Below are educational resources for the Indigenous/Native European Peoples: CELTIC, GERMANIC, NORDIC, BALTIC, SLAVIC, GREEK/HELLENIC & ITALIC peoples. I developed many of these dialectical concepts, optics & linguistically engineered phrases initially as a strategist & consultant for the Native American peoples in the America’s but am now focused on using these concepts & linguistic tools to help The Native European peoples in Europe & in the America’s too! Of course other Indigenous/Native peoples can apply these same concepts to their own Rights & Land Title issues & benefit from them as well. No more double standards, Folks!

Never Allow Yourself To Be Demoralised, Demonised Nor Radicalised & stand for Indigenous Identity, Traditionalism, Nativism & Nationalism! ~D.R.

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Traditionalism, Nativism, Nationalism & De-Consolidation with much more local protections of our Rights & Freedoms… is the only way forward now. Plus we must all have racial, ethnic, cultural & religious harmony within our individual Nations/territories. It’s the only way forward now for all Native/Indigenous peoples everywhere… especially for the Native European peoples & their Nations. We must end all this psychotic globalism, multiculturalism, weaponised mass-migration, marxism, degeneracy/Foucault-ism, deconstructionism & any other toxic ideological idiocy that destroys or even disrupts the various racially & ethnically specific indigenous peoples Identities, Cultures, Traditions, Native Spirituality, environments or their territories/Nations…. this is true for all the Native European peoples too. How do we enforce this? We must all at once stop paying the Income-tax which will starve & bring down this globalist beast!
Peace Through Intelligence ~D.R.

The Native European peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on Earth. The Native European peoples are also invisible minorities who must now work together to secure the realm of Europe & work with The Native American peoples to secure our Societies & Nations on Native American peoples lands in the America’s too. We must preserve & protect our unique & ethnically specific Indigenous identities, Native Cultures, spirituality & the their European/Central & Western Eurasian sacred homelands of Europe. It’s time to #ReWild Europe NOT repopulate it with lost & rootless foreign peoples/colonisers… who must stay in, or return to, their own ancestral lands & preserve & protect their own peoples ethnically specific indigenous identities & Native cultures from the same globalist forces that wish to destroy all ethnically specific Indigenous peoples & their Native Cultures & Earth-centric Spiritualities too.

All Native European peoples must be wary, critical & highly sceptical about any source relating to historical perspectives on the Native European peoples. There is much deceptive anti-Native European propaganda out there these days. There are many out to rewrite our legends, myths, origins, belief systems & ancient histories & are trying desperately to dilute & extrapolate us out of existence. Much corruption & deception is going into trying hide our Native European roots & extrapolating out the Native European peoples indigenous identities & claims to their Fatherlands of Europe/Central & Western Eurasia. These sources below seem fairly accurate & legitimate but you must use your own intellect & innate knowledge & understandings to absorb, rebut or reject any & all deceptive perspectives. Please let me know if you know of any other trustworthy sources that you can recommend. Prost, Skål & Cheers to the Ancestors & to the future generations of Native European Peoples!

~Fake Culture & Fake Identities: *Counter-culture, urban-culture, sub-culture, corporate-culture, pop-culture, sexual preferences, asiatic or abrahamic religions etc… etc… are NOT indigenous identities nor are they “cultures”. They are just deceptive talmudic marxist tools used to demoralise, blot-out & destroy all ethnically specific indigenous identities & true Native Cultures. These fake-identities & sudo/fake-cultures are also use to satiate indigenous peoples need for their own ethnically specific Indigenous Identity, Native Culture & Spirituality.* As well, all the Native European Peoples are far, far more than “just white”.

Snorri Sturluson: “The Prose Edda”, also known as the “Younger Edda”, “Snorri’s Edda” or, historically, simply as “Edda”
Unknown Icelandic Author: “Völsunga Saga”
Unknown: “BEOWULF” The Old English epic poem.
Arthur Schopenhauer: All of his writings especially “The World As Will & Representation” & all of his others books/works.
Immanuel Kant; All of jus works/books
Richard Wagner: “Das Rheingold” and the rest of “Ring Of The Nibelung” & translations of the opera of the same name.
Anonymous Germanic poet: “The Song of the Nibelungs”
Fredrick Nietzsche: All his writings but especially “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” “Übermensch”
Martin Heidegger: “Being & Time”
Hegel: “Lectures on the Philosophy of History” & his other works.
Madison Grant: “The Passing Of The Great Race”
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Gulag Archipelago” & “200 Years Together”
Professor E. Michael Jones: All his books especially “Libido Dominandi”, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” & “Barren Metal”.
All The Greek/Hellenistic Classics by Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Homer, Parmenides…etc.
Read Alternative Perspectives on WW1 & WW2 by Historical Revisionists like David Irving…etc.
Kevin MacDonald: “The Culture Of Critique”
Careful with your author selection & read up on the authors themselves so obtain a deeper understanding of their works & biases. Read all you can find in regards to the ancient histories of the Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic/Greek & Italic peoples.
(Skip all the turkic & semitic writers)

A Basic Outlook Of The Folklore Of  The Northern Native European Peoples by Skáld Rekkr
There are slight variations in the Germanic, Nordic/Icelandic, Baltic, Celtic & Slavic peoples Northern Heathen Folklore. There are also slight variations in the Hellenic & Italic peoples Southern Pagan Folklore too. I am focused here below on mostly the Northern Heathen Folklore.

Odin/Woden: God The AllFather. The Sky Father, Sky King, Herman, (in Italic: Zeus) or The Creator. Can be viewed as the ancient Creator vibration that resonates, animates & harmonises all living things equally. Creation. Wisdom.

Elf/Elves: Are the spirit Folk of the higher self. Their traits are fortitude, reason, discipline, giving, positive outlook, healthy & brilliance. They direct Forest beasts, flora & the elements to punish those who break the Natural Law & Order or Invade the Realm.

Troll/Trolls: Are the spirit Folk of the lower self & the out of control appetites. Their traits are selfishness, negative outlook, sickly & darkened. They punish the darkened spirit of those who break the Natural Law & Order in life & in the underworld.

Hulder/Skogsrå: Are the ancient forest spirit Folk. They only live in old growth/ancient forests.

Sjörå: Water spirit Folk. The only live in very clean/pristine freshwater.

Nisse/Gnomes/Tunkall/Tufte/Gardvord: Are home, hearth and garden spirit Folk that are musical & inspire celebration and they are the folk that help with your house & garden chores. They create a festive positive feeling of renewal. One must leave these helpful spirit Folk porridge & treats for their services & help. They can also cause mild mischief if not treated with some form of gentle gratitude.

Goblin: The goblin is the dogmatic & ignorant selfish will & degenerate appetites that can completely overcome & consume a person… leaving them a ghastly, decrepit, beastly & lecherous creature. Goblins are often found to be foreign, deceptive & criminal tricksters who abuse naive Native European women & children. They are often negatively referred to in many Native European fair-tails & stories. As the Native European ancestors warned for centuries… these nasty, ill-willed, self-loathing, hateful, lecherous & usurious goblins are to be exposed & frozen out of our rather naive Native European societies & Nations completely.

As Usual, Be Very Wary Of goblin’s & hobgoblin’s:
A goblin is a monstrous creature that appears in the folklore of multiple Native European cultures, first attested in stories from the Middle Ages. Hmm, I wonder which group was moving into central Europe at this time? Are they what the Native European peoples were referring to as “goblins”? These goblin’s are ascribed various deceptive abilities & conflicting temperaments but always referenced as having creepy & lecherous behaviours & ugly in appearance depending on the story and country of origin. They are almost always small & grotesque, mischievous, manipulative & outright malicious, plus very greedy, especially for *gold & jewellery*. Some say that the goblins grotesque appearance was due to their deeply dogmatic, supremacist, ethnocentrism & non-inclusiveness that they became inbred on their little shtetl’s, settlements & ghettos… & are so hung with ill-will that it deformed their minds & bodies… & they blamed the Native European peoples even for this too. It was said that the goblins constitution is all ignorant dogmatic will & degenerate appetite as prescribed by their subversive & perverse foreign ideology. It was noted that goblin’s are deeply unethical & work only to forward other goblin’s, at the expense of all others. The Native European tails, myths & stories about these goblins shows them always deceiving the most venerable, naive & innocent ie: women & children. This is clearly seen in stories such as Rumpelstiltskin etc. Hobgoblin’s are goblin’s that have mixed/interbreed with other beings. Now, what has been referred to as “vampires” are really just these same khazar goblin’s who fled west from the far southeastern Eurasian step into Russia & Europe after the destruction of their slave empire called khazaria. All the Native European peoples forefathers always said to be very, very wary of these ashkeNazi khazar goblin gangster terrorist types.
**These beastly & ghastly khazar goblins should NOT be combined or confused with the magical Forest & glade folk, such as, Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, Hulduólk, Nisse & the other magical beings of Native European Folklore… who work to help, inform & protect the Native European peoples. These Folk you should leave treats out for by your fireplace, in your barn & around your gardens & grounds:)** Peace through intelligence! ~D.R.

