Below are educational resources for the Indigenous/Native European Peoples: CELTIC, GERMANIC, NORDIC, BALTIC, SLAVIC, GREEK/HELLENISTIC & ITALIC peoples. I developed many of these dialectical concepts, optics & linguistically engineered phrases initially to help the Native American peoples in the America’s but am now focused on using them to help The Native European peoples in Europe! Of course other Indigenous/Native peoples can apply these same concepts to their own Rights & Land Title issues & benefit from them too. No more double standards, Folks!

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The Native European peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on Earth. The Native European peoples must now work together to secure the realm/Europe. They must preserve & protect their unique & ethnically specific Indigenous identities, Native Cultures & the their European/Central & Western Eurasian sacred homelands. It’s time to #ReWild Europe NOT repopulate it with lost & rootless peoples… who must stay in, or return to, their own ancestral lands & preserve & protect their own peoples indigenous identities & Native cultures from the same globalist forces that wish to destroy all ethnically specific Indigenous peoples & their Native Cultures.

All Native European peoples must be wary, critical & highly sceptical about any source relating to historical perspectives on the Native European peoples. There is much anti-Native European propaganda out there these days. There are many out to rewrite our legends, myths, belief systems & ancient histories. Much corruption is also going into hiding or extrapolating out the Native European peoples indigenous identities & claims to their Fatherlands of Europe/Central & Western Eurasia. These sources below seem fairly accurate & legitimate but you must use your own intellect & inane knowledge & understandings to absorb, rebut or reject these perspectives. Please let me know if you know of any other trustworthy sources that you can recommend. For the Ancestors & future generations of Native European Peoples!

*Counter-culture, urban-culture, sub-culture, corporate-culture, pop-culture, asiatic or abrahamic religions etc… etc… are NOT indigenous identities nor are they “cultures”. They are just deceptive tools used to blot-out & destroy all ethnically specific indigenous identities & true Native Cultures. These fake-identities & sudo/fake-cultures are also use to satiate indigenous peoples need for their own ethnically specific Indigenous Identity & Native Culture. *

Snorri Sturluson: “The Prose Edda”, also known as the “Younger Edda”, “Snorri’s Edda” or, historically, simply as “Edda”
Unknown Icelandic Author: “Völsunga Saga”
Unknown: “BEOWULF” The Old English epic poem.
Arthur Schopenhauer: All of his writings especially “The World As Will & Representation”
Richard Wagner: “Das Rheingold” and the rest of “Ring Of The Nibelung” & translations of the opera of the same name.
Anonymous Germanic poet: “The Song of the Nibelungs”
Fredrick Nietzsche: All his writings but especially “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” “Übermensch”
Martin Heidegger: “Being & Time”
Hegel: “Lectures on the Philosophy of History” & his other works.
Madison Grant: “The Passing Of The Great Race”
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Gulag Archipelago” & “200 Years Together”
Professor E. Michael Jones: All his books especially “Libido Dominandi”, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” & “Barren Metal”.
All The Greek/Hellenistic Classics by Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, Parmenides…etc.
Read Alternative Perspectives on WW1 & WW2 by Historical Revisionists like David Irving…etc.
Kevin MacDonald: “The Culture Of Critique”
Careful with your author selection & read up on the ancient histories of the Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenistic/Greek & Italic peoples.
(Skip all the turkic & semitic writers)

~ The Indigenous Native European Peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on Earth with tiny land-bases/territories. Most migrants/immigrants/colonisers in Native European peoples Nations are from vast regions/territories filled with over 1 billion of their own indigenous people.

~ We must ReWild our traditional homelands & put our money into repairing & rewilding the environment NOT repopulate our lands with migrants/colonisers/invaders.

~ The Native European peoples are as indigenous/Native to Europe as the Native American peoples are to the America’s.

~Use the term *Repatriation of migrants back to the lands of their own ancestors.* Instead of just “deportation” or “send them home” etc… wherever possible.

