“If You honour your Ancestors they will chisel your name in stone. If you dishonour your Ancestors they will piss your name in the snow.“
~Old Norse Proverb

Donate to get this marvellous & timely book below published. Indigenous Identity is everything for all peoples & especially for the Germanic-Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic Native European peoples. The Native European peoples must tune back into their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorial specific indigenous identity, heritage & aesthetic and advocate for themselves or they and their cultures will go extinct.

I am already onto writing my second book! It’s a Native European centric children’s storybook with stories that amplify our traditional Native European ethical & moral standings, perspectives & outlooks. It’s a new thrust of Native European identity mythology. Its in the league of The Brothers Grimm but with slightly more positioned Eurocentric perspectives on our older & wiser Native European tried and true traditional views. This storybook will fortify a Native European child’s racially, culturally, ethnically & spiritually specific indigenous Native European identity & heritage.

You are Beautiful NOT empty. Love is positive ethical actions not just words. We show our Love and honour God The Native European AllFather with our loving actions. Love is unto love, so surrender to it but also defend it. Use your loving actions to expose, defeat and blot-out, with extreme prejudice, any dark force that seeks to destroy your racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity, people, heritage, customs, traditions & Nations. Again, to Love ones own doesn’t mean you hate all others… but if others seek to destroy your people… well, destroy them first.

It cannot be stated enough that: Hate is just ones own self-loathing projected onto another/others. Heritage is NOT hatred, loving ones own does NOT mean one hates all others. Truth often sounds like hate to those who hate the truth. Hate is just an emotion like any other emotion, one must control their emotions and not act on random emotions. Use Hellenic Logos/Conscious Communication & Germanic Reason and let you actions be full of Love & Respect. For negative emotions are just passing clouds on an otherwise sunny day. But use your loving and respectful actions to expose, defeat and blot out with extreme prejudice any dark force that seeks to destroy your racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity, people, heritage, customs, traditions & Nations.

Truth is transcendent. Real truth often has a silencing effect.
Truth often sounds like hate to those who hate the Truth.

It has been my experience that the modern highly consolidated mass-media popularizes fictions and lies into so-called “truths”, but these are just “truths” that fit their popularized fake narrative/propaganda & are not truthful at all.

Historical fact, precedent and traditional understandings reveal much more actual truth and it leaves modernity naked, silent and shaking in its wake.

Too often in modern society “truth” and “justice” are just the opinion of the powerful, which is totally untruthful & unjust.

Now one can beg for mercy or one can do loving actions that bring them mercy. It will also reveal real truth, justice & understanding to this beleaguered, befuddled, deconstructed & demoralized world.

Words and language matter and so does comprehension for they create the Logos/Conscious Communicating which brings us a reasonable and truthful outcome. As well “the cunning of reason” ensures that the whole truth and nothing but the truth is revealed in the end no matter how many lies, deceptions and fictions are used to try and cover it up.

And if they can’t handle the truth give them beauty… for true beauty is truth, aesthetic truth.

It is a Native European tradition to Harvesting while Giving for they are best done simultaneously… and so as we pick what is wild & ripe we also disperse the seeds. So as it is here within this text that as the foreign dogmatic sacred cows of modernity are being ideologically slaughtered… at the same time the Traditions, Heritage & Spirituality of our Ancestors will have more fertile & unencumbered ground to grow stronger. It is not my intension to be rude nor harsh but just to offer honest perspective. So Hail the Native European peoples, Hail the Ancestors & Hail the good God The AllFather of the Northern Native European  peoples.

This book is designed to lead a deconstructed Native European person through an ideological metamorphosis that reawakens their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identity and heritage. This book is dedicated to our Native European Ancestors and Decedents.

It is the Native European Builders way to use local, traditional & natural materials and to make a practical & functional structure that is also creatively & aesthetically pleasing too. We build our ancient Native European heritage into our structures. Our beautiful structures are monuments to our Native European people… that are built by Native European men inspired by Native European women.

Now to the feckless & regressive deconstructionist destroyers, you are a den of deceptive, envious, thieving & usurious vipers & we will rout you out and blot you out completely. You are fully exposed and slithering away already but flee more quickly or else!

Some believe that humanity is just feckless & floating in endless space without knowing hither nor hence, thither nor thence nor whither nor whence and that we are just dullards designed to throng and press towards nothingness… but this is a very nihilistic, reckless, irrational, soulless, materialist & deconstructionist view. The traditional Native European perspective is that there is a traditional tried & true Natural Order and that we must always seek to maintain & balance this Natural Order and use our age old forethought and heritage to preserve and protect what is. For “modernities materialistic maybe’s” & nihilistic assertions could very well end up being a well-meaning nightmare that leads to the destruction of us all.

Many of these wisdoms below have come through a life in quiet contemplation with the Natural world, intellectual curiosity & through the great Native European philosophical thinkers perspectives and attention to the Natural Order. It is primal for one to want to know quickly but it is essential that we slow-down and seek to understand before implementing ambitious solutions. For much is lost in the urgency, immediacy & ignorance of “knowing”. Sadly in the deconstructed & socially engineered minds of modernity much of thinking has been brutalized, demonized, itemized and compartmentalized and so much of what is being observed and contemplated is lost by treating the interconnections & appendages of thought, and often even its essence, as “externalities”… which get thrown away and thus so does our ability to understand. The interconnected-perspective is key to understanding and sometimes one must use a rough poetic wording, rather than a technical wording, to get past modernities most brutal forms of deconstructionism, conditioning & brainwashing.

So I want it understood that I wrote this book to broaden the ancestral mind-scape of all Indigenous peoples as well as to give practical understanding on what it is to be a Native European. I also want it understood that I wrote this so that our progenitors & offspring understand that Indigenous identity is part and partial to good phycological & physiological health & wellness. Also it must be fully understood what is at stake here and if one still chooses to consciously forfeit their ancestral-line through miscegenation, well that is ones own choice of course. This is mostly intended for those who did not get a traditional upbringing and who do not understand what is at stake here and thus are at risk of unconsciously forfeiting their ancestral-line & heritage. For the saddest two words are too late and it is a form of quiet torture to live out your years filled with deconstructionist perplexities and in silent regret.

A quick note on “Free Speech”. We might not always like nor agree with peoples Free Speech thoughts, perspectives, reasonings and opinions but it is their right to share them openly in the various public forms. Repression turns hard perspectives and understandings ugly, and so repression and censorship does NOT work. Now, having the right to Freely Speak does NOT necessarily give one the right to act on said Free Speech.

Remember that there are usurious propagandists, social-engineers and deconstructionists who have crept into our Native European societies and Nations long ago and they create adversity and then feed off this adversity. They use their control of the highly consolidated mass-media, high finance/banking and the education systems to do this. They slander and demonize our ancient Native European traditional understandings and forethought as “fearful” and “hateful” which they are absolutely NOT. They slander and demonize our age old Native European forethought, understandings & reasonings in an attempt to try and coerce, defame, censor, ban and dumb us all down.

We must allow these ancient Native European understandings and their waves of Logos (conscious introspection & communication) and Reason (retrospection & reflection) to pour over these difficult topics and subject matter and allow what does not serve us to fade but to hold closer to our hearts more than ever before that which does serve us, our ancestors, descendants and future generations.

All peoples everywhere must know their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage & preserve and protect it. All peoples must have & maintain a racial consciousness & a racial Geist/Spirit as a particular indigenous people or they will be destroyed from within & go extinct as a specific indigenous breed/race. If this has you already freaking-out well just remember that fake virtuousness & fecklessness fools no one. Everyone must seek, not to know but, to understand. This book and its understandings are for all peoples everywhere but is especially focused on the Native European peoples because they are some of the worlds smallest racial, ethnic and cultural *minorities*.

All peoples everywhere have positive, negative & neutral traits that they must be aware of. The Native European peoples are very high in openness, optimism and are extremely altruistic and this can make them very naive, easily deceived & wrongly trustful. The Native European peoples have a very positive outlook & deep forethought due to the fact that they evolved in the very low-uv light regions of Europe/Western Eurasia which had/has cold dark winters & so they had to learn how to look into the future and prepare & preserve to make it through these long & cold winter months. These traits were brutally compounded by Nature over millennia and those who forwarded this forethought and these prepare & preserve traits survived & thrived. Those who didn’t died off. We today are these hardy Native European peoples progenitors and the same applies today… we must use these same strengths, traits & forethought to preserve and protect our people today and into the future. We must preserve the memory of our Native European Ancestors and act to protect our Native European Decedents.

The Native European peoples are: Germanic-Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic & that’s it. All peoples, but especially the Native European peoples, must reconnect to their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage. We must reawaken our ancient pre-abrahamic indigenous Native European customs, myths, fables, legends, traditions, folk music, spirituality…etc. Please advocate on behalf of your own people & learn about your ancient indigenous traditions & customs etc & share them with friends & family & remember that loving & respecting your own people does NOT mean you hate & disrespect other peoples. Please be aware of the many deconstructionist globalist forces that are trying to destroy all of our Native European societies & Nations & wipeout all Indigenous peoples everywhere. Hail our Ancestors! Hail our Descendants!

(An Example of Rough Poetry, Interconnected-Perspective with Notes On European Marshalling)
The bending and flexing of guitar strings is similar to that of the archers bow string… both flex and bend and propel a undulating note or arrow that then makes it to the heart of the target in less than an instant. In archery the undulating of the arrow is known as “the archers paradox” in music it is knows as “tone” or “feel”.

 Now, one does not aim a note nor an arrow but rather places it with both eyes wide open. In contrast one aims a gun and bullet with one eye closed. Plus one must first shape, fletch and place that arrow in the minute and almost invisible spaces between the defences of the target… this is true with music too.

There is only 3 sword strokes and it is the movement between then that is so magical. This is true for most bladed/edged tools.

I must then also mention the Native European calisthenics training needed to strengthen, stretch, steady and hone the body for such movements & techniques… and if done on horseback, well there is much horsemanship needed too… which is an entirely different kind of training wherein the reins become less important as your knees and heals takeover. For when horse and riders spirits are one, like the Hellenic Centaur, they become almost invincible.

The old Native European Prussian-Germanic military handbooks speak of these intimate things, they are Martial Art books of poetry really, at least they are to those with eyes and minds wide enough to take them in.

And what of Nature then… well, one must understand Nature, for there is no knowing it. One must get to the point where not even rain, snow nor hail in the face makes you squint nor frown. One must learn to accept and use Nature intimately as a veil, weapon and as a tool. One must learn how to commandeer the beasts of the forest too to do the most beastly and gruesome of duties. Many a time I have had the wolves flushed a deer into my sights. You see Nature has a primordial strength, the Germanic-Nordic Giants of old, kind of strength.. so don’t waste your finite life-force fighting it. For only Nature can subdue human-nature. It is human-nature that is both the problem and solution. It is a simple choice between deconstructionism or discipline.

Peace through intelligence.

**Loving & respecting ones own people does NOT mean that one hates & disrespects other peoples.** In fact it is quite the opposite for they tend to want security, peace & harmony & thus safety in their community & society for their own & subsequently for the others too. Part of loving & respecting your own people includes wanting a society & community for just your own people too, but NOT at the cost to other peoples, this too is only natural for all peoples. Plus having a community or society made up of just your own people does away with potential racist, usurious, lecherous, criminal & oppressive situations. All peoples should seek primacy for their own people within their own indigenous regions/Nations & to be their own masters of their own indigenous domain/territory/Nations. Again, this is only natural for all indigenous/Native peoples everywhere.

The Native European peoples, like all other peoples, wish to also see their own likeness & reflection in their future generations. They want to see their ancestors & great Grandparents faces, physicality, pigmentations, phenotype, genotype & features etc in their children & future generations. If you don’t understand this, well you are the one that is inhuman & racist. Having a racial awareness, a racial consciousness and a race realist understanding is NOT hateful, it is only Natural for all peoples.

**Hatred is just self-loathing projected onto others.**
People who know their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identity and heritage tend be less self-loathing and thus far less hateful. Those who actually hate other peoples are often lost and demoralized people or people who actually hate themselves and their own people on some level and they project their own self-loathing onto others. Hate is like guilt in this way… if one feels guilty and has no way to atone or expiate their own guilt they tend to project their own guilt onto others too. Far too many people are deeply self-loathing and thus pendulate/fluctuate between hatred and guilt and project their hatred & guilt, and often fears, onto others. Indigenous identity, heritage & its earth-centric Spirituality tend to remedy self-loathing, guilt & hatred. The organized abrahamic and asiatic religions tend to create and feed off of this self-loathing brought on by the guilt, hatred & fear they instil in their followers.

Now as for intimate interactions between the races/breeds/subspecies… well real men only pursue women of their own racial, ethnic & cultural background for they obviously have far more in-common, on many levels, with women of their own ilk. It is disrespectful and lecherous for a man of one race, ethnicity and culture to pursue women from other races, ethnicities and cultures… and disrespectful to these other peoples men too.

Calling Native European people just “white” is ignorance & identity theft. The Native European peoples are: Germanic/Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic… and each have their very own independent culture, heritage, customs, identity, aesthetic, phenotype & genotype. They all deserve to have primacy in their own lands and that goes the same for all other indigenous peoples too.

Loving ones own people does NOT mean one hates all other peoples. Again, hatred is just ones own self-loathing projected onto others.

Politically speaking… Traditionalism, Nativist and Native European Nationalism are all positive political directions. These political ideologies also apply to other peoples and their Nations too. Ethnocentrism is only Natural, it is mental mongrelization & physical miscegenation that is unnatural, cruel, inhuman and genocidal.

Remember what happened to the Native American peoples in the 1600-1900’s happened to the Native European people first starting around AD301. Many intact Indigenous peoples all over the globe are trying to reawaken their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identities & heritage… and are fighting to maintain their Land Rights & Title.

Never Allow Yourself To Be Demoralized, Demonized, Compromised nor Radicalized & stand for Racially, Ethnically, Culturally, Spiritually & Territorially Specific Indigenous Identity & Heritage. Traditionalism, Localism, Nativism, Nationalism & Eco-Nationalism are the way forward! Uphold & maintain God The AllFathers Natural Order & the Germanic Old Norse, Dane Law & Anglo-Saxon/Germanic Native European Law & Order doctrine which protects all peoples. Never use slander nor use your opponents narratives & words, use proper terminology & use efficient, respectful, ethical, logical & intelligent debate form & be reasonable but never compromise your principles. Remember that we are 100% responsible & liable for our actions, reactions, inactions & even our interactions. The century of the victim is over because victims only make more victims & the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.


Nativism is an absolutely legitimate word/term but it has been terribly slandered and demonized as have many other terms and words in the sphere of indigenous/native identity. Simply nativism is the understanding that all Native/Indigenous people everywhere have the absolute right & responsibility to protect and preserve their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific Indigenous identity and heritage. It is also understood that each Native/Indigenous people should also have full Title to their traditional territory and have primacy within it and be the absolute majority within the borders of their traditional territory too. This is NOT exceptional. It is only Natural.

The only more more complex nativist situation worth mentioning and that needs far more detailing and nuance is the relationship between the Native American peoples and the Native European American peoples. Simply the Native European peoples in the America’s are on the Native American peoples lands but the Native American peoples are using the Native European peoples infrastructure. So its the Native American peoples lands but its the Native European American peoples infrastructure and neither can buy the other out and so they must continue to work together to find a balance and to STOP the weaponized 3rd world mass-migration *neo-colonization* of their lands and infrastructure in the America’s.

Now Native European Americans should not be frustrated with the Native American peoples, but they should be frustrated with their own governments who are working day and night to disenfranchise and destroy both the Native American peoples and the Native European American peoples too. The Native European peoples and the Native American peoples should be targeting our governments who long ago disenfranchised and tried to destroy the Native American peoples and who are now scheming and working to disenfranchise and destroy the Native European American peoples too. Both the Native American peoples (who’s land it is) and the Native European American peoples/Old Stock (who’s infrastructure it is) should both have far more rights, freedoms, privilege’s and entitlements within our own Nations in the America’s. (Of course the Native European peoples in European Nations must have full indigenous rights, land title, freedoms, privilege’s, entitlements and have absolute primacy and be the absolute majority/95+% within their own borders too. This is true for all other indigenous peoples in their own Nations too.)

Wars are also used as a way to displace Indigenous peoples. The globalist/Internationalists use war to destroy indigenous peoples and/or displace them. So once wars are over all refugees should return to their Native Lands/the Lands of their forefathers. Displacing people for both seemingly noble and ennoble reasonings is just another way to destroy a peoples racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identity and heritage. It destroys both the Native/Indigenous peoples specific indigenous identity and heritage and also the refugees & migrants specific Indigenous identity and heritage too. Plus *demographic war* is also a way to disenfranchise an Indigenous/Native people too. There has been a huge demographic war quietly raging against mostly Native European Nations and it is always disguised as anti-culture “multiculturalism”. This demographic war started in the Middle Ages but intensified around WW1 and has continued to intensify to this very day. Again, this demographic war is mostly being waged against Native European Nations but they will also go after the other peoples Nations in due time too.

It must be noted that The Native European peoples population is NOT “collapsing” but Native European peoples must ReWild their lands and have more kids and their Nations should subsidize Indigenous Europeans families and fund the ReWilding of Europe as they completely STOP all this weaponized mass-migration. The more kids Native European families have the less taxes they should pay…etc. That stated, all Indigenous peoples numbers rise and fall with their environments ability to sustain them. Its a cycle thats as old as time. All Indigenous peoples numbers are subject to this natural rise a fall within this same cycle that is governed by environmental pressures. This is another reason why weaponized 3rd world mass-migration is disastrous for all Indigenous peoples local environments, cultures, heritage… etc.

The Native European women is a brilliant and rare beauty… and she is both a stumbling block and the timeless inspiration of the Native European people. Native European women are also the soft underbelly of our Native European societies and so the deconstructionists and social-engineers focus on them and target them first with emotionalized deconstructionist propaganda and social-engineering/brainwashing because they know that the Native European woman are the most susceptible, naive and most easily deceived… and they are the baby makers too… so the deconstructionist social-engineers seek to control them and use them to destroy their own Native European people. But these deconstructionist deceivers also understand that the Native European woman is also extremely powerful and merciless if they figure out what these deceptive deconstructionist and social-engineers are up to. Once the Native European women understand how they have been deceived and manipulated they will snap back and destroy those who sought to destroy them and their Native European people. Read up on the history of Queen Helga of the Germanic-Nordic-Slavic Kievan Rus and see how it goes if you mess with the Native European peoples women.