~On God The AllFather & The Natural Law & Order: The Southern Pagan & Northern Heathen Native European peoples believe in the ancient earth-centric concept of The Natural Law & The Natural Order. God The AllFather is the judge & our ancestors are the jury. The Germanic philosopher, Hegel, referred to this type of order as “The Cunning Of Reason”. The Old Norse, & later the Anglo-Saxon, Law & Order Doctrine is based on the concept that if you act selfishly, criminally or unethically Nature will punish you… & so will your community.

~On The Runes: The Runes are the ancient Native European peoples alphabet, Each Rune has it’s own individual sound & a individual meaning all on their own. They can be written in a row like the latin alphabet or they can be combined, like the logo for Bluetooth with one on top of each other, to create more intimate, specific, secretive or compact communications. No other alphabet is this flexible & has these variants.

RUNES: Elder Furthark: ᚺᛖᛚᛚᛟ ×ᛗᛁᛞᚷᚨᚱᛞ
Younger Furthark: ᚼᛅᛚᛚᚬ ×ᛘᛁᛏᚴᛅᚱᛏ
Anglo-Saxon: ᚻᛖᛚᛚᚩ ×ᛘᛁᛞᚷᚪᚱᛞ

So go ahead & keep the Native European Folklore magic in your life, be authentic, ethnocentric, traditional… a nativist & celebrate all the ancient Folk & the Folklore of your ethnically specific Native European indigenous identity. Celebrate your Native Culture, Heritage & Earth-centric spirituality… & remind the haters that your Native European Heritage Is NOT Hatred… it’s Sacred!

We must all stand up together now & denounce & freeze out globalism/globalisation & it’s many forms of slavery & it’s toxic cycle/circle/The Ring of debt & usury. We must all stop paying income-tax & support Freedom & Independence through Nativism, Tradionalism & Nationalism for all worldwide.  Your Culture & Heritage is NOT forboden & cannot be forbidden. ~Skáld Rekkr

Happy Yule/God Jul/Merry Christmas!

*This is a pretty good documentary series on: HOW EUROPE WAS FORMED Although it is a very Greco-Roman/Latin-centric & Abrahamic interpretation.*

DEBATE NOTES & RULE #1: Never use the words, rhetoric or narratives of those who seek to destroy the Native European peoples, for they are your enemies. Never use or resort to slander, name-calling or demonisation because it’s a sign of a very lazy & weak intellect. Never ever, fall in love with the grapple… meaning, in language terms… do not go into degenerate tit for tat arguments against those with ignorant & degenerate motives, views or reasonings… that are usually just pathetic “ignorant will & degenerate appetite” types. Do not seek to know… but rather quest to understand. Cut through debate with clear & ethical Hellenic Logos, Germanic Reason, sharp Wit, forethought & Native European Intellect. Seek to popularise the Native European peoples narratives & those of other indigenous peoples too… and also the Traditionalist, Nativist & Nationalist concepts. Seek only to resonate & harmonise with Truth & God the AllFather… for that, in the end, is all that will judge, condemn or free you. Be honest, ethical with icy integrity & let the Native European peoples Natural Law & Order do the rest… for it always prevails… and where is seems it has not “The Cunning Of Reason” will be sure it does. God The AllFather is the judge & our ancestors the jury. Remember, there is nothing to fear NOT even fear itself & all that is built on deception & lies will shudder & crumble before the TRUTH. ~D.R.

~ Loving & respecting one’s own people doesn’t mean one must hate other peoples. No, NOT at all. In fact, if one doesn’t love & respect their own people they are incapable of respecting other peoples. Just like in how one must love & respect themselves to love & respect another.

~Never allow yourself to be demoralised nor radicalised. Live your ethnically specific Native European indigenous identity, native culture & spirituality.

~It is actually very racist & supremacist to even suggest that these lost migrants are so pathetic & that their Nations & regions are so crappy that they are not places these migrants can live anymore. Even suggesting that they need to live in Europe because their Nations are pathetic & crappy is a very supremacist view. These are very, very racist & supremacist liberal & talmudic marxist opinions that should be not tolerated. These migrants come from very culturally rich regions/nations wherein they are the absolute majority & these territories/regions/Nations are the ancient & sacred homelands of their own forefathers & they should be their preserving & protecting them. These migrants don’t need or want you to “save them”… they want free consumer crap/stuff! Now, these talmudic terrorists & their brainwashed seditious marxist & treasonous zionist proxies are trying to use these lost migrants as a weapon of demographic warfare to destroy the Native European societies, Nations & cultures. These talmudic terrorists think these migrants are lame & pathetic & need the Native European peoples to save them. How deceptive & insulting to the migrants & the Native European peoples. What an absolutely racist talmudic point of view, as usual. These lost migrants are all very proud peoples who are very culturally connected & who should be in their own homelands preserving, protecting & defending their own cultures & territories/Nations form these same globalist talmudic terrorists. The Native European peoples should only help these foreign migrant peoples when they are back in their own countries/territories/Nations. We must freeze out these treasonous zionist & seditious marxist talmudic terrorists too!

~The Native European peoples are super high in openness & thus are often very naive & susceptible to foreign influences & universalist concepts & America’s style pro multiculturalism propaganda. The Native European peoples have also had the greatest amount of talmudic marxist & zionist deconstructionist social engineering & conditioning applied to their societies through the highly consolidated media & education system & for many decades now. The Native European peoples must expose these toxic forces that lurk within & freeze them out of their societies & Nations… but they must also take most of the responsibility for allowing these forces to takeover their media, financial sector, major institutions, education systems, governments, societies & Nations! So we must learn to understand our peoples nativity & help them to see through it… for it is key to stopping this toxic talmudic marxist globalist progression. We must freeze out these anti-culture globalist terrorists & their puppets & proxies! The answer is Indigenous Identity, Nativism, Traditionalism & Nationalism & no exceptions.

~ The Indigenous Native European Peoples are some of the smallest ethnic minorities on Earth with tiny land-bases/territories. The Native European peoples are also some of the smallest *Invisible Minorities* on the Planet too. Most migrants/immigrants/colonisers in Native European peoples Nations are from vast regions/territories filled with over 1 billion of their own indigenous people. *The 3rd world has over 6 billon people.* We must only help the 3rd world & other peoples if they stay in their own territories/regions/nations.

~Immigration of a very few fully vetted individuals is very different then weaponised mass-migration of huge groups of peoples. The talmudic terrorists & others are pushing weaponised mass-migration into Native European peoples Nations & it must be completely halted & stopped & most of these foreign peoples must peacefully return or be repatriated back to the lands/territories of their own ancestors & cultures. This is what is best for all.

~Only lost & rootless peoples use skin-tone as root identity. This is an old narrative created by the usual suspects/globalists to scoop up & incriminate as many peoples as possible with just one stroke of their slander brush by their propaganda/media machine. Keep your ethnically specific Indigenous root Identity & Culture etc… but unify with other Indigenous peoples around the world including the Native European peoples too of course.

~ The Native European peoples must ReWild our traditional homelands & put our money into repairing & ReWilding the environment of Europe & NOT repopulate our Indigenous Sacred homelands in Europe or elsewhere with lost & rootless migrants, colonisers or invaders.

~ The Native European peoples are as indigenous/Native to Europe as the Native American peoples are to the America’s. This is a fact & only racist idiots argue or contest this fact.

~On Taxation: No indigenous people should be forced to pay for what they see as immoral or unethical behaviours. Nor should they be forced to pay for things that destroy their ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture or their ethnic cohesion or their harmonious societies or Nations. All indigenous peoples should refuse to pay income-tax & any other tax they see as being used to destroy their societies or Nations.

