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The sun within, the earths core, has all the lean clean energy mankind needs. Mankind will need a verity of energy sources for many generations to come and so we must start heavily investing in super clean, with no toxic waste, geothermal energy production and other clean forms of renewable energy too, but that also including clean-coal, fuel efficient gas/petrol engines… etc. We must also plant more carbon absorbing natural forests (NOT tree farms) and ReWild NOT repopulate our Native Lands and Nations.

We must immediately start regulating and tightly restricting the use of petrochemical biocides. These biocides persist in the food-chain and end up bioaccumulating in humans and animals. There are tens of thousands of toxic biocide petrochemicals being used in household cleaning products, on foods, in farming, in manufacturing… etc. This biocide petrochemical paradigm is killing us through bioaccumulation. Humans and other animals are basically big flesh filters and these biocides build up in our tissues over time and this leads directly to fatal disease, birth defects, mutations, infertility… and many, many other negative effects.

We must also shut-down the nuclear power plants and their subsequent depleted-uranium munitions/weapons industry too… which uses uranium in the nuclear power-plant fuel-rods and once they are no longer useful they use this still radioactive uranium “waste” material in their munitions/weapons. These depleted uranium munitions/weapons are genocide weapons for they go on killing and maiming for decades after being deployed/used. So nuclear power must be quickly phased out, like within a decade… even if that means using more petrol/oil for fuel. The nuclear fuel and the depleted uranium waste from nuclear power-plants is extremely toxic from day one and into the future because nuclear power-plant fuel waste has a half-life of tens of thousands of years and remains highly toxic to living organisms long after the use in the power-plants. As well the cost of specifically storing nuclear waste carefully away is astronomical given the length of time it remains toxic (tens of thousands of years). Plus if there is an accident/meltdown its “fallout” is always catastrophic and extremely toxic to humans, animals and our shared environment and the toxic effects and impacts can be felt thousands of miles away from the meltdown/source and for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Again, nuclear power-plant waste (depleted uranium) is used in toxic genocidal depleted-uranium weapons/munitions which when used in the field spreads this toxic nuclear legacy over generations and in some cases worldwide. These “depleted uranium munitions” go on maiming and killing long after their initial use and target people far away from the initial intended target. This is another nuclear power plant toxic radioactive waste usage and problem that must be shut-down immediately.

So again, nuclear power should have been a nonstarter from the get-go and must now be phased out immediately & fast as more and more non-toxic energy sources, such as geothermal energy power plants, are built & come online.
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