Now in the America’s if the Native American peoples and the Native European American peoples want to allow in these 3rd world peoples… and if these 3rd world peoples will not leach off of them and actually go out into some remote region and create and make their own cities and infrastructure themselves from scratch… like the Native American peoples and Native European peoples did… well that is up to the Native American peoples who’s land it is and up to the Native European American peoples who built these European style Nations in the America’s. If they agree to this they can go ahead through lawful, vetted and limited Immigration rules. But as it stands now they have NOT been asked nor have they voted to allow this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration scam.

Throwing Nordic axes, archery, hunting etc… have all long been some of my favourite pass times since I was a kid. Now Every good Nordic-Germanic warrior soul knows that the ability to project ones will is key in many situations but it should only be used to do good and to uphold the Natural Order, maintain the peace and to preserve & protect the Folk. 

One can extend their own will, or their peoples will, through music, film, painting, sketching, architecture, plays, a string of poetic words, a novel, a cheer, a yell, at the business end of a knife, sword, axe, arrow, bullet, bomb, rocket… etc.. etc. All can be used or abused as an extenuation of the will. 

The clash and “battle of will’s” is always tragic and destructive, so all must learn to be rational & reasonable and uphold the ancient Natural Order and if their interests still clash then they must separate to uphold the law & order and maintain the peace for all parties/peoples/individuals/Nations interests. It must be firmly understood that Native Rights/Indigenous Rights & Land Title trumps all other claims and they should have primacy and their will must rule. So if you are a migrant or foreign people on indigenous peoples Lands/Territory/Nation the Law & Order doctrine is still in effect but your will means little to nothing within others Indigenous territories/Nations. This goes for foreigners on Native European peoples lands too.

So some use the will to do good and others misuse the will to do harm but all are projecting their will, or someone else’s will upon another. Now who’s will is being projected is very important to know and understand. So the only question in modernity is who’s will are we allowing to be projected upon us, and are we all going to just sit back and let that will win when it means the destruction of our heritage, cultures, Nations and all that is us? All Indigenous peoples everywhere must have primacy with in their own ancestral homelands and they must project their own will, their peoples will, within their own Indigenous boarders and this goes for the Native European peoples too.
Peace through Intelligence.

Racial Geist 
Have ye no racial Geist nor racial pride.
Have ye not the need to see your ancestors & elders in your children’s eyes.
Their pigmentations, behaviours, psychology & physicality in their wide minds & long limbed strides.
Don’t ye miss the ability to sit unspeaking with like company communicating with only your minds.
Are ye unconscious, unwitting, unwilling or are ye inhuman or are we just two of a very different kind.
Or is it that somewhere in thy pedigree a bitch got over the wall and into thy kennel & thus ye is deeply compromised.
Or has your Native European gentility, nobility & primacy gone out with the waning tide.
Or was it stolen by the messianic abrahamic Turkic, Semitic & Asiatic tribes.
If ye accepts all of this ye will erase thy line & all will be lost to this creeping form of genocide.
Well I see the crest of a great wave that in time.
Will come rushing in to cleanse & heal all that was deconstructed & brutalized
And remind us all of what we already knew deep down inside.
For a people, nor truth, can be replaced by deceptions & lies.
It will wake ye, thy heritage, customs, nativism & the sacredness ye was taught to hide.
Have ye no racial spirit nor racial pride.
Or have ye just put it all away out of sight & out of mind. 
Written by Skáld Rekkr

It’s not raciest to notice differences and to admit that race is very real, including “biological race”. Yes biological race has been proven by science over and over again. Race is as real and tangible as its various subsets ie: phenotypes, genotypes, subspecies, breeds, ethnicities, pigmentations, cultures, heritage, customs… etc. Mankind is the same species but has various races/breeds/subspecies.This is also true in other animals too. Many animal species have numerous subspecies/breeds/races.

This very forced “race ain’t real” commentary is a mass-psychosis’s pushed on largely the Native European peoples and within their societies and Nations by the highly consolidated mass-media and sadly many have succumbed to it. The realities around race7biological race & race realism has been subverted and propagandize by the highly consolidated mass-media on all sides of the issue. We must start to be far more reasonable, honest and nuanced about mankind’s differences, strengths and weaknesses & we must break up this highly consolidated mass-media who is forcing us together only to then divide and rule us all while destroying our Nations from within.

The mass-media, which controls the mass-psychology, and which pushes many forms of this deconstructionism mass-psychosis such as the “race ain’t real”  and the “I don’t see colour” colour blindness thing too, are both deconstructionist propaganda.

Now within the same line of thought, anti-culture “multiculturalism” is a scam and just a cover for weaponized mass-migration, which ignorantly tries to force together very different races/breeds/subspecies of peoples together while promoting genocidal miscegenation and simultaneously creating, fermenting and fuelling lecherous and usurious behaviours, civil unrest, community strife, prejudice & racial conflict while it does nothing to quell tensions nor harmonize the now Frankenstein-esque anti-culture “multicultural” societies which have extremely low social-trust due to the fact that they have no racial, cultural, ethnic nor spiritual cohesion. So these anti-culture “multicultural” societies are ripe for civil unrest and balkanization and will eventually divide down racial, ethnic, cultural and religious lines spurred-on by this same highly consolidate mass-media… who’s underlying goal is to enslave the masses, force genocidal miscegenation & “destroy the Nations”. As well, wars are also used as a way to displace Indigenous peoples. The globalist/Internationalists use war to destroy indigenous peoples and/or displace them. Once wars are over all refugees should return to their Native Lands/the Lands of their forefathers. Displacing people for both seemingly noble and ennoble reasonings is another way to destroy a peoples racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identity and heritage.

Scientifically speaking there are many races, breeds or subspecies if you prefer, and numerous other subcategories, “verities” and “tribes” within each race. The biological root races/breeds are: caucasoid, negroid & mongoloid and none are better or worse than the others. But again there is much more nuance within each race that also must be respected & understood, and so must be their territorial rights & land title.

Even fruits and vegetables have “varieties”/breeds that are similar but have distinct differences that separates them from each other. For example take and orange and a lemon which are very, very similar but they are not interchangeable and have very specific differences and usages.

Those who say that there are no races are the same confused people who are now saying there is no biological males and females. How preposterous & its more of the same unreasonable feckless nihilistic leftist deconstructionist social engineering lunacy.

All the tribes within each race/breed/subspecies have a very defined geographical and environmental territory which coincides with their various pigmentations, physiology and psychology. Each race has very specific traits in their biological matrix that best suits their own peoples indigenous territories/regions and subsequent environments. Each race and its subsets/tribes were also shaped over millennia by these territories/regions & environments that they separately evolved in after crawling out of the unknowable “primordial stew.”

The facts dictate that very mixed people & peoples who have lost their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous root identity and territory are sadly too often very self-loathing and tend to make a religion their root identity or some political or sociological ideology their root identity, again, because they have lost their racially, ethnically & culturally specific indigenous root identity. Some even make their recently formed state/country & it’s rather quaint and newly conceptualized and embellished nationhood story/myth their root identity… which it is not. Others try to legitimize themselves with a made-up or foreign esoteric neo-pagan occultist (the “new-age” cage) religion and its fake mythology, which is really just another materialist ideology. The issue is that they are all self-loathing and are using these fake made-up materialist identities to satiate their deep need for their own true racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous root identity and heritage which is sadly lost to them. So they make up a fake identity. All of the deconstructionist social engineering “counter-culture” fake identities are the same. Ie: sexual preference identity, musical genre identity, feminist identity, “new-age” hedonistic occultism identity, consumer product identity… etc… etc. All are materialist fake identities used to deconstruct and socially engineer various lost peoples and their Nations. To be clear, understanding race is not the problem… it is the answer. The problem is oppression and that some people and peoples are self-loathing because they lack racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous root identity and tend to project the self-loathing & hatred they have for themselves onto other peoples.

Of course no race/breed of humanity should oppress or dominate any other race/breed and this is why each race/breed/tribe… etc need their own individual territory/lands/Nations in which they should have absolute primacy within their own borders. Other peoples can visit each others lands but only by the grace and allowance of the Native/Indigenous people.

Leon Trotsky, real name Lev Davidovich Bronstein, was a marxist-zionist communist bolshevik of turkic origin and talmudic jewish faith. It was Trotsky who created this word “racism” for propaganda and demonizing purposes against the Native Slavic-Germanic Rus Russians. This terrorist Trotsky/Bronstein used this word against the Native Slavic-Germanic Rus who are the founding stock of Rus-sia. Trotsky/Bronstein and his communist terrorist bolshevik commissars were using steppe mongols and mongolized-Slavs as their orcs to overthrow and slaughter/genocide the Native Slavic-Germanic Rus Russians. This “racism” word started as a deception and lie and is still used in this way against any racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific Indigenous people.

This “racism” & “race ain’t real” propaganda is only targeted at Native European peoples and their societies and Nations. Race, racial consciousness & race realism is totally understood in the rest of the world and most of these other peoples in African & Asian Nations, India, China, Japan etc… are all very, very aware of race & racial differences and often live in unapologetic ethnostates and where just one people have total primacy and anti-culture “ multiculturalism”is seen for what it is, which is a tool of deconstructionism, globalization and genocide.

Firstly there are many peoples who are “white” but they are NOT a Native European people. So this is why it is key for Native European peoples to refer to themselves as Celtic, Germanic/Nordic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic or Italic… or more generally as a Native European or as a Native European American or Native European Canadian… etc. The Native European peoples are far more than just our very light pigmentations. Plus “white” and “black” were first used as base identifiers by slave traders for what type/colour of slaves were available. So to use just “white” and “black” now as root identity means you are using the words of slave-traders/human-traffickers who should be your enemy.No intelligent & self respecting person would ever use “white” or “black” as root identity.

Now the “Out Of Africa” and “Out Of India/Indo-European” hypothesizes are just that “educated guesses” and there is much counter argument against them. The fact its its unknowable and these theories are mostly used to just try and extrapolate away & explain away the many indigenous peoples racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities and heritage… and their Rights, Titles & Freedoms. These unproven theories are favoured by the “one world order” globalist view for it supports their globalist interests and endeavours. The fact is the new religion of modernity is called “science says” but it just doesn’t fly without one accepting many miracles… just like the other dogmatic religions

All this talk of “melanin” is ridiculous. What they are trying to say is our various light and dark pigmentations evolved due to exposure to uv-light over millennia in various different uv-light regions. High uv-light made darker pigmentations and low uv-light made light pigmentations…. but again it was based on the fact that these various peoples were in very different regions, locations, environments and so adapted to their environment but it took them be isolated & over thousands of years to do so and this does NOT mean they are “one people”… it more so disproves it.

Uv-light exposure is still very relevant to this day. If people of dark pigmentation live in very low uv-light regions they suffer from low cognitive function, depression, low vitamin D and are prone to many subsequent diseases…etc. If people of light pigmentation live in high uv-light regions they suffer from cataracts, burnout and skin cancers etc. Both suffer when “out of their element” and natural environment. This is no big deal and there is no tech-ing or bio-hacking ones way out of, or around, this very Natural Order.

This evolution of pigmentation doesn’t prove these “Out Of Africa” or “Out Of India/Indo-European” singular origin hypothesis’s. In fact it adds to the heap of arguments against them. There are even ancient human footprints in volcanic ash along a river in the south of France that predate this “Out of Africa” hypothesis by thousands of years and this discovery blew-up the “out of Africa” hypothesis decades ago. The “out of India/Indo-European” hypothesis has also been scientifically disproven long ago too. But again the fact is these types of theories and hypothesizes are unprovable and thus unknowable at this point… and it takes religious like believing to make them so. It should also be understood that “science” has been transformed into a type of religion at this point. It was once just the observance & study of the Natural Order and World, but now it is a type of pseudo religion that is used to manipulate & mutate the various peoples and our shared Natural world.

Now, it must be understood that there are dogmatic zealot globalist forces that are trying desperately to cut and paste together a theory of singularity in a complex, multipolar and multifaceted world. They try to do away with the *Natural Order* for their globalist disorder. Their main push is to disenfranchise the various indigenous peoples (Including the Native European peoples) and destroy their racial consciousness, cultural & ethnic identities, spiritual awareness and their individual heritage, territories and Nations and obliterate our true diversity through anti-culture “multiculturalism”, globalism & miscegenation. Only peoples with deep self-loathing would go along with this. So all peoples must say with one voice. “No way!”

We must all ask ourselves why is it that anti-cultural “multiculturalism” is applauded when indigenous peoples are being disenfranchised and destroying but its not ok and considered “racist” if we try to keep the various different peoples within our societies educated and in their own communities to maintain our racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities and true “diversity”. This shows that anti-culture “multiculturalism” and this very selective “diversity” propaganda is a globalist scam and actually just weaponized mass-migration in disguise and aimed largely at just the Native European peoples societies and Nations.

So what is the solution, well firstly, all peoples should marry into their own peoples phenotype and genotype, racial and genetic heritage. It is simple, one can marry into their own people or they can marry out. Its a very important choice and the more a couple has in-common the better and stronger the relationship is of course. It was the oppression & enslavement of other peoples long ago, be it financially, servitude, slavery or or other… that is/was dead wrong today and in the past. Racial consciousness, racial spirit, racial pride and even ethnocentric-nationalism is only Natural and it should be practised by all peoples everywhere. Most peoples already are very ethnocentric and Nationalistic but it is only the Native European peoples who are forbidden to show it or practice it. If one hates this view they are hateful and most likely very self-loathing and hate their own origin or “mix” which is sad. It is infantile demonization to only call Native European peoples “racist” when they are just expressing and celebrating their own racial consciousness, racial spirt & racial pride. Its only these self-loathing types who hate that other peoples expressing and celebrating their own indigenous identity. These self-loathing types often cannot expiate nor atone for their deep hatreds and so they try to project their own hatreds and guilt onto to others. Very sad. Remember that “hate” is just ones own self-loathing projected onto others.

So, all peoples must learn all they can about their own racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually and territorial specific indigenous identity, heritage, ancient customs and traditions and apply them to their day to day life. Plus buy land in the territory of your own people and have many children and raise them in these understandings.

First of all all Indigenous Native European peoples should have complete primacy within their own Nations and the territory of Europe and they must be the overwhelming majority within their Nations & Europe. This goes the same for all other peoples in their own Indigenous territories too.

Many foreign groups mass-migrate into foreign regions and set up shop. They are often over represented in government, communications/media, entertainment, education and finance. People of turkic or asiatic origin and of jewish, muslim & hindu faiths have done this all over many Indigenous Native European Nations and this is wrong and must be ended at once & once and for all.

The mass-media controls the mass-psychology and every invading people knows that they must takeover communications/mass-media first when taking-over another peoples Nation/territory. Then they use the mass-media to deconstruct, demoralize and socially-engineer the targets Indigenous peoples within. They also promote or “popularize” miscegenation to destroy the racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous make-up, phenotype, genotype, identity and heritage of a targeted Indigenous people. If this is done fast its genocide and if its done slowly over time its slow/creeping genocide.

Non-Indigenous nepotism/in-group preference & overrepresentation in the mass-media/communications, government, finance, education.. etc is a huge problem and again must be thwarted and ended. All Indigenous peoples everywhere should control their own mass-media, education system, governments, financial institutions, entertainment industry, Nations/territory and have complete primacy within their own secure borders. This is true for all of the Indigenous Native European peoples and all other Indigenous peoples too if they so desire.

Remember that the Native European peoples of light pigmentations are the absolute global minorities making up less than 5% of the global population… and the other peoples are the absolute global majorities and number over 7 billion people. So the Indigenous Native European peoples must be far more active in preserving and protecting there own Indigenous Native European peoples and their tiny land-bases/Nations/territories.

Simply traditional Conservation was switched out for “environmentalism” because so-called liberals were trying to distance themselves from anything truly conservative.

Traditional Conservation was the original concept in preserving and protecting pristine or wild lands. The Traditional Conservation movements sought to procure wild lands with rare or unique flora & fauna. They seen the wild lands as part of the peoples heritage and similar to the Germanic Blood & Soil concept. These Conservation park lands initially allowed limited hunting and camping etc.

Now modern “environmentalist” movements are largely being used and abused as tools of globalization.They have subtracted any connection to heritage and actual conservation. Most environmentalist groups are often using seemingly noble intensions to enact a very wicked globalist agenda. If a environmental group is not actually conserving anything they are not what they claim they are. Most “environmental groups are just globalist “global warming/climate change” fear mongers and use fear to grow rich while actually preserving, conserving nor protecting nothing. They are disempowering, scaring & scarring our children with irrational fears.

To be clear, the globalist forms of environmentalism are destroying our wild-lands and Nations. Globalization is the number 1 cause of pollution. If we want to save our last wild lands and pristine Nature we must destroy globalization and its many forms of usury.

So get back to the land and be a rational Conservationist and try to preserve, conserve & protect the Nature/Flora & Fauna in your area/region. Reconnect your Heritage to the land of your ancestors and have a Nativist and Blood & Soil view of your local lands.

Firstly one must draw a clear distinction between limited and vetted immigration and weaponized mass-migration. These are two very different things. What the Native European peoples Nations are facing is weaponized 3rd world mass-migration on a scale never seen before.

This weaponized 3rd world mass-migration also involves human-trafficking, drug smuggling and other criminal activities too. Weaponized mass-migration must be stopped cold and fast or our Native European Nations will no longer be Indigenous Native European peoples Nations.

Nations in Africa and the Middle East and Nations like China, India, Pakistan, Japan… etc are basically ethnostates and have very, very tight immigration policies and even tighter borders protected by their militaries… and they allow zero weaponized mass-migration into their Nations and rightly so. Plus these Nations in Africa and Nations like India & China all have huge land-masses/territories. So why are the tiny Native European Nations always told that we must allow in huge numbers of foreign 3rd world migrants when other Nations that are closer to their home Nations don’t allow in anyone? If they do let in people that keep them in huge fenced-in refugee camps on their border and they are not allowed to mingle with the Indigenous locals etc. The truth is The Native European peoples and our small Nations in Europe have been targeted for destruction by a tiny cabal of globalist terrorists. These globalist terrorists should be named here but due to restrictions on free speech I must withhold naming them directly. But do your own research and look-up the names and religious background of the people orchestrating, funding, fuelling and organizing this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration into our Native European Nations. Plus look at how this same tiny cabal/group are way overrepresented in the ownership and control of this highly consolidated mass-media which is used to control the mass-psychology.

