“If You honour your Ancestors they will chisel your name in stone. If you dishonour your Ancestors they will piss your name in the snow.“
~Old Norse Proverb
All poems, Lyrics & writings below are by Drew Rouse/Skál Rekkr. All Rights Reserved.

As a ruddy checked boy I watched my Father ahead carrying a massive log on his shoulder through knee deep snow in the dark of December.
I knew that once that log was bucked & split its flames would dance in the fireplace lifting our spirit & bring warmth & merriment.
Whenever life gets rough I look forward and see his long legs striding ahead through the still forest in knee deep snow with the best part of that tree across his shoulder… and everything seems easier.

Chick-a-dee-dee-dee, dee, dee go the wee Tits from the Pine trees
Caw, Caw, Caw goes Huginn & Muninn Odin’s great Ravens bringing back thought & memory.
As our trusted Icelandic steeds carry us forth at Tolt speed over mountains steep.
“All hail the AllFather & his Wife the Weltgeist” yells the marry party crossing fjords deep.
We must make haste to the Great Hall of our people to dance & feast.
To celebrate Jul/Jøl/Yule with folk, kin, kith and mead. 
Written by Drew Rouse

It may be as off-putting as a hedonists grin, but a Native European always hesitates when encountering beauty.
But then comes that chain of words rolling off the tongue, which rolls the Heathens eyes back into his head to stare at his own ravenous intellect while politely entertaining piety.
How is it that so many need reminding that the usual programming turns minds into trash bins, and why does one hesitate slightly when cautiously intercepting iniquities.
Is it that one fears the dark hunger of loneliness, so they submit to the madness to appear sane & included for the moment, but once surrounded by the sound & furry of the feckless that signifies nothing honest it all becomes too costly an investment & not worth this bastardized zeitgeist (Spirit of the age) price of admittance.
Aren’t you sick of being viewed as a caged animal, the indigenous alien playing the blind mammoth shrew in the corner with the little hand wringing elephant in the room?
How dare you, how could you, how could one dare to speak such ancient truth. Speaking from a place of accumulated knowledge based in an intact Ancestral heritage, traditions and backed by historical precedent is only harmful to whom?
Are we to forget it all, let it all go and just go insane grooming ourselves endlessly like the selfish & filthy who individually & over everything seek only personal gain, and on just this one thin & finite materialistic plain? 
And what of the intellect then… are we to take it on the chin, embalm the brain & entomb the more important Mind or put it down like a ferrel dog, geld it like a rutting colt, brake it like a bucking stallion… or just gore & bore it to death with Hashem & Moloch bull worshiping nonsense & their listless & despondent projections & ignorance?
Stated like “Jehovah gave us this”, “Yahweh gave us that”, “science says” & “ignorance is bliss” as we  turn away from the inevitable deconstructionism that commences seeking more natural indigenous indulgences.
What of understanding then? Is it to be run over like an endangered species on the vapid & lost highway of modernity who’s devotees were born yesterday & chant “he who cares least wins” so if yes, I am speaking with the radically ignorant or just deconstructed, distracted & absent minded fatalists?
Remember your Ancestors, your kith & kin, & the troth/vow of birth you made to them, your Volkgeist… nestled in the emerald blue frith’s & the misty vales green forests of our Northern European homelands of moss, snow & ice, under the gaze of God The AllFather & his wife the Weltgeist (World Spirit). 
These questions, wisdoms & traditional understandings will allow one to see and force the cowards to flee for we cannot loose our indigenous understandings nor our racial & cultural integrity, nor submit to the dark bliss of ignorance, nor be subdued by weaker degenerate prospects who seek to direct & project a darkness over us, to control the mass-psychology of the masses through mass-media illusions & biotech technocratic lobotomies for all who are anti-globalist & have an intact indigenous identity, earth-centric Geist, Spirituality & a ravenous intellect. 

As a young boy I was given a dull little axe by my Father. It was to be used in the forest for de-limbing. Even at the young age of 7 I thought this dull little axe an insult and a humiliation but my younger brother had a little hand saw so that made me feel a bit better. So chop, chop, chopping I went imitating my Fathers technique as best I could and from time to time it would glance off what I was chopping and strike my shin, foot or ankle… “ouch” I would say quietly as my Father would look over at me with a wink and grin and say “now be more careful”. And as I got more skilled , careful & smarter that dull little axe got sharper & sharper.

Then a bit older I learnt more by watching my Father like how to sharpen, hone and oil the bigger axe bit and wax the bit and handle. I learnt to never swing the axe in the direction of others or the vehicle and never ever swing the axe in frustration or anger. I learnt discipline and the “Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine” wherein one must use enough force to get the job done but not swing so hard as to overdo it or be erratic… for that was witless and a show of weakness and thus shameful & pathetic. I remember smiling wide as I split round after round for the first time but my Father spoke little, never coddled & only demonstrated strength & radiated pride… he led & taught only by example… and so it is within our Fathers & Forefathers traits that our honour & pride still resides.

And if we fail to carry forward and instil & imprint this knowledge and these noble Native European traits & understandings into our descendants they will be deceived, deconstructed & taught to see their own, who refused to change & who will not submit as their enemy… and so they will be ordered to attack us, with their dull little axes.

One cannot rightly blame the feckless wenches & witches for they are inebriated & intoxicated on Dionysian vapid rabid feminism. Their shrill ignorance is a result of marxist deconstructionist mass-psychosis as they say “hear me roar” but out comes a meow & nothing more. Turning once traditional women into cockeyed cat lady savages rolling around on the floor. They know not limit nor reason & so become degenerate to the core. Trying desperately to attract a docile, gelded & cuckold boy-man to master their inner whore. Well boys will be boys and will leave the mess & their posts to get high, laid & adulated while the realms gates are as open as her flimsy legs as he tries to score. But they are loosing the game by sacrificing their own genetics, babies, ilk, kind & kin. As the foreign invaders, marauders & usurpers come rushing in. But the Russ/Viking is waking with the golden light that comes blasting. And a army stands waiting at the helm & ready to bring down the Natural Law & Order with supernatural power. Sent forth from the sleeping mounds comes the strapping lads… on steeds of buckskin, white & silver with waves of golden Valkyries circling overhead all iron clad & caring. Hail the Ancestors, Hail the sacred Masculine & Feminine & Hail God The AllFather.

