know any better, but for the environment & justice and knowing that in time this colonisation would also come to visit me & mine.

Well, that time has come and the First Nations and the Old Colonialists are getting neo-colonised together, side by side, but it’s far worse this time because these 3rd world neo-colonialists come from huge continents and nations with over **5 billion** people… this is very, very different & must be scrutinised, sanctioned and halted. Because two wrongs still don’t make a right, It just makes more wrong and an eye for an eye still makes us all blind! The Native European peoples were given or bought the land from the Canadian government who stole the land from the Native Americans. This is colonisation most of the rest is fictions & lies that 3rd worlder’s & marxist nutters need to spew to stake their own neo-colonial claims to the lands that still belong to the First Nations Indigenous peoples! Again, two wrongs don’t make a right… and an eye for an eye makes us all blind and the blind can’t lead the blind!

 Now, this globalist colonisation is not natural but by design. The globalists do this to weaken and subvert us from within.  They are meek and weak but not benign. It’s to try and get us destroying each other, to balkanise, as they destroy our Indigenousness within us… and our cultures, traditions and Nations & they will enslave our future generations! Its time we all step over that silent line again, and stand separately but together against this deconstruction & destruction of our ethnically specific Indigenous identities, Native cultures, environments & Nations and stand up to these globalists usury, debt and toxic colonisation of not just our lands and bodies but of our minds! Yes, this includes their crude tools like the Abrahamic religions and their other toxic & bias institutions. Stand up for yourself, your peoples and for each other, and always stand up for our future generations!
Peace Through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Case Of The Legend Charles Lindbergh & America First
This small ethnically mixed bag of globalists called by their most recent name “globalists” or “zionists” for they are both globalists & zionists… or more precisely just “the marxist-zionist terrorists” are trying to rewrite history again to keep their lies and the fake WW2 narrative alive because they need this fake WW2 narrative and its lies to continue to profit off of WW2 and the deaths of over 60 million largely of christian faith Native European peoples. So their hollywood propaganda machine and HBO and Netflix etc.. are still blithering out more fake “history”/WW2 propaganda. Its sad and the desperadoes are desperately trying to keep this bs WW2 propaganda narrative alive and the truth covered up because if people really understood what went down in WW1 & WW2 there would be hell to pay… and huge reparations! Plus, the wahhabist and zionist terrorist states would be no more and peace would then finally come to the Middle East too. 

CharlesLindbergh knew it then, Marlon Brando knew it and told Larry King to his face… as we all know it now too. Hollywood is a marxist-zionist propaganda machine. But this smearing of the legendary Charles Lindbergh in this bs produced by HBO is the latest nasty slander and smear job. Its total hog-wash by those who for some strange reason have a problem with hogs!Lol! So boar-ing! Lol! This latest rehashing of old and tired WW2 lies & propaganda is particularly disgusting. Charles Lindbergh was a true American patriot and idol. Mr. Lindbergh was also the original *America Firster* but the marxist-zionist terrorists and their imbedded bolsheviks were trying to make the USA into the USSA at that time and where deeply imbedded in America and owned, and still own, much of the media already. So they pooled their in-group resources to destroy the American Republic from the inside and poked their drunk indebted dog Churchill into throwing England and Europe into the wind and thrash Europe out so the marxist-zionists could claim the zionist-british empire as their own & the zionist-american empire now. Plus their was much more to be gained… they could steal half the intellectual properties, technologies & scientists of Germany/Deutschland. The nasty USSR murderous marxist-zionist bolshevik terrorists in the USSR took the other half! Disgusting! Its always nasty when rabid globalist capitalists and communists team up btw… as they did in WW2 and now again with the USA & China teaming up for cheap foreign made crap and the spreading of engineered viruses too! Thanks a lot a$$holes! Lol! 🙂 

Now this very same fake WW1 & WW2 narrative and its lies are being used to take away all of our rights and freedoms. Yes, its being used now against us now and used to censor and destroy our #FreeSpeech & #democracies! FDR was a highly compromised ziotard dog… so was drunk-Churchill, Austrian-hitler & stalin (as were Trotsky & Lenin before him). The marxist-zionist-globalist banksters had them all in their deep pockets! The leaders involved in WW2 were 4 psychopath gangsters funded and fuelled by these judaeo-protestant marxist-zionist-globalist banksters based in NYC and London. A good analogy of WW2 is the imagine of 4 psychopathic gangsters speckled in blood and standing over a bloody corps they just murdered… the 4 blood speckled psychopaths are the leaders of the 4 major Nations involved in WW2 and the bloody corps is peace and the 60 million dead soldiers (who were largely of christian faith & of Native European stock)… then 3 of the psychopaths make a dirty deal to blame just the 4th psychopath and conspire to write endless lies and propaganda to prove it… and the marxist-zionist-globalist banksters who funded the whole thing made off like bandits as they still do to this very day!! Ridiculous!

Always remember that these World war lies are being used to enslave us all now. Also remember that these same marxist-zionist-globalist banksters murdered the Lindbergh’s baby son. Did they do it as a sacrifice to their Moloch or other, was it blood-libel or as retribution and a threat… either way, they must be made to atone and pay for this sick deed too.

