~A PHILOSOPHICAL MANIFESTO, CREED & MYTHOS~ Written By Drew C. Rouse/Skáld Rekkr (plus some other writings and quotes below)

“What colonialism, genocide and repopulation did to the Native American peoples… globalism, corporatism and radicle mass-immigration/neo-colonisation is doing to the Native European peoples. The Native Americans and the Native Europeans have both suffered genocides of over 100 million of their people… the Native European genocide came in the form of World war one & two wherein over 100 million Native Europeans died. Historically both also suffering colonisation too… one by the Roman empire and the other by the American empire.”  ~D.R.

On: Free Men & Slaves
The dogs are always one against the Wolf. The slaves are taught to hate the free & would try to destroy the free rather then their master if given the option. Time for folks to stop being orcs & bitches for globalism and its many forms of usury and slavery & ReWild Europe. Its time to bring back the Wolves!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

“The consciousness is rising because some of us are lifting it” ~D.R.

“Unethical, entitled people with deep self-imposed multigenerational entitled victimhood & self-loathing complexes, and no internal discipline, are the most dangerous ilk of people on the globe. They suffer from a type of self-imposed victimhood psychosis. These types of people can create nothing but more victims.” ~D.R.

There is only one resonating & unifying vibration that pervades, resonates, harmonises & animates all living things equally, big and small, from bacteria to the old growth tree! This vibration has been coopted & called many things… those in the abrahamic-box call it “god” but have created fictional & false ideologies to use it as a tool of coercion, empire, colonisation and mass mind-control! They created fictional dogma to try and separated our old god vibration from us & from nature. Those in the abrahamic-box created this alien god concept so their zealots could have earthly control to enslave us and nature. Many other “religions” have done the same or similar.

It is now time for humankind to go back to the old ways & our earth-centric god that predates all these desert & desolate “religions” & reject this fake alien god and harmonies with our earth-centric god vibration again! How do you do this? Your breath is your prayer and your ever present mantra… nature is your temple the ancient sacred groves are your cathedrals… resonate with this pervasive vibration & be peaceful but just too. ~D.R.

We, the Heathen’s, are tired of the old traditions of tyranny, aggression, war profiteering, predatory banking, usury and money lending, fictional economics, in short the Abrahamic yoke, and its arbitrary customs and feudal idealisms that use seemingly noble motives to enable wicked agendas. You see, this new synthetic society and its corporate consumer culture, which isn’t culture at all, was built on disfunction, consumption and competition not like in our forefathers monolithic understanding and tribal Earth centric understanding wherein  societies functioned on conservation and cooperation. These rather new colonial and empire based societies laws and ideals are void of ethics and respect for humankind, the animals and the natural world. A”survival of the sickest” “might equals right” mentality pervades it and prevails within a designed boom and bust economy, which was designed to consolidate wealth and turn natures systems into commodities, enriching the few at the expense of the environment, the many and future generations. We know that when it is all done for the love of money, there is no love left for each other or anything else and we loose our humanity. We know that those who exploit natural resources, exploit human resources and those who manipulate nature, manipulate human nature. So, It is time to break free of these “old toxic ways” its designers, perpetuators and it’s fictions and effects. Time for a new, vital and truly democratic world view where all must be free or none shall be, where natural capital is preserved for future generations and the true cost of any product or service is accounted for. A kinder, fully compassionate system that shows its strength through its giving and good will and shows even its weaknesses, not hides them, but reveals its mistakes and misgivings so that other minds can find options and solutions. A system that is open, inclusive, solid and controlled, not secretive, segregated, unstable and controlling.

Now we must be kind to these common’s crushing judaeo-protestant zio-imperialists who enabled the deconstructionists, zio-bolsheviks, the neo-imperialist/neo-cons and the neo-liberalist capitalism braying, saddled and bridled, old nags and their idiotic zio-bulshevik Orcs. We should jail them all on bread and water and hard labour… as they did to our Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic kin in their physical and mental gulags of not so long ago!! Yes, we surmounted (at gun point) and most reluctantly accepted the ride. Nonetheless, it got us down the road, a very bumpy journey indeed, but that is no longer the point. To get down the road that is. It is no longer good enough and the poor imperialist-capitalist beast has been running flat out for centuries and it’s now ailing, fragile and snarling, yet still strangely stubborn and domineering. It is not so strange really, for not even a one eyed, toothless, clawless and senseless lion will go quietly from the whip and circus cage to a comfortable and cushioned death bed, or even back to a peaceful existence in its own, now forgotten, natural environment. No, tortured and disconnected ignorance usually chooses to go straight into dementia without so much as a breath, moment of calm or even a reflective pause, saying “balance is boring and anyway the soft bit is always in-between”. Crusty, thus the need for tolerance and kindness for the self loathing princes and princesses and their ruined beast of burden.

Well, now is the time for balance and calm. We have not the time for weak and frustrated warriors and runt war mongers. Nor more politeness for the plutocracies domineering and entitled imbeciles in their great grandfathers armor or tuxedos but lacking their acumen. Time for new fairy tales, new legends and circular, holistic ideals. Time to start up the old pre-abrahamic traditions and some new traditions filled with subtle and calm strengths like awareness, kindness, compassion and peacefulness but with pointed justice too. Like the surging oceans we now move forward, past the old guards canon strewn, long cracking and now failing seawalls. Fortifying battlements against the sea is senseless and displays perfectly the contempt we have inherited for each other and for the very earth systems that sustain us. We are not a tsunami, we are just pointing out that the city was built too close to the sea. We are not a reckless rampaging mob, to the contrary, we are a thoughtful, respectful and deeply responsible yet uncompromising majority. We cannot be bought, sold, provoked or radicalized and we will not compromise on principle. We are simply gathering together for one great leap of consciousness in this supposed, so-called democracy. We do not accept the dogma of any religion, economic system, corporate science, heritage or nation. We do not accept nationalistic, cultural, economic, scientific or religious, zealotry. We honor no patriarchy or matriarchy system, religion or philosophy but choose balance and respect both the sacred famine and masculine perspectives. We are interconnected yet free and sovereign persons. We do not surrendered our inalienable, Natural and legal rights. We are not agents of, or participants in, the state. We believe in absolute personal, financial and territorial sovereignty. We maintain a vessel/fiction of citizenship, but do not enter into contract with any nation or corporation and retain all civil and human rights allotted to all, by birth and God. We choose a life of independence and adhere to the base ethics of law, do no harm and allow no harm to be done. We are not subjects of, or subject to any King, Queen, monarchy or Royal family… nor do we pay them any more homage then any other person. We understand that the “old guard” and the “powers that be” are radicals, hypocrites, fanatics and zealots. Spying and terrorizing is their ideology and strategy. Sure, hind sight is 20/20, but with odds and outcomes of around 50/50, we can no longer afford the “old guard”(the global oligarchy and their national kleptocracy) it’s fictions, speculation and it’s gambling.

We are not sitting and passively regurgitating any longer while corporations perpetuate fictions and create toxic environmental imbalances.  The futile attempts of indoctrination, by the use of universal multinational corporate mantras at imperialist institutions, have failed. Ivy league universities or not, these institutions have become half temple, part fortress and part prison. These “universities”, that are now mostly only shelters for industry have been revealed and exposed by their own leanings and teachings. Priestly professors profess from the citadels of these intellectual seminaries the dangers of faith, morality and reason, with limited attention paid to ethics, as their corporate sponsors are directing research and dictating study using public money, while privately patenting life and any other “positive” and potentially profitable outcome. We all know, he who pays the piper calls the tune. Once upon a time it was suspicious and made those in power suspect but corporations would fund a new wing then they pushed harder and it was a new building on campus… it was suspicious and suspect but most averted their eyes… but now they are boldly setting up whole industrial parks, right on campus and know one even blinks an eye. These campus industrial parks are chalked full of all the usual corporate suspects and sponsors. These intellectual mercenaries tactics and their corporate sponsored antics and actions have been confounding logic and completely ignoring basic ethics for decades. They have chosen to defile natural law, calling it “genetic engineering” or “economics”, just two very fine examples of how radical and decayed things have become. Science, which once treated the earth as a divine teacher, with a distinct and distinguished enterprise of defining the laws of nature has now, in large part, become a toxic system of manipulation of these very natural laws of balance. Corporate science and its propaganda tries to twist public opinion and turn the earth from beloved teacher to enemy and is busy enslaving its varied and diverse denizens as it maniacally endangers public health by releasing untested plights upon a balanced earth (ie: Nuclear technologies both large and small weapons and power plants, nanotechnologiesbiotechnologies genetically modified/molested organisms and genetically engineered foods and the petrochemical paradigm, just to name a few.) Plus, it stifles and marginalizes decent, even decent from within its own ranks (ie:”whistle blowers” or conscientious objectors against the war on the natural World). Corporations and their corporate scientists knowingly release these technological plights into our shared environment (ie. genetically engineered or GMO plants and foods, Nano particles, toxic petro-chemicals and radioactive isotopes etc.) and then employ corporate science and corporate educators at their government/tax payer subsidized facilities to find a patentable remedy for the corporation to again profit from. They then charge governments and their tax payers to use this newly patented technology to partially clean up their old technologies environmental mess. Its the corporatists revolving door of imbalance and toxicity. Pardon the analogy: First they release the rats then sending the cats to kill the rats and then the dogs to then kill the cats… etc, etc… and so on and so forth. As a fews (the corporatists and a hand full of investors) profits accumulate, so do the ill effects on the environment and the masses health (bioaccumulation). Such research and study “science” is not healthful and is too disconnected from its effects. Isolated in the simplicity of the sterile laboratory insulates its outcomes from reality. Specialization goes further yet into this isolation, its like putting blinders on a blind horse. Such highly trained and indoctrinated (not educated) persons need to be truly educated and broadened, so they can have a whole and interconnected understanding. The corporate science intellectual community along with its universities and institutions go to great lengths to keep this unnatural, simplistic, clinical, institutionalized thinking and very sterilized understanding and application under wraps. Intentionally wounding then hiding the wound behind closed doors under wraps and bandages till they and only they have a partial and patentable remedy for this intentionally inflicted, now infected, wound. They maniacally torture, blind, infect, mutate, disfigure, maim, kill, dissect and throw away millions of innocent creatures. They use terms like… “We are on the cutting edge of science”. Yes, the cutting edge is a razor they wield, not the magic wand they believe. They think they are carefully shaving the face of humanity, helping to make life better, but in actuality they are recklessly slitting humanities throat. Their lac of sensitivity, touch, refinement and real understanding keeps them in a type of scientific trance as they watch helplessly as humanity staggers about in shock watching its conscience bleeding out onto a devastated planet. This is all done in the name of, and under the heading of, science. Done with the encouragement and blessing of most of the current education systems high priests and priestess, all under the nose of their cross-eyed government generals who are under the strict control of their corporatist masters under the flag of neo-imperialism using the old imperialist doctrine. The masses apathy allows this ignorant systems agenda to drag on and its toxic by-products to persist. Simply, a corpatocracy and corporatism profits from apathy, ignorance and imbalance. These points above combined with the institutionalized attacks on instinctive zen, the critical mind and our interconnected perspective and banishes the innate and intuitive Native, wide and wise mind while grooming and constantly promoting the little and pointed western European, unintuitive, A to B technical mind, choosing to act irrationally and irresponsibly (which it naively and willingly confuses with independence) all the while ambitiously concealing any negative effects caused by such short term thinking under a dark cloak of “externality”, has in total, has left our societies woefully deficient, sickly and our environments green and blue robes, tattered.

