“If You honour your Ancestors they will chisel your name in stone. If you dishonour your Ancestors they will piss your name in the snow.“
~Old Norse Proverb

Donate to get this marvellous & timely book below published. Identity is everything for all peoples & especially for the Native European peoples.

All peoples everywhere must have their racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous identity & heritage. All peoples must maintain a racial consciousness & a racial Geist/Spirit as a particular indigenous people or they will be destroyed or go extinct as a specific breed/race.
“The consciousness is rising because some of us are lifting it.”~D.R.

The Native European peoples are: Germanic-Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic & that’s it. All peoples, but especially the Native European peoples, must reconnect to their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage. We must reawaken our ancient pre-abrahamic indigenous Native European customs, myths, fables, legends, traditions, folk music, spirituality…etc. My book on this subject is done & will be ready to purchase soon. Please advocate on behalf of your own people & learn about your ancient indigenous traditions & customs etc & share them with friends & family & remember that loving & respecting your own people does NOT mean you hate & disrespect other peoples. Please be aware of the many deconstructionist globalist forces that are trying to destroy all of our societies & Nations & wipeout all Indigenous peoples everywhere.

Loving & respecting ones own people does NOT mean that one hates & disrespects other peoples. In fact it is quite the opposite for they tend to want security, peace & harmony & thus safety in their community & society for their own & subsequently for the others too. Loving & respecting your own people is the same & wanting a society & community for just your own people, at the cost to no other peoples, is only natural for all peoples. Plus having a community or society made up of just your own people does away with potential racist, usurious, lecherous, criminal & oppressive situations. All peoples should seek primacy for their own people within their own indigenous regions/Nations & to be their own masters of their own indigenous domain/territory/Nations. Again, this is only natural for all indigenous/Native peoples everywhere.

The Native European peoples, like all other peoples, wish to also see their own likeness & reflection in their future generations. They want to see their ancestors & great Grandparents faces, physicality, pigmentations, phenotype, genotype & features etc in their children & future generations. If you don’t understand this, well you are the one that is inhuman & racist. Having a racial awareness & a racial consciousness is NOT hateful it is only Natural for all peoples.
Native European Advocacy is NOT “white” of “white supremacy”. Calling Native European people just “white” is ignorance & identity theft.
Remember, loving ones own people does NOT mean one hates all other peoples. Nativist Nationalism is a positive political direction for all peoples everywhere. Ethnocentrism is only Natural, it is mental mongrelization & physical miscegenation that is unnatural, cruel & inhuman.

Never Allow Yourself To Be Demoralized, Demonized, Compromised nor Radicalized & stand for Racially, Ethnically, Culturally, Spiritually & Territorially Specific Indigenous Identity & Heritage. Traditionalism, Localism, Nativism, Nationalism & Eco-Nationalism are the way forward! Uphold & maintain God The AllFathers Natural Order & the Germanic Old Norse, Dane Law & Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Native European Law & Order doctrine which protects all peoples. Never use slander nor use your opponents narratives & words, use proper terminology & use efficient, respectful, ethical, logical & intelligent debate form & be reasonable but never compromise your principles. Remember that we are 100% responsible & liable for our actions, reactions, inactions & even our interactions. The century of the victim is over because victims only make more victims & the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.


Racial Geist 
Have ye no racial Geist nor racial pride.
Have ye not the need to see your ancestors & elders in your children’s eyes.
Their pigmentations, behaviours, psychology & physicality in their wide minds & long limbed strides.
Don’t ye miss the ability to sit unspeaking with like company communicating with only your minds.
Are ye unconscious, unwitting, unwilling or are ye inhuman or are we just two of a very different kind.
Has your Native European gentility & primacy gone out with the waning tide.
Or was it stolen by the messianic abrahamic Turkic, Semitic & Asiatic tribes.
If ye accepts it ye will erase thy line.
Well I see the crest of a great wave that in time.
Will rush in & remind us of what we already knew deep down inside.
Waking ye & thy folk, heritage, sacredness & nativism ye was taught to hide.
Have ye no racial spirit nor racial pride.
Or have ye just put it all away out of sight & out of mind. 
Written by: Skáld Rekkr

Many have been found guilty of things that were not criminal but that were just not right, good nor correct. And so guilt comes calling. Guilt is a flash of darker things to come if one doesn’t correct oneself & atone. Thus guilt is not a bad thing if one rightly atones for it & doesn’t do it again & especially doesn’t project their own guilt onto others while acting the victim. For to not know guilt is to be without conscience, and to be without conscience is to be without consciousness. 
Those who try to live without conscience & consciousness can then only expiate their guilt by projecting it onto others & then while crying out in pain “victim!” they beat themselves, or others, deeming it atonement… which it is not. 
And so they then slowly forfeit their humanity & start to live in their own darkening deceptions… like a soulless & glitching hologram of their once true self. 
One must see that the grift is only over once one stops grifting… & those with deep multigenerational victimhood complexes can only create one thing… & that’s more victims.
Peace through intelligence.

The century of the victim is over, for victims can only create one thing & that is more victims. All peoples everywhere must find their racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage & be sure that their people have primacy in their own territory forever.


Firstly, all peoples everywhere have better overall health if they eat their own traditional indigenous/Native foods. If possible, grow your own foods yourself or buy them from local organic family farmers who are of your own ilk.
Our Native/Indigenous Foods Are Medicine For the Native European peoples. The same goes for other indigenous foods for other indigenous peoples too.

Rose-hips are the Native European peoples goji berries but better because they are indigenous to our bodies chemistry & no huge carbon footprint. A tablespoon of Raw, organic, unfiltered with the mother apple cider vinegar is a symbiosis between a healthful fungus & a healthful bacteria & when combined with water & a splash of organic juice creates an amazing healing elixir & a cleansing tonic. Again it is best suited to the Native European peoples because our peoples have used it for millennia. The many other examples & substitutes go on and on.

