Below is a distillation of some of my thoughts and writings after years spent in quiet contemplation of, communion with and resonating to, the Earth vibration that resonates, animates and harmonises all living things equally. Enjoy these mind-bombs and the intellectual butchering of these once sacred cows. Remember: Never use the words, lies or narratives of your true oppressors! ~D.R.

On: Toxic Masculinity
Firstly, there is no such thing as “toxic masculinity” nor “toxic femininity” for that matter, but we do live in highly feminised societies in the west and its a lack of masculinity that is actually creating most of the deconstructionism, turmoil and drama. Its called emasculation. Many threatened already emasculated males often try to emasculate other males, usually unknowingly. Our societies and food chain is largely toxic to masculinity actually… so from boys to men they are being emasculated physically and socially! This is not a good thing obviously… for when they decide to snap back against this emasculation it is usually in a very destructive way. So we must focus this energy and not ignorantly react but snap back in a very ethical, logical, intelligent and controlled & constructive way. For that is what it is to be masculine!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Local Not Global
Buy & support Local NOT global. Support Nationalism NOT internationalism or globalisation. Barter and trade as much as possible locally. Use cash, never credit or even debit. Plus, never ever pay religious taxes (ie: halal or kosher or any other religions taxes or tidings.) If you have been tricked into a usury situation… just stop paying. Buy/support organic small family farmed food growers/producers and/or services. Grow your own and by direct from local family farmers. Use your right of free association and your personal purchasing power to support those you wish to see flourish and starve the rest of your cash and energies. Don’t pay income taxes. Don’t buy globalist crap from criminals, cabals, cartels, internationalists, colonialists or from invader migrant/colonialist groups either. Grow, make and create all you can yourself and support your own local communities. Never surrender to globalism or globalisation and its many forms of usury and slavery… ignore and starve globalism’s tools, fools and orcs of your energies.

All neo-colonialists/migrants must return to their own indigenous lands of their forefathers and support their own families, communities, people and Nations and preserve their own ancient Native cultures by doing the above too and stop being pathetic orcs and bitches of zionist-globalists. Even the Dalai Lama says “Migrants must go home”. No more neo-colonisation of Native European or any other Indigenous peoples lands! It’s time to ReWild our Nations and other regions and stop the zio-globalists repopulation plan that seeks to destroy all Indigenous cultures and make all intact Indigenous/Native peoples strangers on the lands of their ancestors. No Way! This tiny cabal of zio-globalists and their high finance empire will be brought down for its usury and crimes against humanity on a mass scale!

Remember, the colonisation of the America’s was dead wrong long ago but modern day 3rd world neo-colonisation of today is far, far worse because we all know better now and the 3rd world has billions of people! Plus, two wrongs will never make a right… it just makes more wrong! Time to invest in the ReWilding of the Indigenous Native European peoples lands and stop the globalists from trying to repopulate Europe, and other regions, by flooding our lands with 3rd world colonisers, migrants & invaders. Time to invest our cash into the Indigenous/Native European peoples identities, cultures, histories and our environment by ReWilding Europe. The combination of Environmental Rights & Native/Indigenous Rights & Land Title is a powerful combination against these toxic globalist forces! We must stop globalisations destructive effects on all Indigenous peoples identities everywhere and stop the desolation of their Native cultures and lands. 3rd World migration/colonisation/invasion is just another tool the zio-globalists use and abuse to try and illuminate ethnically specific, harmonious & intact Indigenous/Native peoples and their ancient, beautiful, and already diverse, cultures!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Abrahamic-box
To all people’s mired in the ”abrahamic box” of Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Rastafarianism-for the hippies & Trustafarians… and a few other abrahamic’s that are too small and not worth mentioning… and their mysticism form of kabala-bla-bla-bla, Christ-cults or sufism and their political wings of zionism and wahhabism… well it’s high time to smarten up and escape that old and tired abrahamic box & it’s dualistic thinking. No your abrahamic religions are NOT ethnicities, cultures or other… they are pie-in -the-sky old desert beliefs that are as barren as the wastelands they came out of… & full of camel crap=zealotry and dogma. Lol!

If you truly believe in helping to preserve our beautiful indigenous environment for future generations you must find your way back to your people’s Native, *pre-abrahamic*, Earth-centric belief system again.

The abrahamic’s have been too coopted and used and abused as just tools of empire and colonization to be useful. Plus they deeply narrow your minds ability to think rationally and logically… and it disconnects you from the interconnected perspective and a whole hearted view of life and each other

So escape the abrahamic box and the abrahamic mess that has softened you up for further usury and mental slavery! Read and remember the words of the great thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle & Socrates who were also earth-centric Heathens but of the Greek pagan version… as apposed to the Latin/Roman pagans. Which is the same schism as what beset the Catholic church much later with the great schism between the Greek Orthodox Catholics and the Roman Catholics.

There is only one ancient vibration that resonates, animates and harmonizes all living things equally. Call it what you will, but it is best experienced in the wilderness of earth and in selfless acts of true kindness… or so the Heathens say.
Peace through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Already Diverse Native European Peoples
The Indigenous/Native European people’s are very diverse already with many tribes/ethnicities such as the: Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Italic & Grecian peoples. The already diverse Native/Indigenous European people’s are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the globe/Planet. They also have some of the smallest ethnically and culturally specific indigenous homelands/land-bases on the globe too.

