No, I do NOT use “dog whistles” for only dogs can hear them. I treat all the foreign Abrahamic & Asiatic religions the same & with a great deal of suspicion. Many of these abrahamic religions & others have been used & abused by gangsters & terrorists to shield themselves from criticism & to hide their many & varied crimes.

If You honour your ancestors they will chisel your name in stone. If you dishonour your ancestors they will piss your name in the snow.” -Old Norse Proverb

Our Racially, Ethnically, Culturally & Spiritually specific Indigenous Identities, Communities, Societies, Nations, Indigenous Food Systems, Customs, Heritage & Ancient Traditions… are all being deconstructed & subverted for the messianic globalist banksters interests & profit. Multiculturalism is actually anti-culture & is destroying all of our Indigenous identities through waves of weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/colonization. These messianic globalist oligarchs are even attempting to deconstruct & subvert the Natural Law & Order & even peoples sexuality, sexual preference & orientation is under attack. All peoples must fight back with one voice but with many hands & from our traditional lands of our ancestors.  
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

“If the pencil is dull it makes for a crooked home.” This is a proverb I scribbled out long ago based on the importance of accurate measurement when building a wood framed home (Same goes for a dull chisel when building a stone home) but it also refers to the sharpening of the youths intellects at an early age or they will become crooked/unethical, lecherous, usurious & money grubbing feckless fools. This intellect sharpening is key & largely done through Traditional Indigenously specific myth/storytelling, through the Native European tradition of Literary Criticism & through the Germanic/Baltic Prussian education system that taught an intense form of *Critical Thinking* & *Rationalism* in an ongoing quest for benevolent understanding.

This little proverb also refers to the need for a strong Father figure as the head of the household & family so that the home & family within it will always be a solid, secure & structured haven & not become crooked, compromised or unstable.

I find it disheartening how much of our society is dumbed-down, deconstructed, distracted & lost in degenerate, exploitative & usurious libations to foreign demonic deities. Such a shameful waste. Plus it is demoralizing to have to endure all this ignorant & regressive “censorship” too… but we must always endeavour to persevere.

Our ongoing quest & unquenchable intellectual thirst must be for more understanding… to be used as a tool to deconstruct the deconstructionists & their deconstructionism & to expose the many forms of globalist usury & exploitation that has enslaved much of humanity. A big thank you to all that have supported my various tireless endeavours over the decades:)
Peace through intelligence.

The easiest way to control groups of peoples is with the Übermensch. If it is suppressed one can enslave the masses, if it is amplified one can also control them… without the obvious moral, ethical & financial costs of complete enslavement.

All this talk about the universe being within oneself & oneself is the universe is a fine example of this universal amplification of the Übermensch which makes the masses, the mass consciousness & mass-psychology controllable.

This concept was used on the East Indian masses in India by the NOT so English British empire (with its brutal Sikh & Gurkha regiments btw) wherein they turned the Indians mindset in on itself with force/brutality & by then making the inner-self the safe place over the now brutal outside world… making them/the enslaved more docile & thus more easily controllable. After the physical collapse of the British empire, it’s globalist financial part still exists today & they still use this tool in more subtle ways. It was also taken over by average businessmen & Indian laymen, thus all the “guru’s” today.

The highly consolidated mass-media also popularizes this selfish world view too & through the highly consolidated mass-media this is now being done to the global masses. They too are being coerced, deconstructed, demoralized, threatened & loured into this selfish self realization perspective as a tactic of mass control that is simply to further a globalist agenda.

So now instead of just the messianic abrahamic deities having the supernatural powers, which has it’s own set of problems, this is a further consolidation & decent into a type of selfish individualism & global universalism. And so now the individual has these supposed supernatural powers & once the controls are fully lifted the once docile masses individual Übermensch amplifies itself exponentially… making one believe that they are “gods” or “goddesses”… this is a narcissistic recipe for total destruction of our once harmonious societies. Societies that once quietly taught the traditional understanding that it is our responsibilities to our family, local community & people that gives our lives true meaning & that God The AllFather is NOT individual to ones own selfish self-realization & individualism but rather independently & equally encompasses the Spirit/Geist of their whole indigenous group, culture, heritage, their local environment & its Flora & Fauna too. This is the traditional indigenous view that has many regional & individual local expressions that need reawakening today.

The Native Germanic thinkers understood all of this & the threat of selfish self realization, rabid individualism, globalization & universalism & tried to warn us in a very open minded way, thinking we were their intellectual equals & could understand their subtle but profound warnings. But most are too intentionally dumbed down now to get it & a handful of others took these Germanic understandings & used them not to warn the masses as intended but rather to use & abuse these Germanic philosophical understandings to further deceive & manipulate the unwitting masses & control the mass-psychology & to project their own will, & thus guilt, upon the masses while declaring that “god is dead” when it is only their desert demon that is dead.

Let me be extremely clear here… God The AllFather lives on eternally & down to “The Last Man” & beyond.
Peace through intelligence.   

On: Unethical, Unconscionable & Unconstitutional Baby Sacrifice (May 6, 2022)
Oh my, it is so unpopular to be ethical… but here it goes anyway. First of all just remember three little words: Morning After Pill. These are NOT “abortion pills” if used correctly.

Baby Sacrifice/abortion has been obsolete since the 70’s thanks to the advent & distribution of the *Morning After Pill*…. which releases the egg before fertilization which can take up to a few days. **So there is no conception if taken right away. This is an ethical & moral solution to an unwanted pregnancy.** Plus there is an array of various other birth control options, but of course only abstinence is 100% effective. The timing method is most traditional way to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, so learn what the different viscosities of your vaginal fluid means ladies.

Now if your society has high rates of rape… well that is what you should be fighting in the courts. Fight for much, much, much harsher sentences for rapists, or even castration. Or carry a hand gun if it is legal in your region and abort the rapists in the heat of the moment. Our society will thank you for it. Plus, you guys know what to do if you are 100% sure someone has raped a local gal. 

Plus it has always been understood that a pregnancy can be ended if the Mothers life is in danger or due to rape, incest or due to life altering defects. Now, personally I find that last eugenics bit, rather problematic & many eugenic solutions can actually be dysgenic but I understand how some couples want that option too. 

Old RBG used talmudic legal trickery to pass Roe V Wade. She knew it was unconstitutional & would be repealed at some later date… so blame that old talmudic hag for this. The fact is that case was dealing with 3 lives NOT just one. So, that is what has led to this Constitutional quagmire that is very problematic for the oh so macho pro-baby sacrifice gang. 

It is so sad that the once noble Women’s Rights movement has turned baby sacrifice/abortion into a type of sacrament. What a nasty deception. This is why the once noble feminist movement has become the vapid rabid feministic movement that actually works against traditional women’s rights & freedoms & only empowers brainwashed psycho sickos these dayzzzz.

As well, the women “Roe” who was the main plaintive in the Roe V Wade Supreme Court case later admitted that she was coerced & that she lied in her testimony and deeply regrets her part in passing this controversial & unethical unconstitutional amendment. Plus why is it that so many people of Turkic ancestry & Jewish faith are involved & so over represented in promoting & pushing baby sacrifice/abortion in Native European peoples societies & Nations? Very strange, or is it? Below are pictures of just a few. 

As well, I don’t use “baby sacrifice” lightly. The fact is long ago there was a desert demon deity named Moloch (Look it up) who’s babylonian turkic followers sacrificed babies/children to it… and the other desert demons like Baal & Hashem were no better. Maybe some of their followers are still around today and found a sneaky & deceptive way to sacrifice babies to their desert demons in a round about way! Nightmare. Plus they “harvest tissues” from these aborted babies & use them in beastly “beauty products” and in “vaccines” etc… how ugly & again nightmarishly sick… & the rest of the baby is *incinerated*/burnt… like in the Moloch baby sacrifices of old.

So wake up ladies & stop screaming about your “right” to sacrifice babies as a type of twisted birth control method. No way!

Peace through intelligence.
Turkic Babylonian baby sacrifice to Moloch/Molech

On: THE CUCKED & CONQUERED (May 3, 2022)
Every people at one time or another were chucked & conquered in one way or another by outside forces & most Indigenous peoples were chucked & conquered by the major messianic abrahamic religions. Yes even the Indigenous Native European peoples.

These messianic abrahamic religions all supplant the head of the family/Father figure with a non-domestic & often foreign fake “father figure”/Priest, Rabbi, Imam which also made room for the rise of the overbearing & bossy liturgical modern mother. These messianic abrahamic religions also supplanted their own messianic abrahamic celebrations, heritage ceremonies, customs, ancestral stories/myths fictions & deceptions… etc overtop of a targeted indigenous peoples ancestral celebrations, heritage, cultures, myths, legends & customs etc. Thus destroying the traditional family unit, the indigenous customs, heritage & cultures from within & also commandeering the local community/Tribe & forcing them into deeper levels of deconstructionism over the centuries for their messianic abrahamic globalization pathetic prophetic agenda & “order”. No thanks!

The first Indigenous Tribe to be chucked & conquered is then deceived & manipulated & used like a bludgeoned & beaten dog to attack & bring their neighbouring kind, kinsmen & brothers to heel for too for much gold & silver of course. You see for when the empires sword is dull & it’s arm grows tired from the slaughter it uses treasonous & seditious proxies but also slowly changes it’s tactics & turns to ideological & theoretical warfare. Forcing the targeted indigenous people to worship  foreign abrahamic ancestors rather than their own indigenous ancestors. This was true for the conquest of the Native European peoples & also much later the Native American peoples too.

I call this the *messianic abrahamic continuum*… starting with Christianity which first enters & replaces/supplants most of the indigenous spirituality, myths, beliefs etc & Christianity leaves the door open for judaism which intern comes in & supplants other parts of the indigenous mindset with predatory deconstructionism & institutionalizes mercantile, debt & usury… & in turn Judaism opens the gates for waves of destructive Islam to rush in to destroy what is left through force & miscegenation. Our societies should only allow Catholicism to remain but only until judaism, islam & the asiatic religions are all frozen out of our lands. True Europeanized Catholicism seeks conversion of those of Jewish & Islamic faiths & will thus act impart like an ideological guard against predatory judaism & islam… for both are far more foreign & destructive than *Europeanized* Catholicism. judaism & islam are all dogmatic ignorant ill-will & degenerate appetites & are the same as kosher & halal, talmudic law & sharia law, marxist-zionism & wahhabism…etc… etc which are basically the same foreign things that are all unacceptable to the Native European peoples & their societies & Nations.

Plus the Native European peoples Gut/Good/God the AllFather, who’s face is best seen in Nature & in the eyes of our children & ancestors, & who’s pervasive vibration/energy resonates animates & harmonizes all living things equally, & who will not be mired in these foreign ideologies nor confused nor conflated with these mere mortal foreign africanized & mongolized arabic, turkic & semitic desert “prophets”.  To do so is blasphemy of the highest order to the Native European peoples ancient Belief System & indigenous Spirituality. 

As for the oh so “enlightened” asiatic empires & religions. They were & are no better than these messianic abrahamic religions… & they are still slaughtering each other to this very day too. The asiatic steppe mongol hordes were particularly nasty & savage before & after converting to Islam… but the asiatic hindu’s, slkh’s & buddhists are no better either.

Plus all the major messianic abrahamic religions have burst into schisms & factions & have been battle themselves & each other for centuries. So that tells us all all we need to know about them. Plus during the world wars the Native European peoples of various Christian faiths slaughtered 100 million of each other with islam & judaism egging them on from the sidelines! Pathetic!

The Native European peoples don’t have slight autism but rather extreme altruism that has left us wide open to these types of spiritual deceptions, deconstructionism & predatory dogmatic ideologies. We must maintain our high openness & brilliant creativity but forgo the naivety now & push back against the anti-European propaganda & all these ridiculous historical lies/anti-European propaganda. We must ground ourselves in our various pre-abrahamic traditions, heritages, cultures, spiritualities, celebrations… etc.. & set up structures & safeguards so that our future generations will never be victims. Yes, our altruism is what makes us so brilliant, creative & compassionate but it also leaves us open to foreign deceptions & manipulations.

All peoples everywhere must find their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & the earth-centric & ancestral worship of their ancient ancestors… & get on with it. For the messianic abrahamic’s nasty endgame “prophecies” of “apocalypse/armageddon” means the destruction of everything & everyone… except for a so-called “chosen few”.  So no thank you! It was all built on lies & deceptions and so it, like the World war propaganda narrative, is shuddering & crumbling before the TRUTH!

So I ask you again dear Brothers & kinsmen, how did ye sons of the Aesir & Titans become so cucked & conquered? Have you thrashed yourselves out in Brother wars against each other brought on by foreign ba$tard$ who egged you on from the peripheral & shadows? Deceit & deception was so lowly a tactic that nothing in your noble realm could have prepared you for it & it’s bloodiest of debacles. So off your knees Berserker, Spartan & Soldier & stand side by side before the light, hold still with arms hug low with shield & sword of your day. For only the Western patriarchy can lead the way towards time tested & honoured tradition. The spoiled & exploited will soon come to understand & come a running & calling as sure as the AllFather Helios spins the great Sunwheel every morning & as it’s radiant light shines upon our lands & faces… we must stay fit & well, Brothers, for we must always be ready to deliver.
Peace through intelligence.  

Musically I have been deeply influenced by the mythology & musical magic of the Native European peoples… from the mountains of Wales to the Fjords of Norway, to the ancient oak forests of Deustchland to the slightly dislocated Native European North American Canadiana & Americana Folk music of the New World … to the symphonic virtuosity of the Germanic pianists & Classical orchestras to the intimate Celtic & Gaelic rhythms to the Nordic Kulning & drumming & all the spirit folk mythology that makes our lives musing & magical. Well, it all comes a calling, crashing & rushing in when I perform live & I see that I am an accumulation & in collaboration with these ancient ancestral souls who wish that we sing aloud their sacred melodies, words & rhythms & project their spirit & free it unto the lands of our forefathers & into the minds of our future generations with introspective revel & resounding fury. 

So Hail the ancestors… Hail our magical musical spirits… & Hail the supernatural elements of the Native European peoples! 
Peace through intelligence.

It’s not what it is that bothers me, it is what it could have been, but in just 4 short generations under the influence of toxic talmudic vapid rabid feminist deconstructionism, all is all but lost & deeply discombobulated, demoralized & disfigured. The Native European patriarchy was demonized & so went silent & quietly stood in shield wall formation as the defiant & soft feminine underbelly of our society was deceived, exposed, manipulated & deconstructed just behind our lines, just out of sight of our piercing eyes.

None of us knew how bad it was going to get until many years later as the latest rabid feminist “wave” poured over our already drowning societies that had not just disenfranchised the men but more so the women too. Now we stagger to hold the line & lift our voices to remind the Folk of the beautiful & brilliant Native European peoples heritage & cultures of which they once already knew.

Now these lost feminist feral kittens & yelping bitches run from their messianic abrahamic fake “fathers” to even more foreign father figures… seeking refutal, rebuttal & to be restricted by far, far more guttural & brutal foreign religions, races & cultures… & these women actually become brainwashed, dogmatic & fanatical about their new found foreign religions, repression & enslavements & continue to demonize their own people & men that would have never done such things to them. I wouldn’t wish this on any other peoples women either, nor would I wish to have their men have to witness it. But yes, all the deceived get’s is more deception & all the deconstructed can find is more deconstruction… as more & more foreign hands grope & pour over the less-lovely & lost ones & the fading remains of their once extraordinarily beautiful & exceedingly brilliant Native European phenotype.

Ah, but all is not lost my folk, ilk & kinsmen… consider it a passive purge, a deep cleansing & allow the weak minded, listless, lost & the feckless to wonder, call to them but do not break rank to drag them in kicking & screaming… just continue to hold the line & the Shield Wall & preserve & protect the wisdom & sanctity within.

Peace through intelligence.   

What is it about the Native European peoples that made them so ingenious? Please tell me for I am curious. Is it the harsh low-uv light European climate that lightened their pigmentation & forced them to listen to their ancestors, elders, animals & environment & to use ingenuity, forethought & to think ahead & prepare & preserve… & those that didn’t just froze &/or were starved out? Or is it the ancient traditions & compassionate bonds with family, the Clans/Folk & their Native flora & fauna forest spirits? Is it simply the later Prussian education system & the thousands of years of complex observation, introspection & philosophical traditions that preceded it? Is it their deep need to creatively marry function & beauty? Is it the demographic pressures being that all the Native European peoples combined are still a global minority? Is it simply their DNA? Is it their Native European high in openness creative Giest pushed to it’s maximum & crescendo & their ability to then just let go & watch it glide off unto the masses? Or is it just their endless altruistic curiosity & creativity?

It is all of these things combined & the World is better for it. So chin up my beauties… the ancestors & AllFather are watching… & I’m your Huckleberry.

Peace through intelligence.

Thumos is an ancient Hellenic Greek word for spiritedness, breath & blood flow & is a word I have used for decades in an attempt to reawaken it. I often see the best examples of Thumos in horses & I try to awaken it in many who have no concept of it. Ones physical Thumos should be matched by their supernatural Geist (Germanic Spirit) & spread through Logos/conscious communication…. if so, the world is our oyster.

Those who have awakened & active Thumos & Geist tend to be hyper conscious & aware & know no victimhood & have the ability to ignite these elemental attributes within others around them. They ignite & stoke the fire but often appear to be just another animated form dancing in the rippling fire light enjoying it’s movement & warmth. But they are the spur of Thumos, the prodder of Giest & the breath of Logos that breaths consciousness into the matter & makes our lives more magical but yet deeply practical.

It was the martyrs, Heathens, Pagans & the children of Dresden, Hamberg & Berlin who were forced to dance in the flames not so long ago… by the latest Empire of “satan”. For this abrahamic deity, they call the so-called “devil”, only dances between the ears of the unconscious. For there has always been those of dogmatic ignorant ill-will & degenerate appetites who have tried for centuries to extinguish the sacred Native European peoples brilliance with fire. (ie: The mongols, turkic’s, tartars, ottomans, moors, messianic’s, abrahamic’s, marxists, zionists, talmudic’s, judaic’s, islamic’s, communists, bolsheviks, internationalists/globalists…etc.)

So awaken these supernatural elements in your deepest core & be the spirited flame that dances in the sacred fire through the darkest night unto the awakening Sun rise.
Peace through intelligence.

On: THE LOVE & BEAUTY OF MIMESIS (March 27, 2022)
Leading a good life is largely a practise in delayed gratification. It’s about seizing the moment but not raping it. It’s about applying consciousness to every second but not letting it paralyze you. Its about understanding that vacant concupiscence leads to desolation & that consciousness is the key to opening the intricate latch we call life. Consciousness is like a beautiful song we dance too… that is played by the righteous for the virtuous. One mustn’t allow disharmonious dissidence to overtake our essence nor trip us up on the grand dance floor of life that is spinning, expanding & collapsing in esoteric circles beyond us.

But consciousness is most like the rider & the horse that work seamlessly in unison… like the logos, ethos & pathos of the Hellenic pagans mythology… & the very Reasonable Germanic Heathen continuation of the Native European philosophical continuum… wherein most of the hard intellectual lifting has already been done, & all that is left to do is to gracefully remind each other of what we once already knew. And in the end Nature is the best painter, sculptor & makes & carries the most eloquent melodies & energizing rhythms & all we can do is be accurate in our representation, a classical realist, a Germanic or Dutch master & do our damnedest to use mimesis to preserve & protect it.

The word Love has been weaponized by mass-media marketing & PR companies & is a now just a marketing “catch-word”, ploy, tool & tactic …like:  “I love New York”, “I love hamburgers”, “I love this car” says the slightly bent over beauty in a bikini… etc…etc. But this is not love… this is just suggestive programming & more consumerism & those little bells going off in your head are trying to tell you that you are getting screwed by those other little bells that are telling you that your latest purchase has gone through.

The highly consolidated mass-media, PR & marketing priests are using “irrational fear/devil/satan” & “subconscious desire/messiah/prophet” abrahamic dualism to push, pull & control you & are yanking on your leashes & heartstrings like the ropes of church steeple bells… tuned to highly studied frequencies & set to subversive images designed to override your sensibilities & your far more gentle, subtle, reasonable, rational, ethnocentric, racial & primal desires & scatter & scramble your interconnected internal harmonics & traditional understandings, leaving you wide open to further & more lurid exploitation & usury. Yes, the hells bells are wringing & shredding your traditions, cultures & beautiful indigenous heritage & Native identities & their far more ancient melodies. Far too many are exchanging their indigenous inheritance for popularized but meaningless shiny $hit that are worth absolutely nothing… & all done in the name of… “love”… & for the “love” of money.

But the wise are still resonating to the source/the AllFather & Earth mother unity/the “God” vibration, that animates & harmonizes all living things equally & which breathes this living consciousness into dead matter, awakening the beauty. The brilliant indigenous  European mimesis always marries form with function… & the pragmatic with the aesthetic. The Native European aesthetic has long ago set us all free & guides the way like the lighthouse lamp on the crag or the spire bells that both cut a radiant & sonic path through the grey foggy morning unto a new day. The beauty of indigenous mimesis should be celebrated & trumpeted by all peoples everywhere & it should never be lost on both you & me.

Now one shouldn’t confuse love & beauty with stuff, things or projections of guilt, for again, love & beauty are actions & realities not senseless bobbles nor atonements. If one doesn’t see this than one leads, overtly or subconsciously, a very sad & disconnected life of poor choices ending in energetic finality. For there can be not even an echo of love & beauty in a world made hollow by the reduction of them to base mercantilism & usury. Again, true love can only be displayed & communicated through conscious actions. Words are empty & echo listlessly in the huge hearts of conscious creative human-beings who are hard-set to do the heavy lifting for the perpetuation of these elemental forces of, love & beauty, which are both truly in the eyes & heavy hearts of the beholder.

On a lighter note…. there is absolutely nothing wrong with a gal having a virgin/whore complex, as long as it’s only with the one man she loves:) This goes double for men btw… but let’s face it, oxytocin is a powerful drug women are on… so a woman must watch where she gets her fix from. And a man must fallow Natures plan & continue to paddle the boat upstream & do the heavy lifting… with one eye on the horizon watching for foe & friend & for the Valkyrie that will surely come swooning.
Peace through intelligence.

On: PEAK PERFORMANCE (March 23, 2022)
Most are unreasonable & have no idea what to do. So don’t wait for those who do not know to figure it out… just get on with the doing, be reasonable, & lead by example. Remember that doing & loving are interchangeable for true love is actions not words, but your words are also actionable.

It’s NOT misery that loves company… it’s the miserable that love company, so avoid their negativity completely. Some feed the beast in those they love deeming it kindness, when it is actually beastly.

Stay close to Nature, for Nature balances & harmonizes human-Nature.

It is painfully obvious that pain is a part of life… but far too often stretching sensation is confused with pain… & if one refuses to stretch their bodies & understandings… the real pain will come. Anyway, & either way, we must grin & bear it, & again, get on with it… for life is short & fleeting… but it is also resounding & eternal if one honours their ancestors & future generations by living it to it’s fullest:)
Peace through intelligence.

The meaning of life is to give consciousness to matter. Not to try & find consciousness in matter. Unconscious materialism is vapid, it is the void that weighs down the human spirit. We are NOT just atoms in the void.
It is the gift of the human Geist to breathe consciousness into matter…. but first that Geist must be resonating with the pervasive vibration/God/Allfather vibration that permeates, resonates & animates all living things equally. Principled & harmonious resonation releases the spirit from the celestial ghetto & materialist prison.
Be ethically free my friends & breathe consciousness into the matter & give your life meaning & remember the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.
Peace through intelligence. 

Of course one hates the truth in fire, especially if one is a feckless liar, shuddering in their pillared pyre, built atop a quaking Mt Zion with blood money, gold & silver, that now doth crumble, collapsing like their tower of Babel. Oh come all ye faithful, joyful & triumphant, yet you wish we show your devil some respect & sympathy, as you take another pound of gentile flesh, wrapped in Native European guilt & pity & Christian empathy. Oh no not from me, for I danced with the truthful innocent children through this abomination & your dragon’s foul breath down the hollowed halls & cobbled streets of Dresden. Through the spinning & licking flames we went hand & hand with our arms swinging & volk songs playing in our heads, as we slipped from the realm of the dead, into the living loving arms of our ancient ancestors & relatives. So the innocent have sent me to smite thee for it, & to draw out your punishment & atonements.

Of course this gets you on Shindler’s shit list if you say how history movies & films are pure fictions & mind altering propaganda disguised as semi-entertaining bull$hit. Because there is no business like Shoah  business like no business I know. But still & pardon me, but work makes you free, & Localism & Nationalism are still the only final solution to internationalism, globalism & globalization obviously.  

Why yes they have a fit when you can write it all off in a stitch by saying, “Oh yes, typhus is a bitch, both in the work camps & in the trenches.” But bitchier they get yet when one dares to articulate that their firebombs were to incinerate the innocent… to burn up the evidence, for these genocidal weapons were intensionally aimed at 15 million Germanic civilians who couldn’t even imagine nor fathom such wickedness. And now these massive unacknowledged war crimes & deaths must be given breath, & read aloud no matter the crocodile tears nor the fears of those who greatly profited.

Not to mention those bombs of plutonium & uranium, that were tested on Japanese civilians, who were also  mostly women & kids. Oh ye great wickedness who do you feast with? Yahweh, Moloch, Baal, Marduk & Hashem & how much gentile blood does it take to satiate & appease them? The peoples of Native European decent & origin, in WW1 & 2, lost over 100 million of their fittest men.  So have you flailed yourself out yet then… as you cry out in pain, striking out 109 times over & over & over again, Now how is it that your ilk & kin are always the “We didn’t do nothing” victims?

Oh yes, have I mentioned yet, the *delousing chambers* that one mustn’t ever forget nor cease to scratch at it, no matter how much it may itch, because it prevented typhus & typhus my friends is a bitch. So if you persist… I will be forced to reveal & mention what hasn’t been mentioned enough yet, the delousing chambers & showers that one mustn’t forget & even if you make scratching forboden they will still scratch at it… because if one gets infected with typhus carrying microscopic organisms that makes all itch, & as we all know typhus my friends is a real bitch be ye in the work-camps, villages or in the trenches. 

So on this compassionate delousing: We all know that both the parasite & the disease hates it’s host, even though it is the host that sustains them & it’s never long before the host realizes this & starts to hate the parasite & tries to cure the disease too. So I ask you, if the Native European has suicidal altruism or pathological altruism then who has taught them to hate themselves & what, or who, is the pathogen?
Peace through intelligence.

I don’t mean to red pill, white pill or black pill you but the highly consolidated mass-media is lying & being used to shape & control the mass psychology of many Nations. The highly consolidated tribal entertainment industry is also used in this way too… it’s used to deceive, subvert, shape & reshape the mass-psychology.

So how do we find understanding & truth? Well we must learn both sides of the historical arguments & perspectives from past conflicts & wars… and read over various historical precedents & perspectives too. To this regard historical revisionism is key especially in research on WW1 & WW2. We must read the Native European classics… if you live in a Native European Nation that follows traditional Native European standards…. well then one must know it’s evolutionary path starting with the Prehistoric perspectives,  Classical age/ Classical antiquity & “dark age” writings. Plus we must all use more Hellenic Pagan logos/conscious communication & Germanic Heathen reason!

Well, good luck & happy hunting & never surrender your Rights & Freedoms handed down to you by the AllFather & written out & prescribed to you in the Native European Law & Order doctrine. Plus never ever surrender your ancient racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity! I promise not to dispense the pills but I will keep spilling the historical beans slowly, carefully & respectfully & only the beans that are relevant to todays issues!  www.drewrouse.com
Peace through intelligence

That which is repressed in waking slips through the cracks while sleeping. Rage & hatred are not always bad if focussed properly & with levity channeled in a positive & peaceful way. Most people deny both & quietly suffocate on them.

The New Age cults, that are now Old Age cults, always pushed these eastern taoist & buddhist philosophies that suppress the western idealism & forces the wide-mind of the Native European to dwell on reaching a very narrow forced harmony. Both of these eastern foreign philosophies force the practitioner to seek a type of perfection which never shows itself accept in meditation… wherein little get’s done but suppression & repression are normalized. Simply people gravitate to these foreign eastern ideologies & religions because they allow them to be seemingly “spiritual”  but act immoral & unethical to Native European standards.

There are many other fake, contrived or exaggerated narratives, religion like ideologies & foreign philosophies that are used to suppress & repress various peoples racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorial specific indigenous root identities too, like: “science says”, marxist-zionist deconstructionism, “the holocaust”, anti-culture “multiculturalism”, anthropological & areological anti-indigenous propaganda…etc.
However, The Native European man has the artist & Berserker in him… and the lust of the quest. He is the smiter of ignorant will & degenerate appetites found in these eastern & southern religions & philosophies. He is born into harmony with the lands & seas of his ancestors. He knows the oceans rage & the hateful colds burning & so he lives with one foot in the physical world & the other in the spirit world & is extremely internally & externally disciplined. For he rises in an instant not knowing if he must draw on passionless rage & hatred or beauty & genteelness. He is the fearless smiter & lover in his waking & even in his dreams. He does not defy Nature, he is defined by it… he both smokes the cold & breaths the eternal fires of his ancestors… he is the underling & the Ubermensch/Overman, he is both the rider & slayer of dragons & he wakes & get’s on with it, for be it to hell or Valhalla, so be it.

Some are still in search of the selfish self/self-realization through being in the asiatic mindless moment which is useless. The mindful moment is key & it can only be revealed through mindful actions. All this mental masturbation disguised as “mediation” will just take you further down the narcissistic rabbit hole of selfish self-realization. Both staring down into your own bellybutton or up into the solar system are equally as fruitless. It is in our actions & responsibilities to our family & community that actually gives life meaning. It is these actions that pay homage to our ancestors & future generations & that give our lives purpose. Plus actions are love, not “mindful” mindlessness in the endless pursuit of the selfish moment!

For a simple example: It is easy to see how clearly western Native European ballet callisthenics makes one far stronger & more flexible than eastern “yoga” does. Or as “yoga says” in asana, “be mindful of your breath”. But what if I told you that the breath is what makes you mindful, as you push through the layers of space & time while spinning & leaping ending in a perfect pirouette to the sounds of brilliant Native European classical music & then coming to perfect stillness in an infinite instant, with no heaving chest, just the soft flow of angles breath that is elegantly & graciously obedient to the Natural Order of it. Now that is regulation of the breath/pranayama & moving with the breath my friends:)

  As for the Native European peoples lost in the America’s, well yeehaw is just simplified European yodelling & “Country Music” & “Bluegrass Music” etc are just simplified Native European Folk Music. It goes on & on. If you think you are “just white” you are wrong. The Native European peoples are far, far more than just their light pigmentations. And this goes for all other peoples no matter their skin-tone or situation too. 

So what of it then, are you awake yet, if not, may you be at best dreaming… some never get the mindless mans rest, for they like Odin/Woden, are always with one eye open. 
Peace through intelligence. 

I was out cutting & splitting up a dead tree for firewood again, & as I have done since I was a child, when my father first handed me a dull hatchet so I could practice chopping & splitting without injuring myself or anyone else. But this is what a man does when he has 4 fireplaces & a wood-burning furnace to stoke & 6 children to feed,  he passes on the knowledge & wisdom silently while working.

Anyway, as I was splitting firewood it got me thinking of the “Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine”. It’s an ancient Native European understanding that once went without saying by fiercely independent, dangerous but honourable men. It was always learnt at the end of a hammer or axe handle while working as a child. This is how I learnt it too, while intimately working with tools especially when hammering & splitting up logs into firewood. When splitting wood if one swings the axe in anger or recklessly there is a higher risk & probability of inaccuracy & injury to ones self or those around them. If one swings the axe too softly or weakly they won’t get the job done. So one must quickly & precisely measure up the log before them & use the appropriate amount of force to split it cleanly. Not even a wide eyed Viking berserker swings his axe erratically & never weakly or in anger. Blinding anger dulls the reflexes & senses & its an emotional loss of control which is always ugly & never pretty. Simply, be more like Odin & Thor & nothing like kali.

Well these rather emasculated & brutally urbanized & domesticated modern men must learn this old unspoken Native European understanding, & other wisdoms too. Especially those who work as bouncers, Peace Officers, Militiamen,  Soldiers, Hunters, Butchers, Horse trainers, Fathers, Craftsmen etc. Even musicians have to learn it too so they can play more dynamically, nuanced & precisely.

So learn & use the Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine & live by it, as all real men do. And at work, in battle or at play always be measured, reasonable, responsible & honourable for your ancestors are watching & watching over you. And in the long run the soft ones become the cold & harsh ones & the once seemingly dispassionate, harsh & cold one becomes the only warmth & voice of reason.
Peace through intelligence.  

There is an attempt to make it virtuous to abandon ones ancestral culture & heritage & thus ones Natural Consciousness & innate & instinctual indigenousness. Don’t fall for it. Because racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity is key & the only way forward for all peoples. Mongrelization & miscegenation is the marxist-zionist-talmudic deconstructionists “final solution” for the Native European peoples especially, but it’s also the final solution for the other peoples too eventually.