Wild Native European Berries are also all superfoods & very healthful but they must be wild, homegrown or organically farmed by small local family farmers that do NOT use any form of petrochemical biocides or synthetic fertilizers etc. Elderberries are particularly headful for the lungs & overall bronchi/bronchial. The Elder flower is also healthful. All the Currant berry varieties are also very healthful.

Raw, Unfiltered, with the Mother, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the Native European peoples probiotic & a symbiosis between a healthful fungus & healthful flora bacteria that creates a alkalizing elixir/tonic. It has been used for generations but it is better for us than other options because again it is indigenous & thus far better suited to the Native European peoples body chemistry. It has a probiotic & symbiosis between a native fungus & bacteria which both aids in digestion & overall gut & colon cleansing & health which improves the immune system. (1 tablespoon full of Raw, Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider vinegar in carbonated water with a splash of fresh juice is the Native European peoples version.) The very foreign & sugary foreign fungus laden “kombucha” should NOT be drank by Native European peoples. Raw, unfiltered, Organic family farmed Apple Cider vinegar is much better suited for the Native European peoples body chemistry.

Raw, organic Sauerkraut (Raw Probiotic Salad) is another superfood for all Native European peoples. It too is a natural probiotic & rich in vitamin-C. It can be easily made at home but use organic cabbage, natural sea salt & thinly sliced root vegetables if you wish. “kimchi” is the very foreign Asiatic version & is best for Asiatics but NOT for the Native European peoples.

Raw Organic local family farmed pasture grass raised dairy: milk, yogurt & cheese. Very high in vitamin D & essential for Native European people in low uv-light regions.

The Native European peoples very light pigmentations are designed to absorb uv-light in very low uv-light regions, but we must be outdoors a lot & still eat raw, organic, family farmed vitamin D rich foods. We are obviously best suited for our indigenous lands of Europe. In very high uv-light regions we must cover-up & limit how much time we spend in mid-day direct sun exposure.

Organic Hops is another medicinal plants that can be used in many ways. It can be made into a simple healthful tea or used to preserve foods or beverages. Of course it is also used in other home-brews too.

Herbal Teas: Use local organic or homegrown mint, camomile, White pine needle, Willow bark, Birch bark, Birch water/sap, maple water/sap… etc. All were & are traditionally used as healthful & warm teas by Native European peoples.

Horse Radish: Can be eaten or used topically as a antiseptic, a natural dewormer, anti-bacterial & a digestive anti-parasitic. It is amazing for over all digestive & immune system health. Put it in the freezer & grate a little onto meals in flu season. Naturally derived zinc is also good in therapeutic amounts when feeling like a flu or cold is coming on.

Meade, Beer & Ale can be made organically at home… & home-brewed to have very low alcohol is best (like below 2% which is traditional). Again, it can be made organically at home with local ingredients & is can be healthful if used in small therapeutic amounts. One can also make high alcohol grain-alcohol for cleaning as a household cleaner only… or used to defuse natural essential oils which can also be distilled at home too. Plus simple house salt is a great non-toxic cleaner too.

Wild or Organic, Grass-raised bone broth soup & meats: Bone-broth is a magical remedy for many ailments & loaded with nutrition. Both domesticated or Wild Game versions are great. Although the Wild Game version is super good if harvested from a clean wild forest environment. Try to eat Wild Meats if possible. The European Bison/Buffalo, Wild Boar, Deer, Elk… etc are all incredible for the Native European peoples bodies, minds & spirit & very, very traditional. Heirloom breeds are best. (DO NOT EAT ANY MEATS OR FOODS WITH SYNTHETIC SULPHITES OR NITRATES ADDED)

The Native European peoples have many traditional indigenous plants & herbs that have numerous medicinal & nutritional applications. Look up these local wild plants & herbs & ask your Elders about their uses. If the Elders have forgotten, then do the research yourself & bring the knowledge back for future generations of Native European peoples.

Use Wild/Organic Honey Only, NOT sugar or “synthetic sweeteners”. Also adding organic berries, raisins or fruits or organic fruit juices are other good ways to sweeten things up:)

Do Native European Calisthenics for it is far better than the very foreign “yoga”, just look at any Native European Ballet Dancer compared to a “yoga” person! Its obvious that the Native European Calisthenics is better & most of your “yoga” classes have already stolen much from the Native European Ballet Calisthenics already. Remember to stretch & strengthen your muscles, ligaments & tendons opposite & equal 50/50 & always the same. Every strengthening has an opposite & equal stretch to maintain too.

Learn a form of Germanic-Nordic Glima: It is the name that covers several types of Nordic folk wrestling & Nordic Martial Arts which is still practiced as a sport & for combat… but never fall in love with the grapple, 1-2 takedowns only & get out clean.

Do deep breathing in a traditional sauna, bastu, steam-room & put mint oil & water infused with pure salt on the stones or close to the steam source. Do The Wolf & Dragon/Serpent style deep breathing in & out through the nose with a slightly choked throat to compress the air deep into the lungs expanding the lung tissues to the maximum & thus hyper oxygenating the body as well as fully exhaling to detoxify the body of fine particulates & carbon dioxide & harmonizing the heart & lungs for greater endurance & stamina. Also do rapid pulsing in & out breathing through just nose & also through just the mouth. Beginners should plug their ears so they can hear their breathing better when practising this type of breathing. Do this breathing in a sauna & steam-room or bastu.

**This goes for all peoples everywhere. Live in the UV-Light region that matches your pigmentations & the UV-Light region your people have lived in over millennia, for it will obviously be best suited for you & your ilk.** Simply, light pigmentations are best suited for low uv-light regions & dark pigmentations are best suited for high uv-light regions. No matter what they try to sell you the vitamin D pills & uv lightbulbs won’t help a person of dark pigmentations survive in a low uv-light region. Plus people of light pigmentations will suffer in high uv-light regions too. You can try to fight Nature but Nature wins every time.

