Thanks for checking in! My touring around & around Europe is on hold right now, but I will be touring around Scandinavia & the Baltic Nations hopefully by July. I love the Indigenous/ Native European peoples & their beautiful, ancient, harmonious & already-diverse Native Cultures & they love my Rawk & SoulFolk Musik too! I will be playing tons of gigs again soon. The local venues are now promoting all my shows in their regions. So pop into your local live music venues & ask “Hey, when is Drew Rouse playing here again?” See you soon! Skål/Cheers/Prost…etc! 

~Some Past Shows From 2017-2019~

March 29 El Dorado in Kitzbühel, Austria
April 2 Kennedy’s in Munich, DE. 9pm
May 4 Wombar, Munich, Germany 9pm
May 23 Kennedys Munich, DE. 9pm
May 24-26 DonauKanal Fest., Vienna, AT.
(Adria on Fri & Sun, Badeschiff on Sat)
May 30 Czech~Inn Prague, CZ 8pm
May 31 Vzorkovna Prague, CZ. 10pm
June 1st Mai-Do Lauchhammer, DE. 6pm
Aug 11 Cafe Gans Am Wasser in Munich, Germany 7pm
August 24 Wombar in München, Germany 9pm
Sept 8 Euro Youth Bar in Munich Germany 8:30pm
Sept 14 Wombar in Munchen, Germany 9pm
Sept 21 Wombar in Munchen, Germany 9pm
June 9th at The Czech Inn in Prague, CZ 9:30pm
June 10 at Vzorkovna in Prague, CZ 10pm
June 13 at Chicago’s in Krakow, Poland 9pm
June 14 & 15 The Bulldog Pub in Krakow, Poland 9pm
June 22 at The Wombar in Munich Deustchland 9pm
July 13 at The Wombar in Munich Deustchland 9pm
July 21 The Hideout in Munich, Germany 9pm
July 27 Pax Terra Music Festival  2018 Outside Berlin, Germany
August 3 Armastus in Tartu, Estonia 9pm
August 4 Ruuni in Tartu, Estonia 9pm
Mar 31 Wombat’s Bar in Munich, Germany 9pm
April 20 The Wombar in Munich, Germany 9pm
April 28 at Euro Youth Hotel Munich, Germany 9pm
May 11 at The Wombar in Munich, Germany 9pm
May 18 at Cord Club in Munich, Germany 1 set @ 9pm
May 19 at The Euro Bar Munich, Germany 9pm
May 25 at The Wombar in Munich, Deutschland 9pm
May 30 The Wombar in Vienna, Austria. 9pm
June 2 @Badeschiff Dockland 4~10pm & June 3 @Adria for Donau Kanal Treiben Festival Vienna, Austria
June 6 at The Wombar in Vienna, Austria 9pm
June 7 at Vzorkovna in Prague, CZ 10pm
June 8 at Veganmania Festival at Museum Quarter in Vienna, Austria 5pm
June 9 at Veganmania Festival at Museum Quarter in Vienna, Austria 1pm
Mar 16 Wombats Lounge in Munich Germany 9pm
Mar 17 Euro Youth Hotel in Munich, Germany 9pm (St. Paddy’s Day!)
Mar 23 Wombat’s Lounge in Munich, Germany 9p
Dec 15, 21 & 22nd at Hard Rock Cafe in Göteborg, Sweden 9pm
Jan 19 Wombats Lounge Vienna, Austria 12am
Jan 20 WomBar in Vienna, Austria 9pm
Jan 22 Bulldog Bar in Krakow, Poland 9pm
Jan 23 Vzrkovna in Prague, CZ 9pm
Jan 26 Mai Do in Lauchhamer, Deutschland. 7pm
Jan 27th Private Party in Göteborg, Sweden
Feb 3, 10 & 17th Euro Youth Hotel in Munich, Germany 8pm
Feb 9 Wombats Lounge in Munich, Germany 9pm
Feb 16 Wombats Lounge in Munich, Deutschland 9-12am
Feb 17 Euro Youth Hotel in Munich, Deutschland 9-12am
Feb 23 Euro Youth Hotel in Munich, Deutschland 9-12am
Feb 24 Wombats Lounge in Munich, Germany 9pm
Yule 2017 Holiday show schedule at Happy M Kitchen December: 8th, 16th & Juldagen/25th from 7pm~11pm & every Fri & Sat in January at The Happy M Kitchen in Göteborg, Sweden 7pm~11pm.
Nov 25 at Happy M Kitchen in Göteborg, Sweden
Sept 14 Chicago’s in Tallinn, Estonia 9pm
Oct 6 Mad Murphy’s Tallinn, Estonia 8pm
Oct 20 at Armastus in Tartu, Estonia 9pm
Oct 26 in Riga, Latvia at Omas gBriljants
Oct 30 Real Music in Lauchhammer, DE 9pmNov 11 Real Music in Lauchhammer, DE 9pm