So the Native European people’s can only help the 3rd world billions to help themselves within their own indigenous Nations. Native European people can only help from a far if they want to save themselves and preserve their ancient and already diverse cultures. We must end the 3rd world colonization of Native Europeans lands. As the Dalai Lama already told these colonialists/migrants “You must go home and rebuild”,

The lost and rootless multi-ethnic and multi-culti abrahamic zionist globalist forces want to destroy and displace all Indigenous/Native People’s everywhere and destroy all indigenous cultures and their ancient pre-abrahamic earth-centric belief systems too.
Peace Through intelligence ~D.R>

On The Neo-Colonisation Of Europe
It was dead wrong long ago to colonise the Native Americans in the America’s and it is even more wrong now to colonise the Native Europeans in tiny Europe, because we all know better now.

Its NOT a colour thing, its a cultural thing. Its NOT a ethnic thing, its an environmental thing. European Nations have an extremely tiny land base with very little wild lands left for wildlife/wild animals and for recreation. There is already to much human pressure on the freshwater, air and soil. More people means more pressure on the Native Europeans environment. So we have no other option but to end migration/neo-colonisation and start to re-wild our Native lands for future generations.

Remember that the Native European peoples: Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Italic’s, Grecian’s are some of the smallest ethnic *minorities* on the globe… and they have the smallest sacred Native homelands/land-base of any minority on the globe too!

Plus these 3rd world peoples come from huge countries and regions and even whole continent where they are the majority and number over a billion people each: ie: India, China, The Arab States, Africa…etc. We can only truly help these poor 3rd world peoples, best and more cheaply, within their own Native home regions and Nations. Thus helping them, their families, their communities and helping to preserve their ancient Native Cultures and lands too:)

We must end the colonisation of all Native/Indigenous peoples lands and cultures everywhere.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Native American People & Native European Peoples Unity
Both The Native American peoples and the Native European Peoples must now work together to stop the 3rd worlds neo-colonisation of our lands and to protect our indigenous cultures from the Globalist backed 3rd world invasion… that seeks to destroy and displace all Native/Indigenous peoples on the globe.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: No Such Thing As Just “White”
Firstly, All this “white” talk plays right into the anti-white agenda. “White” is is not an ethnicity… nor is it a religious preference. So stop color coding everything you are falling into another one of the zio-globalists abrahamic dualistic dialectic traps!

There is no such thing as “just-white”. Now you maybe ethnically Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, italic, Grecian.. etc. or a mix of these can be referred to as “Native European”. Always remember that the Native European peoples have the most variation in eye and hair colour and skin tone. They are also some of the smallest ethnic minorities on the Earth with the smallest land base and very little wild lands left for those other native Europeans:) ie: wildlife/wild animals.  

So this “white & Brown/Black” stuff is a zio-globalist divide and rule tactic, a this or that dialectical trap! Get out of this trap and don’t use this abrahamic dualism dialectic or their other bipolar divide and rule narratives anymore!

Oh yes.. this goes for black, pink, purple, blue, red, orange…etc people too… you are not just the pigmentation of your skin… so find your Native/indigenous identity witch is not just your skin tone/pigment or religious preference… it goes much deeper then these superficial traits but its also written all over your face too. It’s a whole bunch of cultural, spiritual and yes, physical traits too, that were formed over geological time by climate, foods and are specific and native to one region of this beautiful earth. Find your roots too.

Always remember that supremacy, entitlement, privilege, nationalism…etc. come in every colour and ethnicity and can be found in every religion, culture, region and Nation on this beautiful green and blue earth.

So, don’t let the abrahamic dualistic globalist racist fools fool you into believing that all you truly are is only skin deep and rootless!
Peace Through Intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Native Europeans, Re-wilding Europe & Neo-colonisation
Ok Native Europeans you only have two options for your extremely tiny Nations and their super tiny land-mass and even tinier wild lands:

Option #1, Re-wild it, meaning return much of Europe’s land to a natural state which will improve your water, air, forests and mental health state as well… plus make wildlife corridors, an Eco-Net to interconnect these wild lands across Europe and Eurasia… this will allow Europe’s other inhabitants, wild animals, ie:Wolves, Bears, Wood Bison/Buffalo etc… etc to flourish again! Expand and replant the ancient Beech and Oak forests again… But you must first STOP flooding your lands with neo-colonialists/migrants.

Option #2: Or, keep flooding your lands with more neo-colonialists/migrants and have less wild lands and even more pressure on your already overly compressed & highly compromised environment and tiny land-base! Your drinking water, soils & air quality will get worse and worse… so will your standard of living as more and more of your truly wild lands get butchered for their resources or degraded and contaminated by over use… etc. for what? To help the 3rd worlds billions/masses of migrants/neo-colonialists? We can only truly help them in their own Nations/regions!

It’s a well understood environmental concept that less people make for a much cleaner, greener and healthier environment! This is well understood & documented by all ligitamate environmental groups and organizations.

Remember the Native European people’s are the smallest ethnic minorities on the globe and have the tiniest land -base/regions! The Native European peoples are also the most diverse people in regards to hair & eye colour & skin tone too.

Most of the protected lands in Europe are still heavily under pressure from over-usage and are not very useful/nourishing lands for wild animals. We can’t just give our wild friends/animals scraps of barren land… we must give them lands that they can thrive on and rebuild their numbers and spread out from! Don’t be so human-centric all the time! The Native Americans understand all of this above already!

So, do you really want to “save the planet”? Well start by saving your own tiny wild lands and their wild animal inhabitants and expand them further by **Re-Wilding Europe!**. Not just for you, but for the wild animals too! Then more of us can live like truly Native Europeans again.

So, do you really want to “save the planet”? Well start by saving your own tiny wild lands and their wild animal inhabitants and expand them further by **Re-Wilding Europe!**. Not just for you, but for the wild animals too! Then more of us can live like truly Native Europeans again.