YULETIDE (A song by Drew Rouse)
We gather together on the shortest day of the year. Out comes the mead winter Solstice is here!
We meet at the fire, in the sauna and the hall. Yuletide is here come one and come all.
Wrapped in furs and smoking the cold. It’s what has made us strong, prepared, wise and bold.

(Bridge) We dance around the fire on the longest night
Your hand in mine in the fire light

(Chorus) Breath the air cold but free ya. Like winters wolves we greet ya.
Yuletide has finally arrived. Howl my friends if you’re still alive!

Bearded and pink cheeked the guest blow in. Back smacking and laughing the celebration begins!
Tables all set with summers delights. We prepare and preserve to make it through long winter nights.
Meats taken down from the smoke holes of home. We tear and suck the meat and morrow from the bone.

(Bridge) We dance around the fire on the longest night
Your hand in mine in the fire light.

(Chorus) Breath the air its cold but free ya. Like winters wolves we feast ya
Yuletide has finally arrived. Howl my friends if you’re still alive!

The music strikes up as the Elves shuffle in. All the way from Elfhiem all chuckles and grins.
Ladies dressed to please under mistletoe. Men built to provide, meeting them toe to toe.
Children roll on furs in candle light. We come together to look into each other’s eyes.
Faintly and in the background of it all. Just outside the door the north wind and wolves howl.

(Bridge) We dance around the fire on the longest night.
Your hand in mine in the fire light.

(Chorus) Breath the air its cold but free ya. Like winters wolves we meet ya
Yuletide has finally arrived. Howl my friends if you’re still alive!!

Odin rides across the northern lights, on his horse Sleipnir hunting the longest night.
Frig is spinning sunbeams from her wheel. Sun wheels and Yule logs the darkness starts to yield.
Colours of the season green, red, white and gold. For nature, sacred feminine, seaman and suns glow.
Come all yee Heathens, Shamans and Freemen. For Earth, the animals and for future generations.

(Bridge) We dance around the fire on the longest night.
Your hand in mine in the fire light.

(Chorus) Breath the air its cold but free ya. Like winters wolves we breed ya
Yuletide has finally arrived. Howl my friends if you’re still alive!!

(Bridge) We dance around the fire on the longest night.
Your hands in mine in the fire light.

This nouveau “Halloween” should be called “irrational fear day”. Irrational fear stunts a childs intellect & thus shouldn’t be impressed upon them. People fear what they don’t understand & understanding quenches fear. Fears, void of rational understanding & logical origin, are often created & used as tools of control. The abrahamic desert demon deities “the devil/satan” is the original “boogieman”. The thrill from fear/fright is psychologically similar to the thrill from connected sex. That understood its unwise & unhealthy to amplify & combine these two things. Plus its dead wrong to imprint them into kids supple psyches.

“Halloween” is a disconnected spin-off of the Native European tradition of “All Hollows Eve” (Allholloween) which comes from the ancient Native European noble tradition of *Ancestor Worship*. The Native Europeans should do what Germanic Swedes still do today ie: pack food, drink, beeswax candles & visit the graves of their Ancestors which is the true meaning of this tradition. Feeding kids junk & dressing them in morbid plastic fibre crap is just toxic deconstructionism & imprinting irrational fears into kids supple psyches is child abuse. “All Hollows Eve”, & many other Native European traditions, have been commandeered, subverted, weaponized & turned into morbid & obnoxious forms of deconstructionism. We must take them all back!

As a boy I learnt much of what I understand today at the end of an axe & saw felling dead trees in the forest with my Father. I learnt that most logs we split had stronger Will’s than most men we’d met & that standing dead trees are more dangerous, unpredictable & tend to break-up in the most unexpected ways. One comes to understand true horror looking up a 50 ft , 12-20 ton standing dead tree & as its coming down seeing it jackknife/guillotine above & drop a few huge limbs/“widow makers”, this is horrifying, & as one stumbles back in awe, God The AllFather reaches out his hand & shields the warrior arborist & brings it all to rest just a few feet away.

So Hail the Great Native European Northern God The AllFather & our Ancestors in Valhalla for shielding us from the horror!

Peoples who are usurious & not altruistic should be kept at a distance by the very altruistic Native European peoples. For when a people are void of Germanic Heathen Reason & Hellenic Pagan Logos (Conscious Communication) they live in an ugly materialistic & dogmatic darkness & prey on the beautiful & altruistic. This usurious preying turns to deep self-loathing that blinds & degrades them further. So they turn to projecting their own guilt onto others, for they cannot expiate their guilt with Reason & Logos, nor atone for it, for they have no conscience nor Geist/spirit/soul left either. These peoples debase our Native European societies & Nations and will take us all down with them if we do not freeze them out of our Nations and teach them Logos, Reason & Altruism from afar.

They say I go Berserker when cutting & splitting firewood but I am actually very internally calm & in a deep state of nostalgia & profound reflection. Growing up there was no coddling at the Log Pile for mother’s apron-strings didn’t extend that far. Whether you worked fast or slow it wasn’t mentioned, for all looked their own risk in the eyes at the Log Pile. You see not much matters at the Log Pile accept your backs strength & your skill with an axe and saw. A weak man can become strong and a strong man made weak before the Log Pile. It’s a brutal place that only quiet men understand. It’s hard work wrestling logs around and each log has its own will & integrity that is stronger than most mens. Felling, bucking, splitting & stacking… its a Northmen’s right not a calling. And it must be all done before the North winds freeze comes a calling. Its pyre of flames drives back the freezing & the howling. The Log Pile never lies nor withholds anything. No secret, no quarter, no privilege for the honest nor the wicked.

(An Example of Rough Poetry, Interconnected-Perspective with Notes On European Marshalling)
The bending and flexing of guitar strings is similar to that of the archers bow string… both flex and bend and propel a undulating note or arrow that then makes it to the heart of the target in less than an instant. In archery the undulating of the arrow is known as “the archers paradox” in music it is knows as “tone” or “feel”.

 Now, one does not aim a note nor an arrow but rather places it with both eyes wide open. In contrast one aims a gun and bullet with one eye closed. Plus one must first shape, fletch and place that arrow in the minute and almost invisible spaces between the defences of the target… this is true with music too.

There is only 3 sword strokes and it is the movement between then that is so magical. This is true for most bladed/edged tools.