~All Native European peoples must understand fully that there is a handful of globalist khazar/turkic talmudic terrorists who control most of the media & thus shape most of the narratives within our Nations. They use seditious marxist & treasonous zionist concepts & abrahamic dualism to deceive, manipulate, demoralise & control both the fake “left & right” perspectives to divide & rule our societies & Nations. These talmudic terrorists are forcing deconstructionism, multiculturalism & miscegenation onto Native European societies to destroy their ethnically specific indigenous identity & Native culture and thus the societies ethnic & cultural harmony. This must end & we must now deconstruct & demoralise all involved… & they must all be jailed or frozen out of our societies & Nations for good.

~FREEZE THEM OUT: This is how to freeze out seditious invaders & treasonous traitors from Native European Nations. Don’t buy anything from them… boycott them completely. Don’t by any of their products or services… don’t eat at their restaurants…etc… & don’t engage with them at all… not positively or negatively. Walk on the other side of the street from them even & educate others on how to boycott them too. Don’t visit their parts of town & be sure not one cent of your money goes to them. Don’t let them invest in your businesses or products either. Plus, starve your own Nations taxation system as best you can if your governments are occupied by officials/politicians that are using your hard earned money to destroy your Native European societies & Nations. If your Nation is taken over already then stop paying any income-tax, or as little as possible… because a large part of it goes to these globalist banksters who are largely talmudic terrorist too. Do NOT give to foreign or domestic NGO’s or “charities” that are funding your cultures, societies or Nations destruction. Remember, DO NOT pay for your own peoples destruction! Lets deconstruct & demoralise them now… & Freeze them out completely!

~RACE HATERS: The only “race haters” you will find are these self-loathing types who hate their own racial, ethnic & cultural make-up. They hate themselves and so they hate others too… especially those who are rooted & proud of their racial, ethnic & cultural make-up. All peoples should be proud of their racial make-up & their ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture & their earth-centric spirituality. The fact is if one doesn’t love & respect themselves they will never love nor respect anyone else… the same is true with racial, ethnic & cultural make-up & identity. Most peoples who hate themselves racially, ethnically & culturally were taught to hate themselves and thus other peoples by these talmudic terrorists & their toxic media & their marxist deconstructionism & social engineering. These supremacist talmudic terrorists are extremely racist because they hate their own racial, ethnic & cultural make-up… & so they are deeply self-loathing & have a deeper multigenerational victimhood complex too… and so they blame other peoples all the time for what they themselves caused or did. These self-loathing talmudic terrorist supremacists especially hate the Native European Peoples & they teach other peoples to hate them too. They, & their puppets, proxies & orcs must all be peacefully frozen out of the Native European peoples realm now.

~ The Native European peoples ancient indigenous Earth-centric belief systems of Southern Paganism & Northern Heathenism are NOT hedonism nor dark or foreboding. Its the opposite. They are the light & the way for the Native European peoples. The other foreign religions however are the more hedonistic & degenerate belief systems that should stay in their own foreign lands far away! This includes the abrahamic religions, although their is a slight argument for Catholicism but only because it adopted the Hellenic Pagan concept of Logos & the Germanic Heathen concept of Reason… & because it traditionally had a ideological defence built into it against the other abrahamic religions such as judaism & islam. But again, all the abrahamic religions have been used as tools and weapons for empire, colonisation, globalism & miscegenation in an attempt to demoralise & destroy ethnically specific indigenous identities, native cultures and earth-centric spiritualities. So all must be treated with extreme suspicion & best restricted & surpassed or even banned outright in certain regions & Nations.

~ Whenever possible use the term *Repatriation of migrants back to the lands of their own ancestors.* Instead of just “deportation” or “send them home” etc… For the idea is to help them to protect their own Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures & beliefs as well as our own.

~Lets be clear here. All migrants, invaders, economic migrants, neo-colonialists in EUROPE must be all repatriated back to the lands of their own ancestors/people. Mass-migration is a weapon used by these usurious globalist terrorists & it, & them, must be completely exposed & rejected. Now their is a discussion to be had on immigration in the America’s but NOT in Europe. OUT! For Europe… all migrants must be repatriated back to the lands of their own people/ancestors/forefathers… & they must also defend their own lands & Nations from these very same globalist forces & these multicultural globalist terrorists! All of these globalist politicians, puppets & proxies are to be blame & they should all be jailed for sedition, treason & cultural genocide. We must not blame each other… we must all blame these globalist puppets & proxies & punish them to the furthest extent of the law & jail or deport them.

~ Native European peoples in the America’s must unite with the Native American peoples & end all 3rd world weaponised mass-migration/colonisation into your Nations. You must popularise that the Native European peoples built the societies & infrastructure on Native American peoples lands and now they are united to defend their Nations together against further exploitation for environmental reasons & National Security. The colonisation of old was bad but the colonisation of today by the 3rd world’s billions is way, way worse because we all know better now and the 3rd world has over 6 billion people & are coming in at far, far greater numbers then ever before. We must explain that two wrongs do NOT make a right and that it only makes more wrong. Native European peoples in Europe are the Native peoples of Europe, so it is much easier to explain why all migration into Europe must end/stop immediately & all migrants repatriated back to their own regions/Nations. Europe must reach the favoured outcomes & objectives for it’s own indigenous/Native European peoples only. All other Nations & indigenous peoples must also do the same in their own lands/regions/territories/Nations too.

~The World Wars: The World wars should be always discussed as the two of the three parts of one huge genocide of the Native European peoples, which they were. An estimated 100 million Native European peoples were slaughtered in WW1 & WW2 combined & most were of Christian faith. The very naive Native European peoples had been deceived into slaughtering each other by globalist international banksters. All the Nations leaders involved were guilty of sedition, treason & war crimes & this includes especially the ally leaders: Churchill, Stalin, FDR, Truman…in WW2 & Trotsky, Lenin…etc in WW1. Otto Van Bismarck was the only rather rational one. Also the unwitting Austrian phon of mixed ethnicity named Schicklgruber/Hiedler/Hitler too. WW1 & the genocide of Rus-sia is hardly ever taught in the west because it clearly shows why WW2 happened. It’s too complicated to explain here but look up the German Berlin To Bagdad oil train & the stolen Germanic Scientists patents, copyrights & scientific discoveries of WW1 & WW2 that were plagiarised by talmudic khazar terrorists who took credit for most of them & also plagiarised all of the great Germanic philosophers too. Another totally usurious scam! Now, the 3rd part of this Native European genocide took place in Rus-sia at the close of WW1 wherein the khazar/turkic talmudic marxist-communist bolshevik terrorists, with help from their mongol hordes from the southeastern Eurasian step, over through & slaughtered the founding stock of Rus-sia, who were the Rus style Native European Rus-sians. These khazar-mongol bolshevik terrorists went on to slaughtered an estimated 65 million ethnically & culturally Slavic, Baltic, Nordic & Germanic people who were, again, the founding stock & builders of Rus-sia. They also murdered the Tsar and his family & murdered most of the Rus-sian nobility as they did all over Europe too. Since then the Rus lands have been run by mongolised khazar khans & other foreign non-European usurpers. Long before this final genocide & slaughter of the Rus Rus-sians the ancestors of these very same talmudic turkic/khazar terrorists, with the help again of these same mongol tribes, invade Rus-sia & Europe in the 13th Century… it was deceptively called the “Mongol invasion” but these talmudic turkic/khazar terrorists were deeply involved too. After the Slavic, Baltic, Nordic, Germanic Rus were forced to destroy the talmudic turkic khazar terrorists slave empire called Khazaria in southeastern Eurasia on the silk road… which was basically just north of the modern day Nation of Georgia in southeastern Eurasia… these khazars sought retribution by helping these mongols invade Rus-sia & Europe giving the mongols maps & intelligence of the trade routes into Europe & naming the best cities to rob/pillage & burn. Again, the World wars, WW1, the so-called “Russian revolution” which was actually the genocide of Rus-sians & WW2 was one huge slaughter and genocide of an estimated 165 million Native European peoples… those being of Slavic, Baltic, Germanic, Nordic, Celtic, Hellenic & Italic origin, ethnicity & Culture. What a total disaster and this huge 3 part genocide of Native European peoples has all been covered up by liars, propagandists & internationalist globalist terrorists. Many Nations National myths are based on these World war lies & fictions. They teach these lies as the great 20th Century World war narrative… but its just a big huge lie. This 20th Century World war propaganda myth is taught to our children… thus brainwashing new generations with old globalist lies & propaganda. Many of the leaders of these Nations have direct family involvements with these fake 20th Century World war narratives myths & they fear the truth coming out for many personal & institutional reasonings. Many Nations have even created “National Security” laws designed to protect & defend these World war lies, fake narratives & this huge Native European genocide. Truly the Germanic peoples got the worst of it… for these internationalists & globalists deemed the Germanic culture as the main root culture of Europe & seen it’s destruction as most important to forward their toxic globalist agenda. Many governments, institutions & individuals work to suppress & conceal the truth of these World wars to this day. They even have “watch dog” groups, NGO’s, institutions, laws etc setup to demonise, defame & slander anyone who tries to reveal or tell the truth about their fictitious World war narratives. Even those with degrees & credentials who just seek to study these historical event & maybe shine some scholarly light on the obvious & gapping holes in these fake & deceptive World war narratives, myths, propaganda & straight up lies are completely demonised & discredited & often even jailed on trumped up charges. Even most Free Speech is restricted on many of these World war subjects. Now, some Native European peoples have been so deceived, brainwashed & conditioned that they have now taken on & internalised the toxic commands of their degenerate foreign oppressors. Many have now even learnt to police, suppress & repress themselves & others in their communities in a type of self-deprecating form of social engineering. Many have psychologically succumbed & accept the “bad guy” roll now when their older Folk all knew better & quietly resisted. These modern generations have kind of fallen in love with this oppressive self-loathing & imposed guilt complex… they even find a type of nostalgia in self flagellation & in regurgitating the propaganda & lies to others in an ill attempt to feel virtuous. This fake guilt was subversively & psychologically weaved into the fabric of their societies at the close of WW1 & WW2 by the occupying forces & their psychological & propaganda tactics. Their ancient & noble Native European peoples Cultures & ethnic narratives have been so intensionally deconstructed, corrupted & replaced with a toxic & fake sudo-culture of guilt, degeneracy & consumerism… installed by these occupying foreign agents & ideologues after WW1 & with even more intensity after WW2. The funny thing is that many other Nations societies, like the allies, that were not initially targeted for this cultural degradation & genocide… have now succumbed to this very same toxic & demoralising propaganda, deconstructionism & social engineering. Wow, how pathetic. Anyway, all people know deep down inside… that all that was built on deceit & lies will shudder & crumble before the TRUTH & the truth is on it’s way!:) ~D.R.