We have spent centuries training our societies to use only half the brain and we have promoted and expanded only the little pointed western european version, vision and mindset. Lobotomizing then filling these pointed little minds with billions of dots and dashes, A to B scenarios, designing questions to achieve certain objectives, answers and outcomes. Creating parrot’s not critical thinkers. With limited attention payed to reason, ethics, formulas, unforeseen negative effects or possible toxic outcomes. Concealing such toxic outcomes, imbalances and negative effects under the generalizing cloak of externality to avoid detection no doubt. There appears to be a deliberate dumbing down of humanity by the elitist, controlling stratum, oligarchy. Not educating students but credentialing and indoctrinating them. Pushing a curriculum of limited truths, that obviously barely fit, designed to create employees for various ventures as they desperately try to maintain control. With old world concepts, ideologies and lectures that run roughshod over more fluid and natural, unshod and Native, New World perspectives. Pseudo sciences like phycology and economics that are laughable, designed only to manipulate and deal with the flotsam and jetsam of this flawed system. Western Philosophy, with its many and constantly reaching arms, is for the large part, just mental masturbation. Sure it has identified our obvious base desirers, fears and instincts, but what do they choose to do with this knowledge? They choose to sell it and use it to manipulate humanity into buying senseless trinkets. Marketing companies and public relation firms have turned citizens into consumers by selling the public more stuff they don’t need by subverting their natural state of mind and degrading their self-esteem and self-worth. They could have and should have identified our susceptibilities but then band corporations and governments from designing targeted marketing based on this knowledge. Philosophy scholars seem to be hopelessly entangled, searching for answers to their own personal issues and drag us along for the ride or in Freud’s case, groping our minds for holes to insert more trash into. From Leucippus, to mockery and laughter of Democritus, to  Thales to the study of ethics by SocratesPlato to his hyper logical student Aristotle to Hume and Kant, a hard right with Hegel. Then the father of western Buddhism, Arthur Schopenhauer, steps in and hopelessly and facetiously tries to get us back on the path by showing us just how rational, logical, somber and desolate the road we are on is. “The madmen” “The Overman” the pitiless yet compassionate Friedrich Nietzsche, who’s youth and ill health helped to shape his paradoxical and brilliant contradictions (some of the nasty stuff was most likely the work/authorship of his meddling sisters). Then, under the influence of Sartre’s potion of existentialism and perpetual revolution left most exhausted and asleep at the wheel, so then straight into the ditch with Dewey and on to the gutter with more of junky Freud‘s groping (see: The Century of The Self) Fraudulent Freud even tried to bury the brilliance of  Carl Jung… who’s introverted, extroverted archetypal world truly opened our eyes, minds and dreams to the complexities and interconnections of the collective unconscious! Yes there are many others and obviously each have their moments of brilliance and enlightenment, but they always tend to go off in all direction into a kind of soulless oblivion and we, after centuries of pondering, still have no answers. Its been a toxic over thinking, a technical minds lament that always ends with “I know, that I know nothing”. Empty souls who, like spoiled children, try to get away with what they can and help others do the same. Helping the manipulators manipulate more effectively… yet when caught claim to be only acting as the devils advocate or little helper. This is just the western appendage of the philosophy octopus. Eastern philosophies from the Indian woman Prajnatara to the traveler Bodhidharma to the Hindu sage Kapila to China’s Confucius and Sun Tzu, although slightly more holistic they still end up on the rocks. For trying to calculate the incalculable is useless. We, if we must choose, prefer truly original thinkers who were killed by silence, such as African Spir, Arthur Schopenhauer and alike. Truly, most intellectuals create a big unanswerable problem to keep themselves from having to deal with life’s small, but multiple yet easier answered, problems. It’s easy to remain emotionally unavailable and socially irresponsible when you are always busy solving life’s greatest and most important queries and mysteries, right? We resonate with the more sophisticated First Nations, Native or Aboriginal philosophies of harmony and resonance with the natural world. On the other side of all of the above we have those who choose to “believe like a child” and believe that others are taking care of things and if pushed to explain their beliefs and concepts they instantly misquote religious text and resort to dogma and if pushed further, they then drop to their knees and bury their heads in the trackless sands of ignorance. Saying, ignorance is bliss and passionately quoting Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Moses… saying, and Buddha said… and so and so said… and then “the devil made me do it!”… etc., etc. Modern interpretations of religious texts have created a world of religious fundamentalists and fanatics and also religious nihilists. First they blame the other religions, then if it doesn’t work out, its “oh well, its all going to hell anyway. It’s God’s plan!” We say, this is not God’s plan, but sure drink deeply of this ignorance, get drunk off this false dark potion… feel its power of nihilistic abandonment course through your veins… but don’t try to drag us down with you and beware of the karmic hangover and the other ill effects of such unethical false beliefs and the actions that are sure to follow. Well, what of religion then? It fits nicely here in this shake down of philosophy. We can tie phycology, philosophy, ethics, morality and spirituality, the mind and spirit, all together here under its general application of and through, religion. For psyche and soul were interchangeable by Aristotle, so is it for us. The soul owes no debt to any religion. Religion is neither a door to, nor a wall before God, the Creator or the Divine. Religion is neither good nor bad, it doesn’t bind, nor does it free, it is rather benign. It can be and has been used as a tool for peace or as a weapon of war. It can calm the spirit or provoke it. Man has used, and still does use, religion as a weapon to divide and conquer the masses to obtain lands and resources. It is not the wrong of religion, it is the wrong of man and his misuse of religion to manipulate people and mobilize armies. There is no such thing as “Holy war”. Wars were never fought over religion. Rather, man has used religion to rally troops to fight for empire, the state and natural resources. These same men then went on to present the empire, its states and later corporations as a kind of religion with sacred symbols, myths, dogma and even elaborate traditions and ceremonies and wealth, power and control is their God. These ethic-less, yet moralist corporatists created a theology of corporatocracy and a clergy of consumers (instead of citizens) and consumerism was baptized under the blank gaze of billions in the arms of imperialism. The rulers of these states still continue to use traditional religion as they used culture, ethnicity, color, nationality and even sexuality, again in an attempt to divide and conquer the masses. The state fictionalized a history of a human race at constant war. They told stories and created myths to have us believe that they alone created stability and that religion, localized and tribal politics was the bane of humanity. Yet, they perpetuate a constant state of war on the “them” or those who decent or resist. If you show decent from within or from the outside you are target. We, the brave, don’t believe their myths and ancient tails of woe any longer. We know history is written by the victors, the rotten and the most brutal bunch. Nor do we believe you can bomb a people into a higher state of rational. We are activist, pacifists and defenders of peace, human rights and environmental justice. This stated, religion also has its champions, those great spirits, Mahatmas, who have been peacefully trying to examine and articulate the sacred and inarticulable. They care not from which direction you hail from, which ethnicity, religion, color, nation or culture you are of. They care only to enter into an unending conversation on the infinite and the divine and to express their findings in acts of kindness, compassion, sacrifice, celebration and beauty.

As for politics, both left and right, we view neoliberal and neoconservative thinking with equal suspicion. With political ideologies and discussions so bias and skewed at this point, it eludes a centrists comprehension. With an oligarchy that both hedges and bets on every point and politician, so they win the argument and the election no matter what. With most of our scholars so confused by the obvious plurality but are forced to ignore it. Thus their lectures must bend or go jaded, thus the students, to “make the grade”, also adopt and accept this fiction. Most students are forced to bend, become jaded or break from the herd.  The more pointed technical minds ten to bend with it and the more wide and creative minds go jaded and eventually all, who wish to play this game, must agree to a type of baptism. Not a baptism of fire like in the military. No, this education offers a gentler type of boot camp. At first a little splash on the forehead, rather refreshing. Later, a slow partial submerging, but once trusting, a full dunking and finally a drowning. It has similarities to the torture technique of water-boarding. You kind of know that they can’t kill you, but they are a rather radical and screwy bunch, so you are unsure. You are ok till the drowning sensation overwhelms your reasoning. Then you say to yourself, “If I just do as they say, it will stop and I can go on my way”. If you answer naturally and truthfully, they just dunk you again. So now you start reading into their questions, trying to find out what answer they want from you. If you don’t come up with it they finally start yelling the answers at you. They tell you “if you just repeat what we are telling you, then off you can go.” You tell yourself, “No harm, you know live to think independently another day”. Well, those days never come. You can always seem to hold your breath, thoughts and opinions just a little while longer. As you repress your free and critical thoughts, slowly your versions dim and well you know the rest. By using coercion under these types of pressures the brains reflexive defenses breakdown and these forced ideas, propaganda and lies, these twisted mantras that are repeated over and over and feedback and are echoed from every corner of  a very controlled environment, finally succeed. Eventually the mind is saturated and overcome by these twisted mantras and feedback and one can no longer recall opposition, discomfort or even the ordeal itself and thus the “indoctrination” is complete. Breaking souls as apposed to bones. If you except this, you get an A and become guilty by association. If you stick with this game and world view, and go on up climbing the proverbial ladder, you will eventually hit a dead-end on the wrong side of the ethics bars in a self made Guantanamo in your own private-ized Idaho. If you resist, rebel or (which we recommend) simply refuse to play the game, out you go. If you stick to a righteous and ethical path, freedom awaits you. It is this type of coercion and indoctrination that has so denuded our societies collective intellect which has left most floundering in a sea of unconscious ideals and behaviors. Laudable though these tactics may have been at one time, the outcome has proven not just murderous, but suicidal for our civilization. This hari-kari system of indoctrination and belief in corporatism, on its present course, as it goes on destroying the souls of the people, when that is done it will then destroy the people and even its self but only after it destroys everything else. This is why we must stop this indoctrination process, its propaganda and corporatism now and preserve our Earth systems. We must identify and stop electing its salesmen and stop confusing their propaganda for ideology. Their campaign propaganda says they are honest, fair and believe in prosperity for all at no cost to the environment, but their ideology is always ruthless and senseless corporatism.