Remember, reasonable, vetted & very limited immigration is NOT weaponized 3rd world mass-migration. Weaponized 3rd world mass-migration is just a modern form of colonization & invasion.

The Native European peoples are high in openness & are naturally but extremely altruistic & naive so they must then also be extremely ethnocentric too & strengthen their in-group preference too or their line will cease to carry on & go extinct & the World & our societies will be the lessor for it.

Now wake up & fly you fools fly… or your line will fade away or die. Fly fly before your Great Grandfathers eyes that are flashing in anger across the skies at your rootlessness & lame folly… fly, fly & be pure, ethical & steady for your Great Grandmothers eyes are weeping for the hour is late already.

Peace through intelligence! 

Imagine a super communist country who’s socialist policies are funded and supported by the 3rd largest weapons manufacturing and sales in the World (just behind *Israel*, China & Russia. I would add that the USA military is the largest communist system in the world but I digress) Yup that’s Sweden! Sad but true! Where some women’s issues are trumpeted but some of the most critical women’s issues are ignored, like rape and selling weapons to some of the most female repressive governments on earth… not to mention that also these weapons are used to kill largely defenceless women and children in wars all over the World! Yup, sounds like radicle feminism to me! Sweden, where “racist” is screamed louder then “rapist!”#ItsNotRacistToDeportRapists folks… send all criminals packing back to their country of origin! 

Where the gendered are screaming at the thunder clouds about gender-neutrality for Swedes, but not for the newcomers, but go ahead and scream your brains out at those clouds coming in off the ocean but its still going to rain on your once gay parade anyway… its called nature and it doesn’t care about your views or feelings Mr, Mrs, Miss… whatever?. So zip it and seek shelter while you still can! 

Where radical weaponized mass-migration policy is hidden behind “helping refugees”. Yes, help refugees… but it would be wiser more productive & effective to help them help themselves by sending the cash to women and children organisations in these countries that are at war and that they are fleeing from, most likely fleeing from the barrels of Swedish made weapons too. Its much smarter to fund refugee camps, housing projects, schools, hospitals, food systems…etc within these war torn nations or in their neighbouring nations and help them stabilize again. This would be far more productive and at a fraction of the cost/price it takes to properly immigrate and *integrate* mass groups of people as “refugees” or migrants. 

Plus, why all the male “refugees”?  We all know that the people who suffer most in wars and war torn areas are women, children & the elderly. So whats up!?! And why no proper and tuff integration strategy and policy? Thats just idiocy! Remember: integration prevents foreign radicalization as well as domestic racism!

The globalists are pushing weaponized mass-migration into western Native European peoples Nations as a tool to destabilize western nations that do not go along with their agenda. It doesn’t take much to stir up the multicultural melting pots with the highly consolidated media and destroy Nations from the inside out if they don’t do as the globalists tell them… its an old trick called “Balkanization” or divide and rule. Radical weaponized mass-migration has long been used as a tool/weapon of religions and empires alike. 

The American model is clear… multiculturalism favours multiculturalists NOT the existing Native population as seen clearly in the colonization of the America’s by the largely English, Spanish, Dutch and French and now by the 3rd world colonialists in their ethnic cleansing of the First Nations/Native American peoples. Then they must institute a urban consumer “culture”, which is NOT culture at all, to try and harmonize the diverse population but this consumer culture glue always becomes thin and lacking of substance and it fails to hold the multicultural society together and people start to seek the grounding of their heritage and ethnic diversity again, they often feel deeply cheated and rightfully so. The sad part is that they wrongly lash out at each other who are in the same boat, instead of at the globalists who are relishing the unrest and division, thus giving them more control and the right to suppress the disorder through more militarism. This is NOT opinion its a matter of historical FACT & precedent. But it doesn’t have to repeat itself again if we all smarten up!  

Try putting Native Swedes and Sweden first for a while or Sweden may end up just being another third World country pushing a cart full of guns and the jobless up hill… not able to help themselves or anybody else. Use the money you save on immigration to start up some proper industry that has an ethical use and thus improves Swedens social conscience in a real way. You see this is way Swedes are always trying to make up for something with this radicle marxist-zionist bolshevik & trotskyite insanity! Swedes know something is amiss and terribly wrong but instead of solving these real issues they just cover them over with another layer of marxist-zionist bolshevik trotskyite communist multicultural bs. Its simple: Support peace and not war and you need not appease anyone anymore!
Tack Så Mycket, Sweden! 
Peace Through Intelligence.

LOVE JUST DOES (August 10, 2021)
Love just does. It’s not words, it’s actions. It’s about forever seeing the beauty, brilliance & blessing… when it’s burning but also when it’s fading. It’s cool refinement & wild dishevelment within an instant. Its being hungry even when you’re full… & even empty but the doing makes it all doable. The many faces of love are equal, love of Nature, love of your family & your people, Love of your heritage, traditions, celebrations & culture & loving your own doesn’t mean you hate the others. Love is seeing your great grandparents eyes in your children. Love is two, a procreative couple & a lonesome mindful moment & love knows there is no equal. Love just does for love is unto love.
Peace through intelligence.

On: MUSICAL THERAPY (July 11, 2021)
As I step back up on stage to slam my guitar into another sonic execution tuned to frequencies that slip by their deconstructed conditioning into their subconsciousness & start firing off harmonically & dialectically charged lyrics full of whistle tones, no NOT dog-whistles, that are perfectly enunciated, punctuated, nuanced & positioned to have maximum impact on their tipsy psyches… & I am fed into the flame too. Some try to quickly slip into the pseudo safety of their pocket tv but the sonic net has them already & as the subwoofer cripples their cellphone speakers…they slowly surrender to the relentless rhythm, beat & groove & the lyrical deconstruction of the deconstructionism commences with no surrender & no quarter. Even the air they breath is painted with sonic healing vibrations that seek & destroy cellular dissidence & disfunction & replaces it with harmonious vibration… that harmonizes them to the earths resonance & which doses them with waves of their own internal medicines from their endocrine systems, as this inner pharmacy starts pumping out healing hormones & endorphins… now weather they sink or swim is up to them… but how can we resist that which we are suspended in… as the melody floats & blows & then submerges again swallowing us whole like the great white whale or as we ride the ancient Nordic dragon that churns our oceans… we are all within a supernatural sonic solution of therapeutic vibrations that seek to heal & harmonize our uncivil civilizations!
Peace through intelligence.

Quietly the philosophical practise of Literary Criticism & the later Thomism was subverted & replaced with regressive talmudism (perverse talmudic thinking) & we have slowly been dumbed down by it. We must return to the pre-abrahamic Native European form of Literary Criticism & reawaken our brilliant & largely Hellenic & Germanic Native European philosophical traditions… & ethically lead the way forward as we always have.

  Sadly too many Native European people have weakened intellects & or even lame intellects due to decades of subversive fear, deconstructionism & toxic conditioning. Like a dull axe or blade they can no longer intellectually cut through the miasma of propaganda, deception, diversion & deconstructionism that pervades their lives & is set upon them by the globalist talmudic bankster terrorists & their many “media” orc subverters, treasonous puppets & seditious proxies.

  Too many Native Europeans can no longer draw the bow of reason nor even see the target of rationalism & logic & have thus lost almost all of their traditional understandings bestowed upon them by their brilliant ancestors. And now all they seek is escapism through more diversion & folly broadcast into their weakened mind-scapes by the very weapon that enslaved them… that being,  the highly consolidated mass-media. 

  For those who choose to continue to sink into this weak intellect muck… your ignorance will turn to ill-will & deep discontentment & you will not find respite nor resolution… so continue if you must, but do NOT resent those of us who walk the traditional enlightened path of our ancestors. Take your discontentment & resentment out on those who bent you & enslaved you with their highly consolidated globalist mass-media propaganda.

 Peace through intelligence.    

Just as it is to know a thing and understand a thing are two very different things altogether. Well so is the brain & the mind two very different things too. This is just one of life’s hidden realities that once understood is almost a magical realization & opens the multidimensional interconnected perspective. Just like how a woman needs love & a man needs respect in return for this love… & if a woman becomes subverted & grows complexed & discontented, the man will subsequently grow resentful of her discontentment & simplify the relationship as best he can or end it. These are just a few of life’s hidden realities.

Too many people have allowed their minds to be poisoned with a mixture of subversion & deconstructionism from the talmudic controlled & highly consolidated globalist mass-media which brought us the slave-tax/income-tax, rabid feminism (NOT to be confused with women’s rights), baby sacrifice/abortion, queer theory,  degenerate & exploitative pornography, gender-bending, weaponized mass-migration into Native European Nations largely…etc… etc. These, largely talmudic, deconstructionists have also diverted, subverted & twisted the peoples/folks minds with toxic competitiveness through silly “sports” that pits  brother against brother & other against other while destroying our independent & specific indigenous identities through miscegenation, & the now failed, “multiculturalism” which is actually anti-culture & also a tool of talmudic deconstructionism.

The deconstructionists “twists” are most obviously seen in the all but defunct liberal rabid-feminists who have that crazy & vacant 10-1000 penis stare & in the painted up & drunk sports fanatic misogynist types with their guts hanging out… although both are almost always morbidly obese & ignorant as stones. The deconstructionists twists are also seen clearly in the very deconstructed & confused gender-bender types too.

So stay clear of the deconstructionist talmudic bolshevik orcs & their treasonous puppets & seditious proxies… & reject their false narratives & their fake world war myths & propaganda. Loose your pathetic & selfish ill-will created by your discontentment created by your endless searching for things the globalist movies/mass-media promised you but are not authentic nor real… & will not bring you wholeness nor happiness anyway. You must loose the deconstructionist fake-identities & the rabid competitiveness & embrace your ancestors/peoples heritage & culture & teach, steep & root your future generations in it or they will be blown away.

Then find your way back & forward to your authentic racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & remember you Native European peoples, your spirit was not given to you by some foreign messianic abrahamic desert god…. it is an innate part of your being & the part that communicates best with the ancestors.

This goes for all peoples everywhere… but especially for the Native European peoples.

Peace through intelligence.    

Artificial Intelligence & Instinctive Awareness (Sept 24, 2021) 
So when did it become wrong to notice? Notice the shape of the nose, the cut of the jib, the colour of the eyes & the distance between them, how the ears are hung & the shape & dimension of the face, head & chin & the form of the mouth there in… & what of the uv-lite blocking or absorbing pigmentation & complexion then? This pigmentation component can make one feel like the vary climate hates them. Hell even infants recognize these traits & components as either foe or friend, family or foreign & some fools frown on even infants for this very instinctive awareness. So why is it so fantastic & terrific for facial recognition programs to notice, measure & note all of this  & more but when we notice we are called racist? Facial cognition programs are also racial recognition programs?

You see, racial facial recognition is a tool of the globalist technocracy & they use it to track your movements & inspect you for vaccinations, disease, dis-ease & decent & evaluate your online & real-world behaviours & engagements & then eventually they will issue you social credits… in exchange for invasive trite videos of you & your families & friends past years events… at the expense of your privacy & freedoms. They are doing all the above already & deem it highly relevant & all the social media companies have deployed it deeming it paramount to the development of the AI “artificial intelligence” & thus very, very important… but yet the innate instinctive awareness in infants is now forboden. But truth will always slip out of the mouths of babes & children:)

One question: When AI & its robotic components are declared by the technocratic oligarchs to have human like “consciousness” & thus they try to argue that it is a new “race” by extension, will we be allowed to be racist against it then? For humanity knows already that first we make the machines & then they remake us but also disenfranchises us too. Will the masses rise up against this technocratic AI robotic tyranny & wipe them out… or will the masses submit & beg to be slaves fearing that they could be wiped out by these AI robot drones & slaves? The technocrats already openly say that “there is too much humanity” “the population bomb has gone off” Billy Gates & many others are on record saying many such things… & they are partly right but its only in the 3rd world mostly. Plus throw in all their global carbon taxation “climate change” scam stuff & well, you can see clearly where this is all going. The “population bomb” is a 3rd world issue & they must stay in their regions & deal with it… but, you see the broke & starving geniuses in the 3rd world think that they should have more children. Wow, brilliant aren’t they? The Native European peoples actually control their birthrates rather well… too well, & they are the global minorities & have a tiny indigenous land base too. In short stop feeding the AI & the technocrats & their globalist bankster investors.   

So when did it become hatred to notice? Is the wild boar hateful to notice the differences between it & the swine? Or is the swine just self-loathing & resentful of its origins & kind? This is good information to help you navigate these times & the viral waves that are being mass-migrated in as you have been made aware of a few more things that might prompt you to notice & take cover when a foreign face starts coughing & sneezing or when the AI detectives come calling.

So when did it become racist to notice?

Peace through intelligence.

So when did it become wrong to notice? Notice the shape of the nose, the cut of the jib, the color of the eyes & how the ears are hung & the shape & dimension of the face, head & chin & the form of the mouth there in… & what of the uv-lite blocking or absorbing pigmentation & complexion then? This component can make one feel like the vary climate hates them & so why is it just fantastic & terrific for facial recognition programs to notice, measure & note all of this but when we do we are called racist again? Or are they racial recognition programs?

Or is facial recognition a tool of the globalist technocracy & do they use it to track your movements & issue social credit & inspect you for disease, dis-ease & decent? Most likely all the above so it must be highly relevant because even all the social media has deployed it deeming it part of the AI & thus very, very important.

So when did it become hatred to notice? Is the wild boar hateful to notice the differences between it & the swine? Or is the swine just self-loathing & resentful of its origins & kind? This is good information to help you navigate these times & the viral waves that are being mass-migrated in as you have been made aware of a few more things that might prompt you to take cover when a foreign face starts coughing & sneezing.

So when did it become racist to notice?

Peace through intelligence.

No matter where you come from the Natural Law & Order (basic morality & ethical standing) is written on your brave heart. Ignorance is not bliss, it is beastly intellectual laziness & atheism is spiritual impotency. 

Now, one doesn’t just jump overboard in stormy seas because the ship is being tossed around some… nej, one mans the sails, steadies the rudder & holds the course until The AllFather wakes to calm the seas & holds high the vessel of brave spirits.

The Native European peoples must understand that christianity opens the door & almost destroys indigenous root identity & spirituality & leaves the door open & judaism then walks in & sets up mercantile & the Ring/circle/cycle of debt & usury… & then judaism opens the gates for islam to rush in. This is the messianic abrahamic continuum… & the asiatic religions are no better to the Native European peoples.

This is all well understood from the walls of Constantinople to the gates of Vienna to the plains of the Iberian peninsula… to the Capitals & financial centers of our Native European peoples Nations today. This old & foreign messianic abrahamic continuum & its empires, colonization, mass-migration, globalism & miscegenation must all be ended now… & the weaponized usurpers repatriated back to their own indigenous territories & regions. It’s that simple, any questions?

Peace through intelligence.

Thank the AllFather that your restless spirit can still carry your heavy hart. As the aesthetic is always formed by the internal process of mimesis by a semi enlightened being, as it is up to the artists to interpret & imitate Nature not manipulate it & as it is for science to study Nature & not mutate it.

So the globalist structures has sucked the folk in from the flora, fauna, mud & muck of the countryside into the miasma, pollution, filth & slop of the beastly city, that popularizes, mesmerizes & inhales them & then spews them back out when their life force is spent & their productivity has all but expired. So they return to the forests glades of the hinterlands broken & stand before their ancient AllFather who lashes them on the shores of the windswept sea as they rest against the ancient oak trees in quiet contemplation of their regressive transgressions as they try to settle the score with their ancestors & future generations. 

It’s all about preserving & protecting indigenous peoples & their racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific identities & their native environment & territories. It’s about rejecting globalization, Americanization & messianism for nativist localization. It’s about being anti-mongrelization & anti-miscegenation & pro breeding deeper into your own peoples indigenous identity & this goes for all indigenous peoples everywhere, including the Native European peoples too. If you don’t like these concepts & realities you are a regressive globalist racist & the enemy of all humanity… so behind me. 

Peace through intelligence

ON: AUTONOMY FOR ALL (Sept 2, 2021)
Now who could it be that hates the various indigenous peoples, especially the Native European peoples, so much that they want to boil us all down in a big pot & into a random sludge over a multi cultural, racially, culturally & ethnically destructive genocidal pyre? Hmmm… could it be a tiny cabal of marxist-zionist messianic talmudic globalist terrorists? Yup, it looks that way if one takes the time to trace the historical record & data that is heavily banned & censored though. Its that “big idea” that “one world governance” that these globalist oligarch stooges are all always selfishly fixated on & salivating over. Much of this toxic ideology has its roots in the messianic-abrahamic prophecies. So its based in dogma, ignorant will & degenerate appetites.

What if we all decided to jump out of their pot… will we end up in a “lake of fire”? I say the “lake of fire” is this “melting pot” concept. It’s just more messianic irrational fear bull$hit & is designed to destroy indigenous peoples, NOT harmonize them. It’s another one of the messianic’s crazy stories from their crazy story books that reads more like war manuals than religious texts & are as barren & desolate as the desert wastelands they crawled out of… especially this turkic/ashkeNazi Caspian Sea steppe khazar ilk’s talmudic babylonian version. Truly nasty & supremacist stuff.

Nope… if we all opt-out we would NOT land in a “lake of fire”… but rather we would actually be free & harmonize to the Earth vibration & respect each & every persons true racially, ethnically, culturally & religiously specific indigenous identity & live harmoniously but separately to maintain our peoples wisdoms, customs, identities, traditions… & live autonomously with dignity on our own traditional lands of our ancestors. Doesn’t that sound better than the abrahamic-messianic’s apocalypse? Yup, it sure does. I should add that the Asiatic religions versions are no better btw. (Apocalypse: is a term the abrahamic-messianic’s stole from the brilliant Native European Hellenic’s & which has a completely different meaning than how its abused in the abrahamic-messianic religions fictional ramblings:(….

So lets get it right now… it’s your choice between #nativism or globalism, slavery & miscegenation. So, first step is to expose the marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists & their wahhabist proxies & their highly compromised government puppets… then all the messianic’s must be exposed too… & all of them must be frozen out of the media, politics, institutions, societies & financial structures… but folks can worship how they see fit but they must first release their toxic grip over our societies & Nations politics etc. Remember that multiculturalism is actually *anti-indigenous-cultural* & should be stated as such. We owe it to our ancestors & to our future generations to sustain our various indigenous peoples traditions, customs, heritage, independence, freedoms & especially *autonomy*.

Peace through intelligence.

Sometimes I lean forward in the belly of the beast/modern society & think wtf is going on here? Lol!

My thoughts are amplified by the catacombs that surround me & are blown out through the stone stairwells, halls and canon holes of the Palace & it’s ramparts into the ether to cut through the mass psychosis shredding its sails, rainbow pirate flags & fracturing its masks, masts & hulls that were too quickly cobbled together with the flotsam & jetsam of anti-culture into a ship of fools which is now stinking & sinking back into the hedonistic & degenerate primordial stew.

For there is nothing the messianic deconstructionists can do but remain stiff & driven towards their pathetic endgame cliff of armageddon.

But we, the more rational, reasonable Native European peoples choose logic & understanding as all indigenous peoples do & rest easy as our Heathen brothers & sisters of light pigmentations wade into the fray, again, to save the day. Like at the gates of Vienna, the walls of Constantinople & on the plains of the Iberian peninsula/Spain… we will end weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/invasion & repatriate most of the rabble to defend our sacred homelands & the realm of the Native European peoples who’s stronghold is named after the Hellenic Princess, Europa.

We are the peoples of the sun who evolved over evolutionary time in her bright green low-uv light regions under the ancient forests limbs in the quiet mists & shade of its glades within warm stone & beam longhouse homes wrapped in fine wool & furs in fire & candle light as the cream & golden babes play & roll strengthening their minds, muscles, bones & tendons while being taught the Native European skills of critical thinking, forethought, logic, discipline & reason.

We were not born slaves with privileges, we are The indigenous Native European peoples with responsibilities & promises to keep to our future generations. As do other indigenous peoples.

So ask not what have your people done for you, but rather what have you done for your people?

Peace through intelligence~D.R.

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU? (August 9, 2021)
What if I told you that the Covid vax attack papers might be used to NOT let you get on that flight or check-in to that luxury hotel or see that concert etc someday soon. Would you still want those jab papers issued? Pro or Con I still wouldn’t want anyone forced to prove their “fitness” or “wellness” in any way, shape or form… for its tyrannical. We must all defend our independence, Rights & Freedoms from the creep of creepy tyranny! Be it “science says” technological or pharmacological tyranny or any other form.

In America, tRump create it & creepy Joey is pushing it. In Canada they are just going along with it like in most of Europe. Pathetic!

As to all this “covid passport” tyranny & propaganda. The marxist-zionist commie turkic commissars and mongol orc bolshevik terrorists issued more travel “documents” and slaughtered far, far more people at the close of WW1… and had far more “concentration camps” called *Gulags*… but we are NOT supposed to know this pre-WW2 historical reality… for many fear it would change your views on WW2.  

⁠No joke… I’m at a luxury resort on the sea in southern Sweden & I noticed all these people with congenital issues and knew by looking at their various afflictions that it was caused by thalidomide poisoning. So I struck up a chat with a guy who had the tell tail signs and he was surprised I knew about thalidomide. Well he was the organizer of this thalidomide victims support group who meet-up every year somewhere. He was very intelligent & super informed and knew the whole history of thalidomide etc. Well long story short. **He said that all the pharma laws, testing standards & safe guards that these guys have fought for since the 60’s were all thrown out the window for this latest vax attack/jabs.** He said that thalidomide was just an oral medication prescribed to pregnant women with just morning sickness and it did extreme damage to the developing fetuses/babies… he went on to state that the unforeseen effects of some of these basically untested jabs/injections *could be* far, far worse. Anyway, it was an amazing chat & at the end we fist pumped each other but NOT due to covid paranoia but because thalidomide has made shaking hands very difficult for this lovely & rather enlightened gentlemen.

⁠PS: If you research thalidomide don’t let the “nazi” doctor lies confuse you. This thalidomide medication was created before WW2 but was not issued to the public but was than issued in *post war* Germany during “reconstruction”/deconstruction when every industry in western Germany was completely run, operated or under the direction of military & corporate agents of the USSA, England & by people of Jewish faith… for reparations purposes… & it was Germanic Germans in Germany who had/have the highest amount of thalidomide poisoning cases. So?

⁠Now I’m not trying to change your minds or convince you… I’m  just offering other perspective & opinion so we might find understanding. This is a deeply personal & *private* decision… but enough with the moralizations about getting it. No way… what ever happened to “my body, my choice”… or is that just good enough for sacrificing babies/abortion? If it’s “good enough” for that slaughtering babies insanity then surely it’s good enough to allow us to govern over our own bodies in other ways. Right? Although, & in my humble opinion, this jab is more akin & comparable to consenting to rape… rather then to the killing of unborn babies. Anyway its all sickening but irrationally fearing breathing the air is even more sickening. Or maybe that’s just me:)
Peace through intelligence.

First of all atheism & nihilism are just covers for weak & lazy spirts & intellects. 

The messianic abrahamic religions & their mystic versions of kabbalah, sufism & the judaized protestant schisms…etc… etc & the asiatic faiths for that matter that are not indigenous, are all  used & abused as tools of empire, colonization, globalization, migration & miscegenation… & are designed to destroy racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples & their ancient customs & heritage. 

These messianic abrahamic religions often seek to exchange the family father figure with one of their rabbi’s, priests, imams, ministers etc… etc. The AllFather vibration that permeates, resonates & animates all living things equally & who is best seen in Nature & who is the God of all of our ancestors looks on & instills in us his vision… especially in the Fathers, the AllFather vision of Logic, Critical thinking & Reason… which are all things the messianic heretics detest for it breaks the spells they have over the masses. Logic, Critical Thinking & Reason gives those who use these gifts from the AllFather great forethought, depth of field, interconnected perspective & extra long vision abilities… in other terms, a wide panoramic mind-scape.

Ancestor worship & the Worship of the AllFather & Earth Mother within Natures temple & realm  (ie: forests, glades, lakes, streams, mountains, ocean etc.. etc) is the ancient way of all indigenous peoples. Yes, this was also the Native European peoples way long before the messianic abrahamic religions invaded our Green acres from the foreign southern wastelands & deserts. These messianic abrahamic belief systems are as foreign, barren & desolate to the Native European peoples as the desert wastelands they crawled out of.

But we must all respect those who worship in other ways & in more structured & thus dogmatic religions for our God The AllFather is still their God too. They are just different paths in one direction… but their path is for them in their own lands and our path is for us in our lands. 

The Native European peoples also use the Natural Law & Order doctrine & added to this Natural Law the Germanic doctrine too, which also has Old Norse, Anglo-Saxon & Dane law origins. We don’t need the foreign & inferior halal-kosher, sharia-noahide nor the nasty talmudic law either. These foreign beliefs are for foreign lands too.

Peace through intelligence. 

Thor is hammering in the skies overhead. I hear the crash of his hammer & see the sparks fly as Odin in his grey & white robes rides by demonstrating his power, majesty & Natural Order from on high.

Thrasymachus in dialog with Socrates said that “Truth is the opinion of the powerful.” Big-pharma, big-tech, global finance & the highly consolidated mass-media are all very powerful indeed. As well the “science says” vax attack crew which has been dead wrong many times before has been unethically moralizing away your Rights & Freedoms & have turned “science says” into a new religion with its very own dogma & myths filled with the usual demonizations & prophetic messianic saviours! Oh my, yawn… how boring!

Anyway, here is the product of today’s extreme sauna & breathing session & my interaction with both huggin & muginn/thought & memory drawn in from the realm through Seiðr. Now many indigenous peoples are stumbling around our Native European societies feckless & lost with half of them afraid to embrace & claim their own racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous identity & the other half are afraid to offend others by pointing out their fake/pseudo identities. So they are all stumbling around fearful & lost like they were born yesterday. They are babies of the international banksters & slaves of their global financial empire built on the cycle/circle/The Ring of debt & usury!

So now what? Well these marxist-zionist talmudic bankster terrorists have commandeered the latest empire, the USSA, & America must break their grip over them & we must all end the income-tax/slave-tax, usury & weaponized 3rd world mass-migration & freeze the international banksters out of all of our independent, autonomous & contiguous Nations.

Peace through intelligence!

I played last night to another packed venue in a little town on the south coast of Sweden and man all the yelling and beer spilling and the massive indigenous Swedish bouncer had to roll a few jolly but too drunk guys out the door & a few who didn’t like my pro-Swedish Sweden “tone” as I was winding out the tunes & reaping the whirlwind… show ended at around 2am… I grabbed a quick *water* & then wrapped my gear quick with a bunch of collage age Nordic blonde gals squeezing me too tight and kissing my cheeks & all I could think was, does she have “The Kungflu”?… how about this one? Lol! I then grabbed my fist full of dollars/krona’s from the starstruck bartenders & out the door I went into the packed street to the vintage blue-flash Volvo & carefully cruised by the Police & the patio crowds that were pouring out into the already packed street. Once free from the fray, I zipped down the old coastline road to my chill-out zone by the Viking burial mounds on the sea with a almost full moon overhead reflecting off the surface of the blue & green ancient Baltic before me… with a sliver of Denmark just visible on the horizon & quietly, like a skiff slipping into the sea…  I slipped into sleep with only the sound of my cellphone vibrating from an ex sexting me again! Smiling I drifted away into another dreamless night with no bed as the audiences screams still rang in my head… & by 4ishAM I was all but dead… watched over by the 7 foot tall rune stone just off to my right… who’s long shadow cast upon the ground a hulking Viking form in the twilight… my stoic guardians who never flinch nor blink from their gaze & who watch over me, their Neo-Chieftain poet warrior, Skáld Rekkr …as the indigenous Swedish bruiser bouncer standing 6 foot 4 did while standing guard at the clubs door, yelling “Tell them, Drew… remind them… & give it to them good, Brother!” & they still stand as I sleep, with my axe within reach, in my sheepskin & canvas tomb… for all noblemen protect their advocates, their assets, their kinsmen & their poets… in the homeland of the indigenous Swede, the ScandiNative, the Rus, the Norsemen, the Nordic…on the land that knows no night… because it’s soil bred a hardy people that could drag the very darkness… into the light.

Peace through intelligence. 

ON: THE RING OF DEBT & USURY (July 24th, 2021)
This below is what Ayn Rand and many of her ilk before her understood as they stoked the selfish messianic fires of the human spirit & deceived them into believing in their ignorant dogmatic will & degenerate appetites… & then they stepped off to the side as they praised their latest “escape goat” as it was crushed beneath the weight of it all… & they reaped the profit off it all with their “talmudic turkic money trick” called usury.

Oh yes, its the “concept” of the circle/cycle/”The Ring” of debt & usury… the Ring Tolkien, Wagner, Shakespeare all warned us about in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Das Rhine Gold & The Merchant Of Venice… its shylock’s talmudic “turkic money trick”, The Ring of debt & usury that is enslaving us all, our Nations & is destroying our indigenous cultures & environment… & that is the long & short of it. 

Peace through intelligence! 

It was led by a tiny cabal of marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists… & yes many, but NOT all, were of the jewish faith too.The old judaeo-protetant marxist-zionist alliance goes back even before the days of Oliver Cromwell… but old Oliver help them get their fangs deep into the neck of jolly old England. But first they got together to rob the Catholic church in England & to institutionalize the cycle/circle/Ring of debt & usury scam that enslaved the Native English people first & has gone on now to enslave most of the world in their globalization international financial empire racket… all backed & secured by the slave-tax/income-tax.

The world wars were by design to get their hands on all of the Germans copyrights, intellectual properties & patents… especially their oil & petrochemical discoveries & patents. Plus they knew they had to get capitalism (state sponsored usury) & communism to gauge-up on the superior form of governance called National Socialism that was rocketing Germany to the top of global commerce & technology. Plus the Germanic Germans had defied these international banksters by banning their international debt & usury scam and instead banked on their Germanic peoples industriousness & labour & thus production backed their economy & currency. Work indeed made them free.

So these marxist-zionist globalists got their highly compromised puppets into power in England (churchill) USSA (FDR) USSR (Stalin) and yes, their Austrian painter, hitler into power in Deustchland… and they divided & ruled them and deceived them into slaughtering each other & in the end over 60 million of their own Native European people are slaughtered (mostly men and of christian faith). As well, 15 million were innocent Germanic women, children & elderly who were firebombed in their homes, which was and still is a huge war crime. Firebombs were used to incinerate the evidence of this massive war crime & crime against humanity… which was a true holocaust indeed. In WW1 they deceived them into slaughtering 40 million of their own Native European people. Yet in our “history classes” they give us straight up lies, propaganda & other very dubious & deceitful reasonings for both world wars… calling them the “Great War” & the “Good War”. How preposterous!

Then came the ongoing deviant & degenerate deconstructionism psyop (psychological operation) after the wars… & now the west has fallen into a pit of demoralization, deviancy, irresponsibility & more & more debt & usury. As we start to expose these lies & deconstructionism they now seek to ban, cancel, block & replaces us because we know the dirty double dealings that has gone down now.

Their maniacal international bankster debt & usury scam is crumbling, as it was designed too… & as their not so British empire did… as they consolidated more and more control, wealth & power… & created a globalist debt & usury financial empire that has now enslaved most of the world. Conservatism isn’t conservative & neo-liberalism is failing to bail the west out with selfish self-interest as our societies are being more & more deconstructed & focussed on senseless idleness & more & more blind consumerism. A truly nightmarish concoction.

So what’s next? Well, most likely another culling, a slaughtering off, of those who might wake & know better. So they are starting an unending program of mass vaccinations & introducing gene editing technologies on mass… to be used to target & take out the troublesome people in society. Lets just say that these vaccines are the new firebombs. The troublesome people are those who can see through the lies & propaganda… & see the marxist-zionist globalists dirty fingerprints all over these many “catalyzing” events.

These marxist-zionist globalist desperadoes are all ignorant will & degenerate appetite & they will not relent & will refuse to atone for their many toxic & murderous transgressions, crimes & aggressions against mankind & our environment. We must boycott them & freeze them out of our societies & Nations. I say yay… now what say ye you?

Peace through intelligence!

ON: PREJUDICE (July 20th, 2021)
Prejudice is when people have no experiences with another people/group & have a negative opinion of them. Now if one has experiences with a given group/people & chooses to use their “right of free association” & not live near this group or people or associate with them… well this is personal preference & not a problem at all. Many peoples worldwide do this ie: India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Africa, China, Asia Minor… etc…etc… all have these types of preferences & that is their choice, right & freedom to do so… as it is for the various Native European peoples to do so too.

The highly consolidated mass-media & the globalist international banksters are trying to subvert, deceive & incite racial, ethnic, cultural & religious violence & miscegenation to destroy all racially, ethnically, culturally & religiously specific & intact indigenous identities & peoples worldwide. We must all reject their toxic anti-indigenous & anti-culture propaganda & lies.

Demographic warfare is very, very real & has been used many times in history to takeover other peoples territory. So is weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/neo-colonization very real too. We must all reject these toxic globalist forces & remain Free & Independent peoples with clear & secured borders!