So don’t believe the multi-culti globalist sales-people when they try to sell you these lies… or tell you that what is stated clearly above is just selling “fear”. Lol! We are NOT selling anything or buying their crap either, that’s the point. The globalist multi-culti salespeople, just don’t like that we are clearly calling them and their scam out and exposing and explaining away what they are selling/dealing. Which is demographic warfare on the environment, indigenous peoples and indigenous cultures everywhere!

It’s also wise to note that many of these multi-culti globalist salespeople come from the most noninclusive groups, yet they want everyone else to be completely inclusive to the point of extinction! Very strange, right?

Now I’m all for group hugs and all but, not at the expense or destruction of the environment or indigenous peoples and their ancient cultures!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: “The American Model”
What is this “American Dream” stuff I keep hearing about? Is it actually the American nightmare or “American model” wherein you wipe-out or greatly reduce in number the Native/indigenous peoples and then replace them or repopulate their land with a multi-culti mishmash of people who too must forgo and forget their true native and ethnic cultural identity for a fake “American” one comprised of consumerism, sports and a fictionalized myth called the “American Dream”!? Which was actually a colonization sales pitch to get people to move to the USA.Lol! Laughable! Don’t laugh “Canadians” this is your plight too! Lol! You too South and Central non-indigenous “Americans”!

So, in short it’s about colonization/neo-colonization wherein a lost group of multi-culties destroys an existing indigenous Native cultural base and builds a very thin multi-culti marketplace veneer ontop with a fake culture, history… etc.

So, can we just call it like it is, folks… all this loopy eyed delusional stuff is creeping me out. It’s the American model, which was a big experiment that is sadly failing miserably and falling apart right before our eyes… it’s fracturing down ethnic, cultural and religious lines… as each group parry for power and as other smaller, less inclusive groups, egg and gear them on to weaken the whole and create more divide so they may rule… and will then use one of these other groups as their orcs. Don’t be an orc for globalism!

Well, this “American Model” is NOT worth emulating, replicating, duplicating or copying in any way, shape or form! **Do you hear me Native Europeans?** I hope so! The “American Dream” is a nightmare and it will only get worse and worse in the America’s due to this failed experimental model.

So, what do we do! Well, first find and reconnect to your own indigenous native roots, ethnicity and cultural identity … your going to need your ancestors, as we all need our roots to grow healthy & strong!

Again, don’t be an orc for globalism! “Rrace-war” is not the answer… it’s like “Revolutions” they just go around and around. Running blind back into this or that Asiatic belief system or back into the Abrahamic-box wont help either… the belly-button gazers and Abrahamic brats have been fighting and killing each other for thousands of years! Nope it’s finding our way back to our Native/indigenous roots in mind, body and spirit! That’s the only way forward, folks! But first we must ask our Native/indigenous hosts what they want and how they see this great unwinding taking place.

Peace through intelligence because all this ignorance isn’t working! ~D.R.

On: The Globalist Stage & Zionist Trolls
On the globalist stage the zionist trolls are trying to stir up our multi-culti experimental societies and embolden their orcs and set them loose within our Nations! Don’t be an orc for zio-globalism!

All must remain calm and peaceful but we must pull these parasitic ziotard monkeys off our Nations backs and throw this tiny gang of cultural marxist deconstructionists and their unelected autocrats out of our institutions for all of our sakes!

We must also stop the zio-globalist sponsored neo-colonization of our Nations by the 3rd worlds billions! Colonization was wrong in the past so it’s more wrong now because we all know better! No thanks… it’s bad for us, them and the environment! We must re-wild our Native lands not overpopulate or repopulate them.

As well. political jewry is no trope or joke and throws a lot of cash around in many Nations political circles. Often funding both the radical left and right on any issue, classic abrahamic dualism, as long as they steer the conversation away from the zionist state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land.

All Nations must protect their indigenous people and culture and deal with their own people now within their own indigenous borders!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Abrahamic-Box & Heathenism
The abrahamic religions have all been deeply compromised and far too used and abused as tools of empire, colonisation and globalisation to be relevant any longer. The abrahamic’s are NOT ethnicities nor are they cultures, they are just religions, choices of faith followed by multi-ethnic groups of people.

To think truly rationally & logically one must escape this abrahamic-box of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and, for the hippies, Rastafarianism. Lol! All of these, and a few others that are too small to bother mentioning, are just different forms of abrahamic dogma and desert philosophy. Abraham was an Ethiopian, African who spread his beliefs and teachings through the teachers/prophets of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Selassie.

Native Europeans who can’t go straight into their ancient earth-centric Heathen beliefs of their ancestors should then return to the Catholic teachings for a short while and then work their way forward into the pre-abrahamic earth-centric beliefs and teachings of our Heathen ancestors. These abrahamic faiths/religions and their twisted spin-off appendages such as zionism, wahhabism, kabbalah, zoroastrianism and the Judaizing forms of protestant christianity are all toxic to humankind, all culturally intact indigenous peoples and their ancient cultures and our shared environment. Same goes for their political appendages too, such as globalism, internationalism, bolshevism, cultural marxism and their NGO’s and their treasonous institutions alike… all have been so used and abused that they are now rotten to the core!

Now being an earth-centric Heathen does not mean godlessness, darkness, violence, suffering, “human sacrifice” etc… this is old and tired imperialistic abrahamic propaganda that goes back thousands of years! Its actually the abrahamic’s that entail these things! NOT the much older and wiser earth-centric Heathen belief systems. Earth-centric Heathenism is NOT to be confused with pathetic hedonism… these are two very different beliefs and again this to, hedonism, is to be found mostly in the darkness of the abrahamic-box. Heathen’s worship in the beauty and sunlight of Nature and celebrate its seasons and systems and try to not impact our earth negatively in anyway! The Heathen god is the older and wiser god/Allfather/Sk-King. Plus, always remember all the greatest Greek philosophers and thinkers were from the Latin form of earth-centric worship called Paganism. They were NOT Abrahamic’s as most are lead to believe. It cracks me up to hear people preaching about “Logos” and using quotes from Plato, Socrates and Aristotle and then in the next breath promoting a return to the darkness of the abrahamic-box! Lol! Funny stuff!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: International Zionism
You can spend your life tracking these ziotards or spend your time exposing and dismantling this toxic gangster ideology called “international zionism” worldwide. It’s tentacles are vast but very well known by most governments services and agencies. Time to pull the plug on international zionism and all it uses and abuses! It’s at the roots of modern day cultural marxist terrorism as it was long ago at the helm of the zio-bolsheviks slaughter of 65+ million Nordic/Germanic/Slavic Russ style Russians.