So that’s the long and short of it, folks. So now what are we going to do about it?
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identity, Nativism & True-Diversity As Apposed To Miscegenation
They told me quietly through the “education” system and loudly through hollywood movies and tv that  Native European peoples were cruel & ignorant murderous barbarians. These were lies because the Native European peoples were noble, beautiful, eloquent and truly wise with ancient cultures, traditions, languages, myths, legends and we already had “diversity” and our own ancient alphabet called Runes and thus writings. Then again, but much later they said the same thing about the people’s they called “savages” and “Indians“ when they were and are the only Native Americans actually…. and again, they too already had “diversity”. It is the empires and their abrahamic religions that were and are both the barbarians and the savages. The Native European peoples have their own God almighty and also had, & have still, an earth-centric harmonising spirituality… but no devil or satan thingy for that is the abrahamic religions deity. Now who are the “devil worshiping” savages and barbarians again? Lol! They use this devil/satan as “the other”, it’s the label they pin on Indigenous peoples that they wish to destroy, colonise & conquer. Like they tried to do to the ethnically specific indigenous identities and cultures of the Native European peoples and the Native American peoples and many others. The empires abrahamic colonisers brought their colonisation of the mind, body and environment… and their main genocidal tools of demographic warfare and *miscegenation*. Oh yes miscegenation is a weapon… it’s been proven down through the centuries and many times in history. Plus they enact more and more deeper subversive forms of usury.

Now, in more modern times, the zionist-globalist terrorisers have brought in the 3rd worlder’s and the newest abrahamic religion as their colonisers & proxy warriors for the very same reasons and because the  abrahamic religions work in a kind of continuum. Very, very, nasty!

Now don’t play the silly victim. That will just make you weak and it’s a modern female thing really. No but rather rejoice in your awakening, your stretching and remembering and get up and get going for the ancestors and for future generations!

So a good farmer spreads the manure evenly on the field. So, I say clearly to all these refugees and migrants that have been pushed off their indigenous and ancestral lands by first the toxic zionist-British empire and now by the zionist-American empire that you must return to the lands of your ancestors. Or go to the zionist terrorist state of mind in the very semitic Nation of Palestine and quell the genocide, occupation and ethnic-cleansing of the very semitic Native Palestinian people! The zionist controlled USSA should also return huge tracks of land back to the Native American peoples for self-governance and so should the other banana republics in the America’s that were built atop piles of broken bones of the Native American peoples. The Nations in the America’s largely are illegitimate colonial states and so is both the wahhabist terrorist state of Saudi Arabia and the little zionist terrorist state of mind in Palestine. All are all illegitimate colonial states that are limp & toxic leftovers of the nasty bumbled and crumbled zionist-British empire… that is now being fronted as the zionist-american empire! This latest empire must be brought down peacefully from within but long live the American Republic again, but within its own secure borders and the zionist locked up for life in prisons for treason!

The semitic Native Palestinians must all return to Palestine and the Turkic via Europe zionist-terrorist must all return to their traditional indigenous homeland on the south-eastern step of Eurasia and find their true indigenous identity again. These turkic zionist terrorists must stop trying to cover-up their true Turkic indigenous identity with abrahamic bull&hit, fictions & dogma and this fake abrahamic identity. The Native European peoples ie: Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Italic’s & Grecian’s must all shed this fake abrahamic identity too. Why? Because it’s a thin veneer over reality and your ethnically specific indigenous identity. Plus its pathetic too. As it was with the English occupation of Bordeaux in the 100 years war, it was ended and the land returned to the Native French. So shall it be in the 100 years of occupation of Palestine. The zionist terrorists will be vanquished and the land returned to the very semitic Native Palestinian people! Natural Law demands it and with reparations!

Now, these migrants in Europe must leave the stronghold of the Native European people’s. The Native European peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the planet and they have the smallest sacred homelands! WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY… THE GLOBALIST ZIONIST TERRORISTS ARE YOUR ENEMY! Plus those who support & enable them are OUR enemy too. They are not just treasonous to our nations but to our ethnically specific Indigenous identities and Native Cultures! These globalist zionist terrorists want to destroy all ethically specific Indigenous peoples and their identities & cultures everywhere! Let’s work together to end this toxic globalist ideology and peacefully freeze and starve those involved out and lock their leaders up in prison for usury & treason! 

Now, in the mean time and for those who wish to go along with this weapon of miscegenation and demographic warfare… well have at it but leave us out of it. If one chooses to breed-out their own line through miscegenation, well that is their choice and yes, love is blind… etc… etc. But there goes your line and true diversity too. So, if the majority of other peoples choose to stay within their people, their line or breed… they must also be free to do so and should also be able to be equally as open about it too and not be attacked for this view. It’s a very personal decision and not one the state, entertainment, media, schools, universities etc…etc should not be involved in! Neither are wrong but the latter is far, far  more traditional of course. The traditional choice will maintain our peoples individuality and true-diversity. If people want to see the traits of their ancestors or relatives who have passed on in the features of their babies… well that is great and absolutely normal & just fine! Many peoples search for their long lost relatives in their babies face and eye shape, skin tone, hair type, body shape and in their babies eyes. We all long to see our ancestors and relatives who have passed on. Please don’t be so ignorant as to throw out that silly “diversity” argument… all our peoples are plenty diverse already. Mr. Cashes Clay/Mohammed Ali talked brilliantly and extensively on this subject & with knock out arguments btw (look it up). Don’t try the inbreeding argument either, thats sillier still. Peoples only become inbred due to extreme isolation or religious zealotry like in the mongolised-turkic Shtetl’s (cognate to: settle or settler) in Russia & in some of the ghettos of Europe. Inbreeding can also occurs due to remote geographic isolation like say in the Ozark’s in the 1900’s in the USA. If you are offended to learn about these things and especially about miscegenation, well good! I’m offended that people don’t know this basic stuff already! So, let’s keep the thinking, debating and conversation going for the ancestors and for future generations!
Peace Through intelligence! ~D.R./Skáld Rekkr

On: Marxist-Zionist/Bolshevism-Zionism Terrorism & Their Victim-Class Proxies
marxist-zionist terrorist are driven by historical hatreds for & against the Native European peoples. Over centuries they have developed a brainwashed victim-class of proxies who largely use skin-tone, sexual orientation or political ideology as their identity. Some of these are organised like: neo-bolsheviks, young turks, ANTIFA, Black-Bloc, BLM, wahhabist foreign fighters, AIPAC, ZOA…etc but many more have been a fluid & loosely affiliated group of peoples with victim-class mentalities or identities that were put into their heads by the highly consolidated marxist-zionist terrorists media/entertainment industry! The super rich zionists fund the poor bolsheviks to do their bidding who also use & abuse these victim-class proxies to divide & destroy societies and nations from within and to this very day!