Now extremely limited and highly vetted low-grade immigration is fine but again most Native European Nations, in Europe especially, need no weaponized 3rd world mass-migration and not even any vetted immigration either. In fact they must deport/repatriate the majority of these foreign peoples who have poured into their small Nations over the past 6 decades and send them back to their own home Nations wherein they should protect their own Nations and territories form this weaponized mass-migration scam too. It must be understood that the European land-mass is tiny and the Native European Nations in Europe have tiny territories and they should be Re-Wilding their own tiny territories NOT flooding their tiny territories with lost weaponized 3rd world migrants.

It must also be noted that often these 3rd world migrants are then weaponized by the highly consolidated mass-media against the indigenous peoples of these Nations that were manipulated, coerced and deceived into welcoming in the migrants. I must reiterate this because it is very important to understand. The first step is to bring in largely 3rd world migrants on mass and then the highly consolidated mass-media organizes and unifies them into a victim-class and weaponizes them against the Indigenous people of the host Nation. This has been seen over and over historically. The goal is to “destroy the Nations” and the various Indigenous peoples through miscegenation and enslave this lost & huddled mass under one singular world governments oppressive rule.

Now anti-culture “multiculturalism” is just a word used/made up by this highly consolidated mass-media’s propagandists to hide this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration scandal. All peoples everywhere have the right to improve their lives **within their own Nations and territories**. We can all help these poor peoples within the poor and dysfunctional Nations they created, but again, we must help them *within their own Nations & territories*. We must NOT help them into our semi-functional Nations and territories for that will make things worse for everyone in the long run. Flooding and destroying our own Native European Nations with weaponized 3rd world mass-migration won’t help anyone and it will destroy whats left of the worlds various Indigenous peoples. It is particularly bad for the Native European peoples for they are some of the smallest racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific Indigenous people. So simply its NOT an option.

A good case study is to look at the First Nations peoples/Native American peoples in the Americas. The colonization of old was very, very slow and the overwhelming majority of the Native European peoples and Native American peoples chose not to mix… for they understood at that time that this would lead to the destruction of both or their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities and heritages. So in time they created a Native European infrastructure of Native American land that benefitted both but they also remained rather separate/isolated and incredibly remained two very sovereign Nations and two separate groups of peoples on one land. Well the weaponized 3rd world mass-migration *neo-colonization* of today and the past 60 years is happening at a faster and faster rate and 3rd world peoples are coming in at much, much greater numbers and in a much shorter time period of which is still ongoing and overwhelming the physical infrastructure and undermining the cultural structures too. The First Nations/Native American peoples see this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration of the past 60 years as *neo-colonization* and understand that it is much, much worse than the colonization of old. They understand that the 3rd world has over 7 billion people and that the Native American peoples will be totally destroyed this time and what is left of their racial consciousness, cultures, ethnicities, indigenous earth-centric spirituality, territories and indigenous identity and heritage will be first diluted and then dissolved through miscegenation and they will be no more. This cannot be allowed to happen to the First Nations/Native American peoples nor to the Native European peoples either.

Wars are also used as a way to displace Indigenous peoples. The globalist/Internationalists use war to destroy indigenous peoples and/or displace them. So once wars are over all refugees should return to their Native Lands/the Lands of their forefathers. Displacing people for both seemingly noble and ennoble reasonings is just another way to destroy a peoples racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identity and heritage. It destroys both the Native/Indigenous peoples specific indigenous identity and heritage and also the refugees & migrants specific Indigenous identity and heritage too. Plus *demographic war* is also a way to disenfranchise an Indigenous/Native people too. There has been a huge demographic war quietly raging against mostly Native European Nations and it is always disguised as anti-culture “multiculturalism”. This demographic war started in the Middle Ages but intensified after WW1 and has continued to intensify to this very day.

As well, weaponized 3rd world mass-migration is the worst factor facing our shared environment. Taking hundreds of millions of people from a 3rd world status and put them into a first world status will devastate our environment, cultures, societies… etc and make none of us any happier. It could be said that indigenous peoples in unindustrialized Nations are generally happier and maybe even healthier in some ways. Mankind canNOT afford to have all of mankind living in cold regions using up large amounts of high carbon fuels to stay warm etc. The 3rd world peoples must stay in their rather warm Native regions, Lands, Nations, territories and use their life force to improve their own lives and improve their own regions and make their own peoples lives better. We must all ReWild our lands for future generations… especially the Native European peoples must ReWild, NOT REPOPULATE, their own lands/Nations/Territories… and the 3rd World must do the same! We must help each other by sharing information, education and environmentally friendly technologies but respect each others Indigenous Rights & Land Title and their Right to have absolute *primacy* in their own Indigenous territories/Nations/Lands.

It must be noted that The Native European peoples population is NOT “collapsing” but Native European peoples must ReWild their lands and have more kids and their Nations should subsidize Indigenous Europeans families and fund the ReWilding of Europe as they completely STOP all this weaponized mass-migration. The more kids Native European families have the less taxes they should pay…etc. That stated, all Indigenous peoples numbers rise and fall with their environments ability to sustain them. Its a cycle thats as old as time. All Indigenous peoples numbers are subject to this natural rise a fall within this same cycle that is governed by environmental pressures. This is another reason why weaponized 3rd world mass-migration is disastrous for all Indigenous peoples local environments, cultures, heritage… etc.

Now in the America’s if the Native American peoples and the Native European American peoples want to allow in these 3rd world peoples… and if these 3rd world peoples will not leach off of them and actually go out into some remote region and create and make their own cities and infrastructure themselves from scratch… like the Native American peoples and Native European peoples did… well that is up to the Native American peoples who’s land it is and up to the Native European American peoples who built these European style Nations in the America’s. If they agree to this they can go ahead through lawful, vetted and limited Immigration rules. But as it stands now they have NOT been asked nor have they voted to allow this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration scam.


Simply the Native European peoples are very high in openness and almost suicidally altruistic and thus naturally lawful in nature. These virtues evolved because we had very close-nit, peaceful and high-trust Native European communities and societies. Our various tribes united into nations wherein we were left to our own devices and Naturally had very high-trust societies with very low-crime because we were surrounded by our own ilk/people and thus no one wished to harm nor rob anyone not alone their own.

Later on as various different people, largely usurious steppe peoples, moved into/migrated into our Native European territories these usurious foreigners seen the Native European peoples as very naive and naturally trusting and thus these more usurious foreign peoples seen the Native European peoples as easy to cheat, scam, extort, coerce, deceive… etc… in short they seen Native European people’s not as neighbours or fellow countrymen but rather as easy prey/game… especially in the North. Plus many of these usurious foreign merchants also learnt how to exploit the humanity and charity of the Native European peoples on mass.

These high in openness and altruistic Native European peoples virtues also made the Native European peoples very devoted to their own very righteous and honest/lawful high-trust societies which also gave them the freedom and keys to unlock and leave open their almost endless brilliant Native European creativeness, inventiveness and industriousness that has shaped the whole modern world for the better. So after just a short time of interacting with these various usurious foreign peoples they started to think about and create ways to protect and preserve their own people, their high-trust societies and their subsequent Nations while financially interacting with these other very usurious foreign merchants/peoples.

So as the Native European peoples were forced to deal with more and more lecherous, deviant and usurious merchants/peoples the Native European peoples also then had to created a system to correct and protect themselves from these other peoples criminal and usurious behaviours but that also went on to protected all of the innocent, weak and the naive from the minority or these foreign merchants/people who had these odd deviant, usurious, criminal & very foreign behaviours. So the Native European peoples created the mostly Germanic Native European Law & Order doctrine which helped them deal with these deceptive, deviant and usurious foreign merchants/criminals that had taken root in their once innately utopian Native European societies. This Law & Order doctrine allowed trade/commerce but also curtailed and prosecuted lecherous and usurious criminal behaviours and went the next step to punishing people for their criminal behaviours.

The Native European Law & Order doctrine is an accumulation of Old Norse Laws, Dane Law, Anglo-Saxon Law and Prussian Laws and their subsequent and current manifestations that protect us all. Subsequently this very Native European Law & Order doctrine has been adopted by many other peoples and Nations elsewhere too. The Native European Law & Order doctrine, that protects not just the innocent but also the naive, is one of the Native European peoples greatest gifts to mankind. For if a society knows no Natural Order then give them Laws! Your Welcome!

Many have been found guilty of things that were not criminal but that were just not right, good nor correct. And so guilt comes calling. Guilt is a flash of darker things to come if one doesn’t correct oneself & atone. Thus guilt is not a bad thing if one rightly atones for it & doesn’t do it again & especially doesn’t project their own guilt onto others while acting the victim. For to not know guilt is to be without conscience, and to be without conscience is to be without consciousness. 
Those who try to live without conscience & consciousness can then only expiate their guilt by projecting it onto others & then while crying out in pain “victim!” they beat themselves, or others, deeming it atonement… which it is not. 
And so they then slowly forfeit their humanity & start to live in their own darkening deceptions… like a soulless & glitching hologram of their once true self. 
And joining some hedonistic and subversive “new-age” occultism cult won’t help you out but it will draw you in deeper into the muck of unconsciousness.
One must see that the grift is only over once one stops grifting… & those with deep multigenerational victimhood complexes can only create one thing… & that’s more victims.
Peace through intelligence.

The century of the victim is over, for victims can only create one thing & that is more victims. All peoples everywhere must find their racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage & be sure that their people have primacy in their own territory forever.

Firstly, all peoples everywhere have better overall health if they eat their own traditional indigenous/Native foods. If possible, grow your own foods yourself or buy them from local organic family farmers who are of your own ilk.
Our Native/Indigenous Foods Are Medicine For the Native European peoples. The same goes for other indigenous foods for other indigenous peoples too.
Be sure that there are NO petrochemical BIOCIDES used in the growing of your food for they are all deadly and are the root cause of most aliments & diseases. GMO’s/Genetically Modified Organisms are genetic pollution and must also be avoided at all costs. Boycott companies & products who use these BIOCIDES & GMO’s for they are both slow-genocide tools.

Rose-hips are the Native European peoples goji berries but better because they are indigenous to our bodies chemistry & no huge carbon footprint. A tablespoon of Raw, organic, unfiltered with the mother apple cider vinegar is a symbiosis between a healthful fungus & a healthful bacteria & when combined with water & a splash of organic juice creates an amazing healing elixir & a cleansing tonic. Again it is best suited to the Native European peoples because our peoples have used it for millennia. There are many other examples & the Native European remedies go on and on.

Wild Native European Berries are also all superfoods & very healthful but they must be wild, homegrown or organically farmed by small local family farmers that do NOT use any form of petrochemical biocides or synthetic fertilizers etc. Elderberries are particularly headful for the lungs & overall bronchi/bronchial. The Elder flower is also healthful. All the Currant berry varieties are also very healthful. Gooseberries, Blueberries, Lingonberries, Juniper berries… etc are all very healthful & can be used in targeted way to treat many common aliments.

Raw, Unfiltered, with the Mother, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the Native European peoples probiotic & a symbiosis between a healthful fungus & healthful flora bacteria that creates a alkalizing elixir/tonic. It has been used for generations but it is better for Native European peoples than other options because again it is indigenous to us & thus far better suited to the Native European peoples body chemistry. It has a probiotic & symbiosis between a native fungus & bacteria which both aids in digestion & overall gut & colon cleansing & health which improves the immune system. (1 tablespoon full of Raw, Unfiltered, Organic Apple Cider vinegar in carbonated water with a splash of fresh juice is the Native European peoples version.) The very foreign & sugary foreign fungus laden “kombucha” should NOT be drank by Native European peoples. Raw, unfiltered, Organic family farmed Apple Cider vinegar is much better suited for the Native European peoples body chemistry.

Raw, organic Sauerkraut (Raw Probiotic Salad) is another superfood for all Native European peoples. It too is a natural probiotic & rich in vitamin-C. It can be easily made at home but use organic cabbage, natural sea salt & thinly sliced root vegetables if you wish. “kimchi” is the very foreign Asiatic version & is best for Asiatics but NOT for the Native European peoples.

Raw Organic local family farmed pasture grass raised dairy: milk, yogurt & cheese. Very high in vitamin D & essential for Native European people in low uv-light regions.

The Native European peoples very light pigmentations are designed to absorb uv-light in very low uv-light regions, but we must be outdoors a lot & still eat raw, organic, family farmed vitamin D rich foods. We are obviously best suited for our indigenous lands of Europe. In very high uv-light regions we must cover-up & limit how much time we spend in mid-day direct sun exposure.

Organic Hops is another medicinal plants that can be used in many ways. It can be made into a simple healthful tea or used to preserve foods or beverages. Of course it is also used in other home-brews too.

Herbal Teas: Use local organic or homegrown mint, camomile, White pine needle, Willow bark, Birch bark, Birch water/sap, maple water/sap… etc. All were & are traditionally used as healthful & warm teas by Native European peoples.

Horse Radish: Can be eaten or used topically as a antiseptic, a natural dewormer, anti-bacterial & a digestive anti-parasitic. It is amazing for over all digestive & immune system health. Put it in the freezer & grate a little onto meals in flu season. Naturally derived zinc is also good in therapeutic amounts when feeling like a flu or cold is coming on.

Meade, Beer & Ale can be made organically at home… & home-brewed to have very low alcohol is best (like below 2% which is traditional). Again, it can be made organically at home with local ingredients & is can be healthful if used in small therapeutic amounts. One can also make high alcohol grain-alcohol for cleaning as a household cleaner only… or used to defuse natural essential oils which can also be distilled at home too. Plus simple house salt is a great non-toxic cleaner too.

Wild or Organic, Grass-raised bone broth soup & meats: Bone-broth is a magical remedy for many ailments & loaded with nutrition. Both domesticated or Wild Game versions are great. Although the Wild Game version is super good if harvested from a clean wild forest environment. Try to eat Wild Meats if possible. The European Bison/Buffalo, Wild Boar, Deer, Elk… etc are all incredible for the Native European peoples bodies, minds & spirit & very, very traditional. Traditional heirloom breeds are best.
The Wild Boar & Eurasian Bison/Buffalo are as sacred to the Native European peoples as the Plains Bison/Buffalo is to the plains Native American peoples. These animals not only feed our bodies, they also feed our Indigenous spirit/geist.

The Native European peoples have many traditional indigenous plants & herbs that have numerous medicinal & nutritional applications. Look up these local wild plants & herbs & ask your Elders about their uses. If the Elders have forgotten, then do the research yourself & bring the knowledge back for future generations of Native European peoples.

Use Wild/Organic Honey Only, NOT sugar or “synthetic sweeteners”. Also adding organic berries, raisins or fruits or organic fruit juices are other good ways to sweeten things up:)

Do Native European Calisthenics for it is far better than the very foreign “yoga”, just look at any Native European Ballet Dancer compared to a “yoga” person! Its obvious that the Native European Calisthenics is better & most of your “yoga” classes have already stolen much from the Native European Ballet Calisthenics already. Remember to stretch & strengthen your muscles, ligaments & tendons opposite & equal 50/50 & always the same. Every strengthening has an opposite & equal stretch to maintain too.

Learn a form of Germanic-Nordic Glima: It is the name that covers several types of Nordic folk wrestling & Nordic Martial Arts which is still practiced as a sport & for combat… but never fall in love with the grapple, 1-2 takedowns only & get out clean.

Do deep breathing in a traditional sauna, bastu, steam-room & put mint oil & water infused with pure salt on the stones or close to the steam source. Do The Wolf & Dragon/Serpent style deep breathing in & out through the nose with a slightly choked throat to compress the air deep into the lungs expanding the lung tissues to the maximum & thus hyper oxygenating the body as well as fully exhaling to detoxify the body of fine particulates & carbon dioxide & harmonizing the heart & lungs for greater endurance & stamina. Also do rapid pulsing in & out breathing through just nose & also through just the mouth. Beginners should plug their ears so they can hear their breathing better when practising this type of breathing. Do this breathing in a sauna & steam-room or bastu.

**This goes for all peoples everywhere. Live in the UV-Light region that matches your pigmentations & the UV-Light region your people have lived in over millennia, for it will obviously be best suited for you & your ilk.** Simply, light pigmentations are best suited for low uv-light regions & dark pigmentations are best suited for high uv-light regions. No matter what they try to sell you the vitamin D pills & uv lightbulbs won’t help a person of dark pigmentations survive in a low uv-light region. Plus people of light pigmentations will suffer in high uv-light regions too. You can try to fight Nature but Nature wins every time.

Get outside in Nature & walk, hike, bike, cross-country ski… etc in the forests, fields & along the shorelines of the lakes & oceans of your ancient ancestors lands & think of them & thank them as you do so. Peace Through Intelligence.

She came to him through a daydream at midday with a mead horn in hand & she whispered to him “Drink deeply my Lord.” Her blue-green eyes welled up with tears as she looked at him & she started weeping as he thirstily drank for although he was an older warrior he was as wise as Odin, still as strong as Thor & as handsome as Balder. He asked the Golden Glowing Maiden “Tell me why you cry, I will slay those who have wronged you.” She said “No one can wrong me my Lord, Its just that I have come to take you beyond the Sun to Valhalla beyond the Sun but I can see that you will not come.” He raised the mead horn high and said “No, not like this oh Golden one. Why has the AllFather & Æsir sent an unarmored Valkyrie to take a warrior Lord such as me? I must be fallen in battle or I will disgrace and dishonour my Shield & Banner, my Name & Ancestors, my noble House & People!” The Golden Maiden softly said “But there is no foe that can bring you down, my Lord, and you toil & stagger in these forests, fields & meadows from before I wake until I set & long after. You have become more beast than man, my Lord.” The Lord looked deeper into the Golden Glowing Maidens eyes, and holding out his rough hand he said “Than make me man again.” And so she did and bore him 17 children & they lived happily ever after & well over a century later into Valhalla they went together. 
The End.
Written by Drew C. Rouse

To My Father & Forefathers.
They were pure & uncompromising men, a transcendent patriarchy.
They were  not “entitled” men just responsible because they knew the buck must stop there with them.
They were the end all & be all of the family who confronted the enemy on the horizon, at the gate and the enemy within. They held the line & held the family high above all else but also came from generations that understood their responsibility also extended into their community.
They were a shining example of what man can and should be.
All prowess and intellect, the übermensch/overman, with no time for senseless emotions & feelings for they knew that the  traditional women could handle such irrational tedium in the kitchen with their intuitive & ancient wisdom.
They  apologized for nothing for they knew that in time all would come to understand the reasons & Nature of their hyper masculine ways. All would come to see what they stood for and against and what they had seen coming long ago appear now abruptly before modernities vacant gaze.
Godspeed Father & Forefathers until Valhalla!