International zionist banksters were at the roots of both WW1 & WW2 which were two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million Native European Christians were slaughtered! Yes it was one big Christian holocaust/genocide!

Plus these “neo-con” ziotards are at the roots of most of the wars since, especially in the Middle East & including WW2. These international zionists have used and abused the American military as their own hammer… as it did the British empire that was very British but NOT English at all.

Some of zionist theory finds its roots in the Talmud, Hellenistic Judaism and Babylonian Judaism… but mostly it is tribal Turkic-Mongol-ashkenazi in origin and developed further when these Turkic peoples came to Europe where they were rejected for many reasons. The smaller portion of ethnically Arab/African Hebrew and Sephardic’s were late to the game. The people of mixed ethnicity who still follow Moses law and the Torah still don’t believe in a “Jewish State” and are often, correctly, dead set against zionism or its Talmudic state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land.

There is no such thing as the “international jew” but there is the *globalist zionist* and they are usually people of very mixed ethnicity and usually support and hide in the abrahamic-box.

If the 85% mongolised-Turkic zionist ashkenazi’s want a “homeland” then they must return to their true Native homeland on the southeastern step lands of Eurasia were their forefathers came from. Their is already a state set-up there for them called J.A.R. (Jewish Autonomous Region). The tiny percent of ethnically Arab-African people of the Jewish faith left can stay in the Middle East under democratic rule or go back into the J.A.R. too.

It must be understood that people who have a deep multigenerational, self-imposed, victimhood complex develop a psychosis/mental illness that makes them feed on others. They then isolate themselves and this parasitical illness with extreme prejudice and complete in-group preference. They then can only create nothing but more victims. Many groups do this but the globalist zionist mongolised-Turkic ashkenazi’s specialise in this parasitical perversion.

As well. political jewry is no trope or joke and throws a lot of cash around in many Nations political circles. Often funding both the radical left and right on any issue, classic abrahamic dualism, as long as they steer the conversation away from the zionist state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land.

So smarten up folks and just call a spade a spade from now on and quit getting compromised and floundering in the zionist pit of deception, manipulation, revolution, usury and fictions! Or more simply, don’t be an orc for international/globalist zionism!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Colonisation, Neo-colonisation & Globalism
If the colonisation of The America’s First Nations people’s was dead wrong long ago, which it was, then why is the neo-colonising of the America’s and Europe by the 3rd worlds billions now acceptable/ok? Right? Yup, it’s still dead wrong but more wrong because it’s in modern times and we all know better now!

If one goes on and on about global warming and protecting the environment then why in the next breath do they agree that Nations must accept mass-migration/neo-colonization? It’s a well understood environmental concept that fewer people is best for the environment and wildlife. All Nations must take care of their own native people now and stop mass-migration/neo-colonization cold because it’s a loose, loose outcome for allll! If you don’t agree with this you hate the Natives where you are now or hate where you come from and should go back there and fix it… not destroy where you are now too!

Why do we all have to pay income tax? Why is this income tax collected by our governments then used to pay foreign private banks and their usury fees and private banksters?

Why does the mass-international-media hide some crimes and who is committing them and over expose other lesser crimes? Especially in Sweden, Germany, France, the USA, Canada… what are they concealing? Why not give the public all the information? Why hide these criminals ethnicities and country of origin? I say… give all the information so the public is better informed. We all know a better informed public makes for a better democracy, republic and thus Nation!

Why is the media ownership so consolidated into a very fews hands?
Why do the masses still not understand “in group preference” and usury?
Why is so much crime and wrongs done in the name of international zionism? Why is the zionist ideology so toxic? Why are they so desperate and fearful?

Why is old and nasty zio-bolshevik style cultural marxism and it’s deconstructionist effects not understood yet by native/indigenous peoples? Why do we allow destructive cultural marxist zio-bolshevik theory to be taught in our schools and universities? Russia didn’t have a “revolution” it was a ethnic cleansing/genocide of the Nordic/Germanic/Slavic founders of Russia… by a murderous mixed bag of zio-Turkic/Mongolian/Tartars. Why do young people still believe that bloody revolution is good, when it’s not?

Why are most toxic concepts, arts, products etc… popularised by the “media” when the more healthful and better made products, arts, services etc… are usually repressed or even banned?

Why is big tech. so unregulated and allowed to operate as monopolies? Is big tech. part of a massive spy-machine that allows foreign agencies to track you and suppress your content while selling your personal information to multi-national corporations? Why do the messes/the public allow this?

Why is the old tactics and tricks of abrahamic dualism not understood fully by most people? Why are the masses still stuck in the old “abrahamic box” of mind control and deception, some even willfully? Why is abrahamic dualism/irrational fear & subconscious desire allowed to be used & abused by multinational corporations & our governments to manipulate the masses and sell them everything from another crappy plastic fiber t-shirt to another war?

Why do people not understand the plights of their own Native/indigenous people, cultures and lands? Why is the old and tired WW2 narrative so important to globalism? Why are the much older and nobler histories of our people’s, cultures and nations ignored or suppressed? Why do we allow hollywood to create fake images and perceptions of real historical events? Why do people accept hollywood’s propaganda as fact?