All peoples must find they’re ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & Earth-centric spirituality and stop being brainwashed into using these victim-class fake identities, such as: skin-tone, sexual preference, religious affiliation, counter-culture, pop-culture, sub-culture, corporate-culture, consumer brands, musical genre preference, sports or sports teams, political parties, ideologies (ie: marxism, zionism, wahhabism etc)… etc. These are not ethnicities nor are they cultures. They are just silly popularised fake-identities used to manipulate mass groups of peoples.

Now, some people go to great lengths to hide their origins for many historical reasonings and because they deeply loath their own indigenous identity & ethnic mix. They often change their family names, as all crooks do, & falsify their linage or even usurp Native European peoples surnames in an attempt to hide their true origins and identity. These people often use completely falsified identities to hide within the targeted host population. These peoples often have deep multi-generational victimhood complexes and blame others for the hatred they hold for themselves and for other peoples! These self-loathing lost peoples often use & abuse abrahamic religions to hide their true origins as well.  These peoples especially must go to the lands of their ancestors and reconnect with their ethnically specific indigenous identities, native culture & earth-centric spirituality and try to find peace. They must end their self-loathing passive-aggressive attacks against other peoples and populations.

Don’t let your ideology override your humanity. Do NOT allow yourselves to be radicalised by these marxist-zionist terrorists or their media/entertainment propaganda machine or other. Remember, both black power & white power are funded by these same marxist-zionist terrorists… the whole skin-tone identity deception is the marxist-zionist terrorists narrative and its a trap. Again, only rootless & lost peoples use skin-tone as their base/root identity. All peoples are much more then just their skin-tone. This skin-tone identity is fuelled and funded by these marxist-zionist terrorists to divide and rule us allll on a base & racist level. These are time tested tactics of divide and rule plus it allows the marxist-zionists terrorists to hide within their targeted society or Nation. They use deception, subversion, division & revolution to further their toxic globalist agenda.

The marxist-zionist terrorist use and abuse the abrahamic religions to further this division of especially the Native European peoples. **These marxist-zionist terrorists especially use and abuse Judaism as a shield and a weapon to slander & attack those who expose their tactics & globalist agenda!** The fact is all abrahamic religions & asiatic religions act as a type of societal glue to unite a very mixed bag of ethnicities & cultures… over time these religions leaders all try to say that they are ethnicities and cultures which they are NOT… that are just religions/choices of faith! Judaism is especially abused in this way but again the other abrahamic religions now do the same and the asiatic religions are now pushing in this direction too. To be clear all the abrahamic religions work in a continuum and the asiatic religions are now doing the same too. The converso-Jesuit order is to the Catholic church as Jeffery Epstein was to the US government… they both run & ran zionist pedophile entrapment & blackmailing rings but only degenerates got caught up in it anyway! Always, remember that religions are just choices of faith followed by a multi-ethnic & multicultural group of peoples and they are all fallible… they are just religions & nothing more or less! No people are chosen or unchosen either.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R./Skáld Rekkr 

On: The Reality & Gravity Of The Situation (July/12/2020)
The Native European peoples are far, far more then just “white”. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone. And again, #alllivesmatter  is still just about right & wrong & NOT about skin-tone at all. Only lost & rootless tools use skin-tone as root identity btw.
The silly abrahamic religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarianism & their cults: kabbalah, Sufism, masonic etc..) are just similar religions, they are not “races” or blood types or land bases etc… they are just abrahamic religions. No peoples are chosen or unchosen. That stated these abrahamic religions all have small groups of individuals who operate deep forms of usury to enslave the larger group of peoples. Abrahamic religions are also used to entrap & glue together different large groups of peoples into a multi-ethnic & multicultural people… for reasons of empire, colonisation, subjugation, miscegenation, usury & more deeper forms of globalisation.
Now there is a small group of marxist-zionist terrorists who could be called just “white” for that is what they use to hide behind and the only thing some of them have in common with the Native European peoples… but to be very clear, these marxist-zionist terrorists are NOT Native European peoples. Plus all this skin-tone identity is just one of their propaganda deceptions. Although they do have a large group or mixed peoples that they use & abuse as their entitled victim-class proxy terrorists & propagandists. So if you are one of these don’t be a orc & traitor to your people for dollars, shekels, pounds, riyal, rubles…etc. Don’t be an orc for marxist-zionist globalism!
We must expose & disavow usury on all levels. The use of Capital at very low interest rates is normal… but usury/financial-slavery is completely unacceptable. All peoples should stop paying income tax until usury is stamped out like a grassfire & unable to raise its nasty head again! Remember, the ring in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and in Das Rhine Gold is the circle/cycle of debt & usury. We were warned many times & long ago. This CORONA virus is being used to put all of our Nations into deep debt to this handful of globalist banksters based largely in London & NYC! No Way!
All Native European peoples (Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic’s, Slavic, Hellenistic & Italics) must all understand that these marxist-zionist terrorists hate us for historical reasonings. All other Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere must understand that if these marxist-zionist terrorists are successful…. they will be next!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R. 