We can hear you defending your professors and your right to an “education”,your favorite brands and their corporations and your European roots. We hear the echoing hollow laughter of the uneasy credentialist scholars. We understand that you are deeply invested in this system and its findings, qualifications and certifications, but as always, remove yourself and your fundamentalist, almost religious need to believe and look objectively, critically and again and again. Why are we coming down so hard? you may be asking. This is hurtful and offensive, you maybe thinking. If you are thoughtfully rationalizing these ideas, then you are weighing what has been only barely mentioned, consider it deeply and independently dig deeper, but if it actually hurts, then you are truly invested in this system and the tinge you feel is the breaking of old beliefs and the cracking of the hard shell of true understanding. As was just explained, we hold the education system most at fault because there is a lack of critical thinkers and many unmistakable almost fascist thinkers who’s points are almost identical, thus there is a lack of diversity of thought. Diversity of thought brings balanced perspectives and understanding this then leads to more compassionate theories. Lack of diverse and critical thought and compassionate theory makes for unbalanced fascist perspectives, intolerance and their toxic consequences. The education system (or as we have pointed out, indoctrination system) should be stating this and demanding solutions not brokering deals to set up more industrial parks with all the usual corporate suspects right on their universities campus. This is its work to educate not indoctrinate and we hold it mostly, but not entirely, to blame. Of course we are not saying all of the education system and every class and professor at every university and college are part of the program. Absolutely not, some, who are usually labelled as dissidents, conspiracy theorists or anarchists, but who we find to be rather tame, are pretty good examples of what our academics and intellectuals can be. An education should be just that. No subject taboo, no stone should be left unturned and it should be free and open. Yet, no idea, concept or invention should be physically realized, forget released into the environment, until the citizens have been fully and truly educated on the need for such a substance or technology and it has been absolutely proven to have no ill effect on the environment or any of its varied and diverse denizens. Our institutions and intellectuals must start to stand up, challenge and speaking truth, to corporate power. They must pull back the dark cloak of externality and reveal these technologies, their subsequent products and their, complicated and difficult to track, toxic paths through our environment. We must make the study and tracking of the already 90 thousand plus chemicals, multitude of engineered genes, viruses, bacteria, radioactive isotopes and nano particles that have been mindlessly already released into our environment, paramount in all fields of study and research. Information must be quickly gathered on these toxic substances repercussions and numerous negative and accumulated toxic effects (bioaccumulation) on the environment, other species and eventually us. These synthetic petrochemicals, genetically engineered genes bacteria and viruses, radioactive isotopes and nano particles must be relentlessly tracked through the environment, their health effects tirelessly studied and their other negative effects meticulously measured. The nightmare will unfold from there and then the corporations who released them must be closed down and prosecuted, their executives, scientists, government sponsors jailed and their investors made to pay reparations. Our institutions and intellectuals must stop acting as apologists, propagandists and corporate shills. We understand that the intellectual mind-scape has been denuded and most of the bucks driven out by a system of grading submissiveness highly and dissidence lowly. Sure some of this conditioning is just blowback from the days of religious dominance and aggression, but we must not allow the heads of corporate science and education to force their radical corporatist beliefs on us with the same zeal and zealotry as the heads of the major religions did in the past. As we have pointed out, education, corporatism, corporatocracy and corporate science, to name a few, have become the new religions. Let’s be clear, endless corporate funds that have already polluted and overcome most religious theories, crushing souls and our environment alike, has now bought out our governments thus our democracies and is now heavily polluting our education system and our once fairly rational scientific communities. We ask you, “How long must we continue to swing to and fro, irrationally pendulating down through the centuries, from the gallows of unconsciousness?” How long do you go on repeating “Thats just the way it is” “Oh well” and “So what”? Surely we can now balance and free ourselves and remain independent, skeptical and critical yet harmonious. We have seen both ditches, left and right (neoconservatism and neoliberalism) but there is a third option called balance. A middle path that doesn’t adhere to an extreme and singular ideology. We must loose our aggression and learn to accept diversity of thought and not just tolerate but absorb others opinions and perspectives. Yet we must keep, maintain and celebrate the good teachings and our diversity. We must redefine, separate and free our religions, governments, sciences and all of our institutions and systems from this formulaic imperialistic or neo-imperialistic, corporatist indoctrination. Corporatism and its corporatocracy is a rapidly spreading disease on our planet and it’s making us and our environment ill. We must constantly break-up and heavily regulate these massive multinational corporate structures for they have as of now amassed great wealth and power and wield far to much influence and control over our governments. Corporations are not persons and they must be heavily regulated or dissolved. Dissolved, not watered down into a weaker version and we need not take up an existing structure either ie: Libertarianism, communism, capitalism, Socialism, stalinism, Marxism, keynesianism, leninism, trotskyism, maoism or the worst of them all, which we have now corporatism… a corporatocracy or kleptocracy system of governance. We must create something better then corporatism, capitalism, communism, stalinism, marxism, socialism, libertarianism… etc, etc. A new structure that harmonizes humanity and fosters sustainable endeavors in balance with the Earths systems. If we don’t stop it, its entities, operators and systems will continue to groom and radicalize, narrow minded, intolerant and violent, fundamentalists. We need not exchange one type of religion for another. They, the corporatists and controlling stratum oligarchy, are the fundamentalists and they use old and new religions, terror and terrorizers, propaganda, wealth worship and poverty to radicalize any mass into enacting their will. They relentlessly endeavor to foster their illness in all of us. Never allow yourself to be bought, sold or even radicalized by them, against them or anyone else. Don’t become a dog to fight the dog. Stay human, educate yourself and others and enlighten.

We will not drop out, but we demand a real education. We believe an education is a blending of wisdom and intelligence. A blending of the superior, wise, corporative, critical yet creative, interconnected Native mind, with only a touch of the absentminded yet intelligent, ambitious and pointed western European mind. Plus, the physical awakening and stimulation of both hemispheres of the brain which includes the spinal cord, nervous system and the cellular intelligence in the tissues and bones. This results in the creation of a total mindscape, the wide interconnected mind. This wide mind perspective will then properly receive and utilize information and subtle stimuli, this will result in an interconnected perspective. In the creation and understanding of this inner-space this mindscape and our interconnectivity to everything else, humanity will still be unable to calculate the incalculable however, we will be hyper aware, hyper conscious in having this wide, interconnected perspective and our ambition and hunger will relent and our self-discipline, happiness and peacefulness will flourish. This will help us find solutions to the complexities of our earthly experience and eventually it will help us reach a state of homeostasis, a balance between the physical and metaphysical worlds. A balance between our wants and our needs, but first we must balanced there on the edge of consciousness, as our consumeristic desires and other conditioning falls away, we being the first generation, must break the cycle and find the balance. Then the, hard at first but soon inspirational, realization will dawn, that our own flesh, thoughts and perspectives are not all there is and that we and all those before us have been living as infants. For to have only experience life from the selfish surface of the skin in and to see only how the world effects the self, is to live life as a child that is victim, then witness and finally accomplice to a great crime. To drink fully of life is to experience life from the surface of the skin out. To see how our actions and ideals are reflected back on us by everything else. To look out at this glorious mirror and not just see our reflection but our impact on other more gracious beings and life forms. A responsible and ascended being then has no choice, but to sacrifice the flesh and the self and see how to be more careful, thoughtful, truly conservative, self-disciplined and compassionate to that which we are negatively impacting and effecting. The wrong is in the “knowing” this is way a truthful and broad education is so paramount and thus more accountable. Our salvation is in a constant rethinking and the blending of wisdom and intelligence and in the physical use of the entire brain and bodily intelligence that will result in this wide mindscape. This mental landscape will bring balance to the human experience. One foot in the spirit world and the other in the physical world, at all times. We must then willfully free ourselves of the body and, in part, go on. The flesh will always remain, but if one is righteous, good and helps others, the greater part of the self will always go on. If you are bad (there is no evil, only a lack of awareness and consciousness) and selfish and only a witness to life and have only examined life from the surface of your own skin in, you will stay back and be consumed in your entirety. For as you selfishly perceive you thoughtlessly consume and in turn, are consumed. When will we stop searching and finally realize that we have the capacity to begin to truly explore our multidimensional experience and infinite selfless potential? When will we rejoice in the diversity and complexities of our true teacher, the finite Earth?

You can easily research the immense amount of energy our scholars have put into understanding our place in this World and on this Earth. So many have struggled to calculate the incalculable, but always end up right back, intellectually drowning in the primordial soup. It is cute that such egotistical, serious and scholarly people, backed by their quaint institutions, actually believed they could grasp, or even glimpse, a fraction of understanding with such machine like perspectives, observations and study. Seeking desperately and actually believing that one can understand the immensity and diversity of such a dynamic and complex Earth, and its multiple interconnecting thus inter-effecting systems, takes extreme arrogance and a PHD in senility. They ping-pong amongst each other, which is more like a very slow game of  the original video game, pong. Or they make hypothesis, basically taking yo-yo shots in the dark and into oblivion and what is ping-pong, but a horizontal game of yo-yo. Really people? Hopefully you get the drift and the jest of the extremism and amount of ego, ambition, competition, ignorance and self-loathing and fictional wealth worship it takes to bring us to such a disgraced position, as a species of divine evolution. The fact is these attempts, these hypotheses/educated guesses, always fail miserably and when they do, due to their infantile, human and intellectual institutionalized pride or simply and sadly for profit, they then try to fictionalize their findings or create a system that tries to bend the Natural World to their limited, little A-B, pointed technical minds understanding and their “institutions” needs for “findings”. The fact is we cannot devise a system to bend or harness Nature or make us harmonious with it. We must abandon our man-made systems and our cute yet naive theories and readjust our behaviors to fit into the finite structures and extremely powerful systems of our Earth. We are subject to the earth, the earth is not subject to us and the sooner we learn this the better. We have learnt this lesson over and over again, but forget immediately after. Like, man can’t manage the forests, although they keep trying with devastating effects, man can only manage man in the forests! Or with the Cod fish on the grand banks of Canada. Man’s misuse and then 20 years of  so called “management”, led to the total collapse of the cod fish thus the fishery, numerous forest regions, numerous species extinctions… etc. We must forgo our intellectual pride and disengage our forced systems and slowly work back into the fabric of these Earth systems which must apply to every facet of our lives. This use, or more correctly thus far, misuse, of our earthly home is completely unacceptable at this point. We must become truly responsible and conservative, for our grandchildren’s sake and follow the Earths law, which is Gods law and bend ourselves to fit within the Earths capacity, for we are all beholden to her.