Get outside in Nature & walk, hike, bike, cross-country ski… etc in the forests, fields & along the shorelines of the lakes & oceans of your ancient ancestors lands & think of them & thank them as you do so. Peace Through Intelligence.

**Be careful with your author selection especially if reading translations or a interpretation of a certain book & read up on the professors & scholars who are often “interpreting” certain authors to obtain a deeper understanding of the “interpreters” leanings, perceptions, beliefs & biases…etc. Also research the authors themselves but don’t believe the usual slander & smears blindly.
*Be sure you get the authentic works/books that have not been “changed”, tampered with, subverted, manipulated or plagiarized versions by propagandists &/or plagiarists.**
*Snorri Sturluson: “The Prose Edda”, also known as the “Younger Edda”, “Snorri’s Edda” or, historically, simply as “Edda”. Read the “Poetic Edda” (particularly the Hávamál & the Sigrdrifumál/Sigrdrífumál)
Study the Germanic/Nordic Runes and their meanings (Elder Futhark) The Elder Futhark Runic alphabet consists of 24 runes, and was in use across all Germanic/Nordic cultures during the Scandinavian/Nordic/Germanic Iron Age (500 BCE-800 AD). The Elder Futhark runic symbols were usually written as a rune row divided into three ætts (meaning “eights”, with eight runes in each ætt ).
Unknown Icelandic Author: “Völsunga Saga”
Unknown: “BEOWULF” The Old English epic poem.
Old Germanic Folk story: “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (It’s about the cycle/circle/”The Ring” of debt & Usury) Also read Richard Wagner’s version & musical/opera about THE RING which is the most coherent & creative narrative about “THE RING” of debt & usury also known as “The Old Turkic Money Trick”.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Original 9th Century manuscript compiled in Wessex/West Saxony, England during the reign of Alfred The Great.
John Edward Lloyd: “A History Of Wales”
Read Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Classic Germanic legend: “Faust
THE BEDE, also known as Saint Bede, The Venerable Bede, and Bede the Venerable, was an English Benedictine monk at the monastery of St. Peter & its companion monastery of St. Paul in the Kingdom of Northumbria of the Angles. Never mind his messianic abrahamic stuff.
The Lacnunga (‘Remedies’) is a collection of miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon medical texts & prayers, written mainly in Old English The title Lacnunga, an Old English word meaning ‘remedies’. This codex was probably compiled in England in the late tenth or early eleventh century. Many of its herbal remedies are also found, in variant form, in Bald’s Leechbook, another Anglo-Saxon medical compendium.
THEOLOGIA GERMANICA: The title given to an anonymous treatise written by a priest of the Teutonic Order at Sachsenhausen toward the end of the 14th century.
Read all historical texts on the Germanic peoples  
The Tale of Bygone Years Old East Slavic: Повѣсть времѧньныхъ лѣтъ, Pověstĭ vremęnĭnyxŭ lětŭ), known in English-language historiography as the Primary Chronicle or Russian Primary letopis or, after the author it has traditionally been ascribed to, Nestor’s letopis or The letopis of Nestor, is a history of the Kievan Rus’ from about 850 to 1110, originally compiled in Kiev about 1113. The Rus were a mix of Slavic, Baltic, Nordic/Germanic peoples. Read & understand the truth about the many Kievan Rus battles with the turkic khazars & asiatic mongols caliphates from the southeastern Eurasian steppe.
“Of Gods & Men” by Lithuanian author Algirdas J. Greimas
Arthur Schopenhauer: All of his writings especially “The World As Will & Representation” & all of his others books/works.
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller: All his poems & writings.
Bavarian Priest Georg Ratzinger’s writings on: *”Jewish business practises”* Compound interest, debt & usury. *“Jüdisches Erwerbsleben”*. But never mind his messianic abrahamic stuff.
James B. Stewart’s: excellent account on the transfer of wealth in his book “Den Of Thieves”
Clarke Duncan: “Slaves and Slavery” (1999).
Foulke William Dudley: “History of the Lombards” (1974)
Grant Reg:“Slavery” (2009)
Immanuel Kant; All of his works/books
Charles Barbier de Meynard: (translator) “Des routes et des Provinces” (1865)
Ibn Khordadbeh: “The Book Of Roads & Kingdoms” (Find legitimate translation.)
The Brothers Grimm: fairy-tails like Rumpelstiltskin etc. One can glean much from various old Native European fairy-tails. The Native European peoples must ask themselves why so many of our ancestors wrote fairy tails like this fairy-tail? What were our ancestors they warning us about?
Richard Wagner: “Das Rheingold” & the rest of “Der Ring Des Nibelungen” or “Ring Of The Nibelung”. Translations of the an Old Germanic Folk story to an opera of the same name.(It’s about the cycle/circle/Ring of debt & usury)
Anonymous Germanic Poet:”Nibelungenlied” or “The Song of the Nibelungs”
J.R.R. Tolkien “The Hobbit” & “Lord Of The Rings” The Ring being warned about in these stories is the cycle/circle/ring of debt & usury.
Fredrick Nietzsche: All his writings but especially “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” “Übermensch”
Martin Heidegger: “Being & Time”
Hegel: “Lectures on the Philosophy of History” & his other works.
Arthur Augustus William Henry Ponsonby: Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations.
Aldous Huxley: “Brave New World” & his other writings.
T.S. Eliot: All of his books & works.
Otto von Bismarck: All his writings.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte: All of his works
Louis-Ferdinand Céline: Most of his books/works.
Madison Grant: “The Passing Of The Great Race”
Wilhelm Schmidt: Read all his works especially his critique of the degenerate plagiarist Sigmund Freud.
Carl Schmitt: Read all of his books/works.
Carl Gustav Jung/Yuung: All his works/books
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Gulag Archipelago” & “200 Years Together”
Thomas Goodrich: *”HELLSTORM”* & “Rape Hate”
Professor E. Michael Jones: Read All of his brilliant books, especially “Libido Dominandi”, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” & “Barren Metal”.
Henry Ford: “The International Jew”
Oswald Spengler “The Fall of the West” & his other writings.
David Erving: All his books
Urnst Zündel: All his writings & Videos
Gunnar Rudolf: All his writings
Kevin MacDonald: “The Culture Of Critique”
Patrick Buchanan: Churchill, Hitler & the Unnecessary War
Michael Collins Piper: Read all his works & books especially “Final Judgment” & “Judas Goats”
Read Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, “Macbeth” & “Merchant Of Venice”.
Read Anglo-American Authors like T.S. Elliot, Robert Frost, Ezra Pound
**Read all you can find in regards to the ancient histories & Folk mythologies of the Celtic, Gaelic, Germanic/Nordic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic/Greek & Italic Native European peoples.**