Sept 7th Vzorkovna Prague, CZ 10pm

Sept 8 Stopp Ramstein Friedenscamp Steinwenden DE 6pm

Sept 9 Stopp Ramstein Music Fest. Kaiserslautern, DE 7pm

July 29~31 Acrofestonia Tallinn, Estonia

August 4 Art Cafe in Tallinn, Estonia 9pm

August 10 Station 16 in Göteborg, Sweden 9pm

August 26 Irish Pub Koblenz, Germany 9pm

June 23 Pax Terra Music Festival, Berlin, Germany

June 24 Al Hamra Berlin, Germany

June 29 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, DK

July 1 Veganmania Festival Vienna, Austria

July 2 Wombats Vienna, Austria 9pm

July 5 Kafe Damu Prague, CZ 6pm

July 6 Vzorkovna Prague, CZ 9:30pm

July 7 Wombats Vienna, Austria 8:30pm

July 8 Badeschiff Vienna, Austria 6pm

July 9th Šesták Prague, CZ 5pm

July 9th A Maze in Tchaiovna Prague, CZ 9pm

July 10 Kafe Damu Prague, CZ 5pm

July 11 Kafe Kampus Prague, CZ 7pm

July 13 Generator Copenhagen, Denmark 8pm

July 15 & 16 Göteborg to Stockholm Sweden Party Train

July 14 to 25th in Sweden and Oslo, Norway

June 2 Cafe San Damingo Goteborg, Sweden

June 4 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, Denmark

June 7 Fat Cat’s Prague, CZ 5pm

June 8 Wombats Vienna, Austria

June 9 Wombats Vienna, Austria

June 11 Fat Cat’s Prague, Czech Republic

June 15 Wombats Vienna, Austria

June 16 Wombats Vienna, Austria

June 17 Kafe Kampus Prague, CZ

June 21 Fete De La Musique Festival Berlin, Germany (Art Stalker Stage)

May 6 The Grind Vienna, Austria

May 7 Kafe Damu Prague, Czech Republic

May 12 Art Stalker Berlin, Germany

May 13 The Generator Copenhagen, Denmark

May 14 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, Denmark

May 17 Kafe Damu Prague, Czech Republic

May 18 Wombats Vienna, Austria

May 19 Wombats Vienna, Austria

May 20 The Red Room Prague, Czech Republic

May 25~27 Donaukanal Treiben Festival Vienna, Austria

May 28 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, Denmark

May 31 Holy Moly Goteborg, Sweden

April 6 Wombats, Vienna, Austria                                              

April 7 Wombats Vienna, Austria                                                      

April 8 Kafe Damu, Prague, Czech Republic

April 13 Wombats, Vienna, Austria                                                      

April 14 Wombats Vienna, Austria

April 15 Wombats Budapest, Hungary 9pm

April 22 Retro Cafe Copenhagen, Denmark

April 23 Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen, Denmark                   

April 27 Irish Bar Koblenz, Germany 10pm

April 28 361 Grad Club Offenburg, Germany

Feb 11 at The Ledge in Squamish, BC 7pm

March 4th at The Truck Stop in Vancouver BC. 7pm

March 4th at Falconetti’s in Vancouver, BC. 10pm

March 9 at The Regal Beagle in Vancouver, BC 8pm

March 15 at Calabash in Vancouver, BC 8pm

Jan 14 at The Fringe Vancouver, BC 9pm

July 2016 to February 2017 a twice a week residency at The Chai Lounge in Vancouver, BC 9pm

Nov 25 at The Fringe in Vancouver, BC 9pm

Nov 30 at Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver, BC 8pm

Dec 23 at Cafe Deux Soleils in Vancouver, BC 8pm

Nov 8 at 10pm on Lifted with Raven Nevermore on 91.9 KCSB Radio in Santa Barbara, CA.