Why is globalism ok now? Why do mega multinational corporations spend billions to make you think that globalization is warm and fuzzy when it’s cruel, & abusive, creates deep poverty and inequality. Plus globalisation relies on many forms of usury and even slavery to survive… and it takes billions of barrels of oil to ship this globalist shit around!

Why must we all be one people now? What happened to true diversity? Why must we exchange our true native/indigenous cultures, myths and legends, spiritualities, lands… etc for foreign made consumer crap, nationalistic sports full of foreign players, silly religions and ignorant and nihilistic false reasonings instead of rational and practical thought and processes?

Why must we accept more globalism and the demands of international banksters and their globalist financial empire and its big international taxation scam run by foreign and unelected autocrats and technocrats to protect our own independent Nations environments?

Why are we still so dependent & stuck on fossil fuels? Is it and international high finance the blood of empire?

Why is it ok to be a monoculture now but not ok to just cherish individual cultures and ethnicities but remain Independent of them and even separate from them? What happened to freedom of association? Why is there such a hard push towards urban consumer mono-culture… which isn’t culture at all? Why is the push to “mix” greater and more important then the push to truly love someone? Is ethnicity just another consumer product now… are we supposed to be like… “oh I want a pair of those! Let me try that on and walk around for a bit. You know it’s all the fashion these dayzzzz” Lol! Creepy, crazy and deeply racist thinking.

Why is identity wrong for most but in-group preference just fine for others? Why must we hide our ethnocentricity’s… yet others are allowed to flaunt theirs grossly and openly and in a attempt to dominate the Native culture and a Nations existing population?

Why is it ok for some Nations to be ethno-states but not others? Like say why can largely China, most African Nations, Japan, India, Pakistan, most Arab Nations… etc be ethno -states but not Native European Nations? I don’t get it, Is it a color thing again? Why can some states be religious states, like Israel and Saudi Arabia but the others must diversify to the point of extinction!?

Why doesn’t European Nations governments give tax incentives to Native European couples to have more kids and to buy land and homes? Why bring in foreign wage-slave labor? That’s racist!

Chew on this for a while! Keep the conversation going, Folks, and let nothing silence your Freedom Of Speech nor your Freedom To Think!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The “Jew”, The “Nazi” & The Abrahamic Dualism Dialectic
It’s seems the world of very diverse opinion and perspective has been split/divided into “the Jew” or “the nazi”. That’s right buddy pick one or else!! “You are either with us or against us!” Lol! Wow, what pathetic desperado stooges! Yup, this is just more classic abrahamic dualism… you are either with “us” or against “us”! One is either the poor victim who was wronged and wouldn’t fight back or the boogieman devil thingy that irrationally tortures and kills endlessly! Laughable really isn’t it? It’s the old abrahamic dualistic tail of woe of the saviour/prophet/subconscious desire and its antithesis the devil/boogeyman/irrational fear. Most of you have been called them both, right? I bet you have, or someone has alluded that you are or might be one. Lol! Ridiculous! This is an old trick that is being perpetuated by special interest London & NYC based PR firms and perpetuated/dispensed through the “media” but the dualism dialectic was created by the abrahamic religions ie: Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism and few other smaller sects. It was created long ago but has now been weaponised by largely atheistic globalist zionist scumbag gangsters! It is still being used and abused against us all… but this time not just to divide us but also to rule us all too!

We must all reject this irrational abrahamic dualism dialectic and deepen the intellectual conversations, debates and even arguments. We must allow diverse opinion and resist the catalysing and division of abrahamic dualism. It’s not, this or that, it’s a very elaborate mix of many concepts, ideas and perspectives and their subsequent actions or reactions. We must maintain our Freedom Of Speech and intellectual diversity of thought and resist this nullifying and toxic abrahamic dualism!

Remember that “the nazi” was a propaganda term, a brand, created by Public Relations firms in NYC. The political party in question was the Nationalist Socialist party that got coopted and used and abused by an Austrian of mixed ethnicity who had serious PTSD from WW1 and a strange fetish for Greco-Roman paganism and went by the alias “Hitler”. This Austrian turned this good German Nationalist Socialist party into a fascistic party. Hitlers greco-roman fetish had him using the old *Roman Solute* that no self respecting German would ever use. At least no German who lived east of the Rhine and north of the Danube and knew their history of how Hermann/Arminius led the Germanic’s defeat of the Roman empire. Now the Swastika is an Asiatic/Turkic symbol from Eastern Eurasia and is most commonly used at Sikh weddings! Hitler was correct on his assertions against bolshevism, globalism, internationalism and international bankers/banksters. Hitler was unwittingly being used and manipulated by globalist institutions. Many in the German high command realised this and tried to assassinate him. Why? Ask yourself, who opens 3 fronts in one war? Only a madman! The zio-globalists banksters wanted to destroy the Celtic-Germanic root culture of Europe and stop Germany from taking over the crumbling & bumbling British empire! The US entered in because they wanted to takeover the empire from the British and stop the Germans from doing so and to steal the Germans patents and intellectual properties too, which they did.

Now “the Jew” was created by zionist ideologues and is only used by zionist terrorists and their highly controlled opposition! One can’t be a “Jew”. One can only be a person who follows the Jewish faith/religion. Judaism is not a ethnicity, culture, blood type, land-base or other… in fact most people who fallow the Jewish faith are actually of very mixed ethnicity, multiple ethnicities. Judaism is just another Abrahamic religion like all the rest and it has a multi-ethnic following, as all the other abrahamic’s do too! It’s that simple… and everything else popularised in the media is more abrahamic dualism propaganda, deception and lies design to confuse you and divide and rule us all!