I must then also mention the Native European calisthenics training needed to strengthen, stretch, steady and hone the body for such movements & techniques… and if done on horseback, well there is much horsemanship needed too… which is an entirely different kind of training wherein the reins become less important as your knees and heals takeover. For when horse and riders spirits are one, like the Hellenic Centaur, they become almost invincible.

The old Native European Prussian-Germanic military handbooks speak of these intimate things, they are Martial Art books of poetry really, at least they are to those with eyes and minds wide enough to take them in.

And what of Nature then… well, one must understand Nature, for there is no knowing it. One must get to the point where not even rain, snow nor hail in the face makes you squint nor frown. One must learn to accept and use Nature intimately as a veil, weapon and as a tool. One must learn how to commandeer the beasts of the forest too to do the most beastly and gruesome of duties. Many a time I have had the wolves flushed a deer into my sights. You see Nature has a primordial strength, the Germanic-Nordic Giants of old kind of strength.. so don’t waste your finite life-force fighting it. For only Nature can subdue human-nature. It is human-nature that is both the problem and solution. It is a simple choice between deconstructionism or discipline.
Peace through intelligence.

Horsing around is still one of my most favourite pastimes and fall is the best season to go out for a good daily gallop around the estate! The hunt starts soon and the firewood is coming in as winter looms. Fall is also the time that I think of my Father the most, who passed on some years ago. He was a fall guy too and loved this time of year. I always thought he looked like Woden/Odin and he liked pocket knives and axes and hammers & he could only see out of one eye… just like Odin I used to think as a kid. Through thick & thin we never minded the weather. Some now blame me like they blamed him but us fall guys know better. My Father is in the Great Hall Of Champions in Valhalla is where he now resides… where he celebrate our accomplishments and spits hail into our enemies eyes.
Until Valhalla, Father! Skål!

Have ye no racial Geist nor racial pride.
Have ye not the need to see your ancestors & elders in your children’s eyes.
Their pigmentations, behaviours, psychology & physicality in their wide minds & long limbed strides.
Don’t ye miss the ability to sit unspeaking with like company communicating with only your minds.
Are ye unconscious, unwitting, unwilling or are ye inhuman or are we just two of a very different kind.
Or is it that somewhere in thy pedigree a bitch got over the wall and into thy kennel & thus ye is deeply compromised.
Or has your Native European gentility, nobility & primacy gone out with the waning tide.
Or was it stolen by the messianic abrahamic Turkic, Semitic & Asiatic tribes.
If ye accepts all of this ye will erase thy line & all will be lost to this creeping form of genocide.
Well I see the crest of a great wave that in time.
Will come rushing in to cleanse & heal all that was deconstructed & brutalized
And remind us all of what we already knew deep down inside.
For a people, nor truth, can be replaced by deceptions & lies.
It will wake ye, thy heritage, customs, nativism & the sacredness ye was taught to hide.
Have ye no racial spirit nor racial pride.
Or have ye just put it all away out of sight & out of mind. 
Written by Skáld Rekkr

Yes the Germanic-Nordic Vikings landed in North America before any other Native European people and the days of the week are named after the many faces of their God The AllFather. The Germanic-Nordic Rus tribes drove back the turkic, mongols, persian, turko-ottoman & moorish hordes and broke the back of the nasty Roman empire freeing Europe… then they went into Italy and saved the last of the real Romans from themselves and their collapsing empire… which was also collapsing in on them. Then they gave the Native European peoples Gothic architecture and infrastructure & it goes on and on and on. We should be very, very grateful & thankful to our Germanic-Nordic ancestors for leading the way!
Hail the Ancestors! Hail the Nordic-Germanics! Hail to all the Native European peoples. Give thanks for we are reaping all that they have sown!

The Native European peoples have a inspiring, extensive & magical indigenous mythology, earth-centric spirituality & heritage from the forested lands of our Native European ancestors. So why learn and live these very foreign mythologies & ideologies from the distant wastelands? It is time to have a far more inspiring and authentic experience wouldn’t you say?
May your ancestors guide you home!

I have always been a builder. It is in the Native European peoples blood to create & build. Building is an act of love. This is why when touring around Europe and seeing the amazing castles, walls and buttresses and the ramparts… I was inspired to write after tracing the ancient squared off stones and chisel marks with my fingers “This was built by Native European men, inspired by Native European women.”

Some of the old hand hewn beams in the barn today I first saved out of a bigger old barn that was on the property. I used what wood was still good from the big barn to fix up the smaller barn on the property… which I did with loving care. Then I used what was left of these beautiful hand hewn beams to frame up the side porch on the Estate of which all enjoy to this very day. While I was building it I thanked the old Native European men that fell, bucked, hauled these trees with a horse or ox… and then hand hewn and shaped those trees into these straight and true beams I now had the pleasure to use.

So all Hail our Native European Ancestors the Builders of our realms and dreams!

I wear a 100% wool vest with horn buttons… I dawn-it just to say NO to microfibre plastic fabrics. Wear your glistening talismans and natural armour well and never wear your brave heart on your sleeve, keep it tucked away neatly in your chest for you will need it to carry on & never ever let the bastards radicalize you nor drag you down.

Do what you love and do it well… the rest is easy. Tell the truth… but understand that Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth. So be reasonable because The Cunning Of Reason and the Natural Order will always prevail anyway.

Have no fear… for there is nothing to fear NOT even fear itself. Pervade your realm with mindful loving traditions, customs and embrace your ancestors heritage which is yours too. Leave modernities mindless to their moment staring into their bellybuttons wondering where it all went wrong… watching as their deconstructionism starts to deconstruct them. For the chickens always come home to roost especially when the Cock still rules the roost. Be compassionate but never compromise on principle.

Tell someone today that they are beautiful, kind, intelligent… tell those you love that you love them and that life would be abysmal without them. But say it only if you mean it… and if it gets tight when you inhale to say it, say it more often. I knew a few that meant it… at least they thought they did… but most just feared being alone… and sadly, in the end, they all wanted blood from a stone.
Love & Respect.