**Be careful with your author selection especially if reading translations or a interpretation of a certain book & read up on the professors & scholars who are often “interpreting” certain authors to obtain a deeper understanding of the “interpreters” leanings, perceptions, beliefs & biases…etc. Also research the authors themselves but don’t believe the usual slander & smears blindly.
*Be sure you get the authentic works/books that have not been “changed”, tampered with, subverted, manipulated or plagiarized versions by propagandists &/or plagiarists.**
*Snorri Sturluson: “The Prose Edda”, also known as the “Younger Edda”, “Snorri’s Edda” or, historically, simply as “Edda”. Read the “Poetic Edda” (particularly the Hávamál & the Sigrdrifumál/Sigrdrífumál)
Study the Germanic/Nordic Runes and their meanings (Elder Futhark) The Elder Futhark Runic alphabet consists of 24 runes, and was in use across all Germanic/Nordic cultures during the Scandinavian/Nordic/Germanic Iron Age (500 BCE-800 AD). The Elder Futhark runic symbols were usually written as a rune row divided into three ætts (meaning “eights”, with eight runes in each ætt ).
Unknown Icelandic Author: “Völsunga Saga”
Unknown: “BEOWULF” The Old English epic poem.
Old Germanic Folk story: “Der Ring des Nibelungen” (It’s about the cycle/circle/”The Ring” of debt & Usury) Also read Richard Wagner’s version & musical/opera about THE RING which is the most coherent & creative narrative about “THE RING” of debt & usury also known as “The Old Turkic Money Trick”.
Christopher Marlowe: “The Jew Of Malta” (full play title: “The Famous Tragedy Of The Rich Jew Of Malta”.
Read all you can find about THE SLAVIC SLAVE TRADE. The slave trade in light pigmentation Native European Slav/Slavic people was one of the largest slave trades ever. It was so big that we still use the word “slave” which is cognate to and derived from “Slav” or “Slavic” as the word for people kidnapped & sold in this most brutal form of human bondage and usury. The Turkic tribes were some of the biggest slavers… but so were the Mongols & Arabs too.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles” Original 9th Century manuscript compiled in Wessex/West Saxony, England during the reign of Alfred The Great.
John Edward Lloyd: “A History Of Wales”
Read up on the Pict & Gaelic Indigenous peoples of Pictavia & Dalriada that unified to be called The Kingdom Of Alba which is known as Scotland today.
Edmund Burke’s Reflections & writings on the disastrous French Revolution “Steps Forward”.
Read the Old Norse Saga’s: “Saga Of The Greenlanders” & “Saga Of Erik The Red”
Read Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Classic Germanic legend: “Faust
THE BEDE, also known as Saint Bede, The Venerable Bede, and Bede the Venerable, was an English Benedictine monk at the monastery of St. Peter & its companion monastery of St. Paul in the Kingdom of Northumbria of the Angles. Never mind his messianic abrahamic stuff.
The Lacnunga (‘Remedies’) is a collection of miscellaneous Anglo-Saxon medical texts & prayers, written mainly in Old English The title Lacnunga, an Old English word meaning ‘remedies’. This codex was probably compiled in England in the late tenth or early eleventh century. Many of its herbal remedies are also found, in variant form, in Bald’s Leechbook, another Anglo-Saxon medical compendium.
THEOLOGIA GERMANICA: The title given to an anonymous treatise written by a priest of the Teutonic Order at Sachsenhausen toward the end of the 14th century.
Read all historical texts on the Germanic peoples, especially the Germanic legends “DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN” and the Wagner version “DAS RHINE GOLD” and the old Germanic legend of “FAUST” which is another warning about “The Old Silk Road Turkic Money Trick” also known as The RING/circle/cycle of *Debt & Usury*. Also read Goethe’s, Christopher Marlowe’s & Gautier’s version of “FAUST” too.
The Tale of Bygone Years Old East Slavic: Повѣсть времѧньныхъ лѣтъ, Pověstĭ vremęnĭnyxŭ lětŭ), known in English-language historiography as the Primary Chronicle or Russian Primary letopis or, after the author it has traditionally been ascribed to, Nestor’s letopis or The letopis of Nestor, is a history of the Kievan Rus’ from about 850 to 1110, originally compiled in Kiev about 1113. The Rus were a mix of Slavic, Baltic, Nordic/Germanic peoples. Read & understand the truth about the many Kievan Rus battles with the turkic khazars & asiatic mongols caliphates from the southeastern Eurasian steppe.
“Of Gods & Men” by Lithuanian author Algirdas J. Greimas
Arthur Schopenhauer: All of his writings especially “The World As Will & Representation” & all of his others books/works.
Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller: All his poems & writings.
Bavarian Priest Georg Ratzinger’s writings on: *”Jewish business practises”* Compound interest, debt & usury. *“Jüdisches Erwerbsleben”*. But never mind his messianic abrahamic stuff.
James B. Stewart’s: excellent account on the transfer of wealth in his book “Den Of Thieves”
Read the first political novelist John Galt‘s novels & works. (Do not confuse him with the nasty deconstructionist Ayn Rand’s fictional john galt of Atlas Shrugged.)
Clarke Duncan: “Slaves and Slavery” (1999).
Foulke William Dudley: “History of the Lombards” (1974)
Grant Reg:“Slavery” (2009)
F. Scott Fitzgerald: “The Great Gatsby” The destruction of Anglo-America.
Immanuel Kant; All of his works/books
Charles Barbier de Meynard: (translator) “Des routes et des Provinces” (1865)
Ibn Khordadbeh: “The Book Of Roads & Kingdoms” (Find legitimate translation.)
The Brothers Grimm: fairy-tails like Rumpelstiltskin etc. One can glean much from various old Native European fairy-tails. The Native European peoples must ask themselves why so many of our ancestors wrote fairy tails like this fairy-tail? What were our ancestors they warning us about?
Richard Wagner: “Das Rheingold” & the rest of “Der Ring Des Nibelungen” or “Ring Of The Nibelung”. Translations of the an Old Germanic Folk story to an opera of the same name.(It’s about the cycle/circle/Ring of debt & usury)
Anonymous Germanic Poet:”Nibelungenlied” or “The Song of the Nibelungs”
J.R.R. Tolkien “The Hobbit” & “Lord Of The Rings” The Ring being warned about in these stories is the cycle/circle/ring of debt & usury.
Fredrick Nietzsche: All his writings but especially “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” “Übermensch”
Martin Heidegger: “Being & Time”
Hegel: “Lectures on the Philosophy of History” & his other works.
Arthur Augustus William Henry Ponsonby: “Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations.”
Read all of the Great Germanic German Philosophers from the *German Idealism* era & other.
Author Unknown: “The Sumerian Swindle”
Aldous Huxley: “Brave New World” & his other writings.
T.S. Eliot: All of his books & works.
Otto von Bismarck: All his writings.
Johann Gottlieb Fichte: All of his works
Louis-Ferdinand Céline: Most of his books/works.
Madison Grant: “The Passing Of The Great Race”
Wilhelm Schmidt: Read all his works especially his critique of the degenerate plagiarist Sigmund Freud.
Carl Schmitt: Read all of his books/works.
Carl Gustav Jung/Yuung: All his works/books
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: “Gulag Archipelago” & “200 Years Together”
Thomas Goodrich: *”HELLSTORM”* & “Rape Hate” How rape is used in war to destroy a peoples racial pride & spirit/Geist.
Professor E. Michael Jones: Read All of his brilliant books, especially “Libido Dominandi”, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” & “Barren Metal”.
Henry Ford: “The International Jew”
Read the true story about the murder of Mary Phagan by Leo Frank & The Creation of the ADL.
Oswald Spengler “The Fall of the West” & his other writings.
David Erving: All his books
Urnst Zündel: All his writings & Videos
Gunnar Rudolf: All his writings
Kevin MacDonald: “The Culture Of Critique”
Patrick Buchanan: Churchill, Hitler & the Unnecessary War
Michael Collins Piper: Read all his works & books especially “Final Judgment” & “Judas Goats”
Read the genocidal “Morgenthau Plan” & how they proposed poisoning Germanys major cities water supplies…etc. If a tiny few poisoned wells in the Middle-Ages (well documented in the historical record) and suggested poisoning major cities water supplies after WW2, would they poison whole water-tables with Glyphosate & other persistent, pernicious & toxic biocides now?
Watch the documentary “THE CENTURY OF THE SELF”. Its about manufacturing consent.
Read English Psychiatrist William Sargent‘s books & articles on Mind Control. “Battle For The Mind”, “The Unique Mind”, “The Mind Possessed” and read his articles:“A Battle For Our Minds”, “Psychiatry & War”. Understand that there is big difference between “The Mind” and “The Brain”.
Read “Camp of the Saints” is a 1973 French dystopian fiction novel by Jean Raspail author & explorer.
Read *untampered with* versions of “Mein Kampf” & “The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”…etc. Read Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, “Macbeth” & “Merchant Of Venice”.
Read Anglo-American Authors like T.S. Elliot, Robert Frost, *Ezra Pound*.
**Read all you can find in regards to the ancient histories & Folk mythologies of the Celtic, Gaelic, Germanic/Nordic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic/Greek & Italic Native European peoples.
**Read all The Greek/Hellenic Classics: Start with “The Nicomachean Ethics” by Aristotle but also HeraclitusPlato, Socrates, Homer, Parmenides etc.
**Read all the Hellenic & Germanic Classical & philosophical works especially *Arthur Schopenhauer* & *Aristotle*.
Read up on ritualistic human-sacrifice & the “tophet” and the worship of the desert demon “moloch”.
Read Alban Butler‘s book: “Lives Of The Saints”. Be sure its the complete edition that includes his documentation of ritualistically sacrificed child martyrs who were latter made saints.
**Read Alternative Perspectives on WW1 & WW2* by Historical Revisionists like David IrvingGermar RudolfErnst ZündelPatrick J. BuchananDr. David Duke, Mark Weber…etc. Especially read Thomas Goodrich‘s book “HELLSTORM” & watch the documentary online of the same title.
Yes one must read an unaltered version of “Mien Kampf” by the Austrian painter Adolf Hitler but one must understand that the very Austrian Hitler was also an unwitting tool of the International Bankers too. They used him to destroy Germany/Deutschland so they could loot the Germans intellectual properties, scientific discoveries, patents & copyrights and destroy and incinerate the Germanic people and their heritage… destroying the Germanic culture which was the root culture & the builders of Europe.
Never forget the war crime firebombing of Dresden, Hamberg, Berlin…etc wherein millions of innocent Germanic people were slaughtered & incinerated in their homes by internationalist/globalist war criminals.
Diversity of historical opinion & perspective is key, especially in regards to the many disputed events of these tragic World wars that were NOT “great” nor “good” wars. Over 100 million largely Native European people of Christian faith were slaughtered in WW1 & WW2 combined… so these wars need far, far, far more detailed & forensic study.
War is the slaughter of the flesh, mind & soul! NO MORE BROTHER WARS!

Read up on the Irish “potato famine”/genocide. Also read up on the genocide of the Slavic-Germanic Kievan Rus Ukrainian people known as the Holodomor which was orchestrated by the progenitors of the Turkic-Khazar people. The Turkic/Khazar’s are still trying to wipe out the Native Slavic-Germanic Kievan Rus again today directly & by mongolized-Slav Muscovite proxy. Shameful!

Read up on the old Silk Road Slavic slave trade & understand that is was the Native European Slavic people who were kidnapped & sold into slavery in the highest numbers of any slave trade. This is why still today we call this most brutal form of human bondage & usury after them ie:”slave” is both cognate to & derived from Slav/Slavic who were & are a Native European people of very light pigmentations. This topic is key in understanding Native European history on many levels. This Slavic slave trade was owned & operated by largely the mongols and the turkic khazar people who were of Babylonian talmudic jewish faith combined with steppe Moloch worship and who were also known as “Radhanites” or “khazars” who try to hide, obfuscate or lie about their origins to this very day.

ORGANIZE READING GROUPS TO READ, DEBATE & DISCUSS THIS WEBPAGE & THESE BOOKS ABOVE & speak freely & proudly of your Native European ancestors & your ancient Native European Heritage, Traditions, Customs & Cultures. Live your racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous Native European heritage & traditions & honour your Ancestors with your actions. Again this goes for all other peoples everywhere too! If you are a Native European then live your ancient customs & traditions & use your ancient Runic symbols in your daily life.

Listen To The Great Native European Germanic Classical Music Composers
Ludwig Van BeethovenWilhelm Richard WagnerMozartJohann Sebastian Bach…etc. The Germanic people have an unbroken line of musical heritage from Volk/Folk music to the orchestral symphony music which is the peak of musical expression.** Classical music is great for your brain & the best composers are Germanic.** Play it for your children. Be sure to listen to Wagner’s brilliant opera “Das Rhine Gold”… & its telling of “THE RING”/cycle/circle of debt & usury.
Plus listen to legitimate Native European Baroque & Classical symphony music composed by Native European people and the older ancient Native European Folk/Volk music & connect to the Native European ancestors through the ancient vibrations, melodies, chordings, rhythms & lyric. This traditional music & verse will resonate more deeply with you right down to your cellular frequencies. It is baked in one might say. Our Ancestors are not dead & gone, they are buried in our genes, cells & in our DNA. We are the living embodiment & Spirt/Geist of our Ancestors & Descendants.
Always remember that the root chords of popular music today are a very ancient Native European creation as seen in Native European Folk/Volk music, Baroque music, Classical music and the Military Marching bands and Beer-hall bands music that came to be known as “Big Band Jazz”. “Jazz” in general & especially the original “Big Band Jazz” comes from the much, much older *Native European military marching bands* “Big Bands” & European Beer-hall brass band traditions. So-called “Blues” & “Country music” are just a spin-off & simplification of the much, much older Germanic, Gaelic & Celtic Folk Music traditions. These are the fact Folks & no lies and propaganda can ever change this reality.

Personally and musically I don’t deal in popularity, technique nor emotions… I deal in honesty, resonance & vibrations. I interpret ancient vibrations that resonate from my Ancestors, tradition & Nature.


Simply, & largely in the Native European West, the arts, entreatment industry, publishing and the mass-media has been coopted, commandeered and consolidated by a very tiny group of people who use them to deceive, demoralize and deconstruct the Native European peoples and any other people that live in Native European Nations in largely “the West”.

The Native European peoples must take back control of the arts, entertainment industries, publishing and the mass-media which controls the mass-psychology of the people subjected to it. We must be the leaders in the arts, publishing, entertainment industries and the media we created and controlled before they were commandeered degraded and used against us some decades ago. The Arts: ie media, film, music, verse, literature…etc. transmit Indigenous wisdoms, heritage and racial geist/spirit and so the Arts, entertainment & media industry must be fully owned & controlled by the same Indigenous people who consume it.

The Germanic’s led the development of most musical genres, the recording arts and also the overall European aesthetics in architecture and most of the visual arts too… but all the Native European peoples contributed in various ways to the Native European aesthetic, publishing and arts that has positively influenced and enlightened many other peoples around the whole world.

So we must seize back control of the arts, entertainment industries, publishing and especially the mass-media and freeze out or boot out this tiny degenerate group of globalist deconstructionists who have destroyed the classical arts and commandeered and control the arts, entertainment industries, publishing and the mass-media since as early as the 1920’s but gained almost total control in the 1940’s… especially in the USA, England, Canada & France… but also in many other Native European Nations too.

What is known as “entertainment” is largely very negative deconstructionism, social-engineering, diversion, degeneracy and predictive-programming. Long ago at the hight of television they even called tv shows “programs” or “programming”. This was a more honest wording for what is going on then and now. Ask yourself how these programs, movies… etc improves your life. Most of these programs, movies… etc are full of psychobabble and its like being dragged through mud and exposes you, your psyche and your family to negative imprinting & degenerate deconstructionist filth that does not enrich your lives nor support traditional family values. So why watch it? Shut it all off and cancel your “netflix’s”…etc and boycott this highly consolidated deconstructionist “entertainment” industry. Boycott its other appendages too. ie: social medias, tv programs, the mass-media… etc. Get a hobby, fix up your property & make your own positive films, music, “entertainment” that fortifies the traditional family unit and promotes your own Native European identity, culture, heritage, customs and traditions… and share it with family & friends.

Western Music is Native European music and it is very pervasive & powerful and this is why the music industry is so highly consolidated and tightly controlled by a very small group of people. Western Music’s roots are very Native European and also very Germanic and go back thousands of years in an unbroken line fading into ancient history. Again All “western music” has most of its roots in the Native European peoples but especially the Germanic people and their lands known as Germany today and the rest of Northern Europe. Lets take “Big Band Jazz” as a example… it comes from the old Prussian & other Germanic military marching band traditions and the Beerhall Brass Bands of the Germanic states. “Classical music” is of course very Germanic and the German Classical Composers & pianists reached heights still unmatched to this very day. Plus the earlier Baroque music is very Germanic in origin too. Modern “pop music” is the progenitor of the ancient Volk/Folk music and “Country music” is just Native European Volk/Folk music that got lost in North America. Even the word for a stringed instrument builder is Germanic in origin, ie: Luthier and the best Luthiers were and are German to this day… or use German instrument building methodology. Anyway we must reconnect and reconstruct this ancient Germanic unbroken linage and line of musicality from modern western music back to its very Germanic roots. The Germanic people have a unbroken musical heritage that goes back thousands of years and fades into history. This line was not fully broken but it was deeply manipulated and deconstructed after the world wars but it maintains its vigour & vitality to this very day in artists and musicians who have no idea of what I just briefly described to you above. Music is fuel for the geist/spirit and it is medicine for the beleaguered masses. So give them some inspiring and spirited sounds and songs that encompasses these ancient Native European melody lines, rhyme & rhythms and bring traditional aspirations & inspiration to their Native European lives again.