On: Hatred Towards The Native European Peoples July/15/2020
Remember Native European peoples, we must never allow ideologues or zealots to rewrite our myths, legends & histories to extrapolate the Native European peoples out of existence. They will try to water-down our history and knowledge of ourselves with this or that lie or with some kind of mostly fictional “scientific evidence” or another deconstructionist narrative. Why? Because these marxist-zionist terrorists & their brainwashed victim-class proxies hate the Native European peoples & also teach others to hate us too… even some of our own. They also teach some lost Native European people to hate themselves through deep social engineering deceptions.

The marxist-zionist-globalists wish to force 3rd world migration into our land to repopulate/colonise our lands and miscegenate us & them out of existence & destroy our ethnically specific indigenous identities, native cultures & earth-centric spirituality… and our societies & Nations for reasons of historical hatred.

These usurious marxist-zionist globalists have already stolen & appropriated much from the Native European peoples & their usurious circle/cycle of debt & usury has ensnared, enslaved & entrapped many peoples but they cannot occupy our Spirits if we remain culturally and spiritually intact. We must hold the line and steadily & peacefully push these marxist-zionist-globalist terrorists back & freeze & drive them out of our institutions & Nations for good.

Plus we must #ReWild our fatherlands for future generations of Native European peoples:) We must bring back the European Bison, Lynx, Wolves…etc… we must replant the ancient Oak and Beech forests and ReWild our rivers, lakes and protect all freshwater sources completely. REWILD EUROPE PLAN

We are the intact Native European peoples… live it, express it, celebrate it and show the world that we won’t just continue to exist but we will lead the way forward as we always have:)

May the AllFather/God bless you all with every one of your positive actions.
Peace Through Intelligence ~D.R. 

On: Indentured Servitude, Vigilante Justice & Guilt (July 28 2020)
Just for perspective: The word “slave” is a derivative of, and cognate to, the word “Slav” or “Slavic” who were and are a Native European people who were enslaved in such huge numbers that we actually use their name as the term for this deep form of human usury & bondage. Some scholars think that it might have been the largest slave trade in the world with many millions of Slavic people being captured by mostly the turkic tribes and mongols and sold in huge slave markets in the Middle East and yes, Africa.

The second largest slave trade is said to be the African on African slave trade that built the Pyramids and lasted for many hundreds of years…etc. After that comes the Arab-African slave trade and then way down the line comes the African slave trade to the America’s… wherein Native African’s sold other Native African’s to Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch ships bound for the America’s. Most of these African peoples were brought as slaves to South America, Central America and the Caribbean… and actually very few were brought to the USA…but even a very few is far too many when it comes to slavery! In the USA they were used mostly to pick the cotton in the south but also to work the industries of the north.

Many Native European peoples, as well as the Slavic peoples, were also sold as slaves too… most were Celtic peoples but they used the term “indentured servitude” but it was plain old slavery indeed but just by another name. This is also true for lynchings too btw…. but as it is with “indentured servitude”/slavery… so was it with lynching. It was called “vigilante justice” when lynching a Native European person… but again it was a plain old lynching. Funny how the linguistics & language has been manoeuvred around. Do you think this may have been on purpose? I do!

I should also add that I hear people say all the time “well we need these migrants/immigrants to do the shit jobs we don’t want to do”… well this is an extremely racist statement and as our Nations are mechanising more and more it is also an untrue statement. We actually don’t need cheap labour/migrants because our Nations industries are few as of now & due to automation & mechanisation the steady laborious jobs are getting rarer not more plentiful. So? It is also an old and regressive statement that only a very wealthy handful of early American’s may have used when it came time to pick the cotton down south and man the industries up north! No the American Revolution was NOT fought to “free the slaves”… this is a bs rewriting of history that is too complex to get into here but look it up! Plus the income-tax & the cycle of debt & usury has made slaves of us all now anyway! 

Truly I can’t help but think that all this “slavery” & “lynching” etc… etc rhetoric all the time in the USA and elsewhere is used and abused, like the WW2 propaganda narrative is, as a deconstructionist tool to set the USA up for further deconstructionism and as a tool of the marxist-zionist social engineers to weave undo guilt into the minds of our peoples and the fabric of our Native European cultures, societies & Nations. Enough is enough, Folks!

No, the asiatic & abrahamic religious identities won’t cut it either & using skin-tone as root identity is only for lost and rootless peoples. All peoples must find their ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and Earth-centric spirituality… only then will humanity harmonise. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Revolutionary Forces In America (July 30th 2020)
Simply: The marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists have compromised or bought up both the extreme political right and left in the USSA empire and these marxist-zionist terrorists thrive off of division & revolution. The USA American Republic must rise again within its own secure borders and then these marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists must swing or be jailed for treason & sedition and this includes their idiotic brainwashed proxies too… if jailed that includes with hard labour I must add. Work will set them free… after 50-80 years of it. It’s really this simple.

You see it has taken some Native European Nations a bit longer to figure out that all native European peoples lost the World wars and these marxist-zionist forces that were allowed to stand have run amuck and have pushed deep levels of deconstructionism &  social engineering on our peoples & societies. Well, its time to clean up this mess once and for all & correct the deep wrongs that are still used today to do more new wrongs. They even use the same slanderous WW2 propaganda words and the old and tired WW2 narratives too… its pathetic and laughable! This from the degenerate mouths of those who still push destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone of our cultures, societies & Nations…  and these marxist-zionist terrorists also push the murder/sacrifice/abortion of babies! Not to mention they push other deep social engineering concepts on gender & sexual preference & orientation …etc… etc… all the while pushing nasty pornography which is a weapon and tool of deconstructionism and full of terrible perversions designed to weaken & destroy our cultures, societies and Nations from within… for a chosen fews marxist-zionist global disorder & gain. No way, no thanks & f$%# you very much! Lol!