Peace through intelligence.

In European grocery stores, as it is in North America too, all the sugar laced crap & trashy “tabloids” are right before the til/cash-out… one rots the teeth & the other rots the mind.

They are strategically placed to entrap unwary parents & to incite sugar addicted ill-bred brats into fits as the brain rot filters in through their doorless eyes & poisons their minds with deconstructionist propaganda about some idiot foreign “schmuck” (Germanic word for jewelry/jewry) & some dumb domestic slut… as the kids cry for more & the parents stand neck deep in a dystopian twilight zone as the schmutz und schund/filth & trash piles up around them.

I know, only idiots fall for this poison… but the question still stands… why are we to remain quiet, tolerant & allow it… as they target our idiots, our monuments & our women & children?

Peace through intelligence

To My Many Southern Pagan & Northern Heathen Friends (July 17th, 2021)
If you go after one messianic abrahamic religion, then you must go after them all & always all at once. You see they work in a type of continuum anyway… so go after them all equally. If you are always just going after christianity all the time…then this just means you are most likely a brainwashed marxist-zionist talmudic terrorist or one of their various idiotic orc proxies… like wahhabists or cultural marxists…etc!

The very foreign messianic abrahamic religions are a very big problem, especially for the Native European peoples. I say freeze them all out & their orc proxies… plus their ignorant will & degenerate appetite ideologies too!

The much older, wiser & ancient order is rising again… the old Native European wisdoms of Logos & Reason are spreading its wings & the ancient AllFather vibration is lifting & harmonizing & his face is being seen in Nature again & in our children… & it is expressing itself in human Nature & our reasonable, logical, thoughtful & compassionate actions.

The Natural Law & Order is chiselling our names in stone & telling myths of how we overcame it all already. Will you resonate to it or live as a fish who rejects the life giving water it is suspended in but who prays to the tip of a pyramid that sits above the waves?

Peace through intelligence!

The most racist online slander is found in India, Pakistan, Africa, Israel/Palestine & China… a new study finds… & racial slander online is actually very low in Native European people’s Nations. No surprise there.

The mongolised & Indigenous Afghans are taking back their territory from the marxist-zionist occupied USSA. The indigenous Afghans will have to hide high in the mountains from the mongol Afghans but things will go normalize as much as Afghanistan can. The Afghans say, “the USSA/empires have watches & clocks but the Afghans have time.”

South Africa has fallen into civil unrest/anarchy & the looting & burning is in full swing & the East Indians, Chinese, Arabs & other foreign business owners plus the very mixed South African military are shooting the other Indigenous Native South Africans & trying to gain back control of an out of control banana republic State. But they have been robbing, raping & murdering Native European South African farmers for decades now. All the Native European peoples in South Africa should go back to Europe… and all the other foreigners should leave South Africa back to their own Nations/regions too.

Weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/colonization invasion is still in full swing & the globalists are focused on changing the demographics of our Native European Nations forever. This must be ended & the migrants repatriated back to their own nations or regions & the seditious & treasonous globalists should be jailed or swing.

The turkic in origin ashkeNazi marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists are still occupying & colonizing the very semitic Native Palestinian peoples lands & Nation of Palestine. The world is afraid to say anything much because they get called the old & tired WW2 slander & banned or cancelled! Lol! What a scam! These marxist-zionist talmudic terrorist turkic/khazar ashkeNazi’s wouldn’t be in Palestine if it wasn’t for their 1/4 ashkeNazi Austrian painter ziotard puppet called, hitler & their “transfer/Haavara Agreement” together. So these turkic ashkeNazi’s should go back to their real turkic khazar fatherland on the far Caspian Sea steppe.

Still it’s mostly western Native European peoples Nations that are getting most of these gene editing jabs! Very strange that people are accepting this untested jab so blindly while big-pharma is making billions! Simply they are culling the population. Remember the highly consolidated zio-media & the “science says” big-dharma gangsters say many things & they are often dead wrong. The “queer theory” crew & other deconstructionist theorists are still pushing their unfruitful social engineering scams.

It’s still child abuse to sexualize children & genocidal to push toxic deconstructionist propaganda through the highly consolidated mass-media on children/kids & pressuring their adult parents & the masses into accepting this toxic deconstructionism. Just say NO WAY & NO THANKS!

Abortion is still **baby sacrifice** & they harvest these little babies tissues & incinerate the rest of their little bodies. This is still nightmarishly shameful of our societies to allow given the advent of the *Morning After Pill* decades ago. Abortion should only be used to save the mothers life or in cases of incest… all other cases should be easily solved before conception through abstinence & the many forms of contraception… including the **Morning After Pill**. Yes, its our bodies & our choice… so we must choose wisely, shall we?

Remember It’s also “my body, my choice” when it comes to getting the gene editing jab or the vax attack. “Science says” has been DEAD wrong many times before & like all who claim they know a lot, they usually understand very little. Our Earths systems & its various flora & fauna is far, far too complex for the human mind to grasp… so the human mind grasps at straws & gambles on the severity of the outcome. This is complete foolishness & “science says” arrogance that we all pay for!

Globalism, marxism, zionism, wahhabism, messianism, universalism, communism, bolshevism/ANTIFA, capitalism(state sponsored usury), debt & usury… all still SUCK! ***CLOSED BORDERS & USURY-FREE ECO-NATIONALISM IS STILL THE BEST FORM OF GOVERNANCE WE HAVE SO FAR*** Its the only way to preserve & protect traditional freedom loving indigenous peoples & to preserve & protect our local environments too.

Peace Through Intelligence!

Now don’t hate me because I am hyper rational, logical, reasonable & my compassion extends to all peoples everywhere. Just get some impulse control, hold & hold back your emotional ignorant will & your degenerate appetites for a while & seek to understand. For “The consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it”~D.R.

This universalism is a toxin & so is the slide back into a messianic abrahamic dualism, or other, dogmatic slumber. Seeking the universal “one” would entail the greatest destruction of culture, tradition & heritage that mankind has ever seen. It would mean the total destruction of racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples & their ancient identities & wisdoms… which is genocidal. It would destroy our already diverse peoples & replace them with lost consumers with fake identities & corporate-pseudo-cultures due to this dystopian miscegenation. It would be the biggest cultural genocide of all time & would, again, also entail many physical genocides along the way for many indigenous peoples would never submit to this subversive & salaciously forced  “oneness” which is really just another profane form of anarcho-tyranny, which allows the chosen few (00.01%} to rule over the masses/many(99.99%) No way!

My view is that the tree of humanity should have strong independent roots and fruitful independent branches too that serve to protect & preserve each racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous peoples future generations & the various environments in which these already diverse peoples have sprung forth from. We need not be compressed & crushed into this grand globalist monolithic & mono-cultured “oneness” deception. Spiritually we are connected already but we must maintain our various indigenous identities, intellects, pigmentations & other characteristics to solve the various situations that are thrown at mankind in their various regions that they alone evolved in & are thus best suited for & where their people have always called their homeland/fatherland… & our ancient ancestors who we worship will applaud us for it. From the highest & the depths. For it is our differences that makes our likeness more valuable & thus worth protecting & preserving too.

Sadly & for many unreasonable reasonings it is usually these very mixed people of turkic/khazar  origin & of so-called babylonian talmudic jewish faith/religion that seem to have been brainwashed & programmed to see themselves as the eternal victims that want the rest of the worlds peoples all mixed-up like they are. It’s sad that they have such deep self-loathing & thus wish ill-will on the rest of us. Plus their deeper multigenerational victimhood complex isn’t helping but hurting billions of other peoples too. So we must all reject their every deceptive move in it’s entirety & shut down their highly consolidated mass-media & their globalist debt & usury financial empire scam too! Remember their kabbalah & “tikkun olam” form of “healing the world” means killing us alllllllll to save the “chosen few”! Well, no thank you!
 Peace through intelligence.

Most individuals naturally seek out certain racially, culturally, ethnically & spiritually specific characteristics & features that are usually also specific to their own racial, ethnic, cultural & spiritual group/people & family. This is completely optimal & natural. Most people naturally look for even certain facial features, facial shapes, pigmentation & body types… plus other preferences when choosing friends & especially when choosing a mate/spouse. This is not racist nor wrong… this is a deeply evolved part of supernatural human-nature & its actually odd or strange when people go against these ancient preferences & chose foreign or unfamiliar characteristics & features due to deconstructionist social engineering & its popularization through the mass-media making the foreign other seem more interesting etc.. & the natural & local options seem boring & mundane etc… etc. The reality & reason why people make these odd choices more frequently these days is because they have been brainwashed or subverted by the highly consolidated mass-media & its war against indigenous identity & its  anti-indigenous propaganda. Most people still grow up to seek out the best version they can find of their own racial, cultural, ethnic people. One could call this identifying with your own group or people as a form of in-group preference or even a natural form of eugenic preference… but it is completely natural & built deeply into our psyches & subconscious mind.

The pseudo “science” of eugenics did NOT start off in Deustchland by the Germanics. No it was brought to Deutschland much later. The science of eugenics actually started in England & the USA in the early 1900 long before WW2 & was also a big part the international zionist ideology & movement which started in the 1880’s. In fact once the 1/4 ashkeNazi Austrian painter, hitler, after taking over Bizmark’s hyper industrious & traditional Deustchland/Germany… & as part of the agreement he made with the zionists called “The Haavara Agreement/Transfer agreement” which, again, the zionists had partnered with Hitler, they then sent millions of what they considered “pure” turkic/khazar-ashkeNazi people of jewish faith to the very semitic Native Palestinians lands in Palestine. Now there had been many waves of turkic/khazar ashkeNazi migration into Palestine long before this from Eastern & Central Europe/Rus-sia. Now the people of jewish faith who they deemed “unfit”, dysgenic or “inbred” they attempted a undercover  eugenics program against their own people of jewish faith & tried to slaughter off/cull or “purify” what they seen as the pure turkic khazar ashkeNazi people of the dysgenic inbreeding effects they created in themselves from centuries of religious isolation & inbreeding on their shtetl’s & ghettos. Now these turkic/khazar/ashkeNazi people of talmudic jewish faith are a very mixed people in general but who are also one of the few groups of peoples bound together by a religion who actually mixed with eugenics in mind due to this dysgenic inbreeding & also mixed with some of the Native European peoples to become less swarthy & much lighter in pigmentation & so slightly more Native European in their appearance & characteristics… but many still have these very old & noticeable features, characteristics & traits if you know what too look for. These are NOT bad traits… just identifying traits.

Now these turkic ashkeNazi people started off as just a turkic khazar people from the Caspian Sea Steppe region where they had built the Khazaria empire on being middlemen on the Silk Road trade route & were they profited off kidnapping & selling Slavic people as slaves. After their turkic khazar empire, that was built on Slavic slavery, was crushed by the Slavic, Nordic, Baltic Kievan Rus they sought retribution & helped the steppe Mongols invade The Rus, again as retribution, but the mongols went on to invade & Europe too. At the Spanish gates in Spain & at the walls of Constantinople these turkic/khazar of jewish faith opened the gates for islam too. These turkic khazars fallowed their mongol hordes into Rus-sia & later into Europe were most stayed on their shtetl’s & ghettos but profited heavily with debt & usury off the Native European locals. Only a very small minority intermixed with various Native European peoples to create the turkic-European-ashkeNazi. They used their wealth, acquired by debt & usury, to buy their way in & sought to mix with the best of the Germanic’s with the intension of getting lighter pigmentation & obtaining more of the Native European peoples features & characteristics…*wealth*… etc. These early zionist turkic-ashkeNazi’s were deeply eugenic in their way of thinking & always tried to marry-up & in & sought to have children with those who they seen as the most Germanic/Nordic, Slavic, Baltic types of northern Native European peoples. They thought they were “climbing the ladder” genetically but they were only climbing the superficial anti-social ladder. This can been seen as dysgenic or eugenic depending your views on the Northern Native European peoples… but it was definitely a form of deep self-loathing for these turkic khazar ashkeNazi’s  intentionally tried to mix-out their turkic/khazar features, traits, behaviours etc through miscegenation by marring the most Germanic of the Native European peoples who were& are the least like them. 

Early on & long before WW2 these zionist turkic ashkeNazi’s of talmudic Jewish faith also wanted to slaughter off those of jewish faith that they seen as very swarthy/semitic, dysgenic or “inbred” from, again, generations if jewish religious zealotry style inbreeding on their shtetl’s & ghetto’s. Many other peoples have become inbred too btw but it was from geographical isolation… this khazar-turkic-ashkeNazi group is the only one I know of that became inbred due to religious zealotry & from their supremacist jewish region & talmudic marxist-zionist ideology. Yes after generations of talmudic judaic supremacy & zealotry while self-isolating away on their shtetl’s & ghettos many of these turkic khazars had become horribly inbred, again, due to religious zealotry & self-isolation on their shtetl’s & ghettos in Russia, Poland, England, Lithuania, Spain, Germany etc. So some of these turkic in origin zionist ashkeNazi’s who had been longer in Europe & who appeared slightly more English, German, Polish etc then teamed up with the Austrian painter, hitler, while he was in Vienna & who they helped into power… but also Himmler was onboard with this agenda too but is less demonized or known. Both hitler & himmler were both staunch zionists. These zionist ashkeNazi’s with help from mostly himmler & a tiny amount of SS officers slaughtered off/culled people of jewish faith who these zionist turkic ashkenazi’s seen as “inbred” or dysgenic but also those with other features & characteristics they seen as dysgenic too. They also murdered many other people from groups these turkic ashkeNazi zionists & facists seen as inferior &/or dysgenic ie: homosexuals, Roma, Catholics, those with birth defects or mental illness…etc… etc. Now that is basically the truth of it. Yes these turkic zionist ashkeNazi’s with help from a tiny group SS, of questionably “German” heritage, slaughtered off an unknown number of those they deemed “inbred”“degenerate” or dysgenic & many were of their own jewish religion too… but most were NOT. All these WW2 “mass graves” must be properly & forensically dug-up now & thoroughly studied & the teeth counted etc by a large group of international forensic investigators. Its that simple! Until this is done nothing should be believed. Plus far, far more healthy & fit innocent Germanic women, children & elderly were slaughtered in their homes & incinerated by firebombs… which was a huge war crime & they used firebombs to burn up the evidence. Nasty!

Now what we do know for sure is that the Native European peoples seen over 100 million of their own people slaughtered off in WW1 & WW2 combined & most were the fittest & healthiest males & most were of christian faith too. This huge genocide of largely Native European males was a very, very dysgenic & an organized globalist endeavour to conquer Deustchland & Europe. The slaughtering off/culling of some of the best stock of the Native European peoples men was criminal on many, many levels & that it has been hidden makes it more obvious that it was an intentional genocide of mostly Germanic, Baltic, Slavic & Celtic Northern Native European peoples, largely males.

Why slaughter Native European males, you ask? Because males are the backbone of the Native European peoples societies… or what these globalist degenerates try to call the “patriarchy” which is really just the male protector & the holder of the deep racial, ethnic, cultural & spiritual wisdom & the head of the nuclear family… & these nasty foreign globalist forces knew they had to decapitate the Native European peoples father figures first to destroy their families & gain control of their societies & Nations for their globalist agenda.

Yes, these world wars were one big genocide of the Native European peoples…. & all so internationalists and globalists could take control of the Native European peoples society, Nations, major institutions. Plus these turkic khazar ashkeNazi’s for their part in the destruction & takeover of Europe they wanted to create an illegitimate state for their turkic ashkeNazi marxist-zionist ancestors to rule over the world from, or so says their ridiculous & supremacist talmudic messianic jewish prophecy.  So these trukic zionists picked the very semitic Native Palestinians lands …for its basically the centre of the abrahamic religions, which they want to control to manipulate the masses with messianic abrahamic bs! These turkic-ashkeNazi marxist-zionists should have built their zionist Nation back out on their khazar Caspian Sea steppe… which is their real homeland anyway & the centre of the new Silk Road/One Belt Road. This would have been a smarter choice financially too.

Now those who gained the most from these dysgenic world wars was this handful of internationalist banksters based in London & NYC (institutionally in Vienna)for it furthered their control of their globalist financial empire that has gone on to enslave most of mankind since the close of WW2 with its “turkic money trick”/the cycle/circle/“The Ring” of debt & usury… all under the heading of globalization! They collect on this massive debt & usury scam by collecting the income-tax/slave-tax… SO STOP PAYING IT & remember all wars are very dysgenic!

Now to be thorough I must also include the many aspects of deconstructionist social engineering & its mass-media popularization of many dysgenic & unhealthy preferences & lifestyle choices. One that stands out is eating toxic fast foods & digesting toxic mass-media propaganda too, this is very dysgenic. Another obvious one is homosexuality, & its many variations, which they push constantly & is entirely dysgenic for it stops the individuals involved from reproduction. Also miscegenation which is sold as a type of virtuousness, which is disingenuous & ridiculous & is just another very dysgenic choice being popularized & pushed against racially, ethnically, culturally & religiously specific Indigenous peoples everywhere. This is especially targeted at the Native European peoples… and if one stands up against this forced miscegenation one is immediately called a racist etc… etc!  Yawn! Lol! How preposterous!  Now the institutional birth/abortion industry tested babies through gustation to see if it has any abnormalities or birth defects and  if it does the doctors often recommends abortion… this is considered an acceptable form of eugenics, but it could also be considered dysgenic being that sometimes a child who appears to be crippled or deformed etc can be born “normal” or healthy etc. Often though the doctors are correct too & the child is born with deformities but this child can also teach a society much in the way of emotionally & intellectually plus teach compassion too…etc. Remember that in “modern” society often sick & lame dogs are kept alive at all costs & often perfectly healthy babies are aborted/sacrificed for nothing or just “bad timing”…. This is very, very dysgenic!

Remember that these marxist-zionist messianic talmudic globalist banksters & gangsters misuse & abuse the abrahamic religions to hide, or cover up, their many crimes against humanity. Right now its a tiny group of people from the jewish faith that is causing most of the trouble in this otherwise beautiful world… & they are very, very into the science of genetics & eugenics & are scheming on many levels. So never allow the collection of your DNA. all these so-called “genetic heritage” or “3 & me” type DNA testing companies/outfits are run by the usual suspects & they are collecting DNA which can be used in the future to target you & your kin in a biological attack by a genetically engineered virus. So stop assisting in your own destruction.

 As well, many scientists & NGO’s etc have been looking into ways to use eugenics in a way to stop “overpopulation”. First of all the Earth is not overpopulated but many 3rd world regions are. Using eugenics to fix this is very unethical. The reason that these 3rd world peoples regions are overpopulated  is because they believe in the “it takes a village to raise a child” idea… when it doesn’t… it just takes a solid Mother & Father to raise a child & they should only have as many children as they themselves can afford & fully support. This is the Native European way. The 3rd world peoples are having children they cannot afford and that their environment cannot sustain. In the past many children died of sickness in these 3rd world southern regions but thanks to Native European farming methods & western medicines they are surviving but this has increased the overpopulation problems in their 3rd world regions. So its not a genetic issue & no eugenic solution will fix this… they must adopt the Mother & Father raise their own children & that will solve this simple problem.

Of course “genetically engineered/genetically molested/manipulated” foods are toxic & totally unethical but so are all of these “gene synthesis”, “synthetic life” & “Gene editing” technologies that are all unethical & a danger to our Natural biological world. Biological weapons (example: COVID 19) are of a particular concern & this type of bio-technological experimentation should be totally banned outright. Many states are busy messing around with these unethical biological technologies. BGI Co in China & all the Israeli companies should be specifically watched & exposed for they are heavily invested in these types of technologies & are particularly maniacal. 

Simply scientific programs that seek to use eugenics, dysgenic’s is unethical. If they seek to manipulate or engineer genetics this too is unethical, although understandable in some situations, still all are unethical as their core. Yes, it is best to stay informed, make wise & traditional choices but allow the Natural Law & Order & Love to deal with such matters… for as much as humanity knows we understand very little.
Peace through intelligence!

Its a trifle mournful that some are so deconstructed & dumbed-down that nuanced wit is lost on them & they become dry, harsh & thus, witless.
Sadly some of these witless regressive “progressives”are so brainwashed that all they can do is unethically moralize over those they deem “victims” because the highly consolidated mass-“media” has retarded & narrowed the perspectives & thus the discussions & well, got them all using narratives they do not understand & so are hoeing a row because the media told them so. They do this unethical virtuous hoeing while treating the rest of mankind like the great unwashed masses that had slaves, killed Natives & invaded Poland etc.. & all before they were even born yet. I always reply “yes but no, grasshopper” for these nouveau idealistic hipsters seem to hop around in conversation angling & pestering their way into position to utter silly slander because they can’t defend these implanted positions that make no sense to them either & so they have no solutions nor answers just questions they are too afraid to ask because somewhere deep down inside they too know the answer but its not politically correct & thus “unacceptable”. Yes, these low attention span pests spasm & gravitate to me like moths to the flame… & so, as they burn our monuments & infrastructure burns with them. I try to shew them away & blame it all on this mindless liberalism & messianic abrahamic dualism brainwashing but they have also definitely picked up their name calling & slander from hollywood movie propaganda… as they burp, belch & blurt out weak 100 year old slander from their weaker intellects, like puppies nipping at the ear of a sleeping wolf, who yawns abruptly, as the puppies fumble backward pissing on the floor… & the wolf growls “why do I even bother anymore”. Well, I bother because they are all my little brothers… who are just stoned on deconstructionism & high on oh so virtuous liberalism & youthful foolishness.
As I step back up on stage to slam my guitar into another sonic execution tuned to frequencies that slip by their deconstructed conditioning into their subconsciousness & start firing off harmonically & dialectically charged lyrics full of whistle tones, no NOT dog-whistles, that are perfectly enunciated, punctuated, nuanced & positioned to have maximum impact on their tipsy psyches… & I am fed into the flame too. Some try to quickly slip into the pseudo safety of their pocket tv but the sonic net has them already & as the subwoofer cripples their cellphone speakers…they slowly surrender to the relentless rhythm, beat & groove & the lyrical deconstruction of the deconstructionism commences with no surrender & no quarter. Even the air they breath is painted with sonic healing vibrations that seek & destroy cellular dissidence & disfunction & replaces it with harmonious vibration… that harmonizes them to the earths resonance & which doses them with waves of their own internal medicines from their endocrine systems, as this inner pharmacy starts pumping out healing hormones & endorphins… now weather they sink or swim is up to them… but how can we resist that which we are suspended in… as the melody floats & blows & then submerges again swallowing us whole like the great white whale or as we ride the ancient Nordic dragon that churns our oceans… we are all within a supernatural sonic solution of therapeutic vibrations that seek to heal & harmonize our uncivil civilizations!
Peace through intelligence.

What is it to be wooed, soothed & subdued by the simplistic moon when you seek the burning intricacies of the sleepless northern sun. Like golden children the sunbeams from the Great Sun-Wheel lights up our souls & rolls the rocks from the fields to the walls if you have the stones to lift them into the sleigh that rolls on two or more Sun-Wheels & then they must be chiseled square & planted in the timeless ramparts & fortifications of the realm & the hallowed halls we call home. As always in Germanic/Nordic philosophy & like riding a horse… one must have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world at all times… or in Hellenic terms, one must keep reason over will & will over your passions… if so, life is far more gratifying & easy.
Our ancestors did not yell at the sun for rain nor did they scream at the rain for sun. Nor did they trudge through the snow for they figured out how to glide over it on skies & sleighs like our flexible dragon boats slid over the seas & oceans & on down the rivers gracefully like we glide down the ski trails between our fortified log cabins & longhouses for visits & celebrations. We dashed across unbroken ground on our stout horses to inspect the fields or visit the relatives & with shields, swords & axes imprinted with our Sun Wheel, the Boars head & our ancient runic alphabet as we created the Law & Order doctrines that favour all honest men of honor & that protects the women & children.
Yet my kinsmen fumble, foil & fail each other now & have lost their grip & in-group preference & their right to free association & gripe & wail at wailing walls & at “movies” like feckless children or like spasmodically nodding messianic abrahamic desert worshipers who’s rituals & deceptions are very, very foreign. I know why some of you do this, it is because you are almost fully deconstructed & disconnected from your noble ancestral linage & so you fear being branded or wounded & you seek to be unethically “moral” to look superior in a virtueless society of rootless lost migrants that have been taught by the consolidated marxist-zionist media to hate you, the indigenous Nordic & the Native European, who are actually & truly a *global minority*. These Northern Nations of our ancestors are almost no longer yours nor the Nations of your grandfathers… nor will they be the Nations of your grandchildren if you don’t stop this 3rd world invasion & colonization. 
It’s not supremacist nor racist to notice, resist, inform & warn your brethren & kin of the situation. It’s not an indictment to inform Folk of their predicament. Or is it? Well not so long ago it wasn’t. And if so, well this only serves to prove that my observations, warnings & assertions are realities & NOT fictions nor projections & this suppression will only serve to darken the situation & create violence. We must quell territorial & unholy wars long before they begin… because when logic, logos & reason are no longer rational anymore & we all are losing… & we are then forced to submit or fight for it against this very foreign yet familiar militant messianic ignorant will & its degenerate appetites & the abrahamic revolutionary spirit of colonization. So how far down this slippery slope of colonization are you prepared to go? How far do you intend to let it go until its all a “no go zone”?. 
When will you start reminiscing again about the past & the future & thus remember the lessons of the ancient ancestors in the glades, forests & forethought that got them through the long months of ice, cold & snow & of the dragon boats which slipped, slid & glided up & down the waves far from shore & home with torn sails through the gales howl, hail & blow, with all hands on deck revelling in it, with the great Sun Wheel churning the skies & seas… as a shield wall of our drowned kinsmen ancestors storm out from the great hall of Valhalla above, like men from a sauna steaming & smoking the cold & dive into the dark blue raging seas below, to hold up our lonesome vessel & carry it toward landfall high above their bellowing bearded heads… so we can sleep with our creamy golden maidens & not with the dead.
Peace through intelligence.-Skáld Rekkr/D.R. 

On: GRAND DECEPTIONS (July 3, 2021)
Pardon my slightly intemperate attempts to bring understanding to some of mankind’s most long lasting & divisive issues. These essays are not just a jumble of words but rather nuanced, specific & detailed concepts & hypotheses on pressing issues. And so what… what does one mans hyper rational & reasonable perspectives & opinions mean anyway? Not much! So curtail emotion, be disciplined & critical in your thinking, use impulse control & think it all through carefully.

Yes I rail hard against the deceptions & coercion of regressive liberalism, globalism, deconstructionism, messianism etc., & their ideological sub-sets, because they deserve it for causing the past & present chronic issues in our societies that are haunting & hexing our Nations & thus must now be remedied. We can NOT keep irresponsibly kicking these sociological, ideological & environmental issues down the road for future generations to deal with.

Now, all the Nations in the America’s who’s infrastructures were built by Native European peoples but on Native American peoples lands are illegitimate multicultural fiction states as far as Nations go… & their multicultural governments are still colonizing Native American peoples & their lands today but now they are using weaponized 3rd world mass-migration colonization, which will prove out to be far worse in many ways than the older forms of colonization if its allowed to continue. This modern form of 3rd world mass-migration colonization must be stopped & many peoples peacefully repatriated back to their own peoples traditional indigenous territories. This will be a complex situation to remedy in the America’s but doable. It will be quite easy to remedy this situation in most other older more racially, culturally, ethnically & spiritually specific, centric & thus harmonious Nations on the other continents… like Japan, European Nations, African Nations, China, South East Asian Nations, Tebet etc which are still, or were until quite recently, largely a series of very harmonious ethno-states… again, until rather recently. We can all see clearly now that multiculturalism is a failed globalist experiment & is actually anti-culture & must be shown as the exploitive grand deception & globalist fraud it truly is.

Now don’t try to deceptively make this a skin-tone thing. We all know that we are all far, far more than just our skin-tones/pigmentation but the reality is that we must all try to live in a UV-light region that suits our pigmentation or you will suffer in many physical & mental ways. Its that simple & skin-tone politics is nuts.

Remember true supremacy is saying that we need migrants to do the crap jobs. That is nasty & racist too. Saying that the migrants 3rd world Nations are crappy is nasty too. Simply they make the Nations they want to live in & we make the Nations we want to live in… & that is that. Plus saying the migrants don’t know any better etc… is also very condescending & yes, supremacist. So stop it… they also have ancient cultures & societies that need their protection & preservation too & they need their minds & manpower over there, back in their own Nations/territories… not over here cutting wages & doing our “crap jobs”.

As well, all religions, especially the messianic Abrahamic religions, have all been misused & abused as tools of empire, colonization, globalism, mass-migration & miscegenation against many racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples in many regions of the globe, including against the indigenous Native European peoples too. No, they do NOT seek “peace” amongst the peoples & their Nations but rather they wish to mix us altogether & then use our differences to divide, rule, enslave & destroy all intact racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples that are left. Just say “no thanks” to anti-culture multiculturalism!

As well… both wahhabi Saudi Arabia & marxist-zionist israel are completely illegitimate pseudo states of mind that must be completely disbanded. They were set-up not so long ago as tools of empire to control the Middle East/the Levant region for logistical & strategical reasons & for their resources, mainly oil. Palestine is still Palestine & the tribal regions of the Arabian peninsula are still a series of independent states too… they are just occupied by globalist fools right now.

So it’s time to end all mass-migration/colonization & repatriate the latest waves of 3rd world mass-migration/colonization migrants, colonizers & occupiers back to their own indigenous homelands to preserve & protect their own territories, cultures & Nations from these toxic globalist forces too. Its not the indigenous peoples or the migrants fault… its our globalist /international bankster controlled governments fault! So globalism and its international high finance empire must be brought down & disassembled & their income-tax/slave-tax ended & no more deceptions or double standards!

Now we are often told that “the only constant is change” & this is true in some ways but they always fail to mention the other half of this statement, which is “ but you can be changing for the better or for the worse” & this part is even more truthful. Most “change” occurs far outside of our distinct racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous identities & doesn’t effect nor alter our based indigenous identity. For indigenous identity is the roots into the sacred ancestral soil of our peoples specific Native homeland & that which grounds the ever cycling & growing ancestral tree above. This ancestral tree only slightly & slowly adjusts & thus, over millennia, makes micro changes that cannot be rushed. Natural tiny micro changes over millennia is adaptation, constructive & evolution… but rapid change in a short period of time is mutation, destruction & revolution. The later is dysgenic & no longer an option.

So if one lacks logic, reason & logos & is just all ignorant will & degenerate appetite & “believe” that they are a “mover & a shaker” with a very abrahamic “revolutionary spirit” for quick & senseless “change” & flail against the Natural Law & Order as they cry in the rain for sun & scream in the sunshine for rain… well they must smarten up & don’t resent those who are laughing at them as this misguided lot cry out in pain while they beat their little limp-wristed fists upon the ancient hand chiseled cornerstones of our ancestors. Sure in their impotence they will try to deconstruct & break things & then cry “wolf” & victim, as all sheep do, but their cries will fall on deaf ears & rolling eyes for we all know & see them now for what they are & understand that this too shall pass & so will this type, ilk & kind… along with their crass consumerism, pseudo nouveau pedigrees & their lecherous thirst for the ridiculous, salacious, cheesy & unnatural profanities, abominations, professions & dogmatic declarations that are completely out of date & step with our ancient indigenous cultures, heritage & traditions. So no thank you & take your multigenerational victimhood complexes & self-loathing back to the barren wastelands of your dreams… which looks like a pathetic nightmare to the rest of us!

As for the old Native American lands of Kanada & the old USSA… & others in the America’s… well sour-ee & with a old Nordic inhale “ya” to boot… well them the breaks… so hit them breaks before you get railroaded off the cliff of anti-culture multiculturalism, eh! Just end weaponized 3rd world mass-migration neo-colonization & work it out with the Native American peoples once & for all. But also remember that many other indigenous peoples, like the Native European peoples too, have all been treated like savages/barbarians by these globalist oligarchs, foreign empires & foreign messianic abrahamic religions too. In fact the Native European peoples were some of the first Indigenous peoples to be physically & ideologically colonized by a foreign empire & brutally enslaved too. So?