The wise native mind, the global interconnected mind, is bored with the current disconnected curriculum and teachings. It sees through the facade of ivy to the ramparts and cares not to be adorned or smothered by degree with elaborate convolutions by intellectual mercenaries in corporate seminaries. We see now that an “education” has been, knowingly or unknowingly, mostly an indoctrination, a conditioning and sculpting and that the ivy is just camouflage on a cold, grey institution. The ivy, like the current education system, can’t hide the truth nor can it deliver or even reveal one. Sad to say, for now, it’s only a facade that makes it easier for the rats to crawl up and in.

Not so long ago, slowly and very quietly we supported the status quo’s acceptable level of dissidence, which was tedious but like time honored erosion, we scratched through the prison walls and are now running across the fields laughing and decrying that there is no honor left in this system and its structures are tired and failing. The credentialists are just trying to drag it out, trying to maintain control of the “situation”. Time to cut to the chase. The “situation” is, we are the embodiment of consciousness and we accept the few true realities of our earthly experience. One, that the forests exhale is our inhale. Two, that we are mostly made of water, thus it is sacred and must be protected. Three, that the sunshine powers our dreams and it will melt our ignorance if we do not evolve. Four, love is universal and we are all “the chosen ones”. Five, that the Earth is were we sink our roots, not in cement smothered fictions. Five, that corporations are not persons, and no one cannot manipulate or modify living organisms then patent or copyright these molested life forms, and, and. Oh, it’s all so obvious. It doesn’t even deserve a reproach. Need we be explicit? No, just silent! Breathe, take it in and expel it.

A new paradigm is upon us. It no longer matters if we accept it, repress it or fight it. There is a singular, interconnecting thread of thought in the global mindscape. This combined with an inclusive thus heightened awareness, brings us to a rare evolutionary precipice. A multitude of understandings have now crystalized into a single realization. There on the edge we enlighten by dropping all that has divided us and we fearlessly gather together for one great leap for our kind.

The old guard (this oligarchy) says “we are looking out for you” and  “standing on guard for thee” but who can protect anyone when darkness is all you see. What, the blind leading the blind maybe? Blinded by fear, clinging to as we have clung to for centuries, promises, things, irrational fears and dreams, fictions and selfish unconscious desires. Do not hate or fear those who, like a pit bull, are gripping to an old paradigm and pay no attention to the mumbled clenched jaw threats. For the threatened are always threatening. The threatened are now, as always, powerless. What strength is left, is being used up quickly and can only barely maintain this gripping. Please do not reproach, ignore it completely. All we are, ever were and could be, is lost in such grumbling. Waste no time on judgments and retribution either. Offer only an energetic desert to those who grip and cling to old delusions. Who choose to hang-on, gripping to old imperialist ideals, for they will continue to and will be mulched in as we work on. Do not waste your finite life force fighting their fictions and lies. Even defending yourself will entangled you deeper in their fictions and lies. You must use your entire life force to further a peaceful and beautiful, constantly evolving world view. Addressing their fictions (positively or negatively) makes their fictions real and ignoring their agendas makes their corrupting policies possible. We must focus our energies on diverse local solutions and reject corporate sponsored, multinational singular answers. Especially, we must not become like the beast that bit us. Remember, the toothless bite was not a bite at all and we did not contract their consumptive wasting disease. Nor have we been driven mad by a kind of rabies or rabid nationalistic consumerism. Thankfully we do not lust for power, yet we remain empowered and passionate about maintaining our freedoms. We are simply disenchanted with this old and tired paradigm. There are no titles, credentials, degrees or positions, bobbles, trinkets or any other possession that can en-debt, enslave or retrieve us.

What about justice, you are asking? There is always justice and were there is not, there is karma. In this case there is both and it comes in the form of the aggressive and unrelenting gripping. While hanging, freezing or frozen in time, while uncontrollably shaking, hiding behind iron gates in capitalists mansion prisons and in imperialists castle cages hides the billionaires oligarchy, the Controlling class. Unlike the Investment class (millionaires), this small and secretive group knows no physical borders or ethical boundaries. This group belongs to no signal religion and observes no laws other then the ones that they have changed to serve them and their holdings. Locked up, unconsciously and rightfully, like criminals in fortresses and compounds with high walls and gates to keep the maniacs in, not the lunatics out. Yes, it is in these fearfully and overly fortified compounds and accounts, in the manipulative hedging and betting, in their breeding and in their pedigree, were the rightfully paranoid and hideously twisted, reside. It is in their unchanging traditions, when the meanings and reasons are long forgotten. In their senseless perpetuation of lies and deceptions, never releasing, apologizing or admitting. It is in the unnatural silence were nothing flickers not even memories of glory days gone by. Its in the dust on the mantels, in those synthetic particles and fibers that are slowly settling on skirted tables, in cold and lonely oversized rooms beside some old hormone laced cheese and a glass of pesticide, sulfite ladened wine, which both go nicely with the same old conversations about control, consolidation and money, filled with arrogant and misleading expressions like “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” or 90’s versions, such as “its all good”. Well, it’s not, never was and never will be, ever. Not even if its served up on the best china or even in domestic or British silver. Yes, again it is in this very small groups gripping, ignorance and in these unconscious behaviors and subsequent consequences, where the offenders punishment and karma hides.

I’ll make this as simple as possible: There is only six stratification in this present global system. From top to bottom:

1)Control stratum: The lowest of the low. The global imperialist oligarchy, billionaires or more, referred to as old money, blue blood, old guard, world banksters, very small group that are constantly consolidating power and wealth and are the owner operators of the dinosaur carbon economy. They have most of society believing that they don’t exist. The find public office below them, prefer to buy and sell officials like art work. They manipulatively hedge and bet on elections and stock markets. 2)Investment stratum: Millionaires neo-imperialists capitalists. Run for office, but only as agents of the upper strata. Usually sons or grandchildren of successful industrialists. Old corporation or money manipulators. 3)Political stratum: Upper middle strata usually devoted to the greater good for the majority, but can be bought. Can be bought and or sold, but usually believe in a higher office/calling. 4) Servant stratum: Control stratum minions, administrators and enforcers. Not intelligent enough for public office. Hand to mouth types and angry about it. 5)Dreamer stratum: Known as the middle strata. Largest group 85% of population. Sometimes reach public office under a workers union flag. Generally happiest stratum of people. 6)Root stratum: The “poor” and disenfranchised. Sometimes physically, mentally or chronically ill. Usually with depressed and addictive personalities although sometimes they are visionaries who don’t understand why, but don’t believe in the system and wish to stay out of it all together and choose to be “homeless”.

First, the Controlling stratum (the billionaire barbarians a.k.a The 0.1%) are the imperialist usurpers and consolidators of vest wealth and influence over centuries or many decades. They are extremely manipulative, unscrupulous and very secretive. They have convinced many that they don’t exists at all. Usually reached this stratum by birth or marriage. Sometime, wrongly, referred to as “old money” but they are not interested in money/currency. Some are referred to as “Blue bloods”. Some, but not all, have British heritage (very diverse group at this point). They are invested heavily in minerals/gold, silver, property, art and elaborate financial schemes that usurp wealth and power. Never fully invested or loyal to any one currency or country, but are out for plain control. They actually print and manipulate currency at will and as needed. Not even gold and silver matters at this point, they have all they and their airs will ever want so they are mostly interested in utter control and dynasty but still follow and  fiercely pursue their  vile maxim. They preach, “Who needs ownership when you have control”. They are often connected by bloodlines that run pure, impure and broken. Mostly “royal” lines, others common but all are infected with an insatiable lust for control of man and dominance over nature. Calling themselves royalty, nobility, the upper class or the ruling class, is ignorant arrogance and all are fraudulent terms. They rarely have any such positive traits affiliated with these titles. Their status is always handed down with their wealth, positions, titles and rule. They are NOT aliens, but they are alien to the compassionate ways of the rest of humanity. They are, whoever, deviant and without conscience and must be unseated and put to menial labour, for their own growth. There are some in this Controlling stratum (imperialist oligarchy) who wish to (consciously or unconsciously) as we do, lay this sick and existentially nihilistic system in it’s grave. We will then, instead of erecting a big headstone, build a monument who’s purpose will be to remind and warn visitors of the insane path man was once on.

Now, what about this Investment stratum? Ahh, these are the perpetuators or game changers. They either choose to perpetuate the Controlling stratum power or try to break it. They are heavily invested in industry, oil, blue chips, mining and other such debauchery of the dinosaur economy. They perpetually rise and fall, but some have staying power and most want to end up in with the Controlling stratum. Those who try usually get used as only brokers and then end up getting swindled in the end by the more aggressive and ruthless, Controlling stratum. They focus on money first and control second (The controlling stratum is focused on Control first then consolidation and prefer gold or silver over any currency). A precious few of the Investment stratum are fortunate enough to find a humanitarian or environmental cause to invest in. They do well when choosing a path of philanthropy and are greatly rewarded by this and can quickly change a bad situation into a good one. They tend to be fortunate but suffer from too much fortune, that is if they find no greater meaning in life other than perpetuating their wealth and backing the Controlling stratum. If  they enter into politics its usually for the wrong reasons. Most haven’t the stomach for the Controlling stratum’s cruelty, but are enamored by the Controlling stratum’s “old money” and its perspective on quality. Both tend to be similar in their arrogance and elitist attitudes towards the other strata’s. The conscious Investor stratum is best at explaining to the Dreamer stratum that money won’t bring happiness and “the dream” is more of a lie and they should focus on happiness and quality of life. The Dreamer stratum listens because they, in turn, are usually enamored by the Investment stratum “new money” and its trappings.