They were pure & uncompromising men, a transcendent patriarchy. They were not “entitled” just responsible because they knew the buck must stop there with them.
They were the end all & be all of the family who confronted the enemy at the gate and the enemy within. They held the line & held up the family above all else but also came from generations that understood their responsibility did not end with family but also extended into their community.
They were a shining example of what man can and should be. All prowess and intellect with no time for senseless negativity, emotions nor feelings for they knew that the women could handle such irrational tedium in the kitchen with their generations of ancient wisdom.
They apologized for nothing for they knew that in time all would come to understand the reasons & Nature of their masculine ways. All would come to see what they stood for and against and what they had seen coming long ago appear now abruptly before modernities vacant gaze.
Godspeed Father until Valhalla!

“If They Can’t Handle Truth, Give Them Beauty, Sonic Beauty.” ~D.R.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter/Eostre/Beltane fertility festival weekend. I would like to thank Eastern Orthodoxy & Western Catholicism & most of its many Protestant schisms for wittingly or unwittingly preserving & protecting the much older & wiser pre-abrahamic Native European peoples indigenous festivals, traditions & Indigenous earth.centric Spiritual heritage under a thin veil of Christianity. At Easter I was happy to see all the ancient pre-abrahamic fertility symbols scattered about (ie:eggs & rabbits… etc) and the Easter egg hunt in full swing too… etc. At Christmas I was happy to see The Yule/Jul Wheels disguised at wreaths and the Jul/Yule log dressed up as a Christmas tree…etc. The Native European peoples are maintaining their indigenous heritage & roots against all odds & this is truly a blessing from the Native European peoples gut/good=God The AllFather. For all that is good/guy is God.

The Native European peoples indigenous earth-centric spirituality is not against nor apposing the traditional teachings of Eastern Orthodoxy, Western Catholicism nor the various Protestant schisms… they are actually in quiet communion now & traditional Eastern Orthodoxy, western Catholicism & most of its Protestant schisms are part of the Native European peoples more resent spiritual history. For Pagan Hellenic Logos & Heathen Germanic Reason were both adopted by traditional Eastern Orthodoxy, Western Catholicism & most of its Protestant schisms and it is what makes these rather new messianic abrahamic belief systems still relevant to many Native European peoples today. But, again, they are just a thin veil over our far more ancient Native European spirituality & earth-centric belief systems, which includes our own ancient mythologies that are specific to only us Native European peoples and the European lands of our realm we roam.

Now, the other messianic abrahamic religions (judaism & islam) are completely irrelevant to the Native European peoples and frankly have no place in our Native European peoples communities, societies nor Nations… for they know not Logos nor Reason.
Peace through intelligence.

Musically I have been deeply influenced by ancient Native European mythology & the musical magic of the Native European peoples. From the mountains of Wales to the Fjords of Norway, to the ancient oak forests of Deutschland & the coastlines of the Celtic & Gaelic Isles, to the hinterlands & coastlines of the Nordic & Baltic states & to the peaks of the Alps & Pyrenees… it all can be heard in my music.

Including the slightly dislocated Native European North American Canadiana & Americana Blue-Grass & mountain picker Celtic & Gaelic Folk music of the New World inspires me. Plus the symphonic virtuosity of the Germanic pianists (especially Beethoven), Baroque & Classical orchestras, to the intimate Celtic & Gaelic ancient rhythms & melodies, to the Nordic Kulning, the Celtic drumming & Estonian choirs & also The Big Bands which evolved from the Beer Hall brass bands & military marching bands…. & all the Spirit Folk mythology that makes our lives so musing & magical.

Well, it all comes a calling, crashing & rushing in when I perform live & I understand that we are an accumulation & in collaboration with these ancient ancestral souls who wish that we sing aloud our Native European peoples sacred melodies, words & rhythms & project our ancestors spirit, & free it, unto the lands of our forefathers & into the minds of our future generations with introspective revel & resounding fury.

Western Music is very pervasive & powerful and this is why the music industry is so tightly controlled by a very small and highly consolidated group of people. Western Music’s roots are very Germanic and go back thousands of years in an unbroken line fading into ancient history. Again All “western music” has most of its roots in the Germanic people and their lands known as Germany today and Northern Europe. Lets take “Big Band Jazz” as a example… it comes from the old Prussian & other Germanic military marching band traditions and the Beerhall Brass Bands of the Germanic states. “Classical music” is of course very Germanic and the German Classical Composers & pianists reached heights still unmatched to this very day. Plus the earlier Baroque music is very Germanic in origin too. Modern “pop music” is the progenitor of the ancient Volk/Folk music and “Country music” is just Native European Volk/Folk music that got lost in North America. Even the word for a stringed instrument builder is Germanic in origin, ie: Luthier and the best Luthiers were and are German to this day… or use German instrument building methodology. Anyway we must reconnect and reconstruct this ancient Germanic unbroken linage and line of musicality from modern western music back to its very Germanic roots. The Germanic people have a unbroken musical heritage that goes back thousands of years and fades into history. This line was not fully broken but it was deeply manipulated and deconstructed after the world wars but it maintains its vigour & vitality to this very day in artists and musicians who have no idea of what I just briefly described to you above. Music is fuel for the geist/spirit and it is medicine for the beleaguered masses. So give them some inspiring and spirited sounds and songs that encompasses these ancient Native European melody lines, rhyme & rhythms and bring traditional aspirations & inspiration to their Native European lives again.

So Hail the ancestors… & our magical musical spirits & the supernatural elements of the Native European peoples!

When touring & cruising through life mind the potholes & speed bumps, take time to stop, smell the flowers & keep it between the ditches.
To remain lovable always be rational & reasonable but never compromise on principle.
Evade hatred, discontentment & disfunction & always remember that true love is actions not just words & love is worthless unless it is discriminatory & extremely biased, for the future knows nothing without the past.
See you on the road of life and don’t forget to wave & have a blast!

What is it about the Native European peoples that made them so ingenious? Please tell me for I am curious. Is it the harsh low-uv light European climate that lightened their pigmentation & forced them to sit by the fire listening to their ancestors, elders, animals & environment & to use ingenuity, forethought & to think ahead & prepare & preserve to make it through the long cold… & those that didn’t just froze &/or were starved out? Or is it the ancient traditions & compassionate bonds with family, the Clans/Folk & their Native flora & fauna forest spirits? Is it simply the later Prussian education system & the thousands of years of complex observation, introspection & philosophical traditions that preceded it? Is it their deep need to creatively marry function & beauty? Is it the demographic pressures being that all the Native European peoples combined are still a global minority? Is it simply their DNA? Is it their Native European high in openness creative Giest pushed to it’s maximum & crescendo & their ability to then just let go & watch it glide off unto the masses? Or is it just their endless altruistic curiosity & creativity?
It is all of these things combined & the World is better for it. So chin up my beauties… the ancestors & AllFather are watching… & I’m your Huckleberry.
Peace through intelligence.

