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If you have been contacted by an agent, agent fees will apply. If you have not and wish to book Drew direct for performances, yoga or to license his music, please email us at: bookingdrewrouse(at)  Thank you!

Please include in your email answers to the questions below:


1) Drew acts, in part, as a Green Publisher. Meaning, Drew only licenses his music to people who are dedicated to spending their time and energy improving our environment and peoples lives… in short, saving the World. Others need not apply!

Media Bookings:

1) Name of the media corporation you represent or are affiliated with.

2) Have you contacted or been contacted by an agent in regards to booking Drew? If so, Who?

3) Name all sponsors.

4) Where?(Address, City & Country)

5) When?(Date & Time)


Drew plays everywhere and everything from huge festivals, bars, halls, supper clubs & yes, he even does cafe’s & house concerts:)

1) Who? (are you). What? (Type of venue). Where? (Address, City & Country). When? (Date & Time).

2) Is it a private or public function?  

3) Is the performance sponsored by an organization, corporation, product…etc… or have any affiliations to these? If so, name the organizations, corporation, products and all other affiliations.

4) Do you have a full or partial back-line? Please include back-line gear list and P.A. specs.

5) Drew performs solo or with a band. Drew’s rate is negotiable. $150.00 is added on for each accompanying band member. Transportation and lodging is extra.

6) Have you contacted or been contacted by an agent in regards to booking Drew? If so, Who?

The Drew Rouse Bands Rider & Stage Plot


Drew does 2 hr talks on: (1) The Tribal Mind: How First Nations and Tribal Germanic Earth worship is similar and can save our shared World. (2) The Hazards of Genetic Engineered Crops: The weaponizing of our food. (3) Consciousness and Nature: How well our actions and beliefs match and how this effects our environment. (4) The Way Of The Sadhu: The Un-westernized Yogi. (5) Hatha Yoga and Organic Foods (6) The Interconnected Perspective: Creating the wide mind. (7) Mind Triggers: Recreating the critical, rational and logical mind. (8) True Green: How to navigate the green-wash economy (9) VibeTriber: How to become an effective Warrior of the Rainbow. (9) The Middle Path: A practice in homeostasis. (10) The Carbon Bomb: Toxic effects of petrochemical paradigm, including the tarsands of Canada.  (11) Parallel Paradigm Shift: On the lean, clean, green, unconsolidated, renewable energy Conservation & innovation paradigm. (12) First Nations Rights & Title in Canada: Covering colonisation, genocide, cultural genocide, rights and title, decolonizing and re-wilding Canada. (13) The Way Forward: Covering Geothermal, solar, off shore wind, tidal, kinetic renewable energy systems. (14) Geothermal: A blueprint of how to build our communities around geothermal energy. 

Heathen Hatha Yoga Retreats:

Drew has taught Heathen Hatha Yoga all over North America & Europe for over 16 years. He built and operated his own hot yoga studio which he personally designed to be the “greenest” Bikram yoga studio in North America. Drew teaches a variety of Heathen hatha yoga asana seminars. He does a week long intensive, with a focus on: maximizing and balancing strength and flexibility, while opening the hips and thoracic spine. Drew can be booked by the day and offers Bikram Yoga Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes, Restorative Yoga classes, Asana Clinics, Therapeutic Flying /Partner yoga Workshops & Hips and Thoracic Spin Opening Workshops. Drew does not usually book the retreat space. Just contact Drew with potential dates, get together enough friends, students or attendees. Find a nice location with a warm room, book Drew out and he will meet you and your group there ready to go. Raw, local, organic food must be available. Drew’s rate varies according to location, size of group and how many days. Please email at least 2 months prior to potential retreat dates to schedule. Email: bookingdrewrouse(at)    Yogi page:)

Thank you!

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