As for now the pressing questions are: Is mankind being vaccinated or culled? Is this latest vax attack just another dysgenic eugenics biotech. experiment being carried out by the globalists? Like my Dad used to say: Hmmm… we will see said the blind man to his deaf wife as he pissed into the wind saying it all comes back on you! Lol! Yes, the great vibration, the cunning of reason & the Natural Law will always prevail & defeat those of ignorant will & degenerate appetites.
“The consciousness is rising because some of us are lift it”
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

There is no Spirituality without thoughtful introspection. There is no thoughtful introspection without Logos, Reason & Critical Thinking.
Sadly the peoples have been chronically dumbed down since the World wars when the very Prussian Germanic *Critical Thinking* part of a solid education was banned in our “schools”/education systems & the “repeat after me” parroting brainwashing style of “teaching” began. Many think it was to stop people from inspecting the propaganda & lies too closely & with a *critical* eye & to stop criticism & critique of the huge globalist changes being brought in by those who benefitted & profited off of these terrible World Wars wherein over 100 million Native European peoples of mostly Christian faith were slaughtered. Terrible… & the subsequent cover up afterward has been worse yet again. Plus they exchanged the brilliant old school Prussian *Critical Thinking* with the nasty marxist Frankfort school “Critical Theory”.
So learn the old Pagan Hellenic classical thinkers works but also learn the Heathen Germanic classical thinkers too…ie: Schopenhauer, Hagel, Nietzsche, Heidegger…etc. Their brilliant continuations & works on Reason, Will, Rationalism & the various Dialectics are key components for any thinker. It is this Germanic Heathen Reason & Logic and the Hellenic Pagan Logos that will create the deep intellectual soil so needed in our societies today. What little intellectual soil we have now isn’t deep enough to plant a proper conscious thought in. This reeducation will allow us all to live within the mindful moment & escape the silly ball chasing dog brain or escapism created by decades of demonizing rationalism & popularizing mindlessness & thus dumbing down the populations into parrots who are just parroting the consolidated-medias popularized “talking points” & fake “this or that” narratives…. which just means they are governing your psyche.
This focusing & training of the wide-mind allows deeper introspection, retrospection & projection… plus, again, sharpens your critical thinking skills. It creates the ethical wide mind-scape & the hyper conscious intellect that is needed to penetrate the many layers of deconstructionism, social engineering, lies, propaganda & other bullshit. It will also elevate your consciousness onto the almost instinctual & magical level… which offers a vivid panoramic multidimensional perspective… that will then help us all harmonize to this finite planet & quench the thirst of it’s many & varied denizens!
Well, bottoms up & drink deeply of knowledge!! Lol!
Peace through intelligence.

“Art”Is Mostly Schmutz Und Schund (May 18, 2010)
As I sit by the pond at the end of the lane, I thought to think of “art”.
As it is above so it is below… the modernists just never understood that as they dove into deviancy & degeneracy seeking their inner “beauty” & a greater understanding & they drowned their selfish selves in it. The materialists are on the same journey but still don’t realize it yet & the romantic is hopelessly romantic with their wrist to their forehead. 
Only the traditionalists & their realism get it & find that interconnectedness perspective. They are the delicate & beautiful knot that ties the past to the future, thought to forethought & unifies the ethics to the esthetics. And as it is with our old Norse/Dane/Anglo-Saxon Germanic law & order doctrine… well so it is with “art” & aesthetic true… it is that which binds us that also frees us too.
Peace through intelligence.

“Movies” are produced, written & designed to control & govern the masses psychology/ways of thinking & to disempower or subvert people on mass. So never watch movies/films, tv, hbo, Netflix’s, pornography etc… etc. These “medias” will subliminally program you, subvert & twist your thinking with emotionalized fictions & straight up lies that are creatively hidden within. It will fill your head/mind-scape with unnecessary drama, irrational fears & subconscious desires that are NOT your own.
Absolutely do NOT allow your children to watch these “medias” & “productions”… “cartoons” etc… & homeschool them. If you allow them to watch this mass produced trash it will steal their childhoods & innocence & program & pollute their perceptions on deep subversive levels.
If you grew up watching this crap you must do a long phycological cleanse & reset you mind & cleanse your mind-scape. Only read & watch authentic, accurate & independent views that fill your head with the beautiful, empowering & nostalgic images, myths & stories of your ancient ancestors. Plus do traditional hand-crafts & folk art projects… & create your own “media” for you & your kids to watch. Make it a home & produce & project you & your own peoples aspirations, stories & dreams on the face of the future. 
Be wary of subversion, social engineering, demoralization, propaganda & deconstructionism spread by the highly consolidated “mass-media” & used to govern the mass-psychology of the masses/peoples. Do not allow your psyche or perspectives to be “governed” or manipulated. Maintain your ability to think & speak clearly & freely. Project your own traditional & authentic expressions & positive experiences onto the face of the future. 
Shut off the degeneracy fed through the idiot boxes & the lying talking heads… deny them your everything & keep your sacred oaths to your ancestors & your promises to your future generations. As the AllFather looks over & will never give you a bow you cannot draw… & as sure as the earth mother will push new life up from its winter shelter… as the great Dragon churns the Oceans & blows its fiery lava energized by the great spinning Sun Wheel of the earth & the heavens… so too will they project our dreams onto the face of the future. 
Peace through intelligence

Don’t allow yourselves to be demoralized, compromised, radicalized, ghetto-fied nor judaized no matter your skin-tone or pigmentation! Don’t get islam-ified, nor Christianized either… because all the abrahamic messianic zealots are as barren as the foreign wastelands they crawled out of & are just tools of empire, colonization, globalization, migration & miscegenation at this point.
Gravitate to your racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous identity & enjoy a more authentic, traditional, respectable & culturally connected life experience! Shut off the nasty brainwashing “media” & find clean & truly independent sources to get your information from. Boycott self-loathing  hollywood, netflix, hbo, tv stations, pornography…etc completely & any other form of degeneracy which is all designed to subvert & govern your psychology.
The latest experimental empire (USSA) has failed & Americanization is now revealed as the soul sucking sickness it has become… along with its endless war doctrine with rainbow flags waving. It’s communism run by rabid capitalists with low wages & high taxation for the masses. It’s baby killing feminism pushing its failed & fracturing multiculturalism & it’s other forms of deconstructionism that has turned America into the failed state of the USSA & like all dying empires as it collapses the rats come pouring in. It is good that the other Native European peoples Nations in Europe & elsewhere are watching & hopefully they are seeing this collapse of the “American Dream” & it’s failed “America’s multicultural model” which is anti-culture actually & just another form of globalization… hopefully they see it for what it is & don’t want to witness it personally so are starting to draw back from this failed anti-culture experiment permanently.
Its good that other societies can see that all this “multiculturalism” is really just demographic warfare based on weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/colonization. We can all see clearly now what is really happening in The America’s & elsewhere & start making the moves to end this weaponized mass-migration & anti-indigenous peoples nightmare & we still have time to repatriate the lost foreign colonizers back to the lands of their own ancestors. This is what is best for them & for the rest of us! For mass-migration destroys both the colonizing migrants & the indigenous peoples cultures, heritage, social trust & harmony too. Again, multiculturalism is actually *anti-culture* & a weapon of the messianic deconstructionists & so it is a toxic & failed model… that most not be allowed, within reason, to persist. Plus, the migrants are being used & abused as idiot orcs for messianic globalism too… so don’t let them trick you into thinking its them against you… oh no, its all of us against this messianic globalist few! 

All of the messianic social engineers anti-Anglo-Saxon American deconstructionism was obviously never intended to harmonize the various peoples within the USA but rather to drive them a part & to destroy the old Free Mason Anglo-Saxon USA America structure & turn it into the global enforcer for the newer & soft handed *messianic* financial empire & its “New World Order” who’s operations are run out of London, NYC & the illegitimate terrorist states of wahhabist Saudi Arabia & zionist occupied Palestine. Remember the long defunct free *masons* are NOT the *messianic’s*, they are two very, very different things indeed. Any questions? These messianic desperadoes & their bs desert prophecies are the problem & they must all be unseated & deported & their twisted ideologies must stay in-between their ears in their wastelands & leave the rest of us alone now. Only Christianity can be tolerated in Native European Nations but only for a very short time… & then it too must go back to the wastelands!

Can this “multiculturalism” which is actually anti-culture be ethical then? I say not because we all know from history that the dogs are always one against the wolf… meaning the multicultural foreigners always disenfranchise the indigenous peoples. So anti-culture multiculturalism is also anti-indigenous identity in its nature. We also know that it is this racial, ethnic, cultural & spiritual indigenous identity that grounds & roots us & gives our lives structure & meaning. Sure the globalist messianic’s would want to replace this with their order, but that means we all end up disenfranchised & displaced peoples then. No thanks!
So remember the gates of Vienna, the plains of the Iberian peninsula & the walls of Constantinople… we didn’t come all this way to just hand it all over to foreign strangers who don’t know any better! So drop all the deconstructionism, consumerism & fake identities & stop paying for your own destruction… that means stop paying the slave-tax/income-taxation. It’s time to step forward & lash the messianic globalist puppets & proxies from our Nations thrones, governments & institutions & step up to the great round table of our ancestors & feast on the rich bounty of traditions, heritage, culture & identity that they have laid out before us! Remember, If you honour your ancestors they will carve your name in stone. If you dishonour your ancestors they will pi$$ your name in the snow! Lol!!

Detailed Messianic Globalist Bankster portion can be listened to  here: https://anchor.fm/…/Ep–24—Usury-And-The…/a-a3ns75l
Skål, Prost, Cheers & Peace through intelligence!

Do you ever get this feeling that you are being lied to constantly? Ya, me too! So since the regressive’s are so infatuated with “race” these days & don’t see talking about “race” as “racist” anymore… which was ridiculous… & since they are using race based politics & skin-tone identity politics wrapped in a big fat “diversity” lie… well, I guess I should hop in here & straighten out their very deceptive & manipulative twists & turns that is no good for any hue. So here we go!
The Native European peoples have the most variation in pigmentation & they are some of the smallest ethnic *minorities* on the globe & only make up 7% of the global population. So, if it’s not about diversity, what is it about then? Is it about trying to disenfranchise & erase some peoples? Is it about weaponized 3rd world mass-migration & miscegenation? The big picture is to destroy all racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples everywhere & their specific identities, heritage & traditions. But wait, what if you love your own  indigenous people & your heritage, culture & traditions & you don’t want to live in a bland mono-cultured world of mindless lost consumers who have no idea of their origins? What if you love other indigenous peoples cultures, heritage & traditions & want to see them remain intact too?
Simply we are all “people of colour” but we are all far more than just our skin-tone, “melanin” & pigmentation too. Simply, the Earth has shaped the various peoples over evolutionary time to be best suited to our specific UV light regions. This is why we have various pigmentations to match the various UV light regions. If you have dark pigmentation you are best suited for high UV light regions… if you have light pigmentations you are best suited for low UV light regions. If a person of dark pigmentation, which blocks out UV light, lives in a low UV light region they will suffer from a weakened immune system, tiredness & slowed cognitive abilities & other such ailments. If a person of light pigmentation, which is designed to absorb low levels of UV light, lives in a high UV light region they will suffer from skin cancers, cataracts, “burn-out” & other such ailments. Understand? Pigmentation is no big deal but its relevant enough if explained logically & rationally.
Their were many African American Civil Rights activists & leaders back in the day that had many other more superficial reasonings to be conscious of pigmentations & they spoke freely & publicly about wanting to see their own features & pigmentations in their children… & that is just fine too, at least it was fine when Malcolm-X, Marcus Garvey, Mohammed Ali/Cashes Clay, MLK, The Black Panthers…etc… etc all said it. Marcus Garvey also said that the civil rights organization called the NAACP was “Run by rich white Jews”. So don’t let the race-baiters, haters & hustlers confuse you & don’t let the melanin pimps & skin-tone gimps push you around either!
Anyway, it’s not Germanic rocket science here guys & It is not racist to notice, know & understand these realities. This is racial consciousness or race realism & it is what helps us see the beauty in all of God The AllFathers creations & reflections & it is what helps us thrive best in certain UV light regions that the environment, over thousands of years, shaped us too & designed us for. NOT telling these various peoples that are being manipulated into mass migrating into regions that don’t suit them & will stunt them…  well this is true racism!
Seek to understand, not to know, be kind to everyone & everything will be alright! 
Peace through intelligence.

Simply the Native European peoples have come together many times over the centuries to fend-off the turkic, arab, african, mongol, islamic & judaic horde invaders & defend the European realm. The Native European peoples history is full of age old legends about protecting the realm form these invaders. Yet all we hear about ad nauseam is the 5 years of WW2 which seen 60 million Native European people slaughtered for these same very foreign forces interests. Well, it’s time to tell our much older & truer Native European stories, myths & legends again of how we Native European peoples came together to defended the realm of Europe to protect & preserve it for our future generations of Native European peoples. Well we must do today as our ancestors did many times in the past & defend the realm.
We must now peacefully deport or repatriate these foreign invaders back to the lands, territories or regions of their own ancestors & cultures! Its this simple!
Peace through intelligence.

These are all fake choices: capitalism or communism, zionism or marxism/bolshevism, the prophet or satan, right or left wing politicking, white or black pigmentation, us or them, republic or democracy, you are with us or against us, debt or usury… etc…etc. These are all fake choices of classic dualistic abrahamic brainwashing & completely “this or that” fake choices when neither are correct. They are all bad & they work together & in tandem as both tools & weapons of the globalist oligarchs to enslave the masses. The real answers are far more complex & nuanced.
This empire is now a worldwide financial empire & it uses this dualism to control its wage slaves! Wake & let’s break their financial chains & end their debt & usury game once & for all!
LISTEN TO THIS: https://anchor.fm/continuumpodcast/episodes/Ep–24—Usury-And-The-Banking-World-Order-w–Anthony-Migchels-elu2ih/a-a3ns75l
Peace through intelligence

Have you heard these terms: bio-hacking, GMO-genetically modified organisms, biotechnology, tissue harvesting from sacrificed babies, gene-gun, genetic engineering, weather engineering.  Imagine being born so weak & pathetic & so egotistical that you turned inward & festered & brooded for decades as you lived inside your empty head filling it with passive aggressive technocratic notions & genetic concoctions, biological potions & weapons as the visions of power & grandeur started to manifest & you dreamt of replacing your fragility & weakness with cyborg technology & on & on you went… with no adult in the room to stop it. Oh how nihilistically ignorant! Yup this is how it goes & went when it’s  revenge of the nerds time with your host Billy Gates & Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson & Co & others in col-lab-oration! As we are all told to “lock down”, “roll up our sleeves” & “take it” as old Billy Gates lobs another Gene editing technology into the masses & yells “there’s too much humanity!”

Have you noticed the crossover between big-tech & bio-technology? Between computer viruses & human viruses? Are we being “updated”, “rebooted” or just “refreshed”? Do we need any of this “refreshment”? I guess it comes in needle form to hide the ingredients & to protect the patents. Remember when GMO’s were bad in your salad but now they are just “fine” injected into your body? Get your genetic modification here every-body! But the Covid cooties don’t kill kids, so why are they getting added to the jab lists? Funny how that is but not so funny once you see that these serums are derived from the tissues of sacrificed babies & it’s being “normalized” & sanitized all day long on tv! So if they are willing to slaughter a few to save the many, is it a stretch to think they would slaughter the many to save a few? I say indeed they would, now what say you?

So are we bio-hacking or is our biology being hacked by multinational big-tech & bio-tech companies? What are they trying to escape from or out of? Why do they say “our bodies” when it’s my body & your body? Maybe they want some of us out of our bodies. Well that day will come soon enough so why all the hurry? Maybe it’s not the body in it’s totality but just that organ called the brain that they see as faulty. So maybe just a new processor is due to reprocess your strange propensity for reality! Or maybe it is the mind, the psychology, the consciousness that has un-friended you, so maybe they think you need a new chip & a virtual reality road trip into another dimension that isn’t quite human! And then they will tell you, “It’s the Great Reset silly, Now repeat after me, you will own nothing & you will be happy”. Now tell me, will you feel better when you feel nothing?

That super alloy covered in highly refined vinyl sure feels “natural” now doesn’t it? No it doesn’t you idiot! And its about as effective, sensitive, tactile & agile as that joy-stick or pinball paddle. Its more like that cellphone that’s burning a hole in your head when you talk on it? Well give it time they said… but the flesh, bone & spirit has already turn against the gadgets & is pushing it all into the crusher to be recycled into something functional & useful or composted. As that great dragon serpent churns &  undulates the oceans, that primordial stew stirred by its sun & moon & as the spirited ungulates stampede across the sky overhead delivering  us a new day away from the I, the me & the this or that only matters bull$hit. As we see our way back to the family & community because nothing matters if it’s only the 0.01% that does, at least not to the other 99.99% of us.

Oh I know you are so dearly & deeply invested & you need validation & interest on all of this but it’s waning & well that’s how it goes when you are always hedging, betting & knowing when you should be understanding already. And so its time to stop those who are constantly ranting “science says” as they are maniacally tightening the masks on their thick heads until they stop breathing & start realizing that the fentanyl & meth was a bad mix & wasn’t stopping those nightmares you are having from that guilty conscience caused by too many unethical experiments. Now has this got you all not seeing but believing & believing what you have been shown? Can what is seen be unseen again? If not, is it not best then to close our eyes & listen while dancing & use our hearing as protection against these toxic projections? And then will our mindscapes bloom again? Ahh, yes, this is the question. Will our mindscapes bloom again? Well does the sun not only rise but set… & does the moon glow & darken & behind the thunder cloud is the sun still shinning? Yes. So then tell me again. Will you feel better when you feel nothing? 
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

TALLY-HO & TOLKIEN (April 27, 2021)
Chin-up & Tally-ho yells the huntsmen as his stallion stomped & snorted & the bloodhounds bayed & howled! 15 nautical miles is the average skyline most people can see depending if the sight-lines are open & clear & you are on the Ocean. So we rely heavily on outsourced intelligence, information & technology & less & less on personal observations, hard intel & personal interactions.
So one must ask themselves constantly, Is this truth or is it just  popularized lies? Is this a product of reality or a product of my mind? Is this information, disinformation, misdirection, misinformation, propaganda or distraction?
The fact is when you enter-the-net & are traversing through it’s deceptive forest of mirrors it is easy to get lost & isolated on the many interconnecting digital paths that are often laced with mind candy to distract & lure you algorithmically further & further into “the web” away from the truth, your family & friends, your community, your identity, dignity & reality & so you become more & more demoralized, lost & pacified or you are maligned.
So shut it all off & only use it to bring down the digital beast from the outside. No you cannot bring it down from within  “the belly of the beast” for you are already fully processed, digested & coming out the other end by then. So we must attack it’s head & from all sides, like stone age hunters or like Germanic Hermann’s nativist forces crushing empire in the ancient old growth forests as we howl to one another in the wilderness in correspondence to coordinate our ordinance. And our future generations will stand & solute its reverberation as we preserve & protect the resonance of Natures Natural Law & Order that binds us & frees us all equally.
The digital beasts all seeing eye must be blinded & it’s toxic vaccinations turned back on it like billions of spears injecting our will upon it instead. It must be overcome, immobilized, butchered & burned by the tribes of mankind,  who from within their own indigenous regions, who decided to fight back for independence & freedom & who decided to bring down the globalist technocrats & defeat their technocracy & end their technocratic tyranny & destroy their cycle/circle/RING of debt & usury that has enslaved humans & other beings since the days of the tower of babel in Babylon/Bagdad or Mt zion represented as Mordor, as solomon is written as Sauron & Minas Tirith is Vienna under attacked by the orc turk islamic & talmudic invaders who held Vienna under siege in the Middle Ages & had breeched the wall as the Polish Calvary of winged horsemen rode in & those inside stepped into the void to defend the realm of Indigenous Europe. And on & on it went & Tolkien wrote about it in an attempt to wake & warn the Indigenous Native Europeans & their descendants.
So now you know what to do. So fly you fools, fly!… & Godspeed to you!
Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

On: The Diversity Deception (April 26, 2021)
Do you ever get this feeling that you are being lied to constantly? Ya, me too! 
So if it’s not about diversity, what is it about then? Is it about trying to disenfranchise & erase some peoples? Is it about weaponized migration & miscegenation? Is it about destroying all racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous peoples & their identities & traditions? What if you love your own  indigenous people & your heritage, culture & traditions & you don’t want to live in a bland mono-cultured world of mindless lost consumers who have no idea of their origins? What if you love other indigenous peoples cultures, heritage & traditions & want to see them remain intact too? 
We are all “people of colour” but we are all far more than just our skin-tone & pigmentation too.
The Earth has shaped us to be best suited to specific UV light regions. This is why we have various pigmentations. It is not racist to notice, know & understand this. This is racial consciousness & it is what helps us see the beauty in all of God The AllFathers creations. 
Peace through intelligence.

THEY (April 21, 2021)
They, the international globalist marxist & zionist gangsters & terrorists with their highly consolidated media will mock, ban, cancel, slander, propagandize, satirize & smear etc… anything that empowers the Native European peoples & anything that slows or halts the Native European peoples disenfranchisement. The Native European peoples must learn to see through these types of deceptions, subversions, coercion, demoralization & deconstruction.
The Native European peoples must understand that this tiny group of talmudic marxist-zionist gangsters & terrorists hate the Native European peoples & teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. Know thy enemy!
Peace through intelligence.

Don’t allow yourselves to be demoralized, compromised, ghettofied nor judaized no matter your skin-tone or pigmentation! Don’t get islamified nor Christianized either… because all the abrahamic messianic zealots are as barren as the wastelands they crawled out of & are just used as tools of empire, colonization, migration & miscegenation👎🏻💩👎🏻 Gravitate to your racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous identity & enjoy a more authentic, traditional, respectable & culturally connected life experience! 

The latest experimental empire has failed & Americanization is revealed as the soul sucking sickness it is… along with its endless war doctrine with rainbow flags waving… it’s rabid capitalism with low wages & high taxation… it’s baby killing feminism & its failed & fracturing multiculturalism. Plus it’s other forms of deconstructionism that they call “freedom” has turned America into the failed state of the USSA. 

The USA was indeed built by Anglo-Saxon Free Masons on Native American land because they were breaking & fleeing the judaeo-protestant zionist British messianic empire. So all of the anti-Anglo-Saxon American social engineers deconstructionism was formed to disempower & disenfranchise the Native European peoples & their kin… by flooding them & their Nations with weaponized 3rd world mass-migration. Their deconstructionism was never intended to harmonize the peoples but rather to drive them a part & to destroy the old Anglo-Saxon America order & structure not just in the USA, but also in Australia, New Zealand & Canada. They then turned the USA into their global enforcer for their newer & soft handed financial empire… who’s operations are run out of London, NYC & the illegitimate terrorist states of wahhabist Saudi Arabia & zionist occupied Palestine. Any questions? So drop all the deconstructionism, consumerism & fake identities & stop paying for your own destruction. 

It’s time to step forward & up to the great round table of your ancestors & feast on the rich bounty of traditions, heritage, culture & identity they laid out before you! ~Skål/Prost/Cheers
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On: Well Healed
(The interconnections between traditionalism, consumerism, marxism & feminism.) (Feb 13, 2021)
Be sure that you are well heeled with a good soul… that is made of thick bark tanned leather & saddle stitched through & through. Care for them with 100% natural neats foot oil, beeswax and blackened with ash from the fire. Be sure your snowshoes & skis are of wood with bindings of rawhide, leather, gut or sinew & that your back is covered in only natural fibres too… & that your outer wear is of revetted & stitched natural canvas with straps of leather, local iron or steal buckles or cloak-pins with bone & horn buttons. I personally put more care into the conditioning & beeswaxing of my chromium-free bark tanned leather & natural cotton canvas then most men put into their own children. Why? Well, because caring is healthy & honouring tradition & what you have by caring for it is better yet again & makes it all last longer. I learnt this from my old blind in one eyed axe & hammer swinging Father…who to me was like Odin but most folks called him Calvin. I’m just passing on what he knew long ago… & what I picked up while watching him as I fell behind because his stride was two of mine & so I hopped from step to step behind in his tracks through the too deep snow… heading out to go do the next task that needed attention, fixing, chopping, hammering, cutting or rigging. No complaining & not much talking, just the normal everyday doing that some called chores & what strange city folk called working. I still remember while resting how the water beaded & tearing off my old boots like water off a ducks back & thinking what a good job Dad did oiling & polishing these old leather hand-me-down boots I was wearing… down & down those little boots went & might be still going, due to all that love & attention.
So skip all the fake foraging through foreign made glorified garbage-bag plastic fibre clothing & these plastic kicks that are good for nothing & beat in just one season. Skip the toxic micro fibre plastics & the synthetic leather products saturated with nasty chromium, petroleum dyes & solvents & remember that it all ends up in you & the oceans. Remember that a foreign “brand” doesn’t mean anything accept to cowboys & cattle so avoid them foreign brands completely and altogether & find alternatives that are local. For no one wants to be up the river without a paddle because the plastic Chinese made model broke after the first mile. Make a nice hand carved wooden one & it will serve you better & longer or find a used but not abused one or buy local made to order. That also includes other items you are buying including the foods you are eating. Plus be aware of the “media” you are consuming with eyes wide open as it floods in polluting your mind-scape with random & degenerate schmutz/dirt und/& schund/trash with only bits of our once graceful Native European societies left floating & glistening like silver & golden flotsam & jetsam on the surface of a plastic ladened ocean.
Is it worth it? All this purchasing & consuming is selling out your indigenous identities & your local communities & economies to globalist gangsters & their toxic products made in foreign sweat-shop factories. Only fools can ignore this brutality & exist in the mindless & selfish second & compulsively buy foreign bull$hit to try & fill the void in their spirit. People totally miss out on the tradition & the multigenerational interconnected understandings & perspectives that these strange “nouveau-riche” call “living in the past” but what is actually called linage & heritage. The mind-full moment is just that… it’s the interconnecting of the future to the ancestors & our present to our past… this gives us a greater & deeper more sacred & connect life experience that lasts & lasts. Learn all that is stated here & see this dusk till down interconnected perspective clearly & get started reconnecting & reshaping a more caring & connected society. So it can be pass down through the generations & centuries… a living past that nourishes the future with ancient practicalities & wisdoms. Simply, we can choose to be part of this maniacal problems or the sensible solutions.
Oh yes I can hear the crying & weeping for more random & disconnected foreign consumeristic toxic garbage concealed within a plea for more “options”, “variety”, “diversity”… oh really… when all that is required is more quality made locally. What is truly happening is that most have been conditioned to use random consumerism to satiate their endless self loathing & craving for an authentic experience that they were taught to refuse & reject due to false guilt & neglect of traditions. Then toxic consumerism is used as a type of emotional make-up to cover-up the blemishes of an under developed character & intellect… it is used to target hatred at tradition & the masculine rather then at who deserves it… like the nihilistic media that feeds these insatiable consumptive appetites of destruction & their hunger games with pangs that yell “shop till ya drop” & “retail therapy”. What the hell do these means anyway? Absolutly nothing! The indoctrinated clergy of this consumeristic religious doctrine lack discipline & reason & have become the weak & soft underbelly of our societies & they, & these multinational corporations, open the back gates into our once rather independent Nations.
These consumers & their corporate media cheerleaders are almost always like the foreign & toxic products they are buying, selling & consuming due to the deep deconstructionism & indoctrination by, again, this seditious “media” & the treasonous multinational corporations & the re-“education” system that is always pushing rabid social engineering ideologies onto the public/populations psyche. Psychic trash written by nuts like Carl Marx, Michel Foucault, Judith Butler…etc..etc & by a whole slew of clueless rabid feminist ideologues too. All of this is thrown onto the rather blank & child like subconscious minds of those who are so transfixed by the media’s pixelated propaganda & the entertainment industries pathetic bling, bling that they are rarely blinking not alone thinking about the piles of crap they are constantly buying & consuming.
In reading this some will have immediately hit their default dismissiveness or indifference button deeming it all “unkindness” & mansplaining… & are now thus impermeable to Logos, Logic & Reason & so… are sadly irrelevant already. So just let go of those who find the way too long or steep… who find identity, heritage & tradition boring or bleak. Or if they find fallowing the tracks of their ancestors through the snow too brisk or deep & the stride too long to keep. Or if they think the path you have carved, forge or chosen seems too reckless & uncertain… for so too does the pony fallowing the mountain goats path along the mountain… which is a route taken to avoid the mountain Lion. No they would rather beat another seal pup to death by extension & from a safe, dry & warm distance by buying more synthetic micro-fibre plastic clothing that ends up in the Arctic ocean. What I am recommending is rather sane in comparison & again… if it isn’t of local & natural materials & made by your own hand or your neighbours… then try to buy nothing… or hardly anything.
So keep going it’s all just a matter of experience, interpretation, perspective & obligation to your past & too future generations. Be kind in your leading & wait as long as you can but lead for we all know already that what lies ahead is far stepper, deeper, much wilder & far more uncertain. Many see the dystopian valley below a wiser mode & up wells the regrets & back down they go… but not if you are intent on a more harmonious valley that lays out long & wide just over the pass & down the other side. The constant navigating, questioning & questing is hard on even the best of mankind… fear, negativity & time is always clawing but remain calm, be kind, take care & climb.
And if it’s right all will be forgotten when wrapped in wool blankets laying on thick sheepskins in a remote beeswax candle lite cabin… next to the fireplace as your bodies rest exhausted from the days doing & the folly of it all has you both laughing… then more intimate excitement & the dreams of tomorrow come calling with the sounds of children playing blending into Elders laughing… echoing out across the ages of a people who refused to be forgotten. WARNING… abandon immediately any mission if it is contaminated by misogyny, marxism or any form of rabid feminist indoctrination. For the latter there is no known cure for these deconstructionist conditions that knows not logic nor Reason but only dogmatic & ignorant will, appetite & endless frustration… that leaves all involved ill or poisoned. They are vapid & bring no joy nor happiness… they are the path that divides us & leads to nothingness.
So don’t live like some lost foreign migrant shivering, freezing & walking in circles hidden away in some desolate dystopian basement apartment… brainwashed & hooked on vice & vitamin-D tablets, consumerism & toxic foreign made globalization products. Live authentically like the endangered indigenous peoples you are… take care, stand tall wrapped in your culture, traditions & heritage for you are your ancestors pride. Seize the day by catching the AllFathers stride & lead the way to the other side!
Peace through intelligence. -D.R.

On: Indigenous Identity (Feb 10, 2021)
I get asked frequently about “indigenous identity”. I always reply that our racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous identity is the roots of who we are. It’s key for all peoples to know & understand these roots to have a fully interconnected life experience. All peoples have ancestral wisdom that is locked in their traditions, celebrations, rituals & their peoples sacred indigenous homelands… that can only be accessed by them and their kin. The rest of who we are is only what we think we are & it is secondary & very much in the background. Racially, ethnically & culturally specific Indigenous identity is both the soil & the granite step below ones foot & it is the glowing skies & spires above ones head too. It is what makes our ancient celebrations, traditions & heritage so magical to each people and to their people alone. All this appropriation, foreign religious dogma & zealotry & fake pseudo sub-culture identity is for the lost and rootless who dwell in feckless constructs & sub-cultures that are popularized & glorified by victim-class globalist gangsters & their consolidated media & “pop-culture” racket. No thanks!

Sadly most Native European peoples have been deeply conditioned, brainwashed & subverted and so they reject or don’t embrace their true racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous identities… especially those Native European peoples in the America’s. It was never ok but less of an issue when these rather disconnected Native European peoples were surrounded by other rather disconnected Native European peoples too. But things have changed very quickly & drastically & the Native European Nations are being intentionally flooded by weaponized 3rd world mass-migration & these foreign peoples are far, far more racially, ethnically & culturally aware & are very, very ethnocentric to the core. Most of these various migrants come from Nations or regions with very high populations of just them too. So now the Native European peoples are at a great disadvantage being that they basically lack this ethnocentrism & this racial & cultural awareness that will help preserve and protect their own indigenous identities. Plus many Native European peoples are super brainwashed with deep guilt complexes & thus go around preaching very flakey “one world” type fictions to very foreign ethnocentric strangers who nod their heads but are laughing within as they understand this deception. Decades of brainwashing & subversion by the highly consolidated media has left these Native European peoples adrift in a sea of foreign peoples who have not had this extreme deconstructionist conditioning & brainwashing and are thus still very, very ethnocentric & proud of it. They will NOT adopt the Native European peoples disconnectedness & self-destructiveness… but they will take full advantage of it & their hosts lack of territorial awareness. This is very obvious on many levels already. Time to wake up, Folks.

So, the Native European peoples must embrace their racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous identities & become far more ethnocentric too & get on with it. All Indigenous peoples must understand this weaponized mass-migration tactic being used against them by these globalist economic terrorists & their many other globalization tactics that are designed to destroy all indigenous peoples identities, cultures, earth-centric spiritualities & Nations. Globalism & this weaponized mass-migration tactic must be stopped cold & most of the recent arrivals must be repatriated back to the lands of their own peoples to preserve & protect their own territories/lands, cultures, traditions…etc from these very same globalist forces for their own people too:)

Globalism is the enemy of all Indigenous peoples everywhere… so we must all work together but from our own regions & territories to bring down globalism, & its many forms of usury & debt slavery, worldwide.
Peace though intelligence. -D.R.