~ Modern labels are silly usually, so don’t allow others to label you. There is nothing wrong with being a peaceful Nationalist or even an Ethno-Nationalist but being a **NATIVIST** is a much wiser, clearer & more connected option. A “Cultural & Ethnic Realist” is also acceptable. Indigenous-Identitarian is pretty good too but “Native European peoples or person” is better & stating clearly that you are a Native Celtic, Germanic, Nordic, Baltic, Slavic, Hellenic or Italic is best. Of course you must know clearly that you are indeed one of these. The Native European peoples are often a mix of these Tribes or sub-groups. Promote the concepts of Nativism, Traditionalism & Nationalism. Also state clearly that marxism, trotskyism, bolshevism, globalism, liberalism, communism… etc… are toxic ideologies & conceptually dead.

~Communism & Fascism (marxism & zionism): Simply marxism & zionism are the communism & fascism of today. Now fascism is often a reaction to communism. As well, one could say that communism itself is a form of “left wing” fascism too. Socialised & capitalised Nationalism within the Nationstate with a focus on domestic manufacturing & void of banksters, mass-migration, income-tax & globalisation & it’s many forms of usury & debt is the best form of governance we have come up with so far. Remember debt & usury is the cycle/circle/Ring used by globalist/international banksters to takeover our Nations & the income-tax is how this takeover is funded/payed for. Weaponised mass-migration is used to bring in more, usually 3rd world, wage slaves to pay for this takeover of Native European Nations. Weaponised mass-migration is also used to destroy Native European Nations societies & independence. Native European Nations must maintain their ethnic & cultural harmony to maintain their standards of living. First, STOP PAYING THE INCOME-TAX!

~On The Income-Tax: The income-tax is an illegal tax made up to pay on just the interest of these huge foreign globalist banksters usury loans to our Nations. These income-tax funds are then used by this handful of globalist talmudic bankster terrorists to subvert, demoralise & destroy our independent Native European Nations. So the Income-tax is actually a talmudic marxist communist tax that must be ended. STOP PAYING THE INCOME-TAX NOW FOLKS! Don’t pay for the destruction of your own societies & Nations. *DON’T PAYING THE INCOME-TAX!*

~ The word “race” is a very loaded term now but it is a very scientific term. Although it’s scientific meaning has been so abused, misused & negatively affiliated & appropriated that I now find it wiser to just use the term “breed” or “breeds” now. Yes, like in dog or horse breeds. Human’s are very much the same anyway… we just have various breeds within humanity and even more ethnic & cultural differences, as well as, some physiological & psychological differences due to environmental pressures over millennia in our various regions/territories. All these differences should not just be tolerated but also be respected, honoured & celebrated, & so they should all have their own territories, borders & boundaries to do so within. All peoples should celebrate their indigenous identities within their own ancestors/peoples territories, regions or Nations.

~ Native European peoples are NOT just “white” people. They are far, far, far more than just their skin-tone/”white”. Only lost & rootless peoples use skin-tone as root identity. Learn your ethnically specific Indigenous identity & it’s Native Culture, traditions, myths, legends, spirituality… etc. And never allow others to call you by your skin-tone only. Skin-tone identity is actually identity theft… similar too how multiculturalism is actually anti-culture. Both skin-tone identity & multiculturalism are both forms of Indigenous Identity theft. Do NOT allow your people to be categorised or subjugated by these toxic concepts of “multiculturalism” & “skin-tone identity”. Again this goes for all Indigenous peoples everywhere.

~ The Native European people’s are already the most diverse peoples on earth with the greatest range in physical features & hair, skin & eye pigmentation. The Native European people’s features & pigmentation were shaped over millennia by the European environments very low-UV light & the cooler temperatures of their individual geographical territories & regions of Europe/Central & Western-Eurasia. God The AllFather doesn’t make mistakes… the Native European people’s are beautiful & perfect just as they are… as are all other peoples too. We don’t need any of these globalists or talmudic supremacists eugenics or miscegenation, thanks!

~ Supremacy, entitlement, privilege…etc… etc is found mostly in religions, especially the abrahamic religions, but it is also found in every ethnicity, culture, nation, region and territory on Earth. It’s actually extremely ignorant, bigoted & racist to say that only one people has these traits.

~ If Native European people…or any other Indigenous/Native person, wants to help the 3rd worlds billions or any other foreign people… well they can move to these foreign Nations & help them there. They have no right to destroy their own peoples Indigenous identity or territory… or to try & force others to help with their “charity”. For our Indigenous identity, Native Cultures & territory/Nations are not ours to destroy or “diversify” they are to be preserve & protect for future generations of our own indigenous people. This applies to all peoples. Some Indigenous peoples hate their own ethnicity, culture etc… they are cultural suicide cases. They prefer to try & force others to accept their views & to destroy with them… but the wise reject them, their self-loathing & defend against their destruction. Even if these types go abroad they will be rightly rejected by the other Indigenous peoples & Native cultures they come across too because no one likes a traitor… and they will try to appropriate from these other peoples but no other people will ever trust one who is a traitor to their own people… & rightly so. For if one doesn’t love & respect their own indigenous identity & Native Culture…etc… they will NOT respect other peoples indigenous identities & Native Cultures for very long either. So beware of this usurious ilk with deep self-loathing, entitled victimhood complexes & their lost & brainwashed victim-class proxies who creep within our indigenous societies & Nations. They are never to be trusted & its best to cast them out, or freeze them out now before their inevitable treason & sedition destroys all of our societies & Nations! They especially hate the indigenous Native European peoples & they teach other peoples to hate us too.

~ Any ethnic group, religious group or organisation caught trying to flood our Native European Nations with foreign migrants/colonisers… they and their migrant proxies must be deported for sedition & treason and their groups or organisations disbanded & listed as terrorist groups & foreign terrorist agents. This must be done immediately in order to protect & preserve our independent Native European cultures, societies & Nations. All independent peoples & Nations should do this too.

~ Use the term repatriation as apposed to deported when possible. Deportation is correct when it is used as a penalty or punishment. Repatriation is used in situations wherein foreign peoples are peacefully transported back to the lands of the ancestors on mass. Hey, home is where the heart is, right? It is for me! One must ask themselves what type of people do NOT want to return to their own Indigenous homelands and the lands of their own ancestors & forefathers? Definitely Not my type of people… & definitely not the people you want in your own Nations.