Yes, all gangsters change their names and use abrahamic religions to hide behind as a cover and a shield against criticism of their criminality. Well, that won’t work any longer either. The abrahamic faiths/religions are just choices of faith and will no longer be allowed to be used & abused as shelters for criminals or their crimes. It’s dogma’s are not our Laws. Our Native European great Northern AngloSaxon & Norse Laws, that protect all peoples equally, will remain the Law of these Lands and the Native European Nations.

No puppet tRump is not the “saviour” nor is he the “devil”… he is just a puppet plain and simple… and whoever’s hand is up his butt does the talking. Now BLM is not a saviour nor the devil either… they are just more marxist-zionist brainwashed proxies. Nor are these marxist-zionist terrorist, who control both sides, the “devil” either. It is just a criminal/gangster & puppet/proxy problem. The USSA is a bought up two sides of one political party system… that just won’t do any longer. The rational majority must stop getting tricked & forced into making irrational extreme choices that always favour the marxist-zionist terrorists and NOT the otherwise rational majority.

This can all be easily & quickly solved if people/citizens start to educate themselves & each other and shut of the marxist-zionist terrorists highly controlled & consolidated major network “media’s” and their “alternative media” proxies too. We must use non bias communication lines & uncensored social media to defeat this corporate “media’s” propaganda and the censorship and propaganda of their social media’s too.

The American Empire must close the gates and secure the realm. (as should European Nations too.) Then the American Republic can rise again within its own secure borders… and focus on its domestic issues and end its foreign marxist-zionist globalist terroristic adventures. We don’t need more idiotic “revolution”… we need more democratic evolution that benefits all peoples equally.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R

On: The Use Of Perversion & Degeneracy In Social Engineering & Deconstructionism (July 31 2020)
Canada’s gone nuts! The institutionalised neoliberalism in Canada has enabled child abuse. The “gay rights” & “non-binary” movements are a not so subtle way of pushing social deconstructionism & social engineering on our youth/children & societies. Some groups can’t reproduce themselves so they need to groom and socially engineer their next generation… and this is exactly that. They often target and groom disenfranchised or neglected youth & children and that is what should be illegal in Canada. Canada’s ethics scales are bent & tilted in favour of the child abusers and this must be peacefully argued & corrected though the courts. We must not seek financial, emotional or any other form of injury to these groups… and they should have & enjoy the same freedoms & liberties as any other group… but we must also not allow them to deconstruct, socially engineer or abuse our youth/children and our societies which is based on the reproductive family unit.

The “porn industry” plays into this on many levels. Simply “porn” is a weapon used by marxist-zionist deconstructionists against a targeted society to break it down through sexual, and thus spiritual, degradation. It is also a tool of the social engineers used to dismantle the norms that stabilise any culture, society & Nation. Hyper sexualisation is deeply destructive to any community or society. We can see how it was used as a weapon with it’s use against the German people after WW1 & WW2 by the allies and their social engineering cohorts… and how it is used today against the semitic Native Palestinians in Palestine by their marxist-zionist occupiers. This “pornography weapon” has had massive blowback though and has served to deconstruct even the societies who first weaponised it against others societies.

I won’t even get into the insanity of the baby-sacrifice/abortion issue brought into Canada and forced on our Native European peoples societies by the likes of, *Henekh “Henry” Morgentaler*… who was a degenerate foreigner with a stolen German last name & of the same ilk that has brought so much depravity & usury into our Native European peoples societies & Nations for centuries now! Enough is enough, Folks!
Peace through intelligence! ~D

On: The Treachery Of The Abrahamic-Box (Aug 6, 2020)
Christianity comes in and destroys or coopts the ethnically specific indigenous identity, culture and earth-centric spirituality of a targeted people… and Judaism always fallows them in, as Christianity always crucifies itself eventually… or become Judaizer’s with much help from Judaism of course. Then human & natural resource extraction begins… both cultural & environmental destruction, which is a form of deep usury btw, & institutionalised usury is set-up and mass migration/colonisation is opened up too. 

Once the indigenous people are out numbered & bled dry through this abrahamic cycle/circle of debt & usury… the abrahamic’s then flood the region with a even more ethnically mixed group of lost migrants/neo-colonisers. Once they too are bled dry and start to rebel… they turn these ethnically mixed societies loose on each other through a highly consolidated media… and once they thrash each other out & divide the region or Nation down ethnic, cultural or religious lines… & they too are bled dry with more usury & debt… then more Islam is added to the mix and they instantly rise-up to finish the destruction through force & miscegenation. 

Judaism then runs away howling wolf as they strike out in pain… that they are the victims again…of course… & pitiful Christianity looks on glassy eyed barely still hanging from its cross. As the pillaging begins the indigenous run back out onto their poorest lands as they abandon their ancient cities first! And in the end the Orc piglets always start eating each other up anyway over the simplest of differences. So it works out for no one! 

You see these nasty abrahamic religions work in a continuum to destroy ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & their ancient & harmonious earth-centric spirituality & societies!

F%&$ this abrahamic-box/trap! Time to end it’s usurping and destruction of indigenous peoples… and its maniacal tirade, Folks! If it wishes to behave and stay within its temples… then fine but it must stop trying to destroy our independent societies, Nations and indigenous identities. These abrahamic religions must also stop trying to destroy each other too… especially from within our societies. I say play nice & peacefully or go back to the desert wastelands your ideologies crawled out of! We the indigenous majority will never allow you abrahamic tools, or your proxies or political ideologies, to dived and rule us. Never! 

So, what is the overall solution? All peoples, with the mind to, must find & return to their ancient & wholesome indigenous identity… to their beautiful Native Culture and their much older and wiser pre-abrahamic earth-centric spirituality again! It’s that simple!