As well. political jewry is no trope or joke and throws a lot of cash around in many Nations political circles. Often funding both the radical left and right on any issue, classic abrahamic dualism, as long as they steer the conversation away from the zionist state of mind on the very semitic native Palestinians land.

Don’t fall for the “this or that” mirrored reflection ideologies or the abrahamic dualism dialectic and stay true to the truth, folks! Plus if you just hate yourself don’t project it onto others. Find help if you have a deep, self exposed, multi-generational entitled victimhood complex and psychosis. Its time to move on and start being true to the truth now! Maybe fraud Freud can help you… not… because he couldn’t even help himself! Lol! But a good dose of Carl Jung or Arthur Schopenhauer will fix ya! Lol!
Well, that’s all I have to say about that!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Oh Canada Our Home On Native Land & The Multi-Culti Colonialists 
What is Canada? The word means “the village” I think in Iroquoian. Is “Kanada” hockey? Is it multi-culti colonisation? Is it maple leafs and beavers? Is it sports? What is culture?

Do most “Canadians” know their great-grandfathers names (first, middle and last) and know where he came from? Nope, not usually! Why? Are we supposed to cut our true ancient ethnic and cultural roots away… just to be a “Canadian” thingy? Is this healthy? Isn’t true “Kanadian” culture Native American culture then? Or maybe a mix of Native American culture with Native European culture?

Is “Kanada” now being neo-colonised by 3rd world neo-colonialists/migrants… who come from huge ethno-states of their own where they are the majority and hold huge tracks of land based on their 3rd world ancient cultures. The 3rd world has billions of people… are we to absorb them all? Will “Canada” exist after this massive migration/neo-colonisation by the billions from the 3rd world?

What is “Canada” again? Is it a Native American cultural-base that was turned into a silly multi-culti marketplace… that uses sports and consumerism to satiate the masses deep need for their own true native cultures? The Romans did the same thing when their multi-culti society was falling apart too! But it didn’t save it… it failed, divided down cultural and ethnic lines and fell into war and dust anyway!

Its never a colour thing, its a cultural thing. Its never an ethnicity thing, its a environmental thing!

Always remember: sports-culture and consumer-culture isn’t culture at all and even plants and trees need roots to grow healthy.

Truly Canada’s government and its multi-culti multi-national extraction corporation partners are at war with the environment and the Native American/First Nations/Aboriginal peoples!

Oh ya, Happy Canada Deh, eh!
Peace through intelligence, folks! ~D.R.

On Globalisation
Now, the globalisation model is to turn all free & independent Nations from Native cultural bases into just silly multi-culti marketplaces… as seen in the America’s (North, South & Central America). Globalisation uses debt, coercion, usury & straight up slavery to achieve this. They also use seemingly noble intentions to enable their very wicked globalization agenda.

They seek to destroy all Native/Indigenous peoples & their already diverse ancient cultures and replace them with cultural marxist, fat American sports and urban consumer mono-culture, which isn’t culture at all. The globalists seek to destroy all free and independent people’s, their identities and Native cultures to consolidate their control further! Well, we all know that even the plants and trees need roots to grow strong and healthy, so defend your native indigenous cultures and let’s end this globalist financial empire once and for all!

Native Europeans and Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere must stop the repopulation/neo-colonisation of their indigenous lands & start re-wilding their lands for future generations!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Judaeo-Protestant Unholy Alliance & Sephardic Jesuits
Simply, once upon a time in Europe… a small group of mixed ethnicity peoples who followed Judaism and Protestantism teamed up in Europe to commit usury on a mass scale and to steal properties and other assets from the Catholic church. Oliver Cromwell was one of the main crooks but there were and are many others. They now operate this financial empire globally. This is often referred to as Globalisation… which is a vast global financial empire with tentacles that spread far and wide.

Sadly the Catholic church has also been infiltrated. It was infiltrated by Sephardic’s who were forced to convert to Catholicism in Spain long ago and who then created the Jesuit order of the Catholic church. This brought another abrahamic faith under this globalist financial empires influence.

This judaeo-protestant zionist globalisation financial empire has many appendages that uses & abuses vast amounts of human & natural resources in many Nations. For now high finance usury tactics & the control of oil is its blood… as usury & oil is the blood of all modern empires. Still this financial empire, its institutions & globalisations many & varied forms of usury and slavery, must be brought down now to free us all.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: World War One & Two
World War one and two were two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million Native European *Christians*, died. Yes, it was one big Native European, largely Christian, holocaust/genocide!

You see a tiny cabal of “British” judaeo-protestants zionist bankers created WW1 because the Germans were picking up the pieces of the crumbling & bumbling British empire & the Germans, who already had turned coal into coal-oil, were now building the Berlin to Bagdad railroad to import the sweet crude oil they discovered outside Bagdad/Babylon in the Middle East into Germany’s many bustling domestic manufacturing hubs. The British attacked the German railway builders outside of Sarajevo and this was the true start of WW1. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a fake reasoning, red herring, for what started WW1. As stated above, it was the attack on the German Berlin to Bagdad oil-train railroad builders outside of Sarajevo that started WW1! Not to mention the blockading of the North Sea by the British too. Everyone knew at that time, and now, that Middle East oil was key to any Nations economy and who controlled that oil would dominate production and that this sweet crude Middle Eastern oil was the life blood of any future empire.

Plus the ethnic Turkic-Mongol-ashkenazi-Khazar zionist bolsheviks were in bed, and cousins with, the British judaeo-protestant oligarchs way back to William the conquerer & Oliver Cromwell & were trying to invade Deutschland from the East in the confusion right after WW1.