Smells Like “Revolutionary” Spirit :(Again) A History Lesson On: The “Black-Jewish” Marxist-Communist Alliance: The Khazaria Edition.
(Feb 4, 2021)
It’s always a bad sign when a Nations borders are wide open but it has a “security fence” around the perimeter of it’s capital district manned by unemployed Border Patrol who joined the National Guard to stay on the government payroll. So is this security fence to protect the government from its own Patriots or to protect it’s new occupants from it’s violent proletariat? Oh, I can here the sighs of relief & the groans of regret from the capital steps reflecting off Beijing’s tallest buildings as the National guardsmen in confusion scratch their heads. Or is this a brand new penitentiary in the middle of the capital city of the USSA, a new Guantanamo bay, to lock up the domestic terrorists for being to Patriotic & the common criminals from the inner city? Or just maybe this is the new re-education “facility” to reprogram the “problematic” majority that just doesn’t understand this new brand of gangster mob-rule “democracy”. Lol! Or maybe it’s a huge insane asylum because I heard tell of wolf like howls coming from it’s inner sanctum, who’s doors were conveniently left open for those seeking sanctuary after some rebel rousing… hell Lincoln would have joined them & Andrew & Stonewall Jackson would have lead them unlike this cut & run rabid capitalist puppet who fled the hill crying crocodile tears & sedition while his legions got corralled in behind him wondering where did the guy go who stopped funding abortion, slowed migration & didn’t invade Iran… where is our Gen. Custer or Patton?

Now it’s no more assuring to be told by the lying zionist media & a more inappropriate, older & more decrepit senile marionette that the lunatic fringe is just peacefully protesting while they are rioting, destroying, vandalising, burning & looting. As the Proud Boys & ANTIFA & their FBI provocateur agents & actors put on a show by going toe to toe, although both are funded by zionist isreal & communist china but you are put on a watch list for joining your local militia. And the rest of us are ordered while fleeing to stay 9 feet apart & keep our muzzles on extra tight even when you are eating & sleeping… & watch yourself or you’ll get shot in the throat at point blank range for speaking too freely… even if you’re a Vet who served 3 terms of duty! Nothing to see here, Folks, just keep walking & get going straight home to do nothing but sit before your tv’s tuned-out drooling but listening to talking head guru’s who say “repeat after me & in unison… Black Lives Matter”… well of course they do silly but I guess not the millions of unborn babies with little black bodies. Or their inner city siblings shot dead by thugs with no homes & broken families with no Daddies so they got their ethics training from hip-hop crap gangster rap rappers negative programming… as another kids shot by his spitting-image & is bleeding out on the streets of the Capital city of a Nation who’s mantra is “The American Dream” & “Land Of The Free”… but nothing is free here unless you’re dreaming.

Oh say can you seeeee… all this foreign cash pouring in & foreign aid coming back as military contracts to Riyadh, Moscow, London & Beijing via Tele Aviv as the collapsing USSA empire & its tax payers groan under the pressure as another family grieves a dead member who was also a part-time soldier…. who will be buried to early by the dawns early light that is fading & who will be missed dearly much like the flame of liberty that was to burn for eternity but is now dragged down & sunk like the sun into an ocean of hypocrisy… & into this good night why must we go nihilistically & quietly? Hell no… use the Native European virtues of logos, wisdom & reason against this toxic talmudic usury conspiracy… & bring it too it’s knees peacefully but quickly.

Oh now don’t you dare mention the African American community & how some, but not the majority, have been deeply manipulated & fractured by decades of deceptions & being used & abused as marxist communist proxies against the Native European Americans by these same globalist talmudic terrorists who produced most of the gangster rap hip-hop music & who’s sephardic cousins financed & operated most of the transatlantic slave ships and slavery that dealt in enslaved Africans mostly. ( https://worldtruthvideos.org/…/the-jewish-world… ) but who then shunned & slandered Luis Farrakhan & Marcus Garvey for speaking too freely & then murdered Malcom-X the African American Nationalist because of his plan for African-American autonomy & control of their own destiny, policing, education & other institutions including *banking*! Oh don’t you dare touch that bang, bang banking, the big money baby or African-American Nationalism because that got them all shot, shot, shot like Black Panthers in the streets of Harlem, the Bronx & Brooklyn. They backed old MLK until his dream didn’t include them… so they shot him. I guess some folks just never learn because here they go again getting used & abused as proxies & all set-up in NYC by talmudic terrorists like Soros… & talking “revolution” like it’s Haiti in the 1790’s but it’s more like Russia in the 1920’s but they are not Haitians nor turkic mongol commie bolsheviks… no, they are American’s & need to start acting like it. Sure if they stay within the ideological confines on their talmudic slave masters plantations then they will get ADL & the SPLC’s protection & more of Soros’s dirty money will continue to fuel & support their little slave uprisings, BLM’s destructive insurrections & ANTIFA’s marxist communist a$$e$ & sedition. But again & with more assertion, only if they continue to serve the talmudic zionist globalist agenda & objectives… and only until they can flip the system to capitalist controlled communism so that then your own taxes will pay for your peoples destruction. So educate yourselves immediately & tell others promptly… & keep your eye on the horizon like good Native Europeans… looking out for grim signs & preparing the light for the dark times that are surely coming.

All of this is caused by decades of deception, divide & rule political dualism & from not fallowing a traditional reading of the Constitution. It’s become a silly political puppet show of politicking that long ago commenced but now half the puppets are slumping in exhaustion after the triumph over tRump who is now quietly golfing. For he did his duty by tweeting & gathering up all his followers digital identities & placing them all on the neo-bolsheviks rolls for future possible inhalation for Sheldon Adelson who was treasonous tRumps paymaster & who just recently fell over & down into hell he is now tumbling… after he & Soros & others sold the rest of us down the pi$$ yellow river to China & more Chinese manufacturing… with ears ringing from 80 million chanting “4 more years” or “black Lives Matter” when both mean nothing to either. Yes, no matter how you slice it… It seems that both the populist puppets & the communist proletariat leadership are all controlled by the two wringing hands of this tiny marxist-zionist cabal of globalist talmudic terrorists who are the real diabolical deplorable degenerates… who buy & sell politicians like stocks on global stock markets & have them all sexually & financially compromised & unknowing if they are coming or going & thus unable to do anything honourable or noble for our Nations people. Oh where have all the political patriots gone… why have they abandoned the ship, this Constitutional Republic? Why did they leave her a drift with her torn sails still hoisted, her guns fully loaded & her colours of stars & stripes shot full of holes but still flying. Why where we left to “hope” while she was surrendered to the “winds of change” & the treacherous undercurrents that turned out to be the doldrums to be then easily overrun by idiots dunk on capitalism & communism who used her cannon muzzles for decades to bring “peace & freedom” by taking pot shots at friendly Nations to get another piece of the puzzle … as they yell yes Captain on her sunny decks but drill holes in her hull below the gunwales, below the surface, in the darkness. Why again was she surrendered without a fight to be slowly sunk by this even frailer marxist communist blight?

So how do we fix this mess? Well, de-consolidate & more de-consolidation. Plus far more domestic manufacturing/production, anti-globalisation policies & other isolationist tactics… & cut the government in half, kill the FED & the income-tax! Yes, isolationism is always best… and it has always been the resounding answer for generations of Patriots. If not we’ll all be imprisoned in our homes under quarantine in solitary confinement, personally isolated, distanced & muzzled & endlessly jabbed by psychos like Bill Gates who is the Norman Bates of the vaccination debate that was never debated.. as the neo-bolsheviks & neo-jacobins run wild within because all the patriots were permanently sedated! So choose wisely gentlemen, choose traditionalism, nativism & yes Nationalism within the secure borders of the independent Nationstate… that is void of international banksters, globalism & their numerous usurious practises… for this is the only way of freedom for all peoples & Nations.

Now what to do with our deceptive, seditious marxist, treasonous zionist & communist proxy enemy, this tiny usurious international clique & cabal of globalist talmudic terrorist khazar gangsters? Well, we should all pitch-in & rebuild their turkic khazar kingdom again, way out on the far southeastern Eurasian step-lands. Yes, a new khazar homeland just for them & their dogmatic internationalist globalist terrorist puppets, proxies & friends… & for their treasonous zionist ilk & their seditious marxist kin. I know this new region is no place in the sun like old Palestine has bin but Palestine is for the very semitic Native Palestinians… who are the last remaining genetic remnant of Jesus Christ the messiah of judaism & that is the real reason these talmudic turkic zionist terrorists are trying to genocide, exterminate & erase them & own the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates & rule over the World from this so-called Holy land region. Ahhh sorry thats not going to happen no matter what that book written by supremacists is promising or what those brainwashed judaizing protestant evangelical christian blasphemous schisms are saying. Lol! Now this new khazar Nation will be the gem of the new Silk Road… which is already bankrolled out of Beijing & rolling & these khazar gangsters will be the ‘One Belt road initiative’s’ middlemen again. It will be a khazar haven where they can go, or be sent & find their truly turkic indigenousness & bring peace to their usurious, restless & wondering ‘revolutionary spirit’. Sorry but some of you just can’t seem to play nice with the rest… not in Palestine, the Middles East/abrahamic sand-box wasteland, Asia minor, the America’s nor in Europe or the Orient. Plus you’ve quietly made your “Pivot to Asia/China” secretly & financially already. So once you’re in your new khazar country fully you can if you wish continue your weaponised mass-migration policy & that multicultural experiment… but not on us, on yourselves instead & within the confines of your own *open borders* as all of the poor 3rd world migrants pour in as slave labour. Aww now why the long faces? Now don’t be racists! What you don’t want to help alllll of them? Why so? It’s only a measly 5 billion! Ya, that’ll fix’em! Lol! Plus if these talmudic khazars terrorists try to sponsor anymore marxist deconstructionism, degeneracy, usury, communism, assassinations, revolutions or any other type of shenanigans in our Nations… well we’ll know right where to send them… yup straight to this huge khazarian prison… oops, I mean kingdom on the far southeastern Eurasian step-lands.Lol!

So listen up, pups, the wolf is howling! No I’m NOT blowing any dog whistles so no abrahamic dogs should come up yelping their dogma at my grizzled growling. Now if you get it they will call you antisemitic but it’s not the semitics nor the Germanic’s… it’s not the asiatics or abrahamic religions that are “problematic”… it’s not Buddhism, Hinduism, islam, christianity or judaism… & clearly it’s not those who choose to truly practise it/them… & I don’t care if you’re halal or kosher, orthodox, unorthodox or secular. It’s just this chosen few who choose to use & abuse religion to silence criticism of their crimes & extrajudicial actions that go unpunished & against the moral & ethical standings of mankind. I’m not joking, trope-ing or tip-toeing around these issues & I’m NOT talking about all y’all… I’m talking about this treasonous zionist & seditious marxist talmudic terrorist khazar gangsters… and this tinier still international usurious cabal… who defile our Natural order & Native European law… that equally serves us all. Now stop paying for your own destruction & stop fallowing these arbitrary rules & laws that are not moral nor ethical but rather coercion, conditioning & tactical submission.

Now stop paying for your own seduction & exploitation too… don’t you know NETFLIX, HBO, SM, the media… etc propaganda are brainwashing & messing with you. So Godspeed & use Ragnarok acceleration tactics for they are key & are the only why through the kali yuga, apocalypse, holoCost & armageddon & the other bs they use to threaten naive tools. And at the point of greatest tribulation you will find it is all nothingness…a grand illusion & allusion spun by dream-weavers in the form of a handful of little frail human-beings behind a very thin curtain pulling levers… conspirers, deceivers, liars & usurious cheaters running a smoke & mirrors peep & puppet-show theatre… peddling degeneracy & immorality for a quarter & if you don’t have one they’ll lend you one for a dollar later… & with every usurious endeavour they becomes more ghastly & beastly for taking advantage of the Natural Order by selling out decency, beauty, innocence & humanity & turning & churning all that was once rather pristine & pure into externalities & squalor.

Have no fear for the only things that will be shooed away in the big grand finale is this top .01%, this handful of fools & their threats, controls & operating system, it’s mental & physical slavery & it’s various other forms of usury… once & for all, finally & for all of eternity will be promptly wiped away completely… if we all step up bravely.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Over 7 decades now our peoples have been witnessing some of the most radical & militant marxist deconstructionist social engineering & neoliberalism insanity like we have never seen before in our Nations… especially in the Native European peoples Nations… & precisely in the occupied USA, England, Canada & elsewhere. It’s disgusting in its degenerate brazenness. It’s not just unfolding in the corridors of government either… but also in the highly consolidated mass-media, globalised high finance, our education systems & in many other sectors & major institutions. Add in this lock-step vaccine roll out & you have a multifaceted marxist, communist neo-bolsheviks nightmare unfolding as the brainwashed public sits back paralysed by the fear & in shock & awe reduced to a locked-downed proletariate with inexpressive faces blankly staring into the tiny screens of their echo chambers in homes that are now, depending on your financial resources, boxes, compartments or cages! But NOT in Scandinavia because Vikings don’t do that &hit! Lol! 

Now I don’t mean to come off “problematic” but the fact is, & the historical record & precedent supports this & says, that this is looking exactly like what happened to Russia when it was being murderously churned into the USSR/”Soviet Union” at the close of WW1 by these khazar/turkic marxist communist bolshevik terrorists & their mongol horde of Orc proxies & some other riff-raft brainwashed peasants who didn’t know any better. These khazar/turkic communist bolshevik terrorists started slowly by calling the ruling Rus, who founded Rus-sia & built the Russian Nation… & who were a mix of Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic peoples but who were now being called just “white” Russians by these communist talmudic turkic bolshevik terrorists & their orc proxies. This was done to isolate the Rus & separate them out so they could be slaughtered & 65 million of them where! Yes is was a huge genocide, a ethnic-cleansing of the true Rus who were the founding stock of Rus-sia! To this day Russia is still the USSR, so don’t let them fool ya. How do I know this? Well because its still run by a USSR khan & NOT by a true Rus Rus-sian Tsar:)

These same communist bolshevik terrorists also instructed mongolised-Mao in how to do the same in China & Mao & his mongol hordes & mongolised-Chinese henchmen then ethically cleanse over 50 million of the indigenous & gracious Song Chinese & wiped away their beautiful indigenous Chinese Song culture forever! Nasty and oh the horror.

Now, oh no ya didn’t know that now did you? Well that’s because all you got in “history class” was a quickly & brutishly constructed victim story, diversion & a deception that goes something like this… “nazi”, “nazi”, “nazi”… and “nazi”… which is actually a fake word that means nothing in German & isn’t an abbreviation for anything either & was just a “hate brand” created by an ashkeNazi public-relations company in NYC in the late 1930’s! Ouch! Wow, how shameful & pathetic that our education systems failed to mention or warn us about the other communist bolshevik 50% of it! Wow, talk about an “Inconvenient Truth, eh!

Well now you folks in America are on this same trajectory & on your way to being churned into the USSA. The only question is will it be murderously or peacefully. Either way it will be very $hity… that I guarantee! Hell no puppet tRump won’t save you… he actually put patriots on the “terrorist list” but not ANTIFA or BLM interesting isn’t it. He also revved up these patriots & sharpening their sticks & sent them all charging at the ideological machine gun nests. How ignorant or was it his job to get the patriotic & constitutionalists put on “lists’? If so, he is also treasonous. 

Time to wake the hell up kids the commie Cheka are already knocking & checking to make sure you are home & not breaking the Kungflu curfew! Lol! Soon these checking Cheka will be pounding at your door to arrest you for “thought crimes” just for critically thinking because they have already made certain words, & certain strings of words/narratives, illegal to be spoken. They have you already with your pants down & all the doors wide open to mass-migration & gagged with a thin synthetic fibre muzzle to stop you from saying something truthful & to silence your screaming.

Traditionalism, Nativism & Nationalism is the answer!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Simply feminism is a type of dionysian intoxication. The globalist marxist social engineers have topped up the Native European ladies cups with this radicle form of thespian macho-lesbian deconstructionism… because women are usually more susceptible to indoctrination because they are usually more compassionate, naive & less wary & thus are the more permeable soft underbelly into the Native European peoples societies & Nations. They are often deceived into throwing the gates open with much convincing & brainwashing by these marxist social engineering deconstructionist ideologues.   

She stumble in bloodied and defiled holding her male kins severed noble head in her shaking bloody hands. Crying out to her sacred masculine likeness & reflection with a tipsy “honey are you home” but through the empty corridors it echos. “Come see the Mountain Lions head that we ladies have taken” she begs “I brought it home as a trophy to hang on the wall in celebration of our liberation”. Her eyes start watering to the empty & hollow echo & at the strange likeness she is now seeing in the face of the Lion head her bloody hands are holding. As the noble ancestors busts stare in silent horror from the walls, mantels & paintings… for they know well the dark brood that brew this intoxicating dark potion that inebriates the naive & innocent Native European women & children with these kinds of drugged-up & watered down concoctions. These subversive potions estrange & slay their unborn children & their male reflections by the millions in endless wars of aggression by deception. As she stumbles on through her mansion in her too high-heels lightly weeping as she wipes the tears away smearing the blood and running makeup into a mask of brutality on a beautiful face of pure fine porcelain. As she sobers she sees more clearly that she has been deeply deceived and starts crying and uncontrollably shaking. But this feckless folly will only be fully understood when true misogyny comes a knocking… in the form of foreign khazar goblins with hordes of orc proxy of dark pigmentation who are now banging at the door for their pound of  pure ’white’ flesh. Where will your Lion be then… Miss Feminism? Where be your just, honest & fair Native European noblemen… who you once deemed to be eloquent, equitable, upright, trustworthy, impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, nonpartisan, even-handed, lawful, legal, legitimate & Native European gentleman but then, & all of a sudden, you seen them as just entitled & privileged white men. She now starts wailing & cries… “where are you & your Law & Order!” as the horror now comes crashing in. She lifts the head by it’s hair up to her face… as the blood drips & splatters on the floor just outside the door of the spotless kitchen that rarely seen cooking in a grand home cleaned by foreign women… as she stares into the dark blue eyes of the Lion she now sees her man, her masculine reflection, her champion. A champion who bettered & bested all other men and who had held back & tamed the horses of his spirit, conquered his passions & mastered both Hellenic Logos & Germanic Reason passed down by his Native  European ancestors who were both Pagan & Heathen…  but who was so easily slain from within while sleeping by women who were intoxicated by dionysian feminism. She drops to the floor cradling the noble head of her champion, paralysed by her culminating understanding, staring into his blues a depth of a thousand fathoms. Through her tears her aching conscience asks her “What do you see.” She say’s “I see horror, I see suffering. I see grief.” It then asks her “Does it still look like a beast, a Lion?” “No, it is Pentheus, my champion. I am holding his head.” Her conscience then say’s “You were drunk & mad, intoxicated by dionysian feminism & have slain him.” She now fully awakes to the consequence of her actions. “I see now,” she says, “dionysos has destroyed us.” As the entrance is breeched comes the sound of breaking glass & militant boots come pounding across the old oak floorboards and the defilement, debauchery & destruction erupts around them in the sacred hollowed halls of this champions forefathers in the realm of his ancestors… deceived & now freed from his body by his sacred famine reflexion, he can only stare emotionless at what befalls her, his likeness, his cream & golden sacred feminine reflexion… as it all goes up in flames around them.

  The racially & ethnically specific Indigenous Native European peoples have been deeply deceived on many levels & for centuries… by foreign self-loathing usurious degenerates & their ‘revolutionary spirit’… they are deeply corrupted & deceptive & steal, plagiarise & usurp the Native European peoples works & achievements and are now out to destroy our societies & Nations out of jealous frustration and to try & hide their many crimes against us. They hate the Native European peoples and teach other peoples to hate us too. We must freeze these usurious usurpers and their puppets and proxies out of our Native European Nations! We must teach the next generations the many ancient myths, tails, legends & stories and their built in warnings, to sure up the physical & psychological realm for our future generations. We must never forget these foreign usurious usurpers & their both preposterous & diabolical revolutionary spirit that plotted countless revolutions within our Nations to subverted, deceived and to divided & ruled our Native European peoples, monarchies, societies & Nations from within. We must never forget the rape & slaughter of the Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic Rus Russians at the close of WW1 by this same foreign revolutionary spirit & their marxist communist bolshevik talmudic turkic khazar terrorists & their mongol hordes who must never be forgiven. We must never forget the rape of Berlin wherein every Germanic girls & women from eight to eighty were raped &/or murdered by these same marxist communist bolshevik talmudic turkic khazar terrorists, their mongol hordes as our brainwashed western Native European brothers who turned their backs on them. Nor must we forget the endless firebombing of the Germanic cities that incinerated innocent Germanic’s by the millions. We must never forget & never allow it to happen again. Never forget & avenge them my Folk, my Friends… and start by smashing cultural marxism, neo-bolshevism & their toxic deconstructionism & dionysian intoxication & their other poisonous social engineering potions & fictions. Lets start with ridiculous their assertion that there is more than just two genders when there isn’t. There is only The sacred masculine man & his companion the sacred feminine women.

The Old 1, 2, 3! (How To Takedown The International Oligarchy & Their Globalist Debt & Usury Empire) (Jan 28, 2021)
All must understand that we, the Public, are the 99.99% and most of us are blind wage slaves and there is a very, very tiny crew/cabal, the .01%, that runs a huge international debt & usury racket/empire that has enslaved us and our Nations. Here below is how the Public can organise & break the chains of debt & usury once & for all.

Firstly, small groups of individuals of a few thousand or so can use communications to organise & promote or demote publicly listed stocks. This is what this REDDIT “scandal” is all about right now. It’s only a “scandal” when the public does this to these major usurious international financial institutions who regularly, again, do this same scam to all of us! Lol! The major Wall St & London stock-market and financial institutions do this all the time with help from their highly consolidated media. They pump-up/promote & push down/devalue stocks & companies all the time. They can boom or bust stocks, companies and even whole Nations with this racket… so we must all do this too and boom and bust them for a while… to show them that the Public is the boss within our various independent Nations. Think of the stock markets as multi handled slot-machines and these international financial institutions are just sleazy casinos… and just like how casinos are run by gangsters these stock-markets and the international financial institutions are run by banksters! Their religion is usury & their God is wealth.

Secondly, everyone all at once could just stop paying the income-tax… for it is the income-tax that is used to back these huge usurious loans to our neo-liberal/global-homo governments and its political puppets & corporate shills. This will crash this international debt & usury racket overnight. This is kind of an acceleration tactic so it is best if we are first all prepared for some rough times and then set a date to all at once stop paying the income-tax. Lets call it the “Pull The Plug Option”. These financial institutions have often threaten the public with vailed threats to this same “crash the markets” effect… they have intentionally “crashed the markets” numerous times in the past. Again this big international financial institutions threaten this all the time and always pulls out their funds and then crashes it regularly to consolidate more wealth and power into a chosen fews hands. They also create “recessions” for us that are actually consolidations of wealth for them. This is what was done during all that “Great Depression”, “To Big To Fail”… etc… etc. Again they can just turn their debt & usury machine on and off as they wish… well we can just unplug their whole globalist debt & usury machine by refusing to pay in anymore… and not paying the income-tax is the best way to do this.

Thirdly, another simple & very effective acceleration tactic is to make a “run on the banks”. Again large groups of people could easily organise through the usual communications & then just pull their cash out all at once from a targeted bank or financial institution. People could do this to boycott a financial institution or bank. Or just to create havoc & to teach the financial institutions that we, the Public, are now going to run the show.

These international banksters and their pre-planned shocks to our systems and their constant threats to “Pivot To The East” meaning China… has finally got us the 99.99%/Public to the point where we can say all at once “go ahead, make our day!” Lol! Lets call their bluff, call in their loans, foreclose on their globalist financial institutions & call in their massive debt to society too & lets freeze these usurious globalist scumbags out of our Nations now. Let them make their “pivot to the east/China”… those monopolised-Chinese communists that run China with teach them a very hard lesson or two! LOl!

In conclusion, there is no “free market” & these international financial institutions do NOT allow outside traders to profit & they will constantly change the rules to keep the 99.99%/The Public out of their, the chosen fews, rigged game scam. So the reason I am informing you all of these tactics is because it is my understanding that these huge usurious international financial institutions are now going to use these kinds of “pandemics” as another type of their “complex financial instruments” to further consolidate more wealth & power into the hands of a chosen few. These banksters are also freezing accounts or denying services to people with political views that do not match their own. So these are their new tactics, strategies & stranglehold to get us to do as they tell us. So we, the Public, must quickly remind these international banksters that we know their tactics and we, the Public, have our own ways to force them into alignment & back onto the ethical straight & narrow or we will unplug their debt & usury slot-machines for good. So spread the word & use small & local community Cooperative banks… it helps but they too are under the international Reserve Banking structure too. But even if these usurious international banksters understanding that some of us know how to pull the plug on their globalist debt & usury racket it will be beneficial for it will remind them that they operate within our Nations only by the graces of we, the public. If the public finally decides that these international banksters are just useless usurious vampires… we can easily pull the plug on their international debt & usury racket & bankrupt & imprison these banksters, their political puppets & their partisan proxies. Easy peasy!:)

Just maybe there is another reason why these folks turning the USA into the USSA right now are trying to take the founding Father, Andrew Jackson, off the USA 20$ bill? Quote: “You (bankers) are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the Eternal God, I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money & banking system, there would be a revolution by morning” & “The bank is trying to Kill me, but I will kill the bank.” ~Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Jesus was the messiah of judaism but they tortured & murdered him and thus put out their light and now dwell in darkness until they atone and repent and become Catholic. Traditional Catholicism is the new covenant and its still relevant today because it absorbed Hellenic Pagan Logos and Germanic Heathen Reason… and this is basically the only reasons it is still relevant today… but just barely. The protestant secs & schisms are all just judaizers to one degree or another & most are completely defunct today. Now, the older wiser Native European peoples belief systems are excellent for the Native European peoples. God the AllFather is the judge of The Natural Law and this is what keeps the Natural Order… and our ancestors are the jury. God The AllFathers face and power is seen best in Nature. Its this simple.

Modern judaism and islam are all dogmatic ignorant will and degenerate appetite… but whatever… their followers are free to worship in their own abrahamic way back in the barren wastelands… but their path has faded in the shifting desert sands… so, good luck with that! Most of the very mixed peoples who fallow judaism today, 90% of them, are turkic & NOT semitic nor hebraic at all.

The judaizing protestant schisms and cults got screwed long ago in their judaeo-protestant zionist globalist usury racket… pathetic. They didn’t understand their talmudic khazar partners debt & usury cycle/circle racket so well and so they got scammed too. The talmudic khazars robbed those silly judaizing protestant cults… but only after these turkic talmudic khazars tricked the protestants into robing their Native European brethren/the public & institutionalised debt & usury in most Native European societies and Nations… tragic! Long ago many Native European authors tried to covertly warn us about this debt & usury talmudic khazar scam. This is what Das Rhine Gold and The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings is all about…  they tried to covertly warn us all of this “ring” the cycle/circle of debt & usury that can enslave whole countries… which they have. Now our Income taxes go to pay on just the interest of these huge usurious debts owed to these usurious talmudic turkic khazar bastards! Now protestantism is largely defunct and has been reduced to some guys swinging rattlesnakes around in Texas ranting twisted judaizing scofield and Gideon “bible” fake scripture and sending more of their cash to these usurious talmudic banksters zionist terrorist brothers in Palestine… wow… how pathetic & sad.

One must understand that that term “jew” is a biblical political term for those who rejected Jesus Christ the Judaic Messiah. The very mixed peoples who fallow Judaism today (90%) are largely of khazar turkic stock and are NOT semitic at all. The true Africanised-Arab Hebraic/Isralite & Semitic stock is tiny today & the Hebraic language is extinct in its true form. Most of this old stock Africanised-Arab Hebrew & Israelite stock today are what we now know as the very semitic Native Palestinian people. This is why these talmudic turkic zionist terrorist are trying to wipe out the last of these very semitic Native Palestinian people before the Christian majority figure out who the truly semitic Native Palestinian people truly are. For they, the semitic Native Palestinians, are the ethnic descendants of the Aramaic speaking Hebraic Jesus Christ…. and they are being crucified by genocide right before our eyes. Shame on all who have taken shekels and not cried out for them and for denying that we know them… as was done to their ancestor Jesus Christ. Shame on these turkic talmudic terrorists and their marxist & zionist deceptions & lies! Let’s just say the Hebraic apostle John had it right.

One must understand the judaeo-protestant zionist globalist usury alliance which also has a judaizing converso jesuit arm too. Again, I think all the abrahamic religions are way off in many ways and they act in a type of continuum. The judaizing converso jesuit form of Catholicism should be exposed and suppressed… but the traditional Catholicism should be supported for its traditional teachings and, again, as a ideological deterrent against islam and judaism who work together… like wahhabism and zionism!

Now there are those who are trying to turn the Native European peoples into “just white” folk, when we are far, far more than just our skin-tone. I know the turkic/khazar talmudic types push this “just white” stuff for they are light in skin-tone & so they can continue to hide within the Native European peoples. But the word is out… so I would can this «just white» deceptive trick or you will end up looking like the ziotard shill you are. Plus all truly Native European peoples know very well that they are far, far more than “just white” and that these khazar ashkeNazi’s are turkic and NOT semitic nor Native European either. The Native European peoples are: Germanic, Celtic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic and that is it. No the turkic peoples are NOT included and never will be… and again, nor are they semitic either… so they must get out of Palestine and back out onto the far southeastern Eurasian step-lands of khazaria where they came from! They can start up their turkic khazar empire again in the middle of the new silk road but no enslaving of the the Savic peoples this time or the Slavic, Nordic, Baltic & Germanic Rus will have to crush their turkic talmudic khazar empire again! Lol!

If you really want to understand what is going on in the USSA & the rest of the West right now you must watch & read all of Michael Collins Piper’s works ie: The Judas Goats, Final Judgment (the khazar zionists murdered JFK for their nuke program) & read Professor E. Michael Jones works/books too etc. As well, listen to all you can find from David Irving & Eustace Mullins interviews and read all his books. Simply… the talmudic leninist trotskyite marxist-zionist supremacist terrorists are the problem. This tiny group must be exposed & peacefully but firmly driven out of, or frozen out of, our institutions, governments, media, education & financial systems & structures… for decades of sedition, treason, usury & terrorism against mostly the Native European peoples. Again, they are mostly of khazar turkic origin & NOT semitic, hebraic or Native European at all.

As well, you must educate yourself on what really happened when just at the close of WW1 the turkic-marxist-leninist-trotskyite-zionist talmudic bolshevik terrorists & their mongol hordes took over Rus-sia & murdered over 65 million Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic Rus style Rus-ians for reasons of historical hatred. This reality is what set off WW2 and is what has been the cause of so much grief and slaughter in our world today. This is also why WW1 and this Bolshevik slaughter is hardly ever taught and barely mentioned in the West today. Its to hide the truth of it all and to hide the lies of their 20Th Century fake World war narratives.
Peace through intelligence.~D.R.