~ Loving & respecting one’s own people doesn’t mean one must hate other peoples. No, NOT at all. In fact, if one doesn’t love & respect their own people they are incapable of respecting other peoples. Just like in how one must love & respect themselves to love & respect another.

~ Modern labels are silly usually but don’t allow others to label you. Now, there is nothing wrong with being a peaceful Nationalist or even an Ethno-Nationalist but being a **NATIVIST** is a much wiser, clearer & more connected option. A “Cultural & Ethnic Realist” is also acceptable. Indigenous-Identitarian is pretty good too but “Native European peoples or person” is better & stating clearly that you are a Native Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenistic or Italic is best. Of course you must know clearly that you are indeed one of these. The Native European peoples are often a mix of these Tribes or sub-groups.

~ The word “race” is a very loaded term now and it’s old scientific meaning has been so abused, misused & negatively affiliated & appropriated that I find it wiser to just use the term “breed” or “breeds” now. Yes, like in dog or horse breeds. Human’s are very much the same… we just have various breeds within humanity and even more ethnic & cultural differences as well as some physiological & psychological differences due to environmental pressures over millennia in different regions/territories. All these differences should not just be tolerated but be respected, honoured & celebrated actually and so they should all have their own territories and boundaries to do so within. All peoples should celebrate their indigenous identities within their own ancestors/peoples territories, regions or nations. Well, that was easy.

~ Native European peoples are NOT just “white people”. They are far, far, far more then just their skin-tone/”white”. Only lost & rootless peoples use skin-tone as root identity. Learn your ethnically specific Indigenous identity & it’s Native Culture, traditions, myths, legends, spirituality… etc.

~ The Native European people’s are the most diverse peoples on earth already with the greatest range in physical features & hair, skin & eye pigmentation. The Native European people’s features & pigmentation were shaped over millennia in the low-UV light & cooler temperatures of their individual geographical territories & regions of Europe/Western-Eurasia. The Allfather/God doesn’t make mistakes… the Native European people’s are beautiful and perfect just as they are, as are all other peoples too.

~ Supremacy, entitlement, privilege…etc… etc is found mostly in religions, especially the abrahamic religions, but it is also found in every ethnicity, culture, nation, region and territory on Earth. It’s actually extremely ignorant, bigoted & racist to say that only one people has these traits.

~ If Native European people…or any other Native person, wants to help the 3rd worlds billions or any other foreign people… well they can move to these foreign Nations & help them there. They have no right to destroy their own peoples Indigenous identity or territory… or to try & force others to help with their “charity”. For our Indigenous identity, Native Cultures & territory/Nations are not ours to destroy or “diversify” they are to be preserve & protect for future generations of our own indigenous people. This applies to all peoples. Some Indigenous peoples hate their own ethnicity, culture etc… they are cultural suicide cases. They prefer to try & force others to accept their views & to destroy with them… but the wise reject them, their self-loathing & defend against their destruction. Even if these types go abroad they will be rightly rejected by the Indigenous foreign peoples & Native cultures they come across & who they will try to appropriate from… because no one likes a traitor… and no one will ever trust a traitor… & rightly so. For if one doesn’t love & respect their own indigenous identity & Native Culture…etc… they will NOT respect other peoples indigenous identities & Native Cultures for very long either. Beware the usurious ilk with deep self-loathing, entitled victimhood complexes & their lost & brainwashed victim-class proxies who creep within our indigenous societies & Nations. They are never to be trusted and its best to cast them out now before their inevitable treason & sedition! They especially hate the indigenous Native European peoples.

~ Any ethnic group, religious group or organisation caught trying to flood our Native European Nations with foreign migrants/colonisers… they and their migrant proxies must be deported for sedition & treason and their groups or organisations banned as terrorist groups in order to protect our independent Native European Nations. All independent Nations should do this too.

~ Use the term repatriation as apposed to deported when possible. Deportation is correct when it is used as a penalty or punishment. Repatriation is used in situations wherein foreign peoples are peacefully transported back to the lands of the ancestors on mass. Hey, home is where the heart is:) One must ask themselves what type of people do NOT want to return to their Indigenous homelands and the lands of their ancestors & forefathers? Definitely Not my type of people.