I was out cutting up a dead tree for firewood again, & as I have done since I was a child, when my father first handed me a dull hatchet so I could practice chopping & splitting without injuring myself or anyone else. But this is what a man does when he has 4 fireplaces & a wood-burning furnace to stoke & 6 children to feed, he passes on the knowledge & wisdom while working.

Anyway, as I was splitting firewood it got me thinking of the Native European “Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine”. It’s an ancient Native European understanding that once went without saying by fiercely independent, dangerous but honourable men. It was always learnt at the end of a hammer or axe handle while working as a child. This is how I learnt it too, while intimately working with tools especially when hammering & splitting up logs into firewood. When splitting wood if one swings the axe in anger or recklessly there is a higher risk & probability of inaccuracy & injury to ones self or those around them. If one swings the axe too softly or weakly they won’t get the job done. So one must quickly & precisely measure up the log before them, spot its grain & weaknesses & use the appropriate amount of force to split it cleanly. Not even a wide eyed Viking berserker swings his axe erratically, weakly nor in anger. Blinding anger dulls the reflexes & senses & its an emotional loss of control which is always ugly. Simply, be more like Odin & Thor & nothing like kali.

Well these rather emasculated & brutally urbanized & domesticated modern men must learn this old unspoken Native European understanding, & others too. Especially those who work as bouncers, Peace Officers, Militiamen, Soldiers, Hunters, Butchers, Horse trainers, Fathers, Farmers, Craftsmen etc. Even musicians must learn it too so they can play more dynamically, nuanced & precisely.

So learn & use the Appropriate Use Of Force Doctrine & live by it at work, in battle or at play & be measured, reasonable, responsible, rational & honourable for your ancestors are watching & watching over you.

In the long run the soft ones become the cold & harsh ones & the once seemingly dispassionate, harsh & cold one becomes the only warmth & voice of reason.

I don’t mean to hoe the row & sow a tale of woe but traditionally Native European women wanted love but Native European men only offer love if they are respected…& Native European women only offered that respect if they too were respected… & so they circled each other carefully until this understanding was signed in actions & away they went together in Love & Respect.

But now status, deconstructionism & consumerism has poisoned the wellspring of our people & even this rather quaint & silent understanding & agreement is forgotten & the circling ended in selfish self-realization & thus discontentment filled the void. And now for a traditional Native European man or woman it all seems so un-agreeable & blown out. But take heart… the tide is turning again & the old flame remains… & we Native European peoples long for each other & wish to see our ancestors eyes, understandings and aesthetic in our children again.
In other words… the yearning has woken the passion. Good times!

I took a short horseback ride out to the properties Pine knoll which was always part of a traditional family farm. The Pine trees were planted or nurtured on a dry & sandy bank or knoll for the wood/lumber but also, & most importantly, for the making of Pine-tar… which was/is a magical natural compound used in everything from homemade soup, used to condition horses hooves, waterproofing, conditioning & preserve wood furniture, posts, wooden skis… etc. The Pine-tar was also put on hemp or cotton canvas fabric and used in wood framed walls which also acted like a ant/bug repellent too… but mostly it was used as a non-toxic & natural wood preservative that is unmatched to this day… & again, totally natural & non-toxic.

The tar in the old term & punishment of “Tarred & Feathered” was most definitely Pine-tar. The Germanic-Nordic peoples, & yes the Vikings, used Pine-tar to seal & waterproof the hulls of their dragon ships/vessels & on the ships ropes too.

Many traditional cottages & log cabins in the Nordic Nations today still use Pine-tar as a natural & non-toxic wood preservative but they also use it for its water-proofing and as a natural bug repellent to preserve the old logs or beam structures.

So now you know & so forgo the nouveau & toxic petrochemicals & try traditional Native European tried & true remedies & solutions instead.
Peace Through Intelligence.

Yes, many of the western Native European woman are like lost feral cats, all tattered by rabid-feminism brainwashing & shaking from decades of its Stockholm syndrome & who will eventually show up at our door step unglued, tattooed and shivering & we, the Native European patriarchy, must welcome them back in & wrap them in woollens & furs & place them by the ancestral fire & re-inspire them.

It is our ancient Native European way to care for our woman & protect them… we were caught off guard by deceptions, subversions & deconstructionism led by foreigners within and we had no weapons to defend our women against this vapid rabid-feminism brainwashing that taught them to be reckless with themselves & thus becoming broken & self-loathing & a stumbling-block within our communities.

But we Native European peoples have ancient cultures & traditions that held & holds high the sacred feminine of our women… high above it all… & we must not forsake them. They are our peaches & cream, our armour & the soft underbelly of our Native European societies & thus sometimes they can be our stumbling block & our undoing & so we must protect them from themselves & through thick & thin for they create our future generations & nurture our children.
Woman & Man are like Love & Respect… & one is just no good without the other.
Peace through intelligence.

As I step back up on stage to slam my guitar into another sonic execution tuned to frequencies that slip by their deconstructed conditioning into their subconsciousness & start firing off harmonically & dialectically charged lyrics full of whistle tones, no NOT dog-whistles, that are perfectly enunciated, punctuated, nuanced & positioned to have maximum impact on their tipsy psyches… & I too am fed into the flames.

Some try to quickly slip into the pseudo safety of their pocket tv but the sonic net has them already & as the subwoofer cripples their cellphone speakers…they slowly surrender to the relentless rhythm, beat, groove & tone as the lyrical deconstruction of the deconstructionism commences with no surrender & no quarter. Even the air they breath is painted with sonic healing vibrations that seek & destroy cellular dissidence & disfunction & replaces it with harmonious vibration… that harmonizes them to the earths vibration and resonance, which doses them with waves of their own internal medicines from their beleaguered endocrine systems, as this inner pharmacy starts pumping out healing hormones & endorphins… now whether they sink or swim is up to them… but how can we resist that which we are suspended in.