On: Oh So Macho Rabid Feminism (Nov 30, 2020)
-Rabid feminism is not to be confused with the legitimate women’s suffrage movement & is well, dead. Be it the staggering around in heals half drunk with a too skinny arm hooked through an oversized purse type or the more butchy or bitchy varieties. It’s all been a very bad scene that has had a worse ending for many sadly. Feminism has been the most egregious & destructive form of marxist deconstructionist social engineering yet, & as usual, it’s wicked agenda was hidden in it’s seemingly noble intensions. Rabid feminisms main purpose initially was to get women out of the homes & into the factories for cheap labour and this also then put the kids in the hands of the state for further indoctrination… or into the realm of the random & disconnected, usually foreign, “nanny”… instead of in the arms of a culturally connected mommy! Plus the huge corporations had done studies and found that ladies are far less thrifty & far, far more spendy usually, so they wanted them in control of the households purse strings and also in factories at half the once mans job salary and thus more cash in hand too, to be spent more readily on more bs the family didn’t actually need… and thus more able to say goodbye to daddy if he didn’t agree. Oh my… what a disastrous recipe.
-Yes feminism is the sister of marxism, granddaughter of globalism & the whore of liberalism. Rabid feminism was by design created to be a tool for the toxic marxist deconstructionist social engineers to be used to break up the family/home and thus bring a targeted society under more & more institutional control. Then these globalist corporate forces could place consumerismin the place where the family unit had been… & liberalism took over where once stood daddy. Yup faminism was just another one of the toxic deceptions & tools created to reshape & steer our very naive Native European societies away from traditionalism & deeper into globalism… so more & more deconstructionism and social engineering was liberally applied… until now thankfully. So say goodbye & good riddance to this nasty rabid feminism!
-Many have had the displeasure to witness all “4 waves” of rabid feminism and what a retched & reactionary little storm it’s been. The more knowing and rather stoic just stood back watching these earlier messy ladies strut, fret & shred their stuff & the fabric of our people & societies sails & then with shaking hands, these same ladies started trying to stitch it up & all back together again… and dreaming of having their own loving little family but realizing that it just doesn’t work that way and then in their discontent try to lure the younger generation of women in! Nasty!
-Many an afternoon I laid in the warm beach sand with a hand to my forehead and a frown watching these ladies get tossed around by that old bitch of a sea… as wave after wave came in a crashing & tossing them around again. I would have to rise from time to time and jump into this bumpy bitch of a sea to rescue one of them that appeared to be drowning… while their macho lesbian like captains weren’t watching & drag the gal in while she was gasping & then sometimes they would start faking unconsciousness seeking some mouth to mouth resuscitation maybe… lol… I’d laugh and kick a bit of sand in their faces to snap them out of it… and they would jump up yelling their feministic bull$hit again… and say growling “what was that for!?” I would reply laughing… “that was for being so ignorant, dishonest and yes, unconscious alright!” Lol. It’s strange that these rabid feminists always want a OO7 cad rather than a 1800’s gentlemen and so this crude & rude cycle continued but you can’t blame the victim of this feminist brainwashing. I guess they were never told that “the saddest two words are, too late”… maybe they were raised by an idiot or a foreign nanny instead of a mommy and without a daddy… seriously, poor baby. So many were so brainwashed back in the day, so it didn’t matter if you were to try & inform them anyway. Most men will go out of their way to inform, I think it’s called mansplaining today, but they do not want to reform someone that is broken… so since the insulting mansplaining & name calling started they are just ignoring… and this is very true & common today.
-Now, I won’t even get into the baby sacrificing/killing/abortion insanity or the macho-lesbians & their feministic queer theories. Why? Well because they were conceptually bankrupt but going for broke anyway… and so it’s a irrational line that is dead already. But we should be respectful to anything that is passing away.
-I find it so peculiar & odd that these rabid macho feminists, who are all wrapped up in their marxist fake virtuousness & entitled victimhood complexes, prefer to live with their mutt’s, cats, bats, mongrels & bastards… etc. rather than with their own kin. Telling isn’t it… and shows their deep subconscious loathing for the father & AllFather figures. These traits are not typical in most girls/women who often have an almost magical truly famine brilliance.
-So, I just want to say that it is so refreshing to hear young gals & ladies stating clearly the fact that feminism is more of a mental disorder now then a “movement”. I am quick to add that it is a “movement” alright and one best had in a bathroom.💩👎🏻 Lol! I hear these gals saying that they don’t want to end up like their mothers, aunts & even grandmothers who are still fishing on “plenty of fish” or getting randomly tinderized weekly… lol! Yes avoid this humiliating depravity ladies because it’s totally crazy. Good to see that the truly feminine woman’s intuition is still functioning!
-So now the disinterested & disenfranchised guys have to skip the nasty easy dating, free porn and drop the “he who cares least wins” attitude & step up to the plate swinging that bat and hit at least a few home runs for the true ladies in the house who are now waking & preferring hearth, home & babies over endless “dating”, regrets & institutionalized hardships. Yup, hearth, home & kids. So pick a winner fellas/gentlemen… & one that is not in denial of her own ethnically specific Indigenous identity & get on with it. But use your heads & not just your eyes… and be sure you don’t pick just another macho-lesbian feminist in disguise! Lol!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Debt, Usury & Income-Tax Scam (Nov 29. 2020)
Simply the judaeo-protestant zionist alliance that was set-up long ago to rob the Catholic church but went on to rob us all & institutionalise a global debt, usury & taxation racket must be brought down! Now the khazar talmudic terrorists are running the show! Time to expose them & peacefully deconstruct their debt & usury scam once & for all! Step #1: All at once stop paying the income-tax & this will starve & bring the globalist beast down!
Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Confronting The Past With The Future &
An Unknown Soldier (Nov 28, 2020)

I found myself chasing forgotten Rune Stones across Northern Europe after my fathers untimely passing. These ancient stones seemed to be cast like dice by the hand of an AllFather that bore no resemblance to this abrahamic desert god that most are always on about. They must have been thrown, not shot, for they were without fletching, flung onto a canvas of deep greens around the emerald blues of the Baltic Sea. The ancestors chisels/bits had bit into stone their travels, stories, myths and ancient Rune alphabet plus they squared up the huge stones to form the ramparts to protect their realm.

How I had diligently plowed through the shallow intellectual soil of the America’s for decades but still couldn’t plant, reap nor harvest a coherent thought from it… for it lacked historical roots & thus depth and it was too perversely manipulated by the 20 century world war myths that nothing can, could, would or will ever come of it for its more fiction then truth. So westernised histories growth was stunted and stunting and so it could give forth nothing because it lacked the intellectual fortitude of an interconnected historical perspective & narrative that was intentional hidden or forcefully & brutally edited out of history… and so this long line of history was interrupted by this old & tired world war mythology or religiosity more correctly. So the many hours, days & years I laboured & toiled in this highly propagandised & disconnect westernised world war muck brought forth little accept for the acceptable emotional belief system/religion that is World war myth making. But these 20th century world war myths were written by idiots with little feeble hands & weak intellects unlike the myths and legends of the ancient Native Europeans like the Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s & Slavic’s who understood that they stood in the centre of humanities whirlwind…. and are the core of what was to be the tornado of World War One & two. These frail 20th century myths are denuded and one is denounced for digging any deeper into it or if even to only notice its many and varied disconnects, deceptions & inconsistencies… not alone to mention them aloud. The fact that endless slander is poured onto a person that dares to state the obvious… demonstrates these myths are illegitimate. Even as a kid I thought, It was all so poorly constructed and obviously covered or camouflaged in bullshit. Yes much manure and manoeuvring had gone into it… and yet it’s idiotic authors were agitated if you even took the time to point at their faulty authorship. Yes the manure had been flung onto the mind-scapes of the masses in hast & so roughly & thickly applied that it was like lipstick on a pig in it’s obviousness… and it didn’t do its job nor service to the tens of millions of these Native European world wars victims. It read like a messy and hasty cover-up… and the lies & their many inconsistencies, deceptions & disconnects became not reality but evidence of it’s own fiction. It was like a sickly sweet icing of lies smeared over the 100 million Native European people laying quietly dead just below the surface… and as this massive mass grave is being rightly exhumed some internationalist government types and a couple of abrahamic preachers, one rabbi and one protestant, hand in hand start kicking dirt back into the pit and into the faces of these dead Native European people with zero regret.

So I split from this thinly vailed world war porn mythology/religiosity and its morbid theatre of lies & headed to the deeper soils of the Celtic, Germanic, Baltic & Slavic lands. Although they too had been dumbed-down by this World war myth making & its dogma & the marxist internationalists & lost abrahamic’s sales pitches… but they still vibrated & resonated with & to the much older & wiser vitality & prowess of the classical doer’s & thinkers of our/their ancient ancestors. It was like cutting a hole in the lake ice to fish at first but once trusted… damn the fishing is good and my cultural intact Native European company is warm and very informed and articulate.

It took years of casting historical tropes into random conversations hoping to catch a bite or net a unedited truth that hadn’t had it’s honesty beat out of it by the brutality & thuggery of post WW1 & WW2 mythology. Slowly I met old and young alike that understood the truth of these world war myths that were neither “great” nor “good” and the noise, diversions, deceptions, survivors and victimhood stories that failed miserably to cover the whole truth up.

And then one sunny breezy day I was brought to meet The Old Unknown Soldier in a cottage by the sea. The old man slowly raised his head to talk to me. He sat so straight and upright in his wood and canvas chair, dressed sharply & looking out to sea… and this is a man in his late 90’s. “I like the sun on my face” he said in a clear warm voice. “For years we hid as not to be illuminated and we hide still from the dogs that were released to drag down the last of the wolves… the vampires still need their blood you know. Not out of revenge… oh no, but to hide their lies, deceptions and war crimes. They thirst most deeply for the blood of the last ancient Germanic, Nordic, Baltic & Slavic freemen and our truth that dared to stay on the Native European homeland while under both seditious & treasonous intellectual siege by the internationalist thieves & their debt & usury and their “marshal plan”. They stole our Germanic intellectual properties as they stitched & weaved their lies & guilt into the ancient fabric of my Germanic & Nordic people and spread their lies far & wide through their highly consolidated international media. The vampires will always need their blood, even as they rot from their thirsting for it. They, like all lost vampires & their ilk, are all ignorant will and degenerate appetite… this appetite is all consuming and it is even consuming them. There is no satiating their ancient hatreds… all we can do now is freeze them out. But out they must go.” I shook his hand as his chiseled face & dark blue eyes looked across centuries into mine and I said “Well that is a heck of an introduction” We laughed as we shook hands. “Well, the truth still matters”. “Yes, it does I replied. It matters to me at least… and it will to many more eventually, in time.” He said “good, it matters to me deeply”. This old WW1 Soldier spoke with the clarity of an indigenous man who knows his ancestry & pedigree clearly, for he was no mutt, no hienz 57. He still stands on the lands of his forefathers & he knows the ancient quest of all mankind is to preserve and protect his realm. He knows the choice is between globalism/self-destruction or Nationalism/self-preservation. It’s an old truth. “We were free once” he spoke quietly & half under his breath… “Few have been so free as we were” and he noted it with another affirmed look. “Few have stood under the flags and banners of their ancestors with such pride as we had & have.“ “I know” I replied and I continued “The world is still in shock & awe of your valour & are still in envy of your ancient inner wisdom & freedom. Even though the liars, dogs & cowards yelp, bay, bellow and cry wolf still to this day… the world stands at attention & in wonder of those who stood up against the toxic exploitation and degeneracy of the internationalist system of globalisation and it’s many forms of cultural sedition & financial treason & spiritual usury. Even the degenerate & mentally mangled liars can’t hide their ignorant envy… they see with blood shot eyes and mouths half hung open that all they built on lies & deceptions is trembling, shuddering & crumbling before the truth.” “Good” said the old Soldier with a laugh. “I see that you do understand. I’ve lived long to see it… but may the truth continue to unfold quietly, peacefully & slowly for not so long ago they had no stomach for our very ancient Germanic honesty.” He continued “I can still fight, Drew” and slapped his knees with his hands… and laughed. I said “Oh no, your council is too valuable to be thrown away in the fray now”. He said “right” and laughed again. “So tea for two then?” I replied, “Yes Sir, tea for two”.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: #NoMoreBrothersWars (Nov 11, 2020)
Simply WW1 and WW2 were two halves of one huge war wherein over 100 million Native European peoples were deceived into slaughtering each other by the marxist-zionist talmudic tricksters & their Anglo-Saxon cousins for their globalist objectives! Boo!

Almost all of these 100 million slaughtered were of Christian faith too btw!

I think we can now be far, far more inclusive with our compassion and include all of the losses now.

The World wars persists to this day btw… it is now weaponised mass-migration in a huge demographic war against the Native European peoples. And if you speak honestly about it they call you the same names they called the Germanic’s in WW2. This is how we know these wars are still raging just under the surface.

The rest about those world wars that were not “great” nor “good” is largely lies and old and tired propaganda that many profit off of to this day. But all that is built on deceptions and lies will tremble & crumble before the TRUTH. For the cunning of reason and The Natural Law always prevails:)
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Two Hands (Nov 10, 2020)
(Seditious Marxism & Treasonous Zionism)
Just relax, Folks… I think old seditious marxist Soros & old treasonous zionist Adelson are working it all out in the backroom and will inform their puppets, proxies & the American Public once they have come to an agreement that furthers their mutual talmudic globalist agenda. In the meantime their “indecision” is exposing & turning the **American Constitutional Republic** into the American Banana Republic! Lol!

The talmudic marxist-zionist terrorists have divided the USSA straight down the middle it appears. They use fake identities, religious preferences, ethnic tensions, cultural differences, skin-tone identity, gender stuff & other marxist crap and any other issue that suits as either a weapon or a tool, of social-engineering & deconstructionism, to slice, dice divide and rule any targeted society or Nation. Well, you are on the chopping block and in the bullseye position this time America, so smile:)

They are threateningly offering both a seditious coup and a treasonous revolution at the same time…. its a “you better agree to this and that or else” moment… true to their talmudic gangster form. It’s a quiet demonstration of control to those on the inside & to other Nations as the unwitting proxies are told to “stand down but stand by” on both sides (ANTIFA/BLM & RightWings) as they flex their seditious & treasonous “talmudic revolutionary spirit” once again. As a mocho lesbian command screams out demands over the heads of what they call “Indians”, migrants & “white” & “black” men… and in real time another historical statue falls to the ignorant dictates and dictatorship of the proletariat’s howl… and with all the camera’s rolling… and wow, thats a pretty ballsy thing to do on American soil! But you can’t even resist or they will hit you with that old “nazi” or “fascist” schtick… that tired talmudic trick & propaganda narrative that is still used today because so many rely and profit off it. Wow, how pathetic!

Both marxism and zionism are the two wringing hands of the talmudic terrorists that they use to push and pull a targeted society or Nation to further their own talmudic globalist agenda! It’s pathetic that the general public doesn’t know these things yet… but that’s to be expected when a tiny few control the highly consolidated education system, media and other major institutions.

So, how long are real American’s going to put up with this talmudic marxist-zionsit dualistic divide & rule f#$@ery? It’s an old turkic talmudic trick that was used to destroy & slaughter Russians at the close of WW1 and destroy & slaughter 60 million more Native European people in Europe during WW2. Now the old USSA is on their chopping block too! See what you get for letting talmudic-marxists = communists nutters teach your brainwashed and disconnected children “history” for the past 70 odd years? Yes, you may get a total jacobin-bolshevik style nightmare unfolding… I have heard them for months now knock, knock, knocking! If you could just hold on for a bit because we are all just tuning in and the popcorn isn’t done popping! Sorry I’m just telling it like it is & not mock, mock, mocking.

Now, this tiny group of talmudic terrorists have turned your once shining city on the hill, your warm glowing towns * villages all draped in Red, White & Blue & your once wide minds too… into their regressive & narrow shtetl’s & ghetto’s… void of indigenous identity & cultures and poisoned with ill-will… & all other forms of degenerate appetite. While the Native European Logos & Reason that built the Nation was banished into the recesses & scrap bins of your minds! And all for what? For historical hatreds against the Native European peoples for slowing their toxic progression & for the love of ducats/shekels/money/credit… which are the gears of their debt & usury cycle… that brings all Nations to their knees and under one very, very crooked thumb. And if your Nation resist they will unleash their brainwashed marxist orcs and a horde of step mongols led by them, the talmudic turkic jackals… and who will stand against them now that the Native European peoples, the Celtic’s, Germanic’s, Nordic’s, Baltic’s, Slavic’s, Hellenistic’s & Italic’s were deceived and undone by these talmudic tricksters and their own brainwashed Anglo-Saxon cousins.

Boo! Now wake you fools but do NOT fly nor run… stand and shake this crap off & pick up your gun but only to hold your own ground & to defend life & limb, family & the lands of your forefathers & Sons! In other words, off your knees America. You were NOT born beggars nor should you stride nor parish as one! This goes double for #england, #france, #germany, #poland, #norway, #sweden, #denmark, #scotland, #russia, #finland… etc… etc… etc and any other Nation or Indigenous peoples that values true #freedom

So wake America & do not be used & abused any further to spread the bat like wings of this toxic & dualistic marxist-zionist talmudic globalist system. May the USSA empire be peacefully laid to rest… so the great USA American Constitutional Republic can rise again within its own secure & peaceful borders… and as they say in Judaism & the other Abrahamic religions, which all have nothing to do with this talmudic marxist-zionist terrorism, Amen!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Where The Hell Am I (Oct 25, 2020)

Well, they are putting in even more rules, regulations & *laws* about what you can & cannot say about talmudic judaism. Yup, more talmudic-supremacy & jewish-privilege again… but hey… you can still say anything you want about China & the Chinese, Russia, Arabs, Christianity, the Mormons, Scientology, Islam… etc… etc… but you better not draw a picture of mohammed… or some nut job might try to cut your head off with a machete! Lol! What the hell is going on here and where the hell am I? Lol! I think all the abrahamic religions should go back to the desolate wastelands they all crawled out of and wrestle it out way down south there in the sandbox and leave the rest of us alone up here. Hey, great idea!! You get 60 million points for that one! That is a point for ever dead Native European slaughtered in WW2 that the abrahamic religions did not save. So good riddance!  

  Now no, don’t pat me on the back you marxist neo-bolshevik hipster or you neo-hindu geek or bio-buddhist freak… you are all hopped up on very foreign ideologies & soya latte’s after a late night of “masturbation with a friend”. Lol! Is this really a thing? Oh my… wow, sounds boring. Oh I know, but you don’t know until you try it… ya they said that about acid, thalidomide, ritalin, petrochemicals and florid in the water… until people got that far away stare that just never goes away! Well it fits in with these religions I guess… that far away gaze that is. Its kind of like meditation, aka: mental- masturbation, that are both forms of selfish self-realisation and another way to keep you still & satiated until that nano-chip vaccine is ready. Lol 

  So please keep all that asiatic hocus-pocus & mumbo-jumbo away from moi & leave it way over there in Asia. No, I don’t hate anything but the Pakistanis and Indians and the Japanese & Chinese sure do… they hate each other. So, bye, bye… yes sure, I know this child’s play is a bit stressful… so, ya go stretch or something… wonderful… sensational. Yes I know this and that food is good for ya. Yes, I ate organic before it was called organic because I grew it. Absolutely, I know, I taught hatha yoga and Germanic callisthenics for over 16 years. Ya sure it’s ok… but I sure didn’t like the way those squinty eyed hindu & buddhist statues were always staring at me from the corner of the room… it reminded me of that Clint Eastwood look right before he shoots somebody.Lol It didn’t relax me at all, it actually made me quite edgy! Oh now you want a mantra instead of a prayer and that BLM chant just isn’t cutting it now. Well, isn’t that cute… hmmm, lets see, how about “Go f#$% yourself”. Lol! Will that do? Lol! Just kidding, calm down! Well, how about a simple “God Bless You”… its tried and true & if it works for me it might just work for you too! 

Now listen… this passive aggressive hug you’re giving me is just waaaay too long now. Do you do this to the ladies? What about “the boundaries”? Wait, what… you’re not a he… you’re a she… wait, you say you are a Q and now & in an instant, you’re a Z? What is a Z away? Like Z for zero maybe? Is this really a thing? Ha ok, nice try you were just fooling with me. Lol Ya that was pretty funny:(…. Wow, thank God I’m not in Canada or this he/she could sue me! You know kids… I’m like yes, yes, yes… to so much of what you are… but I’m oooh no, no, no to soooo much more of what you have become! Your ideologies have overrun your humanity… and your double standard virtue signalling isn’t matching your actions which are completely irrational really. Listen… how about no more assimilation, appropriation or mass-migration, ok? Okaaaay! Great, done, done & done! 🙂 Taxi!!! Lol! 

  So hey… Poland just banned the worst kinds of baby sacrifice… ooops, I mean “abortion practises”. So ya, go Poland go! Good going Poland! Plus Poland has almost zero mass-migration… so double, Right On to Poland! Go Poland Go! France, Germany, England, Spain, Canada, the USSA… etc…  and especially Sweden…  need to all go far, far more the Estonia & Poland way and far, far, far less of this marxist-zionist USSA way! So say, No way USSA, No way USSA! Lol! The America’s experimental model has always sucked and it destroys indigenous identities & cultures… and turns Ethnically specific cultural bases into silly marketplaces full of lost consumers who think their skin-tone is their root identity! Daaa! Booooo! Its time to shut that gates of Europe… and shut the gates of the America’s too. It’s time for the American’s/US citizens to end this silly marxist-zionist controlled USSA and bring back the Great USA/American Republic right now and bring the troops home too & to stay! American’s don’t want this “make the USSA great again” thingy… it sucks! American’s want the good old USA/American Republic back but peacefully this time within its own secure borders! No more bombing fits in Europe, Southeast Asia or the MiddleEast either! Enough is enough… quit the military and get a real job damn it! Lol! Tip: Start up your domestic manufacturing, End the FED (federal reserve banks)… and kill the income-tax while hanging the international banksters! Right? Right!  

  As for the USSA election… I don’t care! Its all puppets & proxies anyway. Its an allusion of choice… like in many other countries/Nations. The debate was like watching a rerun of Leave It To Beaver… awww shucks Beav! Lol! I say put them both in one of those boarder cages and let them fight it out…de hombre a hombre! Lol! Just keep out of the Middle East and stay within your own secure USSA boarders. The USSA would be wise to kick the seditious & treasonous marxist-zionist terrorists out of their Nation & turn the USSA back into the Great USA/American Republic again within its own secure boarders and free of foreign funded $hit disturbers and proxies! Plus put America and Americans First for real this time… and all other Nations should do the very same! Yes, isolationism… lock it down and make stuff domestically for your regional & local markets. Self deficiency of the Nation and the individual is key… and all the foreign free-loaders must go home pronto! 

  Now why is it that everywhere I go the Native European collage/University students are telling me “Well, ya know Drew… its because of what *we* did. You know those bad things *we* did”. I always say “what the hell did you do? And don’t include me in your *we* guilty bull$hit.” Lol! And “how old are you anyway? What, a 100 years old or something? Again, tell me exactly what you personally did?” And they always get that far away gaze and give me insane bull$hit answers & old propaganda narratives laced with cultural-marxism that make no current nor historical sense. There is total brainwashing going on at these “universities” and “colleges” and it must be ended! These Universities are doing to these students what the USSA and Britain did to what was left of the slaughtered Germans at the close of WW2… and that is weaving guilt into the fabric of German society… but in this case, it’s weaving guilt into the fabric of allll Native European peoples societies and Nations! Like many generations and many decades after the so called “events” that are *NOT as popularised* anyway. So like what the hell is going on here? 

Well, I’ll tell you whats going on here. All of this is being done to soften-up the Native European peoples societies & Nations for more idiotic mass-migration which is a weapon in a huge demographic war that has been raging since the close of WW1. Its being waged against our Native European peoples Nations by racist talmudic globalist infiltrators who hate the Native European peoples and teach other peoples to hate them/us too! **Again, these talmudic globalists and their puppets and proxies are using the “media” & mass-migrations as the weapons they are in a huge demographic war that has been raging against the Native European peoples & Nations since WW1**. 

Most of the Native European Nations politicians are puppets & panderers NOT Leaders. So they must all be removed and some imprisoned or hung for sedition & treason. Plus most of these migrants must be repatriated back to the lands of their own ancestors & forefathers to preserve and protect their own beautiful ancient cultures, heritage and lands from these very same toxic talmudic marxist-zionist globalist forces that are trying to destroy all ethnically specific indigenous identities & Native Cultures everywhere.

Come on, Folks… its time to wake the the hell up already! 

Peace through intelligence! ~D.R. 

On: The Struggle (Oct 24, 2020)
The welfare state was created by and for peoples who have lost their forethought abilities or never had any to begin with.

People “struggle” most often because they make very bad choices… some just like the “struggle” because they enjoy the rush of victimhood. Others like to partially support this “struggle” for it makes them feel virtuous. Yes, strange but true. So “struggle” on if you must… and thus enjoy “the struggle”.

The 3rd world has over 6 billion people who live in southern climates and thus have very little forethought abilities… most are way under what the west would call “the poverty line”. If Native European peoples Nations keep offering “free lunches” they will keep coming with help from the talmudic marxist-zionist terrorists who hate the, high in openness & forethought, Native European peoples and who teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. If the west keeps it up our once rather ethnically & culturally harmonious societies & Nations will fracture and fail & be brought down from within… by these lost souls who will join “the struggle” and demand more & more free stuff.

Its a partly a cultural and ethnicity issue too. Some southern peoples from warm climates think the community will feed them and because of its southern climate there is much bounty so over evolutionary time they have less forethought and preparedness. The Native European peoples are very independent and hail from very cold climates and thus have deep forethought because the ones that didn’t prepare, preserve & save for the long cold spells, well… they starved out a loooooong time ago.

Now, its time for the hard working Native European peoples to end the income-tax and other taxes that their marxist governments are using to hand out “free lunches” to foreign peoples all the while the Native European peoples have to keep working more & more for less & less on many levels.

Time to wise up & end this struggle by using some good old Native European forethought!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Native European Spirituality (Oct 18, 2020)
Simply, the original abrahamic religion originated in the Ethiopian Region of Africa. Yes, abraham himself was a Africanised-Arab or a straight up African. So if you wish to fallow an abrahamic religion know that you are fallowing an African or Arab-African belief system. So that’s your call, but I wouldn’t fallow the abrahamic religions because simply they are foreign belief systems that have their origins far away from Europe in Africa. Plus all the abrahamic religions work in a type of continuum to destroy indigenous societies & Nations and all have been used & abused as tools of empire, colonisation, globalism & miscegenation
No matter who you are if you still wish to fallow an abrahamic religion well then fallow the oldest form of Catholicism which is a mix of early Christianity with southern Pagan Greek/Hellenistic beliefs, that also later took on many northern Heathen Germanic traditions and beliefs too. Do NOT fallow the jesuit & vatican 2 version of Catholicism.
As for the asiatic religions/belief systems… well same issue. They are foreign & not for Native European peoples.
That all stated I would highly recommend to all Native European peoples to fallow the pre-abrahamic and Earth-centric belief systems/spirituality of your ancient ancestors. That being the Southern Pagan beliefs or the Northern Heathen beliefs! It’s that simple!
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Racism (Oct 16, 2020)
A talmudic marxist-zionist communist terrorist bolshevik named “Trotsky” (Real name: Lev Davidovich Bronstein) created this fake word “racist” to slander Rus style Russians who rejected his mongol-turkic views of forced multiculturalism in Russia. This same marxits-zionist terrorist degenerate, Trotsky/Bronstein was also part of the reason over 60 million Native Slavic, Nordic, Germanic Rus style Russians were ethnically-cleansed/slaughtered in Russia too! This was done so Trotsky/Bronstein and his talmudic-supremacist ilk could takeover Russia and create their marxist-zionist USSR communist/shtetl state. It was Trotsky/Bronstein and his ilk that were & are the true racists & supremacists. They are talmudic-supremacists!
All peoples have the right to free-will and the right & *Freedom of association*… it’s that simple. It means no harm to anyone if one prefers to be around their own people/ilk. It’s no big deal and no ones business if people chose to be around their own. People must grow up now and quit pushing their regressive views onto others no matter how virtuous they think they are. If some people love their own people and only want to spend time with them… that does NOT mean they hate other peoples. Many peoples are extremely ethnocentric… and thats ok.
Indigenous Peoples on their own lands have even more right to freeze out peoples they don’t like or don’t wish on their lands. Colonisation, mass-migration and demographic-warfare is very, very real and must be exposed & stopped. Calling it immigration or migration is just more lies… its still colonisation and demographic-warfare. This does not mean one can physically injure others but one has every right to exclude, freeze-out or repatriate groups or peoples they don’t wish to have around or on their own lands. All indigenous peoples everywhere have the right to repatriate peoples back to the lands of their own ancestors. It’s strange that this needs to be even stated but it does because that is how pathetic things have become.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Human Supremacy (Oct 3, 2020)

  Some peoples bitch about a few hundred years of abrahamic colonisation and rightly so… the abrahamic dualistic mind-control and indigenous identity/Native culture crushing deceptions are intensely brutal on any people…  but the Native European peoples got over 1000 years of it and we are still standing but staggering a bit & saying “Is that all you got?” Lol! Now it’s the 3rd world’s billions that are doing all the colonising & invading but they call it migrating and immigrating now! Lol! Wow, I’m laughing, because its all the exact same thing really! Lol! Now if you already find this a bit off-putting… well I think I hear a chicken “cuck, cuck, cucking” Lol! 

  Now lets talk about human-supremacism or human-supremacy… shall we? Yes, we shall. We will never see Nature truly or allow it to heal until we stop seeing our own needs and plight reflected in it. We must see the other inhabitants and denizens of our world as equals… this includes all flora and fauna so we must preserve & protect much more of the wilds. We must stop looking to Nature to absorb our trash, exploitation, decadence & degeneracies… or our “needs”. We must stop even looking to Nature to support our bad ideas, poor choices & irrational decisions… for it will not “save us”. Neither is Nature  here to absorb our psychosis or victimhood complexes as we go on slaughtering & sacrificing the innocent and innocence. We will only understand Nature once we see the Creators/AllFathers/Gods face within her… and we must also learn to see if he is smiling or frowning back at us… for as it is for her to be infinite, it is for him to be finite. We must seek to find balance and harmonise with this ancient vibration that resonates, animates & harmonises all living things equally. So commune with Nature but steal not from it… you can borrow in-place but borrow only for that moment and within that place & time. Do NOT haul or drag it out by the industrial tonnage for profit… for if you do, in one way or another… you will pay dearly for it… says the Natural Law that upholds the Natural Order of things. I suggest you end your struggle and surrender to this greater Law & Order.

  We are NOT consumers, clients, partners, associates, patrons nor customers… we are people with ethnically specific Indigenous Identities & beautiful ancient cultures with ancient earth-centric spiritualities & territories at there centres… & yes, we are oh so human-beings.

  No, love is not blindness… love is when you first open your eyelids and see your likeness in your ancestors faces & the reflection of the AllFather/God that spans all space & time echoing off the mountains, clouds, forests and lake surfaces. Yes, for future generations we cry… yes… but all ethnically specific breeds of indigenous people must demand this equally! So let’s #ReWild our indigenous identities, regions & territories… for future generations of various breeds of indigenous human-beings:) And no double standards please! 

  So, we must use only what we must and refuse, reject, reconsider, reuse, repurpose, recycle… and grow & make our own from natural & biodegradable materials and barter or buy from locals… and use only domestic alternatives and reject foreign versions & globalism on every level and stop being such human-supremacists! Lol! Lets not just think of the other, but also the other species!

  We don’t need another “revolution”, Folks, what we need is more evolution and far, far, far less consumption.

Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Sharing With Understanding (Sept 28, 2020)
Remember one should not care to be “right” or to “know” but rather be seeking to *understand*. True wisdom comes more so from the understanding than the knowing. We all have our pathologies but the question must be asked, do they arise from within ones own pain-body & a product of just over own mind and thus reshaped by our own limited experience… or are they a product of the environment & hyper rationalised & critical thought processes and thus more void of basic personal experience… hopefully the latter. Clear thought comes from good data inputs too and this takes research & a lust for learning without adding ones personal baggage. Deep contemplative thought on a subject while working with ones hands or while in the outdoors/countryside is key… for there is wisdom floating it them there woods and the handy work focusses short attention spans and manipulative minds:) So be sure your rationalisations are rather void of personal experience or injury and thus more likely to be of purer quality and understanding. As well, rather than asserting what you know… try to share with understanding what you have discovered. For the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.

Some crazy & unwarranted censorship is going on these dayzzzzz, Folks! Youtube, social-media, print-media & the mass-media are all lying, pushing and selling globalist propaganda, old historical propaganda, social engineering, deconstructionism and political-correctness bull$hit! They will only leave you alone if you recite their same old shite, world war zionist mantras & marxist chants… which is the same old propaganda narratives with the same old words… and all managed by their technocrat censors, “fact-checkers” and their ever changing & popularised “political-correctness” rules. Lol…laughable! But if their censors & algorithms catch you mentioning more truthful narratives and using certain words, or chains of words, well you will be quickly shut-down, banned, shadow-banned, blocked, suspended, censored… or straight up cancelled by these zionist gangsters and their mindless marxist tools & stool-pigeons! Lol!

Always remember that #FreeSpeech is a pillar of our democracies and Republics. It is the way we flesh-out our laws, policies and public opinions and harmonise or societies perspectives. #FreeSpeech is key to any Free and Open society. Without #FreeSpeech we are all thought-criminals in some way with todays illegitimate restraints & standards that we, the Public, were never allowed to voted on. Btw: Our societies should be voting more frequently, even monthly, on various policies after being informed of their possible implementation and their many implications on our societies.

Now, political-correctness is a linguistics tool & weapon, it’s also a grammar designed to censor free thought before that thought is even fully formed, uttered/spoken or, sometimes, even fully realised. It is a form of mass-censorship and forced self-censorship which is the most hideous forms of censorship and also a form of brainwashing too… this creates a climate of fear & secrecy within a population which is toxic to any *Free & Open* society. Political-correctness is also a vailed attack on #FreeSpeech… and when it is mixed with this old & tired propaganda it pollutes peoples thought processes. Plus & strangely… why is it that all this unspeakable forms of degenerate “pornography” is free online? Well one answer is that degenerates like to spread their previsions onto others. Ok, thats true. But why is it that all this endlessly degenerate pornographic abominations and their assaults on innocence is almost completely uncensored yet many documentaries of say WW1 & WW2 are fully banned and even purged from various websites? Why is it that this pornographic psychic trash is allowed to be thrown into the human mind-scape with little to no debate? Its even targeted at children these days! Yet if someone even so much as mentions in passing, oh I don’t know, say… “marxist-zionist terrorism” or an alternative view on WW2… Oh my!… Well… that is just filthy and rotten and cannot be tolerated and it’s a complete no-go-zone that must be immediately censored, banned etc… etc? Lol! Wtf? We must all ask ourselves, Folks… Now why is this? Its because of the decades of lies and deception and their forced narratives are no longer working. That is why… and they are trying desperately to distract you and blind you from the TRUTH and to stop you from sharing with understanding.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The USSA’s Election 2020 (Sept 27, 2020)

 “What we have here is a failure to communicate” & a breakdown in Logos. Many seem to be interested in the USA/USSA elections because let’s face it, the USSA elections can create many positive and negative outcomes within our own Nations too, as seen clearly with this “BLM” thingy… so we all keep an eye on it.