Firstly, all governments and militaries understand that when invading another Nation they must first seize all communications to gain control of the invaded Nation and to quell and control its masses. Well most Native European Nations communications/medias were seized long ago by one tiny group of people from one religious background and this is a huge problem. For if one tiny group controls the communications/mass-media of a Nation they also control the mass-psychology of its people.

The highly consolidated mass-media, which controls the mass-psychology, has been consolidated down into the hands of just one small religious group/cabal who uses it to socially engineer and deconstruct our traditional Native European family units, societies and Nations. The mass-media is used to control the minds but also to pollute and distract the minds of its viewers. Again, this highly consolidated mass-media is largely owned and operated by just one small religious group who are of one faith, ideology and belief system and they use this highly consolidated mass-media to deconstruct and socially-engineer our societies and Nations for their own benefit and agenda. None of us should want any one religious group to almost fully control the mass-media and thus the mass-psychology. This tiny religious group/cabal has targeted firstly the Native European peoples traditional family units, societies and Nations but they will go after the other peoples too eventually. Again, I wouldn’t want any one group or religion controlling the mass-media for they will use it to further just their own agenda.

Simply this highly consolidated mass-media must be fully broken-up and completely deconstructed and the this mass-media diversified and controlled by the Indigenous people of whichever Nation it is broadcasting in. The media and entertainment industries should be used to strengthen our racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities and heritage and NOT be used to deconstruct, socially engineer and destroy our indigenous identities, heritage, traditional family units, societies and Nations!
We must shut it off, shut it down, freeze it out and take back the media and entertainment industries immediately!

Musically speaking, Western Music is Native European music and it is very pervasive & powerful and this is why the music industry is so highly consolidated and tightly controlled by a very small group of people.

Remember that there are usurious propagandists, social-engineers and deconstructionists who have crept into our Native European societies and Nations and they create adversity and then feed off this adversity. They use their control of the highly consolidated mass-media, high finance/banking and the education systems to do this. They slander and demonize our ancient Native European traditional understandings, reasonings and forethought as “fearful” and “hateful” which they are absolutely NOT. They slander and demonize our age old Native European understandings in an attempt to try and coerce, defame, censor, ban and dumb us all down. All peoples everywhere must push back against these globalist deconstructionists and freeze them out of all of our societies and Nations.

On The Runes: 
The Runes are the ancient Native European peoples alphabet. Each Rune has it’s own individual sound & a individual meaning all on their own. They can be written in a row like the latin alphabet or they can be combined, like the logo for Bluetooth with one on top of each other, to create more intimate, specific, secretive or compact communications. No other alphabet is this flexible & has these variants.
RUNES: Elder Furthark: ᚺᛖᛚᛚᛟ ×ᛗᛁᛞᚷᚨᚱᛞ
Younger Furthark: ᚼᛅᛚᛚᚬ ×ᛘᛁᛏᚴᛅᚱᛏ
Anglo-Saxon: ᚻᛖᛚᛚᚩ ×ᛘᛁᛞᚷᚪᚱᛞ

If you were not lucky enough to be born into a practicing family or Clan than read up on the Old Norse use of Seiðr. Siðr/Seiðr means “The Old Seed” which also refers to religion & natural medicine in the form of plants/herbs, mushrooms…etc & magic. Folk music melodies, lyrics, poetry & verse can also be used to heal the racially specific Spirit/Geist for it sends out the Spirit on a a type of reconnaissance mission to bring back intelligence, understanding & wisdom from the ancient realms. Read up on: Seiðr but don’t try to practise it in some odd & dark “neo-pagan”/“occultist” way or form.

Put RUNES on everything you own. This ancient alphabet of the Native European peoples must be preserved thus used. Be proud of these ancient symbols & explain their meanings to people. Understand that Runes are a letter and have a sound but also each Rune has an individual meaning & they can, again, be grouped together creating a more specific, intimate & individualistic meanings too.

Study the Germanic/Nordic Runes & their meanings (Elder Futhark).
The Elder Futhark Runic alphabet consists of 24 runes, and was in use across all Germanic/Nordic cultures during the Scandinavian/Nordic/Germanic Iron Age (500 BCE-800 AD). The Elder Futhark runic symbols were usually written as a rune row divided into three ætts (meaning “eights”, with eight runes in each ætt).
Learn about & use the Germanic Hooked-Cross: Hakenkreuz/Sun-Wheel/Yule-Wheel & the Iron Cross.


On The gods & God The AllFather:
There is only good & good gone bad & all that is Good is Gut/God The AllFather. The word for “good” in the Native Germanic language is “gut” or “god” as seen in Germany & Sweden today. The gods as seen in Southern & Northern Heathenism are the different forces & faces of Nature & the different forces & faces within human Nature too. When all these Natural forces are combined together they make up God The AllFather who is best understood as an ancient vibration that pervades, resonates, animates & harmonies all living things equally & they are all governed over by God The AllFather’s Natural Laws & Order. The Nordic Germanic God The AllFathers face is best seen in Nature & in our Children’s faces too. The Heathen’s way is to honour God The AllFather, & his wife The Earth Mother, & their Natural forces with our actions, not just our words.

There has been much confusion about this gods or God query. There is just God The AllFather but again he has many faces that are best seen in Nature/the environment & human Nature too. Most of what some call “the minor gods” are just expressions of human Nature. At least this is what was taught to me by my Clan.

God… like in the Swedish tradition of “God Jul”, or in German “Gut”… simply means “Good”. So simply anything that is good/gut is God, or has Godliness, goodness. There are many other regional names for God The AllFather, like the Germanic Wotan etc. Again, God The AllFather is singular but with many expressions as seen in human Nature & in the environment/Nature & this is why we have the many deities, ie: Tyr, Woden/Wotan/Odin, Thor, Freya… etc. Yes, we celebrate all these faces of God The AllFather on different days of the week & at different times of the year. 

To be very clear. The Native European Gut/Good/God The AllFather is NOT to be confused nor conflated with the desert demons hashem/yahweh/moloch/baal… etc. As well, the Native European pre-abrahamic spirituality had/has no desert “demon”, “devil”, “satan” deity either. The “devil” is strictly a messianic abrahamic deity. The Native European peoples spiritual traditions have only the concept of “good gone bad” but no supernatural evil demon thing. The only supernatural being the Native European peoples knew & know is God The AllFather.

This above is my Native European peoples/tribes/Clans traditional views on these matters. Being that Northern Heathenry is very independent and very family/tribe or clan based & oriented… their are many interpretations on this matter/query above.

Remember that subversive & hedonistic “new-age” occultism and “neo-paganism” is mostly found in the USA & England and is a tiny blip of lost larper’s of very dubious origins. Same goes for all that “wicca” stuff too…etc. This “new-age” occultism & neo-paganism are a diversion and subversive movements, again of dubious and subversive origins. It is all basically esoteric occultism that has nothing to do with pre-abrahamic Native European indigenous earth-centic spirituality… which is much, much, much older than all of these ideologies, religions and movements… and much, much older than the messianic abrahamic religions too.

God is the old Nordic-Germanic word for Good. It is said Gut or God to this day in Germany and in the Nordic Nations. The Native European peoples traditionally belief is all that is Good is God. When the foreign messianic abrahamic religions infiltrated Europe they coopted and commandeered our Native European word God. The name of these foreigners desert demon was/is hashem, yahweh, baal or moloch… **which I do NOT believe in**. I believe in the older & wiser Native European Indigenous God The AllFather of our Native European ancestors.

Remember: Ancient Native European *Heathenism* is NOT hedonism nor hedonistic.

Again & in more condensed form because it is so important to understand: “God” is an Old Norse Germanic word for “Good”. It’s said “gut” in Germany today but is still said “God” in most Nordic Nations… like in God Jul/Good Yule. Also it is our ancient Native European understanding that all that is “Good” is “God”.

The Great Northern God The AllFather whose many faces are best seen in Nature & in the eyes of our Children and who’s many expressions and temperaments were explained as “The Gods” in the old Germanic-Norse Mythology.

**The Great Northern God The AllFather is not to be confused nor conflated with the very foreign desert demon Yahweh/Hashem/Moloch/Baal.**

Enact the will of the Native European God The AllFather & Godspeed!

The Southern Pagan & Northern Heathen Native European peoples believe in the ancient earth-centric concept of The Natural Law & The Natural Order. God The AllFather is the judge & our ancestors are the jury. The Germanic philosopher, Hegel, referred to this type of order as “The Cunning Of Reason”. The Old Norse, & later the Germanic-Anglo-Saxon, Law & Order Doctrine is based on the concept that if you act selfishly, criminally or unethically Nature will punish you… & so will your community.
The old southern pagan Hellenic peoples philosophers tried to give a form to the soul & a shape to the spirit & used Logos, Ethos & Pathos to give order, form & shaped to the human soul & spirit. This Logos, Ethos & Pathos can be translated to Reason over the Will & the Will rules over the Passions. This is a notable Hellenic pagan traditional Native European concept for a healthy human soul & the form a nurtured spirit. The social engineers & deconstructionists have intentionally reversed this healthy inner structure in modern times to deconstruct & enslave The Native European peoples & the masses with degeneracy, deviance & vice. Weaponized pornography is just one of the social engineers main tools that has put the passions over the will & the will over reason… which creates a society controlled by ignorant will & degenerate appetites… that has led to this subversion, deconstruction & defilement of the human soul, spirit & thus our societies & Nations.

So get your soul & spirit back in shape & order by putting Reason over your Will & your Will ruling your Passions & get on with it for this is just the basics.

It must be understood that Indigenous Native European earth-centric spirituality known as Heathenism and the foreign religion of Catholicism & its Christian protestant schisms, which came much later to Europe, have been respectfully separate but also side by side for some centuries now. Again, Heathenism is the indigenous earth-centric belief system of the Native European peoples and should not be confused with nor conflated with “new-age” occultism nor hedonism or hedonistic behaviours.

Although the brutal Christianization of the Indigenous Native European peoples was horrific, and rarely noted or discussed, but that all happened long ago and things smoothed out with both sides compromising eventually. This compromising can be seen in Castles and Cathedrals alike wherein many Castles there was both a chapel/Church and below it a Heathen crypt and many Cathedrals have Heathen or traditional Indigenous Native European stone carvings, trimmings, tapestry & etchings… etc.

Yes the very foreign Catholic church and its subsequent protestant schisms implanted themselves in Europe and many were forced to accept it… for when the Roman empire collapsed and they could no long rule by the sword they then ruled by ideaology. For when one failes to rule the bodies with the sword they then try to rule the minds with an ideology. All the messianic abrahamic religions did this. Now some of the Native European peoples went along with it after their tribal, racial, ethnic and cultural make-up got a bit messed-up & mixed-up by the nasty Roman empires occupation which was largely Greco-Roman pagan by the way. So many Native European peoples used Catholicism as a type of social glue to collectivize & hold-together their various racial, ethnic and cultural fractures and keep their differences at bay… basically using this religious ideology to glue themselves together as some had been deeply mentally and physically mongrelized. This worked for a time but most of the “un-mixed” Northern Native European peoples also kept their indigenous Native European Heathen beliefs closer than these new and very foreign messianic abrahamic religions. The battles eventually started up again but this time between the Catholic church and its protestant schisms and the Protestants and their turkic judaic partners greatly profited off the turmoil and the sacking of the Catholic infrastructure. Most of the battling was usually over who controlled “The Old Turkic Money Trick” also known as “The Ring” circle/cycle of debt & usury…. which has gone on to enslave most of mankind.

Now wreaths, Christmas trees & Mistletoe are all actually Yule/Jul wheels, Yule/Jul Logs and a ancient fertility plant(Mistletoe) that adorned both a Indigenous Native European Heathen home and a Traditional Native European Catholic home and also some more traditional Christian Protestant schism homes too, around the Winters Blót/Winter Solstice also known as Jul/Yule or Christmas. There are many other decorations, traditions and customs that have their roots in Native European Heathenism but that are now a big part of a traditional Native European Christmas celebration too. So as it is with this celebration so should it be with our relations, they are not apposing but unifying and one fortifies the other.

Now some more modern Catholic schism protestant faiths like people of the Mennonite protestant sect…etc actually call wreaths, Christmas trees, mistletoe… etc “pagan”, which is a derogatory term for the more correct term of Heathen, and they do not adorn their homes with these ancient Native European seasonal celebratory trimmings. They are correct in that they are defiantly of Native European Heathen origin as I have explained above.

The term Heathen is a generalized term used for the pre-abrahamic Native European peoples earth-centric belief systems because many Native European peoples who refused to abolish their older Native European pre-abrahamic earth-centric belief systems, traditions and customs were hunted down and killed and so many fled and found refuge in the wilderness and highlands of the mountainous regions of Northern Europe… and these lands were often referred to as a heath (uncultivated and rugged lands)… and thus those that fled to these mountainous rugged lands were thus called Heathens.

It must be also understood that many Native European peoples, especially in the North of Europe, kept their traditional ancient Native European belief systems hidden and only semi-converted to Christianity for political and social-economic reasons. This is why our traditional indigenous earth-centric Native European belief systems survive to this very day. Even after the subsequent messianic abrahamic scourges of judaism & islam… which were both driven out of Europe numerous times by Native Europeans of both Heathen & Catholic faiths.

Now the very foreign messianic abrahamic religions (catholicism and its christian protestant schisms, eastern orthodoxy, islam, judaism & rastafarianism… etc.) originated from a single religion who’s origin is in Africa and it spread into the Middles east/Asia Minor and split into three main branches (judaism, catholicism & islam) and much later Catholicism spread up into Europe and that was when it all started going wrong… but later judaism and its usury spread into Europe and that was disastrous and made things much worse in many ways… and now islam is spreading into Native European Nations too and this is really, really bad news too. But these messianic abrahamic religions have spread around the whole world with disastrous effects on many Indigenous peoples. These messianic abrahamic religions are designed to keep large masses of peoples on the messianic abrahamic reservation and to destroy their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific Indigenous identities and heritage. The messianic abrahamic religions will always fight each other and try to bring on their “apocalypse”, but for now they work in a type of continuum to collectives masses of very different peoples for empire, colonization & miscegenation and towards the destruction of all of the worlds indigenous peoples, their heritage, societies and Nations… especially the destruction of the Native European peoples, their heritage, societies and Nations.

As well their is no such thing as Christian, Catholic, Judaic, Islamic culture… they are all actually anti-Indigenous fake culture religions/choices of faith. Again islam and judaism are totally irrelevant to the Native European peoples… and even Catholicism is only slightly relevant because it adopted Native European Southern Pagan Logos and Northern Heathen Reason but it did much destruction too. Even the great Cathedrals of Europe are not just Catholic, they are actually a product of the Germanic-Nordic Gothic people… thus the term *Gothic Architecture*. Yes this is why the great Cathedrals were all made by the Germanic-Nordic Gothic people. To this day there are many subversive types and forces that try to call these great Germanic-Nordic Gothic architectural feats and works… “Midlevel”. Don’t fall for it!

Now that stated… islam and judaism are as similar as halal and kosher and they are the worst culprits and they work together right now & as the did during the Moorish invasion of the Celtic Iberian Peninsula/Spain and as they did at the gates of Vienna and at the walls of Constantinople. Now Traditional Catholicism and traditional Eastern Orthodoxy took on the concepts of Southern Hellenic Logos (conscious communication) and Northern Germanic Reason and this is why they became relevant to the Native European peoples and are still fairly relevant today due to these ideological adaptations. But the only way Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism can remain relevant is if they act in-part as ideological bludgeons against radicle judaism and radicle islam which must be both frozen out of our Native European societies and Nations first. But once the threat of radicle judaism and radicle islam is frozen out, or driven out, of the Native European societies and Nations then both Eastern Orthodoxy and Western Catholicism must go too. For all of these messianic abrahamic religions are all very foreign ideologies that were used in a type of continuum to destroy our own indigenous Native European earth-centric Heathen belief systems and our racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities, heritages and beautiful mythologies… and replaced them with dark foreign dogma. Now very traditional Catholicism, that respects Native European Heathenism, may be able to keep the very southern parts of Europe for they are largely a very mixed people now due to centuries of invasion & subsequent miscegenation and so they may still need very Traditional Catholicism to glue themselves together. But in most of Europe, especially in Central & Northern Europe, it too is no longer needed nor relevant accept as a ideological bludgeoned against other foreign religions and ideologies like islam, judaism, hinduism, new-age cults or occultism and other asiatic religions too.

Now, most asiatic religions are just spirituality without morality nor ethical standing and so are more like cults and/or are largely 3rd world grifts. Again the judaising Protestant schism cults like Christian Zionism and other protestant schisms are also more like cults than religions. The older Dutch Calvinist Christian faith is still a Protestant judaizing schism but much better than these nouveau Christian zionist cults. Anyway, all of the messianic abrahamic religions are very foreign to the Native European peoples and they all have their roots/origins in Africa and shouldn’t be fallowed by Native European peoples.

So try to shed that Christian zionist occultism and “messianic” worship and find your way back to the older & wiser Native European God The AllFather of our ancestors. Remember that the word “God” is a Germanic-Nordic word for “Good”. “Good” is said “Gut” in Deutsch/German and it means “Good” in the Nordic Nations too… and they still spell it “God” like in “God Jul/Good Yule”. Meaning all that is good is God. Get it?

That all stated remember that atheism is just spiritual impotency and in worst cases sterility. They throw the baby out with the messianic abrahamic and asiatic dogma bathwater… and become irrational hedonistic materialists. All of the asiatic religions (including the African vie Asia-minor abrahamic religions) are mostly just grifts used and abused for colonization, mass-migration, globalization, empire and miscegenation and many act in tandem or in a continuum against our racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identities and heritage. They are often also “spirituality” without morality, ethics & void of the Natural Order… which puts them all in the cult category.