Just below the Investment stratum is the Political stratum. Although, many agents of the Investment stratum use their fortunes to peruse public office to manipulate policies that enrich themselves and the Controlling stratum, but rarely help the lower strata. Some uninspired types from this stratum sell out or get bought cheaply and easily. Outside of this the true Political stratum person is easy to spot. Usually, an of the people for the majority type who is very charismatic, self educating, humorous and communicative. Usually an entrepreneur or inventor type. Very ambitious or inspired, but not always and never the both. Sometimes they can be truly inspiring and only wish to make life better for the majority of people (Dreamer stratum/middle class majority) but can sometimes sell out or be bought. The Controlling stratum and Investment stratum hate the rare inspiring and rightious type of Political stratum person and always puts their money, media and energy behind a weaker more controllable Political stratum character or better yet, they select someone from the servant or Investment strata. In fact, these days, they usually groom and prep a Investor stratum, Servant stratum or, last option, weak spirited Political stratum representative, years in advance of an election. But again, a wise, inspired and inspiring Political stratum states-person is hard to beat and can really change things quick if justly elected. Their down fall is that the Controlling stratum and the Investment stratum can unjustly and falsely create propaganda to ruin their name or policies, through their control of media and wealth, and easily defeat and or replace a great Political stratum states-person with a weaker one, or an Investment stratum or Servant stratum, shill. It takes the large Dreamer stratum(middle class majority) to wise up and support the real deal and it usually takes a few good, anti Control stratum, philanthropist Investment stratum supporter to help win the day.

What about the Controlling stratum minions, administrators and enforcers? These are the sad and caught in the middle, Servant stratum. They cloak their moral corruption with talk of service and duty but serve only a wicked master and as for duty… yes duty, like shit and it runs down hill, so if you truly wish to serve, let it stop with you. Remember: As you do unto others, so shall it be done unto you, but this time you will receive no credit or quarter. The Servant stratum have no excuse, get no peace, nor any truth or warning, when they are put-down by their masters. For as they were the implementer, so are they a witness and the evidence. But, those who believed the story most, will know the lies best. So to these of the Servant stratum we say, you have only one chance at reconciliation with your maker. You must blow the whistle, as you run down the corridors of power. Run as fast as you can towards the exit and its light. Plan wisely, you want to peacefully escape and share what you know quickly to preserve yourself, but if you don’t make it out, be at peace for your intensions will reverberate out of every key hole and through every soul and you will be an eventual hero. Even as your name is drawn and quartered, lies stretched and truths cut in half, their will be many others writing songs of your courage and in your honor, and we all know that songs sung always drowned out and far out live, calculated lies whispered. But if you plan best, you will easily make it out, for the righteous are obliged by natural law and the truth will protect you even further and yes, set you free. You will then be a beloved on the Earth. Do not dramatize or romance your earlier mistakes and utter ignorance for this will perpetuate such behaviors in the youth. Tell no war story, do not glorify your mistakes or falsify your past intensions. Warn the youth that the selfish path you had chosen, as a servant to the Controlling stratum, was a wicked one and a waste of years that will never be retrieved. Tell them that your soul has a debt that will never be repaid in this lifetime. Spend each day after praying to the souls of the martyred that you and your kind had help create… and spend your years in peaceful resistance against the Controlling stratum.

What about the middle class? The great masses of the middle class or Dreamer stratum represent 80% of the people, but they are a mostly silent majority. Being of the Dreamer stratum is being a product of your dreams. Your dreams determine your happiness. The problem is your dreams are no longer your dreams. At this point your dreams are the creation of public relations firms based in London and NYC, yes just more corporate propaganda. Your strength is in your great numbers. Sometimes you are referred to as sheep or sheepeople, you are not. Although you have been taught or educated only to work for others and are usually entrapped in a system of debt and wage slavery. If this class was to be likened to an animal, sheep would not be it, more like cattle. For your mind and body(clothing) is “branded” by corporate symbols and logos as the flesh of cattle are branded by hot iron symbols. You eat what is cheap and what you are given and are easily frightened and generally fearful when alone. So you stay in great numbers in cities, like herds, but you can be easily moved in mass by mass hysteria, created by fear mongers and public relation firms who are well versed in psychology and its all paid for by the Controlling stratum billionaires. Once your orgy of fear is over you tend to group together tightly and face down the threat. Once you figure out that you have been lied to continuously and that the Controlling stratum is the threat, things will change abruptly. As we all know, no matter how big the truck is, it has to wait till the cows get off the road. Thus, if the Dreamer stratum chooses to step into the streets in mass, nothing can move you and you are the most powerful force of social evolution and change. And once the Dreamer stratum figures out that that truck is running over the World, they will not move off the road and will disassemble that philosophically nihilistic truck.

What about the poor? The poor are the Root stratum. This group determines a society stability, how it will grow and what its future will look like or be. As the saying goes “A society is measured by how it treats its weakest members, not its strongest.” The Root stratum is the reflection of a societies very spirit. If they are left to weep in decay, so shall the society and there tears of despair are the tears of broken dreams of future generations. Do not uproot them, feed and cloth them were they chose to lie. Be there caretakers, especially those of the Controlling, Investment or Servant strata, who have seen the light and now wish to reform. One will find that the Controlling  and Investment strata are usually the most offended by the Root classes presence, for they know they are most responsible for their plight and are strangely angered for being made to feel viscerally guilty. If you, no matter what strata you are, are ashamed by the Root stratum presence around you, so is God then, ashamed by your presence amongst them.

There is one other group, which is called the VibeTribe (aka: the Warriors of The Ancestors). These people come from all the strata, religions, nations and cultures who have educated themselves and freed themselves from this globalist system and its trappings (consumerism, sports, abrahamic religions… etc) and have refused to surrender their luminescence which comes from their, culturally and ethnically specific, indigenous identities and cultures and there pre-abrahamic Earth-centric belief system. The VibeTriber knows that there is only one thing that unites us all and that is the protection of our shared environment for ourselves, future generations, flora & fauna and all of creation. The VibeTriber understands that the destruction of the environment is not progress but government and corporate vandalism. The VibeTriber denies this arrogant globalist imperialist system of everything it depends and feeds on. VibeTribers do not believe they must be religious devotees, cultural stereotypes or wage slaves, who must have and hold tedious “jobs” or starve. They deny every class system, its creators, rulers and its radical, fictional and artificial scarcity, their energy. A VibeTriber does not except, fight or defend against, any fiction or its multiple and grasping appendages, but simply evades its energy sucking grasp. They know its not just what’s being said, but how its said, why its said and who is saying it. VibeTribers are unaffected by all types of propaganda. They believe in truly free public airwaves and internet. They tune in but can tune out all coercive and subversive information no matter how imbedded,  VibeTribers understand that propaganda often offers answers to forbidden and popularised questions. VibeTribers choose to slaughter the sacred cows of our modern belief systems and marxist deconstructionism rather then worshiping at their feet. Yes, they are warriors, peaceful and highly disciplined warriors of the ancestors and as with all warriors, they know they must create or they will destroy. So, VibeTribers go straight at the head and to the source and on and on through, creatively defining and enacting a responsible future. They do not choose to line their pockets, but prefer to roll up their sleeves and get on with the work that must be done, creating and implementing the clean, green, renewable, energy conservation paradigm. They choose to work freely, patiently and passionately at varied, urgent and creative endeavors that will eventually support everyone, even the old controlling class and their minions ie: investment and slave strata, but most importantly, it will preserve the earth and sustain all future generations. The VibeTribe brings new meaning to the words priceless and timeless as they are the new founding fathers and mothers who turn to their ancestors for answers. They will not be indebted for another’s profit, nor will they try to in-debt others, nor deny future generations by using up their natural capital/resources. They decline globalism on every level and its many forms of usury. VibeTriber’s are busy creating their own solutions, gardens, bartering, co-op’s, CSA’s, clothing, cooperative community banks that offer interest free loans…etc.. etc and on and on. They are busy raising the combined quality of life, while lowering the cost of living. They are building a waste free economy and their own eco-homes and raising their families in this new reality with ancient understandings. They are investing, bartering and creating their own responsible, clean technologies and diverse energy currencies.They are not fighting, they are creatively working on conserving energy, but also increasing endurance to progress these unconsolidated energy systems. They have turning their backs on the IMF (international monetary fund), WTO (world trade organization), NAFTA, Commonwealth (which is just and older free trade agreement) etc…  etc… multi-national or other corporations, corporatocracy or kleptocracy and corporatism…. capitalism, communism, socialism, libertarianism, liberalism, leninism, stalinism, marxism etc, a bought and sold, tit for tat, political system, income tax, oil companies, coal and nuclear power plants, petrochemicals, un-natural gas and its toxic fracking, the stock exchanges, corporate bailouts and subsidies, international trade, the world bank, big banks and their brokerages and all the other pyramid and ponzi schemes and scams. All the while, this controlling stratum and their various entities are still busy trying to enslave the earths resources, entire countries and continents by using the same tricks they used to enslave individuals. Taking taxes, homes, jobs, retirement funds. Conquering a countries lands and sovereignty, pillaging its gold reserves, currency and natural capital/resources and its people on mass, without firing a shot, using banks and tanks. VibeTribers serve justice, truth and prosperity for all, not privilege, power and wealth for a few. We are creators and the connective tissue, the fascia between progressive and intuitive ideas and actions. We are internally disciplined from the inside out, not the outside in. We know that we need nothing more, we have everything we need only access what we already have. Another technological fix, won’t fix anything. Most technology just insulates us from nature and isolates us from each other. Like a bear in a zoo driven mad by its imposed isolation… man too is being driven mad from technological imposed isolation, insulation and denial. We did not choose this. The propaganda is so sophisticated and pervasive that it has overridden most souls freedom of choice. Choose now to step out of the way and pass by all of this madness. Again, we do not believe in competition, revolution and dominance, rather we believe in uncompromising cooperation, resolution and resonance. Remember, those of conscience will never compromise on the principle and VibeTribers will not protect the old boy-men abusers or their gun toting babies, we correct them when necessary, but mostly ignore them for now. We do not hold humanity above all else, but we hold our humanity up and out of the reach and grasp of these globalist boy-men abusers and their vicious ilk and offspring. We are full, not stuffed and we understand when enough is enough. We see that the table is always full and our cup is over flowing. We come from that wild place of abundance were the wind deafens globalist and corporatist propaganda and the globalists consume, consume, consume mantra can’t be heard over the silence of nature and this globalist mantra is now being consumed by its own hunger. Now, there the globalists squat naked, pale and shaking with sunken eyes and a swollen belly in the corner of the globalist play-pen in the corporatists room at the far end of the west wing in the zio-bolsheviks castle. We, The VibeTriber, stands in the door way of this great room looking in, the red flicker of flames frame our figure as they engulf the corridor behind us, set ablaze by its globalists masters madness. Mad yes at being driven sane while trying to maintain control of the Native Europeans and flood their Nations with over 4 billion Indians, Chinese, Arabs and Africans. All was quiet on the western front, so they left you here, locked away silently screaming where no one could hear you. Why do you fear us, your liberators? Oh yes here in the door way we appear to be wrapped in robes of fire and our wild hair seems to have horns poking through. Framed in flames we resemble that devil your zealot abrahamic and globalist captors used to scare you into line and half to death with. But as you peak through your fingers again your eyes adjust to the light and you see our hard hand held forth. You need only grab it and your devil will become your prophet and your singularity and fear will be disabled and conquered by pervasive love. So, to these old and toxic forces the VibeTriber’s say: “We have already forgiven you but go ahead keep the trillions you have stolen from the people, other creatures and the environment of this World. Know that it will be worth nothing soon, for we don’t believe in your system any longer. Consider it a tip, and here is another tip. When you are bathing your conscience in the spoils of this silent war you have been waging on mankind, remember not to spend wildly, for you will not be getting another red cent from us. Invest these spoils wisely because you and your your heirs are our debtors. We know your pedigree, linage and where you hail from and have ignored you for now, but if you persist and try to run your corrupt game out, things will end badly for you. We are working hard to retain our true cultural and ethnic identities for this is true diversity… while lifting the consciousness by ringing-in the new Lean, Clean, Green, Renewable, Energy Conservation & Innovation Paradigm (L.C.G.R.E.C.I,P) that will sustain us all, us and you. Remember: a shroud has no pockets. You are welcome to clean up your investments/act and humbly and immediately join this effort. But, if you foolishly persist down your greedy, slippery, nihilistic path, you and your benefactors will be exposed, singled out and put before the angry masses. At this point, you will never have enough to pay them all off or repay your debts and you will face Natural Law face to face. Understand that we will not allow you to push the earths support systems to the point of failure. Future generations are depending on us ALL to do the right and responsible thing!”