Read all The Greek/Hellenic Classics by: HeraclitusPlato, Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, Parmenides etc.

Read all the Germanic Classical & philosophical works especially *Arthur Schopenhauer*.
*Read Alternative Perspectives on WW1 & WW2* by Historical Revisionists like David IrvingGermar RudolfErnst ZündelPatrick J. BuchananMark Weber…etc Especially read Mr. Thomas Goodrich‘s book “HELLSTORM” & watch the documentary online of the same title. Never forget the war crime firebombing of Dresden, Hamberg, Berlin…etc wherein millions of innocent Germanic people were slaughtered & incinerated in their homes by globalist war criminals. Diversity of historical opinion & perspective is key, especially in regards to the many disputed events of these tragic World wars that were NOT “great” nor “good” wars. Over 100 million largely Native European people of Christian faith were slaughtered in WW1 & WW2 combined… so these wars need far, far, far more detailed & forensic study. War is the slaughter of the flesh, mind & soul!

Listen To The Great Native European Germanic Classical Music Composers: 
Ludwig Van BeethovenWilhelm Richard WagnerMozartJohann Sebastian Bach…etc. **It’s great for your brain & the best are Germanic.** Play it for your children. Be sure to listen to Wagner’s brilliant opera “Das Rhine Gold”… & its telling of “THE RING”/cycle/circle of debt & usury.
Plus listen to legitimate ancient Native European Folk/Volk music & connect to the Native European ancestors through the ancient melodies, chordings, rhythms & lyric. This traditional music & verse will resonate more deeply with you right down to your cellular frequencies. It is baked in one might say. Our Ancestors are not dead & gone, they are buried in our genes, cells & in our DNA. We are the living embodiment & Spirt/Geist of our Ancestors & Descendants.
Always remember that the root chords of popular music today are a very ancient Native European creation. “Jazz” in general & especially “Big Band Jazz” comes from the much, much older Native European military marching “Big Bands” & Beer Hall brass band traditions. So-called “blues” is just a spin-off & simplification of the much, much older Germanic, Gaelic & Celtic Folk Music traditions. These are the fact Folks & no lies and propaganda can ever change this reality.

Read up on the Irish “potato famine”/genocide. Also read up on the genocide of the Slavic-Germanic Kievan Rus Ukrainian people known as the Holodomor which was orchestrated by the progenitors of the Turkic-Khazar people. The Turkic/Khazar’s are still trying to wipe out the Native Slavic-Germanic Kievan Rus again today directly & by mongolized-Slav Muscovite proxy. Shameful!

Read up on the old Silk Road Slavic slave trade & understand that is was the Native European Slavic people who were kidnapped & sold into slavery in the highest numbers of any slave trade. This is why still today we call this most brutal form of human bondage & usury after them ie:”Slave”. Slave is both cognate to & derived from Slav/Slavic who were & are a Native European people of very light pigmentations. This topic is key in understanding Native European history on many levels.
This Slavic slave trade was owned & operated by the turkic khazar people of Babylonian talmudic faith, also known as “Radhanites” or “khazars” who try to obfuscate their origins to this day.


On The Runes: 
The Runes are the ancient Native European peoples alphabet. Each Rune has it’s own individual sound & a individual meaning all on their own. They can be written in a row like the latin alphabet or they can be combined, like the logo for Bluetooth with one on top of each other, to create more intimate, specific, secretive or compact communications. No other alphabet is this flexible & has these variants.
RUNES: Elder Furthark: ᚺᛖᛚᛚᛟ ×ᛗᛁᛞᚷᚨᚱᛞ
Younger Furthark: ᚼᛅᛚᛚᚬ ×ᛘᛁᛏᚴᛅᚱᛏ
Anglo-Saxon: ᚻᛖᛚᛚᚩ ×ᛘᛁᛞᚷᚪᚱᛞ

If you were not lucky enough to be born into a practicing family or Clan than read up on the Old Norse use of Seiðr (Natural medicine or magic) in the form of plants/herbs, folk music melodies, lyrics, poetry & verse that heals the racially specific Spirit/Geist & it sends out the Spirit on a a type of reconnaissance mission to bring back intelligence & wisdom from the ancient realms. Read up on: Seiðr but *don’t try to practise it in some odd & dark “neo-pagan”/“satanist” form.*

Put RUNES on everything you own. This ancient alphabet of the Native European peoples must be preserved thus used. Be proud of these ancient symbols & explain their meanings to people. Understand that Runes are a letter and have a sound but also each Rune has an individual meaning & they can, again, be grouped together creating a more specific, intimate & individualistic meanings too.

Study the Germanic/Nordic Runes & their meanings (Elder Futhark).
The Elder Futhark Runic alphabet consists of 24 runes, and was in use across all Germanic/Nordic cultures during the Scandinavian/Nordic/Germanic Iron Age (500 BCE-800 AD). The Elder Futhark runic symbols were usually written as a rune row divided into three ætts (meaning “eights”, with eight runes in each ætt).
Learn about & use the Germanic Hooked-Cross: Hakenkreuz/Sun-Wheel/Yule-Wheel & the Iron Cross.