Plus, the most beautiful architecture in Europe is Gothic architecture which is named after the Germanic-Nordic Gothic Tribes. Most of the great Cathedrals of Europe are NOT just Catholic but they are Gothic Architecture and built by these Germanic-Nordic Gothic people. Gothenburg, Sweden is also named after the Germanic-Nordic Goth’s for they originated from that region. This Germanic-Nordic Gothic history is very suppressed/hidden and often conniving people call these buildings or architecture “medieval” to hide the Germanic-Nordic Gothic history & origin. These Germanic-Nordic peoples were/are the builders and they built Europe and the Germanic-Nordic-Rus & Slavic Rus-sians built Russia too all of Europe was built-up by the Germanics and that is a fact. The Germanic-Nordics and the Celtic peoples are the root cultures & peoples of most of western Eurasia/Europe. The turkic, mongol, persian, african, arab, indians, asians… etc peoples in Europe are all foreign invaders… and their messianic abrahamic and asiatic religions are all invader ideologies that must be rejected.

To the Native European peoples the meaning of life is to give consciousness to matter. Not to try & find consciousness in matter. Unconscious materialism is vapid, it is the void that weighs down the human spirit. We are NOT just atoms in the void.. we are living beings enacting God The AllFathers will on Earth.
It is the gift of the human Geist to breathe consciousness into matter…. but first that Geist must be resonating with the pervasive vibration, The God the AllFather vibration that permeates, resonates & animates all living things equally. Principled & harmonious resonation releases the spirit from the celestial ghetto & materialist prison.

Be reasonable & ethically free my friends & breath consciousness into the matter through your loving actions & Logos/Conscious communication & give your life meaning & remember that the consciousness is only rising because some of us are lifting it.

The nasty deconstructionists, cultural-marxists, communist & talmudic terrorist social engineers have been trying for decades to get Native European Men & Women to hate each other. They do this to break up our Native European traditional family unit, which then reduces the amount of children Native European peoples have. They also do this to increase miscegenation of all peoples.

Don’t fall for it! Find each other, Love & Respect each other, get married & have many, many babies & raise them traditionally. Be sure that your children also have their racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & awareness & are thus intact. Be sure to celebrate your ancient racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific traditions, celebrations & heritage too! Raise your children so that they too love & respect their racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually specific indigenous Native European identity. Be you Germanic/Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic or Italic… or any other people too!

Remember that pornography, hook-up sites & other degeneracies…etc are all weapons & tools used by these same degenerate deconstructionists & social engineers to degrade, demoralize & destroy your self-esteem & your racial, ethnic & cultural identity. They use pornography as a weapon to manipulate & subvert your Natural preferences & desires. Like other forms of “entertainment” these highly consolidated mass-media’s are also designed to control the mass-psychology & manipulate you so you buy their products that are NOT good for you & they, again, degrade & demoralize you so that you think you need this crap they are selling. Again, don’t fall for it! Don’t buy their garbage & Boycott these media’s & don’t partake in all these degenerate mass-media garbage & filth.
Happiness & fulfilment comes through creating your own racially, ethnically, culturally & spiritually intact loving Family.

Women must stop trying to act like men & drop the vapid rabid feminist brainwashing. Men do NOT have “toxic masculinity” syndrome but many men, due to demoralization, deconstructionism & from *toxic competitiveness syndrome* learnt through “sports”. This “toxic competitiveness syndrome” & emasculation issues are a big problem in young & old men these days. Most of these issues facing both men & women are due to demoralization, deconstructionism, social engineering, media exploitation, societal pressures, pornography & brainwashing elements imbedded in our societies… plus the fact that the Native European peoples lost over 100 million of their finest & fittest men in the world wars… and most were men of christian faith. The world wars were two halves of one huge Native European genocide and its many & varied negative effects are still felt today.

In closing, just as love & respect is essential in a woman & mans relationship, well so is pride & honour essential in a Fathers & Mothers relationship too. The Father is the pride of the family & the Mother is the honour of the family. If the Fathers character is weak the pride of the family is damaged, especially in the children & if the Mother acts dishonourably, the honour of the family & children will be in tatters.

Its all about a man demonstrating Love & Pride for his wife & family & a woman demonstrating Respect & Honour for her husband & family. But both man & woman must cover all these virtues & Love is actions NOT just words! As well, relationship are easier if a couple has more in common so all peoples, but especially the Native European men and women, should marry into their own genotype, phenotype, race, ethnicity, heritage & culture.

As for vapid rabid “feminism” and the subsequent “misogyny”, well, both are forms of deconstructionism and social engineering and both have no place in Native European households, civil societies nor in our civil discourse. For they were both created, and/or commandeered, and used to rip apart our Native European families, traditions, communities, societies and Nations. Mostly they are used by the highly consolidated mass-media to destroy the traditional family unit, which is one of the main pillars of our Native European societies and Nations. So in destroying the traditional family unit it brings the “globalists/internationalists” one step closer to destroying our Nations. Their goal is to “Destroy the Nations”. So when one is asked what one thinks about feminism answer “Its always sad to see women acting like men.” And when asked about misogyny answer “Its always sad to see men acting like women.”

In the first half of life one tends to adheres to their Mothers outlook on life because, well its your Mother, but in the second half of life one tends to agree far more with their Fathers outlook on life. This is true for both males and females.

Now a bit on “emotions”: Simply, there are good and bad emotions… and all of these emotions are in passing and fleeting. Negative emotions are but passing clouds on an otherwise sunny day. If one allows their rather random emotions to fully direct their life they will have a very unbalanced and usually rather negative cathartic life experience. So, keep it between the fences and out of the ditches people, especially you ladies.

First of all all Native European couples (Man & Woman) must have far more children for our people are some of the smallest racial, cultural & ethnic minorities on the planet.

Traditionally Native European families always raised and educated their own children. ie: Mom, Dad, Siblings & Grandparents. All direct family members had a hand in educating the children of their family and homeschooling was/is always best. Plus rural/pastoral & forest craftsmanship and farming and lessons on Nature, the Nature of the human spirit and your Folks racial geist, culture, traditions, customs and heritage is also essential. This nuance & specificity is key in raising a healthy child… with a healthy racial, ethnic, cultural, spiritual and territorially awareness, consciousness & indigenous identity. Using the Prussian Critical Thinking education system is key. As well one must use the old Native European tradition of Critical Literature/Literary Criticism and study the brilliant works and intellectual properties of the Native European scholars, philosophers, poets & writers. The hard sciences & technical trainings are also very important when taught in the traditional way but in the light of today.

Native European peoples are already innately & naturally brilliant and very high in openness and altruism. So what our educational goal must be is to develop and focus their brain into a hyper conscious wide mind that can go on discovering, creating, designing, building & improving our world for everyone.

Feed your children’s bodies wholesome Native European traditional products and organically produced foods from small Native European family farms. Do NOT vaccinate your children and keep them away from all petrochemical biocides, gmo’s and micro plastics/ or plastics in general. Feed their minds with traditional Native European music, arts, books, mythologies…etc… instil in them their Native European heritage and a deep sense of who they really are as a Native European Celtic, Germanic-Nordic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic or Italic person.

**What is most important is that children get taught their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity, heritage, myths, legends, customs, celebrations… etc. No need to waste their time filling their pure minds with foreign religions, dogma’s, drama’s, ideologies or other peoples myths and legends… etc.**

Children In the first half of life tend to adhere to their Mothers outlook on life because, well its your Mother, but in the second half of life one tends to agree far more with their Fathers outlook on life. This is true for both males and females.

This whole idea that “the state” and a random & foreign anti-culture multicultural community should be in-charge of raising & “educating”, more like indoctrinating, your children is a very, very foreign concept and NOT a good idea for the Native European peoples or any other people for that matter. Simply strange foreign peoples, or even strangers, should NOT be in-charge of raising nor educating anyones children but their own.

“Sport/physical-games” at one time was used to hone, strengthen & create excellence & brotherhood amongst men of the same ilk & kind to prepare them for battle against another foreign peoples. Historically the Spartans were well known for this but so were many other Native European peoples too. But modern “sports media” is designed to divert mens attention away from solving real life issues and keep them dumbed down & yelling at a screen but not playing the sport itself. “Sports media” also tricks a man into exchanging their own Tribe, people, race, cultural or ethnic group & Nationhood for a silly “team”.

“Spots media” is also used to keep men of the same race & ilk divided and to feed infighting within their community, dividing them against each other so they can be easily rules over by others.
This toxic competitiveness syndrome is rampant today & men even have toxic competitiveness issues with their own fathers, sons, brothers & even wives. This has led to divided families and massive Native European Brothers wars like WW1 & WW2. “Sports media” is classic deconstructionism.
This Toxic Competitive Syndrome was intensionally created in men of the same ilk by this silly “sports media” deconstructionism. We all know that cooperation creates excellence not divided toxic competitiveness syndrome.

There is no “toxic masculinity syndrome” but there is *toxic competitiveness syndrome* & its another tool of the globalists deconstructionism & social engineering designed to destroy the Native European peoples from within pitting Brother against Brother. SO NO MORE BROTHERS WARS FOR THE GLOBALISTS AGENDA.

Professional “Sports” are designed to make a person take on a fake in-group preference ie: the “team”. They forfeit their real Indigenous clan/tribe in-group preference for a fake “sports team” in-group preference. This is to commander their real racial, ethnic and cultural tribal/clan based in-group preference and replace it with a fake “sports team”b in-group. It is also used to satiate their need for their true racially, ethnically and culturally indigenous identity and, again, replace it with this fake “sports team” in-group preference and fake identity. This is an old deception used firstly by Empires and religions to collectivize and glue together different groups of peoples or to glue together a very racially, ethnically and culturally mixed group of people into a more manageable and controllable mass.

The ancient Hellenic Greek’s, Italic Roman’s, Germanic’s, Celtic’s, Gaelic’s … etc. warriors would be totally baffled & confused at the state of “sport/physical-games” today & would see clearly that “sport” is being used as just another social-engineering deconstructionist deception designed to create fake tribes and to divide, rule & eventually destroy the Native European peoples and their societies & Nations from within. 

Simply “money” is an exchange for human energy/life-force. The *barter* system free of money, debt, usury & taxation is the best system of commerce we have. Exchanging products and services is the cleanest form of commerce. “Complex financial instruments” is just another way of saying “debt & usury”.

Taxation without representation is how one, or a people, pays for their own disenfranchisement. All taxation should be voted on and those who vote for it should pay it and those who vote against it on moral, ethical, or as a matter of conscience, should be able to choose NOT to pay it. Forcing people to pay for their own disenfranchisement and against their own ethics & conscience is criminal and must be ended.

Long ago the Caspian sea steppe “turkic money trick” also known as “The Ring” circle cycle of *debt & usury* enslaved both Native European poppers and royalty alike… and many other peoples too. This “Ring” of debt & usury has gone on to deconstruct & enslave our Nations too. All the great Native European writers wrote about this “Ring” of debt and usury. Everyone from William Shakespeare (The Merchant Of Venice” to Richard Wagner’s correct interpretation of “Das Rhine Gold”/”Der Ring Des Nibelungen” which is a ancient Germanic cautionary tale/myth which is even more relevant today. J.R.R.Tolkien who was of Anglo-Saxon Germanic decent also tried to tell this story of the turkic money trick known as “The Ring” of debt & usury in his books “The Hobbit” & “Lord Of The Rings”… etc but his version is less coherent most likely because it was written between the world wars and he would not be at liberty to tell the whole truth about “The Ring” of debt & usury.

All peoples everywhere must refuse to pay for their own enslavement and disenfranchisement. It is really this simple. The highly consolidated globalist international banksters/bankers must be made to account for their crooked dealings once and for all. They must pay the ultimate price for their centuries of dirty dealings, usury and corruption on many sociological and financial levels.
The Dangers Of Banking

Also read up on the Slavic slave trade of central Europe wherein turkic people enslaved Slavic people and sold them along the old Silk Road. Also read up on the Transatlantic/African Slave trade too in which these turkic khazars slavers were also over represented in. These same turkic/khazar/Radhanite people of Babylonian talmudic faith operated huge parts of the Transatlantic/African slave trade but the Dutch, English, Spanish & Portuguese get all the blame for it today. Again, & it must be repeated, both of these slave trades were operated by a small handful of turkic khazar/Radhanites people of Babylonian talmudic faith mixed with steppe pagan Moloch worship. Also read up on how these mixed turkic people of talmudic/Moloch faith helped the Islamic North African Arab & African umayyad caliphate mohammedans/moors invade the Celtic-Nordic & Italic/latinized southern Iberian peninsula/Spain & how both Judaism & islam were all finally routed & driven out by the Reconquista, the “Inquisition” & the “expulsion”… but some of these mixed turkic khazar people of talmudic faith claimed innocence & faked conversion to Catholicism (converso’s). They lied & started up their old silk road “turkic money trick” and other tricks again & so they were kicked out of Spain & many other Nations for their seditious, treasonous & usurious behaviours. NOT for their choice of messianic abrahamic religion, nor for their very mixed turkic racial make-up either. They were kicked out for their toxic & usurious behaviours which are all well documented but suppressed to this day.

Again, it is very important to read up on the hidden histories about the slaughter of the Slavic-Germanic/Nordic-Baltic Rus in Rus-sia & the Kievan Rus Ukrainian “Holodomore” led by these same turkic khazar commissar Bolshevik marxist-zionist-communist talmudic terrorists & their mongol orc hordes. These were not just slaughters but also ethnic-cleansing of over 60 million Native European Rus style Rus-sians who were Slavic, Baltic & Nordic/Germanic people. The Holodomor/slaughter of the Kievan Rus in the Ukrainian wherein 10 million Slavic-Nordic/Germanic Native European style Ukrainians were also murdered & starved to death on mass in another ethnic cleansing by these same murderous & usurious turkic/khazar marxist-zionist talmudic terrorists. Both of these massive slaughters were led by turkic Bolshevik commissars & Cheka(secret Police) of talmudic faith & their mongol orc hordes… who all came from the Caspian sea steppe regions. Educate yourself on these mass murderous turkic khazar’s like the “cheka” founder Vladimir Lenin & the other mass murderers like Trotsky/Bronstein, Lazar Kaganovich, Genrikh Yagoda, Nikolai Yezhov, Felix Dzerzhinsky, Stalin…etc. They were also behind most of Europes “revolutions” which was always funded by a turkic khazar marxist-zionist talmudic bankster & led by a idiot “revolutionary”.
Listen to this: 200 YEARS TOGETHER by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Remember that there are usurious propagandists, social-engineers and deconstructionists who have crept into our Native European societies and Nations long ago and they create adversity and then feed off this adversity. They use their control of the highly consolidated mass-media, high finance/banking and the education systems to do this. They slander and demonize our ancient Native European traditional understandings and forethought as “fearful” and “hateful” which they are absolutely NOT. They slander and demonize our age old Native European forethought, understandings & reasonings in an attempt to try and coerce, defame, censor, ban and dumb us all down.

The Turkic people of Catholic, Eastern Orthodox & protestant schism Christian faiths originated on the distant south-eastern steppe (NOT part of Europe) were not a big issue although they were/are not a Native European people and thus did/do not have our Native European racial Geist/Spirit and so they too were considered untrustworthy by the Native European peoples.

The Turkic people of Muslim faith, including the Mongolized-Turkic/Ottoman people, were a huge problem and the Native European peoples fought them off for generations and largely kept them at bay and out of Europe for centuries.

Now the Turkic people of babylonian talmudic Judaic faith/khazars have been the absolute worst… and they were successful in covertly infiltrating Europe & European societies & their media, publishing, finance/banking, governments… etc and ever since a small cabal/group of them have been working to subvert, commandeer, deconstruct, socially engineer and destroy the Native European Nations and the Native European peoples. This tiny group of turkic people of jewish faith are also doing the same thing now to many other indigenous peoples too. Some say that they are the enemy of all mankind.

Your racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage is NOT hatred!

One must understand that the world wars were NOT “great” nor “good” but rather they were two halves of one huge Native European genocide that slaughtered over 100 million Native European people, largely men and most were of Christian faith. Historically the world wars were the largest documented genocides. This is the reality of it. The world war narrative we have been taught is largely lies, propaganda, deceptions, deconstructionism and its full of obvious holes. These fake and deceptive World war narratives are now being used against largely the Native European peoples… to deconstruct our Native European societies, heritage, cultures and Nations.

This fake World war narrative is used over and over again against Native European peoples societies, nations, heritage and interests. This fake world war narrative and its lies etc is used to promote globalization & used to attack & demonize localism, traditionalism & nationalism, especially in Native European Nations but in other Nations too.

There are those who benefit and profit off this fake world war narrative. These groups need these lies, propaganda & deceptions to continue to profit off the slaughter of 100 million Native European people. They also need to demonize & agitate using old world war propaganda words and narratives as they feed off of the deconstructionism, division, adversity & “revolution”.

To be more specific & clear particularly the “holocaust” narrative, & the “slavery” narrative for that matter, are being used and abused to demonize & disenfranchise the Native European peoples on a whole within their own Native European Nations. This fake world war narrative and its lies, deceptions & propaganda must be exposed, dragged out into the light and the truth told for all of our sakes.

Footnote: Before, after & especially during the world wars Europe seen huge outbreaks of typhus and typhoid that was killing tens of thousands of people… and so it was combatted with delousing-chambers/gas-chambers which were designed to save lives NOT take them by fumigating clothing, bedding… etc with a biocide/pesticide which killed typhus, typhoid and other disease carrying bugs, parasites and microbes. People in high density situations Ie: in barracks, hospitals, prisons, work camps … etc went through this delousing process before entering a high density area or facility and this was done to save their life and the lives of those around them. This delousing process included putting their clothing in the delousing-chamber/gas-chamber to be fumigated with a biocide/pesticide designed to kill off the disease carrying pests, parasites & microbes. The process also included shaving the new comers hair off their heads to limit lice and other pests and also a mandatory shower with warm water and soup… etc. The Japanese went through this process in Canada and in the USA when they were put into internment/concentration/work camps during WW2 too. It was a well understood process, again, designed to save lives… NOT to take lives. 
Simply all sides committed war crimes and “the allies” after the war uses war lies to cover up their many war crimes.

There are many forms of deconstructionism ie: (a) war, (b) blatant genocide, (c) miscegenation, (d) the forced destruction of indigenous culture, heritage & mythology and then replacing them with foreign asiatic or messianic abrahamic religions and mythologies. (e) vapid rabid feminism (not to be confused with women’s rights) and its various attacks on the traditional family. (f) the promotion of fake sexual preference identity, (g) the promotion of fake counter-cultures and anti-culture “multiculturalism”… etc.