~This “3 generation rule” is a lie. Most migrants become often more radicle, ethnocentric & angry at their adopted Nation by the 3rd generation. Most migrants blame the adopted now multicultural society they landed in for their lostness… & often target the now disenfranchised Native/Indigenous people to vent their discontentment upon. In the America’s we have seen that most attempts at integration have failed & has actually bred contempt for these multicultural societies… even by the 3rd generation or more. Often peoples returning to their indigenous roots become far more ethnocentric then their earlier generations. This is a good thing actually except for the fact that they often blame their now fully multicultural adopted Nation & its Indigenous/Native society & people for their uprootedness. Plus none of us will be alive to see this “3rd generation rules” supposedly harmonious outcome… and that is most likely why this “3 Generation Plan” was hatched because none of us can see its toxic & disenfranchising results. Again what we have seen of it today shows this theory is just a big lie! So for that fact alone this “3rd generation rule” is just another ill attempt to destroy Indigenous identity, native culture & our societies & Nations. It is just another radicle multicultural curse upon the future generations of Indigenous/Native peoples & other peoples. As seen clearly in the America’s multiculturalism has failed and is dead because it completely destroys Indigenous identities, Native cultures, societies & nations. Multiculturalism is anti-culture and is just another toxic weapon of the globalist ideologues.

~ Native European peoples in the America’s must unite & harmonise with the Native America peoples & vote to end 3rd world weaponised mass-migration into their lands. They must unite to vote on any situation or policy that could potentially alter their Nations hard fought for ethnic & cultural harmony… especially on the modern colonisation/migration/immigration question. If they wish to aid foreign peoples in any way, they must get their peoples authorisation & help these foreign peoples in their own foreign regions/territories. Only if the public votes & agrees then they can offer these foreign peoples loans etc. but they can only help these foreign peoples within their own foreign Nations, regions or territories. It is much, much, much cheaper & far more effective to help these poor foreign peoples in their own indigenous Nations/territories. We should NOT be helping these foreign peoples within our own Nations or territories for it breeds disharmony & ethnic tensions.

~ Mass-migration & immigration are just modern words for Invasion & colonisation.

~In political terms, the Native European peoples must set up a Nativist Traditionalism political system that is rather ethnically & culturally harmonious & free of international banking, globalism & it’s endless cycle of debt & usury. Nation based Capitalised-socialism is ok if its an ethnostate & free of globalism, international banksters and their debt & usury cycle. The main battle is between Nationalism & globalism… Nationalism is a rather solid system and globalisation is the worst and must be stopped cold. The Native European peoples must refuse any form of: marxism, communism, trotskyism, leninism, globalism, rabid capitalism, stalinism, bolshevism, deconstructionism, liberalism, multiculturalism, freudianism or any other system of governance built on social-engineering, deconstruction and miscegenation. If a existing political system must be specified then recommend the best system that the Native European peoples have come up with yet… that being the Germanic Capitalised-Socialist System within the independent Nationstate that is also basically an ethno-state too, with a focus on domestic manufacturing and void of multiculturalism, international banking & globalism and their cycle of debt & usury. Again, it must also be based on a fairly ethnically & culturally harmonious indigenous population that see’s each other as a kind of extended family. All other peoples should do this too btw. It is the most harmonious, stable, safe & less usurious system of governance we have so far.

~The Multicultural America’s Model: The America’s model did NOT start out as it is today. It was a so-called Christian Native European model on Native American peoples lands. This modern multicultural model came later & was brought in by the marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists during WW1 & WW2. These turkic/ashkeNazi talmudic terrorists deceived, manipulated & subverted this Native European Christian model into this absolutely insane & degenerate path it is on today. Sadly most of the ancestors of these Native European peoples who founded these Nations in the America’s still have no idea of their Native European roots/origins, cultures, ideals or traditions…etc.. and thus also have no idea on the many deceptions being carried out today against them as their Nations are being degraded & neo-colonised by the 3rd world’s billions… who are all extremely ethnocentric & out for their own. These Native European peoples think they are “American’s, Canadians… etc” & have little to no awareness of their true racial, ethnic nor cultural Native European make-up or identity after decades of deconstructionism & social engineering by this same talmudic terrorist groups media & hollywood propaganda mass-brainwashing. This same talmudic terrorist crew also created the myths. lies & propaganda used to sell the world WW1 & WW2… & these fake narrates & lies are still used to this day to manipulate & subvert the Native European peoples Nations & societies. This has made these societies very degenerate, consumeristic & disconnected to their truly noble Native European past. Few even know their own racially & ethnically specific Native European indigenous identity, roots, cultures, traditions or spirituality… & thus fewer still can understand what is happening to their Nations right before their own eyes. The conditioning, deceptions & brainwashing is so deep that many Native European peoples blame themselves for fictionalised events that happened over 100 years ago! The few that have figured out this great deception are demonised & slandered with old & tired WW2 propaganda words like “nazi’s” or “anti-semite”…etc by these same talmudic turkic/ashkeNazi’s & their treasonous zionist puppets & seditious marxist proxies… wow, how preposterous! This World war 1 & 2 mythology & its lies, fake narratives, deceptions & propaganda must all be completely disassembled & dispelled now to lift these dark spells & free the Native European peoples, & all other peoples, of this absolutely wicked mass deception & end the destruction of our racially & ethnically specific indigenous Native European peoples Nations & societies in Europe especially but also in the America’s. Spread the word & Godspeed!
Peace Through Intelligence. ~D.R.

~Why Are So Many Native European Christian Males Circumcised In The America’s ?: Yes, it is a very, very strange phenomenon that so many Christian Native European peoples were deceived into brutalising their baby boys with this very cruel & very jewish form of baby genital mutilation called “circumcision. The pain of this creepy procedure is excruciating & emasculating for a tiny male baby… & the psychological effects are imprinted deep into the subconscious. It is now fully understood that many doctors & physicians in charge of medical institutions, who were mostly of jewish faith of course, pushed this sick form of baby boy genital mutilation in the America’s buy selling it as “cleaner” & using the false & ridiculous claim that “it reduces the likely hood of catching STD’s”. Both are big lies & it was just another huge talmudic scam again! The truth is… it’s another case of these turkic/ashkeNazi people of Jewish faith trying to hide themselves within the Native European peoples societies/Nations. The question is why are they hiding & what are they hiding? It is why these khazar/turkic/ashkeNazi hate the term Native European peoples too… they prefer & push all this “just white” stuff, again, so they can more easily hide within Native European peoples societies… to they can continue to use & abuse them. They figured if every male is circumcised it’s easier for them to hide within Native European societies on an even more intimate level. It is also a particularly nasty sign of just how badly judazised the christian Native European peoples have become in the America’s… especially the protestants. Most Native European Christian males in the America’s are judaized from the tips of their penises to their biblical foreign first names… & even their fake identities in the America’s are based off these very talmudic & jewish hollywood deceptions, lies & fake judaeo-protestant narratives… & old & tired World war lies. It’s a real sham & shame! Time to wake up & smarten up Native European peoples, the child molester circumcisers are running the show on many, many levels! They have occupied & judaized both your Nations & your minds!

~ All peoples must make the connection that the same globalist forces that are trying to destroy the Native European peoples racially & ethnically specific Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures, Traditions & Earth-Centric Spiritualities, Societies & Nations… are also trying to do the same to the migrants/colonisers cultures, societies, nations, spiritualities and indigenous lands/environments too. So these lost migrants should return to the lands of their own ancestors and preserve & protect their own Cultures, societies, Nations… etc from these same toxic globalist forces! All Nations should institute traditionalist, Nativist & Nationalist policies… & destroy globalisation & the globalist forces in your region.

~ Mass-migration/colonisation has always been used as a weapon of demographic warfare. *Demographic warfare is very, very real & all Nations & societies should be aware of it & seriously defend against it.*

~All indigenous peoples must be ethnically aware & disciplined & should only buy from their own local indigenous group as much as possible. Some religious groups have always done this (ie: kosher & halal). So don’t buy anything that is kosher or halal… and don’t buy from other ethnic or cultural groups either… I mean everyone and all ethnic and cultural groups should only buy from their own ethnic and cultural indigenous group. Plus buy as local & organic/Natural as possible that are produced by small family farmers of your own Indigenous group. As well, buy & use Native/Indigenous local/domestic substitutes, alternatives or options instead of foreign products. This is far better for your health & the environment. Remember: globalisation is very, very toxic on many, many levels.