Lucky are you the awake or woken, the VibeTriber’s. You have avoided indoctrination and bypassed the dynamics of the strata system. It is but one small step for you. A short but optically allusive hop to the outside of an illusion. You don’t push back but have already pushed passed. You have long ago started a new discussion on a landing of sorts. No, not a landing on another planet. Loving children don’t abandon their loving, endlessly giving mother (the Earth). They stand and defend her and their ancient ethnically specific indigenous cultures and send the globalist lunatics off in the space ships. So, this is a landing of a great staircase. It’s all laid out, step by step, bring the architects, poets, designers, builders, conceptualists  The farmers, technicians, artists, laborers, professors and scientists. Piece by piece, lets get started. Realized then improved on in an endless stream of time. All spiralling up and up in a new paradigm of our dreams on this finite Earth of our ancestors and which must support our future generations.

Why is there not a glimpse of that white glowing castle? The one with golden ivy who’s pearly spires pierce the heavens and where that great patriarchal God king is to be residing. Well, because that was all baked up by abrahamic kings gone by, just more abrahamic, globalist, imperialistic pie in the sky. Reality is better still and always better than fiction. Yes it’s true, we still have our cake and we can eat it too. God is no man or women on a throne. God, the Creator, the Great Spirit, the alpha and omega, the masculine and feminine combined, the divine is a ancient vibration that vibrates, resonates, animates and harmonises all living things equally. Faith is not irrational but rational, but the Great Spirit is in every animated thing from high above the ascending mountain peaks to far below the oceans rising tides. Between the sun and moon flouts our spheric heaven and on it our green and blue paradise.

With renewed energy and conservation we sustain and balance a clean, stable society on an intact Earth. Enchanted by wild places, pristine waters, a home for all of creation, a place of evolution. A living garden of Eden that was once denied but now realized and in its arms again we will know the peace of a baby sleeping. Yet not even in an angles dreams will we know the aspirations of our children’s children but by this simple and divine, instinctual, unstoppable and unimpassioned combination, our Earthly home will be preserved and protected for future generations. All because we decided to step forward, just one stride, stand up my friends and be realized. Peace, Love and Respect to you and yours…~D.R.    © 2010 Andrew C. Rouse, All Rights reserved.


In the beginning, we lived on light, air and water. There was peace and harmony across the land and sea. Our experience was multidimensional. We were one with the elements drifting freely between the physical and the spirit world, never feeling the heat nor the cold. We resonated to the vibration of the earth and  heavens. All was in balance. Then, for reasons still unknown, some of the people began to take more from the earth than they needed. First plants then fruits, then fish, then animals of all shapes and sizes were consumed. The hunger did not relent, it grew greater. The trees were fell and the Earth was torn. As they focused on their hunger, it grew and their experience became one dimensional. Even though they consumed more and more it did not ease their hunger pains. Never satisfied, the resources thinned and they turned on one another. Brother against brother, sister against sister. All seemed to be lost… But some of the people never took this path. They had gone high into the mountains. There they survived and watched their fallen brothers and sisters with great sorrow. Soon the ones of the mountain realized that their fallen brothers and sisters where going to consume all the Creator’s creations, maybe even the very Earth… So, the people of the mountain chose the best from amongst them to go down from the mountain and teach the fallen the ancient ways. It would not be easy for their fallen brothers and sisters had become crazed by their hunger… And so it has been over the centuries. They have sent  their messengers to raise the consciousness and manifest unity. (Crazy Horse, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Selassie, Jesus, Sitting Bull, Moses, Chief Joseph, Martin Luther King Jr., Chief Seattle, Shiva and many, many more…) All have given their lives so that we might reclaim and redefine our own. In the hope that we will finally satisfy our hunger and rejoin the nature… There are still a few wild intact places on this Earth where you can stand with one foot in the Spirit World and the other in the physical World. I found such a place and it is in… The Valley Of The Wild Horses. © 2003 Andrew C. Rouse, All Rights reserved.

~Mind Bomb by Drew Rouse

The Earth has a sun within and a sun above, geothermal and solar is the way to energise our activities. Plus, offshore wind, kinetic and tidal with far more energy conservation and green innovation. Growing Hemp can provide 100% of our fibre needs, cutting ancient forests that make our oxygen and sequesters our carbon plus cleans our water and stabilises our local and global climate is shear ignorance. Plus plant oils can supply our biodegradable bio-plastic needs.

War is never the answer…daaa! Empire and more war is a waste of time, energy and life. These are energy/resource control wars. Russia has 11 time zones full of resources… they don’t need an empire because they are already large enough, again with 11 time zones full of resources that the west desperately wants to control. The west and its allies (other then Kanada) gutted its natural capital/resources long ago with radical colonialism, capitalism, corporatism and globalization and are dangerously desperate for more energy. So, green renewable, domestically produced renewable energy means no war!!! Sadly Kanadah and others is also at war but with its environment and is destroying itself to feed these other resource starved nations.

Media is to inform and not subvert or steal our liberties or dispense propaganda! Our media is far, far to consolidated and needs to be much, much more diverse from top to bottom and run and owned by people from many different and diverse economic backgrounds, religious backgrounds, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds etc.. its way to consolidated and owned by a very small group with similar backgrounds. A psychopath once said “Control the media and you control the people. Control the oil and you control economies”. I might as well add what another psychopath said “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes it’s laws”. A wiseman said: “Our news/media should be ethical and feed our minds rational, logical and honest facts, not emotional propaganda!” ~D.R.

We must be socially liberal and privately (truly) conservative. We must sustain our compassion long past our human experience. All life is sacred… from plants to bugs to babies to old ladies. We are poisoning ourselves with pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and biocides. We use them in our wars against imbalance, nature, our environment and its simple denizens that are not our enemy. The misuse of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides etc… etc.. has created a out of control revolving door of ills. This cocktail of tens of thousands of synthetic petrochemical based biocides are poisoning our water and thus US! Cancer is an epidemic because of this war! Science is no longer the noble study of nature but rather the manipulator of it. Which is a type of proxy war. The natural world is our teacher not our enemy. When we make war on it we make war on ourselves and each other. Hyper masculinity is not the problem here… emasculation is. All these chemicals act as endocrine disruptors and behave like synthetic oestrogen in the human body. You can image what that does to the male and female body!!! Humanity does not become violent and intolerant because of its strength, it does so because of its weakness.

War and more revolution is not the answer. Politically pengulating on down in a race to the bottom is too pathetic for our kind. We must not let ourselves be divided and see the abundance again as our tribal forefathers and First Nations brothers and sisters did and still do. If we stop focussing on our hunger and scarcity… natures abundance will come again and fall on us like the rain, the snow and sunshine that can power us past our own needs but also empower our great grandchildren’s dreams:) We can live independently and peacefully free again. Conditioning is like comfort… it comes in a guest but then stayed a master. External and internal actions of peace is the middle path and its the only way forward folks! I’ll leave you with these lyrics from a tune of mine. “Earth mother , father creator… mankind kills what they don’t understand. Murderous children you are in a garden. Your eden is not lost but its loosing” ~D.R.

~On Corporatism and Corporatocracy  ~By Drew Rouse

I believe that the biggest issue facing mankind is corporatization and it’s goal is to quantize and quantify all human and natural resources. Wars are fought for corporate control of natural resources, not for “freedom and democracy”. Our environment is pillaged daily by multinational corporations who when have exhausted one regions human & natural resources, they merely pull up stakes and head to the next eden to plunder… leaving sick people and a toxic environment in their wake. “Big Government” is not the issue! That is more corporate propaganda. Corporate control of our weak governments is the issue, it’s called a corporatocracy and it’s time we focus, call and draw them out… once and for all. The Earth and our environment will heal and peace will follow. ~D.R.