The deconstructionist ideologues have used/use many political ideologies, such as: communism, zionism, marxism, bolshevism, capitalism, globalism… etc. The deconstructionist ideologues create both “left & right” factions and control most perspectives

Most of this deconstructionism is aimed squarely at The Native European peoples but all other indigenous peoples will get the same if this is not stopped and corrected.

Simply deconstructionism is intensionally designed to destroy & replace real traditional indigenous identity, heritage and culture…etc. Our Indigenous Identities are replaced with fake “cultures” or “counter-cultures” as listed above. It destroys real indigenous identities and then replaces them with fake identities to satiate the various indigenous peoples natural need for real Indigenous identity, culture, customs and heritage.

Remember that there are usurious propagandists, social-engineers and deconstructionists who have crept into our Native European societies and Nations and they create adversity and then feed off this adversity. They use their control of the highly consolidated mass-media, high finance/banking and the education systems to do this. They slander and demonize our ancient Native European traditional understandings, reasonings and forethought as “fearful” and “hateful” which they are absolutely NOT. They slander and demonize our age old Native European understandings in an attempt to try and coerce, defame, censor, ban and dumb us all down. All peoples everywhere must push back against these globalist deconstructionists and freeze them out of all of our societies and Nations.

Rule #1: Never use the words, propaganda nor narratives of your enemy & never use slander in general.

#2: It is a Native European traditional understand that we are all 100% responsible and liable for our actions, reactions, inactions and even our interactions. The century of the selfish multigenerational victimhood complex is over. For eternal victims only make one thing and that’s more victims.

#3: There is no such thing as just “white”. The Native European peoples are far more than just their very light pigmentations & they are indeed indigenous Native European peoples. ie: Germanic/Nordic, Celtic, Gaelic, Baltic, Finnic, Slavic, Hellenic & Italic.

#4: Use the terms “racial consciousness”, “race realism” & “racial pride” when discussing the realities of race. Race is very real & all the races have their own strengths, weaknesses, traits, phenotype & genotype. The three main races/breeds of mankind scientifically speaking are: Caucasoid, Mongoloid & Negroid… but their are many other subsets and various tribes.

#5: Random unvetted mass-migration is NOT vetted & limited Immigration. Mass-migration is a weapon used in a demographic war that has been raging since WW1. Weaponized 3rd world mass-migration in the America’s is seen as *neo-colonization* by the Native American peoples & it should not be allowed to be happening in the America’s, nor in Europe or in any other territory or Nation on earth. Native American peoples see “mass-migration” for what it is, that being, *neo-colonization* but they see it is much worse than the colonization of old because it is happening today and in greater numbers and the 3rd world has over 7 billion people.

#6: The “Out Of Africa” theory is as preposterous as the “Out Of India” theory & both are just hypothesizes designed to disenfranchise & extrapolate-away all other indigenous peoples and their indigenous territories. These hypothesis’s are popularized by the mass-media propagandists and largely targeted at just the Native European peoples and Nations. Other peoples would be very intemperate with people doing this inside their own Nations.

#7: All Indigenous/Native peoples everywhere have the exclusive right to *primacy* in their own Indigenous/Native territory. All peoples must reject internationalism & globalization & support Nativism, Localism, Nationalism & Native/Indigenous Rights & Land Title.

#8: Miscegenation is a genocidal tool & weapon used against all indigenous peoples.

#9: Never allow yourself to be demonized, defamed, compromised, radicalized or demoralized in any way, shape or form.

#10: Always make it clear that all peoples everywhere have the right & responsibility to preserve and protect their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity, heritage & territory. This is especially true for the Native European peoples because they are *global minorities*.

#11: There are no unchosen nor “chosen people”. All peoples must maintain their own indigenous territories & Nations. All the messianic abrahamic religions are similar & they all act in a type of continuum for empire, colonization, migration & miscegenation. Many people who have lost their indigenous root identity use the messianic abrahamic religions, or asiatic religions, as a type of root identity because they are so lost & mongrelized/”mixed”.

#12: “Global warming” rebranded as “climate change” is just more globalization in disguise. Traditional & practical preserve & protect environmentalism is still noble but all of this “disaster environmentalism” is a scam & designed to scare, scar, disempower, demoralize & brainwash our children. As well, notice how in Native European peoples Nations they tell us to STOP having children because of “climate change” meanwhile at the same time they flood our Nations with weaponized 3rd world mass-migration. The migrants usually come from places that have way over 1 billion people. The total 3rd world population is over 6.5 billion people. They are NOT “minorities” that are *global majorities* & should stay in their own Nations & regions & use their life force to improve their own Nations & peoples lives.

#13: “Complex Financial Instruments” is just a fancy way of saying “debt & usury”. The best form of commerce we have is the barter system void of money, taxation, debt & usury. Taxation without representation is how one, or a people, are forced to pay for their own disenfranchisement and the destruction of their own society & Nation.

#14: Be reasonable & rational and never use slander nor allow your ideology to override your humanity and remember, the intellect begins where the dogma ends.

#15: Language matters. Take the word “refugee”. A refugee is one who takes refuge in another **neighbouring** Nation or territory for a short period of time until a real/legitimate danger has passed. Like how someone takes refuge on your porch for a short time until the rain storm slows or stops… they don’t move into your home! Now some “refugees” are actually fugitives from their home Nation for crimes or for treasonously colluding with other foreign governments against their own Nation. These types of people are NOT “refugees” and should NOT be allowed into our Native European Nations.

#16: “Global warming” rebranded as “climate change” rebranded as “climate action” is actually just another attack on the Native European peoples and its used as another tool of globalization. We know this because for decades Native European peoples were told to stop having children or have very few children and the excuse was to help slow “global warming/climate change..etc”. But as Native European couples were told to have fewer children the “globalists” opened the borders and the gates to our Native European Nations and flooded us with weaponized 3rd world mass-migration/neo-colonization and are selling miscegenation in every mass-media advertisement. This scam was by design.

#17: “Multiculturalism” is actually **Anticulturalism**. Multiculturalism was designed to dilute & destroy racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous peoples, their endangered identities and their heritage. Forcing the various indigenous peoples together and then selling them miscegenation to mix them out of existence is the agenda. Multiculturalism/Anticulturalism is just another tool of deconstructionism and globalization.

#18: Indigenous peoples mostly battled over resources in a specific region. To most indigenous peoples the concept of Nationhood meant one was a member of a Nation of people who shared a spoken language and values. The concept of Nation being both a people & a land-base/territory is a very Native European concept and tradition.

#19: The Mass-medias Programming & Subtle Coercion: The highly consolidated deconstructionist mass-media that is almost fully controlled/owned by one small religious group often creates programming/movies/shows that at first romanticize the Native European peoples but only to draw in viewers but then as the program goes on they slowly darken, demonize the Native European characters and this imprints, demoralizes and deconstructs the viewers image of their own people and also themselves. This mass-media deconstructionism, social engineering and brainwashing must be boycotted and shut down.
Simply: The mass-media often makes pseudo historical shows/programs/movies to at first kind of glorify the Native European peoples and to draw them in as viewers but then they flip the script and gore-ify, slander and demonize our noble Native European ancestors. Shut it all off!

Most of the foreign peoples mass-migrating into our Native European Nations are *economic migrants* and they will all say that they are “Wanting a better life” but the issue is as it makes their life better it makes our Native European lives, societies and Nations worse. Plus these peoples people made those crappy Nations and so they should stay there in their own Nations and use their life-force to improve their own peoples lives and improve their own Nations.

Now many foreign migrants will claim that they are “refugees” when they are NOT… and if they are the UN states clearly that all refuges must seek asylum in Nations next to their own state/nation in the same region. This is NOT Native European Nations in Europe nor in North America.

Simply Native European Nations are being invaded and migrants will use any title/status that gets them in and free stuff. This is known as weaponized 3rd world mass-migration invasion in Europe. In North America it is called neo-colonization and since the colonization of old was wrong and bad well the colonization of today is worse because we all know better now. Plus the Native European peoples in the Americas’s built the infrastructure and the Nations… these weaponized 3rd world mass-migration invaders of today won’t go into a remote region and make infrastructure… nope they are here to takeover our infrastructure, cities etc. Simply they take everything they can & give nothing in return. When the Native European peoples came to the America’s they cut and built infrastructure, cities & Nations out of the wilderness and got no handouts, welfare… etc. as they did it.

Plus the Native European peoples are taxed to pay for this weaponized 3rd world mass-migration invasion. So they are paying for their own disenfranchisement and destruction. All Native European peoples have a moral and ethical obligation to cut the cash off to their governments and starve these seditious traitor politicians out of office and starve their weaponized 3rd world mass-migration scam out of existence.

Now in closing highly vetted and very, very limited legal immigration of individuals who share our Native European world view and share our racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually specific indigenous European identity and heritage should be considered but again at very, very low yearly numbers. Others need not apply… and they should do the same for their own people and in their own regions and Nations.

#21: The asiatic religions and the messianic abrahamic religions practise extreme in-group preference, especially the people of jewish faith. The Native European peoples must do the same now and practice extreme in-group preference too… and also become far more ethnocentric and seek complete primacy within their own societies and within their own Nations secure borders.

#22: Whenever one foreign people invades another peoples territory or Nation they first takeover communications, which includes: tv, radio, internet, telecommunications, entertainment companies, education system/schools/universities/collages & there curriculums, music industry, publishing houses, movie industry, news programs, newspapers… etc and they even takeover large and small live music venues and even go as far as to buy-up small pubs which are known to be where locals gather to talk. This is how the invaders assure that only their lies, deceptions, propaganda and narratives are heard, communicated & spread. The Native European peoples must take back their various forms of mass communication.

#23: The Native European peoples must have more children and ReWild their lands and NOT allow foreign elements within our Nations already to repopulate our lands with foreign migrant invaders. These migrants have their own territories and Nations and should return to their own lands and Nations and defend them from these same toxic globalist forces too.

ORGANIZE READING GROUPS TO READ, DEBATE & DISCUSS THIS WEBPAGE & THESE BOOKS ABOVE & speak freely & proudly of your Native European ancestors & your ancient Native European Heritage, Traditions, Customs & Cultures. Live your Indigenous Native European Culture and heritage & honour your Ancestors with your actions. Again this goes for all other peoples everywhere too! If you are a Native European then live your ancient customs & traditions & use your ancient Runic symbols in your daily life.

A Basic Outlook On The Folklore Of The Northern Heathen Native European Peoples by Skáld Rekkr
There are slight variations in the Germanic/Nordic/Icelandic, Baltic, Finnic, Celtic, Gaelic & Slavic peoples Northern Heathen Folklore & Mythologies. Read up on them all. There are also slight variations in the Hellenic & Etruscan/Italic peoples Southern Pagan Folklore & Mythologies too. I am focused here below on mostly the Northern Heathen Folklore & Mythologies but, again, learn about them all.

Odin/Woden/Wotan: God The AllFather. The Sky Father, Sky King, Herman, (in Etruscan-Italic: Zeus) or The Creator. Can be viewed as the ancient Creator vibration that resonates, animates & harmonizes all living things equally. Creation. Wisdom. God The AllFathers wife is Mother Earth. God The AllFather can be seen best in Nature and the eyes of our children.

Geist (Gaist): Spirit, soul, intellect or higher inner self, racial spirit.

In Old Norse we use Galdr meaning an enchantment or spell.

We use  & Seiðr/Siðr which means “The Old Seed” but it is also interpreted as “religion”, Natural medicine or Natures magic. It could/can be sung in the form of chants, music, poetry, cantos & verse to send out the Spirit/Geist, or Ghost in old Anglo-Saxon, on a sort of reconnaissance mission to the Spirit realm to bring back intelligence, understanding & wisdom from Nature & the other realms. The Hellenic Ancient Greek concept of Thumos: Meaning spiritedness, breath & blood flow is also very interesting and can be interpreted to mean the same or similar as the Old Norse-Germanic Seiðr/Siðr.

The more well known Hellenic concept of Logos, Pathos & Ethos, like the horse & rider myth & idiom is also a good concept. All of these are brilliant Native European words & concepts that we should put back into common use.

Wotan/Woden/Odin’s twin Ravens named Huginn & Muninn can be interpreted as Thought & Memory & also as Logos & Reason passed down by the Forefathers from the AllFather & never to be forgotten.

The higher self/the mythological Hero/The Übermensch/Übermensch
and the lower self/the Grendel must both be well understood. Simply If one allows the higher self to overtake them they become the mythological Hero/the Übermensch… like Beowulf. But if one allows degenerate appetites to overtake them they become a decrepit beast like Grendel from The Legend Of Beowulf. This concept is where J.R.R. Tolkien’s got his Grendel like “Gollum” character from… the name “Gollum” was taken from the Old Norse word Gullin/Gull meaning gold. It is also a very old Native European understanding that “A man has as many masters as he has vices.” and if a man follows these vices he develops degenerate appetites that in time destroy him. So be the mythological hero, be the man legends are made of… be the Übermensch!  

Elf/Elves: Are the spirit Folk of the higher self. Their traits are fortitude, reason, discipline, giving, positive outlook, healthy & brilliance. They direct Forest beasts, flora & the elements to punish those who break the Natural Law & Order or Invade the Realm.

Domovoy: (rus. домово́й, literally “[he] from the house”) — the main domestic spirit — the protector of the household and one of the most well-known pagan characters in slavic mythology.

Troll/Trolls: Are the spirit Folk of the lower self & the out of control appetites. Their traits are selfishness, negative outlook, sickly, usurious & darkened. They punish the darkened spirit of those who break the Natural Law & Order in life & in the underworld.

Hulder/Skogsrå: Are the ancient forest spirit Folk. They only live in old growth/ancient forests.

Sjörå: Water Spirit Folk. The only live in very clean/pristine freshwater.

Giants or in Old Norse: Jǫtunn & in Anglo-Saxon mythology: Jötunn are large spirit folk who dwell in huge elemental & primal landscapes & are both friendly but also fierce.

Nisse/Gnomes/Tunkall/Tufte/Gardvord (Domovoy in Slavic mythology): Are home, hearth & garden spirit Folk that are musical & inspire celebration & they are the folk that help with your house & garden chores & help you set-up for gatherings, parties & celebrations. They create a festive positive feeling of renewal. One must leave these helpful spirit Folk porridge & treats for their services & help. They can also cause mild mischief if not treated with some form of gentle gratitude.

Goblin: Any person or people can become goblins if they allow self-loathing, ill-will & degenerate appetites to overcome them. Although, some peoples seem to be more predisposed & susceptible to becoming goblins than most other peoples. The goblin is a tortured soul consumed by dogmatic & ignorant selfish will & degenerate appetites that has completely overcome & consumed them & this corrodes both their minds and their flesh. The goblin has usual lost its humanity due to their corrupt actions originating from being brainwashed by toxic dogma & being taught a usurious ideology that then overcomes their humanity, leaving them a beastly, ghastly, decrepit, feckless, usurious & lecherous creature. Goblins are void of conscience & become deeply self-loathing & often recorded as being foreign, deceptive & criminal tricksters who abuse & trick naive Native European women & children. They are often negatively referred to in many Native European myths, fair-tails & stories. As the Native European ancestors warned for centuries… these nasty, ill-willed, self-loathing, hateful, lecherous & usurious goblins are to be exposed & frozen out of our rather naive Native European high-trust societies & Nations completely. The main trait of the Goblin energy is that it projects its own twisted guilt & crimes onto others… & when it is caught & punished for its crimes it cries victim as it sneaks away.

Many try to say that our ancient Native European Indigenous Spirituality & Belief System is dead and gone as they themselves say the names of the many faces of our God The AllFather weekly. ie: Tuesday is Týr’s day, Wednesday is Odin/Woden’s day, Thursday is Thor’s day, Friday is Fraya’s/Freyja’s day, Saturday is Saturns day, Sunday is the Suns day & Monday is the Moons day.

Óðinn/Odin/Woden/Wodan/Wōden/Uuôden/Woudan/Wuotan/Wêda/Wātis/Wāteis & his Ravens
Huginn & Muninn (Thought & Memory)

Read up on the Picts & Gaelic Indigenous peoples of Pictavia-Dalriada which unified to be called The Kingdom of Alba which is known as Scotland today.

BODACHAN SABHAILL (LITTLE OLD MAN OF THE BARN): A spirit who haunted barns in Scotland. Much like the brownie ghost/spirit, he would occupy his time doing farm chores.

SHADOW MAN OF THE MUIRS: A supernatural guardian of the wild creatures from the border region of Scotland. He wore brown clothes and had a shock of frizzy red hair and wild looking eyes.

CAILLEACH BHUER (BLUE HAG): A blue faced hag found in the Scottish Highlands. She is ill-tempered and dangerous and is seen with a crow on her left shoulder. Associated with winter she was reborn on every All Hallow’s Eve and she brought along winter and winter snows. She carried a magical staff which froze the ground with every tap. She also guarded animals in winter.

CAOINEAG (THE WEEPER): A banshee-like spirit attached to the clans of the Highlands who could be heard wailing at the bottom of waterfalls before there is death or catastrophe within the clan.

CEASG: A Highland mermaid who if captured would grant three wishes.

CIUTHACH: A cave dwelling spirit from the Highlands.

DUNTERS: Known to haunt castles and fortresses of the borders. They make the constant sound of beating flax. It has been said that these spirits are the memories of foundation sacrifices; a custom that was practiced within written history. (Magic or Infernal)

WULVER: A Shetland supernatural creature with the body of man and a wolfs head. They are said to be benevolent. (Magic)

Middle English Iker or Eker, meaning “water sprite”

As Usual, Be Very Wary Of vapid & Lecherous witch, warlock, goblin & vampire types:
It will surface to say, & to paraphrase “A Man For All Seasons” that somewhere in some Native European peoples pedigree a lecherous & usurious bitch got over the wall.

The witch & warlock are internally monstrous creature that appear in human form but with ugly foreign features & lecherous, usurious & parasitical in behaviour. They seem to come up in the folklore & myths of multiple Native European peoples cultures & first attested to in stories from the Middle Ages (500-1400). Witches & warlocks are not medicine pickers nor wisemen but rather wicked & usurious foreign invaders.