I hope all you abrahamic’s are pissed off because that means I’ve done my job!Lol! The farmer always spreads the manure evenly on the field and this abrahamic $hit really stinks but someone had to do it! Lol. Now, I’m no farmer… I just notice these things while looking out over the beautiful wide valleys below & watching the farmers tilling & toiling away…. while I rest from hunting the wild mountain peaks for answers:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: So Now You Know (Aug. 22, 2020)
This is for you rarities. The sheeple need not look up from their staring at the ground chewing:)

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem, folks. They are two toxic ideologies that work together in tandem. They are the “left” & “right” hands washing each other. One washes the other and vice-versa. The marxist-zionist terrorists control both hands… and both sides of every debate, historical or present narrative, media etc…etc… they are the hedgers and the betters. Its classic abrahamic dualism and a win, win for a very tiny group, who some call the chosen few. No sorry, I don’t own a dog whistle… all the abrahamic religions are involved… but nice try, tool!

That stated the Native European peoples living in the America’s and in some regions of Europe (especially England) must wise up now & see how they are being used, abused & screwed by these marxist-zionist terrorists. Now, we can’t blame others all the time for our own naivety, fear, ignorance & intellectual laziness. The native European peoples are especially high in openness & thus very, very naive & easily deceived. Plus the intellectual soil has been made very shallow in the America’s, the USSA & in a once jolly old England & this thin intellectual soil has been intentionally denuded too. Thus nothing fruitful & truly paradigm shifting can grow in this thin & denuded intellectual soil anymore. The hollowed halls of Oxford & Harvard are particularly intellectually void, due to over a century of parroting & credentialism over rationalism. Not to mention the mindless & stifling gobs of old World war propaganda that has been heaped on top to be sure the truth doesn’t see the light of day! Thus the lack of these old Germanic understandings has been paralysing to our intellects, societies & Nations.

You see it was the Germanic’s who picked up the intellectual gauntlet from the pagan Hellenistic/s/Greeks… that gauntlet had been thrown down and defiled by the idiotic abrahamic religions & their desolate & desperate desert worshipers. Plus the Germanic’s added their own innate Heathen Germanic wisdom too. These philosophical & practical understandings were then passed on & expanded on too by the other Native European peoples. So the Hellenistic/Greeks philosophies & pagan wisdom when mixed with the Germanic’s philosophy & Heathen wisdom… plus add in the great Northern forethought… well it was, and is, an almost magical combination that inspired & drove allllll the Native European peoples far forward… leading the way for all other peoples too btw. Well, it is this incredible brilliance that made them the first targets of these toxic marxist-zionist terrorists… and their globalist agenda.

So then came the not great nor good Brother wars/World war 1 & 2 wherein over 100 million Native European peoples were slaughtered and most were of Christian faith too… and to add insult to injury most of the Germanic’s and other Native European peoples accumulation of intellectual properties, patents and copyrights were stolen, usurped, plagiarised & fakes & phony’s then took credit for what the largely Germanic’s had created, figured out & put into theoretical & practical application! So shameful & disgusting!

No it wasn’t the Germanic DNA that figured these technical & philosophical things out… it was the “great northern forethought” that is due to environmental conditioning, which evolved a mind that could prepare & preserve to last through a long cold Northern winter. But it also took a big heaping spoonful of the Prussian Educational system that focused on critical thinking & rationalism & was completely inclusive… plus, a huge wallop of Native European Pagan & Heathen classical thought that was passed down through millennia…. and again, that has benefitted allll peoples equally today!

Now, It is not darkness these marxist-zionist terrorists wish to destroy… for they live in total darkness. No, no… It is this very Native European light that they wish to capture, plagiarise, control & conceal from the rest of humanity… who they then wish to make their slaves. These marxist-zionist terrorists conceal this incredible light so that only they can profit off it… & privately they bath in its radiant light & infinite wisdom. Wow, such selfish  degeneracy.

The ancient Pagan Hellenistic/Greek & Germanic Heathen  understanding of Logos dictates that all that is meant to bring harm will be churned, twisted, hammered & bent into good by the AllFathers hand… this is the ancient Native European peoples concept of “Natural Law” which predates the incredible Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon (All Germanic’s btw) Native European doctrine of “Law & Order” that again now benefits all of humankind today.

So, take heart, Folks…. for all that is built on lies, deceit & foolish deceptions crumbles before the TRUTH:) The cracks are clear & this ancient light is shining out & it is illuminating our world still. No dark abrahamic religious robes, Professors gowns or toxic ideology can conceal this brilliance. The light knows only the light & the darkness is always banished before it! So now you know!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Truth Of Conscience (Sept 6,2020)
They call it the conscience or that little voice that tells you what is wrong & right, what is truthful and what is lies. Some ignore it & others amplify it by making that little voice their own voice to amplify the ethical standings and reason far and wide. Let nothing silence you, Folks. Use your conscience and peaceful ethical standing to hold the line. Use the ancient southern Pagan Greek/Hellenistic concept of Logos, the communication of reason and ethical standing, to deliver truth farther & wider. Not a truth that fit’s a lie… but a truth that stands the test of time.

Let no threat, slander or deception radicalise you or discourage you from seeking the truth in life. For to deny ones conscience is a fate worse then death. For these “deniers” I have met and they burn over the fires of regret and no decadence can cure their spirit’s discontentment… for their spirit has starts to rip from their flesh in life where usually it waits for death, at least for those of good conscience. This burning pain is known to some as the “hell” concept… but the real hell is between the ears of those of ill-conscience.

Now some roll along with it out of connivance, convenience, companionship or just out of ignorance… but these do not make a bad conscience legitimate. Just as sedition & treason are often treated to the same punishment. Well so it is too for sedition or treason of your spirit.