As the melody floats & blows & then submerges again swallowing us whole like the great white whale or as we ride the ancient Nordic dragon that churns our skies & oceans… we are all within a supernatural sonic solution of therapeutic vibrations that seeks to heal & harmonize our uncivil civilizations!
Peace through intelligence.

just does
It’s not words
it’s conscious actions.
And forever seeing the beauty,
brilliance & endless blessing.
When it’s burning & when it’s fading
It’s heated reflection & cool refinement
& wild dishevelment all within an instant.
Its being hungry even when ones full & empty
But the doing makes it all doable anyway
The many faces of love are plentiful but equal:
Love of Nature, love of your family & of your people.
Love of your heritage, traditions, celebrations & culture
 And loving your own doesn’t mean you hate all the others.
Love is seeing your great grandparents eyes in your children.
Love is a procreative couple and a lonesome mindful moment.
Love knows there is no equivalent.
For love is discriminatory.
Naked in all it’s glory
Love is unselfish:
but not selfless
Love is unto love
& love just does.

15 nautical miles is the average skyline most people can see depending if the sight-lines are open & clear & you are on the Ocean. So we rely heavily on outsourced intelligence, information & technology & less & less on personal observations, hard intel & personal interactions.

So one must ask themselves constantly, Is this truth or is it just popularized lies? Is this a product of reality or a product of my mind? Is this information, disinformation, misinformation, misdirection, propaganda or distraction?

The fact is when you enter-the-net & are traversing through it’s deceptive forest of mirrors it is easy to get lost & isolated on the many interconnecting digital paths that are often laced with mind candy to distract & lure you algorithmically further & further into “the web” away from the truth, your family, friends, community, identity, dignity & reality & so you become more & more demoralized, lost & pacified or you are maligned.

No, you cannot bring it down from within “the belly of the beast” for you are already fully processed, digested & coming out the other end by then. So we must attack it’s head & from all sides, like stone age hunters or like Germanic Hermann’s nativist forces did crushing empire in the ancient old growth forests as we howl to one another in the wilderness in correspondence to coordinate our ordinance.

And our future generations will stand & solute its reverberation as we preserve & protect the Natural Law & Order that binds us & frees us all equally. The digital beasts all seeing eye must be blinded & it’s toxic vaccinations turned back on it like billions of spears injecting our will upon it instead. It must be overcome, immobilized, butchered & burned by the tribes of mankind, who from within their own indigenous regions decided to fight back for independence & freedom & who decided to bring down the international bankers & their globalist technocrat stooges & defeat their technocracy & end their technocratic tyranny & destroy their cycle/circle/RING of debt & usury that Tolkien was so incoherent about but Shakespeare & Wagner wasn’t.
Peace through intelligence!

Thumos is an ancient Hellenic Greek word for spiritedness, breath & blood flow & is a word I have used for decades in an attempt to reawaken it. I often see the best examples of Thumos in horses & I try to awaken it in many who have no concept of it. Ones physical Thumos should be matched by their supernatural Geist (Germanic Spirit) & spread through Logos/conscious communication…. if so, the world is our oyster.

Those who have awakened & active Thumos & Geist tend to be hyper conscious & aware & know no victimhood & have the ability to ignite these elemental attributes within others around them. They ignite & stoke the fire but often appear to be just another animated form dancing in the rippling fire light enjoying it’s movement & warmth. But they are the spur of Thumos, the prodder of Giest & the breath of Logos that breaths consciousness into the matter & makes our lives more magical but yet deeply practical.

It was the martyrs, Heathens, Pagans & the children of Dresden, Hamberg & Berlin who were forced to dance in the flames not so long ago… by the latest Empire of “satan”. For this abrahamic deity, they call the so-called “devil”, only dances between the ears of the unconscious. For there has always been those of dogmatic ignorant ill-will & degenerate appetites who have tried for centuries to extinguish the sacred Native European peoples brilliance with fire. (ie: The mongols, turkic’s, tartars, ottomans, moors, messianic’s, abrahamic’s, marxists, zionists, talmudic’s, judaic’s, islamic’s, communists, bolsheviks, internationalists/globalists…etc.)

So awaken these supernatural elements in your deepest core & be the spirited flame that dances in the sacred fire through the darkest night unto the awakening Sun rise.
Peace through intelligence.

The meaning of life is to give consciousness to matter. Not to try & find consciousness in matter. Unconscious materialism is vapid, it is the void that weighs down the human spirit. We are NOT just atoms in the void. It is the gift of the human Geist to breathe consciousness into matter…. but first that Geist must be resonating with the pervasive vibration/God/Allfather vibration that permeates, resonates & animates all living things equally. Principled & harmonious resonation releases the spirit from the celestial ghetto & materialist prison. Be ethically free my friends & breathe consciousness into the matter & give your life meaning.
The consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it. 

Oh yes these old & tired WW2 lies & myths & who’s narratives ring hallow but have been used & abused to manipulate & silence us… but not me. For I danced with the truthful innocent Germanic children, through your abomination & your dragon’s foul breath, down the hollowed halls & cobblestone streets of Dresden.
Through the spinning & licking flames we went, hand & hand with our arms swinging & volk songs playing in our heads, as we slipped from the realm of the living dead, into the living loving arms of our ancient ancestors & relatives.
So the innocent have woken me & sent me forth to smite thee for it, & to draw out your punishment & atonements. 

WISEMAN OF THE WOOD by Skáld Rekkr. 
Now one can and one could be a Wiseman Of The Wood.
Just slumber under an ancient Oak wrapped in a woollen cloak & hood.
As a kindness of Raven caw, chuckle & rave overhead in a language that is not yet fully understood.
Two Ravens will float down to the right & left speaking warnings and knowledge as you slept and are sleeping they will whisper in your ears the ancient Native European wisdoms. And when you awake you will be a Wiseman full of understanding and will jump to your feet & fly to attend to the forest & its wild flocks, your people and the children with all the wisdoms & understanding that was spoken into your ears by the Ravens while you slept and thought you were dreaming.