A Basic Outlook On The Folklore Of The Northern Heathen Native European Peoples by Skáld Rekkr
There are slight variations in the Germanic/Nordic/Icelandic, Baltic, Finnic, Celtic, Gaelic & Slavic peoples Northern Heathen Folklore & Mythologies. Read up on them all. There are also slight variations in the Hellenic & Etruscan/Italic peoples Southern Pagan Folklore & Mythologies too. I am focused here below on mostly the Northern Heathen Folklore & Mythologies but, again, learn about them all.

Odin/Woden/Wotan: God The AllFather. The Sky Father, Sky King, Herman, (in Italic: Zeus) or The Creator. Can be viewed as the ancient Creator vibration that resonates, animates & harmonizes all living things equally. Creation. Wisdom. God The AllFathers wife is Mother Earth.

Geist (Gaist): Spirit, soul, intellect or higher inner self, racial spirit.
In Old Norse we use Galdr & Seiðr (Natural medicine or Natures magic) in the form of chants, music, poetry, cantos & verse to send out the Spirit on a reconnaissance mission to bring back intelligence & wisdom from Nature & the realms.

The Hellenic Ancient Greek physical concept of Thumos: Meaning spiritedness, breath & blood flow is also very interesting. Thumos, Logos, Pathos & Ethos are all good Native European words & concepts that we should put back into common use. 

Elf/Elves: Are the spirit Folk of the higher self. Their traits are fortitude, reason, discipline, giving, positive outlook, healthy & brilliance. They direct Forest beasts, flora & the elements to punish those who break the Natural Law & Order or Invade the Realm.

Domovoy: (rus. домово́й, literally “[he] from the house”) — the main domestic spirit — the protector of the household and one of the most well-known pagan characters in slavic mythology.

Troll/Trolls: Are the spirit Folk of the lower self & the out of control appetites. Their traits are selfishness, negative outlook, sickly, usurious & darkened. They punish the darkened spirit of those who break the Natural Law & Order in life & in the underworld.

Hulder/Skogsrå: Are the ancient forest spirit Folk. They only live in old growth/ancient forests.

Sjörå: Water Spirit Folk. The only live in very clean/pristine freshwater.

Giants or in Old Norse: Jǫtunn & in Anglo-Saxon mythology: Jötunn are large spirit folk who dwell in huge elemental & primal landscapes & are both friendly but also fierce.

Nisse/Gnomes/Tunkall/Tufte/Gardvord (Domovoy in Slavic mythology): Are home, hearth & garden spirit Folk that are musical & inspire celebration & they are the folk that help with your house & garden chores & help you set-up for gatherings, parties & celebrations. They create a festive positive feeling of renewal. One must leave these helpful spirit Folk porridge & treats for their services & help. They can also cause mild mischief if not treated with some form of gentle gratitude.

Goblin: The goblin is a tortured soul consumed by dogmatic & ignorant selfish will & degenerate appetites that has completely overcome & consumed them. The goblin is usual lost its humanity due to their corrupt actions originating from being brainwashed by toxic dogma & being taught a usurious ideology that then overcomes their humanity, leaving them a beastly, ghastly, decrepit, feckless, usurious & lecherous creature. Goblins are void of conscience & become deeply self-loathing & often recorded as being foreign, deceptive & criminal tricksters who abuse & trick naive Native European women & children. They are often negatively referred to in many Native European myths, fair-tails & stories. As the Native European ancestors warned for centuries… these nasty, ill-willed, self-loathing, hateful, lecherous & usurious goblins are to be exposed & frozen out of our rather naive Native European high-trust societies & Nations completely. The main trait of the Goblin energy is that it projects its own twisted guilt & crimes onto others… & when it is caught & punished for its crimes it cries victim as it sneaks away.

BODACHAN SABHAILL (LITTLE OLD MAN OF THE BARN): A spirit who haunted barns in Scotland. Much like the brownie, he would occupy his time doing farm chores.

SHADOW MAN OF THE MUIRS: A supernatural guardian of the wild creatures from the border region of Scotland. He wore brown clothes and had a shock of frizzy red hair and wild looking eyes.

CAILLEACH BHUER (BLUE HAG): A blue faced hag found in the Scottish Highlands. She is ill-tempered and dangerous and is seen with a crow on her left shoulder. Associated with winter she was reborn on every All Hallow’s Eve and she brought along winter and winter snows. She carried a magical staff which froze the ground with every tap. She also guarded animals in winter.

CAOINEAG (THE WEEPER): A banshee-like spirit attached to the clans of the Highlands who could be heard wailing at the bottom of waterfalls before there is death or catastrophe within the clan.

CEASG: A Highland mermaid who if captured would grant three wishes.

CIUTHACH: A cave dwelling spirit from the Highlands.

DUNTERS: Known to haunt castles and fortresses of the borders. They make the constant sound of beating flax. It has been said that these spirits are the memories of foundation sacrifices; a custom that was practiced within written history. (Magic or Infernal)

WULVER: A Shetland supernatural creature with the body of man and a wolfs head. They are said to be benevolent. (Magic)

Middle English Iker or Eker, meaning “water sprite”