~Mass-migration is also a tool of globalisation and it is terrible for the Native European peoples & their finite environments. The 3rd world has over 6 billion people who all would rather be in Native European peoples Nations on Native American lands… this would destroy the Native European peoples societies & the Native American peoples lands/the environment.

~ The 3rd world has over 6 billion people. Over 4 billion are considered extremely poor. The only way to help them is within their own Nations/Regions/Territories.

~ Remember to state clearly: It’s NOT a colour thing, it’s a cultural thing. It’s NOT a racial thing, it’s an ethnic thing. It’s NOT a multicultural thing, it’s a Indigenous identity thing.

~ All independent Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures, Traditional territories and Earth-centric Native Spiritualities are beautiful and should be preserved, protected & enjoyed through short-term travel and learned from but not exploited or appropriated. All Indigenous peoples everywhere must remain ethnically, culturally & spiritually intact on all levels and reject globalisation and it’s many forms of usury and it’s culture killing “multiculturalism” which is actually anti-culture. All Indigenous people’s everywhere must preserve, protect & defend their cultures & territories from these globalist & internationalist terrorists & their treasonous puppets & seditious proxies!

~ “The America’s Model” or the “Multicultural Model” or also known as “multiculturalism” has already failed in the America’s. These very experimental societies & nations of the America’s have extremely low social-trust & very low ethnic & cultural harmony. They rely on fake-identities, sudo-culture/fake culture & World war lies to exist but these fake-identities & sudo-cultures have no longevity & are decomposing & coming unglued already. The world war mythology and lies isn’t working to hold it together either… it’s heading towards a catastrophic failure. These multicultural societies & Nations are very susceptible to planned economic failure, revolution & balkanisation and are already fracturing down ethnic, cultural & religious lines. These are very unstable societies & nations in the long run & have high rates of violence & crime. This “America’s Multicultural Society Model” should NOT be pursued in Europe or anywhere else for that matter. It must be reversed in places like Sweden, England, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark & Holland and the various foreign peoples repatriated back to the lands & territories of their ancestors. The “European Union” must be disbanded for pushing mass-migration into Native European peoples Nations & for it’s pushing of the globalisation agenda that destroys Indigenous peoples & Native Cultures. If you want more “multiculturalism”… well go travel more… or move somewhere else if they will have you!

~ Protecting our own ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Culture & sacred homelands also helps others to protect their own too. This is NOT about disliking other peoples… its about actually helping or teaching other peoples to be free, independent & autonomous too. It’s also about teaching other Nations about the dangers of debt & usury, toxic multiculturalism & culture crushing globalisation.

~ The globalists, globalisation & its many forms of usury is out to destroy all Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identities, Native Cultures and the scared homelands & environments of all Indigenous people’s everywhere. We are NOT each others enemies. The globalists, globalisation & its many forms of usury is all of humankind’s enemy! All peoples everywhere must understand that multiculturalism & globalisation is the enemy of all peoples everywhere.

~marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists Mind Control: It must be fully understood that most Native European peoples, especially in the America’s, have been brainwashed & now think just like these marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists due to these marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists control of the mass-media. Many of the Native European peoples are judaized from the tips of their dinks (circumcised) to their first names, to the way they think & even how they think. It’s pathetic. These Native European peoples have been fully demoralised, deconstructed, brainwashed & indoctrinated with lies & they have zero understanding of their own noble ethnically & racially specific Native European Identities, Cultures, Traditions & spirituality. Again, pathetic. Their only way out is to shed these many fictional talmudic terrorist deceptions, lies & narratives & reconnect with their own ancient ethnically & racially specific indigenous Native European identity, culture & earth-centric spirituality. The Native European peoples must fully reject, deconstruct & *disenfranchise* these marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists completely… & their puppets & proxies, & freeze them out of the Native European peoples realm for good this time. There have been other deceptive ideologies & other abrahamic religions who have all had a small hand in this grand deception too… but none were as destructive or long lasting as these marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists. As I have stated before the abrahamic religions work together & act in a type of continuum to destroy racially & ethnically specific Indigenous identity, cultures & earth-centric indigenous spirituality too. These marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists have done this to many other peoples too. Time to wake up, Folks!

~ The abrahamic religions, & now these Asiatic religions, have long been used & abused as tools & weapons of empire, colonisation, globalism & miscegenation. No Abrahamic religion can be trusted when it comes to preserving Ethnically Specific Indigenous Identity, Native Culture, Indigenous Earth-centric Spirituality, Ethnic land-bases/Nations or protecting your regions environment & Cultural realm.

~ Miscegenation is very real: Cashes Clay/Mohammed Ali spoke out openly about ethnic, cultural racial-realities & miscegenation in the 70’s & got away with it because he is an African-American. Muhammad Ali on Miscegenation. If a Native European person said these things they would be terribly slandered for it or even jailed. I would call Mr. Cashes Clay/Muhammad Ali a “cultural & ethnic realist”. No shame in that at all.

~On Racism: Racism is very real & found all over the World. As it is with supremacy, entitlement…etc… no one people, race or group is more or less racist then the other. All peoples should work towards ending true racism but we must all now accept the racial realities too… & step up ways that we can harmonise separately & independently. But most of what people call racism is actually realism. The term “race realism” is a good term to use when going over the hard facts & statistics of say crime, unemployment, pat rate etc… of the racial groups. The reality is we must all get much thicker skin if we are going to start talking about the differences in race or what is known as “race realities”. I think this topic is largely a waste of time but have at it carefully if you wish. But if the various peoples would just stick to their own, & their owns interests, not much else needs to be said or hashed out. We can all just peacefully carry on independently & skip all the ethnic & cultural disfunction & just live harmoniously within our own ethnic & cultural bubbles or Nations… & still allow for more natural, unforced & symbiotic interactions with other peoples but not allow any of our individual peoples, breeds or races to be annihilated by miscegenation, genocide or weaponised mass-migration. Plus, most racism these days is NOT what most people think it is. Most racist statements today are statements like… he or she is good at this or that based on their racial make-up. Its actually pro-race racism. So get your head around that one. And, of course, no one ever calls out this form of racism. Nope! Plus many people suffer from a trope of racial self-loathing due to what they see as their racial make-up… this is sad & this needs far more structured & sensitive study. Most of these people are just confused about their racial, ethnic & cultural identity. So if they cannot find this clear identity they often lash out at others who are not self-loathing & don’t have a negative view of their own racial make-up… or at those who have a clear & connected racial, ethnic & cultural identity too. The fact is… ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & spirituality & it’s traditions…etc… plus an active ethnic community, actually prevents this type of racial, ethnic & cultural dysphoria. Plus add in the demoralisation caused by consumerism & multiculturalism & its subsequent self-loathing that is often found in peoples who are not “mixed” but rather really *mixed up* & find themselves getting more & more lost in these failed multicultural dystopian societies that were once far less “diverse” but far more ethnically harmonious too. These multicultural societies try to satiate our ancient carnal cultural cravings for our ethnically specific indigenous identity, real native culture & their earth-centric spirituality… with silly consumer trinkets, sub-cultures & cultural marxist fake-identity groupings that just don’t cut it. So all peoples must now find their way back to their ethnically specific indigenous identities & their pre-globalisation, pre mass-migration ancestral homelands & find that peace within that only comes from ones deep interconnections to their ancient ancestors & their peoples indigenous & regional environment & it’s specific flora & fauna… spirituality & mythology.

~On Racial, Ethnic & Cultural Advocacy: Often in Native European Nations Native European peoples who are advocating for Native European peoples rights & interests are slandered & called racists or “white supremacists”… etc. This is nuts… especially because these Native European Nations have already been transformed into very multi-racial, multi-ethnic & multicultural societies that have many other racial, ethnic & cultural peoples/groups already within that are all freely advocating for their own peoples rights & interests & they are never slandered or called racists or supremacists etc. for their activities, advocacy or activism. This double standard is very telling & shows clearly that there is another agenda here & that all this “multiculturalism” is actually just a cover for the take-over of Native European peoples societies & Nations. No way & no more double standards! Plus multiculturalism has already been proven out to be a failed experiment on many levels & for many reasons.