Long ago these mongolised Turkic ashkenazi’s had come from the southeastern step of Eurasia but had long ago been beaten back by the Nordic-Germanic-Slavic Russ style Russians/Russ-ians that Russia is now named after. So now during WW1 once they got a chance these mongolised Turkic ashke-nazi murderers murdered the Tzar & his family & started to ethnically-cleanse/genocide over 60+ million Nordic, Germanic, Slavic Russ style Russians for reasons of historical hatred & to try and reestablish their crushed Turkic-mongol ashkenazi Khazar homeland but in Russia. When it, and they, failed… they turned their sights on Poland and Germany but ended up getting Palestine in a dirty deal and had millions of people of the mixed ethnicity but of the Jewish faith shipped there during WW2 by a zionist & National Socialist alliance called the “Haavara Agreement” or “Transfer Agreement”.

WW2 was largely a reaction too the illegal & insane reparations & land theft inflicted on Deutschland/Germany & due to the the zionist-bolshevik attempted invasion of Germany at the close of WW1! Plus the infiltration right at the close of WW1 by nasty cultural marxist filth and vice was also destroying the German people. So again, the reaction to these toxic effects was very energised.

These mongolised-Turkic ashke-nazi neo-bolshevik zionists have now taken over and they & their pathetic orcs are now terrorising & murdering the very semitic Native Palestinians in Palestine and manipulating many other Nations with their cultural marxism & its very controlled opposition or straight up terrorist acts. Yup, and more classic abrahamic dualism dialectic from the highly consolidated zio-media to cover it all up. All this is helped along by the pathetic judaised christian zionists & their USA/UK, Scofield/Gideons bible thumping stooges. Who are controlled by talmudic judaeo-protestant zionist zealots & their now global financial empire under the guise of globalisation, with its many forms of usury and slavery, still based out of their multi-culti hellholes called London & NYC.

Remember it is not their very mixed ethnicities or genetics that is the issue… it is this zionist bolshevik ideology that has made these people so toxic to humankind.

So, these same people are still pushing their globalisation agenda. They now called themselves “Neo-Cons” or “zionists” and are now constantly pushing for war in the Middle Eastern. The zio-media is constantly pushing mass neo-colonisation/migration and then pushing race-baiting stories to divide nations from within. They are also trying to get the Christian Nationalist’s and the Muslim Wahhabist’s battling it out like they got the English and the Germans fighting in WW1 & WW2! All for their zio-globalist financial empire agenda. No thanks!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: How To Fix Any Nation
A capitalised Socialist system within the Nationstate, with a focus on domestic manufacturing and void of usury and predatory bankers with a solid domestic food system, is the best we have so far. Both, marxist bolshevism and rabid predatory capitalism, suck… so does their welfare states that inevitably fallow. All Nations must pull back from this globalisation system and its many forms of usury and slavery and focus on being independent and self-sustaining again.

Firstly get rid of government income tax and raise the minimum wage that corporations must pay workers to a liveable wage.

Create a 3, 4 & 5 day work week option to increase employment rates but with this higher minimum wage/liveable wage. Less hours with more pay and more hours to enjoy life. (No need for a “basic income”, bad idea!)

Tax the hell out of foreign imports and promote domestically made goods and services. Ban all toxic imports and fund domestically made non-toxic alternatives.

Cut 80% of military spending and increase cash flow into healthcare, education, housing and retirement pensions.

Stop all forms of usury and predatory lending. Make usury punishable.

End all tax loopholes, offshore accounts and repatriate all cash, gold, silver etc. from offshore accounts and from foreign banks.

Tax all unhealthy foods, petrochemicals, gas/fuel and invest in local manufactures who can create healthy foods, green products and renewable unconsolidated energy alternatives.

Dump the IMF and World Bank and demand that they kill the debt enslavement of poor Nations.

Help create more small cooperative local banks. Highly regulate and force the big international banks to pay huge fees to operate in your Nation… or ban them outright.

If your Nation has a resource based economy, start turning those resources into domestically made, value added, products and preserve your environment and natural capital for future generations.

Create huge tax incentives and small grants for using or developing green alternatives and for companies that create renewable/green alternatives or options.

Tax high return investments but again do away with the income tax.

End migration/neo-colonisation and fund the existing indigenous/Native population, especially families.

The media must be highly diversified and must have very separate owners, shareholders and managers as well as employees. No one group should control the media of course. Most Nations “media” is highly consolidated into a fews hands, this is toxic to a Nations democracy. Plus Free Speech within the media and outside it must be fully protected. **That stated, the right one has to free speech does NOT necessarily mean that one has the right to act on such speech.**

Make more wildlife preserves and parks. Re-wild your Nations lands and create interconnecting wildlife corridors between park lands and preserves. Create more green spaces/parks in cities and along roads etc. Allow your ancient forests to grow back naturally.

Protect all freshwater sources with large green zone buffer areas. Ban any industry or product that pollutes groundwater. Create large Ocean and lake marine preserves and parks with natural interconnecting waterways. Re-wild rivers and lake systems for wild fish to flourish again.
More Here: Drew’s Ten Point Plan
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Globalism, Dangerous Thought # 6 billion.
The same tiny group of globalists imperialist terrorists that are trying to destroy the indigenous people, cultures and their nations in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and many other Nations and their people’s in other parts of especially the Middle East… and also in the America’s, India, China, Africa and the rest of the Arab States… we see that the exact same globalist terrorists are trying to destroy the indigenous Native European people’s and their ancient cultures on the lands of their ethnically specific ancestors too.

So, we all need to not fight each other in our streets for this only helps these globalist terrorists destroy our indigenous cultures… but must actually work together to destroy and bring to justice this tiny globalist cabal/group who are trying to destroy us all and our ancient and beautiful cultures and indigenous identities and our cultural land-bases and Nations!