As Usual, Be Very Wary Of vapid & Lecherous witch, warlock & vampire types:
It will surface to say, & to paraphrase “A Man For All Seasons” that somewhere in some Native European peoples pedigree a lecherous & usurious bitch got over the wall.
The witch & warlock are internally monstrous creature that appear in human form but with ugly foreign features & lecherous, usurious & parasitical in behaviour. They seem to come up in the folklore & myths of multiple Native European peoples cultures & first attested to in stories from the Middle Ages (500-1400). Witches & warlocks are not medicine pickers nor wisemen but rather wicked & usurious foreign invaders.
Many think that these witches & warlocks were from the turkic/khazar community who had fled into central & western Europe in the Middle Ages from the distant mongol-turkic/khazar Caspian Sea steppe lands after their Babylonian talmudic khazar khanate was destroyed for their trickery, deceit, slavery, usury & for the murdering of a Kievan Rus King. So the Slavic-Nordic/Germanic Kievan Rus Queen Helga destroyed their khazar khanate & many fled to the west. Many Native European writers referred to some people from this newly arrived turkic khazar group as having warlock, goblin, ghoulish, witchy & usurious behaviours. These small group of self-loathing turkic warlocks & witches seemed to have taken on a strange mixture of Babylonian talmudic judaism & steppe pagan moloch worship & are not to be confused with the other noble Turkish tribes/peoples.
It was understood long ago that warlocks & witches had various usurious & deceptive abilities & dualistic conflicting temperaments & were always referenced as having creepy & lecherous ways & were very foreign & thus seen as ugly in appearance due to them having very foreign features that were unlike the indigenous Native European peoples features. What is well understood is that these foreign warlocks & witches intruders both hated & envied the Native European peoples for their beauty, altruism & brilliance. Plus these warlocks & witches blamed all the Native European peoples for the destruction of their Caspian Sea Steppe Khazaria khanate. These foreign warlocks & witches are almost always described as small & grotesque, mischievous, manipulative, usurious, malicious & outright murderous. They were known for being very greedy, especially for gold & jewellery. Some say that these warlocks & witches grotesque appearance was due to their deeply dogmatic, supremacist, ethnocentrism, zealotry & non-inclusiveness & that they then became terribly inbred in their eastern shtetl’s/settlements & in ghettos.

These warlocks & witches are referenced by many Native European writers who described them as being so hung with ill-will that it deformed their minds & bodies. These khazar warloacks & witches blamed the Native European peoples even for their own self-loathing & self imposed mutations too. It is said that these warlocks & witches constitution is all dogmatic ignorant ill-will & degenerate appetites as prescribed by their subversive & perverse foreign Caspian Sea steppe blend of Babylonian talmudic judaism & moloch worship which did not teach them how to expiate & atone for their own guilt… in fact it taught them only how to project their own guilt onto the innocent others. These turkic in origin witches & warlocks belief systems offered them no way to expiate their guilt & so they project their own guilt onto others & then cry out in pain as they strike them. It’s a grift & a racket but their guilt doesn’t dissipate, it grows deeper & psychosis sets in destroying them from within. These witches & warlocks must atone & stop allowing their ideologies to overtake their humanity. They too must find their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage & let all their lies, deceptions & their various forms of usury go now.

It was noted that these warlocks & witches are deeply unethical & work only to forward themselves & their own ilk at the expense of all others. The Native European tales, myths & stories often mention these warlocks and witches like greedy runts & wretched manipulative types & shows them always deceiving the most venerable, naive & innocent. ie: Native European women & children. This is clearly seen in stories such as “Der Ring Des Nibelungen/The Ring of the Nibelung” & in “The Brothers Grimm” collection etc & later in “The Merchant Of Venice”, Wagner’s “Das Rhine Gold”… later still in “The Lord Of The Rings”, “The Hobbit”… etc.

These Native European authors, poets, composers, painters & artists often also mention the khazar’s “turkic money trick” known as “The Ring”/circle/cycle of debt & usury. It is often referred to as just “The Ring” again the cycle/circle of debt & usury that enslaved the poor & even Kings eventually. Later these warlock & witch dark beings were also referred to as “vampires” due to some of their customs of blood drinking & blood sacrifice rituals who’s vitims were usually kidnapped Native European children. Again many Native European peoples understood that these warlocks & witches were just a hate filled handful of mongolized-turkic khazar people that the Kievan Rus vanquished & who then fled north & west from their southeastern Eurasian Caspian Sea steppe into Russia & Europe after the destruction of their khazar khanate.

Khazaria had been built on the Native European Slavic slave trade, This is why “slave” is cognate to & derived from “Slave” or “Slavic” who were & are a Native European people of very light pigmentations. These khazars acting as middlemen on the old Silk Road between Islam to the east & Christianity to the West. It’s said that they only took on Babylonian talmudic judaism for business reasons so they could trade with both islam to the east & christianity to the west. But they actually mixed this Babylonian talmudic judaism with their turkic steppe pagan Moloch worship beliefs & it was this mix that made their behaviours so criminal, unethical & toxic.

All the Native European peoples forefathers have always had versions of what is written here. They also said to be very, very wary of these talmudic turkic khazar warlock vampire gangsters, tricksters, banksters & terrorist types. For again, they hate the Native European peoples & teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. A handful of these turkic khazars were also behind most of the European “revolutions” & the deconstructionism of our societies & also fund & sponsor the weaponized 3rd world mass-migration into our Native European Nations. Again these turkic khazars should not be confused with the noble Turkish peoples. Not even most of the turkic khazars are responsible for what a handful of these witches & warlocks did or do. Again, it must also be stated that these turkic talmudic khazar warlocks & witches have no way to atone for their wickedness and so they cannot expiate their own guilt and so they project their own crimes & guilt onto others & often cry victim as they do it. But this just deepens their guilt & they spiral down becoming more & more grotesque & self-loathing.

Again “witches” are not to be confused with the noble Native European medicinal herb pickers. Witches are deceivers & manipulators who used ineffective curses & putrid potions & poisons to harm people. These witches were/are notorious for their ugliness & for the keeping of cats which was unusual in Europe at that time. Witches used bats, rats, frogs, rats, snakes & other things that their cats dragged in for their putrid potions, poisons & concoctions of ill-will.

The beautiful & bright Native European peoples women, daughters, wives, mothers & grandmothers plant medicines & herbal wisdoms was always to use Forest & glade plants only as medicines to heal their people… & they never used their knowledge of plants & herbs to harm anyone. They often communed with the magical Forest & glade folk, such as Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, Hulduólk, Nisse & the other magical Forest Spirit Folk beings of Native European Folklore who also helped them make their herbal medicines & tonics. These magical Forest Folk always work to help, inform & protect the Native European peoples & to fend off & ward-off the usurious & wicked & always warn the Native European peoples of deceptions & treachery.
You should always leave out treats for these bright Forest Folk by your fireplace, in your barn & around your gardens & grounds.