  Now what is happening in the USA/USSA, & many other independent Nations, is that there is a big puppet-show on but there is basically only two puppets… Forest tRump who is backed by a zionist called Sheldon Adelson and the other puppet is Sleepy Joey who is backed by a marxist called George Soros… & both of these puppets masters (Adelson & Soros) are ethnically turkic in origin and both work together in the backstage of this billions of dollars puppet-show to further their singular marxist-zionist globalist agenda. Yes, they don’t just wring their own hands… they wring each others hands too.

  Plus the “media” especially CNBC, FOX, CNN… etc are propaganda machines and play the devil and saviour game (abrahamic dualism) for their candidates… when both candidates are neither. If you believe in all this abrahamic stuff well one could say they are alllll the devils advocates. Yes these marxist-zionist terrorist are the two hands that work together in tandem, one hand washes the other like this hand wringing & classic abrahamic-dualism and they divide and rule the brainwashed masses. These marxist-zionist globalist terrorists are always secretly working together in the back rooms of our states and Nations towards one very marxist-zionist globalist agenda. It’s really that simple, Folks.. so which puppet are you voting for? Sleepy Joe or forest tRump? Lol!

  Now, the marxist-zionist terrorists have in their employment many proxies, such as: ANTIFA, BLM, SPLC, ADL, wahhabism, mass-migration NGO’s, radicalising rightist & leftist groups, human-supremacist groups…etc… etc… and most “social media” platforms too & many others that are full of multicultural anti-indigenous neo-bolshevik supremacists. All the great African-American thinkers knew this well ie: MLK, Malcolm-X, Louis Farrakhan, Cashes Clay/Mohammad Ali… etc.. even Tupac & Michael Jackson understood and started to speak up on these forces using and abusing the African-American community to further their own marxist-zionist terrorist globalist agenda… but it was as foreboden and forbidden to speak of them then as it is now. Well, its time to use your #FreedomOfSpeech now and expose this foreign marxist-zionist globalist cabal and their deceptions, subversions, terrorism and their seditious and treasonous effects on our Nations.

  Either way you “vote” it’s time to extract and remove all the marxist-zionist terrorists and their proxies from all of our Nations elections, media and financial & educational institutions… and then peace and harmony will prevail again within our communities, societies & Nations

  France had to give way, Russia had to give way, England had to give way, Palestine had to give way, Germany had to give way… and now America/The USA is being forced to give way too this tyrannical neo-liberal globalist judeophilia which is being used & abused as a political tool and weapon by these NOT semitic but rather philo-turkic marxist-zionist terrorists! No Thanks!

  And how does COVID play into all of this? Well, it’s another tool of social engineering & deconstructionism… which was intentionally release onto the public from a lab where it had been genetically modified & bioengineered to kill off the sick & elderly largely… but also to get the public to submit to mass vaccinations & turning us all into their nano-chipped junkies. Yes, this virus was created by this same chosen few, these marxist-zionist terrorists and their ideologues and demigods. No they don’t want to destroy the Earth… actually its quite the opposite, they think they are “saving it” by eradicating most of the people on it… but leaving them & theirs of course because they are extremely ethnocentric & true supremacists… but a few of you might be left alive too… Yup… because the degenerate 00.01% always need some lost & rootless multicultural orc’s & slaves to do the cleaning up! 

Peace through intelligence ~D.R.

On: Queer Theory As The Sky Is Gently Falling (Sept 25, 2020)

As I laid in a little row boat last night cooling down from a long bastu/sauna and star gazing into the smooth surface of the pond and wherein I had just been cold plunging… I thought how feckless, callous, nihilistic & apathetic this world has become. I laid there wondering how the nativist environmentalist had been churned into the prodigal son by the oh so humanists who are always dead wrong. It reminded me of how Derrick Jensen, of Deep-Ecology, Deep Green Resistance & Human-Supremacy fame and who the FBI stalked relentlessly for his “radicle environmentalism”, and how he had merely mentioned Foucault & Queer Theory and of its many connections to pedophilia & anarchism… because he is a Professor and it was a small part of the rape culture curriculum. Yet these dogmatic marxist-zionist neo-bolshevik zealots all leaped & heaped verbal abuses and idiotic slander on top of him. I thought, hmmm how interesting… I hope these starved and deprived intellects don’t smother that gentle gentleman… because there aren’t many of these righteous souls left who will honestly critique the gender-bender extremists while still remaining a true & traditional environmentalist. Now, was he right to be left and then did they demonise & abandon him because all that was left was to be right? Personally, I’m still just trying to understand both him & them as the sky is gently falling.  

So, why do so many take so little and inflate the rest? Why do they seek to “believe”, “feel” & “know” everything but have no lust to seek understanding? Do they also just throw out an apple because it has a few bruises… and thus miss out on the ripe rest? Why not just cut around the bruise or is that too brutal for the feckless? I knew a kid once who liked the bruises… so I stopped trying to protect him from what I thought were the bullies back then… and he turned out to be the bigger but more cowardly SJW bully in the end. 

And why is it now that parents are coerced into easing up on parenting? And why are they allowing the teachers parroting to euthanise the youths innate love of learning?  Why are we all standing around watching as our societies are starting to wane… and as more & more of these youth start to think like Foucault and less & less like Mark Twain? What is lost in all this losing? Who is now the bruised and who is now doing the bruising and the bullying? Why do some see blame, skin-tone, victimhood & degeneracy as the only things worthy of preserving? Who taught them this soul sucking fear & loathing … and how will they build or engineer anything if all they have been taught is deconstructionism and social-engineering? 

I once heard this modern myth about this very careful guy who once said that he wasn’t a reckless man as he jumped off a 100 foot cliff… It seemed he was flying for a while the people observing said… and they thought him a God until gravity set in… and the bottom came a rushing in to the horror of those watching. What if I was to tell you that he wore a grey suit stitched by a witch name Ayn Rand… but on his decline it changed into a pink dress with even bows & ribbons would that make a difference to you, us or him? How about if I told you the tone of his/her skin… or the quality & character of its nature… or its gender… or the cut of its jib/chin… would it make the outcome any different to you, us, it, her or him? What if I told you that all this confusion and noise is oh so Milton Friedman Chicago School Of Economics, via the Vienna School of Economics in Wien and oh so popularised by ayn Rand and her Ayn Rand-ians…  and wherein the “I”, “me” and sexual preference is most important… when it all means absolutely nothing in the bigger scheme of things like the environment or the Nature we all residing here within?

So why is all this “climate action” really just a thin cover for gender-bending, radicle-feminism, mass-migration/invasion, revolution, repopulation…etc… etc and for selling more “woke globalism”… but never about traditional environmental actions like ending globalism, consumerism and foreign product importing and doing far, far more reducing, reusing, *refusing*, recycling and adding more renewable energy systems but really just using less of basically everything…and growing & making your own locally and finding local alternatives & options. Plus far more Wildlife Conservation, Wilderness Parks creation and rewilding our lands for Future Generations. And why exactly do they now say “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”? Oh ya, right, because the “Inconvenient Truth” is the climate is always changing, silly…. and because that “Global Warming” bull$hit wasn’t selling!

Now, Nature cares not for our gender, skin-tone, crying or squabbling… for it just is… and this my friends is the quenching after a rather long sauna session. There is no debate or denying that our societies are in decline and subsiding but the Earth will keep on spinning. As we consume and reap the great reaper stands grinning and watching. Sure it may hope that we balance our activities and harvesting only what it’s sowing… and that we might learn finally to harmonise and harness our will and passions with reason… and live within the earths finite systems… but it’s not holding its breath in the waiting. The Nature smiles at our clawing, scratching and at our arms flapping… with so many trying to hide within their own minds solar systems of beliefs and feelings. As the Nature lets out a great laugh of thunder and lightening at our savage apathy & nihilism … as it stirs the mighty Oceans and brings them down a crashing, crushing & eroding away our oh so human callousness…  knowing that future generations will be left soaked and clinging. We carry on like that careful man who believed he was flying when he was actually plummeting… no, not even a dress, gender or skin-tone identity could slow this descending. As some keep on investing and others still keep turning the wheels of destruction that keep rolling.  Oh but not you, no you turn away with eyes closed & muttering some random Asiatic prayer towards a sun that is setting.  Yes, try to abandon everything because the new doing something is doing absolutely nothing… and leave it all behind for future generations to reap the whirlwind of our degeneracy, faults & folly… as the petrochemicals & synthetic oestrogen’s molest our endocrine systems… & as our weak societies continue to focus on petty social ills, egos and irrational wills… while the sky is gently falling.

Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: R.B.Ginsberg (Sept. 23, 2020)
Banned on FB of course.

Ok, I can’t take it anymore… lol… all this glorification of this wretched beast, R. B. Ginsberg is disturbing and very unhealthy. Now usually I don’t speak ill of the recently deceased but this one I will make an exception for. I heard and seen Cherubs singing, laughing and playing their flutes & muted horns in the sunbeams reflecting off a lake I was slowly rowing across and daydream on the other day… and this is whom I’m writing this for. And as they say… “Judge and thy will be judged”. 

Isn’t it strange how this old bag hung on so tightly to life after helping out in a big way the disgraceful & sick system that seen tens of millions of babies sacrificed or slaughtered in their mother wombs? Interesting isn’t it? Maybe this “judge” was fearful of her own judgment in death? Maybe she feared all those little souls she helped to slaughter would be sitting in the jurors box waiting for this old hags arrival. Even in her youth she was hunched, hung and ladened with ill-conscience and her face was always that of an unusually cruel and decrepit beast. 

May you find no rest nor peace and wonder forever wringing your bloody gavel-less hands muttering ill will to yourself as you did in life for your defilement of the innocent… both child and mothers.

It shouldn’t be that morbid wretched beasts like this can persist in our highest courts this long, no matter their skin-tone or gender. How shameful and unethical.

As for you feckless ones… four words for you: *The Morning After Pill*. There has long been no need for this highly invasive & dangerous savagery and defilement. And further more, learn some hold & discipline and find the sacred famine again… and end your irrational quest to be mankind. You are the guardians of all that is sacred… try to live up to that now! 

I hope this is clear enough for ya… because I really hate mansplaining to people that are supposed to know better and not just have innate wisdom of what is sacred but the intuition designed to protect it too! Feckless indeed!

Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

Footnote To R.B. Ginsberg Post Above To Radicle SJW: I know you hold her up as an idol but you should pick far better “idols”. 

I know old ladies that pay and pay for stray dogs and cats and old men that bend to pet them… I know people who nurture and heal used, abused & abandoned old horses… I know people who sit and bottle feed infants in nurseries in places you have never heard of or known… I have First Nations/Native American friends who fight to preserve acres not just for them and their culture but for the other wild animals too the other denizens… I know healers and doctors who sit with the sick, dying & the infectious without fear and try to help them… I’ve known of people who held thousands of starving and sick children and men who  knelt by quietly praying for them… I know people who will take shots and weigh and prepare their food meticulously for they see animal life equally… I seen an old man sitting with his dogs head on his lap weeping as he pet him… saying “it’s ok boy” but the old dog was dead already but he thought it was still dying, it killed me to tell him… I’ve seen mothers and fathers fight off all kinds of life’s ills to protect their children… I’ve heard mothers singing their children to sleep even though they had little to nothing… but love ruled and guided them… I know high-school flunkies who care for junkies and who cry at their funerals and sometimes at their weddings… I yelled at a car speeding away from a shot to shit man as I knelt down beside him, I didn’t see his skin-tone all I seen was a man painted in the red of violence dying… I have friends who wouldn’t exist if their mothers destroyed them… I wouldn’t exist if my mother listened to the doctors who told  her that the German measles she had would deform him/me (Thanks Mom:)~XO. The verdict is still out on my deformities:)… You see, I have seen far too much to be swayed by your petty nihilism and I helped these folks as best I could because I stand on the side of love & life every time. Did you really think that I of all people would agree to the slaughter &/or sacrifice of the innocent… of little helpless babies & infants & mothers who’s conscience will forever hound them!?

 Don’t give me *your* silly interpretation of “life”… nor of where *you* think it should begin or end. Shame on you as a potential mother & women! Your callousness offends me and all other *living* things equally! Go ahead and worship your idols, Alysha, but don’t expect others to worship them too. Feckless indeed. ~D.R.

On: The Truth Of Conscience (Sept 6, 2020)
They call it the conscience or that little voice that tells you what is wrong & right, what is truthful and what is lies. Some ignore it & others amplify it by making that little voice their own voice to amplify the ethical standings and reason far and wide. Let nothing silence you, Folks. Use your conscience and peaceful ethical standing to hold the line. Use the ancient southern Pagan Greek/Hellenistic concept of Logos, the communication of reason and ethical standing, to deliver truth farther & wider. Not a truth that fit’s a lie… but a truth that stands the test of time.

Let no threat, slander or deception radicalise you or discourage you from seeking the truth in life. For to deny ones conscience is a fate worse then death. For these “deniers” I have met and they burn over the fires of regret and no decadence can cure their spirit’s discontentment… for their spirit has starts to rip from their flesh in life where usually it waits for death, at least for those of good conscience. This burning pain is known to some as the “hell” concept… but the real hell is between the ears of those of ill-conscience.

Now some roll along with it out of connivance, convenience, companionship or just out of ignorance… but these do not make a bad conscience legitimate. Just as sedition & treason are often treated to the same punishment. Well so it is too for sedition or treason of your spirit.

So enough with this semi enlightened new-age concept about how it’s just a “guilt complex”, given to you by a religion, society or a mother’s hex. Nope, that’s just an excuse one uses to get away with some more unethical bull$hit. Like the blind man who was pissing into the wind said, call it Natural Law or karma but it all comes back on ya! Lol For as there is no guilt without guiltiness, there is also no consciousness without conscience.

Let no dogma, ideology or arrogance override your humanity or dedication to truth & reality… stand & deliver and always speak clearly & freely my friends.
Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

On: Having Everything (Sept 4,2020)
The Native European people’s have everything locally already and their versions are far more healthy then the foreign imported versions. I feast in the rose-hip patches I find along the way… free super food is rare these days. The Native European people’s have raw sauerkraut as their kimchi, the organic unfiltered & raw apple cider vintage as their kombucha, the superfood Rose-hips as their local goji berries, the Wild Boar fattened off the forests floor as their “pig/pork”, the wild mushrooms & the other indigenous flora & fauna which is way better than that $hit grown in India, Africa or China. The Native European Eurasian Bison as their Native American Bison/Buffalo.
The Alps, Pyrenees, Ural’s & Carpathian’s & other ranges as their cordillera’s snow capped and towering tall above it all, the Baltic as their inside passage and inland Sea that has been sailed of course & reaped by all the Native European people’s oars, and the ancient Beech and Oak forests as their temperate rainforests that are a blessing to wonder through at a run or a stroll in the spring, summer, winter but especially in the fall.
The Native European people’s must rewild their ancient indigenous lands for future generations of Native European peoples and stop & NOT repopulate their lands with these lost foreign migrant people’s who know nothing of The Native European peoples cultures at all. Now, I know you have heard it before but the Native European people’s are some of the smallest ethnic *minorities* on the Globe!!
What people’s called invasion and colonization long ago is called “immigration” and “migration” now but it’s the same old thing as long ago. Mass-migration has always been used as a weapon. So it’s time to wise up my Native European, Folk!
Peace through Intelligence. ~D.R.

On: The Little Berliners (Aug 30, 2020)
I grew up close to a little German built town called Little Berlin. After WW1, to add insult to injury, the Canadian Gov in all its fictions decided to change its name to Kitchener who was a British empire butcher and terrorist in WW1 & before. I often think of that speech that JFK made in Deutschland where he said “I am a Berliner” and how he was referring to one thing but it meant something totally different and how the gracious Germans applauded and laughed anyway… and how the marxist-zionist terrorists were outraged! Maybe much is said to mean one thing but means another. I often think of the very German faces I grew up seeing in that little Germanic town called Little Berlin and how kind and gracious the Folk were back then. But now it’s called Kitchener by a multicultural group of lost souls who have no idea of the towns Germanic origins… or of the First Nations peoples land it sits on. Just as they are hopeless to figure out all of this below too. The Northern Native European peoples have had thousands of years of battling against these same toxic foreign forces & ideologies and have figured out who wishes to control all of humankind and destroy all indigenous identity, Native culture and earth-centric spirituality everywhere. You have had little glimpses though through such works as The Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings & Das Rhine Gold… these are very coded offerings but allude the truth to you & that this “Ring” is the circle & cycle of debt & usury… which is at the root of all these issues. The more direct and honest offerings on these “taboo”subjects have been fully censored, banned and/or manipulated/rewritten to smear & incriminate the authors & their findings too. So you will have little to no hope finding a true version now & thus making the connections and interconnections will seem fictions to you but all I ask of you is that you think on it as I will un-spin the web & offer the interconnected perspective to you too:)

Now, why did they nuke two Japanese cities? Were they testing a uranium nuke and a plutonium nuke? Yup, they sure did… but one couldn’t just say they wanted to test two types of nukes on Japanese women, children and elderly… and sit back and watch what the radiation did to them afterward. Oh no… that would be *nuts* *crazy* or psychotic more correctly. Why were these smaller Japanese cities “chosen”? Well, they had already “firebombed” Tokyo and the other larger cities to the ground which were mostly full of women, children & elderly too… like Berlin, Dresden…etc… etc which they had “circle bombed” with “firebombs”, which was early “napalm” too. Why! So the women, children & old couldn’t escape the flames… can you say “massive war crimes”. Yup, and now when the war is all but over they nuke two cities…hmmm? Yup, it was two big nuclear bomb tests… one uranium & one plutonium and they needed a excuse too… and that excuse was “Pearl Harbour”. Is this all true? It is so strange that there were mostly just the old fleet of boats and ships harboured there at Pearl Harbour. Plus, not one Japanese plane got shot down… not one dead Japanese pilot was displayed… very strange indeed. I guess the largest military on Earth just plain got caught with its pants down, right? Lol. Really? Or maybe someone knew but just let it happen?

Plus many years later they never ever mention the USS Liberty American spy ship that was relentlessly attacked by zionist terrorists in unmarked plans now did, or do, they? It’s like these turkic marxist-zionist terrorists in Palestine have something on us, eh? Lol! They sure do and these roots that bind our Nations lay in the allies terrorism & war crimes of WW2 and yesterday! Wherein we cannot mention the 60 million Native European peoples slaughtered in WW2 or at that time you couldn’t mention the Native American peoples slaughter too or the slaughter of the very semitic Native Palestinian peoples either. Oh no… but we can endlessly talk about the “chosen few”… and it was a very, very few if you do math the way I do. Or do some lives matter more then others do? Or do #AllLivesMatter still?

Strange things like how we landed on the moon but never went back… hmmm… American’s landed in Montana once long ago too… but they went back and stayed. They say “we don’t have that technical capability anymore” Oh really? Hmmm… now that’s just silly! Lol! I know it was the “cold war” and we had to one-up our *WW2 allies* the USSR who, like us, were testing our brand new Germanic rocket technologies & Germanic rocket scientists who they had illegally stolen from Germany in WW2 and that is the only reason the USSR or USA were going to get into space or to the moon. Yes on stolen Germanic rocket technologies, this is truth. Plus our WW2 allies, the USSR, had sent a monkey and some Slav’s into “space” and orbited the earth already. So it was a bit embarrassing to the USA and so someone made a bit of an over the top statement that stated the USA/USSA was going to “land on the moon”someday soon. It’s understandable, wouldn’t you say? Lol! Now, I think it was just past Barstow on my way to Vegas where one used to be able to pull off the highway and get a photo not far off the road that looks just like the terrain and background on those “Moon Landing” films & photos. It was so surreal, but they got rid of that spot along side that dark desert highway many years ago. I wonder why? Now, they should have, or could have said that they orbited the earth or the moon that would have been reasonable and sufficient too… but for some its never enough and they will go to any lengths to achieve their objectives… and so, of course, one lie leads to another lie… that leads to another lie etc… etc. Where did most of these huge lies begin? Yup, largely in the World wars, folks! Good thing to know and now understand. So no, stop eating all the hard-rock candy all the time, kids… don’t you know its’ not for eating, it’s for looking through:) Lol! That was a satirical comment on the highly consolidated “media” btw:) Get it?

And now these same marxist-zionist terrorists will try to spike this “vaccine” they developed with a nano-chip! You see, these marxist-zionist terrorists are desperate because they have lost control of their bull$hit WW1 & WW2 narrative that they created, popularised and propagated too! People are seeing through their many lies, deceptions and fictions straight through to their *war crimes* and more and more… no matter how they try to hide it, the pesky truth keeps shining through. So since the marxist-zionist terrorists highly consolidated dualistic mass-media control has failed to conceal and hide the truth… they are going for the next deception and mass control tactic… that being the nano-chip laced vaccine injected into you, you, you and you… but not into the marxist-zionist terrorist chosen few! Don’t take this nano-chip spiked “vaccine”, Folks… they are out to seriously f$#% with you! Plus it’s wise to listen to a Kennedy who tells you clearly not to get shot!

Btw, why were the Kennedy’s shot? Oh hell… I might as well fill you in there too. You see they were trying to keep these very turkic in origin marxist-zionist terrorist israeli’s away from these very Germanic rocket & nuclear technologies… after seeing what they had done, did and are still doing to the very semitic Native Palestinians! Yes, they seen them as mentally unfit & cruel as many still do & didn’t want a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. The Kennedy’s were onto their nuke program at Dimona, Palestine.

Oh how to atone for all of this bs? Should we catch the marxist-zionist ringleaders, string them up & light them on fire like they would do… just like they did to Mussolini & Gaddafi & numerous others too? I say do to these marxist-zionist terrorists what JFK & the other Kennedy’s would do. For now just the *TRUTH* will do… but it must be the whole truth & nothing but the truth this time. For all that is built on lies crumbles before the truth. Start telling the truth, Folks, and our generations, children and grandchildren may live without the blow-back & consequences of these huge cascading lies, deceptions & injustices… and their world may then know a lasting peace and finally be free of this international/globalist slavery of debt & usury!

Well, say hello to all the Folk back there in Little Berlin, Canada, eh! And always remember that we are all Berliners, whether we like it or not:) Lol! Peace through intelligence. ~D.R.

Footnote To: The Little Berliners
Kitchener was a Irish born lap-dog of the British empire’s banksters. I’m calling out one and that is Kitchener but mostly that the idiotic Canadian government changed a Germanic built cities name from Little Berlin to Kitchener…. when Kitchener neither built nor did anything in that region of Canada. The Canadian gov. used Kitchener’s name because he was in Germany in WW1. So it was just an idiotic political jab at a small ethnic group within Canada by the regressive Canadian gov. But Kitchener was no gentlemen of the guard and thats for sure!
As well, the British empire was not English…. the average Englishmen payed dearly while the British empire banksters in the City profited off both the oppressed common man both at home and abroad. Worst of all now that the British empire has imploded it’s sucking in the lost and rootless foreigners who are clinging to its remains… all the while blaming the true Englishmen who are paying for it in many, many ways even now… as the empires banksters get away with it and hide in their old Catholic churches that are now their Castles/Estates! Empire’s are always bad deals for the common man/local people.
The USSA today is in a similar place as the average man pays his taxes the empire squanders it overseas… at least under FDR, Buch Jr & Senior, Clinton, Obomber… not sure about Orange-man yet! Granted the English have gotten a super bad wrap for what the British empire did and that is bs. The English owe no one anything… if these crazies want stuff they can take it out of the Rothschild banksters and their ilk in those Catholic churches that are now their Castles or their estates… but again the 99.99% of the English own no one anything and should send all the complainers back to the lands of their ancestors.
I would add that some Nations did benefit too from the British empire but only in a few ways… like the old Anglo-Saxon Law & Order doctrine that was put in place in these colonies and after the empire imploded the indigenous people kept that very English Law & Order doctrine and I mean in some places gowns & white wigs and all, Lol… and it serves them to this day. So? I should also add that all the empires were nasty… the Persian empire, the Ottoman empire, the Mongol empire, the Roman Empire, all the Caliphates…etc!

On: So Now You Know (Aug 22, 2020)
This is for you rarities. The sheeple need not look up from their staring at the ground chewing:)

marxist-zionist terrorism is the problem, folks. They are two toxic ideologies that work together in tandem. They are the “left” & “right” hands washing each other. One washes the other and vice-versa. The marxist-zionist terrorists control both hands… and both sides of every debate, historical or present narrative, media etc…etc… they are the hedgers and the betters. Its classic abrahamic dualism and a win, win for a very tiny group, who some call the chosen few. No sorry, I don’t own a dog whistle… all the abrahamic religions are involved… but nice try, tool!

That stated the Native European peoples living in the America’s and in some regions of Europe (especially England) must wise up now & see how they are being used, abused & screwed by these marxist-zionist terrorists. Now, we can’t blame others all the time for our own naivety, fear, ignorance & intellectual laziness. The native European peoples are especially high in openness & thus very, very naive & easily deceived. Plus the intellectual soil has been made very shallow in the America’s, the USSA & in a once jolly old England & this thin intellectual soil has been intentionally denuded too. Thus nothing fruitful & truly paradigm shifting can grow in this thin & denuded intellectual soil anymore. The hollowed halls of Oxford & Harvard are particularly intellectually void, due to over a century of parroting & credentialism over rationalism. Not to mention the mindless & stifling gobs of old World war propaganda that has been heaped on top to be sure the truth doesn’t see the light of day! Thus the lack of these old Germanic understandings has been paralysing to our intellects, societies & Nations.

You see it was the Germanic’s who picked up the intellectual gauntlet from the pagan Hellenistic/s/Greeks… that gauntlet had been thrown down and defiled by the idiotic abrahamic religions & their desolate & desperate desert worshipers. Plus the Germanic’s added their own innate Heathen Germanic wisdom too. These philosophical & practical understandings were then passed on & expanded on too by the other Native European peoples. So the Hellenistic/Greeks philosophies & pagan wisdom when mixed with the Germanic’s philosophy & Heathen wisdom… plus add in the great Northern forethought… well it was, and is, an almost magical combination that inspired & drove allllll the Native European peoples far forward… leading the way for all other peoples too btw. Well, it is this incredible brilliance that made them the first targets of these toxic marxist-zionist terrorists… and their globalist agenda.

So then came the not great nor good Brother wars/World war 1 & 2 wherein over 100 million Native European peoples were slaughtered and most were of Christian faith too… and to add insult to injury most of the Germanic’s and other Native European peoples accumulation of intellectual properties, patents and copyrights were stolen, usurped, plagiarised & fakes & phony’s then took credit for what the largely Germanic’s had created, figured out & put into theoretical & practical application! So shameful & disgusting!

 No it wasn’t the Germanic DNA that figured these technical & philosophical things out… it was the “great northern forethought” that is due to environmental conditioning, which evolved a mind that could prepare & preserve to last through a long cold Northern winter. But it also took a big heaping spoonful of the Prussian Educational system that focused on critical thinking & rationalism & was completely inclusive… plus, a huge wallop of Native European Pagan & Heathen classical thought that was passed down through millennia…. and again, that has benefitted allll peoples equally today!

Now, It is not darkness these marxist-zionist terrorists wish to destroy… for they live in total darkness. No, no… It is this very Native European light that they wish to capture, plagiarise, control & conceal from the rest of humanity… who they then wish to make their slaves. These marxist-zionist terrorists conceal this incredible light so that only they can profit off it… & privately they bath in its radiant light & infinite wisdom. Wow, such selfish  degeneracy.

The ancient Pagan Hellenistic/Greek & Germanic Heathen  understanding of Logos dictates that all that is meant to bring harm will be churned, twisted, hammered & bent into good by the AllFathers hand… this is the ancient Native European peoples concept of “Natural Law” which predates the incredible Old Norse & Anglo-Saxon (All Germanic’s btw) Native European doctrine of “Law & Order” that again now benefits all of humankind today.

So, take heart, Folks…. for all that is built on lies, deceit & foolish deceptions crumbles before the TRUTH:) The cracks are clear & this ancient light is shining out & it is illuminating our world still. No dark abrahamic religious robes, Professors gowns or toxic ideology can conceal this brilliance. The light knows only the light & the darkness is always banished before it! So now you know!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Treachery Of The Abrahamic-Box (Aug 6, 2020)
Christianity comes in and destroys or coopts the ethnically specific indigenous identity, culture and earth-centric spirituality of a targeted people… and Judaism always fallows them in, as Christianity always crucifies itself eventually… or become Judaizer’s with much help from Judaism of course. Then human & natural resource extraction begins… both cultural & environmental destruction, which is a form of deep usury btw, & institutionalised usury is set-up and mass migration/colonisation is opened up too. 

Once the indigenous people are out numbered & bled dry through this abrahamic cycle/circle of debt & usury… the abrahamic’s then flood the region with a even more ethnically mixed group of lost migrants/neo-colonisers. Once they too are bled dry and start to rebel… they turn these ethnically mixed societies loose on each other through a highly consolidated media… and once they thrash each other out & divide the region or Nation down ethnic, cultural or religious lines… & they too are bled dry with more usury & debt… then more Islam is added to the mix and they instantly rise-up to finish the destruction through force & miscegenation. 

Judaism then runs away howling wolf as they strike out in pain… that they are the victims again…of course… & pitiful Christianity looks on glassy eyed barely still hanging from its cross. As the pillaging begins the indigenous run back out onto their poorest lands as they abandon their ancient cities first! And in the end the Orc piglets always start eating each other up anyway over the simplest of differences. So it works out for no one! 

You see these nasty abrahamic religions work in a continuum to destroy ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & their ancient & harmonious earth-centric spirituality & societies!

F%&$ this abrahamic-box/trap! Time to end it’s usurping and destruction of indigenous peoples… and its maniacal tirade, Folks! If it wishes to behave and stay within its temples… then fine but it must stop trying to destroy our independent societies, Nations and indigenous identities. These abrahamic religions must also stop trying to destroy each other too… especially from within our societies. I say play nice & peacefully or go back to the desert wastelands your ideologies crawled out of! We the indigenous majority will never allow you abrahamic tools, or your proxies or political ideologies, to dived and rule us. Never! 

So, what is the overall solution? All peoples, with the mind to, must find & return to their ancient & wholesome indigenous identity… to their beautiful Native Culture and their much older and wiser pre-abrahamic earth-centric spirituality again! It’s that simple!

I hope all you abrahamic’s are pissed off because that means I’ve done my job!Lol! The farmer always spreads the manure evenly on the field and this abrahamic $h#t really stinks but someone had to do it! Lol. Now, I’m no farmer… I just notice these things while looking out over the beautiful wide valleys below & watching the farmers tilling & toiling away…. while I rest from hunting the wild mountain peaks for answers:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Revolutionary Forces In America (July 30th 2020)
Simply: The marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists have compromised or bought up both the extreme political right and left in the USSA empire and these marxist-zionist terrorists thrive off of division & revolution. The USA American Republic must rise again within its own secure borders and then these marxist-zionist pedophile terrorists must swing or be jailed for treason & sedition and this includes their idiotic brainwashed proxies too… if jailed that includes with hard labour I must add. Work will set them free… after 50-80 years of it. It’s really this simple.

You see it has taken some Native European Nations a bit longer to figure out that all native European peoples lost the World wars and these marxist-zionist forces that were allowed to stand have run amuck and have pushed deep levels of deconstructionism &  social engineering on our peoples & societies. Well, its time to clean up this mess once and for all & correct the deep wrongs that are still used today to do more new wrongs. They even use the same slanderous WW2 propaganda words and the old and tired WW2 narratives too… its pathetic and laughable! This from the degenerate mouths of those who still push destruction of the family unit, which is the cornerstone of our cultures, societies & Nations…  and these marxist-zionist terrorists also push the murder/sacrifice/abortion of babies! Not to mention they push other deep social engineering concepts on gender & sexual preference & orientation …etc… etc… all the while pushing nasty pornography which is a weapon and tool of deconstructionism and full of terrible perversions designed to weaken & destroy our cultures, societies and Nations from within… for a chosen fews marxist-zionist global disorder & gain. No way, no thanks & f$%# you very much! Lol!

Yes, all gangsters change their names and use abrahamic religions to hide behind as a cover and a shield against criticism of their criminality. Well, that won’t work any longer either. The abrahamic faiths/religions are just choices of faith and will no longer be allowed to be used & abused as shelters for criminals or their crimes. It’s dogma’s are not our Laws. Our Native European great Northern AngloSaxon & Norse Laws, that protect all peoples equally, will remain the Law of these Lands and the Native European Nations.

No puppet tRump is not the “saviour” nor is he the “devil”… he is just a puppet plain and simple… and whoever’s hand is up his butt does the talking. Now BLM is not a saviour nor the devil either… they are just more marxist-zionist brainwashed proxies. Nor are these marxist-zionist terrorist, who control both sides, the “devil” either. It is just a criminal/gangster & puppet/proxy problem. The USSA is a bought up two sides of one political party system… that just won’t do any longer. The rational majority must stop getting tricked & forced into making irrational extreme choices that always favour the marxist-zionist terrorists and NOT the otherwise rational majority.

This can all be easily & quickly solved if people/citizens start to educate themselves & each other and shut of the marxist-zionist terrorists highly controlled & consolidated major network “media’s” and their “alternative media” proxies too. We must use non bias communication lines & uncensored social media to defeat this corporate “media’s” propaganda and the censorship and propaganda of their social media’s too.