Native European Nations must first end all neo-colonization/migration and fund these people back on and in their own indigenous homelands and Nations…. which will come at a tiny fraction of the cost it takes to try and keep them in Europe!

If this tiny group of internationalist banksters and globalists terrorists try to ignorantly and foolishly say we are funding terrorism by helping these poor people that they are bombing to stay in their own home nations… then we must all together harshly and emphatically inform these globalists terrorists that they are indeed the terrorists and that they are now on the chopping block not all of our beautiful ancient indigenous cultures or our ethnically specific ancestral lands and their subsequent Nations!

If these globalists try more of their globalist manipulation, deception, coercion and militancy through their highly consolidated globalist propaganda “media” channels/machine and control of the financial institutions… we must then take back our Nations media and financial institutions and structures from them all at once. Thus silencing their globalist propaganda machine and financial usury machine, permanently!

Now what is driving this tiny group of globalist terrorists? It is their own self loathing that drives them. Their self loathing of who they truly are, their multi-ethnic make-up and multi-culti heritage thus they use and abuse one of the abrahamic faiths/religions as a type of glue to try to bond their multi-ethnic and multi-culti group back together again. All groups of multi-ethnic and multi-culti backgrounds always try to use and abuse the abrahamic faiths as a type of glue to bond them together too. All the abrahamic’s have also been use and abused as silly tools of empire and colonisation too. They also use different types/styles of governance/political ideologies and institutions/structures to do this same thing, again, to try and glue a multi-ethnic and multi-culti group together… usually after the empire that forced them together has failed and collapsed. And as history has shown us that in times of financial or environmental collapse these multi-culti or multi-ethnic societies always then fracture down ethnic, cultural and/or religious lines and naturally Balkanise/division occurs but usually at a huge cost to the environment and in human lives. So it is a huge risk to try to form such societies/groups/nations… especially when one small group of globalists, who operate a global financial empire, can easily engineer and initiate a financial collapse at will… thus causing the above violent and cascading scenario to occur!

This tiny globalist terrorist organisation has targeting the multi-ethnic Native European people’s first… as they had targeted the Germanic root culture of Europe earlier in this century. So now hear me clearly, folks, if the Native European people’s fall… all other indigenous people’s will be very close behind too!

We must protect all indigenous peoples, their beautiful and ancient cultures and their indigenous sacred homelands from these toxic globalist terrorists!

Be aware of the globalists treasonous puppets and shills too! (ie: The Alex Jones’s, Owen Benjamin’s, Ben Shapiro’s, the Allen Dershowitz’s, Ezra Levant’s/Rebel media, the Barbra Spectre’s, Mike Cernovich’s, FOX, CNBC, SKY, CNN… etc… etc… and alike and their ideological ilk! Learn and understand the old abrahamic dualism dialectic so you can stop getting fooled by these fools and boycott their ever product, production, publications, promotions, services, exports, NGO’s… etc… etc… etc!

Plus, all intact indigenous/Native peoples must return to their pre-abrahamic indigenous belief systems, which are all very similar btw, if we want to survive as a species on this beautiful and magical, blue and green planet, called Earth.

Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Native European Peoples Creativity, Openness & Brilliance
Excuse me but as I listen to Classical music, ancient European folk music and hear the folkish choirs of Estonia… Beethoven’s solo piano music, Wagner, Baroque music, ancient Nordic key-harp music, blue note European folk singing, Swedish Kuling singing music, Medieval traditional folk music… and when I read and reread the great European intellectual thinkers and philosophers… starting with the southern pagan thinkers of Plato, Socrates… to the Northern Heathen Saga’s and on to the great thinkers of Schopenhauer, Heidegger…etc… with their roots based firmly in a pre-abrahamic wild Native European cultural landscape…. I can’t help but marvel at the brilliance, beauty and bounty of the Indigenous/Native European mind and what enormous gifts it has selflessly offered to the whole world:) 

The Native European people’s are extremely socially innocent still due to the fact that they are super high in openness. This openness and social innocence, which is often perceived as naivety by foreigners,… is what has made these incredible and brilliant Native European works of art, literature and these thinkers possible. This high in openness comes from their native/indigenous environment and due to their rather small Native/Indigenous populations. But this also leaves them highly susceptible and “open” to *usury* on many levels and to being taken advantage of by people’s from places of super high populations that have then developed a rather closed outlook due to coming from societies of high numbers & poverty and thus this makes them more compressed, scrappier and resourceful in gaining the system… rather then working lawfully within it. In all cases it’s environmentally based not ethnic, cultural or other.

So to my Native European folk… please don’t get used and abused or taken advantage of but don’t close your brilliance off to this world either. You must now know and understand what is going on so protect your brilliance, innocence and openness from the forces of globalisation and its many forms of usury! The world needs the Native European people’s brilliance and beauty to light the way forward… more now then ever!. So come on you Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Italic’s and Grecian… stand and shine your light upon this darkening globe!

To the rest: Don’t be Orcs/proxy-fighters for globalism or cultural-marxist deconstructionist for the social-engineers inside or outside Europe! Love your indigenous tribe & ancient cultures too and fight globalism out of your own ancestors homelands too. Protect your traditional indigenous lands and cultures from these same dark globalist forces that are out to destroy us all!

Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Free Men & Slaves
The dogs are always one against the Wolf. The slaves are taught to hate the free & would try to destroy the free rather then their master if given the option. Time for folks to stop being orcs & bitches for globalism and its many forms of usury and slavery & ReWild Europe. Its time to bring back the Wolves!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

All music, lyrics, writings & concepts created & written by Andrew C. Rouse. All Rights reserved © Copyright 2016 Andrew C. Rouse