On The gods & God The AllFather:
There is only good & good gone bad & all that is Good is Gut/God The AllFather. The word for “good” in the Native Germanic language is “gut” or “god” as seen in Germany & Sweden today. The gods as seen in Southern Paganism & Northern Heathenism are the different forces & faces of Nature & the different forces & faces within human Nature too. When all these Natural forces are combined together they make up God The AllFather who is best understood as an ancient vibration that pervades, resonates, animates & harmonies all living things equally & they are all governed over by God The AllFather’s Natural Laws & Order. The Nordic Germanic God The AllFathers face is best seen in Nature & in our Children’s faces too. The Heathen’s way is to honour God The AllFather, & his wife The Earth Mother, & their Natural forces with our actions, not just our words.

There has been much confusion about this gods or God query. There is just God The AllFather but again he has many faces that are best seen in Nature/the environment & human Nature too. Most of what some call “the minor gods” are just expressions of human Nature. At least this is what was taught to me by my Clan.

God… like in the Swedish tradition of “God Jul”, or in German “Gut”… simply means “Good”. So simply anything that is good/gut is God, or has Godliness, goodness. There are many other regional names for God The AllFather, like the Germanic Wotan etc. Again, God The AllFather is singular but with many expressions as seen in human Nature & in the environment/Nature & this is why we have the many deities, ie: Tyr, Woden/Wotan/Odin, Thor, Freya… etc. Yes, we celebrate all these faces of God The AllFather on different days of the week & at different times of the year. 

To be very clear. The Native European Gut/Good/God The AllFather is NOT to be confused nor conflated with the desert demons hashem/yahweh/moloch/baal… etc. As well, the Native European pre-abrahamic spirituality had/has no desert “demon”, “devil”, “satan” either. The “devil” is strictly a messianic abrahamic deity. The Native European peoples spiritual traditions have only the concept of good gone bad but no supernatural evil demon. The only supernatural being the Native European peoples knew & know is God The AllFather.

This above is my Clans traditional view on these matters. Being that Northern Heathenry is very independent and very family or clan based & oriented… their are many interpretations on this matter/query above.

The Southern Pagan & Northern Heathen Native European peoples believe in the ancient earth-centric concept of The Natural Law & The Natural Order. God The AllFather is the judge & our ancestors are the jury. The Germanic philosopher, Hegel, referred to this type of order as “The Cunning Of Reason”. The Old Norse, & later the Germanic-Anglo-Saxon, Law & Order Doctrine is based on the concept that if you act selfishly, criminally or unethically Nature will punish you… & so will your community.
The old southern pagan Hellenic peoples philosophers tried to give a form to the soul & a shape to the spirit & used Logos, Ethos & Pathos to give order, form & shaped to the human soul & spirit. This Logos, Ethos & Pathos can be translated to Reason over the Will & the Will rules over the Passions. This is a notable Hellenic pagan traditional Native European concept for a healthy human soul & the form a nurtured spirit. The social engineers & deconstructionists have intentionally reversed this healthy inner structure in modern times to deconstruct & enslave The Native European peoples & the masses with degeneracy, deviance & vice. Weaponized pornography is just one of the social engineers main tools that has put the passions over the will & the will over reason… which creates a society controlled by ignorant will & degenerate appetites… that has led to this subversion, deconstruction & defilement of the human soul, spirit & thus our societies.
So get your soul & spirit back in shape & order by putting Reason over your Will & your Will ruling your Passions & get on with it for this is just the basics.

To the Native European peoples the meaning of life is to give consciousness to matter. Not to try & find consciousness in matter. Unconscious materialism is vapid, it is the void that weighs down the human spirit. We are NOT just atoms in the void.. we are living beings enacting God The AllFathers will on Earth.
It is the gift of the human Geist to breathe consciousness into matter…. but first that Geist must be resonating with the pervasive vibration, The God the Allfather vibration that permeates, resonates & animates all living things equally. Principled & harmonious resonation releases the spirit from the celestial ghetto & materialist prison.
Be reasonable & ethically free my friends & breath consciousness into the matter through your loving actions & Logos/Conscious communication & give your life meaning & remember that the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.

The nasty deconstructionists, cultural-marxists, communist & talmudic terrorist social engineers have been trying for decades to get Native European Men & Women to hate each other. They do this to break up our Native European traditional family unit, which then reduces the amount of children Native European peoples have. They also do this to increase miscegenation of all peoples.
Don’t fall for it! Find each other, Love & Respect each other, get married & have many, many babies & raise them traditionally. Be sure that your children also have their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & awareness & are thus intact. Be sure to celebrate your ancient racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific traditions, celebrations & heritage too! Raise your children so that they too love & respect their racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous Native European identity. Be you Germanic/Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic or Italic… or any other people too!
Remember that pornography, hook-up sites & other degeneracies…etc are all weapons & tools used by these same degenerate deconstructionists & social engineers to degrade, demoralize & destroy your self-esteem & your racial, ethnic & cultural identity. They use pornography as a weapon to manipulate & subvert your Natural preferences & desires. Like other forms of “entertainment” these highly consolidated mass-media’s are also designed to control the mass-psychology & manipulate you so you buy their products that are NOT good for you & they, again, degrade & demoralize you so that you think you need this crap they are selling. Again, don’t fall for it! Don’t buy their garbage & Boycott these media’s & don’t partake in all these degenerate mass-media garbage & filth.
Happiness & fulfilment comes through creating your own racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually intact loving Family.
Simply, women must stop trying to act like men & drop the vapid rabid feminist brainwashing. Men do NOT have “toxic masculinity” syndrome but many men, due to demoralization, deconstructionism & from “sports” conditioning… have “toxic competitiveness syndrome” & emasculation issues. Most of these issues facing both men & women are due to demoralization, deconstructionism, social engineering, media exploitation, societal pressures, pornography & brainwashing elements imbedded in our societies.
In closing, just as love & respect is essential in a woman & mans relationship, well so is pride & honour essential in a Fathers & Mothers relationship too. The Father is the pride of the family & the Mother is the honour of the family. If the Fathers character is weak the pride of the family is damaged, especially in the children & if the Mother acts dishonourably, the honour of the family & children will be in tatters.
Its all about a man demonstrating Love & Pride for his wife & family & a woman demonstrating Respect & Honour for her husband & family. But both man & woman must cover all these virtues & Love is actions NOT just words!