The American Empire must close the gates and secure the realm. (as should European Nations too.) Then the American Republic can rise again within its own secure borders… and focus on its domestic issues and end its foreign marxist-zionist globalist terroristic adventures. We don’t need more idiotic “revolution”… we need more democratic evolution that benefits all peoples equally.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R

On: Indentured Servitude, Vigilante Justice & Guilt (July 28 2020)
Just for perspective: The word “slave” is a derivative of, and cognate to, the word “Slav” or “Slavic” who were and are a Native European people who were enslaved in such huge numbers that we actually use their name as the term for this deep form of human usury & bondage. Some scholars think that it might have been the largest slave trade in the world with many millions of Slavic people being captured by mostly the turkic tribes and mongols and sold in huge slave markets in the Middle East and yes, Africa.

The second largest slave trade is said to be the African on African slave trade that built the Pyramids and lasted for many hundreds of years…etc. After that comes the Arab-African slave trade and then way down the line comes the African slave trade to the America’s… wherein Native African’s sold other Native African’s to Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch ships bound for the America’s. Most of these African peoples were brought as slaves to South America, Central America and the Caribbean… and actually very few were brought to the USA…but even a very few is far too many when it comes to slavery! In the USA they were used mostly to pick the cotton in the south but also to work the industries of the north.

 Many Native European peoples, as well as the Slavic peoples, were also sold as slaves too… most were Celtic peoples but they used the term “indentured servitude” but it was plain old slavery indeed but just by another name. This is also true for lynchings too btw…. but as it is with “indentured servitude”/slavery… so was it with lynching. It was called “vigilante justice” when lynching a Native European person… but again it was a plain old lynching. Funny how the linguistics & language has been manoeuvred around. Do you think this may have been on purpose? I do!

I should also add that I hear people say all the time “well we need these migrants/immigrants to do the shit jobs we don’t want to do”… well this is an extremely racist statement and as our Nations are mechanising more and more it is also an untrue statement. We actually don’t need cheap labour/migrants because our Nations industries are few as of now & due to automation & mechanisation the steady laborious jobs are getting rarer not more plentiful. So? It is also an old and regressive statement that only a very wealthy handful of early American’s may have used when it came time to pick the cotton down south and man the industries up north! No the American Revolution was NOT fought to “free the slaves”… this is a bs rewriting of history that is too complex to get into here but look it up! Plus the income-tax & the cycle of debt & usury has made slaves of us all now anyway! 

Truly I can’t help but think that all this “slavery” & “lynching” etc… etc rhetoric all the time in the USA and elsewhere is used and abused, like the WW2 propaganda narrative is, as a deconstructionist tool to set the USA up for further deconstructionism and as a tool of the marxist-zionist social engineers to weave undo guilt into the minds of our peoples and the fabric of our Native European cultures, societies & Nations. Enough is enough, Folks!

No, the asiatic & abrahamic religious identities won’t cut it either & using skin-tone as root identity is only for lost and rootless peoples. All peoples must find their ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and Earth-centric spirituality… only then will humanity harmonise. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone!
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Technology, Security & Democracy. (July 18th 2020)
What if I was to inform you that you don’t choose hardly anything in your life but that your environment is changed or augmented around you from above and you are coerced into going along with it. You are then forced directly and subtly into these new environments because you are told the old environment has been destroyed or cancelled or called outdated or obsolete… or its for your health or for security…etc. But these new technological environments don’t allow you the same autonomy, freedom, privacy nor security you once had. How does one stop feeding this beast when the conditions are such that there is no other way or options outside of it’s feeding? What if we are also highly conditioned to accept these conditions and invasive measures. What then? Can a person protest what they are conditioned to accept? Could we simply revert back at some point? What if the future still lies in the past? Will we still have the needed skill sets or will we be too simplified, specialised, itemised, consumerized & dehumanised to know better?

What if everything goes cash-free? Many airlines are already. I travel in Sweden frequently and they are almost fully “cash-free” which really sucks for me… because cash is king baby! I see it as one step closer to slavery & a whole new level of unacceptable acceptability. Plus the Swedish economy is stagnant compared to the mostly cash German economy. So, whats the reasoning? Its about control NOT money. They test many such things on these poor unwitting Native Swedes btw… because they are oh so tolerant, accepting & PC.

What if I told you that you can now be tracked and traced down to not just a few metres but to a few centimetres. What if I told you that your health and wellbeing can be measured & established and your heart rate, your arousal or anxiousness evaluated… all tallied when just walking down any major cities streets. If you are wearing an apple watch much more information is possible. If you are chipped or nano-chipped all your vitals are knowable and you can be physically hacked or your health easily compromised and even some types of disease established within your once sovereign body. “No Drew” some will say… “thats just in marxist China!” Wrong again, silly. The techno biohackers are already well within the once sacred realm of the human body.

Now some would say I don’t mind if the authorities & corporations having all this access and extremely detailed information but what about if hackers have it? What if the authorities and major corporations are the hackers or are hacked? What about the many other rogue uncertified hackers too? What if criminals want to set you up or set up the conditions to harm you or others… and then set-up the circumstances to hide the truth of any given situation or crime? Not to mention how easy it would be to blackmail or compromise people.

So, is technological advancement like migration and we don’t get to vote on it, or have a say in how much and how many? Are we just to accept it without a consensus. Why is that exactly? Are we guinea-pigs to the techno-rats? Does someone or some small group of technocrats seem to think they know better then the rest of us? How is that? Are these supremacist technocrats the autocrats who now control the diplomates and thus us & our governments? If so, we must absolutely change that.

At what level does technology become vice? Just look how much degeneracy is made possible by technology. So why then do we let these techno-rat tech. giants censor our *free-speech* while being the purveyor of all this degeneracy & criminality? When does the unceasing progression of technology become undemocratic? When does technology stop serving the many for the few? Has it already? When do we see that all this technological invasiveness is not convenance nor security… but rather the opposite and enslavement?

Should we use technology to stop technological advancement until we are allowed to vote on it & it’s prevalence? Or will it’s unceasing march pervade and overshadow humanities disenfranchisement? For as it is with ideologies, so it is with technologies… we must NOT let them overrun our humanity. Peace Through Intelligence!~D.R ~D.R.#technology#security#democracy#TechnologicalDemocracy#BigTech#Bigtechcensorship#PrivacyMatters#privacy#datamining#internetprivacy#hacking#biohacking

On: And Here We Go Again (July 16th 2010)
The marxist-zionist terrorists are fine with their proxies NOT social distancing and marching/parading in mass down our streets blithering & yelling out mindless marxist mantras while a radicalised few destroy & loot mom & pop shops and monuments are tumbled as they march by on their way through… like in the days of mao, lennin, trotsky & stalin… like all marxist-zionist terrorist brethren do… its regressive & nothing new…. just like in 1917 Russia & WW1 & WW2.

As the marxist-zionist terrorists multi-national corporations fuel, fund & feed their marxist proxies from above & below & from the very top breaking records for profit during these prescribed hard times. Yup, pushed and funded from the bottom and the top! It makes a Brother say, wtf?

No but you all must mask up and stay 6 feet apart and stop gathering in small groups to feed your spirits and souls…. for the marxist-zionist terrorists want more & more control! I say F$%& you very much:) Now back to your usual broadcast:)… fear, fear, fear…threat, threat, threat… shelter in place, shelter in place… and poor, poor, pour yourself another cup of victimhood complex… oh no… “LOOK” the neo-bolshevik dogs howl “wolf!”…. and BLM & ANTIFA cry out in pain while swinging their nazi sticks doing their nazi schtick because some folks don’t believe in them or their marxist-zionist bull$hit… wow… how desperate, tiresome & pathetic.

As our already wilfully segregated societies divide further and our cities burn but these marxist-zionist terrorists know they can flee/transfer & no need for an havaara agreement this time, they can just fly to their zionist terrorist state of mind on the very semitic Native Palestinians land in occupied Palestine. As they did the last time in WW2 when they tried & cried but now its their brainwashed proxies and our low-trust melting-pot societies that will be left to boil over and fry! And it’s an experimental rna vaccine pushed by a Dershowitz & its laced with a nano-chip by straw-man Bill Gates for the trusting fools… a departing gift from the chosen few! Same old, same old! What? F$%^ me? No, no F%$# you! Lol! Don’t be fearful… Share Widely… its just a bit of fiercely honest calamity comedy! *Not for the regressive or feeble minded* Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: The Reality & Gravity Of The Situation (July 12th 2020)
The Native European peoples are far, far more then just “white”. All peoples are far more then just their skin-tone. And again, #alllivesmatter is still just about right & wrong & NOT about skin-tone at all. Only lost & rootless tools use skin-tone as root identity btw.

The silly abrahamic religions (Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafarianism & their cults: kabbalah, Sufism, masonic etc..) are just similar religions, they are not “races” or blood types or land bases etc… they are just abrahamic religious ideologies. No peoples are chosen or unchosen. That stated these abrahamic religions all have small groups of individuals who operate deep forms of usury to enslave the larger group of peoples. Abrahamic religions are also used to entrap & glue together different large groups of peoples into a multi-ethnic & multicultural people… for reasons of empire, colonisation, subjugation, miscegenation, usury & more deeper forms of globalisation.

Now there is a small group of marxist-zionist terrorists who could be called just “white” for that is what they use to hide behind and the only thing some of them have in common with the Native European peoples… but to be very clear, these marxist-zionist terrorists are NOT Native European peoples. Plus all this skin-tone identity is just one of their propaganda deceptions. Although they do have a large group or mixed peoples that they use & abuse as their entitled victim-class proxy terrorists & propagandists. So if you are one of these don’t be a orc & traitor to your people for dollars, shekels, pounds, riyal, rubles…etc. Don’t be an orc for marxist-zionist globalism!

We must expose & disavow usury on all levels. The use of Capital at very low interest rates is normal… but usury/financial-slavery is completely unacceptable. All peoples should stop paying income tax until usury is stamped out like a grassfire & unable to raise its nasty head again! Remember, the ring in Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit and in Das Rhine Gold is the circle/cycle of debt & usury. We were warned many times & long ago. This CORONA virus is being used to put all of our Nations into deep debt to this handful of globalist banksters based largely in London & NYC! No Way!

All Native European peoples (Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic’s, Slavic, Hellenistic & Italics) must all understand that these marxist-zionist terrorists hate us for historical reasonings. Plus they are teaching other peoples to hate us too. All other Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere must understand that if these marxist-zionist terrorists are successful in destroying us…. you will be next!

They can’t destroy us because the Native European peoples are invincible and we will shut the gates and #ReWild Europe/our indigenous lands & NOT repopulate it with lost souls, for it is for our future generations of Native European peoples!Did you miss me? Lol!! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R. #EndMigration#endmarxism#endculturalmarxism#NativeRights#indiginouseuropeans#NativeEuropeanPeoples#EndZionism#FreeSpeechMatters#FreeSpeech#nativeeuropeanculture#gohomeandrebuild#freedom#peace

On: Censorship & Imbedded Rats (July 12th 2020)
Well that was fun Folks! Excuse but I had to pull a but of a fake to get some of these slanderous marxist-zionist terrorist cockroaches to show themselves:) Lol!! I rooted out most of them but their will be more lurking & ringing their filthy little lecherous hands somewhere! Lol! So if you are indeed one of these lecherous ziotard trolls just bail & go find people who care about your silly backward & regressive views and ideology. Bye… bye! Your backward marxist-zionist ideology has overrun your humanity. Plus your sad & entitled victimhood complex & self-loathing isn’t helping you one bit:(…..

So we must secure some other communication lines. I am opening accounts on other truly free speech SM platforms and I will have accounts there where you can find me for some more Peace Through Intelligence ramblings!

#FascistFaceBook is a marxist-zionist spy machine and so is #Twitter & Instagram… they ban me and many many others randomly & regularly. Youtube… is screwtube and is deleting content constantly.. so use *BrandNewTube*, *Bitchute* & Dlive to share video clips etc. These other SM platforms are all anti-free-speech & constantly & randomly shadow-ban, censor & purge peoples content & opinions. Total scumbags! Lol! So, what do they fear? They fear rational & informed debate… like most fools and tools do. They want to control the twonsquare and they demonise anyone that doesn’t go along with their marxist-zionist $hitshow! Lol! They despise uncensored, rational & informed debate and opinions which are the cornerstones of our societies and democracies.

These anti free-speech SM sites/platforms must be broken up and scattered to the 4 winds now. Use these anti-free-speech SM platforms to destroy them and for nothing else for they are selling your personal information to corporations and foreign governments services without your informed consent! No way!Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

On: SM Banning Over General Patten Quotes (June 10 2020)
Ask yourself why does a General Patton quote scare the heck out of these lying marxist-zionist propagandists?

I wonder what the ethnicity, indigenous identity and religion is of these marxist-zionist terrorist censors and where they hail from? I have people working on finding that out but it’s not rocket science.

So this is just one of 4 photos I just got censored for again last night by these marxist-zionist terrorists at #FascistFaceBook! They are from really old posts too btw.The funny & usual thing is I just debated two ignorant marxist-ziotard trolls and debased their racist & supremacist views, as usual, and then as usual I get censored (sometimes banned) it’s always happens this way. It’s bad form and pathetic on their part and it also gives them away:)

The funny thing is I am carefully in the squeezing of their little hands. This is the threat… I don’t just defeat them, I know enough to turn them! Lol!

To be clear I do NOT lionize any of the leaders or officials that pushed the Native European peoples into brothers-wars that slaughtered 100 million Native European peoples, who were largely of Christian faith, in WW1 & WW2 for marxist-zionist bankster profits who were, and are still, based in NYC and London!

Nor do I idolize any of their military commanders or generals… who all committed huge war crimes against the Native European peoples… all were used and abused and complicit in these two huge genocides of largely Native European peoples of Christian faith… which is a faith that couldn’t even stop brother on brother slaughter. WW1 and WW2 were neither great nor good wars…. and most of what you have been taught and told about these wars/genocides is lies and just old propaganda which is full of more holes then all the poor dead Native European soldiers that had to fight their brothers in these genocidal wars for marxist-zionist terrorists interests! Yes, no matter what they tell you #AllLivesMatter not just the chosen fews… same now as then! It’s about right and wrong not religion or skin-tone!

Now, who benefitted? You got it… the marxist-zionist globalist terrorists & banksters based in London and NYC profiitted emensly! Plus a few new illegitimate “states” were set-up on other people’s lands too!

But at least Gen. Patton started to enlighten, due to his very bright Native European conscience, and started to tell the truth about that horrible slaughter and destruction of what he came to see were his brothers and sons. So they murdered Patton for it! But his words and quotes live on!, so pass them on, and on, and on, and on… not to lionize him or them but as a warning for future generations to come.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.
#AllLivesMatter#EndMarxistZionism#TheLiesThatHollywoodAndMediaTellYou#banksters#GeneralPatton E Michael Jones

On: Kungflu Or Bioweapon & Nature Cures Everything (June 8th 2020)
Look folks, get out of those shities/cities and connect with Nature. All this urbanization & globalization is nasty and unhealthy. I’m just hard chillin within Nature… on the sea and in the forest daily! Where I am it’s very harmonious and the villages still have super high social trust and people know who they are and what they are about. It’s very relaxing to not be surround by peoples who are always playing their victim cards all the time! Remind them that entitled victims only make one thing and that is more victims. So tell them to smarten up, fly right and get on with it and stop making bad choices no matter their skin-tone!

As for the marxist-zionist cult that is on the march… well, it’s still not about skin-tone, it’s about right & wrong and social engineering. If they try to publicly shame you into participating, just remind them that is exactly what all cults try to do and that you are not interested in getting rolled up in race-baiting, a race-war or their other racist issues for marxist-zionist terrorists interests. Remind them that this is about what is right and what is wrong & that has nothing to do with skin-tone.

All lost & rootless peoples who don’t know their origins just use skin-tone as their identity. That is pathetic & racist. Many Native European peoples in the America’s especially do this! Notice how the First Nations peoples don’t use skin-tone to solve their much more difficult & harsh issues around colonization? Nope they don’t and they never pull the victim card either! Why? Well because the First Nations peoples know their true indigenous identity, native culture and earth-centric spirituality of their ancestors and are noble peoples and not ignorant racists! These are key points here that must be understood!

So, don’t fall for it! Find your ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and earth-centric spirituality and get on with it!

Oh yes, and enough with the moral superiority… that is a deep form of supremacy btw! So please give us all a break and fix your own issues within and try NOT to dump your trash on others lawns! Thankx! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.
Native Lives Matter

On: The Pushing & Pulling (June 6th 2020)
Is this about protest, criminality or some kind of marxist cult? It’s definitely not about the wrongful death of Mr Floyd no matter what you believe, feel or felt. I smell the stench of Abrahamic dualism wherein half are demons and the other half are saviours… when both are neither. As the dealers are manically laughing at what the rest of us are dealing with because of what we’ve been dealt.. but the casino is funding our division, the game is rigged, fixed so stop digging and lets help each other out!

I’m tired of watching the animals eat each other… I pity both the ignorant & starved predators and defenders. I’m weary of watching them be jeered on from the sidelines by emasculated zionist-marxist swine as the spoiled piglets brawl and roll in the muck beside them.

I grow sleepy hearing the vampent words out of the mouths connected to unconscious brains that are more akin to unsophisticated Roman coliseums where bipolar idiotic egos emotionally slog & battle it out with witless dull blades rather than find rational compassionate humanist solutions.

Then they tell me how cold and brutal I am as I yawn another response to their racist blitherings and ignore their ignorant zionist-marxist bolshevik slander and dog whistling, reminding these boy-men that only dogs can hear them! Lol I’m chuckling of course because they are so hilariously annoying. I finally just say “look liars, just look at the numbers.” Ok. I know you are so offended and find it all so offensive as you stoke the fires of your righteousness with your moral superiority complexes! Lol! Pleeeeassse give it a rest your just zionist-marxist pricks, princesses, proxies and terrorists!

I look where most of these unintelligible grunts hail from and see quickly where their victimhood cards were issued and by whom and where their superiority, & exceptionalism complexes grew out of and where they now act like beggars & not like the trustees of their ancestors & future generations due to zionist-marxist deceptions.

I peer into the eyes of the various lost souls cowering & clinging to the dead empires they love to hate but they cling anyway & they still find shelter and comfort in their victim-class mentalities as these now trust-less adopted societies are fracturing & get blamed for everything by rootless & lost peoples who hate colonialists as they are colonizing and their only identity is now just the pigmentation of their very, very thin skin and the hatreds they hold within for the others is all they now have in common. They scold us with old carnage and fill their sails with hate but they have taken the same voyage and stumble across the same ice where the ones they scold now skate. Laughable in their simplicity and in time they will meet the same hate filled fate.

So snap out of it, your victim cards are maxed out and expiring and you are in deep debt to this zionist-marxist cult that is using, abusing and robbing you of your everything & your future generations. So don’t get divided and ruled by them and their age old usury and time tested deceptions!

The weary, sharp-eyed but ancient old guard still look on but they are compelled to nod, take a knee or look away as the moral superiority is being endlessly preached at them by those who have yet to build or do anything. They know the lies & deceptions but they nod anyway knowing that if they tell the truth now they will be called “nazi’s” or supremacists by those who are still doing nothing but thieving, stealing, robbing, burning, looting and murdering. I smile at the old guard as I know we are both thinking the very same thing. Are these the societies that “won” the not so great or good wars? Could it be we lost it all in our winning? Could it be that our winning was in application our loosing and undoing? Did we fight our brothers for the enemy within? It’s understood in the classics, legends and old writings that all men loose & defeat themselves as they defeat their own brothers. Can the spirits of the tens of millions of fallen be awakened again to defend our common shores and Nations?

Awww it’s all so yawningly telling. Oh yes, I’m yarning tired! Lol! So I must wish you allll a gracious good night and that you find peace within yourselves and with one another as I go to that dreamless land of the ancestors to commune with them again and come up with some more hyper rational & logical solutions.

Peace through intelligence because all this emotional ignorance isn’t working. ~D.R. #AllLivesMatter#MarxistZionismIsTheProblem#EndGlobalism#ItsNotblackAndWhiteItsAboutWrongAndRight

On: The Racey Racists: (June 5th 2020)
All this talk of “race’s” used to mean a person was racist! I don’t get it! I think the best way to address these tensions are by explaining it like breeds… like dog breeds, no offense to dogs! Lol. Anyway, the human race has various breeds just like dogs do. I know the scientific view of the 4 races but thought it dated. This “breeds” concept is easier to understand. You are welcome.

Then the question is in regards to ethnicity and indigenous culture and spirituality and land rights and title. Well if we use the model set up in Canada to solve this issue with the First Nations peoples (Truth & Reconciliation Program)… well it should be the same for any other indigenous peoples too… no matter their skin tone or region!

From what I understand so far is that the only people who disagree with this are the lost and rootless people who still use just their skin tone as identity! This is a big problem in the America’s especially!

As to this slavery issue: Most peoples have been enslaved at one time or another. The word slave is cognate to Slav/Slavic which is a Native European people from central Eurasia that were enslaved in huge numbers and sold south. As for the slavery in the America’s most African slaves were sold in South & Central America and the Caribbean and only the very rich could afford them. In the USA slavery was very rare at only around 6% and only the very extremely wealthy could afford them. That said even some people of African decent had slaves but this was a very few. Most African slaves were sold into slavery by other Africans btw! Just a heads up! Please read this post again, to be sure it sunk in. Slavery is an appropriate topic to cover in this post… for slavery is the main historical gripe used and referenced constantly as the excuse for everything! Its like the old and tired WW2 propaganda narrative for the marxist-zionist backed African American movements and their brainwashed victim-class proxies.
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Neo-bolshevism Marxist Zionist Terrorism: (June 4th 2020)
These treasonous neo-bolshevik marxist zionist terrorists & provocateurs are using & abusing African-Americans and others as their proxies! Don’t be a neo-bolshevik bitch! They also go under the hate brand name of “ANTIFA” and BLM as well as other names! This same marxist-zionist bolshevik ideology did the same in Russia at the close of WW1, wherein they then went on to slaughtered 65 million true Rus style Russians. They are trying to do the same in Europe too!

Anarchy & marxist-zionist terrorists know no boundaries! Don’t be fools and tools of these treasonous zionist-marxist terrorists or their proxies! They must all be rounded-up and prosecuted to the maximum for treason and sedition! Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.
#alllivesmatter @saveeuropa @native.europeans @scandinatives

On: True Crime (June 4th 2020)
Here you go, folks! This is truly tragic and this poor old guy did NOT deserve to go down like this over the senseless looting of idiot-boxes/tv’s! This kid that stayed with him is a gem for calling out these murderous looters, arsonists and killers to their faces and trying to desperately keep this poor old retired Police Chief with us! I wish I could jump into that scene to help them! But I would need a M-16 with me because let’s face it those murderous looters are also racists, nuts or both and would have tried to shoot me too and most likely just for my skin tone!

Such ignorance and depravity must face the full force of the law! Share this clip and let’s catch these murderous creeps and lock them away for life! Let’s be sure this compassionate and brave gem of a kid that stayed with this dying man and called out his killers to their faces gets notoriety and some king of citizens reward for being so honest, brave and compassionate!

Again, #AllLivesMatter and making all of this about people’s skin tone is zio-media racist-propaganda! It’s not “black & white” it’s about wrong & right!Plus, African-American on African-American murder & crime is the highest in the Nation! Why no outcry & outrage? Why no “protests”? I call bull$hit every time I see double standards!

This is so senseless! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R. #AllLivesMatter#AllPeoplesAreFarMoreThenTheirSkinTones#TimeToTakeDownTheHighlyConsolidatedZionistMedia

On: Uncivil War (June 3rd 2020)
Yup, all lives still do matter, folks. Didn’t you know it’s racist to call Chinese people “yellow” and First Nations peoples “Red Skins” so why then is it ok to call Native African people’s and Native European-peoples just “black and white”? Anyway, all peoples are far, far more then just their skin tone, so time to snap out of it and stop seeing the world like a silent movie from the 1920’s… in terms of just “black and white”. This color coding everything is totally irrational. Now if you see yourself as just “black or white” well that is because you are just one of the hundreds of millions of lost people that have no idea of their own origins or ethnically specific Indigenous identity, Native Culture & Earth-centric spirituality. Well it’s time to fix that and stop using all these fake substitutions… like nationhood, religion, race, sexual preference, music genres, pop-culture, sub-culture, counter-culture, consumer brands, corporate culture, fake genders, idiotic ideologies like marxism and alike, political parties, job title, sports teams… etc… etc these are all fake identities! So find your ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture & earth-centric spirituality quick because not even grass can grow without roots!

In the America’s many different peoples live in a very experimental multi-culti and multi-ethnic society built atop the broken bones of First Nations genocide! Can a home be righted if its foundation is crumbling? No, it can’t… so in the America’s you must first fix the foundation and go from there. #FirstNationsFirst#NativeLivesMatter Oh yes, and btw I find it hilarious when 3rd world migrant-neo-colonialists show up in the America’s and rant & scold about the colonisation of old from long ago when they are in the America’s now doing the very same colonization thing, but get all the benefits of our open modern societies, cash and modern Native European laws that protect us allllll. But neo-colonization is far worse because it’s happening now in modern times, like right now! Wow, what slanderous double standards!

So now what? Riot, burn, loot and assault innocent passersby’s because you are so ignorant, lost and rootless that you think that this is justice now? Wow, crazy irrationality and it was spoon-fed to you by the highly consolidated zionist-media. Yes these are not your thoughts they were planted in your thick skull and they are very unoriginal! Plus, these neo-bolshevik marxist zionist terrorists & provocateurs (like ANTIFA & others) are organizing these riots and using and abusing African-Americans and the media/entertainment industry brainwashed citizens as their proxies to create anarchy in which they can then gain further and deeper control over our societies! Remember anarchy knows no sides nor does revolution… and the piglets always end up eating each other any way… but only after they destroy the targeted society and murder and ethnically cleansed tens of millions of their rivals! As seen clearly in Russia at the close of WW1!

So remember if you are involved in this rioting and you have never even actually created or built anything with your own hands before and you “feel” like destroying stuff gets your point across… well wrong, it doesn’t! You are just a emasculated and frustrated zio-media brainwashed bitch! If this looting, burning and assault of the innocent is indeed your reasonings here… you are very, very low-iq and will be lawfully prosecuted & jailed! So smarten up! Burning, looting and assaulting innocent people in the streets are not forms of legitimate protesting… they are just criminal acts and you will be hunted down and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law and so will be your neo-bolshevik marxist/zionist organizers, handlers and agent provocateurs!

The fact is the multi-culti and multi-ethnic America’s model experimental societies were not designed to fail but were augmented in the 1950’s on to indeed fail. So they have been failing, breaking down & degrading for a while now. So now what? I say firmly stop the destruction and victimhood excuses! Start a very honest, rational conversation and come up with a peaceful plan and educate the public on the future of these America’s model societies and stop the cascading victimhood and excuses! Only the naive, compromised and brainwashed victimhood classes will ever accept these excuses but let me be clearer here… the rational hand that quietly guides our societies forward will never accept these excuses.

So, in the future, peaceful Balkanization or semi-autonomous states maybe the only way to correct this mess. But again it must be a peaceful Balkanization or semi-autonomy states with clear borders and great humanitarian care given to its peaceful execution. Sadly that may be the only answer in the not so distant future if independent harmonization doesn’t work.

Now, I grew up in a huge multi-culti & multi-ethnic, social-engineered, America’s model experimental society and luckily I could harmonise well enough but I could see early on the fractures that run through our experimental societies and have seen these cracks widening down ethnic, cultural and religious lines with much help from these treasonous neo-bolshevik marxist/zionist terrorists within!!

So, I say more indigenous/First Nations governance in the America’s and if you don’t like it and can’t harmonize then go back to the lands of your own ancient or recent ancestors and find your roots and stay there! The west doesn’t need $hit disturbers it needs Peace Keepers to end this treasonous uncivil war! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Which Side Of The Line (May 31st 2020)
No matter which side of the line you stand on in this burning and looting revolution of unwitting idiots, let me be extremely clear and exacting here. There are only a handful of individuals that have done the historical work to be able to see how and why these latest events are unfolding in the way they are. Those who designed these toxic conditions and unleashed these destructive forces and those who are exposing them are neck and neck and so these unethical scoundrels have turned up the heat in an attempt to regain control of the propaganda narrative they created during WW1&2! So now they are using their media to turn up the heat and stir-up the multi-culti and multi-ethnic melting pot societies getting them to boil over!

Yes, you got it. It is this handful of treasonous zionist terrorists within who are the ones who have built-up and unleashed these destructive forces in the USSA and elsewhere. Yes, it is by inorganic design and not by organic circumstance. They use their many puppets and tools to set-up these conditions over time and then use a unfortunate event and their media to unleash these toxic forces on society and against humanity. Their oldest tool is divide and rule. So wise up you fools! Remember that *zionism is a globalist ideology* disguised as a Nationalistic ideology!

So you can strip each other naked and slaughter each other like blind abrahamic tools or you can wise-up and butcher these sacred cow myths, lies and propaganda and drive this handful of globalist zionist-trolls from your Nations or into prison. So, those are your options… now which is it?

Don’t think they will compassionately relent… they won’t, they will watch millions die and still see themselves as the victims! They will scream out in pain as they slaughter you with their time tested deceptions & manipulations! You may ask… But why would they do this? Because their foolish and selfish ideology has overtaken their humanity! That’s why! Plus they know how weak the nationalistic and abrahamic glue is that tries to unite the various multi-culti & multi-ethnic peoples in our experimental societies and rather new nations in the America’s. So smarten up and stop basing your opinions off of just symptoms. Start with the root issues and go from there. See through the sound-bite fictions and hear the peace through the noise… listen to the wisdom and reject the medias blatherers and their blithering’s! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Live Music Censorship (Feb 10th 2020)
I think it’s hilarious when the odd venue I perform at thinks that my pointed jokes about consumerism, cultural marxism, the abrahamic’s, globalisation, destruction of Indigenous Identity & Native Culture and environmental destruction… etc… are “edgy” because I also sing about the alternatives to this destruction and all the beauty and blessings too!

Well, for a few, I’m too “racy” or “too political”? Lol! Then when they turn on the piped-in “programmed” and very popularized “music” out comes the same mind numbing beat and the nasty self-loathing mantra’s begin… that say and sing about all kinds of unspeakable degeneracy, perversion, drugs, nihilism, women and gals become bitches & hoes and men turned into emasculated degenerates and many other forms of soul sucking debouchery spills out… etc. Wow, what boring trash that is and it also serves to destroy our Indigenous Identities & Native Cultures too but I am the “edgy” one or the “political one”! Lol!

Well, a huge hug and thanks to all the other majority of venues that support and enjoy my mocking growls, witty ridicule and my sharp jokes in the face of all this apathy, nihilism, distraction, deconstruction and straight up destruction of all that makes humanity beautiful and graceful. Sorry but Skáld Rekkr doesn’t keep quiet in the face of all that is out to degrade and destroy us.

As well, why is it “ok” and oh so “Rock n Roll” or “cool” when it’s all about deconstructing and destroying our societies and ethnically specific Indigenous Identities and Native Cultures? Why is being a desperate destructive idiot rebel without a cause, ok? It ‘s not! It’s for the creatives, artists and musicians to thoughtfully stand up to this destruction and creatively call it out and sing of all the beauty in our ethnically specific indigenous identities, Native Cultures and earth-centric spirituality & Nature’s wonders… etc..etc… we cannot fold and deem it “too political” to even just mock the social engineers destruction and their distractive agents of chaos. No thanks and no way!

I for one will go on as I always have standing and delivering and creatively slaughtering those sacred cows & protecting & preserving all that is beautiful, historical, gracious, mortal and immortal and that blesses us and my Native European peoples. We must all continuing to point the way forward! Don’t let the social engineers & deconstructionists corrupt your cool, kids & folks! All that is old is new again… and it belongs to future generations! Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

On: Honouring The Ancestors (Jan 1st 2020)
How long will we let them kill our Indigenous Native prophets and let them steal and appropriate our Native Indigenous cultures & accomplishments and defile, deface and vandalise our sacred monuments? How long until we say enough, enough? I already said it and a long time ago:)

Don’t fall in love with the grapple, be creative, win and move on to the next target. Be a warrior in the garden, not a gardener in a war. For we all sow what we reap and reap what we sow. There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself. Life is worth nothing unless you can see it through a dead mans eyes. Use Natural Law and apply the old Germanic & Norse laws & be patient, efficient, precise and deeply intolerant of those who try to destroy what your ancestors created.

Be very clean in your dealings. Use a Prussian doctors precision & attrition and a Nordic Shamanic healers supernatural ways in both your creating and destroying. Give to the Earth, not to the invader. Give no quarter for the desperate, usurious & usurping souls we battle hold no quarter… & always remember, If we honour our ancestors they will chisel our names in stone. If we dishonour our ancestors they will piss our names in the snow:)
Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

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