Now one day, & to such a man as this, a Wiseman Of The Wood…  two Ravens landed on his shoulders and spoke of foreign steppe slavers, kidnappers & furriers from the far south-eastern steppe, who had entered their ancient Native European forest and who now through it crept. Their degenerate appetites, hunger & greed for furs & children made them bold enough to enter but soon they would be trapped, splintered & themselves conquered. The Boar, Bear, Bison and wolf were already hounding the steppe slavers every step and upon them leapt but they needed the Ravens knowledge and the Wiseman Of The Wood’s will to drive these foreign Mongolic & Turkic invaders and usurpers out without losing one child or pelt. We must make sure they never return to our enchanted Kingdom nor tell any other foreign steppe scoundrels of our magical forest realm.

So the Ravens jetted in with beating wings and pecked at their slanted eyes and hooked noses spooking them and their horses…. as their nags reared they fell to the ground & the ancient trees roots dug into their ribs and the Boars and Bison gored, the bears mauled and the wolves jaws tore at them while dragging them to the foot of the Wiseman Of The Wood. Who with a thunderous roar said. “You usurious fools, you have come for hides & to kidnap our children. Tell us quickly where are those you have thus far taken… speak the place now or be slowly eaten!” The steppe slavers quickly said where they were and some of the wolves ran to free the captured children. Then the Wiseman Of The Wood said “Now one can and one could offer only one of you one way out of our sacred wood. So you must battle each other to the end and when all others are done then only that one can run.” Immediately the Mongolic and turkic steppe slavers started at each others throats desperately trying to overcome the other for amongst thieves and cowards there is no honour and all were equally nasty and so shortly they all lay wounded and exhausted and none were done but all lay dying. “I thought as much” said the Wiseman Of The Wood as he turned his head and nodded to the Wolves, Bison, Bears and Boars “Now finish them” he said. And so they did… as the Ravens circled overhead.

The Gnomes, Nisse, Huldra, Elves, Jólasveinar and other Forest Folk carted off these soulless steppe slavers and left their lifeless bodies in a heap on their steppe at the forests edge with a sign that read. “Came in alive but came out dead”.  And as the Forest Folk skipped back through their ancient groves they echoed again with children’s song & laughter… and they all lived happily ever after.
The End. 

So when did it become wrong to notice? Notice the shape of the nose, the cut of the jib, the colour of the eyes & how the ears are hung & the shape & dimension of the face, head & chin & the form of the mouth there in… & what of ones genotype & phenotype & their uv-lite blocking or absorbing pigmentation & complexion then? This pigmentation component can make one feel like the vary climate hates them & could dictate whether or not they sink or swim in a given uv-light region… & so why is it just fantastic & terrific for facial recognition programs to notice, measure & note all of this but when we do we are called racist again & again? So why aren’t the racial facial recognition programs racist then?

Or is facial recognition a tool of the globalist technocracy & do they use it to track your movements & issue social credits & inspect you for disease, dis-ease & decent? Most likely all the above so it must be highly relevant because even all the social media has deployed it deeming it part of the AI & thus very, very important.

So when did it become hatred to notice? Is the wild boar hateful to notice the differences between it & the swine? Or is the swine just self-loathing & resentful of its origins & kind? This is good information to help you navigate these times & the viral waves that are being mass-migrated into your Nations & minds for now as you have been made aware of a few more things that might prompt you to take cover when a foreign face starts coughing & sneezing & complaining about the free things they are getting.
For racism is racist & thus demonstrates that race does indeed exist but when did it become racist to notice?
Peace through intelligence.

Hate is mostly ones own emotional self-loathing projected onto others, its a response mostly seen in angry, irrational, emotional & deconstructed people. Wise men improve, channel & dissolve hate into unemotional responsive aggression & that is very useful. Once one is self empowered, & has improved oneself enough, one will no longer hate but act to preserve, protect & defend ones own people, ilk, kind, kith & Kin.

Of course one hates the burning truth of fire, Especially if one is a feckless liar, Shuddering in their pillared pyre, Built atop a quaking pile they call Mt Zion with bloody hands shaking, As gold & silver coins fall through shaking hands, For it now all doth shudder & crumble, Collapsing like their world war deceptions & lies, And their Palestine & Babylonian talmudic temples & towers of Babylon & Babel, With no ark nor Austrian painter to take them hence nor hither, Oh come all ye allied faithful joyful & triumphant don’t you see now how you too have been deceived & deconstructed, And yet they wish we show some respect & sympathy for their desert demon Hashem, Jehovah, Baal, Yahweh, Moloch deity, And build monuments to our own enslavement by the RING/circle/cycle of debt & usury, Ye old turkic money trick takes another pound of gentile flesh as payment, Don’t rely on pity wrapped in Native European guilt, pity & Christian empathy for it’s running on empty. Even a marxist-zionist terrorist zealot can see the inevitability, Oh yes this old & tired world war myth & its narrative that’s used & abused to manipulate gentility, And which this degenerate lie & myth of the 20TH Century that was propagandized by hollywood has missed its target totally, For we have danced with the truthful innocent Germanic children, Through this world war abomination & your dragon’s fiery foul breath down the hollowed halls & cobblestone streets of Dresden, Through the spinning & licking flames we went, Hand & hand with our arms swinging & old volk songs playing in our heads, As we slipped from the realm of the living dead, Into the living loving arms of our ancient ancestors & relatives, So the innocent have woken us & sent us forth to smite thee for it, & to draw out your punishment & atonements.

The Great Nordic-Germanic, Celtic, Gaelic, Finnic, Baltic & Slavic Tree Of Ancestral Wisdom (Yggdrasill) can never be fell nor uprooted. Here is some wisdom from its roots, long branches & fruit.

The Indigenous Native European peoples, & other indigenous peoples, must deal with this darkness within our Nations that controls our various mass-media’s which allows them to control the mass-psychology & mass-subconsciousness of the masses. They use these various media’s to infiltrate, deconstruct, coerce & subvert the masses while limiting, suppressing & banning traditional understandings, heritage & ancient Ancestral wisdoms while limiting our Freedom Of Speech so we cannot expose it nor even respond to it.

Our world will know nothing but division & war until we both freeze out & drive out this dark force from our societies & Nations. Who is this dark force you may ask… well, they are “the enemy of all mankind” & many Native European writers, poets & artists created artistic works exposing & warning us about this dark force that destroys from within.

I personally have been censored, shadow banned & my media accounts hacked, suspended etc. And just for creating Native European centric artistic works of art and for expressing & speaking freely and openly against this dark force who creates nothing but war, division & constant adversity… for they profit off of this deconstructionism, division, adversity, usury, war & the destruction of our  indigenous identities & spirituality, Natural environments, societies & Nations. They are indeed “the enemy of all mankind” & they have been booted out of many, many Nations over the centuries for it… & out they must go again for all of our sakes! 
Peace is the way, until its not! 