~ Native European peoples governments must let it’s Indigenous people vote on any situation or policy that could potentially alter their Nations ethnic & cultural harmony… especially on the migration/immigration question. Even if they wish to aid foreign peoples in any way, they must get their peoples authorisation. Only if the public votes & agrees then they can offer these foreign peoples loans in their own nations to help these foreign peoples within their own foreign Nations, regions or territories. It is much, much, much cheaper & effective to help these poor foreign peoples in their own indigenous Nations/territories. We should NOT be helping these foreign peoples within our own Nations or territories at all.

~ Mass-migration or immigration are just modern words for colonisation or invasion.

~ Mass-migration/colonisation has always been used as a weapon. *Demographic warfare is very real.*

~ The 3rd world has over 5 billion people. Over 4 billion are considered extremely poor. The only way to help them is within their own Nations/Regions/Territories.

~ It’s NOT a colour thing, it’s a cultural thing. It’s not a racial thing, it’s an ethnic thing. It’s NOT a multicultural thing, it’s a Indigenous identity thing.

~ All independent Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures, Traditional territories and Earth-centric Native Spiritualities are beautiful and should be preserved, protected & enjoyed through short-term travel and learned from but not exploited or appropriated. All Indigenous peoples everywhere must remain ethnically, culturally & spiritually intact on all levels and reject globalisation and it’s many forms of usury and it’s culture killing “multiculturalism”. All Indigenous people’s everywhere must preserve, protect & defend their territories from these globalist & internationalist terrorists & their proxies!

~ “The America’s Model” or the “Multicultural Model” or also known as “multiculturalism” has already failed in the America’s. These very experimental societies & nations have extremely low social-trust & very low ethnic & cultural harmony. They rely on fake-identities & sudo-culture/fake culture to exist but these fake-identities & sudo-cultures have no longevity & are decomposing & coming unglued already. These multicultural societies & Nations are very susceptible to balkanisation and are already fracturing down ethnic, cultural & religious lines. These are very unstable societies & nations in the long run & have high rates of violence & crime. This “America’s Multicultural Society Model” should NOT be pursued in Europe or anywhere else for that matter. It must be reversed in places like Sweden, England, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Holland and the various peoples repatriated back to the lands & territories of their ancestors. The “European Union” must be disbanded for pushing mass-migration into Native European peoples Nations & for it’s pushing of the globalisation agenda that destroys Indigenous peoples & Native Cultures. If you want more “multiculturalism”… well go travel more!

~ Protecting our own ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture and sacred homelands also helps others to protect their own.

~ The globalists, globalisation & its many forms of usury is out to destroy all Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures and the scared homelands & environments of all Indigenous people’s everywhere. We are NOT each others enemies. The globalists, globalisation & its many forms of usury is all of humankind’s enemy!

~ The abrahamic religions, & now these Asiatic religions, have long been used & abused as tools & weapons of empire, colonisation, miscegenation & globalism. None can be trusted when it comes to preserving Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identity, Native Culture, Indigenous Earth-centric Spirituality, Ethnic land-bases/Nations or protecting your regions environment.

~ Miscegenation is very real. Cashes Clay/Mohammed Ali spoke out openly about ethnic, cultural racial-realities & miscegenation in the 70’s & got away with it because he is an African-American. Muhammad Ali on Miscegenation. If a Native European person said these things they would be terribly slandered for it. I would call old Cashes Clay/Muhammad Ali a “cultural & ethnic realist”. No shame in that at all.

~ Study the ancient Pagan Greek/Hellenistic & Heathen Germanic/Norse Classical & mythology works. Also study Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Martin Heidegger, Alternative/revisionist history, Alternative perspectives on WW1 & WW2… etc.

~USE THE RUNES: Put them on everything you own. They are the ancient alphabet of the Native European peoples. Be proud of these ancient symbols and explain their meanings to people. Speak freely & proudly of your ancestors and your ancient traditions and culture. Live your culture and honour you ancestors with your actions.



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