So enough with this semi enlightened new-age concept about how it’s just a “guilt complex”, given to you by a religion, society or a mother’s hex. Nope, that’s just an excuse one uses to get away with some more unethical bull$hit. Like the blind man who was pissing into the wind said, call it Natural Law or karma but it all comes back on ya! Lol For as there is no guilt without guiltiness, there is also no consciousness without conscience.

Let no dogma, ideology or arrogance override your humanity or dedication to truth & reality… stand & deliver and always speak clearly & freely my friends.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Racism (Oct 16, 2020)
A talmudic marxist-zionist communist terrorist bolshevik named “Trotsky” (Real name: Lev Davidovich Bronstein) created this fake word “racist” to slander Rus style Russians who rejected his mongol-turkic views of forced multiculturalism in Russia. This same marxits-zionist terrorist degenerate, Trotsky/Bronstein was also part of the reason over 60 million Native Slavic, Nordic, Germanic Rus style Russians were ethnically-cleansed/slaughtered in Russia too! This was done so Trotsky/Bronstein and his talmudic-supremacist ilk could takeover Russia and create their marxist-zionist USSR communist/shtetl state. It was Trotsky/Bronstein and his ilk that were & are the true racists & supremacists. They are talmudic-supremacists! 
All peoples have the right to free-will and the *right of association*… it’s that simple. It means no harm to anyone if one prefers to be around their own people/ilk. It’s no big deal and no ones business if people chose to be around their own. People must grow up now and quit pushing their regressive views onto others no matter how virtuous they think they are. If some people love their own people and only want to spend time with them… that does NOT mean they hate other peoples. Many peoples are extremely ethnocentric… and thats ok. 
Indigenous Peoples on their own lands have even more right to freeze out peoples they don’t like or don’t wish on their lands. Colonisation, mass-migration and demographic-warfare is very, very real and must be exposed & stopped. Calling it immigration or migration is just more lies… its still colonisation and demographic-warfare. This does not mean one can physically injure others but one has every right to exclude, freeze-out or repatriate groups or peoples they don’t wish to have around or on their own lands. All indigenous peoples everywhere have the right to repatriate peoples back to the lands of their own ancestors. It’s strange that this needs to be even stated but it does because that is how pathetic things have become. 
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Native European Spirituality (Oct 18, 2020)
Simply, the original abrahamic religion originated in the Ethiopian Region of Africa. Yes, abraham himself was a Africanised-Arab or a straight up African. So if you wish to fallow an abrahamic religion know that you are fallowing an African or Arab-African belief system. So that’s your call, but I wouldn’t fallow the abrahamic religions because simply they are foreign belief systems that have their origins far away from Europe in Africa. Plus all the abrahamic religions work in a type of continuum to destroy indigenous societies & Nations and all have been used & abused as tools of empire, colonisation, globalism & miscegenation
No matter who you are if you still wish to fallow an abrahamic religion well then fallow the oldest form of Catholicism which is a mix of early Christianity with southern Pagan Greek/Hellenistic beliefs, that also later took on many northern Heathen Germanic traditions and beliefs too. Do NOT fallow the jesuit & vatican 2 version of Catholicism.
As for the asiatic religions/belief systems… well same issue. They are foreign & not for Native European peoples.
That all stated I would highly recommend to all Native European peoples to fallow the pre-abrahamic and Earth-centric belief systems/spirituality of your ancient ancestors. That being the Southern Pagan beliefs or the Northern Heathen beliefs! It’s that simple!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The JQ (Nov 23rd, 2020)
From the old Biblical references to Immanuel Kant to E. Michael Jones and Kevin B. MacDonald… they all leave us with no doubt that judaism is a political ideology as much as it is a religious one. Especially if you consider judaism’s racist and supremacist spin-off’s of marxism, zionism and their talmudic and noahide laws and perspectives. Historically the multicultural & multiethnic people who fallow the Jewish faith and refer to themselves as biologically “jewish”, which is a fiction, but they are very extreme about their in-group preference & loyalty to their own groups interests over everything else. They usually only work within their own group towards the disenfranchisement of other peoples. They also work at controlling the Nations founded by other peoples and are extremely destructive to other peoples societies for they push radicalisation, marxist deconstructionism and various types of social engineering that soften up a targeted Nation or society for their sole benefit.

Now there is a smaller group within the international/globalist jewish community that I refer to as talmudic terrorists. This highly emasculated, deceptive apathetic’s that are highly emotionally driven & who operate on ignorant will and degenerate appetite & are the scoundrels behind the curtains & screens deceiving, polluting & decimating our Native European peoples societies & psyches wit their toxic narratives, lies & degenerate theatre. They have also weaponised mass-migration & are trying desperately to flood our Native European Nations with lost 3rd world migrants who they are hoping can be radicalised and taught to hate the Native European peoples too so these talmudic cowards can use these brainwashed migrants as their proxy terrorists against the Native European peoples.This is NOT the first time they have done this… historically they held open the gates of the Native European peoples cities for the Mongol hordes and the Turkic and Arab invaders… and the muslims invaders too of course…etc. So who is this tiny hateful group again? One can call them the the khazarian, turkic talmudic terrorists.

We must freeze out these invaders and their brainwashed migrant proxies and puppets. We must repatriate them all back to the lands of their own ancestors… for all peoples future generations.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

Jesus was the messiah of judaism but they tortured & murdered him and thus put out their light and now dwell in darkness until they atone and repent and become Catholic. Traditional Catholicism is the new covenant and its still relevant today because it absorbed Hellenic Pagan Logos and Germanic Heathen Reason… and this is basically the only reasons it is still relevant today… but just barely. The protestant secs & schisms are all just judaizers to one degree or another & most are completely defunct today. Now, the older wiser Native European peoples belief systems are excellent for the Native European peoples. God the AllFather is the judge of The Natural Law and this is what keeps the Natural Order… and our ancestors are the jury. God The AllFathers face and power is seen best in Nature. Its this simple.
Modern judaism and islam are all dogmatic ignorant will and degenerate appetite… but whatever… their followers are free to worship in their own abrahamic way back in the barren wastelands… but their path has faded in the shifting desert sands… so, good luck with that! Most of the very mixed peoples who fallow judaism today are turkic and NOT semitic at all.