One cannot create something from what is just not there… its like baking with no ingredients. Its impossible to make something out of nothingness. One cannot make form out of a apparition but that doesn’t mean one should negate its ghostly presence & Spirit/Geist. For isn’t  that what a legend is? Often I enter a hall & start setting up for a show and always notice how lonely these halls feel when not in full swing. Even when half full there is little to bake with and so we, I & the audience, are forced to become the spirit of that ghostly & lonely hall. Its said that pure Beauty is the ultimate expression of Truth & so if the audience can’t handle raw Truth then give them pure Beauty. I often start the song wondering why I am even there at all but then in an instant  I am no longer and reliving another place and time wherein I wrote that song I am playing. It’s the song that transports us. So am I living in the past? Sure I guess, but aren’t we all to one degree or another? Often it seems that we are waving nostalgically at the past with tearful eyes & breaking hearts & in turning towards the future we call out in anticipation… “Wait! Don’t go, I am almost there.” And is it not also so that what we were waving at is also with tearful eyes calling out to us in return the very same thing and this is why we are so broken hearted & tearful? Or is it all just nothingness & the aching echo of our own voice, heartbreak & spirit on this lonely haul?

CONTRA NATURAM (Against the Natural Order)
Oh it is a sorted tale.
One of usury I must retell without fail.
Repeating it for my ancestors so bold, ruddy cheeked & pale.
A tale of dark sorcerers with souls made swarthy by usury.
And how the usurious create adversity & slavery
 feeding off the mashing of teeth & scarcity.
Ezra Pound said it best & at its staunchest giving it body and flesh.
And now we must all take up the gauntlet
of this most ancient Native European quest.
This tale told & retold by European scholars & writers of old
about this perverseness & financial conquest.
by a people & a ideology from the distant steppe
& got mixed with abrahamic zeal & zest.
and who’s yoke was put around the necks of the masses.
And so rise up my dearest of deers made beasts of burden & vexed.
And place thy usurious chains around the usurers necks.
And hoist these old wrecks from the obscuring depths
& string them up like festive lights at Yule & Christmas.
For they seek to do the same to all of us.
Both the intelligent & feckless, the mindful & mindless.    

Footnotes to CONTRA NATURAM: So boycott these fraudulent & usurious complex finical instruments like the cycle of “debt & usury”, “fractional reserve banking” which are just glorified globalist “confidence schemes/tricks” aka “turkic money tricks”. Plus do not pay the slave-tax/income-tax, or pay as little as possible, for it is how our corrupted governments pay on these globalist international bankers endlessly compounding interest loans.
Our Native European forefathers, writers & poets all warned us of THE RING/circle/cycle of Debt & Usury! We must destroy THE RING for all of our sakes and hang the globalist international bankers/banksters. Only once we destroy the usurers piece will our independent Nations know a lasting peace. 


With usura hath no man a house of good stone
each block cut smooth and well fitting
that design might cover their face,
with usura
hath no man a painted paradise on his church wall
harpes et luz
or where virgin receiveth message
and halo projects from incision,
with usura
seeth no man Gonzaga his heirs and his concubines
no picture is made to endure nor to live with
but it is made to sell and sell quickly
with usura, sin against nature,
is thy bread ever more of stale rags
is thy bread dry as paper,
with no mountain wheat, no strong flour
with usura the line grows thick
with usura is no clear demarcation
and no man can find site for his dwelling.
Stonecutter is kept from his stone
weaver is kept from his loom
wool comes not to market
sheep bringeth no gain with usura
Usura is a murrain, usura
blunteth the needle in the maid’s hand
and stoppeth the spinner’s cunning. Pietro Lombardo
came not by usura
Duccio came not by usura
nor Pier della Francesca; Zuan Bellin’ not by usura
nor was ‘La Calunnia’ painted.
Came not by usura Angelico; came not Ambrogio Praedis,
Came no church of cut stone signed: Adamo me fecit.
Not by usura St. Trophime
Not by usura Saint Hilaire,
Usura rusteth the chisel
It rusteth the craft and the craftsman
It gnaweth the thread in the loom
None learneth to weave gold in her pattern;
Azure hath a canker by usura; cramoisi is unbroidered
Emerald findeth no Memling
Usura slayeth the child in the womb
It stayeth the young man’s courting
It hath brought palsey to bed, lyeth
between the young bride and her bridegroom
They have brought whores for Eleusis
Corpses are set to banquet
at behest of usura.
Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews’” — Ezra Pound

Without Prussian Critical Thinking, Germanic Reason & Hellenic Logos (conscious communication) people tolerate the intolerable. It is the Native European consciousness, intellect, nuanced understandings & mind-scape that leads the way for all mankind. Without it we are all doomed.

Yes Native European woman, due to their lovely altruism & super compassionate nurturing nature, are the soft naive underbelly of our native European Nations and they have been tricked, used & abused by foreign goblins to gain entry into our communities & societies and who have now infiltrated, deconstructed & subverted our Native European communities, societies & Nations on many levels. Time to fix this ladies we need our Shield Maidens Valkyries, gardens, apothecaries & many, many babies. Every gal should read the Germanic fairy tail “Rumpelstiltskin” over and over again. We all know who the foreign goblins are now right?

So many are so desperately seeking their own peoples indigenousness & Indigenous spirituality & mythology thorough foreign means. I hope they can find their way home.

Native European indigenousness and Spiritual Heritage & Native Mythology is NOT hatred… for hatred is the projection of ones own self-loathing onto others. So if one projects their own self-love onto others, & they reflect it back, this completes the ancient ancestral circle… that all indigenous peoples understand… and of which the Native European peoples, especially the Germanics, philosophically articulated & communicated so well and freely gifted it to the world in the form of Beethoven, Wagner, Bach, Arthur Schopenhauer, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Friedrich Nietzsche… etc.

Remember: Ones dogma is ones mantra and that shapes ones perception of reality. One must constantly ask oneself, is this a product of my mind or reality? One must also be sure to never allow their ideology to override their humanity.

© 2001 Andrew C. Rouse All Rights Reserved

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