Drew has over 20 years of experience teaching thousands of Native European Calisthenics classes to tens of thousands of students in North America & Europe.

Drew has seen “yoga” & the asiatic religions being misused & abused as toxic tools of deconstructionism & social engineering.

Drew only teaches a very clean & clear form of “Native European Ballet style Calisthenics” that is void of this deconstructionism, social engineering & asiatic persuasions & their usual & often lecherous & sexualized religious dogma. These asiatic grifts teach very over the top selfish concepts of “self realization” & “universalism” preaching that does nothing for the students/practitioners body & mind… nor does it help them get more connected to their indigenous identity, Native culture & heritage, community nor improve the society they live in. For most of these asiatic grifts are just tools of globalization, deconstructionism, social engineering and brainwashing. For it is our indigenous identity, heritage, cultures and our social responsibilities that actually give our lives true meaning. The rest is just selfish & empty bellybutton gazing.

Drew focuses his classes strictly on the practical, physical & the overall health of the students. He leaves his students to walk their own, not just private but sacred, spiritual path. We all must walk the path & there are no express lanes to understanding the body, mind & indigenous spirituality. Remember you cannot consume your way to consciousness. So forget the idea that this or that plant, drug or medicine can make you “enlightened” or “heal” you. For the recreational versions are usually used to divert, sedate or subvert you off & away from your path to your racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage.

The other more legitimate medicinal versions are often prescribed to only treat the symptoms of a deeper imbalance. As well, most of these “medicines” have severe side effects or induce inebriation. Most people confuse or conflate inebriation with enlightenment, these are two very different things indeed.

Most medications/medicines will NOT correct the imbalance itself nor cure it but only bring superficial comfort which can make the imbalance grow worse. So we must all walk the path of balance step by step by step… so practice, practice, practice!

Drew does mostly workshops, posture/body geometry clinics & consulting these days. He has consulted for many Spa Retreat centres in Europe & North America & has owed 3 studios at different times over the past 18 years. Drew has hosted and taught at many Native European Calisthenics retreats in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, California, Oregon, around Europe…etc. He also offers Nativist indigenous wild foods & raw food workshops & consults on interesting eco-spa & retreat building projects.  

Drew consulted and developed the beautiful Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa Raw Food Spa Menu, Hot Room facility & their original Hot Stretching retreats in Northern Germany!

Drew has had many write-up’s done on him & his Native European Calisthenics over the years but he doesn’t support most of these types of publications that are often selling the usual very foreign  “yoga” grift stuff.  

 Yoga Retreats: Drew’s European Calisthenics & Native Horsemanship Retreat. Or you can book Drew to come teach Native European Calisthenics, Therapeutic Flying or Raw Food preparation at your retreat, just contact Drew direct at: CONTACT US

 Drew also does eco-hot studio building design & green operation consulting. Check out the Eco Bikram Studio that Drew designed & built in Ventura, California.

Drew’s Basic Native European Calisthenics Workshop: is a mixture of practical & theoretical Native European Calisthenics. With attention to classical alignment (practical) and understanding the ancient & sacred geometry of the body (theoretical).

Drew follows the strengthening and stretching opposite & equal, 50/50, simultaneously within proper alignment using *geometry of the body philosophy* & repetition always the same concept… so they body slowly alines itself. Using a solid sequence and repetition aligns the body, if one keeps changing the sequence they usual do not change align the body. Moving with strength and flexibility to protect the joints & strengthen the tissues… as opposed to moving with inertia & gravity which can damage the cartilage, ligaments & tendons in the joints & overall body.

The flow of Drew’s class is within each posture from command to command. As opposed to from posture to posture which offers little to no alignment, specific direction or correction. Drew focusses his students on the rhythm of the breathing with special attention to traditional breathing techniques & methods. Drew recommends working on your deep breathing in a traditional Native European sauna, bastu or steam-room. Drew uses the Wolf, Lion & Dragon style circular deep breathing with a slightly choked throat to compress the air deep into the lungs expanding the lung tissues to the maximum while rhythmically harmonizing the heart & lungs & thus hyper oxygenating the body, as well as, fully exhaling to detoxifying the body of carbon dioxide. Drew instructs beginners to use ear plugs when practising their breathing in the steam-room/sauna/bastu so they can hear their breathing better.