“Sport/physical-games” at one time was used to hone, strengthen & create excellence & brotherhood amongst men of the same ilk & kind to prepare them for battle against another foreign peoples. Historically the Spartans were well known for this but so were many other Native European peoples too. But modern “sports media” is designed to divert mens attention away from solving real life issues and keep them dumbed down & yelling at a screen but not playing the sport itself. “Sports media” also tricks a man into exchanging their own Tribe, people, race, cultural or ethnic group & Nationhood for a silly “team”.
“Spots media” is also used to keep men of the same race & ilk divided and to feed infighting within their community, dividing them against each other so they can be easily rules over by others.
This toxic competitiveness syndrome is rampant today & men even have toxic competitiveness issues with their own fathers, sons, brothers & even wives. This has led to divided families and massive Native European Brothers wars like WW1 & WW2. “Sports media” is classic deconstructionism.
This Toxic Competitive Syndrome was intensionally created in men of the same ilk by this silly “sports media” deconstructionism. We all know that cooperation creates excellence not divided toxic competitiveness syndrome.
There is no “toxic masculinity syndrome” but there is *toxic competitiveness syndrome* & its another tool of the globalists deconstructionism & social engineering designed to destroy the Native European peoples from within pitting Brother against Brother. SO NO MORE BROTHERS WARS FOR THE GLOBALISTS AGENDA.

The ancient Greeks, Romans, Germanic, Celtic, Gaelic … etc. warriors would be totally baffled & confused at the state of “sport/physical-games” today & would see clearly that “sport” is being used as just another social-engineering deconstructionist deception designed to divide & destroy the Native European peoples, societies & Nations from within. 

Also read up on the Slavic slave trade of central Europe wherein turkic people enslaved Slavic people and sold them along the old Silk Road. Also read up on the Transatlantic/African Slave trade too in which these turkic khazars slavers were also over represented in. These same turkic/khazar/Radhanite people of Babylonian talmudic faith operated huge parts of the Transatlantic/African slave trade but the Dutch, English, Spanish & Portuguese get all the blame for it today. Again, & it must be repeated, both of these slave trades were operated by a small handful of turkic khazar/Radhanites people of Babylonian talmudic faith mixed with steppe pagan Moloch worship. Also read up on how these mixed turkic people of talmudic/Moloch faith helped the Islamic North African Arab & African umayyad caliphate mohammedans/moors invade the Celtic-Nordic & Italic/latinized southern Iberian peninsula/Spain & how both Judaism & islam were all finally routed & driven out by the Reconquista, the “Inquisition” & the “expulsion”… but some of these mixed turkic khazar people of talmudic faith claimed innocence & faked conversion to Catholicism (converso’s). They lied & started up their old silk road “turkic money trick” and other tricks again & so they were kicked out of Spain & many other Nations for their seditious, treasonous & usurious behaviours. NOT for their choice of messianic abrahamic religion, nor for their very mixed turkic racial make-up either. They were kicked out for their toxic & usurious behaviours which are all well documented but suppressed to this day.

Again, it is very important to read up on the hidden histories about the slaughter of the Slavic-Germanic/Nordic-Baltic Rus in Rus-sia & the Kievan Rus Ukrainian “Holodomore” led by these same turkic khazar commissar Bolshevik marxist-zionist-communist talmudic terrorists & their mongol orc hordes. These were not just slaughters but also ethnic-cleansing of over 60 million Native European Rus style Rus-sians who were Slavic, Baltic & Nordic/Germanic people. The Holodomor/slaughter of the Kievan Rus in the Ukrainian wherein 10 million Slavic-Nordic/Germanic Native European style Ukrainians were also murdered & starved to death on mass in another ethnic cleansing by these same murderous & usurious turkic/khazar marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists. Both of these massive slaughters were led by turkic Bolshevik commissars & Cheka(secret Police) of talmudic faith & their mongol orc hordes… who all came from the Caspian sea steppe regions. Educate yourself on these mass murderous turkic khazar’s like the “cheka” founder Vladimir Lenin & the other mass murderers like Trotsky/Bronstein, Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Stalin…etc. They were also behind most of Europes “revolutions” which was always funded by a turkic khazar marxist-zionist talmudic bankster & led by a idiot “revolutionary”.
Listen to this: 200 YEARS TOGETHER by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
“Camp of the Saints” is a 1973 French dystopian fiction novel by Jean Raspail author & explorer.
Read *untampered with* versions of “Mein Kampf” & “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”…etc.
LISTEN TO ALL OF MICHAEL COLLINS PIPERS PODCASTS/SHOWS & read all of his books. Especially “Judas Goats” & “Final Judgment
ORGANIZE READING GROUPS TO READ, DEBATE & DISCUSS THESE BOOKS ABOVE & speak freely & proudly of your Native European ancestors & your ancient Native European Heritage, Traditions, Customs & Cultures. Live your Indigenous Native European Culture and heritage & honour your Ancestors with your actions. Again this goes for all other peoples everywhere too! If you are a Native European then live your ancient customs & traditions & use your ancient Runic symbols in your daily life.

Your racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage is NOT hatred!
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