Drew designed a World class recording studio in Northern Germany on the Baltic sea. His simplistic open-concept design beat out World-class studio designers. Drew is big on clear sight lines for recording artists and open free feeling spaces. Drew also did the audio gear selection with a mix of vintage pre=loved gear and some new gear too with the concept of providing both and analog and digital World class recording experience.

Drew designed & built the first eco-friendly Bikram hot yoga studio in North America in Ventura California. He repurposed an old livery building & did a full loft-style renovation using recycled blue-gene insolation, milk based paints, repurposed bamboo floor, installed LED lighting, installed a full water purification system, steam-rooms, custom furnace with UV light and HEPA air filtration…etc Plus exposed all the old wooden framework. He furnished it with recycled unfinished/non-stained *non-temple* teak and local eucalyptus wood which is an invasive tree species to California.

Drew has done numerous elemental design & building projects and estate renovations for private land owners. Drew finds the Native European historical repurposing building projects the most interesting but is also looking forward to doing more rammed-earth builds with grass roofs & more organic food production projects too.

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