Drew teaches that a complete Native European Calisthenics class must move the spine left, right, forward, backward, create full traction of the spine from the cervical/neck to the lumbar/lower spine & fully twist the spine both left & right. Plus maintain both a steady deep rhythmic breath & a low heart rate. The class starts & ends with a traditional Dragon style warm-up breathing exercise & a detox breath at the end of class. Drew says that he teaches normal breathing that seems like extreme breathing to most students. 

Drew teaches when we twist the spine we do not bend the spine and when we bend the spine we do not twist it. Although some arching of the spine while bending it is acceptable in beginners.

Drew firmly distinguishes between bending at the hip and folding at the navel. Drew prefers the engaged thigh & locked knee in the standing series, not even a micro-bend, so the knee has no lateral movement & this is a natural occurrence when walking in people who don’t sit too much. Drew offers numerous other precise calisthenic perspectives, specifics and proper alinement commands & corrections.  

~The class begins with focused breathing breathing to oxygenate and detoxify the body of carbon dioxide. As well as to gently opening the rib cage, spine & lung tissues and warming up the body.

~Then moves into Sun warrior series and other light more restorative type of postures, again warming up the body but also to allow Drew to see what the students require of the class.

 ~Then some trust building with partner stretching and also a basic introduction to Therapeutic Flying. Drew offers both the active and the original restorative versions.

 ~Then some simple, basic but deeper hip and thoracic spine opening postures/asana which moves directly into an intermediate “slow flow” class. The flow is within each posture not from posture to posture.

 ~The class ends with a quick detox breathing or Boreal Breathing a cleansing breath which strengthens the abdominals, pelvic wall & diaphragm & detoxifies the body & mind.

~Then the class floats into a final AllFather posture. Resting flat on the back:)

~Drew has become well known for his inspirational classes and what he calls, “Mind Triggers”. These are phrases, spoken amongst the postures alignment commands in a certain way, intended to spark a shift in consciousness, mindfulness & awareness. Such as: “The consciousness is only rising because we are lifting it.”

“We are 100% responsible and liable for our actions, reactions, inactions and even our interactions. The century of the victim must end, because victims only make more victims.”

“You are mostly made of water, water is not rigid or tight is it? No its not. Then what makes the body rigid and tight? The mind. How do you release the minds grip over your body? Through the breath, in through the nose, out through the nose, every breathe taking you deeper into a state of active meditation. Once you reach a deep state of active meditation this class will go by like a beautiful little dream”

“One must find the interconnected perspective”

“You come here to be reminded of what you already know. We can give you nothing. Why? Because you have everything already. All I can teach you is how to access that which you have already been given. Once you learn how to access it, you must use it”

“You are floating in a sea of oxygen, life-force, energy. All you have to do is absorb it. Like the endless energy from the sun and below our feet (geothermal energy) we are bathed in free energy. We have everything… all we must learn is how to absorb it & use it wisely. Only then will we truly know freedom”

Strength and flexibility, opposite equal, 50/50, simultaneously and always the same. Like love & respect, one is no good without the other”

“What is love? Love is compassionate actions”

“Never let your ideology overtake your humanity”

“Hatred is just ones own self-loathing projected onto others”

“You must not let your chemistry override your phycology. You must master your chemistry” 

“You are learning how to access your own pharmacy, leaning how to milk your own endocrine system, that some call the “chakra” system but it is indeed your endocrine system. This endocrine system, is very susceptible to radiation and the over 90 thousand synthetic petrochemical-chemicals that pervade our lives. These petrochemical-chemicals all have endocrine disrupting factors and thus mess with these control valves of your entire body. You must keep these toxic synthetic petrochemical out of your bodies & lives.”

