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  Drew is an active environmentalist, documentary filmmaker, yogi, writer, philosopher, conscious project actor, songwriter and musician. Drew works closely with culturally intact First Nations who are dedicated to protecting their lands from exploitation and who wish to preserve these lands and all its wild inhabitants for future generations. Drew wrote and produced a documentary on Canada’s wild horses and the Xeni Gwet’in of the Tsilhqotin Nation called “Cayuse: In the Valley of the Wild Horses”.

Drew built one of the first “eco-friendly” Bikram yoga studios in the world, as well as, numerous other green building projects.

Drew was raised on an organic farm in Canada and is extremely knowledgeable on organic farming methods. He is a tireless supporter of small, local, organic farming practices and farmers.

Not just a songwriter, Drew is a constant writer with over 150 songs, two film scripts, numerous poems and half a dozen short stories under his belt.

Drew enjoys acting, but is extremely selective about film projects. Although if a role entails riding horses, playing with swords and guitars plus has a conscious story-line, he may be interested.

Drew is an advanced yoga practitioner and a senior Bikram yoga teacher. Amongst numerous other activities, Drew is an avid horseman (Guided horseback trips to the top of Whistler Mt. in B.C.), skier (cross-country, downhill & trekking) enjoys sword play and  traditional archery.


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