Once upon a time on a savanna far far away. Two hunters came upon one deer. In the past the hunters would have went out hunting together because their cooperation meant greater success. In fact it was this success that lead to the hunters becoming more numerous and the deer becoming fewer and fewer and instead of evolving to a new paradigm they feuded amongst each other then split into smaller groups and spread out and became fiercely competitive amongst themselves. So these two hunters come upon this deer individually from different directions… both not seeing the other, they raise their spears and through equally deadly projectiles with equally deadly effect. So here lies the deer, dead twice over. The two run up on the expired deer and suddenly face each other. They both lay angry claim and are about to go to blows, but the more reasonable of the two says.. “Why don’t we just split it equally, in two?”  The other begrudgingly agrees… the reasonable and now trusting one pulls out his knife and crouches down to begin the work of butchering and dividing the deer. As soon as his knife is occupied with the task at hand the other pulls out a club, raises it, and kills him with one horrible blow. But as this cowardice brute scurried off down the trail dragging his ill gotten prize behind him… Natural Law (aka: karma) came crashing down in the form of a huge tree branch clubbing him over the head in return. Then some children playing in the forest came upon the dead man and the deer and seen that the dead man had their fathers knife. They figured their kind father had lost it and this man had found it in the forest. Seeing the man was dead they picked up the knife, the deer and the club and ran off back to their lodge. Their father never returned but they had food to get them through and a good knife and club too. Where as the wrong headed greedy man’s family starved awaiting his return. “Where justice fails, Natural Law prevails” ~D.R. This is how I explain the evolution of these ethically devoid, extremely selfish, greedy and far to common people that roam this beautiful planet yet today. The reasonable and trusting are the majority. If not for Natural Law/Karma mankind would be extinct by now. This can all be corrected and centuries of devolution undone simply by the demoting of the aggressive, competitive and ambitious, “type-A” types… and by changing societies incorrect assertions that competition and aggression leads to excellence. Competition and aggression does NOT lead to excellence and is brought on by emasculation and emotional reactions. Cooperation and compassion does indeed lead to excellence and is a product of rational, logical and considerate thinking! Creativity, compassion and cooperation will, and always has, brought measured success to our species but we must now include all species and our shared environment. By the promotion of the idea that cooperation leads to excellence and that being reasonable, logical, rational, trusting, creative, honorable and truly conservative is not naivety, but rather just a few of humanities finest traits. We must rebuild our societies to be based on survival of the cooperative once we re-imagine and enact this true social history it is then that we will no longer have a society based on the “The Survival of the Sickest” NOTE: This above analysis is mainly in reference to the war mongering, brutish, environment pillaging and raping, jock type identity, but please understand that deregulated multinational corporations, big banks, financial system speculators and gamblers, petrochemical, bio-tech and the nano-tech industries extremely competitive “nurd” nature manipulating types are turning out to be far worse yet again. Their surreptitious brutality may have even greater, more far reaching, more gruesome and longer lasting effects. © 2011 Andrew C. Rouse, All Rights reserved.

Drew: On irrational fear and subconscious desire

~You need nothing because you have been given everything already. All I can teach you is how to access that which you have already been given. Once you learn how to access it, you must use it. If you don’t, you will eventually loose it. Sure you may want a few more things, but know that you do not need them and if you choose not to access that which you have been given already, then you won’t even know the difference, but also know that you will only live half a life. No person can even begin to understand what they want or need or even what they are or believe until the mind, heart, hips and spin are open. The nervous system is the extension of the mind… once you have awakened this total mind, the wide interconnected mind, you will know wisdom and no longer see yourself as separate from or above anything else. Know that we have been heavily conditioned. Some have used our subconscious desires, ie: to be loved, liked, desired, thought important etc. to manipulate us. They subverting our base instincts. They say “buy this and you will be admired, liked and loved… if you have this you will be respected, admired and desired.” When this tactic doesn’t work… they use our predisposition to irrational fear…  of being not part of the group, ostracized or alone… this is usually used to sell us, not just products, but war. When exposed we freely exchanging or surrender our self-esteem, ethics, independence and freedoms for supposed safety, convenience and bobbles. This conditioning has left us adrift in a sea of unconscious consumerism and penned up with fear, but worse yet it has allowed the fanatics and zealots to run wild. ~D.R.  © 2011 Andrew C. Rouse, All Rights reserved.

“Upon suffering beyond suffering: the Red Nation shall rise again and it shall be a blessing for a sick world. A world filled with broken promises, selfishness and separations. A world longing for light again. I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again. In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom. I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one.” ~Crazy Horse

“Creative expression helps one to define ones self”~Drew Rouse

“There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself”~Drew Rouse

“Self propulsion improves self-esteem”~Drew Rouse

“The consciousness is rising because some of us are lifting it”~Drew Rouse On activism and social responsibility.

“There are no locks, so through away the keys”~Drew Rouse On substance use, & mindfulness.

“When we destroy something created by man we call it vandalism, but when we destroy something created by nature (or God) we call it progress.” ~ED BEGLEY JR.

“Biggest problem, no problem”~Bikram Choudhury  If one has no problems, one usually creates problems and self made problems are the hardest to solve.

“Ambition is quick, deliverance is slow” ~D.R.

“You see what your knowledge tells you your seeing” ~James Burke

“I got a P.H.D. in on the road understanding” ~D.R.

“The nightmare ends when we all wake up” ~D.R.  On environmental degradation.

“It is our wildness that makes us so precious” ~D.R. On preservation of Canada’s pristine wilderness.

“In endless space countless luminous spheres, round each of which some dozen smaller illuminated ones revolve, hot at the core and covered over with a hard cold crust; on this crust a mouldy film has produced living and knowing beings: this is empirical truth, the real, the world. Yet for a being who thinks, it is a precarious position to stand on one of those numberless spheres freely floating in boundless space, without knowing whence or whither, and to be only one of innumerable similar beings that throng, press, and toil, restlessly and rapidly arising and passing away in beginningless and endless time.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“For to have only experience life from the selfish surface of the skin in and to see only how the world effects the self, is to live life as a child that is victim, then witness and finally accomplice to a great crime. To drink fully of life is to experience life from the surface of the skin out. To see how our actions and ideals are reflected back on us by everything else. To look out at this glorious mirror and not just see our reflection but our impact on other more gracious beings and life forms.” ~Drew Rouse

ON WAR PORN: Yes… all glorification of violence is toxic and unproductive in any form… a rational, ethical society must always take to the higher ground. Why become a dog to combat a dog?… in the end, win or lose, you are now just another dog. We must stay human and not let this emotionalized propaganda take hold of our societies psyche and rational… especially this overt form of “war porn” seen in this latest fine bit of cheesy hollywood, propaganda (Ameri Snip movie). Listen, of course it’s “ok” if you like a movie… as long as you understand it is just a movie… a fictionalized, emotionalized, usually completely fictional presentation of inaccurate, quasi events… and that it is made by the usual suspects ie: old cheesy hollywood, and that you comprehend that these twisted representations of events are meant to inaccurately glorify violence and insert idol worship and hero worship and propaganda into the masses unsuspecting, uncritical, minds. Peace is the only way. War is for war profiteers and war mongers who never do the bidding of their resource starved, corporatist, globalist bankster, masters. The many, the common person, the salt of the earth… on both sides always do the bidding and pay with their lives… while the few (0.01% who are the war profiteers and their mongers/banksters/Oil corporations and their corporatist owners and blue chip holders) blame a very few foreign radicals and collectively punish their civilian masses by shredding their bodies with bombs and their economies with sanctions… and their own domestic masses collectively pay the price as well, but to a lesser degree in bloodshed, but fit the bill entirely… with their hard earned money/taxes… while these very, very few 0.01% corporatist usurpers plunder & pillage the resources of others & pollute the commons, at home and abroad, while reaping all of the profits and taking none of the risk. We are losing, losing, losing our personal compassion, local economies and global solidarity by unwittingly being divided and conquered by unspeakable acts of militarism and depravity… all the while loosing ourselves, our ethics and morality, independence, personal privacy and our nations sovereignty… to a much deeper, pervasive and all consuming form of usury. Wow, what a scam!! Time to stop getting fooled by these fools. Peace and renewable energy is the only way to true freedom, prosperity and independence for the many/majority.  Written by ~Drew Rouse 

by AnDrew Rouse. All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2015 Andrew C. Rouse (uncensored version)
One who’s hips are at least as open as mine, who has a strong spine and who’s heart chakra shines and isn’t third eye blind.
One who can love and respect for what good is One without the other to reflect.
One who can lead but not direct, who can sit up and lay it back without regret.
One who’s mind is brilliant and clear and who can articulate it and not just react or play the advocate of fear.
One who has never suffered fools and who is still intact. Not selfish or selfless, with solid self-esteem not pining or whining about the past, egotistical or the eternal victim which is just pathetic.
One with a true cause not just another rebel out to break a rule or two then join the same old crew singing the same old tune and using the usual rhetoric.
One who’s spirit flys like an arrow of mine but looks with love into the eyes under the sun, moonlight and cloudy skies.
One who can ride. Oh yesss, she must be able and love to ride… posting, slip and glide, bareback, saddled, over the fields and up the mountain sides.
One who would never choose a golden beach over a endless loving sea, fear over love or comfort over possibility.
One who knows right from wrong and wild verses free.
One who understands vibration, resonance, frequency and spirituality but who isn’t hippy-dippy or a fundamentalist, religious freak.
One who knows the difference between feminism and femininity as well as between masculinity and misogyny.
One who can make love and fuck it’s like walking and chewing gum really.
One who’s beauti-full, not empty, or just another simple minded beauty.
One who’s soul is not polluted, haunted or crowed by five, ten, twenty, forty and who isn’t looking for a Daddy. Or listening to closely to their divorcee sister mommy. Or to their Sex in the City-esque buddies. Or sexist magazines or even Opra Winfrey. Ouch, sorry ladies:)
One who sees the heavens and eternity in nature and babies.
One who is authentic, creative not consumeristic and indifferent.
One who understands the differences between wealth and money, inequality and poverty, abundance and scarcity.
One, unspoiled by a Mothers love or a Fathers neglect. Who is rational, logical and wide in intellect.
One who can be treated like a queen because that’s a kings way but can handle it all at the end of the day.
One, just One and One only. One complete being.
One? Most are asking. Who cares about the One in a World of so many?
One, yes the One, because this One true man’s favourite companion is just One woman you see:)

“Neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism are two ditches on either side of the road of life. Keep it between the ditches friends” ~Drew Rouse

Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”Oscar Wilde –

If man cannot be trusted to govern himself then how can he be trusted to govern over others? ~Unknown on anarchism

Oh How You Rock and Roll Me
Yes, you my love. You music… you are the one love that has never let me down. You can go all night with me on a whim making sweet sounds.

Moaning, stretching, bending and screaming then sliding into a peaceful savasana with writhing chests awaiting, the next little death. To fill this existence with life, breath by breath, by breath.

Oh my, how you rock me, as a lover and like a baby. Other times back and forth like a junky or muttering like a man possessed, half crazed or gone crazy. You stone then heal me. Taking me into your breast roaring and then quietly you absorb it all and fully.