The judaizing protestant schisms and cults got screwed long ago in their judaeo-protestant zionist globalist usury racket… pathetic. They didn’t understand their talmudic khazar partners debt & usury cycle/circle racket so well and so they got scammed too. The talmudic khazars robbed those silly judaizing protestant cults… but only after these turkic talmudic khazars tricked the protestants into robing their Native European brethren/the public & institutionalised debt & usury in most Native European societies and Nations… tragic! Long ago many Native European authors tried to covertly warn us about this debt & usury talmudic khazar scam. This is what Das Rhine Gold and The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings is all about…  they tried to covertly warn us all of this “ring” the cycle/circle of debt & usury that can enslave whole countries… which they have. Now our Income taxes go to pay on just the interest of these huge usurious debts owed to these usurious talmudic turkic khazar bastards! Now protestantism is largely defunct and has been reduced to some guys swinging rattlesnakes around in Texas ranting twisted judaizing scofield and Gideon “bible” fake scripture and sending more of their cash to these usurious talmudic banksters zionist terrorist brothers in Palestine… wow… how pathetic & sad.

One must understand that that term “jew” is a biblical political term for those who rejected Christ/Jesus the Judaic Messiah. The very mixed peoples who fallow Judaism today (85%) are largely of khazar turkic stock and are NOT semitic at all. The true Africanised-Arab Hebraic/Isralite & Semitic stock is tiny today & the Hebraic language is extinct in its true form. Most of this old stock Africanised-Arab Hebrew & Israelite stock today are what we now know as the very semitic Native Palestinian people. This is why these talmudic turkic zionist terrorist are trying to wipe out the last of these very semitic Native Palestinian people before the Christian majority figure out who the truly semitic Native Palestinian people truly are. For they, the semitic Native Palestinians, are the ethnic descendants of Jesus Christ…. and they are being crucified by genocide right before our eyes. Shame on all who have taken shekels and not cried out for them and for denying that we know them… as was done to their ancestor Jesus Christ. Shame on these turkic talmudic terrorists and their marxist & zionist deceptions & lies! Let’s just say the apostle John had it right.

One must understand the judaeo-protestant zionist globalist usury alliance which also has a judaizing converso jesuit arm too. Again, I think all the abrahamic religions are way off in many ways and they act in a type of continuum. The judaizing converso jesuit form of Catholicism should be exposed and suppressed… but the traditional Catholicism should be supported for its traditional teachings and, again, as a ideological deterrent against islam and judaism who work together… like wahhabism and zionism!
Now there are those who are trying to turn the Native European peoples into “just white” folk, when we are far, far more than just our skin-tone. I know the turkic/khazar talmudic types push this “just white” stuff for they are light in skin-tone & so they can continue to hide within the Native European peoples. But the word is out… so I would can this «just white» deceptive trick or you will end up looking like the ziotard shill you are. Plus all truly Native European peoples know very well that they are far, far more than “just white” and that these khazar ashkeNazi’s are turkic and NOT semitic nor Native European either. The Native European peoples are: Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic and that is it. No the turkic peoples are NOT included and never will be… and again, nor are they semitic either… so they must get out of Palestine and back out onto the far southeastern Eurasian step-lands of khazaria where they came from! They can start up their turkic khazar empire again in the middle of the new silk road but no enslaving of the the Savic peoples this time or the Slavic, Nordic, Baltic & Germanic Rus will have to crush their turkic talmudic khazar empire again! Lol!
If you really want to understand what is going on in the USSA & the rest of the West right now you must watch & read all of Michael Collins Piper’s works ie: The Judas Goats, Final Judgment (the khazar zionists murdered JFK for their nuke program) etc. As well, listen to all of Eustace Mullins interviews and read all his books too. Simply… the talmudic leninist trotskyite marxist-zionist supremacist terrorists are the problem. This tiny group must be exposed & peacefully but firmly driven out of, or frozen out of, our institutions, governments, media, education & financial systems & structures… for decades of sedition, treason, usury & terrorism against mostly the Native European peoples. Again, they are mostly of khazar turkic origin & NOT semitic, hebraic or Native European at all.

As well, you must educate yourself on what really happened when just at the close of WW1 the turkic-marxist-leninist-trotskyite-zionist talmudic bolshevik terrorists and their mongol hordes took over Rus-sia & murdered over 65 million Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic Rus style Rus-ians for reasons of historical hatred. This reality is what set off WW2 and is what has been the cause of so much grief and slaughter in our world today. This is also why WW1 and this Bolshevik slaughter is hardly ever taught and barely mentioned in the West today. Its too hide the truth of it all and to hide the lies of their 20Th Century fake World war narratives. 

Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Debt, Usury & Income-Tax Scam: Simply the judaeo-protestant zionist alliance that was set-up long ago to rob the Catholic church but went on to rob us all & institutionalise a global debt, usury & taxation racket must be brought down! Now the khazar talmudic terrorists are running the show! Time to expose them & peacefully deconstruct their debt & usury scam once & for all! Step #1: All at once stop paying the income-tax & this will starve & bring the globalist beast down!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

All music, lyrics, writings & concepts created & written by Andrew C. Rouse. All Rights reserved © Copyright 2014 Andrew C. Rouse 

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