Many think that these witches & warlocks were from the turkic/khazar community who had fled into central & western Europe in the Middle Ages from the distant mongol-turkic/khazar Caspian Sea steppe lands after their Babylonian talmudic khazar khanate was destroyed for their trickery, deceit, slavery, usury & for the murdering of a Kievan Rus King. So the Slavic-Nordic/Germanic Kievan Rus Queen Helga destroyed their khazar khanate & many fled to the west. Many Native European writers referred to some people from this newly arrived turkic khazar group as having warlock, goblin, ghoulish, witchy & usurious behaviours. These small group of self-loathing turkic warlocks & witches seemed to have taken on a strange mixture of Babylonian talmudic judaism & steppe pagan moloch worship & are not to be confused with the other noble Turkish tribes/peoples.

It was understood long ago that warlocks & witches had various usurious & deceptive abilities & dualistic conflicting temperaments & were always referenced as having creepy & lecherous ways & were very foreign & thus seen as ugly in appearance due to them having very foreign features that were unlike the indigenous Native European peoples features. What is well understood is that these foreign warlocks & witches intruders both hated & envied the Native European peoples for their beauty, altruism & brilliance. Plus these warlocks & witches blamed all the Native European peoples for the destruction of their Caspian Sea Steppe Khazaria khanate. These foreign warlocks & witches are almost always described as small & grotesque, mischievous, manipulative, usurious, malicious & outright murderous. They were known for being very greedy, especially for gold & jewellery. Some say that these warlocks & witches grotesque appearance was due to their deeply dogmatic, supremacist, ethnocentrism, zealotry & non-inclusiveness & that they then became terribly inbred in their eastern shtetl’s/settlements & in ghettos.

These warlocks & witches are referenced by many Native European writers who described them as being so hung with ill-will that it deformed their minds & bodies. These khazar warloacks & witches blamed the Native European peoples even for their own self-loathing & self imposed mutations too. It is said that these warlocks & witches constitution is all dogmatic ignorant ill-will & degenerate appetites as prescribed by their subversive & perverse foreign Caspian Sea steppe blend of Babylonian talmudic judaism & moloch worship which did not teach them how to expiate & atone for their own guilt… in fact it taught them only how to project their own guilt onto the innocent others. These turkic in origin witches & warlocks belief systems offered them no way to expiate their guilt & so they project their own guilt onto others & then cry out in pain as they strike them. It’s a grift & a racket but their guilt doesn’t dissipate, it grows deeper & psychosis sets in destroying them from within. These witches & warlocks must atone & stop allowing their ideologies to overtake their humanity. They too must find their own racially, ethnically, culturally, spiritually & territorially specific indigenous identity & heritage & let all their lies, deceptions & their various forms of usury go now.

It was noted that these warlocks & witches are deeply unethical & work only to forward themselves & their own ilk at the expense of all others. The Native European tales, myths & stories often mention these warlocks and witches like greedy runts & wretched manipulative types & shows them always deceiving the most venerable, naive & innocent. ie: Native European women & children. This is clearly seen in stories such as “Der Ring Des Nibelungen/The Ring of the Nibelung” & in “The Brothers Grimm” collection etc & later in “The Merchant Of Venice”, Wagner’s “Das Rhine Gold”… later still in “The Lord Of The Rings”, “The Hobbit”… etc.

These Native European authors, poets, composers, painters & artists often also mention the khazar’s “turkic money trick” known as “The Ring”/circle/cycle of debt & usury. It is often referred to as just “The Ring” again the cycle/circle of debt & usury that enslaved the poor & even Kings eventually. Later these warlock & witch dark beings were also referred to as “vampires” due to some of their customs of blood drinking & blood sacrifice rituals who’s vitims were usually kidnapped Native European children. Again many Native European peoples understood that these warlocks & witches were just a hate filled handful of mongolized-turkic khazar people that the Kievan Rus vanquished & who then fled north & west from their southeastern Eurasian Caspian Sea steppe into Russia & Europe after the destruction of their khazar khanate.

Khazaria had been built on the Native European Slavic slave trade, This is why “slave” is cognate to & derived from “Slave” or “Slavic” who were & are a Native European people of very light pigmentations. These khazars acting as middlemen on the old Silk Road between Islam to the east & Christianity to the West. It’s said that they only took on Babylonian talmudic judaism for business reasons so they could trade with both islam to the east & christianity to the west. But they actually mixed this Babylonian talmudic judaism with their turkic steppe pagan Moloch worship beliefs & it was this mix that made their behaviours so criminal, unethical & toxic.

All the Native European peoples forefathers have always had versions of what is written here. They also said to be very, very wary of these talmudic turkic khazar warlock vampire gangsters, tricksters, banksters & terrorist types. For again, they hate the Native European peoples & teach other peoples to hate the Native European peoples too. A handful of these turkic khazars were also behind most of the European “revolutions” & the deconstructionism of our societies & also fund & sponsor the weaponized 3rd world mass-migration into our Native European Nations. Again these turkic khazars should not be confused with the noble Turkish peoples. Not even most of the turkic khazars are responsible for what a handful of these witches & warlocks did or do. Again, it must also be stated that these turkic talmudic khazar warlocks & witches have no way to atone for their wickedness and so they cannot expiate their own guilt and so they project their own crimes & guilt onto others & often cry victim as they do it. But this just deepens their guilt & they spiral down becoming more & more grotesque & self-loathing.

Again “witches” are not to be confused with the noble Native European medicinal herb pickers. Witches are deceivers & manipulators who used ineffective curses & putrid potions & poisons to harm people. These witches were/are notorious for their ugliness & for the keeping of cats which was unusual in Europe at that time. Witches used bats, rats, frogs, rats, snakes & other things that their cats dragged in for their putrid potions, poisons & concoctions of ill-will.

The beautiful & bright Native European peoples women, daughters, wives, mothers & grandmothers plant medicines & herbal wisdoms was always to use Forest & glade plants only as medicines to heal their people… & they never used their knowledge of plants & herbs to harm anyone. They often communed with the magical Forest & glade folk, such as Elves, Pixies, Gnomes, Hulduólk, Nisse & the other magical Forest Spirit Folk beings of Native European Folklore who also helped them make their herbal medicines & tonics. These magical Forest Folk always work to help, inform & protect the Native European peoples & to fend off & ward-off the usurious & wicked & always warn the Native European peoples of deceptions & treachery.

You should always leave out treats for these bright Forest Folk by your fireplace, in your barn & around your gardens & grounds.

It must never be understated just how toxic and murderous marxism, bolshevism, zionism and communism really were/are. These toxic political ideologies are responsible for numerous genocides and collectively they have murdered hundreds of millions of people worldwide. There is nothing worth preserving in these toxic ideologies. They must be fully defeated & outlawed and the historical record corrected.

It must be understood that politics and religion are deeply interwoven. So I am adding to this chapter a brief criticism of the messianic abrahamic religions, & other asiatic religions, because they are still huge political voting blocks to this day. Now, the various major asiatic religions, but especially the messianic abrahamic religions, have been used as tools of empire, globalization, colonization & miscegenation to try and destroy the numerous indigenous peoples racial spirit & consciousness, ethnicity, culture, belief systems/spirituality, indigenous mythologies and heritage and replace them with these very foreign belief systems and mythologies. These major organized religions also try to glue together very different peoples who have deep racial, ethnic, cultural & spiritual differences and thus also have apposing understandings. They set-up the conditions to mix-up or collectives these very different peoples through miscegenation and then offer their “religion” as a form of root identity as a way to bring harmony to these very different peoples for political & financial reasons but also for reasons of control. Yes they say it is to “keep the peace” but more often they use noble intentions and the concept of “the greater good” to forward their very wicked messianic abrahamic conspiracy & their well understood apocalyptic globalist agenda.

One need only realize that it was largely Native European peoples of Christian faith who were tricked into slaughtering each other by the tens of millions by a handful of international/globalist bankers/banksters who were largely of jewish faith and a handful of their witting & unwitting political puppets. They thought they were fighting for “freedom and democracy” but they were actually fighting each other for a very wicked globalist agenda. These messianic abrahamic religions, & the other religions, were completely ineffective at preventing and stopping the world wars. They did nothing to prevent the slaughter of over 100 million people in WW1 and WW2 combined and most were Native European people of christian faith. These World Wars were actually Native European genocides, wherein over 100 million people were slaughtered and most were Native European people or christian faith. So why would you put your faith in them now? Sure go to them if it brings you some type of inner peace but note that they were all flaccid in the face of world war and maybe even complicit in it…. this includes the various protestant schism, judaism, islam & to a lessor degree catholicism.

The Native European peoples and their Nations must root out and never allow themselves to be ruled over my communists, marxists, zionists, bolsheviks, talmudic’s, wahhabist’s, neo-liberal’s, neo-con’s… etc. Nor by those of jewish faith, islamic faith, muslim faith… etc. Nor by sharia law, talmudic law, noahide law… etc… and alike.

To be clear, liberalism and neo-liberalism has done more damage then traditional conservatism… just as communism has done more damage than fascism… but all of them have been commandeered and subverted to benefit and profit the ideologues of Internationalism & globalism & the International bankers of course.

The Native European peoples and our Nations must be ruled over by the accumulative statutes derived from our Old Norse Laws, Dane Laws & Anglo-Saxon Laws and some subsequent statutes that make up the Great Native European Law & Order Doctrine which was developed over centuries by Native European peoples for Native European peoples… but that have been adopted by many other peoples because they protect us all. Some elements and perspectives derive from Thomism can persist but only until the other asiatic & the messianic abrahamic religions are fully frozen or pushed out of our Native European Nations… but then even this elements from Thomism must go too.

Simply, Traditionalism, Localism, Nativism, Nationalism, Ethnocentric-Nationalism and Isolationism/Independence are the only localized political movements worth promoting and voting for. Yes Native European Nationalism is a very legitimate political ideology and one worth considering. It is time that we must all have the right to vote on each and every policy… and we should have the absolute right to withhold any related tax that supports the policies we object to. No citizen should ever be forced to pay for policies they disagree with on ethical or moral grounds or if the policy works to disenfranchise them & their own people within their own Nation or territory. As well, the income-tax/slave-tax must be ended/phased-out in 10 years for it fuels a global/international debt & usury financial slavery system that overrides our democracies, policies, laws, rights and freedoms. We must fortify our individual peoples independence within our Nation-States and maintain our various peoples right to “free association” and uphold all of our other ethical freedoms. In short, and again, we must maintain the old Native European Law & Order doctrine that protects us all. There is no compromising on these traditional, principled and individual Rights & Freedoms.

The Native American peoples and the Native European peoples are actually on the same ideological team. For what happened to the Native American peoples long ago happened to the Native European peoples long before that and its happening again to both peoples in the form of weaponized 3rd world mass-migration neo-colonization. The Native American peoples and the Native European peoples share similar histories and the same concerns and both want to stop the weaponized 3rd world mass-migration neo-colonization into their Indigenous sacred territories/homelands/Nations.

The Native American peoples & The Native European peoples have both suffered under foreign empires, mass-migration, colonization, globalization, miscegenation, imported diseases, their indigenous belief systems were suppressed & forbidden by the messianic abrahamic religions & government agents, both have had their Indigenous sacred lands defiled & their Nations commandeered by foreign forces… etc. 

Now it is comical how those who preach the religion & dogma of “global warming” rebranded as “climate change” rebranded as “climate action” is just another tool of globalization & colonization and is being used to further disenfranchise the Indigenous Native American & Native European peoples and is leading to a one world singular government that will enslave all Indigenous peoples everywhere.

It must be asked: How does mass-migrating in tens of millions of 3rd world neo-colonialists into high carbon societies and Nations help with “global warming”/“climate change”? It doesn’t and theoretically it will make it much, much worse if “climate change” is even real at all. So why are these globalist forces pushing weaponized 3rd world mass-migration neo-colonization? Well it is to destroy the remaining indigenous peoples & The Nations. Global warming/climate change is just another arm of globalization which is designed to consolidate the worlds wealth and resources into a few greedy hands and to disenfranchise & enslave the worlds Indigenous masses under a totalitarian one world government.

One final note: All Indigenous peoples everywhere should be Re-Wilding their sacred homelands/Nations and NOT repopulating it with foreign migrants. They should also be restoring their Indigenous heritage, cultures & Indigenous mythologies. This is also especially true for the Native European peoples too. 

I asked a associate jokingly recently, “What no more hatred & venom. I think I might starve.”
Hatred is just ones own self-loathing projected onto others. Most of the deconstructed non-traditionalist, anti-culture, anti-nativist crew are very hateful, internally contemptuous & act overtly virtuous, especially towards Traditionalists & Nativists who live free of the deconstructionism, globalist deceptions, lechery & usury and the subsequent deep conditioning and social engineering that goes along with it. The Traditionalist Nativists ideological and physical freedom enrages those who are deconstructed.

Sadly the Native European shepard’s were too cowardly to act and so the hyena’s and mongrel dogs  started to lead the naive sheep. Now the Wolves and Rams of ethical standing and of conscience have decided that enough is enough and to used another metaphor, they are figuring out ways to put the bell on the cat/or the leash on these hyena’s and mongrel dogs. These feckless globalist pussies won’t know what happened until its over. And it must be so for these globalists seek to destroy all the earths peoples racially, culturally, ethnically, spiritually and territorially specific indigenous identities and our traditional heritages too. They wish to destroy our beautiful indigenous identities and natural diversity through mass-migration & miscegenation and then enslave us all.

Now some of the deconstructed sheep are very contemptuous & could have chosen the path of freedom too but they are often too invested in these faulty deconstructionist narratives and were just not intelligent enough to see the flaws and deceptions in these fake narratives and so have internalized these fake  narratives and thus internalized the commands of their own oppressor. The Truth is sadly lost on them due to this internalization of these historical deceptions and faulty propaganda narratives. Many have straight up Stockholm syndrome due to the internalization of their oppressors commands and due to their deep personal investment in these deceptions, lies and propaganda narratives.

 In modernity “the truth” is often just the opinion of the powerful… this is NOT Truth, it is just a truth that fits a fake narrative. These types of fake truths appear to fit because they were also created by the same people who gave you the fake & faulty narratives you now find this fake truth within. Its known as  “problem, reaction, solution” and all three are controlled by the oppressors/people who seek to deceive and manipulate the public/masses.

These concepts are most easily seen in regards to the WW2 narrative which is full of propaganda, deceptions & lies. Most are willfully ignorant for they fear being slandered & ostracized for objecting to the many obvious lies, deceptions & propaganda found embedded in the WW2 narrative which was popularized through the highly consolidated mass-media/movies/publishing etc… but all can see now that this WW2 narrative is full of holes and even the math doesn’t add up. Its so glaring and obvious that this faulty WW2 narrative which was created long ago must have been intentionally set up to fail in the future. Or it may just be the *Cunning Of Reason* doing what it does best, expose Truth.   

There are some very small tribal groups who use deception, infiltration, subversion, coercion, blackmail & covert assassination/murder to commandeer & control the mass-psychology through the control of the highly consolidated mass-media… and they also control most political, financial and intellectual institutions.

Now some refer to them as marxists, zionists, globalists, Illuminati, communists, leftists, messianic’s, abrahamic’s, talmudic’s… etc… etc. But in fact they are a very small tribal ilk/group with many seemingly opposing factions but they all actually collaborate and cooperate with each other behind the scenes & behind closed doors working together towards the one goal of global governance that solely benefits their own ilk and enslaves all other tribes & peoples.

They seek to “destroy all of the Nations” through various forms of social-engineering/deconstructionism & with a endless string of wars, genocides & by miscegenation and then they will push what’s left of mankind together & under their sole control and force this now ignorant & huddled mass to worship at the feet of them & their foreign desert demon.

This ilk is the enemy of all mankind and must be deposed and defeated once and for all.
Peace Through Intelligence.

(Below is a sample from the Native European Children’s Folklore Revival Book Series)
WISEMAN OF THE WOOD by Skáld Rekkr. 
Now one can and one could be a Wiseman Of The Wood.
Just slumber under an ancient Oak wrapped in a woollen cloak & hood.
As a kindness of Raven caw, chuckle & rave overhead in a language that is not yet fully understood.
Two Ravens will float down to the right & left speaking warnings and knowledge as you slept and are sleeping they will whisper in your ears the ancient Native European wisdoms. And when you awake you will be a Wiseman full of understanding and will jump to your feet & fly to attend to the forest & its wild flock, your people and the children with all the wisdoms & understanding that was spoken into your ears by the Ravens while you slept and thought you were dreaming.

Now one day, & to such a man as this, a Wiseman Of The Wood…  two Ravens landed on his shoulders and spoke of foreign mongol & turkic slavers, kidnappers & furriers from the far southern steppe, who had entered their ancient Native European forest and who now through it crept. Their degenerate appetites, hunger & greed for furs & children made them bold enough to enter but soon they would be trapped, splintered & themselves conquered. The Boar, Bear, Bison and wolf were already hounding the slavers every step and upon them leapt but they needed the Ravens knowledge and the Wiseman Of The Wood’s will to drive these invaders and usurpers out without losing one child or pelt. We must make sure they never return to our enchanted Kingdom nor tell any other foreign scoundrels of our magical forest realm.

So the Ravens jetted in with beating wings and pecked at their slanted eyes and hooked noses spooking them and their horses…. as their nags reared they fell to the ground & the ancient trees roots dug into their ribs and the Boars and Bison gored, the bears mauled and the wolves jaws tore at them while dragging them to the foot of the Wiseman Of The Wood. Who with a thunderous roar said. “You usurious fools, you have come for hides & to kidnap our children. Tell us quickly where are those you have thus far taken… speak the place now or be slowly eaten!” The slavers quickly said where they were and some of the wolves ran to free the captured children. Then the Wiseman Of The Wood said “Now one can and one could offer only one of you one way out of our sacred wood. So you must battle each other to the end and when all others are done then only that one can run.” Immediately the mongol and turkic slavers started at each others throats desperately trying to overcome the other for amongst thieves and cowards there is no honour and all were equally nasty and so shortly they all lay wounded and exhausted and none were done but all lay dying. “I thought as much” said the Wiseman Of The Wood as he turned his head and nodded to the Wolves, Bison, Bears and Boars “Now finish them” he said. And so they did… as the Ravens circled overhead.

The Gnomes, Nisse, Huldra, Elves, Jólasveinar and other Forest Folk carted off these soulless slavers and left their lifeless bodies in a heap on the steppe at the forests edge with a sign that read. “Came in alive but came out dead”.  And as the Forest Folk skipped back through their ancient groves they echoed again with children’s song & laughter… and they all lived happily ever after.
The End. 

© 2001 Andrew C. Rouse All Rights Reserved

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