Oh, how you rock and you roll me.

Your tools of strings, skins, wood, bone and breathe. You carved the heavens and pull the sound track and sound-scape from my chest. Painting the air with sound and colour from your sonic palette. Your masterpieces free the soul from a body of regret.

You tune me with beauty that leaves me unable, breathless and stretched out but still wanting more happily. I’m the aching vain and you are the needle filled with sonic honey. I love you sweet music, your resonation, harmony, truth and vibration… all of you, and fully. You pervade me, heal me and aline my cells, you flow like prana through us, interconnecting everything and everybody… some screaming others yelling and crying… some silent and staring… then saying, do that to me again…of which I can only respond, I can’t. 

You’re heard in the rustle of leaves. In the church bells tolling, a babies breath sleeping or in the aroused screaming. You carry me on when I’m staggering. My body and soul now needs you to go on and on, endlessly cycling through sleep and awakening after awakening and you steal my dreaming and waking.

You lead and seduce me. Into another direction and on into another dimension and further still into a deeper honesty. You free me from my clinging and comforts when I choose to escape and run away with you but then when you’re tired you grab me, hold me and slow me down, massage me and ride me, calming and finally settling and focusing my relentless energies.

You wrap me in your mysticism as I follow truth into wild and unknown places. Far from the muddy fields of dogma and apathy and their stagnant camps, fortresses, villages filled with ghostly faces.

Your the voice of Mother Earth saying “I love him, this new God, but this new God is the same as the old God, the only difference is this new one lacks rhythm.” So, I go back to the old Gods vibration.

The familiar you cover and convert with your mists, fog and endless celebration. You care for me and speak for me in ways that pass through the usual interactions and conversations.

You commune with me, not tell me or try to get through to me, you’re not my saviour, you hide your body but what I can see of you is beautiful. I see it in the eyes of my fans, friends, lover and the faithful.

You are brave and bold, wise and very, very old. And never unresponsive, rude or cold. Your playfully not infantile, not ignorant, arrogant, dismissive or docile.

The lonesome melodies from your lips are the only things left that slip the tears from my eyes.. yes only you can make a grown man cry… but your spirit is medicine that both heals and gets me high.

Your sonic breath in my ear covers me in goose bumps and stimulates my nervous system more fully. Then orgasm or even her naked open body.

You’re never jealous or needy. And you are always excited at my coming, as you push past fragility and ego and bury everything in your layers of beauty and infinity.

You know no boundaries but have clean, clear edges that are cutting. They shave away the layers but are on occasion, slashing.

You remind me of what I already know in my heart, mind and in my soul and you mix, mash and crystallize these into one remedy of clarity. Your melodies haunt me and escape my lips and finger tips unwillingly.

Your pulse drives me on and on and on. Every step in beat, ever emotion in bloom and every experience remembered in your bold song and enchanted and haunting tune.

The worlds techniques are lost on me now, I know only of your frequencies. And deal only in your emotions and purity.

You open and teach me, then slide back into your sea of complexity. I have no immunity and am left standing on a beach starring out waiting endlessly, for you to come back and sing to me the next melody.

Only you can save me from this harmonic abyss. That totally and tonally exposes, frees and finally tries to bury, but then again comes your kiss.

A Pisces always chooses to dive in… initially holding the breathe till reminded again and again… to breathe it in, open your eyes. And then when my lungs finally start to burn and my voice starts to shake. From the depths she appears kisses me with breath and through my heart break she rhythmically drives her stake.

Let them in she says and always said. All of them… the living, dying and the dead!

Feed them your everything. Your passion, freedom, body, your energy is just energy. So let it go and butcher their idols… sacred cows and egos, yours and theirs, give breathe and lay waste equally with smiles and scorn. Lay it all at their feet, sing to them… but not like the mermaid on the stone but as the force of nature you are… as you enter blow in on them like a wild mountain storm.

Her tone is so magical and underrated… it moves like lust through us… driving me on, leaving me exposed, exploited and x-rated and standing alone and she always slips out early yawning. I stand there naked and wet, in front of everybody and the sea of humanity slowly starts clapping.

I close my eyes again because, you see. You have spoiled and humbled me in your beauty and ecstasy. And oh how you rock and roll me. Oh how you free and abandoned me equally.

So I hold the line knowing. Like with so many others and in time you could choose to try and destroy me for nothing.

So a dance is done, a balance is struck, a razors edge is run, the waters carried, the wood cut and it and a hair is split. And every second on every stage in every crowd a sea is drank, a mind trigger pulled and in every belly a fires lite.

But now as I step once again wet from the light and stage. With the last laugh, hug, sip and hand shake. Even with the sweet kisses, stares and sensual pull of others… but for me the beat rolls on, over a sea of peaks and valleys, my oarsmen will keep sweeping and this musical journey that has no beginning or ending will keep coming and going.

And now lastly and forever. I know what she has known, that I will choose to be alone, over and over. Because I am unable to love another.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2015, AnDrew C. Rouse

“After your death you will be what you were before your birth.”~Arthur Schopenhauer

“But life is short, and truth works far and lives long: let us speak the truth.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“Honor has not to be won; it must only not to be lost.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.” ~Arthur Schopenhauer

“Don’t Let yoga or the practice of asana become an appendage of your ego” ~D.R.

“Pay no attention to what people say… the measure of ones character is in what they do.” ~D.R.

“Modern science is based on the principle; Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest” ~Terence McKenna

“What are you saying? That it’s in vain? I know it. But one does not fight in the hope of success. No. It is much more beautiful when it is in vain.” ~ Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac (Act V)

“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~Mr. Nelson Mandela

“The Truth is like a Lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.” ~St. Augustine

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be as one” ~Crazy Horse

“It always seems impossible till its done” ~Nelson Mandela

The Greatest Threats To Humankind: Division, Usury in all its forms, zionism, wahhabism, christian fundamentalism, religious fundamentalism in all its forms, colonisation, repopulation, globalism, corporatism, environmental degradation, genetic manipulation, war for any reason!

On The Fascist Globalist Cult: Its a bigger problem then just a simple choice of political candidates. You see, your entire system is controlled by a little fascist globalist cult who control all the left and right wingers. As we all know its best to stay on the road… the left ditch is no better then the right ditch as we all know. This cult has such full spectrum dominance and control of your country that they control every left and right media mouth that moves, ever image that you see, every bet and hedge, every thought you think you thought but it was actually placed there by this cult. Free yourselves before they take your war machine murdering and country shopping again! These idiot “candidates” are all obviously bought and paid for and will do as they are directed. ***Violent revolution is not the answer***, in fact its this cult’s preferred way to finish the job on your country! They already have your citizens fully divided and soon you will be brutally ruled… the cracks are showing more and more daily. You must send them firmly but carefully packing back to wherever their allegiances are proven to be or jailed for treason! This cult will not relent, it will bleed you. If you resist then they will outright destroy you from the inside out. To solve this query you must cut every left, right appendage that pushes and pulls you at once. Even the ones that feed you because if it feeds you it can also then starve you:) All appendages at once… media, political, military, intellectual, financial… capital, investment, FED, taxation etc.., public relations, entertainment etc. internal and internationally. How can you do this in a free country?… you ask. You are not free… your chains are in plain sight and the costs are mounting. Do it and then you will remember what it is to be free again. Remember and to be VERY clear… this fascist cult is not comprised of people from one religion, ethnicity, culture, financial strata, blood type or other… but they are a very tight network/clique. “Once this fascist globalist cult is identified and overcome it will be extremely important to differentiate between those who have acted “knowingly or unknowingly” there is a huge difference there. Let this sitters sit and the sleeping dog’s lie but may the best men rise!” ~D.R.  EXAMPLES of what you can do! (A) Stop the oil & gas, coal and nuclear energy paradigm cold: it feeds this cult and its indifferent and insidious globalist beast and the war machine. (B) Get involved in local PEACEFUL environmental causes, especially those involving your drinking water (oil & water don’t mix!) (C) Join local PEACE movements and sign up for your local militia as well. What? you say! Yes but not because you are a gun nut but because that was supposed to be where your right to bear arms is. But you are to protect your community and country within its borders not go off killing in foreign countries for the cult!!! (D) Vote Green party or independent, but the cult is always looking for the next thing so be sure your local and federal candidates words match their actions (E) Support and be in solidarity with any group who’s rights or lands are being stolen, why? Because first its them then its you! (F) Eat local organic or grow your own. Goes for meat too!! (G) Sop watching the idiot box tv, or going to see war porn films or going to see war mongering propaganda or violent desensitising film etc… basically don’t go and see anything out of Hollowwood/Hollywood! Make your own films or see local films, documentaries, music etc! Entertainment should be enriching and educating! (H) Stop relying on externally discipline or being disciplined by others! Your disciple must come from the inside out/ inner disciple is key to yours and others freedom and independence! Well, thats enough for now. Peace! ~D.R

Now lets deal with this “Hitler” thing! Hitler, which is NOT his real name, was a WW1 vet with deep PTSD issues and a Austrian citizen who had no legal or other right to the German Chancellorship. He was into ritualistic Greco-Roman pagan crap/bull$hit and he thought he was reviving the page Roman empire (who the Native Germanic peoples had destroyed btw) and he & the zio-bolsheviks, used and abused the Native German people and the noble National Socialist party for there own mutated perverse ambitions.

So, basically he/Hitler was a PTSD victim of WW1 who had a delusional greek theatre and Roman colosseum for a head and so was easily manipulated by the zio-bolsheviks at great cost to the Native Germanic peoples and their push for Nationalism against globalism!

Plus, no self respecting Native Germanic person would ever use the “Roman Solute” btw! At least no Native Germanic peoples who are from North and East of the Danube and Rhine rivers! Remember the Teutoburg Forest, where the Native Germanic people freed themselves & destroyed the foreign Roman empire invaders & plunderers forever!

Plus, the German high command tried to kill Hitler many times once they figured out that he was a delusional but unwitting zionist-bolshevik tool!

Now… for f#$% sake kids… Focus Potter, focus! Don’t let the mongolised-turkic ziotard zionist globalist bolsheviks and their treasonous ziotard puppets use and abuse you folks again. Like they did before, remember? The zionist-bolshevbiks murdered 65 million Christian Slavic/Germanic/Nordic style Russ-ians and 100 million Christianised Native European peoples in that huge *Christian Native European holocaust* people call WW1 & WW2… which were not “great” nor “good” wars!

Peace through intelligance!

~Drew Rouse/Skáld Rekkr

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