Nov 10th at Topa Winery in Ojai, California.

Nov 11 at Escondite Lounge in L.A. 9pm Featuring “Boom Boom” Marlon Grace on The Box/Cajon.

Nov 13 at Hoffmann Brathaus, Santa Barbara, CA. 5pm

Oct 22 at The Fringe in Vancouver, S.T. 9pm

Oct 28 at The Roxy in Vancouver, S.T. 8pm

Aug 20th at Persephone’s Brewery in Gibsons S.T. 2pm

Aug 20 at Fairview Pub in Vancouver, S.T. 12~2am

June 25 @The Woods Studio for a P&J fundraiser in Vancouver, Kanada at 10pm

 June 23 @ Fernando’s in Kelowna, Kanada 9pm

May 28 @ Veganmania Festival @Museum Quarter, Vienna, Austria 12-2:30pm

May 27-28-29 at Adria Wein from 3~6pm for Donaukanaltreiben Festival in Vienna, Austria!

Freedom To Roam Europe Tour (Feb/2016)

2016Freedom!!TourPosterFeb 9 Cafe Carina, Vienna Austria 9pm
Feb 12 Kafe Damu, Prague Czech Rep. 9
Feb 13 A Maze, Prague Czech Rep. 8pm
Feb 14 Cafe Kampus Prague, CZ 9pm
Feb 17 Little Creatures, Dresden Germany
Feb 18 Al Hamra, Berlin Germany 8pm
Feb 19 Art Stalker, Berlin Germany 8pm
Feb 21 Mano Berlin Germany 8pm
Feb 23 Bus Palladium, Paris FR 9pm
Feb 25 Canadian Bar, Paris France 9pm
Feb 26 Red’s, Ede Holland 9pm w G-LIVE
Feb 27 Generator, Hamburg Germany 8pm
Feb 28 Retro, Copenhagen Denmark 8pm
Mar 5 Kale’i, Goteborg Sweden 4pm
Mar 6 On Stage, Goteborg Sweden 8pm
Mar 7 Holy Moly, Goteborg Sweden 7pm
Mar 14 DagenEfterSonda, Goteborg SE 9pm
Mar 15 Retro, Copenhagen, Denmark 9pm
Mar 17 U-Zajice, Prague CZ 8pm
Mar 18 ROJ, Prague CZ 7pm
Mar 19 Kafe Damu, Prague CZ 7pm
Mar 20 Cafe Kampus, Prague CZ 7pm
Mar 25 Wombats, Vienna Austria 8pm
Mar 26 Wombats, Vienna Austria 8pm


Drew Rouse Trio: Freedom To Roam Canada Tour 2015
Aug 20th at The Chai Lounge in Vancouver, B.C. 7pm

Aug 21st on MountainFM Radio in Whistler, BC. 3:30pm

Aug 21st at Blessed Coast Music Fest in Brackendale, B.C.

Aug 22nd at Fernando’s in Kelowna, B.C. 9pm

Aug 23rd The Last Drop Revelstoke, B.C. 9pm

Aug 24th at The Royal in Nelson, B.C. 7pm

Aug. 25th at The Beaver Bar in Banff, Alberta. 10pm

Aug. 26th Banff Farmers Market at 3pm

Aug 26th at Tommy’s Bar in Banff, Alberta at 9pm

Aug 28th at The Ironwood in Calgary, Alberta 9pm

Aug 29th at Rocky Mountain Buffalo Ranch in Golden, B.C.

Aug 30th at The Rose and Crown in Banff, Alberta 9pm

Aug 31st at The Slice in Lethbridge, Alberta 9pm

Freedom To Roam Poster:Fall:JPEG


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