“You must have Love & Respect. One is only half as good without the other”

Native/Indigenous Foods Are Medicine For the Native European peoples.
Rose-hips are the Native European peoples goji berries but better because they are indigenous to our bodies chemistry & no huge carbon footprint.
Wild Native European Berries are also all superfoods & very healthful but they must be wild or organically farmed by small local family farmers that do NOT use any form of petrochemical biocide or synthetic fertilizers etc.
Raw, Unfiltered, with the Mother, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the Native European peoples kombucha but better because again it is indigenous & thus far better suited to the Native European peoples body chemistry. It has a probiotic & symbiosis between a native fungus & bacteria which both aids in digestion & overall gut & colon health which improves the immune system. (1 tablespoon full of Raw, Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider vinegar in carbonated water with a splash of fresh juice is the Native European peoples version.) The very foreign & sugary foreign fungus laden “kombucha” should NOT be drank by Native European peoples. Raw, unfiltered, Organic family farmed Apple Cider vinegar is much better for the Native European peoples body chemistry.
Raw, organic Sauerkraut is another superfood for all Native European peoples. It too is a natural probiotic & rich in vitamin-C. It can be easily made at home but use organic cabbage, natural sea salt & thinly sliced root vegetables if you wish. “kimchi” is the very foreign Asiatic version & is best for Asiatics but NOT for the Native European peoples.
Organic Hops is another medicinal plants that can be used in many ways. It can be made into a simple healthful tea or used to preserve foods or beverages. Of course it is also used in other home-brews too.
Meade, Beer & Ale can be made organically at home… & home-brewed to have very low alcohol is best (like below 2%). Again, it can be made organically at home with local ingredients & is can be healthful if used in small therapeutic amounts but very unhealthy & even deadly if drank in excess. One can also make high alcohol grain alcohol but to be used as a household cleaner only… or used to defuse natural essential oils which can also be distilled at home too.
Wild or Organic, Grass-raised bone broth soup: This is a magical remedy for many ailments & loaded with nutrition. Both domesticated or Wild Game versions are great. Although the Wild Game version is super good if harvested from a clean forest environment. Try to eat Wild Meats if possible. The European Bison/Buffalo, Wild Boar, Deer, Elk… etc are all incredible for the Native European peoples bodies, minds & spirit & very, very traditional.
The Native European peoples have many traditional indigenous plants & herbs that have numerous medicinal & nutritional applications. Look up these local wild plants & herbs & ask your Elders about their uses. If the Elders have forgotten, then do the research yourself & bring the knowledge back for future generations of Native European peoples.
Use Wild/Organic Honey Only, NOT sugar or “synthetic sweeteners”.
Do Native European Calisthenics its far better than yoga… just look at any Native European Ballet Dancer!
Learn a form of Germanic-Nordic Glima: It is the name that covers several types of Nordic folk wrestling which is still practiced as sport & for combat. Learn how to heal bodies & you will also then know how to destroy one if needed in self-defence. Learn one-two takedowns & “never fall in love with the grapple.”

Drew also leads traditional Native European sauna ceremonies. Drew teaches deep breathing in a traditional sauna, bastu, steam-room to improve lung capacity and to energize and detoxify the body while leaning how to control and harmonize your heart and lungs. Drew teaches many breathing variations ie: The Wolf, Lion, Boreal Forest resting breath & the Dragon’s Breath which are all very important types of deep breathing often done with a slightly choked throat to compress the air deep into the lungs expanding the lung tissues to the maximum & thus hyper oxygenating the body as well as fully exhaling to detoxifying the body of carbon dioxide & other toxins. Thus learning how to control the breathing in such a way as to harmonize the heart & lungs for greater endurance & stamina. Beginners should plug their ears to hear their breathing better when practising this for of focussed breathing in a sauna, steam-room or bastu.

Get outside in Nature & walk, hike, bike, cross-country ski… etc in the forests, fields & along the shorelines of the lakes & oceans of your ancient ancestors lands & think of them & thank them as you do so.

Peace through intelligence!

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