~On Society & “Diversity”: Simply the more ethnocentric and less racially, ethnically, culturally & religiously “diverse” a society is the more harmonious it will be and it will have far, far less usury & crime. It will also be a much safer & far more stable society too. These non-diverse harmonious societies have no underlying ethnic tensions obviously. “Diversity”, multiethnic, multicultural, multi-racial & multi-religion societies are actually much, much weaker societies that are far more easily fractured & divided and have far, far more usury… and many darker forms of usury too ie: grooming, rapes, financial scams etc. This is why the talmudic terrorists push multiculturalism so hard… because it makes it easier for them to divide & rule these types of societies & Nations… plus it’s easier to get away with more forms of degeneracy & usury too. These “America’s Model” multicultural societies that turn an ethnic base Nation into a silly & unstable “multicultural” marketplace have failed already. These America’s Model multicultural societies & Nations are very fragile societies with high rates of race-based crime, discrimination and they have deep ethnic, cultural, religious & racial tensions… that serve none of it’s peoples… but, again, it makes it easier for the usurious talmudic terrorists to divide & rule. If these types of America’s Model multicultural marketplace societies markets crash… they divide rapidly & violently & collapse into complete anarchy. Often these financial collapses are planned & used to destabilise a targeted society or Nation. These multicultural societies & nations are very, very unstable & weak and have very dark underlying tensions and are driven by unethical and usurious people. Again, these are NOT my personal views… this is the reality of it… as it’s been proven out through historical & more modern precedent.

~On Religion: The Native European peoples have a pre-abrahamic earth-centric indigenous belief system & spirituality already. None of the abrahamic religions or Asiatic religions can be trusted. If one must choose an Abrahamic religion to support then let it be a non-judaizing form of Catholicism… but best to return to your ancestors per-abrahamic belief system. All the abrahamic religions are judaizing at this point to one degree or another. Plus, both Judaism and Islam are all ignorant will & degenerate appetite from their onset and should be completely avoided & ignored. All this stated the abrahamic religions roots are in Africa, modern day Ethiopia…. so they have very foreign origins… even before their very foreign Asia minor origins and are thus unsuitable for any respectable Native European people. Only support Catholicism as basically a untrustworthy rear guard you might say. It has been fully compromised too by the converso judaizing Jesuit order but the old Catholic ideology & doctrine still has some value in keeping the other abrahamic religions at bay… if popularised & fallowed… which at this point they are NOT. Maybe they will be fallowed again in the future though. Again, none of the abrahamic religions can be trusted at all… but Catholicism can be used as a weak ideological rear guard against judaism, Islam & other Asiatic religions for now. Plus, the Abrahamic religions have long worked in a type of continuum and as tools & weapons of empire, colonisation, globalism, migration and miscegenation. All the abrahamic religions seek to destroy all ethnically specific indigenous identities, Native Cultures & earth-centric spiritualities… so they are all then toxic to any indigenous people anywhere! Again, the Native European peoples, and other indigenous peoples too, all have much older & wiser pre-abrahamic, earth-centric indigenous belief systems & spiritualities. Your spirituality is not a robe you put on… its within you already and a gift from the AllFather passed on to you from your Forefathers & for you to pass on to your future generations:)

**~Talmudic turkic/khazar Mafia: Never ever trust the lying & deceptive talmudic “ashkeNazi” turkic khazar mafia terrorists who use marxism & zionism & abrahamic dualism as their two hands to manipulate their seditious proxies & their treasonous puppets. When their khazar silk-road middlemen slavery empire on the southeastern step of Eurasia was crushed by the Rus for enslaving Slavic peoples & for murdering a Rus King… some khazar dispersed into Russia & others fled into western Europe & changed their names and intermixed with some European peoples but remained extremely supremacist & ethno-centric about their own people and worked to subvert & usurp the Native European peoples Nations through a cycle/circle/”the Ring” of debt & usury. Some khazars also stayed in the old Khazar region, and with help from their ilk in Russia & Europe, informed the far eastern step Mongol hordes on how to invade Rus-sia & the other Native European regions to the north and west. In return these step mongols promised to raid & burn Rus-sia first in retribution for the khazar empires destruction & then invaded Europe along the old khazar trade routes too. The khazars intel/information of Russia and Europe was instrumental in these invading mongols cruelty & successes. One could say that the mongol invasion of Native European peoples lands was the khazar’s wrath against the Rus and the other Native European peoples. These khazars used these step mongols again when they took over Russia at the close of WW1 with their khazar turkic talmudic bolshevik revolution that was actually a ethnic cleansing of the Rus style Russians who were ethnically & culturally Slavic, Baltic, Nordic and Germanic… again, acting on historical hatred and committing a huge genocide. These talmudic turkic/ashkeNazi terrorists are NOT a Native European people nor are they a semitic peoples either… they are a turkic people but they prefer to live/hide within Native European peoples societies & Nations. This is why they promote all this “just white” stuff for they have light skin-tone. They still use & abuse the abrahamic religion of judaism as a type of shield & cover of their crimes & as a type of trade tool too… as they only adopted talmudic judaism to their step paganism superficially during the time of their turkic talmudic khazarian empire… they did this so they could trade with both islam & christianity back then. These turkic talmudic khazar terrorists still have a deep jealousy & hatred for the Native European peoples & teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. They are still actively trying to destroy & erase the Native European peoples identities, cultures, societies & Nations by instigating & backing weaponised mass-migration into our Native European Nations. They will fail, again!! It should also be noted that much of this modern pedophile & support of abortion/child sacrifice activities is connected to the ancient khazar talmudists strange & deranged mix of step paganism & talmudic-judaism belief system that sacrificed babies & allowed pedophilia long ago & that has continued through to today in the form of their international pedophilia ring & their support of abortion/baby sacrifice. All this pedophilia & support of abortion they are rolled up in these days is a continuum of that ancient turkic khazar step pagan & talmudic belief system… plus these degenerates use pedophilia to compromise other degenerates to be used as their political puppets & proxies. So now you know!**

~On: The Abrahamic Religions: All the abrahamic religions are pretty much the same, especially abrahams twins of judaism & islam which are as similar as kosher & halal or zionism & wahhabism. All the abrahamic religions operate/act in a type of continuum & as tools & weapons of empire, colonisation, globalisation & miscegenation… and all are used to destroy ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native Cultures & Earth-centric Spirituality. They are all dogmatic ignorant will & degenerate appetite. The only one that has some validity is *traditional* Catholicism for it offers some ideological defence against judaism & islam. The only reason that traditional Catholicism is still relevant today is because it absorbed the Hellenic Pagan concept of Logos & the Germanic Heathen concept of Reason. Btw, the Asiatic religions are no better.

~On The Toxicity Of Multiculturalism: Weaponised mass-migration is just one of the toxic weapons/tools used by these of multiculturalist’s in this huge demographic war against the Native European peoples Nations. Most are unaware that most of these foreign spawn viruses that come to our shores are also another toxic effect of globalisation and it’s multiculturalism & its weaponised mass-migration policies. Diseases like AIDS/HIV, HPV & other viruses/diseases are directly from Africa… these two are directly linked to tens of millions of deaths & injuries of Native European peoples in their Nations. Most of these flu pandemics are super-bugs/viruses from China… created by their huge & toxic factory farming practices & systems that packs huge numbers of animals together & feeds thus must feed them high doses of cheap antibiotics to try & keep these animals alive in these horrid & cruel conditions. This constant antibiotic dosing creates these super-viruses/bugs… ie: COVID 19, SARS, Swine-Flu etc… these all originated in China & spread worldwide killing & maiming millions & damaging economies costing billions in damages all over the world. These viruses are then moved all over the world by multicultural who go back & forth between their true home Nations & their Native European host Nations they are trying to colonise/quietly invade. These people that go back & forth are acting like mules/carriers & are caring untold viruses & other diseases into our Native European Nations that have yet to be discovered & identified. Just look at how HIV/AIDS & HPV went undiscovered for decades while it spread through our populations. COVID-19 is a direct effect of this toxic globalisation & multicultural system… & it has killed millions & cost trillions in damages to our Nations economies. I could go on & on about this issue but these are the key points & health issues with globalisation & its demographic weapon of mass-migration & its introduction of killer viruses into our Native European Peoples Nations… & other peoples Nations too. We must end this toxic multiculturalism system & globalisation & thus halt their many toxic effects on our peoples.

~On Judaizing Protestant Zionist Theatre: I see that these judaizing “christian” zionist protestant schisms, like the evangelicals etc… act out an overly passionate, almost sexualised, type of weird & overtly dramatic “worship” or theatre. I stood amongst them once & I seen clearly how fake it was & how similar it is to the fake worship & endless cribbing/bowing/rocking of these turkic secs of talmudic Judaism too. Creepy fakers the lot of them. I think this is because they all have deep guilt over their heresies parts in causing & profiting off the 100 million Native European people slaughtered in the World wars & for their adoption & participation in this talmudic globalist debt & usury racket going back centuries. Their newer cult members do this odd worship theatre & it’s odd gestures just because they were raised with this creepy style of fake theatrical worship… & in attempt to look more virtuous then their neighbour or those in the next pew. Lol! Pathetic! I think this radicalised & oddly sexualised form of zealotry “worship” is also an attempt by these liars, fakers & criminals to look pious & vitreous… trying desperately to appease their ill conscience & weak souls & to atone for what they see as inevitable eternal damnation. Plus their sick & loonie judaizing gideons & scofield bible psychobabble “rapture” crap & their genocidal endgame of the apocalypse/armageddon is also part of this guilty conscience bs. They see this insane destruction as some kind of twisted way out… or maybe just a way that they may be able to escape their inevitable judgment on Earth & in the underworld. We all know that all the abrahamic religions are used as covers & shields by gangsters who use them to hide their many criminal activities. This has been true since they dragged themselves & their backward abrahamic dogma out of the southern wastelands. All the abrahamic religions are used as tools & weapons of empire, colonisation, migration, globalisation & miscegenation. They also work together in a type of continuum to destroy ethnically specific indigenous identity, Native culture & pre-abrahamic earth-centric spirituality. All Native European peoples should avoid them & hold them in contempt for thousands of years of debauchery!

~Khazar Talmudic Pagan Blood-Libel, Usury & Taxation. Now, what has been referred to as “vampires” are really just these step Pagan/talmudic turkic khazar goblin types who fled north & west from the far southeastern Eurasian step into Russia & Europe after the destruction of their slave empire called khazaria. These talmudic turkic khazar terrorists were responsible for giving the Mongols invaders intelligence & maps of well off cities to invade in Europe & Rus-sia. Later these same turkic khazar terrorists quickly entrapped Native European monarchies in their debt & usury racket & then became these monarchies tax-collectors to collect on this ever growing debt… but as we now know the cycle/circle/Ring of debt & usury never ends. Later these talmudic khazar organised the judaeo-protestant zionist alliance that was set-up to rob the Catholic church but went on to rob everyone through its now institutionalised globalist/internationalist debt & usury racket. The income-tax was set-up to pay for the world wars but was never ended & is now a institutionalised slavery-tax paid to internationalist globalist talmudic khazar banksters to this day! Yes, now in modern times this endless khazar debt is payed with our income-taxes (Stop paying the income-tax/slavery-tax). Now all the Native European peoples forefathers always said to be very, very wary of these lecherous ashkeNazi/turkic khazar goblin gangster terrorist types. There is definitely a very tiny but extremely influential cabal/group that are completely unethical & at the root of most of this toxic globalisation & its many forms of usury… they are also behind most of the wars, debt slavery, pedophilia & yes even child murder to Baal in Carthage or Moloch in Khazaria/Eurasian step. These talmudic khazar goblin types are NOT a Native European people in origin, nor are they a semitic people… but rather a southeastern Eurasian step turkic people & the Native European peoples long ago always ended up freezing them out of their Native European villages for their various lecherous, usurious & even *murderous* behaviours. Thus to this day most of these talmudic khazar goblin’s have a deep & ancient hatred for all Native European peoples & teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. They also fermented & were behind most of the wars of the 20th century ie:WW1, the talmudic marxist khazar/mongol Bolshevik slaughter of Rus-sia & WW2 & all of the European “revolutions” before that too… and are also behind the lies, propaganda & fake narratives written about these wars & “revolutions”/genocides afterward. They are behind the promotion of abortion/baby sacrifice to this day & many think that they satiate their strange religious blend of Eurasian step Paganism & talmudic kabbalah & it’s “god” Moloch/Baal that requires burnt offerings of babies or children. This ritualist murder & bunt offering is called Blood Libel but the older term for these burnt sacrifices was called a “holocaust” by them. This new WW2 use of holocaust is a very recent usage & is designed to hide this words true meaning. There are numerous documented cases of these khazar/turkic talmudic tortures & ritualistic murder of children all over Europe going back many Centuries… many of these sacrificed Children were later canonised/made saints by the Catholic church. It’s said that the blood from these murdered children & also circumcision blood are used to make Matzos, which is a blood soaked bread eaten at passover & used in strange talmudic khazar passover occult blood rituals. Many suggest that this is all fiction but the frequency & consistencies of these documented murderes makes it important to pass on. Now, in so called modern times, these talmudic turkic khazar goblins use “kosher”= throat slit chickens blood & sometimes goats blood for these rituals. As well, some say now that these khazar talmudic goblins push & promote abortion to feed their sick & psychotic innocent burnt offering requirement… because these murdered/aborted babies bodies are often incinerated… although much of these poor little souls body parts are now “harvested” in the name of “medical science”… so intolerably sick! As well it should be noted that these khazar talmudic goblins are often found to be over represented in the operation of these international pedophile rings… that also may be acquiring children for these same psychotic ritual sacrifices. Now you can call this information what ever you like but this is what the Native European peoples ancestors documented & warned us all about for thousands of years through many, many documented events, stories, myths & legends. This is not slander, this is information that has been passed down over centuries as a warning to all peoples & can be easily verified through many Catholic, Gothic & medieval historical documents dating back over 1000 years. Truly the income-tax is a detestable form of usury…but this blood-libel/ritualistic sacrifice/abortion is the most horrifying form of it! Talmudic Khazar Ritual Murder

On: The Debt, Usury & Income-Tax Scam
Simply the judaeo-protestant zionist alliance that was set-up long ago to rob the Catholic church but went on to rob us all & institutionalise a global debt, usury & taxation racket must be brought down! Now the khazar talmudic terrorists are running the show! Time to expose them & peacefully deconstruct their debt & usury scam once & for all! Step #1: All at once we must all stop paying the income-tax & this will starve & bring the globalist beast down! Peace Through Intelligence! ~D.R.

~On: The Turkic Talmudic/Noahide Khazar Terrorist Question
There is a tiny group of people who are turkic in origin from the far southeastern step region of Eurasia, just north of the modern state of Georgia. These turkic khazar people had an empire called Khazaria that was crushed by the Rus Rus-sians & then run over by the Mongol hordes of which these Turkic khazar terrorists then helped these Mongol hordes to invade Rus-sia & Europe. Later some of these turkic talmudic/Noahide khazars intermarried with Europeans but many were very ethnocentric & in-group oriented & got into the debt & usury racket in Europe and were driven out for that and many other criminal acts. Later they created the zionist ideal & aimed it at murdering the very semitic Native Palestinians & then colonising Palestine… thinking it would be the best spot to try & organise a global empire… a new khazaria if you will. But they hide this plan behind lies and fake claims of hebraic Judaism. To be clear they only chose Palestine because it is the centre of all 3 of the Abrahamic religions… and due to its many biblical references & supposed importance in the Abrahamic biblical dogma. The fact is these crook/gangsters are using & abusing Judaism as a cover like other abrahamic religions have been used by other groups too. Well, the gig is up & they must return to their real fatherland out on the far southeastern step of Eurasia & build their new khazaria there! Its that simple!

~ Study the ancient Pagan Greek/Hellenic & Heathen Germanic/Norse Classical & mythological works. Also study Friedrich Nietzsche, Arthur Schopenhauer, Martin Heidegger, Alternative/revisionist history, Alternative perspectives on WW1 & WW2… etc. Use these brilliant Native European peoples concepts, ideas & perspectives in your defence of the Native European peoples Rights & Land Title.

~USE THE RUNES: Put them on everything you own. They are the ancient alphabet of the Native European peoples. Be proud of these ancient symbols & explain their meanings to people. Understand that Runes are a letter and have a sound but also each Rune has an individual meaning all on its own & they can be grouped together. It’s the only alphabet that does these 4 things. Speak freely & proudly of your Native European ancestors & your ancient Traditions & Cultures. Live your culture and honour your ancestors with your actions. Again, this goes for all other peoples too!

Peace Though Intelligence! ~D.R.



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